Cash Flow Diversion System Vol 2



Cash Flow Diversion System Vol 2
How to Legally Divert Traffic from
Other Web Sites….
To whatever website – link – ad you want!
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4. What is PPV
6. PPV explained
8. Why do people use adware
10. PPV pricing
12. What does a PPV pop up look like
14. How is PPV advertising different
15. Classic sales funnel
18. URL targeting
19. What are CPA offers
23. Uncover demographics
24. Network testing
25. Deep URL targeting
27. Targeting buyers
30. PPV sources
40. Testing & Tracking
50. Campaign set up
51. Run of network RON
52. Domain strategy
53. How to scale
61. Learn more about PPV go to
65. What product should you choose to promote via PPV
72. List of CPA networks
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Because the online world changes fast & companies come & go there may be changes
to companies and how they work that I cannot foresee!
If you are NEW to Internet marketing this method and traffic
source is NOT where I recommend you start.
Read my Facebook manual’s and start with those if you have not
done so already!
Traffic + Targeted Offer = Money!
•If you are an online business owner, Internet marketer, or affiliate...
•If you need more hot, responsive traffic to your Web site...
•If you hate paying $1, $5, $10 (or even more) per click with PPC...
•If you are sick of SEO, articles, blogs, backlinks and endlessly hoping Google will bless
you with a top ranking... This will be the answer to cheap but good traffic!
A Traffic Generation System So Powerful
You May Think It’s Illegal (but it’s not)
•Your site pops up when someone searches for or visits a target web site.
•Your site pops up when someone searches for target Keyword, phrase, or niche.
•Your site pops up when someone searches for a review or information about target
•Your site pops up at the moment of maximum relevance.
•Your site pops up when prospects are ready to actually buy!
What’s PPV really?
You are about the discover the strange and mysterious world of PPV (also referred to
as Pay-Per-View) marketing, and learn why this little used method may become your
favorite marketing channel, especially if you are a small business owner on a limited
Plus, I’ll reveal why PPV might be the best place to test out new ad campaigns, beating
even Facebook in both conversion rates, and actual profit.
That’s a bold claim I know, but PPV traffic has some unique advantages over
conventional Pay-Per-Click and other advertising channels, namely...
Pay-Per-View Benefits
•Highly Targeted: PPV offers some of the most targeted traffic available, especially
when you compare cost per visitor.
•Misunderstood: Rampant confusion and misconceptions about PPV mean it s
underutilized, which spells opportunity.
•Big Volume: PPV Networks drive over a billion visitors daily, including niche traffic in
nearly every vertical market.
•Amazing demographics: Target the most responsive prospects online, in every age,
gender, and income bracket.
•Very Private: With PPC, anyone can type your keywords into Google and see your ad
campaigns, but PPV networks offer you an amazing amount of anonymity and privacy.
Who Should Be Using PPV?
PPV is for anyone who needs more traffic, especially in broad-based niches like weightloss, business opportunities, health, computers, financial offers, and education.
•Merchants and vendors: If you are currently buying traffic for your own site, you’ll
have a huge advantage since many of your competitors haven’t discovered PPV yet.
•Affiliates and superaffiliates: PPV is an affiliate marketers dream-come-true, with a
ton of inventory, responsive traffic, and cheap enough to still make a profit.
From Traffic to Cash!
It’s interesting that many people have no idea how PPV works, even some who
currently use it. It’s basically one of the great traffic mysteries of all time;)
Because of that, marketers don’t understand why the visitors act the way they do, how
to create a sales process that converts, and most of all, where the traffic comes from,
which is key to making money with this powerful media source.
As you progress through this training, you will discover some of the sneaky ways we
turn PPV traffic into cash!
What is Pay Per View Marketing?
Pay per view marketing is buying pop-up or pop-under traffic from advertising networks
that sell this type of ad inventory.
But this is not just any ordinary pop-up traffic.
This form of traffic is extremely targeted because you have control over which targets
you want to bid on to have your ad displayed. A target is simply a keyword, key phrase
or domain URL that you choose to bid on.
You can buy PPV traffic for as little as $0.002 per impression, which makes this form of
traffic incredibly cheap and cost effective.
The traffic is generated by pop-up windows that are triggered by adware applications
that users install on their computers. These adware applications can range from
desktop games, emoticons, screensavers, desktop wallpapers and a variety of other
useful software programs.
PPV Explained
PPV means “Pay-Per-View” and is simply a pop-up ad. A “view” refers to display of your
Web, landing, or affiliate page, and is how you are charged. Think of it as a way to popup a full page ad with as much (or as little) content as you choose.
The pop-up is generated by software the user voluntarily agrees to install, and in
exchange, they get something they consider valuable:
•Games and applications
•Site access or ongoing content service
PPV Is Software Driven
From a technical standpoint, the software allows the PPV network to monitor what they
search for as well as any sites or specific URLs they go to. Then the network displays
your ads at the moment the keyword is searched or the Web site you are targeting is
The pop-ups are unblockable, but of course, the user can turn them off, but then they
lose access to freebie that made them agree to the deal in the first place.
Virtually all PPV networks target Windows users since they comprise a majority of
Internet surfers, which means about the only market you can’t target with PPV is Macs
PPV Traffic Comes From Adware,
NOT Spyware
It’s important to distinguish PPV traffic (permission based opt-in) from Spyware traffic
(which basically spam). Of course, in the early days, networks like Gator were installing
software onto peoples„ computers, and delivering unwanted popups and other ads.
You’re probably thinking that these adware applications are similar to spyware or
scumware, but nothing could be further from the truth.
First of all, adware applications are 100% opt-in meaning that it’s the user that
downloads the software on to their computers with the understanding that they will
accept the occasional advertisement.
Many of the PPV networks are accredited with the “eTrust” symbol ( meaning
that they have passed a number of software requirements and their software programs
are safe for download. All users must accept an “End User License” agreement before
they can even install the software.
Adware applications can easily be removed from a user’s computer with an easy
uninstall option.
Spyware or scumware is malicious software that is put on a user’s computer without
their knowledge or permission. This software will alter their computer (i.e. change the
homepage) and actually collect data from the user’s computer. Spyware is unethical
and in some jurisdictions - illegal.
Sometimes it is almost impossible to get spyware off of your computer unless you get
an anti-spyware program or format your hard drive.
So as you can see, adware and spyware are two very different things.
However in the mid 2000s, the FTC cracked down on this practice and now every
legitimate PPV company makes it abundantly clear users will see ads before they
download the software delivering the benefit.
And in a further effort to eliminate confusion, a few even add disclaimers to the ads
themselves, explaining where they come from and how to opt-out of the process if the
user wants that.
Why Do Users Agree To This?
PPV ads are delivered through permission-based software (Adware) that the user
installs to get access to a valuable freebie.
In exchange, they agree to receive 3 - 5 per pop-ups a day, targeted by where they visit,
and what they search for.
