Class VIII - New Era Public School



Class VIII - New Era Public School
Q1 Create an interactive quiz on Prepositions / Non Finite Verbs / Active and Passive Voice
on Microsoft PowerPoint.
Use different types of questions ( MCQs , Objective , Fill ups etc)
Create hyperlinks for the questions and answers.
The quiz should have 10-15 questions
Q2 Draw crossword puzzles based on the following topics:
Adjectives, verbs , prepositions , modals, a kitchen crossword , a
Christmas crossword , antonyms , synonyms, conjunctions ,
Make a grid pattern of your choice.
Note the clues below the pattern.
Prepare the answer key for each puzzle.
These puzzles must be drawn on A4 size sheets
Make an attractive and a colourful file for these puzzles
Q3 The two World Wars of the 20th century brought massive destruction and questioned the
humanity of the world leaders of that time. Read the letters of soldiers and poems of that era
and show the impact of these wars on people. Depict these two World Wars through pictures,
poems and letters of soldiers in a scrapbook.
Note – Place the holiday homework in a folder.
Q1 Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions
1. The movie starts __________ nine o'clock.
2. I returned
Italy __________ 1999.
3. We will arrive __________ Tuesday.
4. You should meet me
5. I will wait ______ 6:30, and then I must go home.
6. My fingers were injured so my sister had to write the note _____ me.
7. My best friend, John, is named ______ his great-grandfather.
Q2 Complete the following story with the help of the appropriate modals.
Before this year, I ____ (not) move out of my parents' house because I did not have a job. But now
that I have finished college and have a job, I realize that living at home ____ drive my parents and
me crazy. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to find to find an apartment in the city. Without an agent,
you ___ not be able to find all the available listings. Because of my agent's help, I found a wonderful
condominium this morning and signed the lease. Before now, I couldn't sign a lease, but now I ___
because I am twenty-one.
I asked my friends to help me move because I knew that I ___ fit all my possessions into my little car.
My best friend said, " I ___ help you move next week." He added, "I ___ help earlier in the morning
than later in the afternoon." My father also offered to help me move. He ___ be really eager to have
me move out!
Q3 Weave a story around the following clues , using different forms of past tense. (300 Words)
A scientist invents a formula of becoming immortal – It gets stolen by a rival scientist-...............
Q4 Find five short poems which represent five different literary devices. (e.g alliteration, metaphor
,simile etc ) and write them in your notebook.
Q5 Write a notice requesting the students of your school to donate money, clothes etc for the
Kashmir flood victims. You are Nitin/Nisha Arora, the Head boy/Head girl of the school.
Q6 Your school will be organising an intra-section debate for all the students of Class VIII on the
topic ‘Social Networking Sites – The New Addiction Of Youth’ As the cultural secretary, draft a
notice providing all the relevant details in not more than 50 words.
Prepare an illustrative project file for the following:
(Roll No. 1-10)
1. Make a model of a die. Throw it 60 times and note the outcomes in your file for the same.
Represent the obtained data using (i) a frequency distribution table (ii) a bar graph (ii) a
pie chart. Again, throw the same die 50 times and prepare a frequency distribution table
for the outcomes. Draw a double bar graph using this table and the previous table.
(Roll No. 11-20)
2. Suppose your father is planning to purchase a new car in the month of June and he wants
to get it financed.Collect the information about finance schemes offered by at least 3
different banks for the cars selected by you. Represent the data in tabular form giving the
details of the down payment, rate of interest and EMI’s which will have to be paid if the
scheme is selected for 3 years or 5 years. On the basis of this help your father to choose
the best car .
(Roll No. 21-30)
3. You are required to purchase grocery and toiletries for your house for a month. Set your
budget for the same. Make a list of things you require in the whole month. Suggest
different shops or marts from where you can get all these products at one place. Compare
the rates of 2 to 3 shops/marts and suggest which is better and why?
Use the table given below for the products you want to buy
Sales Tax
Item Discount Sale
Name Item Cost (If any) Price Purchased Subtotal applicable) Cost
(Roll No. 31- 44)
Collect 15 pictures of 2 dimensional figures such as circle, different types of triangles,
quadrilaterals etc. from a newspaper/magazine/internet and paste them in your file. Now
find the perimeter and area of these pictures by measuring their dimensions. Also find the
ratio of the perimeter to the area of each picture.
