Newsletter 7 – 5th May - Hillarys Primary School



Newsletter 7 – 5th May - Hillarys Primary School
Hillarys Primary School
May 2015
75 Lymburner Drive | Hillarys | 6025 | Ph: 9307 6365 | Fax: 9307 8511 | Canteen: 9307 8466 | email: [email protected]
Unfortunately we had a break in over the weekend. Thankfully it did not include any classrooms and
it was business as usual today for the children. The admin area and staff rooms were targeted with
the senseless damage limited to the admin area. More of an inconvenience than anything else and
interestingly, nothing of worth was taken! Left behind by the bright buttons included plenty of
fingerprints and DNA thanks to some painful cuts!!
The Fathering Project
Calling all Dads!! The inaugural meeting of the Dads of
Hillarys (The DoH’s….or a better name to be decided if
you will) will be held on Wednesday 27th May. (Suitable
refreshments will be available). This is a very informal meeting and you will not be lectured at or
to. Being part of this group will have positive flow on effects to YOU, your CHILDREN, your
WIFE/PARTNER and the school. To be part of this group there will be a one-off cost of $10
(payable on the night) which will cover some information from the Fathering Project Team from
UWA. Depending on numbers, the venue will be the school library with a 7:00pm start and is
expected to finish around 8:30pm. Apparently you all have a leave pass for this evening! To assist
in planning on the night could you please respond with a simple “Yes” to the following email address
– [email protected] And…..the first Father/Child event has been organised! Be at this
meeting to find out more. For more detailed information please visit
A reminder to all that this testing is set for next week for children in Years 3 and 5. Testing
occurs over 3 days (Tuesday to Thursday) with potential for catch up testing on the Friday should
anyone be absent over this period. I’m sure the children will do very well.
Duncraig Senior High Tours
Please note that we have been advised that the previously published times for the tours has
changed. Tours now commence at 9:30am and conclude at 10:30am on Tuesday 19th May, 18th August
and 3rd November.
It Caught My Eye!
I came across an article that was published late last year. Interesting! Thankfully we have terrific
parents and children and very rich pastoral care initiatives!!
Ron Chesny, Principal
Do you love the sound of bagpipes and drums! Then don’t miss a visit to Hillarys Primary
School by the Western Australian Police Pipe Band.
When: 9.50 – 10.30 on Friday 8th May
Where: Undercover area
Who: All members of the Hillarys PS community are welcome
Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) – a snapshot of children in our community
A nation-wide program called the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) will take place again
in May, June and July 2015. The AEDC looks at how young children are developing in the years
before they begin school.
In 2009 and 2012, the AEDC was completed nationally collecting information on over 500,000
children in their first year of full-time school. The AEDC takes place every three years.
In Western Australia information will be collected on pre-primary children. Pre-primary
teachers will complete the AEDC Instrument (like a questionnaire) for each child in their class and
enter information into a secure web-based data entry system that protects the privacy of all
children. Information entered is based on the teacher’s knowledge and observations of their
students and children are not required to be present while data is entered.
The AEDC results are reported back to the community based on the suburb or locality where
children live, so individual children cannot be identified. The results help communities understand
how their children are developing and where improvements can be made to give children the best
start in life.
Parents of pre-primary students at Hillarys PS have received a more detailed letter about our
schools involvement.
You can find out more at
P.E. News
Gymnastics- PP-Year 2
The School Gymnastics program has begun for this year and
it’s great to see that many of the skills that the students
learned last year have been retained. It is clear that those
students who were involved last year have started the
sessions with much more confidence and better skills
compared with the same time last year. We ask that parents
help their children (particularly the girls) to make sensible
choices about their clothing and footwear on their
gymnastics day. Shorts and leggings are preferable to
dresses and skirts as they allow better and safer movement both on the mat and equipment. Also
short socks and Velcro runners (if your children already have a pair) are easier for the younger
students to put on themselves, allowing them to be independent which in turn assists Mrs
Armstrong at the end of each session: fewer shoelaces to tie! This is also a great time for parents
to be helping their children (particularly in year 2) to learn how to tie their own shoes if they do
not already know how to do so.