Below are a few example of websites you can get the freebie from;
If you read the terms and conditions of, you will see the disclosure that
users have to accept their pop-up advertisements.
“Gamevance offers games on the Site free of charge in exchange for your agreement to
install Gamevance Software (the "Software"). The Software will allow us to display
popup, pop-under and other types of advertisements based on the information we
collect from you as described further below and in the Gamevance Privacy Policy. You
have a right to understand the way Gamevance collects and uses information provided
by you or your computer to the Site. This information is set forth in the Gamevance
Privacy Policy. You should read our Privacy Policy before opening an account on the
Site. The Gamevance Privacy Policy applies to your access to and use of the Site
whether or not you elect to participate in Site tournaments.”
About Hotbar
Hotbar provides consumers free access to a large catalog of free, sought-after online videos and
games. Much like television, this content is funded by advertising and is therefore free to the
consumer. Read more about Hotbar advertising products here.
Because of the Internet and digital technology, massive amounts of new online content are now
available. Consumers typically access this content for free. However, Web publishers, content creators
and providers aren't able to earn a living from their products. Unlike publications and other
subscription-based models from the print and television industries, online consumers have proven
reluctant to pay a monthly subscription fee for access to online content and entertainment.
Hotbar has millions of opt-in users and tens of thousands of new consumers opt-in every day to enjoy
entertaining and useful online content. Hotbar is committed to safe and ethical Best Practices.
I downloaded hotbar just to watch the Big Street Fight Compilation! As you can see from
the above tens of thousands of new consumers opt-in everyday!
When you click on the advertise link on the hotbar site you are taken to
PPV Pricing
Like many other sources these days, PPV ads are sold on a bidded basis, so you are
competing with other advertisers for traffic. If they out-bid you, they get more traffic, and
However, the two main differences between PPV and conventional PPC pricing are:
1) Most of the traffic on PPV networks starts at a penny or two per view (click), much
less than Google or even tier 2 networks like AdBrite.
2) There is technically no clickthrough rate since you are charged for a “view” of your
page when it’s displayed, regardless of what the user does.
Fewer Ad Restrictions
There are almost no quality score or page rank issues with PPV campaigns. They will
accept many different categories of sites and businesses, including those not permitted
on Google:
•Business opportunities
•Health and wellness
•Lead-generation campaigns
•Pharmaceuticals and supplements
•Low-content sites
About the only rules have to do with pop-ups and auto-play audio and video, and even
those can sometimes be negotiated if you talk to your ad rep.
Highly Targeted Traffic
PPV targeting is unlike any other form of advertising we have ever seen. In fact, if you
understand it s power, you can create a sales funnel in almost any industry or niche.
Basically, PPV popups are delivered when the user takes one of two specific actions.
•When they search for something: It doesn’t matter where they search, their toolbar,
Google, even a Tier 2 Search Engine.
•When they visit a specific URL: It can be your competitor, an information site, a
review site, even a government page. PPV allows you to literally “come between” the
prospect and your competition at the moment of maximum relevance!
PPV allows you to literally “come between” the prospect and your competition at the
moment of maximum relevance!
PPV marketing is an extremely lucrative form of advertising for you because you can
open up an account on one of the many PPV networks and start bidding on keywords or
domain URLs.
When a user does a search for a keyword or visits a domain that you are bidding on,
your advertisement will pop-up or pop-under the user’s browser window.
This is extremely powerful because you can actually display a car insurance offer in
front of all the major car insurance web sites. Your advertisement can’t be ignored
because it is right in front of the user’s eyes.
You can’t get much more targeted then that!
PPV Search Targeting
PPV popups are triggered when the user searches for something in their search bar or
address bar, regardless of what toolbar they use or search preferences they set. It
doesn’t matter where they search.
PPV URL Targeting
The most exciting form of targeting is URL based, where the popup is triggered when
someone visits a specific Web page (URL), even if they type a URL with your specific
keywords in it.
This is a great way to cherry pick traffic from niche sites and even direct competitors
(not to mention build a list).
So when someone who has downloaded the adware and then go their web browser and
say type in and you have oprah or as one of your targets
then your ad or web site will appear over the oprah web site!
What Does a PPV popup Look Like?
Depending on the network, PPV pop-ups are about 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high,
so you can link to a full sales page or use a separate landing page, depending on your
They usually pop over the existing window, but some networks give you an option of
how you want them to display (pop-up or pop-under), including the size of the window
you want.
Remember that your ads cannot be blocked by pop-up blockers or other technology,
and even if they were, you would only pay for the visitors who actually view your site.
You can test what your own popup will look like by using the preview tool at as below
The PPV Audience
PPV visitors are different from other forms of traffic:
1) They are generally more are tolerant of advertising since they opted in to receive it
when they downloaded the software. Of course, they are also a bit more desensitized to
it so don’t expect the same conversion or opt-in rate
2) You know exactly what they searched for and where they visited right before they
saw your ad. This allows you to create specific landing pages and funnels that are
100% relevant and targeted towards your market.
Key Points So Far
•PPV traffic is delivered as permission-based pop-up to users who agree to view ads
in exchange for use of software, game, or tool.
•Low-priced, high-quality traffic starts at a few cents per view.
•Easy to get started, set budget, start/pause campaigns, and most networks have builtin tracking.
•Category, keyword, or “URL” targeting available.
•Sold on a “per-view” basis, where users see your page or site.
How Is PPV Advertising Different?
With most of my advertising, I often use what’s called a “pattern interrupt” approach.
I choose a site to advertise on that has the demographics we want, then display an
attention-getting banner, text ad, or pop-up, and try to convince the users to click
Shock - Disturbing – Unbelievable – Fear of Loss – Brand New are all elements you can
use for pattern interrupt.
This is where your SWIPE FILE COMES INTO PLAY! You should be collecting as many
sales letters ads and web copy pages as you can that are different to most.
This is in direct contrast to PPC search marketing (like AdWords), where we target
specific keywords and phrases, then display our ads next to the search results. People
become blind to normal everyday ads, so you need to be different to get results.
Neither one is better than the other, they are simply different. AdWords is highly
responsive, but expensive and restrictive, and not effective unless there’s search
volume. Banner and text ads are cheap, but don’t convert nearly as well.
That’s why ROI is the most important metric.
It’s All About The Funnels
PPV marketing offers an interesting mix. Both the process and the message need to be
carefully integrated in order to generate a conversion...
•We know exactly what users are looking at or searching for, so we can give them what
they want.
•However, a pop-up is not what they expect to see, so it needs to interrupt their surfing
experience with something exciting, informative, or different to engage them. The
biggest secret to creating a profitable PPV campaign is to create a contextually relevant
sales process that grabs the prospect’s attention leading them down a logical path.
To be highly successful you need to have a pattern interrupt advert. I will explain more
about this later. You can read more on this subject in my Cash Flow System Manual
Volume 1 from the members web site!