Make a chart on the given topic:Sr. No.
Area of trapezium
Roll No.
Operations on Algebraic Expressions
9 – 12
Profit and Loss
13 – 16
Cubes and cube roots
17 – 20
Properties of rational numbers
21 – 24
Squares and square roots
25 – 29
30 – 34
Volume and surface area
35 – 39
Compound Interest
40 – 44
C) ASSIGNMENT: (To be done in the assignment register)
1. Express the following in the standard form.
(i) 0.000235847 (ii) 6872 (iii) 0.006
2. The angles of a quadrilateral are 20, (4x – 5) , (5x – 2) and 145. Find the value of x.
3. What should be subtracted from
4. Simplify : (i)
to get
Find the sum of multiplicative inverse of
Represent the following on a number line.
+ +
and the additive inverse of
(vi) −1
7. Product of two rational numbers is (-6). If one of the number is
, find the other
8. What should be subtracted from 10662 to make it a perfect square.
9. In an auditorium, the number of chairs in a row is same as the number of rows. If the total
number of chairs are 1225 then find the number of chairs in each row.
10. PQRS is quadrilateral whose angles are in the ratio 1:3:7:9. Find the measure of each
11. What should be subtracted from
to get
12. Find three rational numbers in between
13. If 1/5 of a number is 60, find the number.
14. Divide the sum of
by their product.
15. Find the least square number divisible by each one of 8, 9, 10.
16. Using laws of exponents, simplify:( ) [3
− (−1) ]
(ii) [(3
+ (4)
÷ (5)
17. The angles of the quadrilateral are in ratio 3:2:4:3.Find the measure of all the angles.
18. Find the value of x, if 5
= 625.
19. In a football match, of the spectators were seated in covered area and 6000 in open
area. Find the total number of spectators in the covered area.
20. Is 0.7 a multiplicative inverse of
? Justify.
21. Find the greatest number of four digits which is a perfect square.
22. Two angles of a quadrilateral measure 65 each and other two angles are equal. What is
the measure of each of the equal angles?
23. . Find the least 4 – digit number which is a perfect square.
24. Divide the sum of
by their difference.
25. Find the square root of the following upto two places of decimal.
(ii) 3
(iii) 4.2
26. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 10 cm. If one of its equal sides 2 cm, find the
third side.
27. If a triangle has a base of 12 cm and a height of 15 cm, what is its area?
28. Find the square root of the following by prime factorization method.
(iii) 17424 (iv) 9216
29. Verify that (−4) +
= (−4) +
30. Find the square root of the following by long division method.
(ii) 16384
(iii) 17956 (iv) 92416
General Instructions:
Make a scrap file using coloured A4 sheets
1) Project I to be done by Roll No.:1-12
2) Project II to be done by Roll No.: 13-24
3) Project III to be done by Roll No.: 25-36
4) Project IV to be done by Roll No.: 37-46
Project Title
Project sketch
Project Title
Project sketch
Mars-Searching for possibilities of life
1. Prepare a report about the possibilities of life on Mars.
2. You have got an opportunity to visit Mars. Decide what you will need
to take on a 2-1/2 year journey to Mars.
3. Imagine you are a space scientist and in touch with day to day space
discoveries. Prepare a magazine on the latest happenings in space. Use
appropriate photos and evidences to make it interesting and lively.
1.Content (4), 2. presentation (4), 3.innovation (2)
1 ) Collect information from reliable sources like magazines and internet.
2) Analyze the information and find the possibilities of life on Mars.
Compare it with your own planet Earth.
3) Use your imagination and now plan your trip to Mars accordingly.
More about planets
1. Presently, we have only eight planets. Pluto is no more a planet. What
were the criteria which excluded Pluto from being a planet? Under which
category of celestial bodies Pluto is included in.
2. Prepare a brief report on Pluto-charon mission.
3. Venus Vacation
Pretend you're on spring break and your family decides to head to Venus.
What would you like to do there? What would it be like? Then write a
detailed travelogue for your friends back home.
1. Content (4), 2. presentation (4), 3.innovation (2)
1) Collect information from reliable sources like magazines and internet
about the planet Venus and the celestial body Pluto.
