phonographic performance company of australia limited



phonographic performance company of australia limited
!!!!Ace Label Copy!!! (PPL)
!K7 Records (!K7 Records)
+FE Music (SoundExchange)
‘AOL France’ (SoundExchange)
:LabelMade Records: (SoundExchange)
$treet Monopoly (SoundExchange)
(APC) (Apparell Music Classics (PPL)
(APD) (Apparell Music Digital) (PPL)
(APF) (Apparell Music Flash) (PPL)
(APL) (Apparell Music Ltd) (PPL)
(EV3) Evolution 3 Ent. (PPL)
(SZR) Music (PPL)
13 Deep (SoundExchange)
13 O’Clock (SoundExchange)
13 Recordings (SoundExchange)
13 Records & Entertainment
130701 Ltd (PPL)
131 Records (SoundExchange)
132 Street Records (PPL)
1320 Records (SoundExchange)
1389 Records (SoundExchange)
13irthmark (SoundExchange)
13th Hour Recordings (EMI)
13th Moon (PPL)
(The) Vinyl Stone (SoundExchange)
13th Moon Records (PPL)
010 Sound (SoundExchange)
143 Records (Warner)
001 (SoundExchange)
14th Floor Records Limited (Warner)
0907 Entertainment (PPL)
16 Vision Records (SoundExchange)
0DB Records (PPL)
18 Wheeler (SoundExchange)
1 Day Apart (SoundExchange)
18 Wheels Entertainment (SoundExchange)
10 Against One (PPL)
180 Music (SoundExchange)
10 Kilo Records (SoundExchange)
1812 Recordings (PPL)
10 Music and Media Limited (PPL)
1855 (SoundExchange)
10 Miles of Blue (SoundExchange)
19 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
10 Records (EMI)
19 North (SoundExchange)
10 Tonne (PPL)
19 Recordings Ltd / Moody Produc (PPL)
10 White Recordings (PPL)
1917 Records (SoundExchange)
11DB (SoundExchange)
100 Anos De Musica.Com (SoundExchange) 1965 Records (Shock Entertainment)
1967 Limited (Warner)
100 Anthems (PPL)
1969 (SoundExchange)
100 Records (PPL)
1974 Records (PPL)
100% (PPL)
1980 Recordings (PPL)
100% Cheese (PPL)
1989 Pty Ltd (1989 Pty Ltd)
100% Records (PPL)
1995 Campfire Records (SoundExchange)
100M Records (PPL)
1998 Intersound Inc. (SoundExchange)
100% Womon (SoundExchange)
1-2-3-4 Go! (SoundExchange)
1001 Music (PPL)
1-Off/Absolution Records (PPL)
101 (SoundExchange)
½ Full Entertainment
101 Production Music (101 Production
1bpm Recordings (PPL)
1L Music Inc (SoundExchange)
101 Records (PPL)
1 Life Productions (PPL)
108 Pics llc. (SoundExchange)
1m1 Music (SoundExchange)
110 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
1Trax (PPL)
10410Records (PPL)
1 Up Ent. (SoundExchange)
106 Records (PPL)
1st Go-Round Productions (SoundExchange)
10am Records (PPL)
1st Klass Entertainment Music Group
10Birds (SoundExchange)
10T Records (SoundExchange)
1st Seed Recordings (SoundExchange)
10.36 Muzik (SoundExchange)
11-7 Recording Company (SoundExchange) 1 Take Music (SoundExchange)
1X1 Music (SoundExchange)
11-7 Recording Corp. (SoundExchange)
2 Brains Entertainment (Subsonic)
11 Inch Records (SoundExchange)
2 Da Face Records (SoundExchange)
11 Hour (SoundExchange)
2 Da Realness Entertainment
12 Head Records (SoundExchange)
12 Stones (SoundExchange)
2 Dan Face (SoundExchange)
1221 Entertainment(SoundExchange)
2 Defpig Records (SoundExchange)
1234 Records (PPL)
2 Dub Productions (PPL)
12 South (SoundExchange)
2 Feet Music (PPL)
12 Street Recordings (PPL)
2 Hot 2 Handle Productions (PPL)
12tone (PPL)
2 Kool (SoundExchange)
12tone C.I.C (PPL)
2 Of a Kind (SoundExchange)
March 2014
2 Shirts Records (SoundExchange)
2 Step Recordings (PPL)
2 Step Records (PPL)
2 Tone Lizrd Kings (SoundExchange)
2-Tuff-E-Nuff Records (SoundExchange)
2.13.61 (SoundExchange)
2.13.61 CD (SoundExchange)
2.13.61 Records (SoundExchange)
2.13.61 Inc. (SoundExchange)
20 Buck Spin (SoundExchange)
20 Minutes to Park (SoundExchange)
20 20 D-Vision (PPL)
20-20 LLC (Sony Music Ent)
20/20/20 (SoundExchange)
2002 Studios (PPL)
2020 Vision (PPL)
2024 (SoundExchange)
2024 Records (SoundExchange)
2039 Music Group (SoundExchange)
204 Records (SoundExchange)
206 Recordings (PPL)
208 Records (PPL)
212 Records (SoundExchange)
213 (SoundExchange)
215 Records (SoundExchange)
21stCenturyGenius Music (SoundExchange)
21st Century Generation (PPL)
21st Century Studios Ltd (PPL)
21st Century Circuitry (SoundExchange)
21-Ten Music (PPL)
222 Glorify God Publishing co.
23rd Precinct (PPL)
23rd Precinct (Subsonic)
2317 Entertainment Group, LLC
24/7 Musicshop (Warner)
24 Chillout Music (SoundExchange)
24 Hour Service Station (SoundExchange)
24k Heart Entertainment (SoundExchange)
25th Frame Productions (PPL)
25th Frame Productions (Domino Recording
Company Ltd)
26F Records (SoundExchange)
27 Productions (SoundExchange)
28 Days Pty Ltd (28 Days Pty Ltd)
28 Records (SoundExchange)
2:20 Entertainment Group (SoundExchange)
2B Music (SoundExchange)
2be Records (PPL)
2Blossoms Records (SoundExchange)
2boot Music (PPL)
2Brains (Onehill Records B.V.)