A Classic Weight-Loss PPV Sales Funnel
If you are promoting a weight-loss product, and targeting competing sites and keywords,
it’s important to differentiate your message from the rest while still keeping the big
benefits in the forefront. We actually use a “negative” approach, based on reverse
Because weight-loss prospects are so valuable, we recommend using a squeeze-page
strategy, so you can create an asset, as well as increase conversion rate with followups.
Here’s an example of a classic weight loss funnel...
The negative reverse psychology here is the reverse pitch or take away close!
By saying at the start; “Do you qualify? For a FREE TRIAL” You are removing the
reader’s fear of being sold to and he/she wants to know subconsciously if they qualify
for the free trial so they read the rest of the presentation!
The benefit to get people to opt-in to a list is that you can go back to them at a later date
to promote new diet products or other health – wealth offers in the future.
Key Points
•The perfect PPV campaigns takes advantage of both “Pattern Interrupt” marketing and
Keyword targeting.
•A well thought out sales funnel, even a direct linking campaign, can generate clicks,
opt-ins and sales.
•Lead generation campaigns that do not require payment generally have the highest
conversion rate.
Sneaky Tricks to Get More PPV
Traffic and Turn It Into Cash
•Nine advanced PPV targeting tricks. Discover how to uncover high volume targets with
little or no competition, generate a flood of traffic into any offer, directly target your
competitors, hijack news stories, use keyword targeting, and more.
•A totally sneaky, and yet 100% legal and ethical way to steal affiliate commissions
without black-hat cookie stuffing or other unscrupulous methods.
•Three sneaky PPV profit hacks that turn traffic into money, and prospects into
customers. The good news is once you implement these, all your marketing will make
more money.
Sneaky PPV Tricks
One of the best things about marketing with PPV is that very few companies are
actually using it, creating many opportunities for traffic generation in a wide variety of
In this lesson, I’m going to tell you about some of the tricks we have use to target
responsive prospects, improve conversion rates, and generally get more traffic.
If you are new to PPV, this is the bomb! These techniques can make you cash right out
of the gate. And if you have been using PPV for a while, I bet you learn a thing or two
about targeting you didn’t know.
Let’s look at how you can maximize traffic and squeeze every penny from it...
Method 1: URL Targeting
By far, the most powerful benefit of PPV is the ability to target specific URLs, including
your competitors. You may not know about a specific user, but you can infer quite a bit
about someone if you know they visit a particular Web site. I will show you how to do
this at end of this manual when I show you how to set up a real campaign.
Consider for a moment...
• Older, retired, conservative, have money.
• Investor, higher net-worth, risk-taker.
• Female, parent, 25 - 40, involved with kids.
• Motorcycle rider, DIYer, male.
• Male, 35 - 50, health conscious.
So, let’s test you. Go find 5 different products you can promote over each of the above
domains! You can use or
Or you can easily find CPA offers to sell over these domains using PPV!
What Are CPA Offers?
CPA stands for “cost-per-action” offers where a user fills out a form or downloads
software from an advertiser. These forms can range from a single email submit (free
laptop offer) to a much longer form with multiple fields (life insurance offer).
Downloadable software could be for items such as toolbars, screensavers or emoticons.
CPA Advertisers generally payout anywhere from $0.25-$3.50 for a single email submit,
to as high as $140 for a longer form CPA offer. The following is an example of a CPA offer that pays out as high as $4.00 for a single lead.
What makes promoting CPA offers using PPV traffic so attractive is that the user
generally does not have to buy anything and is just required to enter a few fields of
information. Once they complete the lead, you earn a lead commission.
For a high paying CPA offer, the commissions can add up very profitably because of the
cheap traffic. For example, if you were promoting a $40 CPA offer and were paying
only $0.01 for every pop-up impression, you would only need to generate one lead for
every 4,000 targeted impressions to breakeven. Just two leads to double your money.
This is not difficult to do if you are bidding on the right targeted keywords and domain
The major difference between PPV traffic and other traffic sources like PPC or Media
Buys is that it is a form of interruption marketing. When users are surfing the Internet
and your pop-up window appears, they did not request what you had to offer as
opposed to clicking on a PPC ad or media buy banner.
A pay per click ad or media buy banner is considered permission based marketing
because the user is basically giving the advertiser permission to advertise to them by
clicking on the ad.
So what you need to do is advertise products or services that “engage” the prospect
and capture their attention. Popping up CPA offers that just asks for free information
from the user is much easier than an ad that requires them to pull out their credit card
and buy something (i.e. CPS offer.)
Almost all the PPV networks disallow the promotion of downloadable software,
antispyware or anti-malware tools and adult advertisements.
What Are CPA Networks?
CPA networks are companies that work as middlemen between advertisers and
publishers. They host CPA offers from their advertisers and then have their publishers
(affiliates) push the traffic to these CPA offers and take a percentage of the lead value.
For example, an advertiser may pay the CPA network $5.00 for every lead generated
on the network and the CPA network may pay a publisher only $4.00 for every lead
generated taking a $1.00 commission cut.
This is how the CPA networks make money.
Once you login to a CPA network, you have the ability to browse through these CPA
offers and decide which one that you would like to promote. For each individual offer,
you will be provided with a unique affiliate ID to promote that offer. The CPA network
controls all the tracking of leads and commissions on your behalf.
CPA networks generally have “contextual” ad links that are used specifically for PPV
type traffic.
The CPA network tracks all your affiliate data (impressions, clicks, leads, commissions,
etc.) and then sends you a check at the end of the month for the commissions
The first step to joining a CPA network is to fill out their publisher application to get
started. This application goes through a review process and the network decides
whether to accept or reject your application.
Be careful what CPA networks that you send adware traffic to because some have
banned it from their networks. Make sure that you always ask your affiliate manager if it
is okay to send adware traffic to a particular offer before you start sending adware
Some CPA offers are very clear on whether you are allowed to send adware traffic or
not. Sometimes you will see in the description, “Contextual traffic allowed” meaning that
it is okay.
Here is a list of CPA networks that I send PPV traffic to. This is just a small sample of
the hundreds of CPA networks that allow PPV traffic.
I will give a longer list of CPA networks later.
Now, since I have listed the PPV networks and the CPA networks that accept PPV
traffic, you literally have all the tools to get started. I will now show you where you can
find targets using that already receive large amounts of traffic.
You can join the PPV networks and start sending targeted traffic to related CPA offers.
The key to success is detailed tracking with a lot of persistence and dedication.
What Are CPS Offers?
CPS stands for “cost-per-sale” where there is a sales transaction involved between a
merchant and customer. You can promote cost–per-sale offers as an affiliate or even
as a product owner using pay per view traffic.
