Chemical Approaches to Targeting Drug Resistance in
Cancer Stem Cells
COST Action CM1106 3rd Working Group Meeting
Photo by Constantinos Arvanitakis, Copyright Acropolis Museum
26-27 March 2015- Athens, Greece
St. George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel
Organizing Committee
Scientific Committee
Pitsinos Emmanuel, NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens [GR]
Athanassopoulos Constantinos, Univ. of Patras [GR]
Haroutounian Serko, Agricultural Univ. of Athens [GR]
Passarella Daniele, Univ. degli Studi di Milano [IT]
Passarella Daniele, Univ. degli Studi di Milano [IT]
Marija Balic, Medical University Graz [AT]
James Lorens, University of Bergen [NO]
Botta Maurizio, University of Siena [IT]
Kikelj Danijel, University of Ljubljana [SI]
Athanassopoulos Constantinos, Univ. of Patras [GR]
Haroutounian Serko, Agr. Univ. of Athens [GR]
Pitsinos E., NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens [GR]
Vizirianakis Ioannis, Univ. of Thessaloniki [GR]
[email protected]
Ioana Stupariu, Secretary of COST Action
Michael Christodoulou, Univ. degli Studi di Milano
and students of the local organizer’s teams
26 March, 2015
09:00 Registration
Section I
Emmanuel Pitsinos (NCSR “DEMOKRITOS” Institute of Nanoscience
and Nanotechnology)
Daniele Passarella (Università degli studi di Milano, Italy)
Marija Balic (Medical University Graz, Austria)
Gabriela Almeida (IPATIMUP, Porto, Portugal)
L1 Deniz Tasdemir (University of Kiel, Germany)
Marine natural products against cancer stem cells
L2 Paul Murphy (National University of Ireland, Ireland)
Decorated macrocycles via ring closing double reductive amination. Identifi
cation of an apoptosis inducer of leukemic cells by antagonism of a serotonin
Coffee break
Section II
Danijel Kikelj (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Serko Haroutounian (Agricultural University of Athens, Greece)
L3 Christel Herold-Mende (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
Cancer stem cells: still the right name?
L4 Sabrina Dallavalle (Università degli studi di Milano, Italy)
Novel HDAC inhibitors with a phenylcinnamic scaffold: synthesis and evaluation of
antitumor activity
L5 Deniz Cansen Yildirim (Bilkent University, Turkey)
Bioactivities of small molecule kinase inhibitors in liver cancer stem cells
3rd Workgroup Meeting COST ACTION CM1106, 26-27 March 2015, Athens, GREECE
NCSR Demokritos/ University of Patras/ Agricultural Univ. of Athens
Lunch and Poster Session I (Odd number posters)
Section III Chair:
James Lorens (University of Bergen, Norway)
Ioannis Vizirianakis (AUTH, Thessaloniki, Greece)
L6 Ana Martins (University of Szeged, Hungary)
Effect of 20-hydroxyecdysone and its diacetonide derivative on the efflux
pump ABCB1 upon treatment with etoposide
L7 Bartłomiej Taciak (Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland)
Macrophages ability to non-canonical Wnt pathway activation in mammary
cancer cells
L8 Gulce Iz (Ege University, Turkey)
Evaluation of cancer stem cells for an in vitro vascularised osteosarcoma model?