2CBeats (PPL)
2DIY4 (SoundExchange)
2drunk2funk Records (PPL)
2econd Wind Productions (PPL)
2Fresh Entertainment (SoundExchange)
2G’D Records (SoundExchange)
2h2h Productions (PPL)
2IslandGirls (SoundExchange)
2L (SoundExchange)
2M (PPL)
2nd City Records (PPL)
2nd Generation (SoundExchange)\
2nd Street Media (SoundExchange)
2nd Story Sound Records (SoundExchange)
2NV Records (PPL)
2Play Records (Ministry Of Sound)
2Point9/Jayded Records (PPL)
2Step Music Limited (PPL)
3 AM (SoundExchange)
3AM Jam Records (Yes Yes Records)
3 Bar Fire (PPL)
3 Beads of Sweat (SoundExchange)
3 Central (SoundExchange)
3 Chord Entertainment inc.
3 Cohens (SoundExchange)
3 G Deemajor Productions (SoundExchange)
3 G’s Ent. (SoundExchange)
3Massive (Dead Letter Cricus)
3 Legged Monkey (SoundExchange)
3 Melancholy Gypsies (SoundExchange)
3 Mill Productions (SoundExchange)
3 Minute Records (SoundExchange)
3 Monkeys (PPL)
3 Monkies (PPL)
3 On The B Records (SoundExchange)
3 Peace Prductions (SoundExchange)
3 Shots Productions LLC (SoundExchange)
3 to 1 Musc Group (SoundExchange)
3 Wisemen (SoundExchange)
3 Soul Recordings (PPL)
30 Miles Up (SoundExchange)
3024 (PPL)
303Lovers (SoundExchange)
305 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
306 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
30 Hertz Records (PPL)
30:30 Recordings (PPL)
3132404 Canada inc. (SoundExchange)
319 Music Group (SoundExchange)
32019737 Canada Inc (Liberation Music)
32 Blues (SoundExchange)
33 Jazz (PPL)
33 Point 3 (PPL)
33 Records (PPL)
332nd Fighte r Group (SoundExchange)
333 Records (PPL)
33 WM (PPL)
3-5-2 Recordings (PPL)
3-DDD Rcords (SoundExchange)
360 Artist Development (PPL)
360 Degree Music (PPL)
360 Records (PPL)
369 Music (PPL)
37 Records (SoundExchange)
37 Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
37 Records/NTA (SoundExchange)
3by3 (PPL)
3D Mode Limited Edition (PPL)
3D Mode Recordings (PPL)
3DE Pty Ltd (3DE Pty Ltd)
3DM Records (PPL)
3e Media (Warner)
3ne Records (SoundExchange)
3J Records (PPL)
3JS Productions (SoundExchange)
3OH!3 (SoundExchange)
3PM Company (SoundExchange)
3rd Eye Vision Entertainment
3rd Stone (PPL)
3rdside Productions Records
3SO Music Publishing (SoundExchange)
3TJ Music (PPL)
3Trinity (SoundExchange)
3Way Entertainment (3Way Entertainment)
4 D Records (PPL)
4 Life Miracle Records (SoundExchange)
4 Men With Beards (Fuse Music Group P/L)
4 Pound Records (PPL)
4 Real Communications (PPL)
4 Real Records (PPL)
4 Sight Music Productions (SoundExchange)
4 Tunes (PPL)
4 West Records (SoundExchange)
4 Zero Records (PPL)
40 Records (SoundExchange)
40 Records (EMI)
40/Shorty Re:Kids, Inc
41 Records (SoundExchange)
42 West (SoundExchange)
43rd Big Idea Records (SoundExchange)
44th and Filth Music (SoundExchange)
45 Graves (SoundExchange)
45 Music Group (SoundExchange)
404 Music Group (SoundExchange)
405 Recordings (Xelon Entertainment)
420 West Entertainment (SoundExchange)
430 West (PPL)
440 Records LLC (SoundExchange)
441 (SoundExchange)
441 records (SoundExchange)
4468 Productions (SoundExchange)
456 Records (Hot)
456 Enterprises (SoundExchange)
456 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
48V Records (PPL)
49 Media Group
4A Media (PPL)
4AD (Remote Control)
4Eva (PPL)
4MPO (SoundExchange)
4Play Recordings Ltd (PPL)
4th Fret (PPL)
4th Room (SoundExchange)
4th Street Music (PPL)
4th Street Records (PPL)
4th Sun (EMI)
4-Tune (PPL)
4X4 (PPL)
4:20 Records (SoundExchange)
5 Minute Walk (PPL)
5 Stars Recording inc. (SoundExchange)
5 String Productions (SoundExchange)
5 O’clock Records (SoundExchange)
50 Records (SoundExchange)
50/50 Konvict Music (Blue Pie Productions)
50/50 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
50:50 Recordings (PPL)
50:50 Recordings Limited (PPL)
500 Rekords (PPL)
5000 (PPL)
5001 Entertainmnet (SoundExchange)
5002 Records (PPL)
5050 Records (SoundExchange)
500CC Records (PPL)
504 (PPL)
51 Lex Records Ltd (PPL)
51 West (SoundExchange)
52 New Things (PPL)
52 Shakes (SoundExchange)
54-40 Or Fight (SoundExchange)
