PARENT/ STUDENT BULLETIN - LakeView Technology Academy



PARENT/ STUDENT BULLETIN - LakeView Technology Academy
LakeView Technology Academy
Parent/Student Newsletter
Spring 2015
LakeView Technology Academy, 9449 – 88th Avenue, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin 53158
Office: 262.359.8155 ~ Attendance: 262.359.8953 ~ Fax: 262.359.8159 ~
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From the Principal:
LakeView Addresses the
Most Demanding Employment Market
LakeView Technology Academy is adding Advanced
Placement-Computer Science-A to the curriculum for the
2015/2016 school year. This is a college level course
which prepares students for the most demanding
employment market area, that of computer
science/mathematics. The United States employment
market needs approximately 1.3 million highly trained
workers annually in a variety of occupations that fall
within the area of computer science/mathematics. At
present, there is only approximately 40% of the 1.3
million workers in the pipeline of being prepared to fill
the various open positions. These employment positons
require a minimum of a two year associates degree, up to
a doctorate degree. These positons also pay high wages
and excellent benefits. LakeView will also add another
Advance Placement course, Computer Science
Programming, beginning with the 2016/2017 school year
to further help students prepare for the demanding
employment market. Working closely with our Gateway
Technical College faculty, LakeView will assist
Gateway Instructors in receiving the training to become
certified to teach these two Advanced Placement
courses. Our Gateway Instructors have the extensive
industry background and advanced training to be in a
positon to provide excellent instruction to our students.
Our students will need to have a solid understanding of
algebra and logic. LakeView’s mission is to prepare our
students for the employment market and technology
needs of the future. All of our students will benefit from
these two courses regardless of the program he/she is
pursuing at LakeView. Please encourage your
daughter/son to schedule these two courses into their
course selections sometime in their junior and senior
year. Hopefully, LakeView will be adding a third
Advanced Placement Computer Science/Mathematics
course beginning with the 2017/2018 school year that
sophomores will be able to pursue.
Counselor’s Corner:
What’s this “Multiple School Enrolled” term mean?
Many LakeView students are “Multiple School
Enrolled”. That means your student is enrolled in more
than one school in Kenosha Unified. For example, if
your student takes an eSchool course, she/he is enrolled
(as a part-time student) in Kenosha eSchool. If your
student is going to Harborside for fine arts she/he is
enrolled at Harborside Academy. If your student goes to
their “boundary school” for summer school then she/he
is enrolled there as well. The most difficult part of being
a parent of a multiple school enrolled student is that you
may have to go to different sources (as your LakeView
counselors do not have access to other schools’ database)
for information on your student’s progress, etc. Because
of this, I would like to give you a cheat sheet to help
navigate the best source for information.
For questions/concerns call:
eSchool Office: 359-7715 or contact the eSchool
teacher via e-mail
Harborside Office: 359-8400 or contact the classroom
teacher via e-mail
Bradford Office: 359-6200 or contact the summer
school teacher via e-mail
Indian Trail Office: 359-8700 or contact the summer
school teacher via e-mail
Tremper Office: 359-2200 or contact the summer school
teacher via e-mail
Seniors are reminded that they must
complete their community service hours in
order to graduate.
Summer School 2015:
Registration for summer school at boundary high schools
started March 23 at the boundary school. Forms are
available in the office.
Students taking courses for credit recovery must have
failed the course in order to retake during summer
school. Questions about specific programs should be
directed to the boundary school.
Campus Life: The LakeView Chapter of Campus-Life
has enjoyed sharing fun and fellowship each day during
the lunch periods in the guidance conference room.
Everyone has a heart of gold and a great story to share as
they support and encourage one another each day at
LakeView. If you’re hungry for a slight change in your
lunch schedule and would like to share with a great funloving group please join us for lunch, we would love to
see you there!
LakeView Prom:
“A Black Tie Affair”, will be
held Saturday, April 18, 2015
at Maplecrest Country Club,
9401 18th Street. The doors
open at 4:00 pm with people
seated for dinner by 5:00 pm. Dancing will begin as soon
as the tables have been cleared and the night will end at
11:00 pm. Make sure that you turn in your permission
slip(s) by Friday, April 17th, and bring your ID with you
to the door. Prom tickets are sold during all lunches at
$35 for a single ticket, and $60 for a couple. Permission
slips are available with the ticket sales.
