Nota de Prensa Inglés EXIB 2015 copia



Nota de Prensa Inglés EXIB 2015 copia
Press release Second EXIB Música Expo - 2015
The Latin American Music Expo
on course for its second year
After a first year where it clearly showed a
commitment to raising awareness and at which
significant contributions were made for Latin
American music, the second Latin American
music expo - EXIB Música, is taking place on
the 7th, 6th and 9th of May in Bilbao.
This second event is a fresh opportunity to
consolidate this annual Latin American music
event, placing the stress on the diversity and
identity of the region, based on the commitment
to boost the dissemination of its musical styles,
and the exchange of goods and services for the
music industry.
This latest event will consist of 18 showcases of
all the countries in Latin America, concerts and
musical encounters that will mainly be free of
charge for the general public. For accredited
professionals the Latin American Music Expo
reserves some important events that will
enhance the musical sector in Latin America,
among which it is especially worth mentioning
The Festivals for Latin American Music Congress,
which aims to bring together the directors and
programmers of various international festivals
around issues of mutual interest that will allow
them to cooperate to improve the dissemination
of Latin American artists, and The Forum of Indigenous Languages and Music, which hopes to review
activities aimed at encouraging support for the consumption of music in minority languages.
EXIB Música is held in Bilbao, and is sponsored by important Basque institutions, and can also rely on
the valuable collaboration of some outstanding organisations. The programme for this second expo
will be held between AlhóndigaBilbao and various spaces in the city and will also contain Master
Classes, Lectures and the exhibitors in the Professional Zone, and this year will also include microlaunches for agencies and innovative projects.
The rendezvous for Latin American music in Bilbao, on the 7th, 8th & 9th of May 2015!
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