541 Belgium (SoundExchange)
550 Music (Sony Music Ent.)
55BC/VTP Group (SoundExchange)
567 Records (SoundExchange)
56Realproductions (SoundExchange)
57 Productions (SoundExchange)
59South Productions (SoundExchange)
5HQ Records (PPL)
5MC-Kabin Fever Productions (PPL)
5North (SoundExchange)
5PM Records (SoundExchange)
5th Avenue South (PPL)
5th Queen Records (SoundExchange)
5th World Ent (SoundExchange)
6 Hole Records (SoundExchange)
6 N Belmont Production (SoundExchange)
6 Point Entertainment (SoundExchange)
6.8.2 Records (SoundExchange)
6/8 Records (SoundExchange)
6060 Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
6060 Music (PPL
609 LLC Network Media Group
609 Prodctions (SoundExchange)
615 Music (SoundExchange)
62 Records (SoundExchange)
623 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
625 Trash (SoundExchange)
67 Records (SoundExchange)
679 Recordings (Plan B)(Shock
679 Recordings (SoundExchange)
679 Recordings Limited (Warner)
68 Recordings (Armada Music)
6th Place Records (SoundExchange)
6W Entertainment (SoundExchange)
7 (PPL)
7 Degrees From Center (SoundExchange)
7 Grand Recordings (Guru) (Shock
7 Ieme Ceil
7 Months (SoundExchange)
7 Sharp 9 (SoundExchange)
7 Spin Music (SoundExchange)
7 Star Dreams (SoundExchange)
7 Noise (SoundExchange)
7 T’s (PPL)
7 World Music (PPL)
707 Entertainment Group, LLC
7171 Records (PPL)
72 Records (PPL)
720 Degrees Music Ltd (PPL)
735 Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
74 Music Ltd (SoundExchange)
750CC Records (PPL)
77 Records (PPL)
777 (PPL)
785 Records (SoundExchange)
7Angels Music (SoundExchange)
7HZ Recordings (PPL)
7th Sense (Toco)
7:06 PM Entertainment Group
8 Records (PPL)
8 Robinsons Entertainment
8 Sided Dice Recordings (PPL)
8-Track Records (SoundExchange)
88 Records (Toupee)
80 One Records (SoundExchange)
808 Mutimedia (SoundExchange)
808 Music Group (SoundExchange)
820 Music (PPL)
832 Entertainment, Inc. (SoundExchange)
857 Music Publishing (SoundExchange)
859 Recordings (SoundExchange)
880 Records (SoundExchange)
888 (PPL)
8Bit (SoundExchange)
8Ft. Records (SoundExchange)
8Stops7 (SoundExchange)
8th House Records (SoundExchange)
9 Dot (PPL)
90 DB Productions (PPL)
912 James Street Productions
92 E Records (SoundExchange)
95 North (PPL)
March 2014
95 North Records (SoundExchange)
98 Pounder Records (Steve Poltz)(Shock
99 Degrees (PPL)
99 Matrix, LLC (SoundExchange)
99 North (PPL)
99 Times Out of 10 Records (PPL)
99X/ 10 (SoundExchange)
903 Records (SoundExchange)
989breaks (PPL)
989chill (PPL)
989club (PPL)
989records (PPL)
9th Dynasty (SoundExchange)
9th Step Productions (SoundExchange)
99/X10 (PPL)
9LB Records (SoundExchange)
9lies Music (PPL)
9lies Music Ireland (PPL)
9lies UK (PPL)
A-F Records (Shock Entertainment)
A-B-A-C-A Youth Records
A - Group Entertainment, LLC
A-Side (SoundExchange)
A-Zao Records (SoundExchange)
A.C.E Productions, inc. (SoundExchange)
A.Armada (SoundExchange)
A.D.D. (SoundExchange)
A.G.E. Entertainment (SoundExchange)
A.M. Sixty (SoundExchange)
A & A (PPL)
A & R World (PPL)
A&R Records (Shock Entertainment)
A & S Records (PPL)
A&J Productions Corp (SoundExchange)
A Better Tomorrow (SoundExchange)
A Brighter Day Publishing
A C Pilmer Automatic Music (PPL)
A Capella Records (SoundExchange)
A Flavour of the Label (EMI)
A Handful of Nothing (SoundExchange)
A Hole In The Sky (Fuse Music Group P/L)
A India E Aqui (EMI)
A Jazz Hour With (SoundExchange)
A Linfini Communications
A-List Entertainment Group
A Little Something (PPL)
A Lovely Coincidence (PPL)
A Massive Label (PPL)
A Priori Records (SoundExchange)
A Priori (Rock) (SoundExchange)
A Records (EMI)
A Records/EMI (EMI)
A Recordings (PPL)
A Rose In A Fire Music (SoundExchange)
A Side (PPL)
A Single Feathwer (SoundExchange)
A Sound of Thunder, LLC (SoundExchange
A State Of Trance (Armada Music)
A State Of Trance Limited/White (Armada
A State of Trance (SoundExchange)
A Touch of Magic (PPL)
A Train Entertainment (SoundExchange)
A Treasury of Golden Hits (PPL)
A Voz Do Dono (EMI)
A Vision Entertainment, LCC
A Wilhelm Scream (Shock Entertainment)
A Williams Entertainment (SoundExchange)
A Wolf at Your Door Records (PPL)
A Worldwide Ultimatum (PPL)
A&E Records Limited (Warner)
A&H (SoundExchange)
A&M (Universal)
A&S Productions (Onehill Records B.V.)