Lightning Carnival – Year 5-6
This term sees students from year 5 & 6 preparing for the Lightning Carnival to be held on Friday
26th June (week 10) at Kingsway Reserve. Over the next month or so students will be trying out for
the various teams during Sport time on Friday afternoons. If you know that your child will be away
that day due to a family holiday or some other event, could you please put that in a short note or
email and send that through to Mrs Armstrong. This will greatly assist the teachers in their
preparations and team selections.
Cross Country
All classes have begun training during PE lessons (and class fitness times) for the cross country
later this term. This is quite a rigorous time in the program and some students who are not as
active outside school may find these sessions a little taxing. Please be reassured that the students
are encouraged to work to their own limits and that everyone is working on improving their own
personal fitness from whatever point they are at now. A little muscle soreness is to be expected,
especially in the more sedentary students, however if your child is experiencing ongoing soreness in
a particular area (for example knees, ankles, feet) it may be indicative of a physical issue that
needs to be checked by a professional. Please keep Mrs Armstrong posted with a letter if there is
anything that may affect your child’s participation. Please support your children to participate to
the best of their ability and encourage them to be actively involved in sessions even if they do find
it to be hard work. Remember a pair of well-fitting runners is also helpful and important when
children are running distances.
Children love to share their triumphs so I encourage you
to take an interest in your child’s progress and ask them
how their personal fitness is improving. This includes
things such as running a little further this week than last
before they need to walk, being able to pace themselves
better over the distance and maintaining a consistent,
comfortable breathing pattern, walking less each time
they complete the distance, decreasing the time to
complete the distance etc.
Mrs Armstrong P.E. Teacher
Parent Representatives
Classroom Parent Representatives are valued members of our school community and their role
strongly supports Component 1 of Kids Matter, ‘A Positive School Community’. Our Parent
Representatives help connect parents to the school, providing support if and when it is needed.
They share relevant information, welcome new families and liaise between the parents and
teachers to ensure the smooth running of classroom activities when needed. Our current Parent
Representatives have prepared email lists to enable efficient contact with parents in their class.
If you would like your details included on your child’s class contact list and haven’t yet done so,
please send your email details to your child’s teacher.
Issue (3) of the Scholastic Book Club is closing.
A REMINDER that we are using a NEW ordering system.
All orders are now placed online at
You will find a quick ‘how-to-order’ video on this website.
Don’t send any order forms or money to the school – everything is done on line.
Contact our Book Club organiser Renae (0409 377 985) if you need more information.
This order is due by 6th May.
NEW Android App!
The LOOP app for Android will be available at the
start of Issue 3.
Android users will have access to the fantastic
LOOP app that has been a huge hit with iPhone and
iPad users. It's easy!
Duncraig High School Academic Extension testing change
Parents of students in Year 6 please note:
The date has changed for the SBAE (School Based Academic Extension) Testing for Year 7 2016.
It will now be held on Friday May 22 2015.
Contact Duncraig SHS (6241 5000) for further details.
1 .0 0 -3 .0 0 PM .
We are a Government 4 year old Kindergarten
providing a quality, play based education.
Come and see what all the fuss is about and
what we can offer your child as they begin
their educational journey.
* Face painting
*Sausage Sizzle
*Bouncy Castle
* Coffee Van
*Crown Decorating
* Drinks
….. and much more!
ENQUIRIES – 9401 3296
EMAIL – [email protected]
Japanese at Hillarys – Sensei’s News
This month we celebrate Kodomo no Hi, originally a festival for boys but
nowadays it is called Children’s Day and it is a public holiday on the 5th
May. Check out the koinobori, koi carp kites, we have flying on the
flagpole and the ones the children have made we have decorating the
During May many classes will be preparing and presenting a short self –
introduction which will form part of their semester’s assessment. I
encourage regular practice to develop mastery, confidence and fluency in their presentations.
Kennedy Sensei
Host a Japanese Student in October
Thanks to the support of the families in our school community we ran a very successful cultural
exchange program at Hillary’s Primary last October (and as we have over many years) in
conjunction with Gold Intercultural Learning. As those families who hosted have already
discovered, hosting an international student offers many unique opportunities, including the chance
to learn about another culture and build life-long friendships.
