Uniform March15 - Poole High School



Uniform March15 - Poole High School
Wimborne Road Poole Dorset BH15 2BW Tel: 01202 666988 Fax: 01202 662043 e‐mail [email protected] www.poolehigh.co.uk Headteacher: Mrs F Heafield BA (Hons) NPQH 30 March 2015 Dear Parents, Guardians, Carers Firstly can I share with you some good news with regard to the behaviour of our students. So far this academic year there have been over 26,000 positives registered highlighting the positive contribution our students are making to school life, this year has also seen student attendance continue to rise in all areas of the school. However over recent weeks, in the run up to the Easter break, the standard of school uniform has fallen below the high standards we expect. There have been some issues with students not being properly equipped. Firstly, may I thank the vast majority of you who support us so well in ensuring our school is seen as having high standards through the smart attire students wear to school. The quality of uniform does have an impact on the perception of the school in the eyes of our local community and I am grateful so many of you understand this and check your child is appropriately dressed. Sadly, there is a significant minority who are letting us all down with a far too relaxed approach to the dress code clearly set out in the school rules. After the Easter break all staff will be checking on the following with particular care: Skirts Black pleated with a proper waistband Non‐stretch fabric Knee length Trousers Black smart trousers Proper waistband Non‐stretch fabric No jeans/chinos/skin tight No leggings Blazers All year 7/8/9 to have these at all times Shirts and ties To be worn with either a Blazer (Years 7, 8 & 9 compulsory wear) or V‐neck school jumper No hoodies, school or otherwise Coats Standard coats or jackets only – plain navy or black. No hoodies, sweat shirts No leather jackets No hoodies/jackets at all with any printed images of any kind All coats removed inside the school building Make up and nails No coloured nails No acrylic (or similar) nails Make up to be light and discreet (at the discretion of senior staff). Shoes Proper leather (or similar) shoes Black only No canvas shoes/trainers (named or not) Piercings One small stud/sleeper in each ear No other piercings No flesh holes No other piercings facial or otherwise Equipment for every school day Diary Fully equipped pencil case Calculator Reading book Any student returning after the Easter break in anything other than proper uniform will be refused entry to class until such time as uniform is brought into school by their parent or guardian. There will be some uniform lent as per our school policy, but this cannot be relied upon. Please ensure you check all of these issues are dealt with on our return to school on Monday 20 April. For further details please follow the link on the school website: http://poolehigh.co.uk/parents/school_rules Safety on the school drive Please do not stop to drop students off on the drive way until you have reached the roundabout drop off points. There have been a number of very near misses with cars pulling away from the double yellow lines on the left of the drive way as you approach the school. Staff will be asking parents personally not to stop here – it is a danger to students on bikes and other road users. My apologies for such a long letter that is less than positive. For so many of you this is irrelevant as you are supporting your child and us quite wonderfully. I wish you a good Easter break. Yours sincerely Mrs F Heafield Headteacher 

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