A&V Music (SoundExchange)
A.D.M.International (PPL)
A.I.C. (PPL)
A.M.P.L Entertainment (PPL)
A.N.O. (SoundExchange)
A.P.L. (PPL)
A.R.B. (PPL)
A.R.M. (PPL)
A.S.A.I.G.M.M. Recordings
A.U.X. (PPL)
A1 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
A2 Productions (SoundExchange)
A2 Recordz (SoundExchange)
A2D2 Records (SoundExchange)
A2Z Records (PPL)
A3 (PPL)
A4 Music Group (SoundExchange)
A440 Records (SoundExchange)
A5 Music Ltd (PPL)
A590 Records (PPL)
A9 (PPL)
AA (SoundExchange)
AA Records (SoundExchange)
AAO Music Inc (SoundExchange)
AARDE Records (UK) (SoundExchange)
AARDMAN (SoundExchange)
AARDVARK 13 Records (SoundExchange)
Aarght (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Aaron and Andrew (SoundExchange)
Aaron Berg (SoundExchange)
Aaron Berg (Folk) (SoundExchange)
Aaron Brady (SoundExchange)
Aaron Brian Bolton (Bolton, Aaron)
Aaron Clift (SoundExchange)
Aaron Clubb (SoundExchange)
Aaron English (SoundExchange)
Aaron Espinoza/The Ship (SoundExchange)
Aaron Feibus (SoundExchange)
Aaron G. Vann (SoundExchange)
Aaron Gerber (SoundExchange)
Aaron J.Martin (SoundExchange)
Aaron Jones (SoundExchange)
Aaron Karo (SoundExchange)
Aaron Kula (SoundExchange)
Aaron Logan (SoundExchange)
Aaron Lorne Wood (SoundExchange)
Aaron Marsden (SoundExchange)
Aaron McWilliams (SoundExchange)
Aaron Norton (PPL)
Aaron Rodriguez (SoundExchange)
Aaron Rosell (SoundExchange)
Aaron S. Berger (SoundExchange)
Aaron Saloman (SoundExchange)
Aaron Silk (SoundExchange)
Aaron Strumpel (SoundExchange)
Aaron Walker Music (SoundExchange)
Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo
Aaryn Blain (SoundExchange)
AASH Records (SoundExchange)
AAZ Records (PPL)
AB Fable (PPL)
Abaco Records (PPL)
Abandoned Nation (SoundExchange)
Abbasubi (SoundExchange)
Abbey (SoundExchange)
Abbey Road (EMI)
Abbey Road Live (EMI)
Abbey Stone Music (Abbey Stone Music)
Abbey/SCS Music (PPL)
Abbie Toulouse (SoundExchange)
Abbott (PPL)
Abbsissa (SoundExchange)
ABC (Universal)
ABC Atmospheres (Australian Broadcasting
ABC Classics (Australian Broadcasting
ABC Country (Australain Broadcasting
ABC for Babies (Australian Broadcasting
ABC for Kids (Australian Broadcasting
ABC Jazz (Austalian Broadcasting
ABC Kids (Australian Broadcasting
ABC Music (Australian Broadcasting
ABC Music (EMI)
ABC Records (PPL)
ABC Roots (Australian Broadcasting
March 2014
ABC World (Australian Broadcasting
ABC3 (Australian Boradcasting
Abcds (PPL)
Abdul Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Abel Records (SoundExchange)
Abel Quintero (SoundExchange)
Abengg (PPL)
Abdornal (PPL)
Abengg (SoundExchange)
Abengg International Records
Ability Records Ltd (PPL)
Abitian Records (SoundExchange)
Abiogenesis (PPL)
Abizaid Publishing (SoundExchange)
Abizno Records (SoundExchange)
Abkco/London (PPL)
Ablife Records (SoundExchange)
Abnak (SoundExchange)
Aboni Records (SoundExchange)
Above the Stars (SoundExchange)
Aboveboard Music (SoundExchange)
Abracadabra (SoundExchange)
Abraham Stewart
Abril Music (SoundExchange)
Absolute (EMI)
Absolute (PPL)
Absolute Ambient.Com (PPL)
Absolute Beginners, S.L (SoundExchange)
Absolute International (PPL)
Absolute Marketing UK (PPL)
Absolute Records (PPL)
Absolute Recordings (PPL)
Absolute Zero (PPL)
Absolution (PPL)
Absolutely Kosher (SoundExchange)
Absolutely Kosher Records
Abstract Dance (PPL)
Abstract Logic Recordings
Abstract Logix (SoundExchange)
Abstract Music (SoundExchange)
Abstract Records (PPL)
Abstract Sounds (PPL)
Abstrax Records (PPL)
Absynth Media Group (SoundExchange)
Abstract Urban (PPL)
Abtract Logix (SoundExchange)
Abu Cone (SoundExchange)
Abubilla Records (PPL)
Abundant Harvest (SoundExchange)
Abundant Harvest entertainment
Abundant Silence Publishing
Abusive Music (SoundExchange)
Abuzive Muzik (SoundExchange)
Abysmal Dawn (SoundExchange)
Abyss Music Group (SoundExchange)
Abyss Special FX (SoundExchange)
Abzolut (Ministry Of Sound)
AC Eastwood (PPL)
Acacia Records (PPL)
Academy (PPL)
Academy of Fists (SoundExchange)
Academy Records (SoundExchange)
Academy Records (PPL)
Academy Street Recordings (PPL)
Acalwan (PPL)
Acanta (SoundExchange)
Accelerating Change (PPL)
Accent (PPL)
Access (PPL)
Access Music (Wallis, John)
Access Tonal Communications (PPL)
Accession Records (SoundExchange)
Accidental Sirens (SoundExchange)
Accolade Records (PPL)
Accordion Bernadette (Glencoe)
Accords Croises (PPL)
Accurate Records (Hot)
Accurist (PPL)
ACDB3 Records (SoundExchange)
Ace (PPL)
Ace Eyed Records (PPL)
Ace Fu (SoundExchange)
Ace Ltd Edition (PPL)
Ace Music (PPL)
Ace Recordings (PPL)
Ace Records (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Ace/Arhoolie (PFX CDCHD Only)(PPL)
Ace/Class (PPL)
Ace/Classic Artist (PPL)
Ace/Dig (PPL)
Ace/Fraternity (PPL)
Ace/Galaxy (PPL)
Ace/Indigo (PPL)
Ace/Lanor (PPL)
Ace/Lifesong (PPL)
Ace/Old Town (PPL)
Ace/Ram (PPL)
Ace/Speciality (PPL)
Ace/Swallow (PPL)
Acetate Ltd (PPL)
Ace of Hearts (SoundExchange)
Ace of Hearts Records (SoundExchange)
Acephale (SoundExchange)
Acer Records (PPL)
Aces & Eighs Rec (SoundExchange)
Acez Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Acez inc, 3:13 (SoundExchange)
Ache Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Achive Records (SoundExchange)
