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our eBrochure - Narrow the Gap Marketing
consumers as complete human
beings with all the dimensions
real people have.”
-Jonah Sachs, author of Story Wars
Hudson, NC 28638
3739 Hickory Boulevard, Suite 101
Narrow the Gap Marketing
Speaking Human...
In today’s efforts to optimize our marketing
NTG is a focused and experienced social
efforts, we have gorged ourselves with terms
media marketing agency that will
like blogging, CTR, keywords, optimization,
channels, conversions and impressions. All
just too overwhelming for the average
business owner who is desperately trying to
navigate the world wide web to grow their
Strategy & Planning
marketing consulting services. Social
consumers as complete human beings with
all the dimensions real people have. We can
tell your story in inviting ways and place it in
Content Marketing
Web Design
planning, goal setting & implementation.
Social Media Marketing Full
service setup, execution, design,
the most success in reaching your
measurement, event, campaign &
prospective customers. We don’t drown
community management, influencer
your prospects with bullhorn screams or by
outreach and corporate training.
Training & Workshops
Social Brand & Identity
media audits, training, strategic
the best locations on the internet to have
personal relationships with each of your
measureable results.
Social Business Audit
Social Media
and social advertising to help you get
Consulting Social business &
overwhelming them with non-personal
manage your social channels, digital PR
business and to make it relevant in the
At NTG, we speak human. We see
What We Do:
Who We Are
interaction. We will help you build strong
followers and grow them into long lasting
loyal customers.
Digital & Branding Ideation, brand
architecture, brand humanization,
content marketing, web development &
design. Building brands that rock!
Contact Us
Narrow The Gap Marketing
3739 Hickory Boulevard
Hudson, NC 28638
(828) 610-8525
[email protected]
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