Newsletter - Horizon High School



Newsletter - Horizon High School
April 2015
Millard Horizon High
Principal: Angie Craft
Asst. Principal: Julie Kemp
5300 George B. Lake Parkway
Omaha, NE 68022
Phone: 402-715-8468
Millard Board of Education: Dave Anderson, Paul Meyer, Mike Kennedy, Mike Pate, Linda Poole, Pat Ricketts, Dr. Jim Sutfin, Superintendent
Congratulations to the following students who have had two or less absences for the month of March!
Our most important goal for students at Horizon is improved attendance. Attendance is mandatory in
order for students to earn credit toward graduation. For the month of March, the daily average
attendance was 75%. We like to see this percentage over 90%. Parents, please encourage your
son/daughter to attend school regularly.
All juniors will be taking the Nebraska State Accountability Tests (NeSA) from mid-March through
April. All juniors will take the ACT on April 28, 2015.
Solomon A.
Eva A.
Zach A.
Dawson B.
Michael B.
Mason C.
Jon C.
Bol D.
Arianna D.
Brianna D.
Alexander E.
Treve G.
Alaina G.
Blanca G.
Molly H.
Quentin H.
Alissa H.
Lissett H.
Joshua J.
Majesty J.
Brianna J.
Devin J.
Kyle K.
Joshua L.
Kayleigh L.
Devin M.
April M.
Gael M.
Alex M.
James M.
Janeth M.
Teddy M.
Annelie M.
Alexia M.
Stephanie N.
Huy N.
Megan N.
Kyra P.
Chandler P.
Hannah P.
Trevor P.
Joseph Q.
Shayan r.
Luis R.
Rickie R.
Kristen R.
Jazmyn R.
Connor R.
Brook S.
John S.
Christin S.
Dominique S.
Aaron S.
Luis S.
Jordan S.
Kristen S.
Christian T.
Ryker W.
Aaron W.
Collen W.
Spencer W.
Eric W.
Christopher W.
Lauren Wray
APRIL 2015
Club Day
ACT Testing-Juniors arrive at
normal time.
9th, 10, 12th grades ONLY—
Late start @ 12:30 pm
Janeth Miravete
Mrs. Craft’s Desk
Nice weather will soon be upon us.
This can sometimes be a difficult time
for students to remain at school for the
day. I would like to remind parents and
students about our truancy policy. Students who leave school
without permission are considered truant. The first truancy will
be a 30 minute detention, second will be a one day suspension
and three or more truancies will be a two day suspension and a
meeting held with parents before the student can return to
school. I want to end the school year on a positive note and
students need to earn credit towards their graduation. Please
encourage your son/daughter to attend school regularly.
Thank you for allowing me to work with your student!