Achrijoli (SoundExchange)
Achristocraft (SoundExchange)
Acid Fever (PPL)
Acid Fluff (PPL)
Acid Folk (SoundExchange)
Acid Jazz (PPL)
Acid Lounge Records (PPL)
Acid Tongue Inc/ New Wave Dynamics
ACL 2000 Ltd (SoundExchange)
A-Class (PPL)
A-Dept (PPL)
ACM Records (Specific Recordings) (Blue
Pie Productions)
Acme Records (PPL)
Acnea Records (SoundExchange)
Acony Records (Gillian Welch)(Shock
Acorn Records (PPL)
Acoma Classico (SoundExchange)
Acony Records (Shock Entertainment)
Acossi Records (PPL)
Acouphene (SoundExchange)
Acoustic Music Records (PPL)
Acoustic Shine (SoundExchange)
Acoustic Suede (Acoustic Suede)
Acoustic Smoke (SoundExchange)
Acoustic Swaneeland (SoundExchange)
Acositic Woods Records (SoundExchange)
Acoustica (PPL)
Acoustics (PPL)
Acoustyistics (PPL)
ACP Recordings (PPL)
Acqua Records (SoundExchange)
Acrobat (UK)(Hot)
ACS Films & Video & DVD (PPL)
ACS Recordings (PPL)
Act-A-Ass Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Act Music (Majellan Investments)
ACT Music & Vision (SoundExchange)
ACT 2 Records (SoundExchange)
Actaeon Films (PPL)
Actaeon Films Ltd (PPL)
Actidisc (EMI)
Acting Out (SoundExchange)
Action Front Records (Sony Music Ent)
Action Item (Sound Exchange)
Action Replay (SoundExchange)
Action Stripe Records (PPL)
Action Strip Records (Arbuah, Lekiddo)
(Video Only)
Actionslacks (SoundExchange)
Activ Records (PPL)
Active Media (SoundExchange)
Active Sense (SoundExchange)
Activesoundz (PPL)
Acum (SoundExchange)
Ad Hoc (SoundExchange)
Ad Music (PPL)
Ad21Music (SoundExchange)
Ad82 Productions Limited (PPL)
March 2014
ADA Digital (SoundExchange)
ADA Global (PPL)
AD Recordings (PPL)
AD Recordings Limited (PPL)
Adagio (PPL)
Adam Atterby Musikproduktion
Adam A. Dearborn (SoundExchange)
Adam Bloom (Bloom, Adam Charles)
Adam C. Burke (SoundExchange)
Adam Engelhardt (SoundExchange)
Adam Ezra Group (SoundExchange)
Adam Feilding (SoundExchange)
Adam Fiorello (Fiorello, Adam)
Adam Fligsten (SoundExchange)
Adam Forkner (SoundExchange)
Adam Freemer (SoundExchange)
Adam Gilbert (SoundExchange)
Adam Harvey (Adam Harvey Management
Services P/L)
Adam Holt (SoundExchange)
Adam Hurt (SoundExchange)
Adam J. Foreman (SoundExchange)
Adam Kline (SoundExchange)
Adam Panic (SoundExchange)
Adam Kurtz (SoundExchange)
Adam Lane (SoundExchange)
Adam Lee Kemp (SoundExchange)
Adam Lipinski (SoundExchange)
Adam Miller (SoundExchange)
Adam Mori (SoundExchange)
Adam Olendorff (SoundExchange)
Adam Reifsteck (SoundExchange)
Adam Richman (SoundExchange)
Adam Richmond (SoundExchange)
Adam Robertson (SoundExchange)
Adam Ross (SoundExchange)
Adam Ross Music (SoundExchange)
Adam Seeds Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Adam Stengel (SoundExchange)
Adam Stokes (SoundExchange)
Adam Sweeney (PPL)
Adam Trumbo (SoundExchange)
Adam Tuffrey (PPL)
Adam Web Music (SoundExchange)
Adam Zadok (SoundExchange)
Adaptor Recordings (PPL)
Adasam (PPL)
ADCD (SoundExchange)
Add Ranell Records (SoundExchange)
Adda (SoundExchange)
Addicted Dopeness Productions
Addiction (SoundExchange)
Addictive Music (SoundExchange)
Addie Brownlee (SoundExchange)
Addison Baker (SoundExchange)
Additive (EMI)
Adel Hazan (SoundExchange)
Adelaine (SoundExchange)
Adelphoi (Records) Limited (PPL)
Adella Thomas Management
Adena (SoundExchange)
Aderet Music (SoundExchange)
Adhesive (PPL)
Adirondack Records (SoundExchange)
Adjusted Music (SoundExchange)
Adjoined Entertainment Group
Adley Atkin (SoundExchange)
Adlin and Appleford (SoundExchange)
Adm (PPL)
Admirality Wireless (PPL)
Admission to Music (PPL)
ADN Artist Development Network (aka
Cathy Lemmon) (Blue Pie Productions)
Adoradores De La Cumbia (EMI)
Adore Thee Records (SoundExchange)
Adoniyah Sinai (SoundExchange)
Adonna Williams (SoundExchange)
Adorno Records (PPL)
Adrenaline Music Group (Rocket Science
Adreneline Music (SoundExchange)
Adrian (SoundExchange)
Adrian Bowers II (SoundExchange)
Adrian Conington (SoundExchange)
Adrian Deutsch (Deutsch, Adrian)
Adrian Follington (Follington, Adrian)
Adrian Frisina (Frisina, Adrian)
Adrian Kitchen (PPL)
Adrian Raz Redordings (SoundExchange)
Adrian Recordings/Hybris (Famlijen) (Shock
Adriane Blanco Music (SoundExchange)
Adrienne R. Malave (SoundExchange)
Adrilson Productions LLC (SoundExchange)
Adry (SoundExchange)
ADSR Musicwerks (SoundExchange)
Advanced Recordings (PPL)
Advanced Records (PPL)
Advanced Reggae Music (PPL)
Advent Audio Productions (SoundExchange)
Adventure Music (SoundExchange)
Adventures Close To Home
Adversary Entertainment (SoundExchange)
ADW Gospel Music Promotions
AE2 Music Ltd (PPL)
AEdward M. Del Signore
Aegean Sea (SoundExchange)
AEI Music (PPL)
Aelaektropopp (SoundExchange)
Aeon Songs (Aeon Songs)
Aeriae (Clarke, Wade)
Aeriae Entertainment, LLC
Aerial Records (PPL)
Aezra Records (SoundExchange)
A-F Records (Shock Entertainment)
AF Circle C Fund, LCC (SoundExchange)
AF Mex (SoundExchange)
AFB Music-Castell Records
AfctRecords (SoundExchange)
AFM Records GMBH (SoundExchange)
Affaire De Coeur Music Limited (PPL)
Affected Records (PPL)
Afficial (SoundExchange)
Affiliated Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Affiliates (SoundExchange)
Affinity Recordings (PPL)
Affint (PPL)
Affluent Entertainment Inc.
