read about maxpoint`s neighborhood targeting



read about maxpoint`s neighborhood targeting
Digital Zips
Pinpoint the Neighborhoods That Matter
MaxPoint Express takes hyperlocal to a new level of precision by reaching your
ideal customers online in the best local neighborhoods for your business. Here’s
how it works:
Target neighborhoods, not the whole city. We remapped the
United States into 44,000 micro-neighborhoods, or Digital Zips,
with unique demographic, socioeconomic, and psychographic
characteristics. We have designed these Digital Zips specifically for
the distribution of online ads and to provide a smarter, more targeted
approach than traditional city-level or DMA targeting.
Traditional DMA Targeting
MaxPoint Neighborhood Targeting
Target the neighborhoods that matter. We then use specified
MaxPoint Express’s
hyperlocal targeting
targeting data, like demographics and geography, to identify the
Digital Zips that best fit your campaign.
Find people interested in your business. Next, we overlay interest
targeting data, like interest in golf or parenting, onto these Digital Zips
to identify the best consumers to target for your campaign.
Constantly improve campaign performance. As your
lifted sales by
for a pizza franchise.
campaign runs, our technology optimizes your ads toward the
highest-responding neighborhoods.
Give Your Campaigns Hyperlocal Precision
By going deeper than traditional city-level or DMA targeting, our hyperlocal approach
Explore how MaxPoint Express can help
you reach the right neighborhoods.
optimizes your ad budget by focusing on neighborhoods full of your ideal audience.
Whatever your campaign goals may be—from promoting a grand opening to driving
foot traffic—MaxPoint Express can help you get the most out of your advertising dollars.
About MaxPoint Express
A division of MaxPoint, MaxPoint Express brings the power of hyperlocal digital advertising used by big brands to smaller, local businesses.
© 2015 MaxPoint Express

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