Online Registration How-To Guide



Online Registration How-To Guide
ALL Iris Award entrants require an Entrant/Membership Number and password prior to registering their entries online.
First time entrant - start at Step 1
Previous entrant (with membership # and password) - start at Step 3 to commence entry registration. Please DO
NOT create a new NZIPP registration profile.
Previous entrant (forgotten membership # and password) - email [email protected], you will recieve your Entrant/
Membership # by return email. Start your entry registration at Step 3.
Entrant previously entered as a Student - email [email protected], you will recieve your Entrant/Membership # by
return email. Please DON’T create a new NZIPP registration profile. Start your entry registration at Step 3.
Step 1 - NZIPP Website:
On the Home page of the NZIPP website (, click on Register and complete the details in the
next screen.
Step 2 - New Entrant NZIPP Registration:
Fill in all fields in the Register form, click on Register at the bottom of the page. You will shortly receive an email
with your new Entrant/Membership #.
Email Address:
Whether a new registration
is being created, OR you
are making changes to an
existing one, please ensure
the email address entered
has NOT been used with
any other profile that you
have created.
Step 3 - NZIPP Website:
On the Home page of the NZIPP website (, click on Login, using your Entrant/Membership #.
Step 4 - Login to the NZIPP website:
Enter your Entrant/Membership # in the User Name field, followed by your password. Click on Login.
Step 5 - Uploading the Publicity Image:
Click on the Iris Awards Entry > Details tabs. Review your details and if you haven’t already uploaded a profile
portrait (publicity image), or wish to update your current portrait, click on Choose file and select a profile image
from your computer, click on the Load Image button. Grey shaded fields are display only on the Iris Awards Entry
page - go to the Personal Profile page (shown in Step 2) if needing to change any of this information.
Joe Bloggs
Publicity Image:
Adobe RGB 1998
RGB Mode (not greyscale)
1500 pxs (on longest side)
JPEG setting 8
Baseline (Standard)
Click on the Update
button (top right of the
screen) after loading the
publicity image OR to save
any changes made on this
Iris Entry screen.
Joe Bloggs
+64 09 529 9929
+64 27 335 3335
[email protected]
Joe Bloggs Photography
26 Newton Street
Mt Eden
New Zealand
When loaded, your
publicity image will
appear here
Step 6 - Entry Information:
Select the Iris Entry tab and read through all the Entry Notes, to familiarise yourself with entry requirements.
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs
Step 7 - Registering Entries:
Start registering your entries. Prior to uploading your digital files ensure they are correctly formatted, have the
correct metadata details and named appropriately. Refer to the Call for Entries document for full details.
Digital File Format:
Adobe RGB (1998) colour space
25.4cm (on the longest side)
300dpi (3000 pixels)
RGB colour mode (not greyscale)
JPEG setting 8, Baseline (Standard)
Digital File Metadata Fields:
Document Title / Title - insert the
category name the image is being entered
into. Eg. Commercial, Travel, etc.
For entries in the Commercial and
Documentary Categories only, include the
wording indicating end usage of the work
(no more than 40 characters long).
Author - your own name
Online Registration Data:
Select the category the image is to be entered
in from the drop down menu.
Title(if any):
Required for Commercial and
Documentary Category entries (no more
than 40 characters long, indicating the end
usage of the work), you are able to add a title
to identify your image.
Enter the name/business of any third person
assistance you have received in preparing your
entry. Eg. post-production
Portrait - Classic
Portrait - Creative
Wedding - Classic
Wedding - Creative
Wedding Album
Step 8 - Uploading Images:
Once all the entry details have been entered click on the Choose File button and select the relevant image from
your computer, follow this by clicking on the Enter Image button.
Links to the Conditions of
Entry, Declaration, Entry
Fees and Digital File Prep
are all available at the
bottom of the Iris Awards
print entry page.
Once the digital file has been uploaded into the entry data it will appear as a thumbnail towards the
bottom of the page. Additional entries can be entered by repeating Steps 7 and 8. As entries are
added they appear in the Images Entered box, providing a running total with each upload.
The Handling Fee amount
will depend on whether you
are entering, registering and
paying during the Earlybird
registration OR standard
registration period. Refer to
the Call for Entries document
for deadline details.
Step 9 - Purchasing a Print Case:
Print entries are required to be sent in an official print case, if you don’t have a print case (or are wanting to replace
an existing one), click on the Add Case wording to the right of the screen and the amount will be added within the
cost summary below your entries. If you add a print case in error, click on the Remove Case wording immediately
below Add Case.
Print cases purchased through the online entry
process are distributed at the print judging.
Send your prints in, carefully wrapped and
packaged, and they will be returned after
judging in the purchased print case.
If you are wanting to purchase a print case to
send your prints in for judging, DON’T select
the Add Case option, contact the NZIPP
Executive Director ([email protected]). Payment
will be made directly to NZIPP and an additional
courier fee will apply.
* If ordering a print case before the event this
must be done at least 3 weeks prior to close
of entries (3 August 2015), to enable time for
payment to be processed, print case to be sent
out and to send prints in for judging.
Step 10 - Paying:
Once all entries have been uploaded and CHECKED (refer to information below) proceed to the payment area by
clicking on Pay Online at the top right of the screen.
Once payment has been
made, entries are NOT
able to be changed. Check
through all your entries
to ensure:
the correct metadata
was added
images are entered in
the correct category
the correct digital file
was uploaded
the digital file has the
correct specifications
NOW is the time to change
any entries/digital files by
selecting the relevant one
and clicking Delete to
the right of the Images
Entered box.
Step 11 - Processing Payment:
All payments are made through PayPal.
If you have a PayPal account fill in your email and PayPal password details, then click on the Login button.
If not, click on Don’t have a PayPal account to pay with your credit card.
Joe Bloggs
Step 12 - Payment Summary and Details:
A summary of all entries is previewed to the left of the screen, confirm these are correct and click on either the
Login or Pay with my credit or debit card option.
[email protected]
$350.00 NZD
If you find you have made a mistake click on Cancel and return to New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography at any
time. This will take you back to the Iris Entry page so you can make any neccessary changes.
Step 13 - PayPal Credit Card Payment:
If paying through your PayPal account, follow your normal process.
If paying by credit or debit card, follow the steps outlined below. Fill in all the details then click on the Review and
Continue button.
$350.00 NZD
Joe Bloggs
26 Newton Street
Mt Eden
New Zealand
[email protected]
When payment has been processed and the “Thanks for your order” page appears
• Click on the blue highlighted link Return to New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography
You will be directed back to the NZIPP Iris Entry page to access the Tax Invoice, Declaration, Print Labels,
Address Labels. You will also receive an email from PayPal notifying you the transaction is completed.
Step 14 - Tax Invoice, Declaration, Print Labels, Address Labels:
From the Iris Entry page:
• Click on the Receipt & Labels tab at the top of the page
• Click on the printer icon to the right of the screen
• When the files are open DOWNLOAD / SAVE these documents to your computer, then print. These
documents are not available once online registration of entries has closed at 7pm, Wednesday 29 July 2015).
These documents include:
Tax Invoice - send with your entries in your print case
Declaration form - read, sign and send with your entries in your print case
Print labels - attach this to the top left on the back of each respective print
‘Pack and Send’ address label - attach this to the outside of your print case/package for sending in your entries
Return address label - add your return address details, place in your print case for the return of your prints
NZIPP Iris Awards 2015
Iris Professional Photography Awards 2015