Affluent Records (SoundExchange)
Afion Records (PPL)
AFL Productions (SoundExchange)
Afrasia Productions (SoundExchange)
Afri (PPL)
Africa Fete (SoundExchange)
Africagram (PPL)
African Cream Music (Blue Pie Productions)
African Dope Publishing (PPL)
African Dope Recordings (PPL)
African Dope Records (Blue Pie
African Music Connection (SoundExchange)
African Party (EMI)
African Treasure (PPL)
Afrisong (SoundExchange)
Afrisong Records (SoundExchange)
Afro Art (PPL)
Afro Boogie (PPL)
Afro Gigolo Records (PPL)
Afro Project (PPL)
Afro Records (PPL)
Afro Reggae Records (PPL)
Afro Sound (PPL)
Afroboogie Recordings (PPL)
Afrolution Records (PPL)
ARFT Music (SoundExchange)
Ark Recordings Ltd (PPL)
After 5 Records (SoundExchange)
After 9 Records (SoundExchange)
After Dark (PPL)
After Effectz Records (Effectz Recording)
After Nine Records (SoundExchange)
After Party (EMI)
After Platinum Records (SoundExchange)
Afterburn Records (PPL)
Afterglo (SoundExchange)
Afterglow Records (SoundExchange)
Afterhours Music, inc (SoundExchange)
Afterlife (Gosteffects) (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Aftermath Records (Universal)
Afterschool Publishing (After School
AG Silver (SoundExchange)
Against The Odds Records
Against The Flow (SoundExchange)
Against The Grain (PPL)
Age of Information (SoundExchange)
Age One Records (PPL)
Agence Mc Music (SoundExchange)
Agency Dub Collective (Agency Dub
Agenda Records (PPL)
Agent Orange/ Posh Boy Records
Agents Del Futuro (SoundExchange)
Agesandages (SoundExchange)
Aggressive Records (PPL)
Aggro (PPL)
Aggrovaters (PPL)
AGI Music (SoundExchange)
Agincourt Music (PPL)
Agony (SoundExchange)
Agora (PPL)
Agua de sed Records (SoundExchange)
Aguafresca Publishing (SoundExchange)
AGR Television Records (AGR)
Agriculture Records (SoundExchange)
AGSFB Music (SoundExchange)
Aguilar (SoundExchange)
Ah Ha Music Group (SoundExchange)
Ah Um (PPL)
Aha! Music (SoundExchange)
Ahem Records (PPL)
Ahmad Bell (SoundExchange)
Ahmad Nadimi (SoundExchange)
Ahmed Ahmed (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange)
Ahmed Sirour (SoundExchange)
Ahmir Music (SoundExchange)
Ahi-Nama Music (SoundExchange)
Ahor (EMI)
Ahoy (SoundExchange)
Aidan Hawken (SoundExchange)
Aiden Varro (Varro, Aiden)
Ailenei Razvan Adrian (SoundExchange)
Aim (SoundExchange)
Aim 2 Pleez (PPL)
Aim High (PPL)
Aim High Music Group (SoundExchange)
Aim International (SoundExchange)
Aimee Wilson (SoundExchange)
AIN (Blue Pie)
Ainslie Wills (Wills, Anislie & Folvig,
Ainsley s (SoundExchange)
Aion Techni (SoundExchange)
Air 164 (PPL)
Air Mail (SoundExchange)
Air Movement Records (PPL)
Air Music and Media Sales Ltd (PPL)
Air Music Group (SoundExchange)
Air Play Direct (aka Lazy River Records)
(Specific Recordings) (Blue Pie Productions)
Air Recordings (PPL)
Air Space Records (SoundExchange)
Air Traffic Controller (SoundExchange)
Airbox Music (SoundExchange)
Airgo Music (SoundExchange)
Airline Records (SoundExchange)
Airmail Japan (SoundExchange)
Airom Bleicher (Bleicher, Airom)
Airplane! Records (SoundExchange)
Airplay Records (PPL)
Airport Records (SoundExchange)
Airsckness (SoundExchange)
Airspiel Records (PPL)
Airtight (PPL)
Airian Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Airus (SoundExchange)
Airvent Media Ltd (PPL)
Airwax Records (SoundExchange)
Airway Records (SoundExchange)
Aisling Records (SoundExchange)
AIT Records (SoundExchange)
AITP Records (The On Fires)
Aix Records (SoundExchange)
Aiyura music (SoundExchange)
AJ Steel (The Monkey Face)
Ajamu Records Ltd (PPL)
Ajana Records (SoundExchange)
Ajang (PPL)
Ajatano (SoundExchange)
Ajna Music (SoundExchange)
AJRJ Endertainment LLC (SoundExchange)
AJB Enterprises (SoundExchange)
AJS Music (PPL)
AK Records (SoundExchange)
AK-Ryte Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Akademia Recordings (PPL)
Akalibrio, inc. (SoundExchange)
Akapello Silvera (SoundExchange)
Akapellomusic (SoundExchange)
Akara Music (PPL)
Akarma Italy (SoundExchange)
Akela Family (SoundExchange)
Akela Family Music (SoundExchange)
Akiese inc. (SoundExchange)
Akimbo Records (Akimbo Records)
Akirathedon (PPL)
Akosua Mireku (SoundExchange)
Akoustic Odyssey (Akoustic Odyssey)
Akoustik Anarkhy (PPL)
Akoustik Anarkhy Recordings (PPL)
Akrasia (PPL)
Aktiv Records (PPL)
Aku Roots Records (SoundExchange)
Akun Tehdastuotanto (EMI)
Akustik Re (SoundExchange)
Akustik Sgm (SoundExchange)
Al-One (SoundExchange)
Al Freeman Records (PPL)
Al Owen (SoundExchange)
Al Staggs (SoundExchange)
Al Stone (SoundExchange)
AL Records (SoundExchange)
Al. Ta. Fa. An. (SoundExchange)
Al. Ta. Fa. An Records (SoundExchange) Records(SoundExchange)
Ala Records & Music Publishing
