Engineering Technology - Gozo College Boys` Secondary School



Engineering Technology - Gozo College Boys` Secondary School
• Unit 1 (Form 3)
– Working Effectively and safely in
• Unit 2 (Form 4)
– Using Engineering Drawings,
Tools and Materials
• Unit 3 (Form 5)
– Electronic Circuits Design
Unit 1
Working Effectively and safely in Engineering
• Apply statutory regulations and
organizational safety requirements
• Prepare PPE and working environment
according to the task checklist
• Carry out engineering task according to
safety standards.
• Learn about various engineering tasks
• Learn about various engineering
• Be able to carry out an engineering tasks
• Be able to carry a risk assessment
• Be able to identify and minimize hazards
Unit 2
Using Engineering Drawings, Tools and Materials
• Interpret engineering drawings and information
• Select engineering materials for a specified task
• Use measuring and marking out tools appropriately for
a given task
• Use tools safely when undertaking basic engineering
• Learn about various types of engineering drawings and
documents used in engineering industry
• Learn about various material used to produce products
• Learn how to use measuring and marking tools
appropriately and accordingly
• Learn how to use tools safely when caring out an
engineering task
Unit 3
Electronic Circuits Design
• Use safe working practices in the electronics
laboratory and workshop
• Describe the function of basic electronic components
• Demonstrate prototyping skills of electronic circuits,
typically used in vocational engineering
• Construct circuits of moderate complexity
• Learn about various electronic components and their
• Be able to describe the function of electronic
• Learn how to develop and build a circuit
• Learn how to construct a circuit using various methods
Qualification and Assessment
• Register with Matsec board (Form 3)
• Qualification: MQF Level 3 (O-level) (Form 5)
• 3 Assignments per unit (Per year) (No annual
– Take Home 30%
– Practical 30%
– Controlled (test) 40%
• Each Assignment mark is part of the overall Grade
Further studies related to the subject
• Continue Post Secondary Schooling (6th Form)
• Further your studies to enrol and obtain a
Degree from University or MCAST
• Further your studies to continue studying at
MCAST and select an area of specialization:
– Mechanical Engineering
– Electrical Engineering
Work Related to the subject
• Work in area of Electrical Engineering
• Work in area of Mechanical Engineering
– Installations
– Assemblies
– Repairs / Diagnosis
(e.g. Alarm system, Air-conditioning, Solar panels /
Water heaters, PABX, Domestic Appliances
Technician etc..., )
Questions ?
• What to know more….
– Contact Engineering Teachers
• Mr. M. Sciberras
• Mr. A. Farrugia
• Where and when
– School Workshops (near canteen)
Room 005 and 007
– During Mid-morning Break