No 13. 08 05 15 - Kingsville Primary School



No 13. 08 05 15 - Kingsville Primary School
Issue No. 13 – 8 May 2015
Dates to
Term 2
12 – 14
Sat 16 May
Tues 2 June
Mon 8 June
Sun 14 June
Mon 15 June
Fri 19 June
Fri 26 June
NAPLAN testing grades 3 and 5
Working Bee grades Prep - 2
School Photos
Public Holiday – Queen’s
Working Bee grades 3-6
School Council meeting 6.30p.m.
Family Movie Night (fundraising)
 Casual Clothes Day (fundraising)
 Last Day Term 2 – 2.30p.m.
Term dates 2015
Term 2 - 13 April to 26 June
Term 3 - 13 July to 18 September
Term 4 - 5 October to 18 December
It is with great pleasure that I can
finally announce our school will in
2015 gain a new boundary fence. As Principal this is
something I have wanted to be able to facilitate for a
very long time. I know that it will provide both security
and, a suitable statement of permanence around our
heritage building and large site.
We are lucky to have an historic and significant
school building opened in 1919 at the core of our
learning environment. There have been many
building additions and upgrades over the years to this
building however, the site has only ever had across
the front and side street frontages, the small cyclone
Overall fencing work over the last 20 years has
included some improved and higher fencing around
the oval and at the back of the school site to
Cruickshank Park. Improvements to other boundary
fences unfortunately have just not been financially
Some time ago School Council began the planning
for our fencing improvement project and details
and costings were completed in 2014. Final
refinements and scheduling of the project have now
been made and, the work is expected to take place
during the next term break.
No funding for fencing as such is provided by the
government so, this is a significant achievement for
our school community. Resourcing decisions and
fundraising efforts over the last 4-5 years in
particular, have certainly assisted in keeping this
project alive and a continued priority.
The fence will be constructed out of black powder
coated steel square units, 2.1 metres in height. There
will be brick pillars at two main entrance points to the
General Guidelines for Parents when making any Payments to the school:
End of Terms 1, 2 & 3
End of Term 4
Cash Payments
All payments need to be made prior to 10:00am on the last day of term.
All payments must be made 2 days prior to the end of term.
Correct money is requested, as change cannot always be provided.
School Council President Leah Young 0418 369 039
OSHC Camp Australia 0401 054 261
School Uniform Primary School Wear 9363 8458
Program Manager Asi Malu
school and our current signage will be integrated into
the overall design. There will no longer be the very
difficult padlocks and chains for each gate and new
locking devices will be very welcome. These should
also allow for greater possibilities for keeping certain
gates closed for longer periods during the school day.
Fundraising this year will again assist with the budget
to complete the project and hopefully ensure the
addition to our signage of wording to signify our
status as an International Baccaulareaute World
school. So keep this in mind as you contribute to and
participate in, our 2015 events.
Please note - many schools do have this type of
fencing and locally you can see examples at
Footscray North or Yarraville West Primary.
Grounds Working Bees 2015
Saturday 16 May Prep-2 – 9a.m. – 12p.m.
Parent working bees are vital in all government
schools. Parent assistance is gained at Kingsville
across a range of areas and is always appreciated
and highly valued. The grounds working bees provide
a specific and much needed contribution to the
overall challenge of grounds maintenance and
This year School Council has determined working
bees will take place on set dates (see below) with a
P-2 or 3-6 focus. The Buildings and Grounds Sub
Committee on behalf of School Council, wish to
stress that whilst there will be this focus parents from
any level of school are welcome to attend and
participate at any one of the working bees.
More details as they become available.
Both Saturday and Sunday dates are included
throughout terms 2,3 and 4.
Principal’s Project 2015
In the newsletter last week I outlined my project for
2015. Thank you to families and students who have
already sent in some wonderful interpretations of
Term 2
16 May (Sat) P-2
14 June (Sun) 3-6
Week two focus
Commitment – being committed to our own
learning, persevering and showing
self-discipline and responsibility
A great deal of opportunity here to talk about, draw
and write about what commitment to learning means
to the individual i.e. as a student, parent, family unit,
class member or educator.