As an affiliate, you would join an ad network that has CPS offers and choose an offer to
promote. You accept all the risk because you only get a commission when a sale is
Since PPV marketing is “interruption” marketing, it can be difficult to get a prospect to
buy a product or service on the first visit. I highly recommend trying to build a list first
using PPV traffic and then build a relationship with the prospect before your try to sell
them on a cost-per-sale offer.
There are also CPS advertisers who do not allow PPV traffic. You need to speak to the
advertiser or network first before you send any PPV traffic to make sure that you are
Here are a few cost-per-sale networks:
Commission Junction
You can also work directly with companies that have their own in-house affiliate
program. You just need to speak to the affiliate manager so that they are aware that
you will be sending PPV traffic.
Method 2: Uncover Demographics
Because URL targeting focuses on sites rather than users, unless you are targeting
actual competitors, you’ll probably want to check the actual demographics of a site
before you target it, especially if it gets a lot of traffic. Plus, you can look for similar
related sites you may want to target as well. Two great (and free) resources for
uncovering site demographics are:
• Alexa offers a number of tools to see who is visiting a Web site, giving you
a lot of free data like age, gender, education, search terms, and referrer information.
• Quantcast has similar information, but goes deeper into the
demographics, including ethnicity, income, and children. Their related site info is often
more specific than Alexa, giving you great additional targets.
Method 3: Related Targets
Once you start running PPV campaigns, you’ll find certain targeting strategies and
URLs are more responsive than others. If you repeatedly promote the same niches,
you’ll eventually build a list of certain URL targets that work again and again, on offer
after offer. And once you do that, and you maximize your spending and traffic, you’ll find
yourself in a strange position...
You will run out of traffic!
At a certain point, you’ll need to expand beyond your primary targets in order to grow,
and that means finding related audiences. In addition to using Alexa and Quantcast, try
brainstorming different keyword combinations. Then when you use a tool like to run a list of URLs, you will get different, but related, traffic, some
of which may be surprisingly responsive
One thing I love about Internet marketing is that there are so many clever people who
create amazing tools to make life easy such as the person who runs
On the next page you can see it has some incredible tools that help you spy on other
people ads so you can see what’s working and copy them!
You can also do all your keyword and URL searching via this web site!
Method 4: Network Testing
There are times when you are convinced it would be a good idea to run banner or text
ads on a site or Network, because you think your offer would do well. PPV is a perfect
way to test a specific audience on a super small budget with full-page pop-ups before
you make a large advertising commitment.
You can turn a $100 spend into some serious intelligence by popping up a squeeze
page, collecting leads, and seeing if the site is indeed as responsive as you think it is.
Or you can pop-up a survey or short questionnaire and collect data on who the market
is and how to sell to them.
Many dollars can be saved with small PPV campaigns.
Method 5: Deep URL Targeting
In addition to targeting entire Web sites, you can also target deep URLs within a site
that may have more specific or responsive users.
For example, if you are promoting an CPA auto-insurance offer and you target, you will get traffic from everyone who visits that site, including existing
customers, folks needing information on filing a claim, and random surfers.
However, if you target just the pages that deal with insurance quotes, your traffic costs
will go down, and your conversion rate will increase because you are targeting areas of
the site most appropriate to your offer.
Method 6: Hidden URL Targeting
One of the sneakiest ways to get super-responsive traffic from PPV is to target URLs
that get a lot of traffic, but aren’t necessarily public.
•Media buyer URLs: Many affiliate networks have offers on domains specifically set up
for media buyers and superaffiliates. These URLs are usually independent of the main
domain and yet, they get a lot of paid traffic. You won’t find them listed in search
engines, except for sponsored listings. Google AdPlanner has some great data, and
also check related site info at Alexa.
•CPA URLs: CPA Networks also have specific URLs they give to their affiliates to drive
traffic to. You can target both the destination URL and even the tracking link to get
quality traffic with low competition.
Hidden URL Strategy
Another sneaky way to get responsive traffic is to target authority sites and buyer URLs:
•Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia: Yahoo answers, Wikipedia pages, YouTube videos,
and other resources are all examples of sites that get traffic, are well-targeted, and may
be off the radar of other marketers.
•Order Form URLs and Upsell pages: Some shopping carts and ecommerce sites use
a file structure that allows you to target order forms and confirmation pages, meaning
you can pop-an offer that’s in direct competition with the offer the user is about to buy.
And if you can identify a competitor’s upsell path, you can target that as well, swiping
the most responsive customers.
Method 7: Tight Keyword Targeting
The best targeting is usually URL based, but don’t discount keyword targeting,
especially secondary, tertiary, and related targeting. The thing to remember with PPV is
that if your keyword is activated, your ad will show (and you’ll be charged) regardless of
the quality of the visitor.
Therefore, broad, high-volume keywords are usually not very profitable since they are
non-specific and can have many meanings. You want adjectives and verbs in there to
differentiate users so you can focus on the right ones.
Let’s say you sell anti-virus software, here are some potential keywords along with the
descriptors that impact both targeting and response:
Keyword Targeting Strategy
•Virus: This could be about any number of things, including computers, technology,
health-care, or even biological science.
•Computer Virus: This is clearly about computer viruses, and is a better term, but may
be about how to identify them, or even create them as opposed to what you offer.
•Remove Computer Virus: This is a great target keywords phrase, because it’s about
not only your topic, but also speaks to the solution you provide. Most PPV networks limit
you to three-word phrases when keyword targeting, so keep in mind you want to be
specific, but not too specific. If I had a virus-removal service, I would test all three terms,
and monitor results carefully and make sure the ROI was positive.
Method 8: Targeting Buyers
One of the best ways to use keyword targeting is to focus on buyer keywords. By
including the following before your primary and secondary keywords, you separate
those folks willing to take action from those just doing research:
Method 9: Newsjacking
Newsjacking is the process of injecting your product, service, or benefit into a breaking
or news story by targeting the URLs of the news outlets that cover it. Here’s an
example... if burglaries increase nationwide, and writes a story about it, that
story would get picked up by dozens, even hundreds of news outlets, from the to USA Today to The National Enquirer.
This is critical because all the URLs carrying the story would be brand new, and would
not be targeted by thousands of other affiliates (at least not yet). Thus much of the
traffic could be had for a penny or two per-click.
Newsjacking Strategy
Now that may not sound very exciting, but if you are selling security systems, selfdefense products, even if you are an affiliate for an alarm company like ADT, that is
some seriously awesome traffic.
You can target folks who are actively scaring themselves about a problem you solve,
and deliver a full page pop-up at the moment if maximum sensitivity. Competition is low
so the cost-per-view is cheap, and you can keep running the same offer as new stories
about the topic hit the newswire. You could even syndicate your own stories about the
Method 10: Direct Affiliate Targeting
Direct affiliate targeting is controversial, so much so that a number of PPV networks
don’t allow it. However, it’s not illegal, and even though we don’t do it, you should be
aware that it’s going on, if only to understand how it works.
