Iosefa Alofaituli bio - Oak View Renewal Partnership



Iosefa Alofaituli bio - Oak View Renewal Partnership
Iosefa Alofaituli
Executive Director & CEO
Oak View Renewal Partnership
Iosefa leads Oak View Renewal Partnership’s strategic
planning, operations and fund development. He joined
OVRP in 2009, was promoted to Executive Director in
2010, and was named CEO in 2012.
Over his tenure, he has raised over $1.5 million.
Funders include Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente,
The California Endowment, Pacific Life, Weingart
Foundation and several family foundations.
Equally involved on the ground, Iosefa coordinates grassroots collaborations
between residents and partners. Such efforts have created sustainable change
including a workforce initiative, microenterprise incubator, mobile health
clinics, youth soccer league, afterschool programs, monthly community
cleanup and community gardens.
Prior to joining OVRP, Iosefa was a Peace Corps volunteer for over two years
in the Dominican Republic. Serving as an Economic Development Advisor to a
fishing village, he led the creation of an artisan school, microenterprises, ecofriendly stove project, business development course, travel clinic, and
language and health workshops. Through this experience, Iosefa gained
Spanish fluency, an invaluable asset in Oak View.
Preceding his Peace Corps service, Iosefa spent five years in the healthcare
industry in sales and accounts management roles. He grew up in Southern
California before graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. At Penn, he
was a noted football player and team captain, capping his senior year with an
Ivy League championship.
Oak View Renewal Partnership is a place-based nonprofit organization engaged
with the Oak View community since 2006. Our mission is to narrow the gap
between Oak View and the rest of Huntington Beach, Calif., while serving as a
model for community development.
714.596.7063 • [email protected]

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