CALLING ALL RACERS!!!! - Human League Association



CALLING ALL RACERS!!!! - Human League Association
On Saturday, June 20th, the Human League Association will host a Soap Box Derby in the Valley.
Although the race is open to racers of all ages and skill levels, the event has been sanctioned by
the Canadian Soapbox Derby Racers Association, and the Greater Sudbury stop will count as a
qualifier for racers looking to attend Nationals and beyond.
The all-day event will take place in Hanmer, on Regional Road 80, starting at the top of the hill
(where Tasse automobiles used to be), and ending just past the ball fields.
The road will be
closed for the day, with multiple detours set up to minimize inconvenience to motorists.
Youth ages 6-18 can participate in the race. There will be several categories open, including a
‘Super Racers’ category. Super Racers compete in a custom soapbox built for 2 persons – one
pilot, and one special-needs co-pilot. Registration is just $15/child.
To purchase your own soapbox car, please visit There will be corporate
cars on-site for those who don’t have their own, but children must pre-register to be able to use
Derby racing is a family sport, a sport where the parent and child enjoy a day together in a
sporting event. The sport re-enforces self confidence in the child, promotes sportsmanship and
above all soap box derby offers the opportunity for all children to participate in a sport regardless
of gender, race, athletic skills or even economic status.
To register, visit us online at or on Facebook at Sponsors can contact the Human League Association
by email at [email protected]
In 2014, the Human League Association provided financial support to 431 local children through
the P.L.A.Y. program. The program provides up to $300 in financial assistance for qualified
families (per child) to assist with the costs of registration and equipment. The Association also
raises funds for the Breakfast Club for Kids program.
For more information, contact event Chairpersons:
Chantelle Gorham
(705) 966-9666
[email protected]
Leanne Lavoie
(705) 923-5356
[email protected]
Event Date:_June 20th, 2015 (Rain date June 21st, 2015)
This waiver must have the name of the entrant and be signed by parent/guardian:
In consideration for the acceptance of the right to participate, by signing this waiver participants and or their guardians
expressly release and discharge the Canadian Soap Box Racing Association, the City of Greater Sudbury, The Human
League Association, Impact 6/21 Foundation and the event organizers and its directors, officers, agents, representatives,
employees, volunteers, independent contractors, subcontractors, sponsors, successors, and assigns (collectively named as
the Releases) from any claims for all known or unknown damages, injuries, losses which arise as a result of their
participation in this event.
I also agree to abide by the rules for this event and those of the CSBRA and Soap Box Derby in general. That sportsmanship
and good behaviour will be displayed while participating in this event. I accept that the result of improper behaviour or any
violation of the rules may result in my disqualification from this event, without a refund of any entry fees paid.
I further agree to accept full responsibility for the construction and maintenance of the derby car(s) I have entered into this
event, and that upon inspection of this (these) car(s), I agree to follow any or all instructions to replace or repair any
deficiencies found by inspectors.
All entrants must demonstrate the ability to control their car(s) at all times when starting, racing and finishing their race runs.
Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
Driver Name
DRIVER RACE ENTRY FEE: $15.00 / racer
Entry Fee
Total Entry Fee ______
*I have read this document and agree to all conditions stipulated by CSBRA
Print: Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Signature
Team Name: ____________________________________________________
Mailing address: ______________________________________________________
Email: __________________________
*please email this form to [email protected] or fax to (705) 670-8674. We will
contact you to confirm receipt and collect payment.
Contact Chantelle or Leanne for any questions!