2) Analyze the information and find the possible reasons from excluding
Pluto from the category of planets.
3) Use your imagination and now plan your trip to Venus accordingly.
Project Title
Celestial bodies- Comets and Asteroids
Project sketch
1. Halley’s comet zooms by Earth regularly, about every 76 years.
Reports from ancient China indicate that stargazers saw it in 240 B.C.
The comet made its most recent an appearance in 1986. Imagine Halley's
comet has returned. How old will you be? What will your life be like?
Make a mock up of the front page of a newspaper that might be published
on the day Halley's comet returns.
2. Do asteroids and comets give evidences about the origin of universe?
Prepare a brief report supported by evidences and photos.
3. Pretend a scientist has discovered that a killer asteroid will hit the
Earth in a matter of weeks, but no one knows exactly where. What would
you do if you were in charge of preparing the world for the impact?
Create a three-part plan to divert the space rock, lessen its impact, and
save as many lives as possible.
1. Information collected (3), 2. Innovation (3), 3. presentation and
material used (4)
1) Collect information from reliable sources like magazines and internet
about Halley’s comet and Asteroids.
2) Analyze the information and find the ways of preventing the disastrous
situation which may occur due to the arrival of Halley’s comet and
3) Use your imagination and now plan about the steps accordingly.
Project Title
Project sketch
The Solar System
1. Prepare the scale model of solar system showing distances of the
planets from the sun. Did you face any difficulty? Explain it.
2. Compare all the planets on the basis of their physical features,
temperature, radius, distance from sun, period of rotation and revolution
number of moons and possibility of life in near future. Prepare a
comparative report for the same.
3. The estimated life of the sun is 5 billion years. For how long the sun
will continue giving us heat and light. What is the ultimate fate of sun?
Support your research with relevant evidences and photos.
1. Content (4), 2. presentation (4), 3.innovation (2)
1 ) Collect information from reliable sources like magazines, newspapers
and internet.
2) Analyze the information and do the comparative study of all the
3) You can use encyclopedia to find out the ultimate fate of the star.
Assignment No 1
Class VIII (2015-16)
Subject: Science
Chapter 1: Cell: Structure and Functions
Chapter 2: Microorganisms: Friend and Foe
Chapter 3: Some Natural Phenomena
Value based questions:1. Vikas always washes his hands with soap and water before eating. After eating the food
kept on the table, he covers the food and puts in the refrigerator. He also washes the apples
kept for him and then shares them with his friends.
a) Why do you think it’s important to wash the hands before and after the meals?
b) Why did Vikas put the food in the refrigerator?
c) Vikas washes apples before sharing them with his friends .What is the need of washing
raw fruits and vegetables before using them?
d) List the values learnt.
2. Imran and his cousins had gone on a picnic as it was a lovely cloudy day. Suddenly when
they were boating, he saw the sky darken and heard distant rumbles of thunder and also saw
flashes of lightning. He immediately told the boatman to take them ashore. He helped his
cousins climb out of the boat and guided them to a large, enclosed building nearby. He called
up his parents to tell them that were all safe.
a) Write five safety measures to be taken against lightning strikes?
b) It is more likely that a person can be struck by lightning while standing below a tall tree
rather than a short one? Give reasons.
c) What is a tsunami and how is it caused?
d) What do you think are the values depicted by Imran?
HOTS questions
3. Why do you think parents and doctors get worried if a child gets a head or spinal injury?
4. Evolution, i.e. changes in an organism to adjust to the environment, as suggested by
Charles Darwin, is a slow process that takes place over tens of thousands of generations,
taking million of years. However, in bacteria, developing resistance to antibiotics, which is a
type of evolution, takes place within our own lifetime. Can you say why it occurs so quickly
in bacteria?
Problem Solving Assessment questions:
5. Sheila saw greyish-black patches on bread and white patches on oranges during breakfast.
She showed these to her mother. Her mother asked her to throw the bread and oranges in the
pit meant for waste disposal. She went to her garden and threw the rotten oranges in the pit.
a) Why were the oranges and bread not fit for consumption?
b) What happened to the oranges dumped in the pit?
c) What will happen if there is no decomposition of decaying things?
d) Sheila’s mother added small amount of yeast powder to maida and kneaded it to make
dough. After 2 hrs. She founds the dough rising. Give the reason.
