Discussion Questions - Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church



Discussion Questions - Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church
Sermon Discussion
Big Idea: Operating Principles for the Christian Leader
D A T E : April 12, 2015
S P E AK E R : Harry Long
S E R I E S : George Long Preaching Series
P A S S A G E : Deuteronomy 6:4-7
The annual Dr. George W. Long Preaching Series was established
by the LMPC Session in 2001 to honor long-time pastor George
Long, who served at LMPC through a season of spiritual renewal in
the 1970s and 80s. It serves as an annual reminder of "our Savior's
faithful use of his holy Word in our midst."
This year's guest preacher is Rev. Harry Long, son of Katherine and
George Long. Harry is the organizing pastor and now senior pastor
at Sycamore Presbyterian Church in Midlothian, Virginia. Harry
will help us recall a very important part of Lookout Mountain
Presbyterian's history that laid the foundation for our present
emphasis on small group Bible study, prayer, and community. He
will be preaching at all morning worship services this coming
Sermon Outline
1. Genesis 1:1-5
I remember most clearly the importance of...
2. Matthew 25:19-23
And I remember that it is more important to be…
than to be...
because …
3. Ephesians 2:8-10; Psalm 127:1
Thirdly, I remember that if anything of eternal value is to be
accomplished …
1) Where have you seen the Savior’s faithful use of his Holy
Word in your life?
2) Where have you seen it used in others’ lives in your group?
3) Why is it so hard to pursue the word when we know that it is
good for us? What strategies have helped you to pursue it?
1) By God’s grace, how can you take a prayerful step of growing in
grace this week? Please be specific.
2) By God’s grace, how can you prayerfully give your life away this
1) Praise Jesus the he has used his
word powerfully among this
community for several
2) Praise him that we can actually
see seasons of renewal that
came out of a renewed focus
on the word.
3) Confess to the Lord with one
another the ways that you take
the word for granted here in
church and as an individual.
4) Ask him to renew your groups
and your personal
focus on the
word and to energize your
study of it.
5) Thank him that our salvation is
not based upon our
faithfulness, but his.