The World`s First ! Cotton-like Bioresorbable Bone Void Filler



The World`s First ! Cotton-like Bioresorbable Bone Void Filler
The World's First !
Bioresorbable Bone Void Filler
Handling Ability
Water Absorbability
Osteogenic Ability
ReBOSSIS is a cotton-like resorbable bone void filler
for the repair of bone defects, and consists of betatricalcium phosphate (β-TCP), silicon-doped vaterite
Cotton-like Bioresorbable Bone Void Filler
(a form of calcium carbonate), and a resorbable
scaffold of poly-L-lactide (PLLa). ReBOSSIS contains
1% silicon by weight, a level similar to that present in
normal growing bone. The diameter of the fibers in
the PLLa scaffold ranges from 10 μm to 50 μm. The
interconnected macro- and microporous structure
allows for formation of new bone and the growth of
capillary blood vessels throughout the network of
interconnecting pores.
Animal Studies
Indications for Use
ReBOSSIS is a bone void filler intended for use in
bony voids or gaps that are not intrinsic to the
stability of the bony structure. These defects may
be surgically created osseous defects or osseous
defects created from traumatic injury to the bone.
ReBOSSIS is indicated to be packed gently into
・Rabbit study - distal femur
bony voids or gaps of the skeletal system
・Defecdts(6-mm in diameter and 10-mm deep) were
(extremities and pelvis), and may be used without
created in the cancellous bone.
hydration or hydrated with bone marrow aspirate
・The materials were hydrated with BMA in a 1:1 by
or blood. The device provides a bone void filler that
is resorbed and replaced with host bone during the
・New bone formation is observed at 12 weeks.
healing process.
How Supplied
ReBOSSIS is provided in the following amounts:
● No.ORB-0107B volume : 0.7g (18cc)
● No.ORB-0110B volume : 1.0g (25cc)
● No.ORB-0120B volume : 2.0g (50cc)
50 cc (2.0 g), 25 cc (1.0 g), and 18 cc (0.7 g).
ReBOSSIS may be used without hydration or
hydrated with autologous bone marrow aspirate or
blood. The volume of ReBOSSIS is reduced from
dry to hydrated as follows (approximately): from 50
cc to 20 cc, from 25 cc to 10 cc, and from 18 cc to
7 cc.
The volume of ReBOSSIS
50cc (2.0g)
25cc (1.0g)
18cc (0.7g)
After hydration
Composition of ReBOSSIS
β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP)
Siloxane-containing calcium carbonate
Poly-L-lactide (PLLa)
Made in Japan, Manufactured by ORTHOREBIRTH Co., Ltd.
3-17-43 Chigasaki-Higashi, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 224-0033, Japan
E-Mail : [email protected]