Get more from FLIR FX indoor and outdoor Monitor your home or business inside or out with the adaptable FLIR FX camera and accessories.
Take the camera on the go and never miss the action while driving or on an adventure with the FLIR
FX Outdoor Housing, Indoor Stand, Sport Housing or Vehicle Dash Mount.
The FLIR FX App intelligently detects the mount type and automatically switches
functionality for best results.
Weatherproof Outdoor Housing
MSRP $79.99
•  Expanded operating temperature: -20 ~ 40C (-4 ~ 105F)
•  Extended night vision: Includes 4 additional IR LEDs for up
to 20m range (65 ft.)
•  IP67 weatherproof: Rugged design protects FX from water
and dust intrusion while shielding excess sunlight
•  Dimensions and weight: (with FX camera inside) 175mm x
89mm x 94mm (6.8” x 3.5” x 3.7”) at 0.4 kg (0.9 lb)
Indoor Stand
•  More battery life: Up to four hour of continuous use
•  Night vision: Capable of viewing up to 10m (33 ft.)
away at night
•  Two-Way audio: Communicate with the other
side of the lens.
•  Dimensions: (with FX camera attached) 70mm x 60 mm x
121mm (2.7’ x 2.3” x 4.7”)
Waterproof Sport Case
MSRP $69.99
•  Lightweight acrylic casing: Protects FX camera in extreme
environments from dings, scratches and weather
•  Fully submersible: IP68 rated up to 20 m (65 ft) under water
•  Versatile design: Compatible with any ¼-20 tripod or
camera-mounting accessory
•  Dimensions and weight: (with FX camera inside) 84mm x
80mm x 34mm (3.3” x 3.1” x 1.3”) at 0.12 kg (0.3 lb)
Dash Mount
MSRP $49.99
•  Internal accelerometer: Identifies when a vehicle is in motion
and activates the 30 minute loop record function
•  Accident detection: Senses a 0.5g impact and creates
a permanent recording that includes 10 seconds prior
to contact
•  Simple yet flexible setup: Attach the suction-cup mount
to the automobile windshield or dashboard
•  Dimensions and weight: (without FX camera attached) 54mm
x 54mm x 127mm (2.1” x 2.1” x 5.0”) at 0.005 kg (0.1 lb)