(GRDS Publishing)
Author submits the Article as per the
‘Author Guidelines’ through
Manuscript Submission Form
We give acknowledgement of receipt of research paper by email to the author along
with an Article ID. The author should use this Article ID in all future communications
with the publishing house.
Review process of Full Paper
Submitted Commences
If the paper is
rejected, the
author is
The review process is completed within 2-3 weeks of time and a letter of review result is emailed to
author, the paper is checked with the plagiarism software.
The review results may be in following types:
a) Accepted as it is
b) Accepted with minor revision
c) Accepted with major revision
d) Rejected
The author is given stipulated time to resubmit the paper along with signed copyright
form and the corrections mentioned by the reviewer and editor
The author can check the status of the paper by filling ‘Know Status of Article’ Form on under respective journal page.
After the satisfactory work done by the author,
the journal publishes the paper in the appropriate
GRDS Publishing Journal.
The author is sent a ‘web link’ of the online
published paper by email.

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