Frontier of Spintronics and Magnetic Sensing



Frontier of Spintronics and Magnetic Sensing
Frontier of Spintronics and Magnetic
Sensing Workshop
Date: May 11, 2015
Time: 8:00 – 17:00
Venue: Stanford Center at Peking University (SCPKU)
Space is limited to 90 attendees. Register today! (click here or use link below)
Discount registration rates available through May 1st.
We are bringing to you a workshop on the cutting edge topics of spintronics,
magnetic sensing, and multiferroics in an intimate and elegant setting of the newly
opened SCPKU nestled in stately gardens and ponds. Gourmet lunch and tea/coffee
breaks will be included to encourage active discussions and acquaintances. We will
also feature special guests from the National Science Foundation (NSF), among other
distinguished speakers from around the world (next page).
Frontier of Spintronics and Magnetic
Sensing Workshop
A Partial List of Our Distinguished Invited Speakers
Tentative Title
Samir El-Ghazaly
National Science Foundation
R. Ramesh
UC Berkeley
Daniel Worledge
IBM Research Division
NSF’s Interests in Magnetic Sensing and
Multiferroic Devices and Technology
Low Current STT-RAM and Outlook
Paulo Freitas
Usha Varshney
International Iberian
Nanotechnology Institute
National Science Foundation
Jianping Wang
University of Minnesota
Xiufeng Han
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jinliang He
Tsinghua University
Spin-Polarized Seebeck Coefficient in
Ferromagnetic Conductors
Magnetic Sensors for Smart Grid
Jongill Hong
Yonsei University
Giant Spin Transfer Torque in Co/Pd
Qunwen Leng
Western Digital Corp.
Eckhard Quandt
University of Kiel
Interlayer Magnetic Coupling in Low RA
Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
Multiferroic Devices
Jing Shi
UC Riverside
Magnetic Sensing or Magnetic Graphene
Microfluidic Magnetoresistive
Modes of International Collaborations at
the National Science Foundation
Novel Spintronic Devices and C-SPIN
Masahiro Yamaguchi Tohoku University
Noise in RF Electromagnetic Environment
Joe Evans
Integrated Multiferroic Devices
Radiant Technologies Inc.