We have another group of Japanese students visiting
Hillary’s Primary in August and we are inviting families to
host a student.
All students in Year Five and Six may apply and will be
matched according to gender, and where possible, by age and
Our visitors will accompany host students to their regular
classes and interact with them and their friends at recess
and lunch.
The family’s responsibilities are to involve the student into their routine, including getting them to
and from school and to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Host families will receive a hosting
payment to cover expenses.
A letter inviting your participation will come home soon. Any queries can be directed to For Jason
Hutchinson, the Program Manager of Gold Intercultural Learning (GIL) on 9481 1694 or 0417 773
846 or email at [email protected] or Mrs Kennedy.
P&C Fundraising News:
2015 Family Movie Night - $12 per ticket
Saturday 4 July 2015 at 3.45pm
screening at 4.15pm
Grand Cinemas Whitford City Shopping Centre
Purchase through
Simply Login to your account or select Register Now
to create account. Click on Order Movie Ticket then add Qty
KIDS MATTER - Everyone experiences fear
It is one of the most basic human emotions, helping to keep us safe by alerting us to danger. Parents and carers and
school staff can play a critical role in helping children develop skills for managing feelings and coping with fear. Children
need to learn to recognise and manage physical symptoms, anxious thinking and fearful behaviours.
Physical symptoms
Relaxation skills
Butterflies in stomach
Notice physical symptoms and recognise
Shortness of breath
they are signs of nervousness
Feeling sick
Deep breathing techniques for calming
Heart racing
Relaxation techniques
Fearful thinking
Helpful thinking
Something bad is going to happen; I can’t do
I can manage this; I can be brave; It doesn’t
this; I’m going to get hurt; People will laugh at
have to be perfect; I’ve got through this sort
me; This is too much for me to handle
of thing before, so I can do it again.
Pessimistic thinking, such as expecting the
Optimistic thinking, such as: Things will work
out okay – they
usually do.
Fearful behaviours
Coping behaviours
Seeks reassurance
Plan and rehearse how child will handle the
scary situation (eg establish a bedtime ritual,
Tries to avoid scary situations
keep a torch by the bed)
Acts shy
Build confidence for social situations by
Gets agitated
learning and practising assertive behaviours
Willetton Senior High School
A Leading School Celebrating Achievement
Specialist Basketball Program 2016
Willetton SHS is offering current Year 6 to Year 11 students with proven basketball talent the opportunity to develop their
potential through expert coaching and intensive tuition. Selection will be based on students having academic record, good
personal character references, athletic talent and a commitment to basketball. The Prospectus and application forms can be
found on our website:
The closing date for application is Wednesday, 24 June 2015.
The program is available to any eligible student throughout Western Australia.
.Willetton Senior High School
Fax: 9333 4907
Pinetree Gully Road, Willetton WA 6155
Ph: 9334 7200
Email : [email protected]
Order your copy of the 2015/16 Entertainment Book through the P&C
this year to support our fundraising initiatives at the school. For every book sold
we receive a $13 commission. Books available from 11 May.
Just click on the link below to purchase online.
Current Health Department policy changes require all dental appointments to be posted home and we are
experiencing quite a few missed appointments and letters coming back to us with incorrect addresses. If
you have changed address please let us know. If the date you have been given is inconvenient please
phone us to make a more suitable time.
Appointments are precious, please don’t miss them as someone else could have had that time.
If your child is attending your own dentist and you do not wish to stay enrolled with us please let us know
to avoid unwanted and missed appointments.
We are open Monday – Friday from 8.00am to 4.00pm. Phone: 9401 7285.
Your cooperation with this is much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you and your child at the
dental clinic.