L9 José Padrón (University of La Laguna, Spain)
Synthesis and identification of unprecedented selective inhibitors of CK1ε
L10 Fumagalli, Gaia (Università degli studi di Milano, Italy)
Single Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy: Combination of Cyclopamine and Paclitaxel
L11 Nadine, Martinet (Institute of Chemistry Nice)
CM 1106 Compound library and screening force
Coffee break and Poster Session I
17:00 – 18:00 MC meeting: Only for the members of the Management Committee
3rd Workgroup Meeting COST ACTION CM1106, 26-27 March 2015, Athens, GREECE
NCSR Demokritos/ University of Patras/ Agricultural Univ. of Athens
27 March, 2015
Section IV Chair:
Daniele Passarella (Università degli studi di Milano, Italy)
Constantinos Athanassopoulos (University of Patras, Greece)
09:30 L12 Athanassios Giannis - Invited expert (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Germany)
Modulators of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway: Chemical and Biological Aspects
L13 Peng, Ling (University Aix-Marseille, France)
Functional delivery of RNAi molecules in cancer stem cells
L14 Dinić, Jelena (Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković”, Serbia)
Novel tubulin destabilizing agent CKT0353 overcomes multidrug resistance
in colon cancer cells
Coffee break
Section V
Andreanni Odysseos (EPOS-lasis, R&D, Cyprus)
Alexandros Zografos (AUTH, Thessaloniki, Greece)
L15 Pierre Schembri-Wismayer (University of Malta, Malta)
Differentiation screen for osteosarcoma by leukaemia maturation inducers
L16 Mattia Mori (Center for Life Nano Science, Italy)
Structure-based discovery of a natural compound targeting the Gli1 transcription
factor of the Hedgehog pathway
L17 Christian Muller (University of Strasbourg, France)
3D Cell Culture Models in Anticancer Drug Discovery
L18 Berta Sanchez-Laorden (Instituto de Neurociencias CSIC-UMH, Spain)
MEArrays to identify microenvironments that promote mesenchymal to epithelial
transition in tumour cells
L19 Panagiota Sotiropoulou (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
Early stage researchers meeting on Targeting Hedgehog signaling in cancer
stem cells. Barcelona January 2015
3rd Workgroup Meeting COST ACTION CM1106, 26-27 March 2015, Athens, GREECE
NCSR Demokritos/ University of Patras/ Agricultural Univ. of Athens
Lunch and Poster Session II (Even number posters)
Section VI Chair:
L20 Giovanna Damia (Mario Negri Institute, Italy)
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cell roles in cisplatin response
in ovarian cancer xenografts
L21 Ellert-Miklaszewska, Aleksandra (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Poland)
Pharmacological targeting of brain tumor cells and update on COST compound
library testing
L22 Stefania Pizzimenti (University of Torino, Italy)
Targeting Nrf-2 and YAP as a new strategy to overcome cancer chemoresistance.
Wolfgang Link (University of Algarve, Portugal)
Emmanuel Pitsinos (NCSR “DEMOKRITOS”, Greece)
Coffee break and Poster Session II
L23 Borlak Jürgen (Hannover Medical School, Germany)
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cancer stem cells in the development of
hepatocellular carcinomas
L24 Antreas Afantidis (NovaMechanics Ltd, Cyprus)
Enalos InSilico Platform: An online decision support tool for the design and
virtual screening of small molecules and nanoparticles
Best poster competition
Best poster competition award
General discussion and closing remarks
3rd Workgroup Meeting COST ACTION CM1106, 26-27 March 2015, Athens, GREECE
NCSR Demokritos/ University of Patras/ Agricultural Univ. of Athens
Verena Tiran, Christopher Rossmann, Christoph Suppan, Richard J Cote, Ram
Datar, Nadia Dandachi, Marija Balic . “A feasibility study to evaluate microfilter based
CTC enrichment to characterize CTCs with a putative cancer stem cell phenotype”.
Antoine Millet, Cyril Ronco, Lionel Massi and Rachid Benhida. “Rational design of
RNA ligands. Synthesis and biological applications”
Juraj Dobiaš, Miroslav Murár, Peter Šramel, Gilles Hanquet, Martial Ruat, Hélène Faure
and Andrej Boháč. “A classification of known scaffolds of Smoothened inhibitors
for the identification of novel Smo modulators”.
Darinka Gjorgieva, Ana Mitanoska and Darko Bosnakovski. “Mesenchymal stem
cells as anticancer drug delivery vehicles”.
Szilvia Bősze, Zsuzsa Baranyai, Martin Krátký, Jarmila Vinšová, Antal Csámpai, Ildikó
Szabó, Zsuzsa Majer, and Ferenc Hudecz. “Contribution to the COST Action CM1106
compound library toward new collaborations: molecules and their in vitro cytotoxic/
cytostatic effect on tumour cell lines with potential activity on cancer stem cells”.
Andrea Calcaterra, Patrizio Ghirga, Simone Berardozzi, Mattia Mori and Bruno Botta.