The process is simple, you just target an offer with your affiliate link for that offer. So
for example, if there’s a ClickBank product you want to promote, you target the root
URL and send traffic directly to your affiliate link.
That way, when folks visit the merchant’s page, your PPV pop-up displays and usually
resets the affiliate cookie, meaning you get credit regardless of which page they buy
Method 11: Remarketing Cookies
A totally underused method of profiting from PPV is to combine it with remarketing,
building a targeted list of people you cookie and then serve banners to. This tends to
work best with higher priced offers or markets.
You need to be using a landing page or a redirect system on your own site so you can
set the remarketing cookie when the PPV page pops up. Consequently, you would only
want to set the cookie on pages getting the most targeted traffic or else you’ll pay to
cookie and serve ads to untargeted users.
It may even make sense to cookie people who opt-in, or people who are generated
using a specific keyword or target.
Method 12: Rotating Landing Pages
One of the coolest things you can do, especially as you implement more advanced
tracking, is to rotate different landing pages, testing squeeze pages, articles, offers
walls, and even direct linking.
Once you have an idea of which targets and keywords convert, you can then begin
building a list, identifying additional offers, creating new funnels, and testing alternative
approaches. Split testing with PPV is fun and easy, and you see results fast. And those
results can make all your advertising more responsive.
The ultimate goal is high scalability (broad targets) combined with profitability (high
conversion) and a healthy dose of data collection (list-building) to build an asset as you
can profit from in the future.
Method 13: Automate
The key to success with PPV is automation, and the best way to automate specific
tasks like targeting and tracking is with many of the online tools made for the job. Two
you can use are: Probably the best PPV/PPC tools I have discovered, includes URL
strippers, related keyword finder, organic traffic tools, even a feature that builds simple
PPV campaigns for you and more… Super cool PPV Tracking tool that split-tests landing pages, keywords,
URL targets, cloaks affiliate links, and much more. Well worth it.
PPV Sources:
Where to buy PPV advertising Traffic
PPV Networks
There are probably a dozen ad networks that claim to offer PPV advertising. However,
when we define PPV as a software driven click, the number I come up with is actually
This is important because while full page pop-ups are an excellent way to generate
traffic, unless they are activated by the user visiting a specific site (or entering a
keyword), we consider them a media buy and not PPV. That’s not a bad thing, but it is a
Therefore, in this section I will cover all the true PPV networks I’m aware of, as well as a
few others that call themselves PPV because they do provide fairly responsive traffic,
and the targeting, while not perfect, is contextually relevant.
Top 5 PPV Networks
Here is how I would rate which networks you should join based on my experiences, the experiences
of my publishers, and what I’ve read in forums and affiliate blogs.
1. Trafficvance
2. LeadImpact
3. Media Traffic
4. DirectCPV
5. AdOn Network
This is the order in which I would suggest joining them:
1. DirectCPV (great for beginners, low minimum deposit, low traffic)
2. LeadImpact and/or Media Traffic (good quality, higher traffic, $200 deposit)
3. Trafficvance (most traffic, $1,000 deposit)
TrafficVance is said by many to be the best network because their traffic converts and
they have a lot of it. Driven by GameVance, they have users of all ages and types. They
also have a responsive Text Ad unit sold on a PPC basis. The initial deposit is large, but
worth it (and the balance is refundable if you want to do so). No category or RON
options. Phone: 949-251-0640 Deposit: $1000
Refills: $500 Type: Contextual PPV Unit: Pop-ups Size: 80% of browser size
Products: PPV, Text ads Pricing: Bidded Pixel Tracking: Yes Source: GameVance
Lead Impact
If you are just getting started, I suggest starting here for a variety of reasons. First of all,
they have a low minimum, and secondly, they have a pretty easy approval process. Like
TrafficVance, they don’t offer untargeted options (category or RON), but there’s a lot of
inventory, so it’s not a problem. The only issue is their built-in pixel tracking is not very
accurate, so we recommend using SubIDs and/or a secondary tracking system.
Lead Impact Phone: 877-463-7479 Deposit: $200 Refills: $20
Type: Contextual PPV Unit: Pop-ups Size: 775x400 Products: PPV Pricing: Bidded
Pixel Tracking: Yes Source: HotBar
Direct CPV
Another good option for people getting started is DirectCPV since their deposit and
application requirements are low. They have RON and category targeting, but it’s not
that responsive, best to focus on keywords and especially URLs. Ads are delivered by
interstitial as opposed to a pop-up, so not quite responsive, but your landing pages can
be full size.
DirectCPV Phone: 866-984-6278 Deposit: $100 Refills: $20
Type: Contextual PPV Unit: Interstitial Size: Full Screen Products: PPV Pricing:
Bidded Pixel Tracking: Yes Source: unkown
Media Traffic
They’ve been around for a while, they have gone downhill over the past few years.
Nonetheless, you can still take profitable campaigns from other networks and run them
here, since you already know what targets and keywords work. They also offer both
category and Run-of-Network options for general interest offers. Phone: 866-815-3429 Contact: Customer
Support Deposit: $200 Refills: $25 Type: Contextual PPV Unit: Pop-ups/unders Size:
1024x720 Products: PPV Pricing: Bidded Source:
AdOn Network
The traffic is generally average, plus it comes in slow since they are smaller. They have
a lot of partners who generate traffic for them, and not all of it is created equal, so this is
something to keep in mind. I recommend using them only after testing an offer on other
networks first, and then by taking the winning keywords and targets and importing them
into your campaign. Phone: 866-258-9245 Contact:
Customer Support Deposit: $50 Refills: $20 Type: Contextual PPV Unit: Pop-unders
Size: 775x400 Products: PPV Pricing: Bidded Source: MyGeek Toolbar
Regex Network
This is a tiny network, but if you promote business opportunity, MLM, or even general
interest offers like debt, coupons, and downloads, the visitors rock. There is not a lot of
traffic when targeting low-volume targets and URLs, and when targeting high-volume
key words (internet marketing, money, mlm, etc.) the bids seem expensive ($0.50/view),
but I keep my bids low and still get traffic, and besides, their RON traffic is responsive
for the above niches.
RegexNetwork Phone: 585-243-9540 Contact: Customer
Support Deposit: $5 Refills: $5 Type: Contextual PPV Unit: Pop-ups Size: 800x600
Products: PPV Pricing: Bidded Source:
CPV Interactive
This company is also known as, NBCSearch, and Bid4Keywords,
and their inventory is not driven by software, but by searches on the NBC Search
Engine. This means you get some of the benefits of a PPV campaign without the
limitations of having an installed user base. Their interface is not simple, so we
recommend contacting them by phone to discuss your goals and have them help you
get set up.
