Talent Contest - Peavine Festival



Talent Contest - Peavine Festival
Official Entry Form
April 25, 2015
9:00 am Main Stage
(Please Print)
AGE DIVISION_______________
$1,000 in prizes will be awarded.
First Place Winner in both divisions will receive $350.
2nd place winners in each category will receive $100.
3rd place winners in each category will receive $50.
Two Age Categories:
Under 15
15 and older
Official Rules & Regulations
Contestants must register by 9:00am April 25. Contestants may register in person, at sign in table,
on the date of the contest. Mailed registrations must be received by April 20.
Number of contestants will be limited to available time slots on a first come basis.
Judging will be based on talent, originality, and showmanship.
Contestants can perform in only one act. If a contestant performs in more than one act, it results in
all acts in which they perform being disqualified.
Accompaniment audio tracks (CD’s or MP3 files) are allowed, please read section on audio tracks.
There will be a 5-minute time limit on all acts. This will be strictly enforced. All acts will be timed.
Professionals are ineligible. A professional is considered to be anyone whose livelihood is from the
type of performance entered or who advertises themselves for hire in a professional manner.
There is 12 person limit to the number of participants per act. Contestants must register in age
appropriate division. Ensembles, bands, and groups must select age group according to oldest
member. Proof of age by birth certificate may be required for contest winners in the under age 15
division prior to claiming cash prizes.
Social Security number may be required to claim prize money.
All acts must be family-oriented, clean and in good taste.
A sound system will be provided. Any electrical instruments will be required to use the PA system
provided. Individual instruments or amps will not be provided.
Contestants may register by mail or prior to performing. No refunds after contest starts.
Performance Waiver I hereby waive and assign any rights to any video recording, audio recording,
or photographs, made during my performance at the Parsons Peavine Festival Talent Contest. And
I hereby authorize the editing, re-recording, duplication, reproduction, copyright, sale, exhibition,
broadcast and/or distribution of said recording, or photographs for the purpose of promoting the
Parsons Peavine Festival and/or Talent Contest, or the City of Parsons, TN. I hereby waive any
right to inspect or approve any of the above stated media.
Liability I indemnify the Parsons Peavine Festival and/or Talent Contest, the City of Parsons, TN,
and any uninsured equipment against any claims and demands of personal injury, damage to
property, and death resulting from my choice to perform. I understand that I am responsible for all
necessary personal equipment, and am responsible for any damage, or personal injury caused by
my actions and by my personal property used in my performance. I accept full responsibility for all
personal risks during my performance.
USE OF AUDIO TRACKS FOR Parsons Peavine Festival Talent Contest All tracks (CDs, or MP3
files) must be provided by the contestant and preferably contain only the track used for the
performance. Multi track discs must be clearly marked with track to be used. Audio tracks used by
singing contestants can contain background vocals only. Absolutely NO LEAD VOCAL TRACKS will
be allowed. Performers are responsible for picking up their audio tracks at the sound booth at the
conclusion of the contest. Sound contractor and/or PPFTC is not responsible for non-working,
damaged, or lost audio tracks, and is not responsible for the performance of any audio tracks.
Address: __________________________________________________
Email address:______________________________________________
Type of Act:___________________ Name of Selection__________________
Names & ages of participants in act:
How many microphones will you need? _________Will you be using a CD, or
(only if participant is under age 18)
Mailed registrations must be received by April 20, 2015
Contestant may register in person, at sign in table prior to
9:00 am April 25, 2015
Return this form with check or money or for $25
Make checks payable to: Parsons Peavine Festival
Mail or deliver applications to:
Parsons Peavine Festival Talent Contest
PO Box 128
Parsons, TN 38363
Contestant #_________ clerical only