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Project Work
Make a collage of photographs from your childhood. Write interesting captions to describe the special
moments. Give your collage an interesting Title.
Do the following exercises in the Holiday Home – Work note book:Fill in the blanks with abstract nouns formed from the words in brackets.
a) ---------- is the best time of our life. (child)
b) Florence Nightingale is known for her ---------- (kind)
c) Tenali Rama was known for his --------- (wise)
d) Gandhiji always spoke the ---------- (true)
e) Sports is a better way of killing ---------- (bore) as compared to the television.
f) A prisoner knows no ---------- (free)
g) What is the ---------- of Qutab Minar? (high)
h) The ---------- of the boy won him many awards. (intelligent)
Choose the most suitable verb from the brackets for each sentence:
a) The aeroplanes ---------- (flew, zoomed, moved) over our heads on Republic Day.
b) The horseman ---------- (rode, trotted, galloped) swiftly across the valley.
c) The sculptor ---------- (carves, makes, invents) beautiful statues.
d) The clothes on the wire were ---------- (swinging, shaking, fluttering) in the breeze .
e) The audience ---------- (shouted, applauded, screamed) Anushka Shankar’s performance.
f) The radio taxi ---------- (created, shouted, crashed) into the ramp when it was trying to over speed.
g) The weary, old man ---------- (danced, ran, trudged) slowly up the hill.
There is an error in the use of ‘articles’ in the following sentences. Underline the error and write the
correct article in the space provided.
a) Send a e-mail to the boss. ---------- .
b) The friend of mine sold paintings. ---------- .
c) Read an article on yoga to me. ---------- .
d) They moved to the smaller apartment. ---------- .
e) A empty basket is liying on the floor ---------- .
f) Mr. Lal is a professor in an university ---------- .
g) What the beautiful scene! ---------- .
h) Dehradun is a capital of Uttarakhand. ---------- .
F/B with suitable adjectives from the box given below:a) --------------- , --------------- , --------------- oranges.
b) --------------- , --------------- , --------------- road.
c) --------------- , --------------- , --------------- man.
d) --------------- , --------------- , --------------- day.
e) --------------- , --------------- , --------------- woman.
[Juicy, ten, plump, stocky, dusty, short, bald, bearded, handsome, sweet, cold, windy, cloudy narrow, crooked]
Learn and write Roman Numerals from 1 – 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 500, 1000.
Do Ex 4 (A) + Review Worksheet – 1
Practice all the examples of the chapters done.
Learn tables 2 to 25
Ls.1 Plant life
Ls.7 Rocks, Soil and Minerals
Learn the following Ch. Q + A and exercises done in bk. + nt. Bk.
Project Work
Collect the sample seeds of different plants, paste it in your holiday H/W nt. Bk and write the adaptations
in the seeds of the plants that help in its dispersal.
Draw and learn structure of seed (3 times).
Draw and learn the diagram of soil profile. (3 times)
Pg No. 85 Activity No. 2, 4
Pg No. 11 Activity No. 1, 2, 7
Draw and colour a map of the world you will have to do it freehand, without tracing.
Design a poster on the theme ‘Save the Environment’.
Write about any one famous Indian whom you admire. Explain why you admire the person and how his/ her life
has influenced you.
Learn all the work done in bks. & nt. Bks.
Ls.1 The Versatile Machine
Ls.2 Data Storage Media
Learn the Chapters and write Q + A (3 times)
Project Work
Make a collage of peripheral devices. Also mention its name and uses in Holiday H/W nt. Bk.
Project Work
¼1½ ^ty dk egRo^ dk fp= yxkdj mlds mi;ksx o nq:i;ksx ij okD; fyf[k,A
¼2½ dksbZ ,d f”k{kk izn dgkuh fyf[k, vkSj mldk fp= cukb,A
Do Pg No. 7, 10, 12, 17, 22 and 28 in bk.
(1) Do Holiday Home Work of all subjects in one thick interleave note book.
(2) Prepare well for unit – 1 in all the subjects
* Drink Lots of Water
* Avoid aerated drinks
* Do not play in the sun.
* Read English comic Books and Newspapers.
* Obey your Parents.
* Pay attention on the formation of numbers and Letters
* Do your summer Break Assignment in good handwriting
Enjoy your Holidays