Thank you , Dental staff
PHONE NUMBER 9307 8466
Monday 4 May
Rebecca McClean
Tuesday 5 May
Kimberly Bliss
Wednesday 6 May
Marnie Leon
Thursday 7 May
Tracey Carter
Friday 8 May
Lisa Brown
Monday 11 May
Amanda Dwyer & Deb Schroeder
Tuesday 12 May
Kimberly Bliss
Wednesday 13 May
Thursday 14 May
Tracey Carter
Friday 15 May
Elise Morris
Monday 18 May
Rebecca McClean
Tuesday 19 May
Natalie Wilson
Wednesday 20 May
Maryanne Wakefield
Thursday 21 May
Tracey Carter
Friday 22 May
Tina Robinson
*** Help is desperately needed throughout the term. Please volunteer if you can. Thanks.
Guided Tours of Duncraig Senior High School
An Independent Public School
See your local high school in operation during the school day.
Prospective parents and students are invited to participate in guided tours of the working school
throughout 2015.
Enjoy a brief discussion with the Principal and Associate Principals in the Administration and then see
the school in action as you are taken on a guided tour of the school.
Parents of children in Primary School have found these tours very beneficial in previous years. Year 6
students attend the school in December for an Orientation Day.
Tours will be commence at 9.30am and conclude at 10.30am on the following days:
Tuesday 19th May
Tuesday 18th August
Tuesday 3rd November
Parents should meet at The Administration Office via the Sullivan Road entrance to the school.
Please contact Wendy Hartmann, School Liaison Officer on 6241 5016 or
[email protected] for further information.
Behaviour Tonics are running the following
courses at their rooms in Wembley.
1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course.
All 7 to 9.30pm.
Mon 4th, 11th & 18th May (2 to 5yrs)
Tue 12th, Thur 14th & Thurs 21st May (2 to 12yrs)
Mon 25th, Wed 27th May & Wed 3rd June (2 to 5yrs)
Engaging Adolescents (11 to 16yo)
Wed 4th & 11th March, 6.45 to 9.30pm
The following are available as ‘In House’ courses.
Parenting Information Session (Including 10 take
home tips)
This 2 hr. seminar is designed to improve your
knowledge and confidence as a parent.
Bullying – Don’t Just Stand There
Protective Behaviours.
Private Consultations Available.
To enquire/register call 9382 1182 or
go to
Week Eleven
Week Ten
Week Nine
Week Eight
Week Seven
Week Six
Week Five
Week Four
Week Three
4 May
Triple P
AEDC starts (PP)
11 May
Triple P
18 May
Triple P
5 May
School Gym PP – 2
Mothers’ Day Stall
12 May
Lang Conventions
School Gym PP - 2
19 May
6 May
7 May
8 May
Edu Dance Yrs 3 – 6
Yr. 2 excursion
B1 (am) B2 (pm)
WAPPB Incursion and
classroom visits
Yr. 2 excursion
Gym PP – 2
13 May
Mothers’ Day Stall
14 May
Edu Dance Yrs 3 - 6
Gym PP - 2
Constable Care
20 May
21 May
Gym PP - 2
22 May
Duncraig SHS guided tour
School Gym PP – 2
15 May
Duncraig SBAE testing
Yr 6
Edu Dance Yrs 3 – 6
25 May
Triple P
1 June
WA Day
26 May
27 May
28 May
School Gym PP - 2
Edu Dance Yrs 3 - 6
Gym PP - 2
2 June
3 June
4 June
School Gym PP - 2
School Gym PP – 2
29 May
5 June
Edu Dance Yrs 3 - 6
8 June
Triple P
9 June
10 June
11 June
School Gym PP - 2
Edu Dance Yrs 3 – 6
School Gym PP - 2
12 June
15 June
Triple P
16 June
17 June
HPS Cross Country
18 June
School Gym PP - 2
19 June
24 June
25 June
26 June
School Gym PP – 2
22 June
Triple P
23 June
29 June
Triple P
30 June
Reports collected
1 July
Reports sent home
2 July
3 July
AEDC finishes (PP)
Community News:
Duncraig Playgroup
Playgroup and Playfun 3’s Programmes at Duncraig
Community Centre. Tel: 9246 2775
Poynter Farmers’ Market
Fortnightly Saturdays 9am – 12 noon
Early Years PreSchool for 3 to 4 yr olds
Now open at Sorrento Community Hall
Tel: Jodie 0407 088 29
[email protected]
Get Active Sports – Aussie Rules for Juniors
At Padbury Primary School Hall, starts 3 May
Tel: 1300 772 106 [email protected]

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