1. All players and teams must be registered, meet all financial and waiver obligations, and be cleared
by NACOG before they are eligible to play.
2. A player can only be registered with one team within volleyball. Any players registered with more
than 1 team within the same sport will be disqualified from the tournament.
3. All players on teams must be active members participating at church within the NACOG
Fellowship and be a registered delegate for the 2015 NACOG conference.
4. Teams may consist of up to 12 players of all-male, all-female, or co-ed players. Players cannot be
added after the start of the tournament.
5. A team must have a minimum of 6 players to start a match.
6. Each match will consist of the best, two of three sets (rally scoring) to 21 points (win by 2). If a third
set is required, it will be played to 15 points (win by 2).
1. All players and participants from each team must respect opponents, referees, and volunteers, and
conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner.
2. Players may not wear jewelry on court to prevent causing harm to other players.
3. Hats or any type of headgear that includes a bill is not allowed to be worn by players during games
to prevent causing harm to other players.
4. If an ineligible player replaces an eligible player and checks into a game, and when such incident is
discovered at any time during the tournament and/or conference, that team will forfeit all games that
have been played and may be playing at that time.
5. If a fight breaks out at any time, the initiator of the fight will be ejected from the tournament and
escorted out of the facility and will not be allowed to return. The self-defender, if he/she retaliates,
will serve a minimum 1-game suspension and will be escorted out of the facility. All disciplinary
matters will be handled by the conference volunteers and Chelsea Piers CT authorities in
conjunction with local law enforcement.
1. Each team must designate a captain. The captain is the representative of the team and may address
an official or referee on matters of interpretation, to obtain essential information, if it is done in a
courteous manner. Only the captain from each team shall represent their team to the referrers during
the game.
2. If a team does not have 6 players on the court ready to start the game, 1 minute after the warm-up
time period has expired or when the referee has blown the whistle to begin the game, that team will
receive a game-time forfeit and the opposing team will win that game.
3. Forfeit/no-show scores are 21-0 or 15-0 (3rd set).
4. Each team can use two 1 minute timeouts per match.
5. Teams must bring their own sport balls to warm-up and play.
6. The first team to serve in a game will be decided by a coin-toss.
7. A team must rotate in a clockwise direction upon gaining the sideout. Failure to rotate, or serving out
of rotation will result in a loss of serve.
8. Players must serve from behind the end line and within the two sidelines.
9. Teams are allowed three contacts to return the ball. The ball may not be lifted, held or thrown during
the act of playing the ball.
10. Blocking a serve is prohibited.
11. A ball may be played with any part of the body. A double contact is allowed on the 1st team contact
as long as there is only 1 attempt to play the ball.
12. Ball must pass within in the net posts when crossing the net.
13. Players may not touch the net at any time.
14. A serve that hits the net but goes over, is still in play.
15. Players may switch positions only after the ball has been hit into play by the server. Overlap must not
16. The ball is considered in when it touches the floor of the playing court including the boundary lines.
17. The ball is considered in when it touches the boundary line on a serve.
18. The ball is considered in play if it hits and travels over the net.
19. The ball is considered out when it touches the floor, object, pole, or individual outside of the court.
1. Player substitution may be made when the ball is dead, upon making the request to the referee.
2. A team is allowed an unlimited number of subs on a player-for-player basis.
1. Carry will be called upon the referee's discretion.
2. Penetration under/above the net beyond the centerline and touching the net while the ball is in play
is a fault and the other team is given possession.
3. The referees have the authority to penalize (a) players(s) and/or team personnel for inappropriate
behavior, body language, and/or inappropriate conversation, at their discretion.
4. If a player or team personnel(s) continues to act in an inappropriate manner, the team will be
disqualified from ALL further activities of the NACOG tournament.
5. Conduct that results in a foul (not all inclusive):
a) Cursing at anyone including referees, opposing players, and coaches.
b) Taunting players.
c) Calling timeouts when all have been exhausted.
d) The presence of more than five (6) players on the floor once the match is in session.
e) Delay of game violations.
6. The referee has full discretion to call fouls for reasons, which may or may not fit within the listed
items above.
7. Once a player has been asked to leave and decides to return uninvited, the player’s consequence
will be handled by the conference volunteers, Chelsea Piers CT staff, and local law enforcement.
1. NACOG encourages the safety of all players and participants. By attending the NACOG Sports
Tournament, the individual assumes all risks of injury and releases NACOG, Chelsea Piers CT, and its
officials and organizers from all claims of injury sustained in attending the event.
2. No refunds will be issued for team/player ejections, disqualification, forfeits, and/or rule violations.
3. The decisions of the referees and the NACOG administrators shall be final on all matters of dispute.