CPV Interactive Phone: 800-993-3932 Contact: Customer
Support Deposit: $100 Refills: $25 Type: Contextual PPV Unit: Pop-ups/Unders Size:
800x600 Products: PPV Pricing: Bidded Source: NBCSearch
Adoori Network
This network, located in Hong Kong is not a PPV network, but rather a pop-under
network that has category targeting capabilities. Their “PPV” product is more of a
contextual ad unit since it’s not software driven, and their publishers are predominantly
lower-end web sites like download, torrent, and music sites. Our clients have had luck
with very general interest offers (like dating and downloads) in non-US, Englishspeaking countries like Australia, NZ, and the UK.
Adoori Phone: 852 3716 7116 Contact: Customer Support Deposit:
$100 Refills: $25 Type: Contextual PPV Unit: Pop-unders Size: 800x600 Products:
CPM Pops Pricing: Bidded Source: Various publishers
This is a fairly large international ad source, but they are not a PPV network in the strict
sense of the word since their ads are driven by visits to specific publishers as opposed
to software on the users computers. They allow a large range of niches, including
pharmaceuticals, biz-opps, and even gambling (where legal).
Clicksor Network Phone: 416-499-8009 Contact: Customer
Support Deposit: $0 Refills: $0 Type: Contextual PPV Unit: Pop-ups Size: 800x600
Products: PPV Pricing: Bidded Source: Various publishers
Test and Track:
How to Know Which PPV ads and
targets are generating money
The Importance of Testing And Tracking
If there’s a big secret to Internet Marketing, something you can do that will instantly
make you more money and reduce waste, it’s the proper use of testing and tracking.
Different targets and landing pages produce wildly different results, and testing reveals
not only what works, but even more important, what doesn’t.
The fact is, out of the gate, most ad campaigns don’t work. That is, they make less
money than they cost and are unprofitable (on the front end) until they have been
analyzed and optimized.
And nowhere is that more critical than in PPV. But the “teachable” moments are well
worth the pain of losing a few bucks on poor traffic and targets once you know how to
eliminate the deadwood from your campaigns.
Cut Your Ad Spending 50%
You see, out of every 100 targets and keywords you add to your PPV campaign, only a
few (maybe 5 - 10) will produce any results at all. And only 1 - 2 will actually be cashflow positive.
That means on average, a majority of your keywords and targets could be eliminated
since they don’t convert. In other words, you are wasting money, probably 50% or more.
After all, ROI is determined not by how big your campaigns are, but by how much profit
they generate.
I would much rather have a few small campaigns that generate a high ROI than one
large one that’s only returning 10% or 20%. Not only is the initial investment lower, but
the risk is as well. It’s not talked about very often, but plenty of people in the IM space
get ripped off by affiliate and CPA networks who can’t pay their bills.
You see, out of every 100 targets and keywords you add to your PPV campaign, only a
few (maybe 5 - 10) will produce any results at all. And only 1 - 2 will actually be cashflow positive.
That means on average, a majority of your keywords and targets could be eliminated
since they don’t convert. In other words, you are wasting money, probably 50% or more.
After all, ROI is determined not by how big your campaigns are, but by how much profit
they generate.
I would much rather have a few small campaigns that generate a high ROI than one
large one that’s only returning 10% or 20%. Not only is the initial investment lower, but
the risk is as well. It’s not talked about very often, but plenty of people in the IM space
get ripped off by affiliate and CPA networks who can’t pay their bills.
Two types of tracking we’ll be talking about in
this section
In an effort to keep the topic straightforward and simple, we are going to approach the
testing and tracking issue from the standpoint of who is doing the marketing:
•Affiliates: This is the most basic form of tracking that uses the features already built
into PPV networks, affiliate programs, and CPA offers. Simple, but highly effective
•Merchants: This takes it a bit farther, incorporating third party affiliate software, ad
trackers, shopping carts, and other tools.
Why Track Manually?
Affiliate Tracking
There is some amazing technology available to track multiple PPV campaigns, split-test
landing pages vs. direct links, squeeze page opt-ins, and even email follow-ups. We’ll
review two of them later, and give you recommendations then.
Unfortunately, if you don’t understand the basics, like the mechanics of how tracking
works, or why you would want to track something to begin with, it will be extremely
confusing and you will probably get lost.
Sub ID Tracking
Many affiliate networks and CPA companies offer what’s known as Sub ID tracking.
That’s where you add a small piece of text to your affiliate link that identifies the source
or ad you are running. Then when you check your stats after you send traffic, you can
see which ad generated which sale or lead. This allows you to stop running campaigns
that are unprofitable, and focus on the ones that are.
Sub ID tracking is one of the most basic forms of tracking sales, and is highly
accurate. If you are just setting up a few simple affiliate offers, it’s the easiest way to go
since it doesn’t require any special skills or software, and it’s fairly reliable. Plus, the
Sub ID appears in your commission report, allowing you to easily identify winners.
PPV Conversion Tracking
Every PPV network also offer what’s known as “conversion tracking” using cookies.
That’s where they give you a piece of code you place on your thank you page.
That’s great if you are sending people to a squeeze page or other site you own, but if
you are an affiliate, you normally don’t have access to the thank you page.
However what you may not know is that almost every single CPA and affiliate network
supports what’s called “pixel placement,” if you know where to look and how to ask.
It’s usually a simple form field where you enter the code the PPV network gave you.
Then, after a sale or opt-in is made, the CPA network sends a message to the PPV
network registering a sale or action, and that’s when you get paid!
Get your Conversion Tracking Code from the
PPV Network Example Tracking
Link Tracking For Affiliates Merchant Tracking
•Hypertracker: Use it for tracking promotions, lead generation, and even simple splittests. Easy to use and reliable.
•AdMinder: One of the first tracking services, very reliable and offers all the basic
features you need.
You want to avoid free ad trackers like and and TinyURL because they are
unreliable, and don't offer the features professional marketers need like the ability to
track sales and leads.
Tracking For Merchants
If you are a merchant or vendor, that is if you are sending traffic to your own Web site,
or one you control, and are collecting either the money or the data, there are a lot of
other options available since you have access to deep analytics and actual sales
In addition to using your own affiliate program to track campaigns, or a separate link
tracker like Hypertracker, you probably have transactional tools built into your shopping
cart or sales platform (like InfusionSoft or UltraCart), including the ability to create
tracking links and even split-test landing pages.
For example, let’s you build specific tracking links, and if you use
their system to collect leads and process orders, it’ll show you the numbers on the sales
report, which are far more accurate than cookie tracking.
Tracking Recap
•Tracking is not complicated. Consider what you want to track, and don’t get distracted
with things that aren’t critical.
•Tracking is the most important skill to master since it’ll tell you what’s working and what
•Most campaigns will not work off the bat, and 90% to 95% of all your targets will not be
profitable. That why pruning is such an important skill.
•Built-in systems allow for simple affiliate tracking, which should be mastered prior to
implementation of end-to-end solutions.