Science and Engineering Fair: 145 students presented
their projects at the 10th annual Kenosha Regional
Science and Engineering Fair March 12th at UWParkside. Students were judged by faculty and students
of UW-Parkside, Carthage College in addition to several
individuals from industry such as Abbott Laboratories
and Sealed Air-Diversey. Science Fair category and
overall winners:
· Logan Howell
· Madison Pelli
· Naomi Jiter
· Jacob Christensen
· Ryan Hickey
· Dylan Thorson
· Tori Servais
· Maylin Towne
· Annette Copado
· Oscar Youngquist
· Victoria Perez
· Zachery Lesavich
Earth Sciences:
· Cody Gentz
· Derek Schafman
Behavioral Sciences:
· Madelyn Lacroix
· Avielle Larson
· Logan Haller
Grand Prize - Oscar Youngquist
2nd - Jacob Christensen
3rd – Tori Servais
From the Desk of Officer Hackney:
So far, our school year has been a
good one. In attempt to cut down on
students being tardy, we have
implemented a new and improved
disciplinary response to students
who arrive late (tardy) to school or
class. Please review our response below:
 Tardy 3 times: Student serves lunch detention
for each tardy (letter home to parents)
 Tardy 4-6 times: Student serves one lunch
detention for each tardy
 Tardy 7 times: Student serves ½ day of in school
suspension (letter home to parents)
 Tardy 8 times: Student serves ½ day of in school
suspension (letter home to parents)
 Tardy 9 times: Parent meeting. Possible out of
school suspension
 Tardy 10 times: Out of School Suspension.
KUSD policy states when a student is tardy 10
times they can receive a citation for truancy.
Current cost for a truancy citation from the
Pleasant Prairie Police Department is $711.00
with a mandatory court appearance.
Since implementing this program we have seen a
significant drop in tardy student’s at Lakeview.
Parents have been calling in with complaints of poor
driving behavior in our school parking lot. If you see a
student speeding or driving carelessly in our parking lot,
please contact me with the plate number and observed
behavior. We have had complaints of students speeding
on 88th Avenue (Highway H) and 95th Street. Pleasant
Prairie Police will be taking radar on 88th Avenue and
95th Street before and after school until the end of the
school year to get cars to slow down. A common
complaint that I receive from both students and parents,
is vehicles exiting from the South entrance. It is clearly
posted no exit and a difficult entrance to see cars leaving
and coming due to the surrounding shrubbery and
Lakeview sign. Please only exit our lot using the North
If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to
Hackney, [email protected], 262-359-8956
Construction Class and Club receive Lowes Toobox
Grant – Mr. Sutkay
The Construction Planning Class at LakeView is fairly
new. We started offering the course two years ago with
only one section the first year, two the following year,
and two this year. The class was offered as an
introduction to design, building and construction
techniques that would help boost students’ success in the
Project Lead the Way Civil Engineering & Architecture
course. Students are required to take the Construction
Planning course as a prerequisite to Civil Engineering &
Due to the subscription to the course and the interest in
“actually” building something, students wanted to
construct a building. The Village of Pleasant Prairie also
contacted us to build sheds for the parks department.
Before we could do that, students needed to understand
building techniques and we needed an area to store all of
the new construction equipment.
In early September 2014, we began to work on the
design and permitting to add a structure to the LakeView
property. Students in the first quarter class met with the
building inspector and discussed code requirements for
our structure and began the design process. As this was
taking place, I wrote a Lowes Toolbox Grant to cover
the cost of our shed.
Unfortunately the Lowes winners would not be
announced until December, and students in the quarter
one course would not reap the benefits and hard work
they put into the design of the shed. Three weeks into
the second quarter and the new class, the permits came
through and the grant followed shortly. The Village of
Pleasant Prairie waived over $750 in permit fees and we
were awarded the $3500 Lowes grant.
The Construction Planning class framed in the floor and
walls, sheathed them and raised them all into place.
With the quarter quickly coming to an end, it was time to
make a decision. What would we do with the shed? This
is when the Construction Club was started. Several
students from quarter one decided to join as well as
several from quarter two. We currently meet on Fridays
after school and some Saturdays. As soon as the weather
gets warmer, we will move the shed outside and the
students will begin to side the shed and install the door
and window.
The newly formed club is always recruiting students to
join and welcoming others that are interested in
construction. We have applied for another grant to fund
some additional ladders, ladder jacks, scaffolding and
safety harnesses. Students in the club will also have an
opportunity to become OSHA certified. Several
community members as well as the village have
contacted the construction club to build sheds and other
buildings for them in the future. If your student is
interested in joining the construction club, interested in
construction or just wants to learn some lifelong building
and repair techniques, have them contact Mr. Sutkay.
Thanks and have a great end of the school year.
SkillsUSA: by Mr. Garringer, SkillsUSA Advisor
The 2014-15 LakeView Chapter of SkillsUSA is well on
its way in preparation for the Wisconsin SkillsUSA State
Conference and Competition being held April 28-30 at
the Alliant Energy Center, in Madison. LakeView’s
SkillsUSA Team has seen much success at both the
District-5 event hosted by LakeView in December and
the Gateway Regional competition in Sturtevant at the
Gateway iMET campus in February. Please join with me
in congratulating our LakeView SkillsUSA students who
were awarded three 1st Place, three 2nd Place and two
3rd Place awards at the SkillsUSA Regional Competition
on February 13th. LakeView students competed in five
event areas and brought home eight-awards.