“Synthesis of chalcones as inhibitors of Notch signaling pathway in the treatment of
T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia”.
Casimiro Cárdenas, Ana R. Quesada, Miguel Ángel Medina. “Evaluation of the Coffee
Diterpene Kahweol as a Potential Anti-Tumor Compound targeting Breast
Cancer Stem Cells”.
Lisa Doyle, Paul V. Murphy. “SnCl4- and TiCl4- Catalysed Anomerisation of OPyranosides from Pentoses. Towards Anti-metastasis Glycosides”.
Daniela Prinz, Nace Zidar, Lucija Peterlin Mašič, Danijel Kikelj, Marija Balic M, Nadia
Dandachi. “Anti-tumoral effect of novel marine alkaloid analogues on breast and lung
cancer stem cells”.
P10 Miodrag Dragoj, Zorica Milošević, Jelena Dinić, Ana Podolski-Renić, Jasna Banković,
Sonja Stojković, Nikola Tanić, Milica Pešić, Tijana Stanković. “Reversal of doxorubicin
resistance in non-small cell lung carcinoma cell lines by targeting CXCR4 receptor and
focal adhesion kinase”.
3rd Workgroup Meeting COST ACTION CM1106, 26-27 March 2015, Athens, GREECE
NCSR Demokritos/ University of Patras/ Agricultural Univ. of Athens
Anna Lucia Fallacara, Ana Podolski-Renić, Jelena Dinić, Cristina Tintori, Giulia Vignaroli,
Silvia Schenone, Maurizio Botta, Milica Pešić. “New pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine c-Src
inhibitor as multi-drug resistance modulator”.
Paolo Filipponi, Carmine Ostacolo, Bruno Cerra, Serena Mostarda, Ettore Novellino,
Roberto Pellicciari, and Antimo Gioiello. “Continuous Flow Synthesis of Thieno[2,3-c]iso
quinolin-5(4H)-one (TIQ-A) Scaffold: A Valuable Source of PARP-1 Inhibitors ”
Nenad Filipović, Romano Silvestri, Sveva Pelliccia, Tamara Todorović, Snežana Bjelogrlić,
Christian D. Muller. “Pro-apoptotic activity of aroylindole Pt(II), Pd(II) and Cu(II) complexes
on THP-1 cancer cells and AsPC-1 cancer stem cells”.
Karen Fox, Paul V. Murphy ”Synthesis of building blocks with potential in generating
metastasis inhibitors “.
Lidija Milkovic, Atilla Hunydi, Marija Balic, Ana Cipak Gasparovic “Antioxidative response
of breast cancer cell lines to selected ecdysteroids”.
P16 Thomas Castanheiro, Morgan Donnard, Mihaela Gulea, and Jean Suffert
“Palladium-catalyzed cascade cyclizations: An original access to sulfur hetero
cycles with potential anticancer activity”.
József Csábi, Tusty-Jiuan Hsieh, Feria Hasanpour , Ana Martins, Zoltán Kele,
Tamás Gáti, Gábor Tóth, Melita Vidakovic, Attila Hunyadi. “Oxidized metabolites
of 20-hydroxyecdysone and their activity on the Akt phosphorylation”.
Khodr Issa, Ashwin Narayan, Panayiota Stylianou, Yiota A. Christou, Constantinos
Pitris, Rosella Galli, Andreani D. Odysseos. “γ-Tocotrienol and γ-Tocopherol modulate
self-renewal potential in tumors with differential expression of the Epidermal Growth Fac
tor Receptor ”.
Danijel Kikelj, Nace Zidar, Uroš Trstenjak, Janez Ilaš, Hélène Faure, Lucile Hoch, Martial
Ruat, Andrej Bohac. “Benzoxazine-2-carboxamide derivatives as potential small-molecule
modulators of Hedgehog signaling ”.
P20 Teresa Martins, Ravi Kiran Reddy Kalathur, Filipe Carvalheiro, Richard Hill, Matthias
Futschik, Wolfgang Link. “Using analysis of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Database
to identify candidates for diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in melanoma”.