•Merchants can use existing platforms like affiliate programs, shopping carts, and link
Before you read the next section I want you to understand that you need to read this so you know what to do, then
work smart and outsource this type of work to someone else local to you or via one of the outsourcing companies I
will refer to later! You need to learn to just be an idea’s person who spots opportunities and product to make money
with and then get other to most of the donkey work!
Campaign setup: Preparing
Keywords, Target URLs and Links
Keyword and Target Selection
Of all the things you can spend your time and energy on, the most important with PPV is
the selection of both keywords and target URLs (even more important than setting up
landing pages). You see, many PPV marketers add their primary keywords, scrape the
first few pages of Google and Yahoo listings, and then call it a day.
While you can get lucky doing that, you’ll improve your luck far more by digging deeper,
and finding targets and keywords that other marketers aren’t using. And if you are in a
large market like weight-loss, business, downloads, finance, or other general-interest
category, you will definitely need to dig deeper so you don’t overpay for your traffic.
Before we look at the tools and tricks, let’s define what makes a perfect target:
Best Targeting Strategy
•Highly relevant: You want targets that are highly relevant to what you are promoting.
Direct competitors, reviews, informational sites, articles, even category listings at
ecommerce sites can work.
•Appropriate demographics: You want users likely to respond based on who they are.
Example: If you are targeting older folks for a medical insurance supplement, think
AARP and, as well as smaller sites with the same demographics.
•Lots of traffic: The more traffic, the more likely you’ll have users who are part of the
installed base visiting. And therefore, the more traffic you’ll get.
•Low competition: Virtually every PPV marketer scrapes the first few pages of Google,
which means dozens, even hundreds of other folks bidding (and competing) for the
same traffic.
It all comes down to thinking differently about
your market than your competition
•Different targets
•Different keywords
•Different positioning
•Different thinking
The Key to Pay Per View Success
One thing to understand is that PPV traffic is just another source of targeted traffic. You
are paying on an impression basis and you just need to make more revenue than your
cost to drive this traffic in order to make a profit.
The measurement we use in PPV marketing is called earnings per view or EPV. This is
tells you how much money you are earning for every impression you buy. The cost per
view or CPV is the amount of money you pay for each impression.
So the formula to determine profit or loss is:
EPV – CPV = Profit Per View
So if you are buying PPV traffic at an average cost per view of one cent, you just need
to make sure that you are making an EPV of over one cent in order to realize a profit.
It really is that simple.
The key is to find an offer whether is your own product, a cost per sale offer or a CPA
offer that generates a positive profit per view.
Trust me when I tell you that there is a ton of cheap targeted PPV traffic available on the
PPV ad networks, you just need to develop a good conversion funnel.
Run Of Network (RON) Traffic
Quite a few of the PPV networks do allow you to buy what they call “Run of Network” or
RON traffic on their platforms.
RON traffic is simply remnant traffic that is unsold and they will sell you this ad inventory
at a discounted price. You can buy RON traffic for as little as $0.002 an impression on
some PPV ad networks.
The major challenge with this traffic is that it is very general and you need to be
promoting a product that appeals to a broad market in order to make this RON traffic
Here is a list of some markets that appeal to a broad market:
 Shopping or Retail
 Diet or Weight Loss
 Financial
 Education
 Health or Wellness
If you decide to bid using RON traffic, you need to be careful as the traffic can come in
fairly quickly. You should have a daily budget set in place, but keep in mind that some
PPV networks can’t stop the traffic fast enough and you may end up exceeding your
daily minimum budget.
Leverage Strategy
This strategy involves taking advantage of qualified traffic where prospects are more
likely to respond to your PPV advertisement. There are major players in the IM world
that buy millions of dollars worth of pay per click ads, banner ads, inline text ads and
many other advertisements.
The way this strategy works is to find out which domains most of this traffic is being sent
to and start bidding on these domains. You can use tools on
Domain Strategy
This strategy is pretty easy to understand and makes complete sense to incorporate
into any contextual campaign that you create.
When you first start an ad campaign and want to find web sites to bid on, the most
logical thing to do is search for related domains on the three major search engines
using the most related keywords to that offer that you are promoting.
We are basically leveraging off of their search technology by compiling a list of the top
domains that each search engine returns for each relevant keyword for the CPA
For one relevant keyword, you could have as many as 15 different domain names to bid
on. Unfortunately this is not realistic because you will always have duplicate domains
amongst a compiled list of the results from the top three search engines.
Once you get the results back, what you want to do is start compiling a list of these
Because when people are searching under these keywords, these are the websites that
are deemed the most relevant by Google, Yahoo and MSN’s search algorithms and are
getting the most traffic.
It will not take long for you to build up a list of hundreds of relevant domains if you keep
repeating this cycle for each relevant keyword.
Again this all takes time and work, so I suggest you invest a little cash and take the
short cut root and use a tool at
How to Scale With Pay Per View Marketing
In order scale up your campaigns quickly with PPV marketing, it really all comes down
to quickly getting high traffic domain URLs and keywords to bid on.
You can find these quickly using when you want to start using
affexpert use the link on the last page of this manual.
I wrote earlier how you can target high traffic domain URLs by going to the web site that ranks the top one million web sites.
One method of finding targeted domains for your market is to bid on the domains that
have your relevant keywords in the domain itself.
For example, if you locate all the domains that have the keyword “forex” in the domain,
you are almost 90% guaranteed that the domain has something to do with the forex
It might take you some time to go through all the domains on Quantcast, but you can
easily look at the top 10,000 domains as they have the most traffic.
Now I am going to run through the basics of setting up a total campaign including selecting a
product in this case from clickbank, using to get your data and then using
directCPV for traffic! (More at end of this manual about choosing a product)
(While I remember I believe that directCPV is just about the only cpv company that doesn’t allow you to use url’s from youtube!
I don’t know why they do this when most of the other cpv companies allow it! is good if using youtune
So, for this example let’s pick a product to promote as an affiliate from
Click on marketplace on the above on the home page and you will see categories as below;
Pick the one you want, in this example I will choice E-business and the Mobile Money pages
Over the last couple of years I have tested out most of the companies that provide tools for PPV
marketing and I now stick to a fairly new company at and this is where I
suggest you start! When I joined it was a $1 trial for 7 days and then $39.00 a month!
Go to this URL only to join affexpert =
One the home page you will the first tool is “Related Keywords”, use this first! Enter your
Then press the below
I would recommend going through the keyword list to remove keywords that you don’t like, there
are always keywords that don’t relate to what you are doing!Then press send to scraper!
Edit the below sections to meet your requirments and press the scrape button;
This can take several minutes if it is bring back lots of url’s!
I think the next tool speaks for its self, try it and see if it bring back quality URL’s!
Click on export saved URL’s
If you have a list of URL’s say saved from another PPV campaign you did with another company
you can use the below;
Another place to find web sites that get lots of traffic that you use their URL’s in your campaign
For example I just looked at their site and on the home page are 2 featured web sites about
mobile that get almost 250,000 monthly uniques!
