the post event pdf newsletter



the post event pdf newsletter
MATHCON 2015: A Huge Success
Building excitement about mathematics around the country
42 States, 330 Schools, and 43,000 Students
On April 25, 2015, Concept Schools organized another successful event, MATHCON 2015, hosting 700 finalists from around the
country at the University of Illinois at Chicago. These phenomenal students, ranging from grades 5 to 12, were the top performers
out of the 43,000 who had taken the online test back in March 2015.
With its goal of promoting math education, MATHCON received unprecedented participation this year. 43,000 students from 330
schools in 42 different states participated. At UIC more than 1,500 people consisting of finalist, parents, family members, and
teachers gathered for an exciting day filled with mathematics. The excitement was nothing less than what one witnesses at a sports
Best schools of
Best Elementary School
Mount Eerie Elementary, WA
Best Middle School
Before the award ceremony, Arthur Benjamin, a math professor of 25 years, aka the
mathemagician, enthralled the audience
with numbers. It was amazing to see him
beat a calculator to find the square root of a
five-digit number.
East Middle School, MI
Best High School
Middlesex County Academy, NJ
First place winners of MATHCON 2015 by grade
Grade 5-Ashwin Rajan
Grade 9-Shubham Singh
Country Lane Elementary School, CA
Fairchild Wheeler Interdistrict, CT
Grade 6-Srivasudha Ramanujam
Grade 10-Singh Kush
East Middle School, MI
While students took their test, parents took
the stage for an exciting math game, Game
24. After a fierce competition between
parents, students took the stage to come up
with number 24 by using randomly given
four numbers and four operations
Grade 7-Justin Ha
Leonia Middle School, NJ
Grade 8-Prastik Mohanraj
Middlesex County Academy, NJ
Grade 11-Sam Inman
Middleton High School, WI
Grade 12-Grant Simmons
Byron Center Public Schools, MI
Bringing ART into Mathematics
What did participants think of
MATHCON was such an inspirational event for my son and his
peers. What a great opportunity for each student to be energized
by math challenges that strengthen their thinking around problem
solving. Parents and students both enjoyed captivating speakers
like Arthur Benjamin, and fun math games like Game24. We hope
to be back next year.”
Deborah Schildkraut, parent
Stemmed from the idea that Mathematics is all around us,
part of MATHCON 2015 was a photo contest. We received
hundreds of photos from around the country ranging from the
Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio to various objects in nature.
Then the top ten photos were voted for by a large group of
participants and the top three were awarded at MATHCON
2015. Above are six of the finalists. To see more photos please
"MATHCON did a great job in energizing students, creating an
excellent competitive environment, and recognizing best students
and best schools. Your competition builds excitement about mathematics. Every one at our school wants to participate in MathCON
next year."
Sofia Vaksman,
Teacher & Math Club Advisor
Middlesex County Academy, Edison NJ
A Glimpse into MATHCON 2015
We applaud all students who participated this year, no matter what their scores, for taking an interest in mathematics and all the
wonders it has to offer. And, we thank all the teachers and administrators for allowing their students the chance to compete and
strengthen their math skills outside the classroom on a national scale. Please visit our website, and watch a video
of the event to get a taste of the excitment at MATHCON2 2015