Congratulations to all LakeView students who
represented our school and the Kenosha Unified School
District. The following students won in their respective
event areas were: Madelyn Lacroix, 1st Place in Job
Interview; Logan Wiesztort, 1st place in Model Rocketry.
In Prepared Speech: Michael Huff 1st Place, Paul
Maalouf 2nd Place, and Sage Holloway 3rd Place; Elishai
Riley, Anish Malik and Jack Lackey 2nd place in Team
Problem Solving, Jessica Smith 2nd Place in
Extemporaneous Speaking, Jordy Barrera, 3rd place
(SkillsUSA Gateway Regional Award Winners below)
The LakeView SkillsUSA chapter would also like to
recognize our newest SkillsUSA members who will be
competing in Madison, at the State Conference. Connor
Young, will compete in a new event called the Facilithon
Challenge, Mason Haller is competing in the Carpentry
event. Also new to this year’s LakeView Chapter:
Madelyn Lacroix, Job Interview and Paul Maaloof,
Prepared Speech. River Holloway, Logan Weisztort,
Korbin Folkerts, Zachary Lesavich, Jack Lackey, Anish
Malik, and Jack Mutchler will all be competing in Team
Problem Solving. New Senior Skills members include:
David Boatwright, Austin Powell, in Urban Search and
Rescue and Senior Petar Zekovic in Job Interview.
Besides hosting the first LakeView SkillsUSA District-5
event, this year our SkillsUSA team has worked very
hard at fundraising events. In fact, the funds raised will
help to fund our transportation needs in Madison and
offset the cost of our hotel expenses. Thank you
SkillsUSA members!
Additionally, the LakeView
SkillsUSA chapter has sponsored an overnight lock-in, a
social evening and several community project events.
Currently, our SkillsUSA chapter is collecting nonperishable food items and volunteer time at the Shalom
Center in Kenosha.
The 2014-15 LakeView SkillsUSA Chapter members are
very excited and are in high spirits and eager anticipation
for the 51st SkillsUSA State Conference in Madison.
They all continue to work hard and very diligently in
their respective competitive event areas and have high
hopes for much success at the State Conference in April.
We certainly wish them great success in all their
endeavors. Good Luck LakeView SkillsUSA Team!
New Industry Certification Options for Computer
Aided Design at LakeView by Mr. Vinson
We are excited to offer industry recognized certification
for AutoCAD™, Inventor™, and SolidWorks™.
Autodesk Certified User Exams: An Autodesk
Certified User certification validates a skill set that is
necessary for students to continue their design careers,
whether they enter the workforce, work toward
additional levels of industry certification after
graduation, or attend college. The exams combine
multiple-choice and performance-based questions to
ensure students can effectively use the various Autodesk
software programs. LakeView has received credentials
to offer the required testing in house. Students will no
longer have to travel to a different testing facility if they
want to pursue this certification.
Currently, LakeView is putting the finishing touches
on testing dates. When dates are selected, we will make
an announcement. It is suggested to wait to purchase a
voucher needed to take the test until a day has been
selected. (Vouchers can be purchased at any time.)
Students who have taken CAD 2 should be prepared
for this test. Students in CAD Beginning might also be
to to see a list of required skills
as well as a study packet.
Cost and Payment: Student(s)/parent(s) can contact
Amie Bigelow, Certiport territory manager, with a credit
card and place an order for a voucher, which will allow a
student to take the test. You will need to inform Amie
that the student is part of my class. There are a couple of
different options available:
- Autodesk Certification exam: $60.75 per exam, per
- Autodesk Certification exam with retake: $73.50 per
exam, per student
- Autodesk Certification exam with retake and 1 seat
GMetrix practice exam: $10500 per student, per
GMetrix exam will give the student access to the
practice, unlimited times before taking the exam. The
practice exam is mapped to the certification exam. The
student can take the practice exam in a practice or test
mode. While in practice mode, if the student misses a
question, they will be notified of the area they need to
practice. The testing mode is just like taking the
certification exam. Amie recommends each student pass
the practice exam at least twice, with a score of 800 or
above before taking the certification exam.
If you have any questions about cost or payment,
please contact Amie Bigelow at 801.847.3118
or [email protected]
For Additional Information:
Certified User Exams:
Resources: Digital Skills Objectives & Digital Study
o Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop download
Skills for User Exams
o Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop download
Digital Study Packet
o Create a student account
o Download free software that is used in class
(compatible computer required)
You can review the AutoDesk Certified User Exam
Demo video that will detail how to use Autodesk
Certified User (ACU) certification exams, including
benefits of ACU certification and how the exams work
by using the following link:
SolidWorks™ Certified User Exams: We also plan to
offer a SolidWorks Certified User Exam for students
taking CAD Solids 4th quarter. This test will also be
administered at LakeView and, is currently free for
students at the end of 4th quarter this year.