Please refer to guidelines provided last week and
adjustments as below
 it is obvious now that the limited display space for
each attitude calls for ‘postcard size’ (10.5cm x
14.8cm) being the most suitable
Birthday Parties
At times parents will send birthday party invitations
along with their children to be distributed to class
members or children in other classes.
Term 3
1 August (Sat) P-2
Term 4
Nov 22 (Sun) 3-6
So, our first working bee is coming up very soon –
next Saturday. Please bring gardening tools e.g.
wheelbarrows, brooms as possible. Come for an hour
or come for three hours, it’s up to you.
Dale Schumann, school councillor is parent manager
for this first working bee.
Grounds Safety - decks
We have large areas of decking around the school
 main deck at the back of the hall
 around the kitchen and side of the art room
 steps constructed out of decking boards
leading down from the prep classrooms
All of these can become slippery in wet weather and
as a safety precaution a nonslip transparent textured
coating will be applied to them in the near future. At
the school level children are often reminded not to
run across these areas when they are wet and we
ask parents to assist us by giving the same message,
Please note teachers are not able to hand out such
invitations or, allow children to leave class to
distribute them to students in other classes. Children
may give out invitations themselves but please note,
this can be a big ask for little ones and can be at the
best of times an opportunity for upset. Therefore just
be aware that this can be an issue and try to find
other ways to distribute party invitations whenever
Page 2
Issues in the playground
Before and after the school day there will always be
numbers of parents in the grounds. Being able to
bring your child/children to school and collect them
when possible should be a happy occasion.
Inevitably sometimes there will be issues that come
up between parents relating to their child and another
child or children.
I ask all parents to never ‘take the law into their own
hands’ so to speak with regard to any problems. If
there is an issue relating to a student at Kingsville i.e.
your child or someone else’s, you need to bring this
information to myself or Jeff McDonald, Assistant
Thank you to Anna Swan and members of the
fundraising sub committee who in record time
organised a wonderful Mother’s Day stall. A huge
effort in gaining the ‘goodies’ and packaging them up
so beautifully and providing this opportunity for
Kingsville students.
The excitement continued at Friday morning
assembly with the raffle draw and congratulations to
the winners – Ava Leach, Zoe Brown and Betty
Thank you to parents who contributed prizes and all
of you who bought raffle tickets.
School Photos 2015
School photos will be taken on Tuesday 2 June.
Photo packs will go home next week with students.
Sibling order envelopes will be kept as usual in the
main office. If you would like a sibling photo taken on
the day please, request an ‘order envelope’ to be
sent home or come in and collect one.
To be presented on Friday, 15 May
Prep A
Prep B
Prep C
Prep D
Prep E
Floyd Usher
Ava Waddell
Hana Djuric
Paschalis Rahman
Jasmine Volpato
Lila Stallion
Loma Chung
Rangimarie Gemmell
Tam – Nhu Le
No Award
Alice Newbery
Varun Manjeshwar
No Award
Sasha Nelson
Victor Sim
Lily Hudson
No Award
Lulu Greer
Taylor Newbegin
Georgia Fullerton
No Award
No Award
Preet Kaur
Beth Monagle
Rory Green
No Award
Please clearly mark this date on your family
calendars as we do not want upset children on the
day if they don’t have their envelope.
Teachers will collect the envelopes in the morning
and they then hand them back to the children when
they go off to have photos taken. Children will then
give the envelope to the company employees on the
Happy Birthday
7 to 13 May
Happy birthday Giancarlo Gangl,
Emma Giacchi, Madeline Mastroianni
De Rozairo, Luke Loverso, Corben
Shirreff, Rowan Rowntree, Sam
Heinnen and Ermias Mersha.
Families can also order their school photos securely
online for both individual student photos and
sibling/family photos. Please note that envelopes are
not required at school when ordering online.
At the end of this newsletter is an instruction sheet for
both ordering online and ordering via an envelope.
Page 3
Sports News
Class Rep Network
Well done to the 57 children who
represented Kingsville Primary
School at last week’s District
Cross Country event held at
Yarraville Gardens. It is always a
delight to take children out of the
school who do such a wonderful
job of showing tremendous sportsmanship and a
fantastic attitude.
We had an overwhelming response this week and
our Class Rep Network is looking very healthy –
thank you.