As you can see from the below if you wanted you can advertise directly on the website with your
offer for $1.00 per 1000 impressions. So if you find that with this PPV method you find a hot
selling clickbank or CPA product or your own products you may what to buy ads on website via I will be doing another manual just for how to use buysellads!
I just did a search and as you can see there are 295 web sites related to mobile!
I was just playing around in buysellads for my own knowledge and as per the example below you can
find very targeted web site to run ads on. I will cover more about this in other media buy moduels!
If you want to learn more about PPV go to
Make sure you watch the above video on their site before you set up your campaign!
You can see below, you only need $100.00 to get started!
So click on above button on their web site to open an account and fill out your details.
At the bottom of directCPV’s home page, click on resources to get the below!
DirectCPV Resource Guide
CPA Networks
Are you looking for CPA networks that will accept CPV traffic and pay out the most? Below are friends of
ours that will be happy to help you out. Tell them that DirectCPV referred you.
Top Converting Offers
Mundo Media
Trend Revenue
Ndemand Affiliates
Motive Interactive
EWA Private Network
Lonely Cheating Wives
Conversion Tracking
Most advertisers do not want to use the DirectCPV tracking pixel, here are a couple of companies that
can track all of your CPV campaigns. (Please note, if you have any questions about these services,
please contact them directly, we do not support their software)
1. CPVLab
Target Finder
Looking for other tools besides our Spider tool and URL and Keyword scrapers? Here are some that may
work well for you.
Keyword Country
Keyword Spy
Quantcast (you can download their Top 1 million domains from here)
Marketing Tools
1. SpeedPPC
Trusted by thousands of PPC experts in over 90 countries to drive more profitable PPC traffic
than they ever could before. Create hyper relevant PPC campaigns that simply out perform your
competitors creating more profits for your business.
2. Market Samurai
Easily find high traffic / low competition keywords in Google. FREE TRIAL
Click on how it works above!
What products should you choose to promote via PPV?
Firstly I recommend you do whatever it takes to find out what other people are promoting via
PPV networks. This will save you tons of time of having to try and find products/offers to
You need to start using the adware from the PPV networks on your computer from the
companies so you see other people’s ads.
If you don’t want to use your own main computer for this, you can do as I do and use an old
laptop and set them up on that!
Then keep a swipe file of other people’s ads and websites!
Speak to the ad reps at each company and pick their knowledge of who the big spenders are at
their companies. Tell them you intend to spend a lot of money with them over the next few years
and you want to know what works best on their network.
You can use tools at to look at other peoples ads!
A lot of people download the adware to get free stuff about games or mobile phone ringtones
etc! But don’t try and compete with the big ring tone advertisers, you have to find a niche for
For example I found that via gamevance, which is trafficvance the flight simulation affiliate
product I promote works well!
Spend time looking at the CPA companies that have free samples, free offers or discount offers.
For example you will find free mobile ring tones offers for people giving their email address!
I am NOT going to start listing clickbank or CPA specific products here or you will all start doing
the same ones! You need to do your own research and find your own products & offers!
So, what should you look for? As I just said always try and find what the big spenders in the
PPV networks are promoting and copy them as they have done the testing to find what works!
Do you find the product first or the demographics of the traffic? This can work both ways, you
may find a hot selling affiliate product and then go to a PPV network.
Or you may study the demographics of the type of people using a PPV network! You can look at
each PPV networks web site and speak to the ad reps to find what demographics of people are
using the network.
Although it takes time it pays dividends to spend more time when setting up your campaign
studying the URL’s you are going to use!
The best way to make sure your campaign is profitable is to only use URL’s that are highly
targeted and relevant to the product/offer you are promoting. If you start using URL’s that are
not targeted to your offer you are going to burn through and waste your money and get lower
conversions and make less profit. NOW we DON’T want to do that do we!
If you were going to promote a clickbank diet product aimed at women then you need to narrow
your URL selection to web sites aimed at women. You can find related URL’s via tools at
You start with 1 domain you may know and use the tools at or do your own
searches at quantcast & alexa and to find related sites for your target.
I want to add here a small section about how to use to make money with PPV.
Because this is youtube you cannot use directCPV as they don’t accept youtube URL’s.
Lead impact is you recall is the place to run ads with the hotbar adware!
Here is a few example of how I think when looking for ideas to make some cash!
If you look back at hotbars home page you can see the video for street fights.
The above is obviously where I have done searches for 3 different keyword combinations. There are
almost 1.2 million views just on the videos above!
At there is a tool just for scraping URL’s from Youtube!
In the above example I only added 3 keywords and I set the page from 1 to 10 to see how many
results came back, the answer lots, far too many to add the list here! There were hundreds!
That you could transfer into Leadimpact to set up a marketing campaign!
Again below is from the same day home page of hotbar. I am not a user of games so I have no
idea what any of them are about or how many people use them, but I do know some games
have millions of user world wide!
As you can see there are about 100,000 views on just these videos on Atlantis Quest!
You can find more games to search for via many web sites like the above.
There many offers you can find via the CPA networks to temp the gamers!
Also take a look at the game section of and
I have no idea really what the above is about even though I looked at the web site. I told you I’m
not into games and I’m not sure why they buy this product, but if the web site owner is telling the
truth then many people do buy this product and you can make $80.00 per sale!
Below I entered crash into the search as I know this is a good traffic source via youtube!
As you can see millions of people like to watch crashes! Do you understand the connection
between the crashes on hotbar and those on youtube? I am not going to explain it here. I want
to see if you have creativity in you! I have found these videos to be good for my flight simulation
affiliate product. I have also found that with clever ad copy that these also can be good for make
money products and offers. CPA networks are also a good source of potential products for
these videos!
I don’t want to start listing what product to sell via these as you may all do the same! So when
and if I start working with you 1 on 1 we can go over some ideas then for these traffic sources!
I gave you a few CPA Networks earlier that are probably the best ones to start with, but
here is a bigger list of companies you can take a look at!
List of CPA Networks
Ad Valient
ABC Leads
Ad Valient
Affiliate Cop
Affiliate Future
Affiliate Network
Affiliate Window
Amped Media
Aquasis Media
Blue Lithium
Bullet Ads
Commission Junction
Commission Soup
CoProsper Network
CPA Junction
CPA Thunder
CPA Universe
CX Digital
Cyber Bounty
Dark Blue
Direct Leads
Envision Ads
FYC Direct
Float Interactive
Floppy Bank
Flux Ads
Global Direct Media
Lead Click
Lead Creations
Leader Markets
Link Connector
Market Leverage
Modern Click
Motive Interactive
Net Margin
Neverblue Ads
Offers Quest
Paid On Results
Partners Edge
Prime Q
Revenue Gateway
Rocket Profit
ROI Rocket
Share Results
Shark Ad Network