Crimson Hexagon`s ForSight Platform Capabilities



Crimson Hexagon`s ForSight Platform Capabilities
Crimson Hexagon’s
ForSight Platform
Our best-in-class analysis platform empowers our users to examine
owned channels, earned conversation, and the interests of any
audience. Its easy-to-use capabilities go beyond mere keywords and
basic sentiment and get to more actionable insights.
Owned Analysis
Our Social Account Monitors measure the
Analyze sentiment breakdowns of engagement
owned Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
with an account.
channels of your brand, your clients, or
your competitors. We provide you with the
major competitive advantage to analyze
any social property, even without login
Explore themes in the conversation using a
range of qualitative visualizations (and filter on the
visualizations to attain deeper insights).
Utilize demographic data to determine who is
engaging with each account and track follower
With Social Account Monitors, you can:
growth over time.
Track posts sent by an account and the volume
of impressions and engagement reached on those
posts. | (617) 547-1073 | 155 Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA 02210
[email protected]
Earned Analysis
Our Buzz and Opinion Monitors measure
Analyze automatic sentiment breakdowns of
opinions expressed on social media
any conversation, with corrections for sarcasm and
related to a brand, product, campaign, or
false positives.
other topic of your choice, and how those
opinions change over time. With our earned
analysis tools, you can search historically
and in real-time across any topic, in any
language, within our data library of over
500 billion posts.
With Buzz and Opinion Monitors, you can:
Quickly and easily identify emerging and
evolving trends within an online conversation using
a variety of metrics, graphs, and visuals.
Go beyond sentiment and keywords using our
proprietary Brightview algorithm, by measuring any
theme within the conversation, such as purchase
intent, product features, or ad effectiveness, in order
to glean the insights that bring you the most value.
Track and manage conversation in real-time as
it occurs with a live post feed, live world map, and
alerts for notification when changes occur.
Gain deeper insights by filtering the conversation
according to category, gender, user interest,
geography, additional keywords, and influencers.
Audience Segmentation
Gain unprecedented insights into
Identify top influencers in your audience and
your audience with our best-in-class
how they shape the conversation around your
demographic data and Affinities tool.
brand, product, or campaign.
Our audience segmentation metrics
are applied to all owned and earned
conversations, and utilize data from across
all of Twitter.
Learn how to best reach and engage an
audience by identifying the interests of the authors
participating in a conversation.
Explore any interest group in-depth, by identifying
With our audience segmentation features,
the group’s influencers, demographic makeup, and
you can:
trending articles, videos, and images.
Determine the gender, geography, and age of
your audience, and filter by the demographic groups
most important to you.
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