6. One day Rakesh’s mother was cutting onion for salad and Rakesh saw a thin membrane in
onion piece. His teacher suggested that he should make a temporary slide of onion peel and
examine it under the microscope. Rakesh saw small compartments like structures under the
a) What name is given to this compartment like structures which Rakesh observed under
the microscope?
b) Why these structures are called the structural and functional units of life?
c) Why do different cells have different structures and functions?
Multiple choice questions:
Choose the most appropriate answer:7. Which of the following cannot be classified as either living or non-living?
a) fungi
b) bacteria
c) viruses d) protozoa
8. Which of these is the control centre of the cell?
a) nucleus b) cytoplasm c) organelles d) protoplasm
9. When two bodies are rubbed against each other,
(a) they acquire equal and similar charges.
(b) they acquire equal and opposite charges.
(c) they acquire unequal and similar charges.
(d) they acquire unequal and opposite charges.
10. A body can be charged by
a) rubbing it against another body.
b) touching it to a charged body.
c) bringing a charged body near it.
d) all of the above methods.
11. Which of the following is responsible for making bread soft and fluffy?
a) finely ground floor
b) sugar
c) alcohol given off during fermentation of sugar.
d) carbon dioxide gas given off during fermentation of sugar.
12. Which of the following make their own food by photosynthesis?
a) algae b) viruses c) fungi
d) protozoa
13. Which of these is multicellular?
a) paramecium b) amoeba c) bacteria d) mushroom
14. Which organelles are responsible for energy production in a cell?
a) vacuoles b) chloroplast c) mitochondria d) golgi bodies
15. Draw the neat and well labelled diagrams of plant cell and animal cell.
OBJECTIVE: “A Woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create,
nurture and transform”. The need has always been to increase political, social and
economic strength of women so that they are able to gain control over their lives
and are not subjected to any gender discrimination or violence.
 To prepare a poster on the given topic.
 To prepare a Project/Power Point Presentation (maximum 15 slides).
 The total length of the Project Report will not be more than 10 hand
written pages.
 The Project Report will be presented in a neatly bound simple folder.
 Credit will be awarded to original drawings, illustrations and creative
use of materials.
 The Project Report/P.PT will be presented in the following order:
a. Project’s Title and Student’s Information
b. Introduction
c. Specific Details
d. Summary and Conclusion
 Meaning of Women Empowerment
 Need for Women Empowerment
 Why have women been the victims of gender discrimination since times
 The forms of gender discrimination in our society.
 The case studies of any 2 women who have managed to empower
 The Project must contain relevant pictures, articles and self composed
poems on the given topic.
 What has been your learning outcome?
 Suggest measures to create awareness about gender equality in the
 Poster Making : 10 Marks
 Project/PPT
: 10 Marks
 Content and Originality
: 4 Marks
 Use of Pictures and Sketches
: 4 Marks
 Presentation and Research work done : 2 Marks
1 to 4
Causes of Gender Inequality
5 to 8
Need for Women Empowerment
9 to 12
Female Foeticide
13 to 16
Female Literacy
17 to 20
Crime against Women
21 to 24
Declining Sex Ratio
25 to 28
Constitutional Provisions for
Women Empowerment
29 to 32
Gender Sensitive Educational
33 to 36
Rights of Girl Child
37 to 40
Awareness about Gender Issues
41 to 44
Child Marriage
45 Onwards
Honour Killings
1. Design a poster in Flash on Educating Girl Child.
2. Make a Chart on the Types of network (LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN).
Note : Submit the printouts after the summer break in the computer period
according to the time table.
न्यू इरा पब्लऱक स्कूऱ
ग्रीष्मावकाश गह
ृ कायय
(२०१५ - २०१६)
ववषय – संस्कृत
कऺा - आठवीं
मम विद्याऱय: अथिा स्िास््य-रऺा विषय पर
संस्कृत में दस पक्ततयााँ लऱखिए ि उन्हें कऱात्मक
ढं ग से उत्तर पुक्स्तका में प्रस्तत
ु कीक्िए ।