Our Executive team just got stronger! Joining our Kennedy



Our Executive team just got stronger! Joining our Kennedy
Our Executive team just got stronger!
Joining our Kennedy leadership team is Marie Gill, a long-time marketing and business
development executive who brings unique experience from leading and developing premium
brand businesses. Marie has a passion for puzzle-solving, digging into complex challenges,
and leading projects - all the while leveraging her know-how of operations and building strong
teams. Coupled with Sean Kennedy and his love of helping organizations transform strategy
into reality, they make a powerful team invested in your business and our Northwest
We’ve augmented our technology solutions!
On top of adding more firepower to our leadership team, we’ve also expanded our solutions portfolio. So
often, we’ve seen our clients benefit from Kennedy’s direct support and
flexible staffing solutions, but lose momentum related to completely
solving for their technology needs. It’s important to us to be able to create
a full-solution portfolio, so we’ve partnered with RGen Solutions to ensure
our clients have the back-of-the-house technology solutions they need to
fully realize their goals. RGen Solutions combines the most suitable
technologies with intellect and expertise to help our clients meet their
swiftly changing business requirements.
Our portfolio continues to evolve!
Kennedy Consulting is uniquely positioned to flexibly and reliably
support your projects or your team. Our approach is based on our
belief that every organization is unique. Our team bring years of
experience, best practices and proven methodologies and then work
with you to craft an approach that is right for you and fits your budget.
Our experience and portfolio is wide-reaching across a variety of
industries ensuring that you can benefit from our creative solutionoriented approach.
We are very excited about his new year and all of the great work we can accomplish together. We look
forward to seeing you again soon. We are confident that we can quickly demonstrate how Kennedy can
help you take the first step in transforming your strategic vision into reality.
Here’s to an exciting and productive 2015!
Sean Kennedy
Founder & Principal
Marie Gill
www.KennedyLLC.com | 425.270.8242