Thanks to the parents who came along and not only
supported our children, but helped ensure that the
event ran smoothly. Thank you also to Anna Terzi
and Blagma Veljanoska who helped at the event and
to Greg Milholland who took the PE classes.
The following children will now be representing our
District at the Divisional Cross Country being held on
the 28 May at Brimbank Park:
9/10 Girls: Essie Houghton, Carla Vallejos, Lulu
Greer, Tessa Millington
9/10 Boys: Sam Heinnen, Mackenzie Leith, Austin
Parents play a vital role in our school and your
contribution in this role makes a big difference to the
schools success. Mums, dads, carers, new and
seasoned Kingsville parents are invited to put their
name forward as Class Rep for their child’s class. It is
a relatively easy task for someone who is slightly
organised, likes meeting new people and enjoys
social gatherings.
To nominate please email your child’s class, name
and contact details to [email protected]
An information session will be scheduled for the end
of May. Details to follow.
Please find further in this email a list and details of
parent reps so far.
Thank you
Petra Fawcett, Parent Rep coordinator
11 Girls: Orla Grenfell Fox, Amelie Le Grand, Grace
12 Girls: Bella Stingfellow, Saskia Junge, Coco
Knowles, Marisa Vallejos, Kiara Ciancio-Knauer,
Cecilia Karlovic
12 Boys: Gus Greer, Angus Dart
Thank you
Lorey Bentley, PE/Sports teacher
Fundraising News
Friday 19 June
Family Movie Night and Parents’
Café in the school hall, doors will
open from 6.15p.m.
Tickets go on sale soon.
Dinner, snacks and refreshments will
be available for purchase on the night.
It is sure to be a great family night out.
Thank you
Amanda Mllington, Alison Webster and Meredith
Jaffray - event organisers
Page 4
Class Reps
Class Rep
Prep A
Renae Allen Bugden
Leo Bugden
[email protected]
Prep C
Marney Verwey Junge
Coen Junge
[email protected]
Kristy Carpenter Newnham
Flynn Newnham
Rebecca Hudson
Charlotte Hudson
[email protected]
[email protected]
Dianne Pinner
Scarlett & Ewan
[email protected]
Jen Thompson
James Thompson
[email protected]
Dayle Partridge
Ruby Masterton
[email protected]
Moira Junge
Heidi Junge
[email protected]
Harriet Turnbull
Phemie Macgregor
[email protected]
Sonya Slater
James Jago
[email protected]
Anna Alley
Caelan Alley
[email protected]
Petra Fawcett
Dexter Fawcett
[email protected]
Kate Vernon-Cumming
Mirka Cumming
[email protected]
Claire Morgan
Gilbert Strachan
[email protected]
Cathy Bryceland
Jack Hardison
[email protected]
Elaine Doloughan
Kalan Doloughan
[email protected]
Lee Baker
Austin Baker
[email protected]
Lachlan Schumann
[email protected]
Prep D
Prep E
Vita Budlender
Kirraly Schumann
[email protected]
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Page 6
Language Perfect Online Competition
It’s that exciting time of the year again! The Language Perfect World Championships, is on from 18 – 28 May
BRIEF: The Language Perfect World Championships is the largest online languages competition. Students
compete in their own time at home, for their class, school and country against other students from around the
world. Students earn points in a range of foreign languages including ITALIAN, by participating in a variety of
online activities.
GOAL: It’s about motivating students to get excited about languages, learning, and having fun at the same time!
Competition starts: Monday 18th May 2015
Competition finishes: Thursday 28th May 2015 (Languages: Italian, Chinese, French, German, Greek,
Indonesian, Japanese, Latin, Maori, Russian, Spanish and more)
Participants: Open to students all over the world
Prizes: Laptops, iPods, iTunes vouchers, certificates and more!
Ages: Grades 4-6
Entry fee: FREE for the first 100 students who bring their entry form filled out.
To be in the draw to win one of our 100 FREE entries into the competition please fill out the slip below and
send it to the office before Wednesday 13 May. Remember, first in, best dressed!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------
Language Perfect Entry Form
Name: ___________________________
Surname: _______________________________
Grade: __________________
Date: __________________________________
I _____________________________________ give permission for my child to enter the Language Perfect online
Signed: _____________________
Phone Number: _____________________________
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