Setup: Teacher prepares questions to which the answers are numbers or which
correspond to a numerical key.
1. Students move around the room.
2. Teacher calls, “Freeze” and students freeze.
3. Teacher asks a question to which the answer is a number. Think Time.
(Examples: How many planets are there in our solar system? What direction is X
from Y?
KEY: North = 1, South = 2, East = 3, West = 4)
4. Teacher calls “Group” and students group according to the number.
5. Students in their groups discuss a question provided by the teacher. (Examples:
Can you name the planets in the solar system? For Classbuilding, any of the
questions from the Fan-N-Pick or Inside-Outside Circle pages are suitable.)
6. Students not in groups go to the “Lost and Found”. Once students are familiar
with Mix-Freeze-Group, the students in Lost and Found can be the ones to
generate or ask the questions. Have a rule in place: no one can be in Lost and
Found twice.
Setup: Teacher prepares discussion questions to ask students.
1. Students silently mix around the room.
2. Teacher calls “Pair.”
3. Students pair up with person closest to them and do a high five. Students who
haven’t found a partner raise their hands to find each other.
4. Teacher asks a question and gives think time.
5. Students share with their partners using
• RallyRobin
• Timed Pair Share
Suggested Classbuilding content:
Complete the sentence: “I am most happy when…”, “One personal thing about me
you may not know is…”, “The weather that best represents me is…”