Alacia Reynolds (SoundExchange)
Aladdin Ayesh Records (PPL)
Aladdin Records (EMI)
Alahao (SoundExchange)
Alam El Phan (EMI)
Alamo (PPL)
Alamo Music Ltd (PPL)
Alan Grant Prod (SoundExchange)
Alan Gerber (SoundExchange)
Alan King Jr. (SoundExchange)
Alan Stewart (PPL)
Alan Leatherman (SoundExchange)
Alan Miceli (SoundExchange)
Alana Bruce (Bruce, Alana)
Alan Jones (SoundExchange)
Alan Yott Records (SoundExchange)
Alapomeji Records (PPL)
Alathea, LLC (SoundExchange)
Alba (PPL)
Albany Records (PPL)
Albany Records (Greg A. Steinke)
Albatross (PPL)
Albatroz Music (SoundExchange)
Albemarle Records (SoundExchange)
Albert L. Bell (SoundExchange)
Albert McDaniel (SoundExchange)
Albert Music (J. Albert & Son Pty Ltd)
Albert Productions (J. Albert & Son Pty Ltd)
Albert Simpson
Alberta Records (SoundExchange)
Alberto Dominguez (SoundExchange)
Alberto Nirel (SoundExchange)
Alberts (J. Albert & Son Pty Ltd)
Albion Records (PPL)
Albina Music (SoundExchange)
Albinus Records (PPL)
Alcalgar (SoundExchange)
Alchimia Songs (SoundExchange)
Alces Alces Records (EMI)
Alcione Music (SoundExchange)
Alden Marin (SoundExchange)
Aleatha Palmer Gibson Lowe
Alec Berlin (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Alec Gross (SoundExchange)
Alfred Vogel (SoundExchange)
Alegre (SoundExchange)
Aleho International Music (SoundExchange)
Alejandro Zalles (SoundExchange)
Aleks Di Roma (SoundExchange)
Aleks Syntek (EMI)
Aleksandar Da Great (SoundExchange)
Aleksandar Nikolov
Alemar Music Limited
Aleone (SoundExchange)
Alert Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Alex & Robert Hargrove (SoundExchange)
Alex Berne (SoundExchange)
Alex Bia (SoundExchange)
Alex Bleeker (SoundExchange)
Alex Body (PPL)
Alex Brody (PPL)
Alex Dingley Records (PPL)
Alex Federov (SoundExchange)
Alex Giordani (SoundExchange)
Alex Gordon (SoundExchange)
Alex Graham (SoundExchange)
Alex Harper (PPL)
Alex Houton (SoundExchange)
Alex Hurst (SoundExchange)
Alex Kelly Music (SoundExchange)
Alex Lloyd (EMI)
Alex Mackenzie-Low (SoundExchange)
Alex McMurray (SoundExchange)
Alex Nestor (SoundExchange)
Alex Newman (PPL)
Alex Nussbaum (SoundExchange)
Alex Rich (SoundExchange)
Alex Sims (SoundExchange)
Alex Theory (SoundExchange)
Alex Tronic Records (PPL)
Alex Vans (SoundExchange)
Alex Versaci Management (SoundExchange)
Alexander (SoundExchange)
Alexander A Brown (SoundExchange)
Alexander B Records (PPL)
Alexander Cap (SoundExchange)
Alexander Cardinale (SoundExchange)
Alexander Clements Records
Alexander Guilbert (SoundExchange)
Alexander Koch (SoundExchange)
Alexander Maryol (SoundExchange)
Alexander R. Moro (SoundExchange)
Alexander Ricci (SoundExchange)
Alexander Robinson (SoundExchange)
Alexander Silver (SoundExchange)
Alexander Teamer (SoundExchange)
Alexander Yuille (SoundExchange)
Alexandra Lajoux (SoundExchange)
Alexandra Lugten (SoundExchange)
Alexandra Stoetzel (SoundExchange)
Alejandra Ribera (SoundExchange)
Alexikay Music Group (SoundExchange)
Alexis Ffrench Music (PPL)
Alexsis Records (SoundExchange)
Alexx Calise (SoundExchange)
Alexx Calise/ Luigie Gonzales
Aleyce Simmonds (spec. tracks) Simmonds,
Alfa Recordings (PPL)
Alfred Butler (SoundExchange)
Alfred H. Lancellotti, Jr. (SoundExchange)
Alfred L. Watkins III (SoundExchange)
Alfred Shorter Jr. (SoundExchange)
Alfredo (Rap) (SoundExchange)
Alfred Walker (SoundExchange)
Alfredo Rivera (SoundExchange)
Alfonse Productions (PPL)
Alfonso Antonio Brooks (SoundExchange)
Alfonso Valez (SoundExchange)
Alfonzeus Music (SoundExchange)
Alfonzeus Music/ Eddie Bezrlrl
Algiers (SoundExchange)
Ali Ennouari (SoundExchange)
Ali Marcus (SoundExchange)
Ali Sarijlou (SoundExchange)
Ali Siddiq (SoundExchange)
Ali Weiss (SoundExchange)
Alia Vox (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Alia VOX (PPL)
Alias Entertainment (PPL)
Alias Records (PPL)
Alice Otter Music (SoundExchange)
Alicia Correa (SoundExchange)
Alicia Dara (SoundExchange)
Alicia Correa (SoundExchange)
Alicia Dara (SoundExchange)
Alicia Lore Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Alicia McGovern Music
Alicia Svigals (SoundExchange)
Alicorn Records (PPL)
Alien Recordings (PPL)
Alien-Piers Organisation (PPL)
Alien Sky I Media (SoundExchange)
Alignment (SoundExchange)
Alih Jey (SoundExchange)
Alina Simone (SoundExchange)
Alion International Records
Alioune Dieng (SoundExchange)
Alise Ashby (SoundExchange)
Alison Crocket (SoundExchange)
Alissa Moreno (SoundExchange)
Alistair Bell (Bell, Alistair)
Alive (SoundExchange)
Alive Music Records (PPL)
Alive Natural Sound Records
Alive Naturalsound (SoundExchange)
Alive Production Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Alive Publishing & Recording Co.
