3M Car Servicing Leaflet



3M Car Servicing Leaflet
3M Scotchgard Cabin Protection Service
Scotchgard is a professional series for doing protection
on various material surfaces. This surface includes
cleaning and protects the leather seat, upholstery seat,
vinyl and mat surface, and enhance the antifouling and
prevent the formulation of stains.
3M Undercoating Service
A premium 3M undercoating resists humid, acid rains
and the damage from the road debris. Superior corrosion
protection, high-build capabilities, excellent spray pattern
and coverage, and sound deadening qualities.
* All related products and services are provided by 3rd parties, Shell shall not be liable for any damage or loss in relation thereto.
Car Servicing
3M Air-Con Cleaning, Sanitizing and
Deodorizing Service
Quickly clean, eliminate the bacteria and molds in the pipes,
with natural scent to eliminate odors, and it can improve the
air-conditioning efficiency.
3M Polish & Wax
Go through the 3M paint refinishing procedure; to reveal
the shiny paint surface from the dull.
3M Supreme Paint Refinishing Treatment
To adopt 3M standard Paint Refinishing treatment
procedure to improve paint condition, with polishing and
glazing steps, liquid wax would be the final to extend the
3M Scotchgard UV Resistant Polish & Wax
The ions of the Scotchgard UV protector form a clear layer
on the paint surface, the layer can resist UV light to protect
the paint from fading and resist water droplets, dirts from
staying on the surface. The special layer would be applied
after going through the 3M standard paint refinishing
3M Automotive Window Film
Reject up to 99% UV light to protect your skin to prevent sun
damage. Good anti-heating function can cool down the
cabin and improve the air-conditioning efficiency.
Automotive Window Film has various colors for selection
and it guarantee pass the VLT regulation for selected models
and five Years Warranty provided by 3M.

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