Product Brochure - Baxter IV Systems



Product Brochure - Baxter IV Systems
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EXACTAMIX Compounder
EXACTAMIX Compounding
Systems: designed to help
expedite production with ease
and accuracy
The EXACTAMIX Compounder is an automated pumping system that
compounds multiple sterile ingredients into a finished solution in a single
patient bag. With EXACTAMIX compounders, Baxter Healthcare Corporation
may help streamline your practice for compounding total parenteral nutrition
(TPN) and other multi-ingredient solutions.
• Designed for cosigner validation of right drug / right port, the once daily
set-up includes a Prime and Verify process
• Helps reduce the need for manual additions by pumping volumes as
low as 0.2 mL
• Produces a 3 L patient-ready TPN bag in approximately four minutes
• Facilitates compliance with detailed reporting on calibration activities,
pumping accuracy and individual patient formulas
• Compound TPN, CRRT, Cardioplegia, base
solutions and epidurals
• Assign the same solution to multiple stations,
minimizing the need for bag changeovers for
high volume ingredients
• Self-contained system can interface with many
order entry systems
• Made to adapt to the demands of individual
• Transfer volumes as low as 0.2 mL
• ± 0.03 mL at 0.2 mL; ± 0.03 mL at 0.4 mL;
± 0.06 mL at 1 mL; ± 5% at 10 mL and greater
• Gravimetric check following volumetric delivery
is designed to provide an independent
validation of the final bag weight
– To maintain delivery accuracy, the tube set
must be replaced after it has delivered
150 L of fluid or been installed for 24 hours,
whichever comes first
Two system choices
With 24 ingredient ports, the EM2400 Compounder has
The 12-ingredient configuration utilizes the same
the ability to help reduce the need for manual additions
advanced technology as the prevalent EM2400
and automate the preparation of additional therapies,
Compounder. The EM1200 Compounder may be an
such as continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT),
appropriate system for therapies that require fewer
cardioplegia and base solutions.
ingredients or smaller facilities with distinct patient
• The combination of more ports and a lower pump
volume capability can help reduce the demand for
manual additions, potentially decreasing the overall
time required to complete a dose
• User defined configuration flushes the line between
incompatible ingredients
• Fill a 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 without changing the valve set
• Minimize bag changeovers for large volume
ingredients with electronic Y-site
• Barcode scanner to verify the source container
and patient formula
• No pooling is required, which may reduce
potential for errors related to manual additions
• 14 Reports available to support patient
documentation and USP <797> compliance
• Step-by-step Setup Wizard helps guide technicians
through the proper set up and calibration process
• Easy assembly with a snap-on valve set
• Touchscreen display with intuitive graphical icons to
allow users to visualize the compounding process
Operating software features
•Barcode and weigh scale technology
•Simple drop-down menus
•Network interface to ABACUS
•User-definable security permissions
•Setup Wizard to guide each setup
•Blackbox log of system operations
•Easy-to-use touchscreen and
graphic displays
Calculation Software and other
pharmacy IS systems
•Maintains formulary, for standard
and patient-specific compounding
Pharmacy integration
ABACUS Calculation Software
DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager
ABACUS Software is a WINDOWS based order entry
The DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager is de-
program for comprehensive calculations and label
signed to work directly with your EXACTAMIX Com-
printing. Customized to fit your needs, it accommo-
pounder and delivers in-process controls, tracking,
dates your existing pharmacy workflow throughout the
remote checking and record keeping for the entire
order entry process. Software includes warning limit
compounding process, including manual additions.
capability, aluminum tracking, drag-and-drop calcium
DoseEdge Software allows dose inspection from
phosphate curve solubility and other features to accom-
anywhere within your facility.
modate individual facility protocols.
ABACUS Calculation Software is intended as an adjunct
to and tool for pharmacy practice. It in no way replaces
the professional judgment of a pharmacist.
Valve assemblies for the EM2400 (24 ports) and
Baxter EVA Bags, with large-bore threaded port
the EM1200 (12 ports) Compounders. Each
connectors, come in the following volumes: 250 mL,
port is numbered and the set snaps on to the
500 mL, 1000 mL, 2000 mL, 3000 mL, 4000 mL,
main module.
5000 mL. Our Dual-Chamber Bags allow for isolation
of lipids for storage or transport before mixing.
Available in 1500 mL and 3000 mL volumes.
Vented MicroVolume Inlet with
Bag Spike
Syringe Inlet
High-Volume Inlet
High-Volume Inlet
100-240V AC RMS, 50-60Hz, 336W
4A, slow acting, 250V fuse rating
Dimensions & Weight
Main Module
24 x 10 x 10 in (61 x 25 x 25 cm)
40 lbs (18 kg)
Display Module
11 x 5 x 9 in (28 x 13 x 23 cm)
10 lbs (5 kg)
Load Cell
13 x 8 x 10 in (33 x 20 x 25 cm)
5 lbs (2 kg)
System Footprint
30 x 19 x 12 in (76 x 48 x 31 cm)
79 lbs (36 kg)
Water Flow Rate
Up to 16.6 mL/sec
Repeatable Accuracy EM2400 and EM1200
± 0.03 mL at 0.2 mL; ± 0.03 mL at 0.4 mL; ± 0.06 mL at 1 mL;
± 5% at 10 mL and greater
Minimum Dispensing Volume
0.2 mL in increments of 0.01 mL
Maximum Number of Ingredients
24 on EM2400; 12 on EM1200
Operating Temperature
15 to 30° C (59 to 86° F)
Storage Temperature
0 to 64° C (32 to 147° F)
EXACTAMIX Valve Sets, EVA Bags, Inlets, Dual-Chamber are Rx Only.
For safe and proper use of the devices referenced herein, refer to the
appropriate Instructions for Use or Operators Manuals.
From the minute you place a product order, to the moment it arrives on
your loading dock. From the technology designed to help improve dose
management and IV efficiency, to drug delivery and nutrition options that
Baxter Healthcare
let you hang it, mix it or make it. From infusion systems that promote safety,
to IV access products that provide a wide range of choices. From operation
assessments and clinical programs, to product support and educational
resources. You decide which products and services work best for you and
your patients. And we’ll be there, on the continuum of care. Throughout
your institution. Or on one floor. Yet always in your corner.
Doing our part, so you can do yours.
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of Baxter International Inc., or its subsidiaries.
Any other trademarks, product brands or images appearing herein are the property of their respective owners.
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