Visit: for information regarding the
SolidWorks™ exam.
Feel free to contact me with any questions. Matthew
Vinson, [email protected]
Referendum for KUSD Athletic Facilities:
Since 2000, the Kenosha Unified School District has
made great strides in improving both indoor and outdoor
athletic facilities for student athletes. While efforts have
brought great changes to the district, there are still
inequalities and hazardous conditions that exist. To
ensure all students have high-quality outdoor athletic
facilities, the district is asking citizens to vote on the
following ballot question on April 7, 2015:
Shall the Kenosha Unified School District No. 1,
Kenosha County, Wisconsin, be authorized to issue
pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin
Statutes, general obligation bonds in an amount not to
exceed $16,700,000 for the public purpose of paying the
cost of constructing and improving outdoor athletic
facilities for Bradford High School, Indian Trail High
School and Academy, and Tremper High School,
including constructing a new stadium for Bradford High
School and renovating the stadium at Tremper High
School, and acquiring furnishings, fixtures and
equipment necessary to support the facilities?
How Will This Affect Kenosha Residents? Thanks to
retiring debt from past projects, there will be NO
INCREASE IN TAXES. In fact, the KUSD mill rate is
projected to drop significantly over the next 20 years. If
approved, the new project would only increase the mill
rate by $0.10 per every thousand dollars of property
value over the next 20 years (i.e. approximately $20 per
year for a home valued at $200,000). With or without the
project, taxes will be going down over the next 20 years.
The suggested changes detailed within will bring a new
sense of pride to the community, especially at Bradford
High School where the inclusion of a football stadium
has long been awaited. In addition, the district will
welcome more consumers to the community, because the
enhancements will allow the district to host more games
and tournaments.
Most importantly, all students will benefit. They will be
provided safe and equitable facilities for practice, games
and physical education class district-wide. This, too, will
build upon the magnificent community pride that already
exists in Kenosha.
Please keep in mind that April 7 falls during KUSD's
spring break. If you plan on being out of town on
election day, be sure to take advantage of early voting, or
vote via an absentee ballot to weigh in on the KUSD
referendum. The early voting period is a two-week
window that began on March 23 and runs through
April 3.
Early voting (in-person absentee voting)
Hours are generally 8 a.m. – 4:30 or 5 p.m.
• Kenosha City Hall
• Pleasant Prairie Village Hall
• Somers Town Hall
For more information, watch the district’s informational
video or visit
The Kenosha Unified School District No. 1 is an Equal Opportunity
Educator/Employer with established policies prohibiting discrimination on
the basis of age, race, creed, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability
or handicap, sexual orientation, or political affiliation in any educational
program, activity, or employment in the District. The Superintendent of
Schools/designee (262-359-6320) addresses questions regarding student
discrimination, and the Executive Director of Human Resources (262-3596333) answers questions concerning staff discrimination.
El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Kenosha No. 1 es educador/patrón que
ofrece igualdad de oportunidades con las políticas establecidas que prohíben
la discriminación en base de edad, raza, credo, religión, color, sexo, origen
nacional, inhabilidad o desventaja, orientación sexual, o afiliación política
en cualquier programa educativo, actividad, o empleo en el distrito. El
Superintendente de las escuelas (262-359-6320) se dirige a las preguntas
referentes a la discriminación del estudiante, y la Directora Ejecutiva de los
Recursos Humanos (262-359-6333) contesta a preguntas referentes a la
discriminación del personal.
at RecPlex
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Spring Break
No School
Spring Break ~ No School
Basketball at
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Basketball at
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Basketball at
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
at RecPlex
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Bowling at GRC
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Bowling at GRC
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
at RecPlex
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Bowling at GRC
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
at Maplecrest
4:30-11:00 pm
at RecPlex
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Basketball at
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Basketball at
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Senior Baccalaureate
Breakfast, 7:00 a.m.
Gateway Madrigrano Ctr
Engineering Design & Dev
presentation & Project
Lead the Way Luncheon
Memorial Day
No School
Final exams
for Seniors only
Student of the Year
Awards 8:00-9:00 am
School Picnic
Lake Andrea
9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Final exams and
last day for
Seniors only
Rain date for May 20th
National Honor
Society Induction
5:00-7:30 p.m.
Early Release
10:20 a.m.
* Graduation Practice
10a.m.- 12 p.m.
*Graduation 7:00 pm
ITA Auditorium
Final Exams
Early Release
Final Exams
Early Release
Final Exams
Early Release
Teacher workday
Last day of School

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