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oasis 451 - School of Music
OASIS 451°
ASU Composition Studio Recital
Katzin Concert Hall | April 20, 2015 | 7:30 P.M.
Three Vignettes (2014)
I. Haiku
II. Dexter's Lullaby
III. Painting a Picture
Andrew Devonport
Andrew Devonport, guitar
Three pieces for solo guitar that will help you suspend your disbelief and float down a river of
"Lycria" (2015)
Kierstyn Greenberg
Alexis Mitchell, oboe
Wilson Harmon, piano
This piece started as an assignment from my theory class. It's entitled "Lycria" because it uses a
combination of the lydian minor and the super locrian modes.
(remember when? begin again) 2014
Bethany Brown
Kelly Davis, flute
Grant Jahn, clarinet
Emilio Vazquez, violin
Marguerite Salajko, cello
Carly Bates, piano
Chronophobia (2015)
Kevin Villalta
Ashley Burrows, bassoon
Henry Bayless, electric guitar
Kevin Villalta, accordion
Drew Quiring, piano
Luke Vogt, glockenspiel
Andy Pease, conductor
School of Music
Signals and Superbolides (2014)
R. Michael Wahlquist
Josh Coffey, trumpet
Gail Novak, piano
Written at the request of Josh Coffey with the aim of putting the trumpet through its paces and
finding an expressive balance between technique, harmonic language, and dramatic form. The
title is a reference to things manmade (signals outgoing) or natural (meteors incoming) which
pierce the fragile boundary between Earth and outer space.
RPM (2015)
I. Call to Arms
II. (Calm) Before the Storm
III. Revolution
Megan DeJarnett
Alex Wilson, trumpet
Robert Lau Giambruno, trumpet
Megan DeJarnett, trumpet
During my sophomore year of college, I decided to change my instrumental emphasis from
classical to jazz; to do this, I had to leave ASU's classical trumpet studio, where I'd already spent
two years. I knew that as I moved into upper-division coursework, I'd see less of my two favorite
trumpet performance majors, so I began writing.
RPM is a series of sketches that reminds me of how my friends play and how they choose music.
It's also symbolic of all the revolutionaries that learn and perform in the classical studio at ASU
(hence the title, Revolutions Per Minute). Technical, lyrical, and the not-quite-classical, notquite-jazz style I love playing in all join forces in this piece to give the listener a journey through
the fantastic ways a trumpet can be played.
School of Music
MidWeisst (2014)
I. Evan
II. Weeks Passed
III. On the Road
Zach Jones
Andrew Lesley Smith, guitar
MidWeisst aims to evoke a 'Midwestern emo' sound found in the emotional content and melodicdriven guitar lines of Evan Thomas Weiss’ music. "Evan" captures Weiss' affinity for quirky
harmonies and subtle rhythmic changes. “Weeks Passed” reflects upon a project during which he
wrote one song per week for an entire year. “On the Road,” acknowledges his bustling lifestyle
as a traveling and touring musician.
3 Pieces for Wind Quintet
Peter Costa
Sarah Hartong, flute
Wilson Harmon, oboe
Dana Sloter, Bb clarinet
Patrick Englert, Bb Bass clarinet
Conor Anderson, bassoon
Self-Confronting, Presumably (2015)
Cameron Robello
Amanda Romani, violin
Ali Smurawa, violin
Ashley Carroll, viola
Alex Duke, cello
Self-Confronting, Presumably is Cameron's first string quartet and was composed intermittently
as a side project over the course of three months.
Solo No. 1 for Violin (2014)
Lisa Atkinson
Clarice Collins, violin
School of Music

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