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RECRUITMENT SERVICES - Kingswood Consulting
Finding the best candidate
“The ability to make good decisions
regarding people, represents one of
the last reliable sources of competitive
advantage, since very few
organizations are very good at it. “
Peter Drucker
The single most important driver of
organizational performance is talent.
At Kingswood Consulting we understand the need
to place the right people in the right positions to make it possible for organizations
to reach their goals. Our seasoned partners have over fifty years’ combined
hands on experience in the seniors’ housing industry and appreciate the
challenges of coping with increasing demands and daily time constraints.
We understand the challenges of taking the time to make sound recruitment
decisions while continuing to drive productivity. We will work with you to conduct
a needs analysis, create a search strategy, identify potential candidates,
interview and qualify prospects and present you with the right candidate to fill
your specific needs.
Engaging the services of Kingswood Consulting will allow you to keep your focus
on your business, while we provide you with end-to-end management of the
recruitment process.
We provide exceptional value and quality to both our clients and our
candidates. Our focus is to help companies identify, recruit and retain top talent
within all levels of management and front line staff in Long Term Care and
We offer both retainer and contingency services on a nationwide basis to
provide hiring managers with an efficient, timely and cost effective recruitment
process. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your
recruitment needs.
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