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1K Concept application - Questrom World
BU Summer Start-Up Accelerator
Summer 2015: June 1st-August 14th
This is a summer program is designed to help you get your entrepreneurial venture off the ground. If you have
a business concept that you are interested in working on and validating as a future business, this program
could be for you!
If you are a successful applicant, you will be granted office space at Boston University for the summer and will
be expected to work at least part time in the incubator during this period on your business idea. During this
period you will be given mentorship by experienced entrepreneurs and professors. You will also be connected
with subject matter experts and investors that can help further your business.
Applications will be judged by the two program directors and should demonstrate the following:
o Commitment to the venture idea by the founding team
o Interesting and novel business concept
o Evidence that that this program will help them make significant progress in validating and furthering of
the venture
*Limited number of stipends available*
Application Process:
Applications for the BU summer Start-Up Accelerator are due no later than May 3rd at 5 PM. Applications
submitted after that time will not be accepted. Questions about the application process should be sent to Ashley
Waters at [email protected]
BU Summer Start-Up Accelerator
Summer 2015: June 1st-August 14th
Primary Contact Name:
Email Address:
Phone #:
School & Expected Year of Graduation:
Team Information:
(You do not have to include primary contact information again)
Team Member Name
School & Graduation Year
Briefly Describe Your Business Idea in 100 words or less:
Be sure to address the following:
o What products and/or services do you intend to offer?
o What markets will you target?
o What progress have you made to date?
What are your primary goals and objectives for the program?
What are your intentions for the business after the program?
What do you need from the program in terms of technology and other resources?

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