3rd Workgroup Meeting COST ACTION CM1106, 26-27 March 2015, Athens, GREECE
NCSR Demokritos/ University of Patras/ Agricultural Univ. of Athens
P21 Zorica Milošević, Jasna Banković, Miodrag Dragoj, Jelena Dinić, Tijana Stanković, Sonja
Stojkovic, Verica Paunović, Aleksandra Isaković, Milica Pešić . ”Establishment of chemore
sistant anaplastic thyroid carcinoma with P-glycoprotein and BCRP expression“.
P22 Loana Musso, Raffaella Cincinelli, Sabrina Dallavalle, Franco Zunino, Anna Lucia
Fallacara, Maurizio Botta, Rengul Cetin-Atalay, Damla Gozen. “3-Arylideneindolin-2ones as inhibitors of MDM2-p53 interaction”.
P23 Giedre Valiuliene, Ruta Navakauskiene. “Promyelocytic leukemia therapy possibilities
using epigenetic and immunotherapy approach: in vitro and in vivo studies”.
P24 Bastien Cautain, Nuria De Pedro, Javier Pascual, Jesus Martin, Fernando Reyes,
Olga Genilloud, Francisca Vicente . ”MDN-0066 a novel inhibitor of VHL/HIF
pathway produced by a new Pseudomonas species“.
P25 Milica Pešić, Ana Podolski-Renić, Jelena Dinić, László Kocsis, Antal Csámpai, Szilvia
Bősze, and Ferenc Hudecz. “Effects of new quinine- and quinidine epimers in human
multi-drug resistant cancer cell lines”.
P26 Deniz Cansen Yildirim, Rengul Cetin-Atalay. “Bioactivities of small molecule kinase
inhibitors in liver cancer stem cells ”.
P27 .Ângelo Monteiro, Damla Gozen, Rengul Cetin-Atalay, Maria M. M. Santos “Synthesis
of novel spiropyrazoline oxindoles and evaluation as activators of the p53 pathway”.
P28 Dušan Sladić, Barbara Janović, Božidar Čobeljić, Milica Milenković, Miroslava Vujčić,
Katarina Anđelković. “In vitro investigation of DNA interactions of square-planar Ni(II)
complexes with acylhydrazones of 2-(diphenylphosphino)benzaldehyde and monoden
tate pseudohalides”.
P29 Joanna Soin, Monika K. Grudzinska, Ewa Kurzejamska, Krzysztof Bojakowski, Michael H.
Lehmann, Hans Reinecke, Charles E. Murry, Cecilia Soderberg-Naucler, Piotr Religa. “Mono
cyte Chemoattractant Protein 1–Mediated Migration of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Is a
Source of Intimal Hyperplasia”.
P30 Zainab Tayeh, Simon Barak1, Rivka Ofir “Mechanism of Action of Asteriscus Graveolens
as an Anticancer Agent”.
3rd Workgroup Meeting COST ACTION CM1106, 26-27 March 2015, Athens, GREECE
NCSR Demokritos/ University of Patras/ Agricultural Univ. of Athens
Tamara Todorović, Nenad Filipović, Snežana Bjelogrlić, Katarina Andjelković, Christian
D.Muller. ”Effect of metal ion complexation and chalcogen donor identity on pro-apoptotic
activity of 2-quinolinecarboxaldehyde chalcogensemicarbazones”.
P32 Didem Karakas, Nazlihan Aztopal, Buse Cevatemre, Veysel Turan Yilmaz, Engin
Ulukaya. “Mammospheres (Cancer Stem Cell-Enriched Population) in Breast Cancer
Show Resistance Against A Palladium (II)-Saccharinate Complex of Terpyridine”
P33 Vera P. Demertzidou, Alexandros L. Zografos. “Accessing Novel Sesquiterpenoid
Families Through Divergent Synthesis in order to Target Cancer Stem Cells”.
P34 Zdenek Wimmer, Uladzimir Bildziukevich, Jana Sustekova, Erkki Kolehmainen,
Elina Sievänen ”Betulinic acid amides with spermine in supramolecular chemical
3rd Workgroup Meeting COST ACTION CM1106, 26-27 March 2015, Athens, GREECE
NCSR Demokritos/ University of Patras/ Agricultural Univ. of Athens