Fix It!



Fix It!
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Common Core L.4.1, L.4.2
Fix It!
The passage below has many errors for you to find. Use proofreading marks to correct the mistakes.
Two corrections have been done for you. Find the remaining 20 mistakes.
Insert a punctuation mark, such as a period, comma, apostrophe, or quotation mark.
Make a lowercase letter into a capital letter by placing three lines under it.
Make a capital letter into a lowercase letter by putting a slash through it.
This word is misspelled or used incorrectly. Cross it out. Write the correction above it.
A Famous Pharaoh
Not much was known about King Tut until british archaeologist Howard Carter
stumble upon his tomb in Egypt more than 90 years ago. Their, he found gold statues
piles of jewelry, and other artifacts. It were the best-preserved
ancient egyptian tomb ever found. At the center of the Tomb
was a gold coffin which contained the mummy of King Tut. The
ancient Egyptians preserved people as mummy’s because they
beleived they would need there bodies in the afterlife.
Over the years, historians and scientists have learn alot about Tut, but one thing has
remained a mystery: How did he die? Many theory’s have been put fourth to answer
that question, including an infection and a Blood Disease. Some people think the boy
king was killed in a chariot accident others believe he was wounded in battle. More
than 3,000 years after King Tuts death the mystery live on.
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