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Precision Hydrographic Services Company Profile
Precision Hydrographic Services
Company Profile
Company Profile
We do it once, we do it right.
About Us
Precision Hydrographic Services (PHS)
commenced in 2008 and specialise
in the acquisition, interpretation and
reporting of seabed information, having
strong connections with hydrographic
organisations, offshore and port & harbour
What distinguishes PHS is the calibre of our
people. We have created an environment
where innovation and professionalism
flourish through teamwork. Our team are
committed to the following values.
PHS can provide expert advice on scope,
equipment and procedures for hydrographic
surveys to Australian and International
standards. PHS map the physical features
of oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, and the
adjacent land.
Vision to be recognised as a leader for high
quality hydrographic survey data. We deliver
on our promise. We do it once, we do it
Mission to assist our clients gain a greater
appreciation and understanding for the
environments in which they operate.
We are certified professionals establishing
mutually trusting relationships with industry
Our leaders respect their staff, display
competence, build strong relationships and
are available when needed. Our culture
supports employee development and
We have an unmatched, personalised
service, reporting credible, accurate and
timely data. We bring a focused intellectual
rigour and execute a strategic approach to all
our projects.
We are enthusiastic about producing quality
and concise data within project timeframes.
Our team is a cohesive unit who support
each other to work successfully.
Customer focus
We are committed to meeting the needs of
our clients and are focused on building long
term relationships. We create value for our
clients and act with integrity and respect.
Our Services
Hydrographic Surveying
Tools and Technology
Hydrographic surveying can be a complex
operation and the appropriate experience
is required to produce a high quality survey
which can be confidently relied upon.
Utilising our skilled personnel and leading
technology, we produce compliant and
accurate data, designed to minimise risk to
your operations. Our personnel can advise
on volume calculations, accurate depths,
dredging and survey equipment installation.
PHS own and operate the latest state of
the art survey equipment ranging from
high precision multibeams to high accuracy
positioning systems. With this in mind we
can guarantee a faster, more accurate and
efficient service.
We work closely with you with expert
dedication, every step of the way. We
communicate honestly, openly, responsibly
and often. We offer expert consultancy
throughout all stages of your project,
to provide valuable input on design,
construction and maintenance.
We develop solutions with our clients’
needs in mind. We are proud to deliver an
exemplary service from start to finish.
PHS has an experienced team who are
specialists in precise positioning and data
acquisition in marine environments. Our
hydrographic surveyors are certified Level 1
We have experience conducting
hydrographic surveys for:
Coastal infrastructure
Port and harbour management
DUKC ™ and critical under keel clearance
Dredging projects
Object detection and debris clearance
Navigational safety
Habitat mapping
We guarantee our work. Our knowledge
is based on years of experience and our
strategic and operational support can help
you focus on providing solutions to meet
your organisational needs.
Our Tools
PHS use a range of products and analysis
platforms for various hydrographic survey
projects. We use and recommend Valeport
equipment given that they are the most
versatile, reliable and exceptionally robust
systems available in today’s challenging
marine environment.
We are an approved distributor for the
complete range of Valeport equipment.
Contact us to discuss your specific survey
PHS have expertise using the following
instruments and software:
Tide Gauges
Current Meters
MB-Echo Sounders
Sound Velocity
Side scan sonar
CAD packages
Visualisation software
PHS offer a range of instruments and
systems for sale and hire. We pride ourselves
on being able to offer product advice based
on hands on experience to ensure you
choose the right product for your survey
requirement. Our decisions are taken with
our client in focus.
We also provide expert training and full
technical support for all our products.
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2/634 South Road, Glandore SA 5037
PO Box 1213, Blackwood SA 5051
+61 (8) 8351 1203
[email protected]
“To Neil and his team we could not have undertaken this project without your continued support. Our team thoroughly
enjoy working with you and your personnel and I hope you appreciate that you were integral to the success of this
project. I appreciate that many hours were spent surveying in very average conditions when a combination of tiredness
and seasickness would have made it mentally and physically challenging” IXSURVEY Australia Pty Ltd.