Alkamist (PPL)
Alki Steriopoulos (SoundExchange)
All 4 Christ Records (SoundExchange)
All Aboard Records (PPL)
All about Music (PPL)
All About the Music (SoundExchange)
All Aglow Music (SoundExchange)
All around the World (PPL)
All City (PPL)
All City Music (SoundExchange)
All Colours Arts (PPL)
All Entertainment, inc. (SoundExchange)
All Eyes West (SoundExchange)
All For You (SoundExchange)
All Killer Music (All Killer Music)
All or Nothing (SoundExchange)
All Made Up Records (PPL)
All Music Records Ltd (PPL)
All N All (SoundExchange)
All Night North (PPL)
All Points Jazz (SoundExchange)
All Rights Reserved (SoundExchange)
All Saints Records (PPL)
All Seeing Eye (PPL)
All Shall Perish (SoundExchange)
All Star Karaoke (SoundExchange)
All-Skinn Music Group (SoundExchange)
All Terrain Vehicles (SoundExchange)
All The Locals (SoundExchange)
All Together Now (EMI)
All Together Now Entertainment
All Tomorrows Parties (The Drones)(Shock
All Twelve Universal Entertainment
All Vegan Records (SoundExchange)
Alladin (PPL)
Allan Frank Wade (SoundExchange)
Allan Johnson (SoundExchange)
Allan Lieberman (SoundExchange)
Allan Forastieri (SoundExchange)
Allan Perry (SoundExchange)
Alle 13 Dope (EMI)
Allegiance (SoundExchange)
Allegro Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Allegro Films (Select)
Allegro Records (Unidisc)
Alleluia Music (PPL)
Allen and Allen Music Group
Allen Chiu (SoundExchange)
Allen Copeland (SoundExchange)
Allen H. Colbert (SoundExchange)
Allen Hart (SoundExchange)
Allen Jay Zipper (SoundExchange)
Allen R. Haynes Jr. (SoundExchange)
Allen Thompson (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Alleyway Art, LLc (SoundExchange)
Alley Noise Records (SoundExchange)
Allez Les Petits (EMI)
Allflame Records LLC. (SoundExchange)
Allgood Records (SoundExchange)
Alliance (PPL)
Alliance Import (SoundExchange)
Alliance Records (PPL)
Alliance Records Inc (PPL)
Alliance Records Inc Ltd (PPL)
Alliance Records Incorporation (PPL)
Alliant Music Group (SoundExchange)
Allied Recording Artists (PPL)
Alligator (PPL)
Allison Crowe (SoundExchange)
Allmusic (PPL)
Allmusica (SoundExchange)
All-Star (SoundExchange)
Allstars Records (Allen, Ian B)
Allten Records (SoundExchange)
Alltribe (SoundExchange)
Allyson Burnett (SoundExchange)
Alexander Records (SoundExchange)
Alma (SoundExchange)
Alma Latina (SoundExchange)
Almanac Records (PPL)
Almaria (Almaria Pty Ltd)
Alma Elise Neeley (SoundExchange)
Alma Rivera (SoundExchange)
Almighty Records (PPL)
Almer Imamovic (SoundExchange)
Almost (Complete) Records (PPL)
Almost Eight Productions (SoundExchange)
Almost Round Records (SoundExchange)
Almost To The Ocean (SoundExchange)
Alnair Lidalwe (Blue Pie Productions)
Aloft Records (SoundExchange)
Aloha Records (Aloha Management)
Aloi Records (PPL)
Alone Records (SoundExchange)
Alonzo Jackson (SoundExchange)
Alonzo Bodden (SoundExchange)
Alopecia Records (PPL)
Alpha & Omega (PPL)
Alpha (France)(Fuse Music Group P/L)
Alpha (PPL)
Alpha Boys School (SoundExchange)
Alpha Cavallaro (SoundExchange)
Alpha / Fonotil (Colossal)
Alpha League (SoundExchange)
Alpha Omega Records (SoundExchange)
Alpha Pocket Records (SoundExchange)
Apha Pup Records (SoundExchange)
Alpha Zone Disco Music (PPL)
Al-Pha-X Recordings (PPL)
Alphabet Music (SoundExchange)
Alphabet Stew (SoundExchange)
Alphabet Zoo (SoundExchange)
Alphonso Messam (SoundExchange)
Alrealon Musique (SoundExchange)
Alston (Koch, Alston)
Als Media Group (SoundExchange)
Alt 45 (SoundExchange)
Alt V 1 (SoundExchange)
Altair 6 Records (SoundExchange)
Altar Records (SoundExchange)
Altar Ego (Jonathan Yap, Tristan Heron,
Kieran Simpson, Benjami Schmidt)
Altarus Records (PPL)
Alter Ego-Incognito (SoundExchange)
Alter Ego Promotions (Alter Ego)
Alter EGO Records (PPL)
Alterculture Records (SoundExchange)
Alterdown (SoundExchange)
Altered Ego (PPL)
Altered Vibes (PPL)
Alterculture Records (SoundExchange)
Altermego (PPL)
Alternation Records (EMI)
Alternative Blueprint (PPL)
Alternative in American Music
Alternative Route (PPL)
Alternative Tentacles (SoundExchange)
Alternative Tentacles Records (PPL)
Alexander nettelbeck Music (Alexander
Nettelbeck Music)
Alternative Blueprint (SoundExchange)
Alternative Tentacle (SoundExchange)
Alternative Tentacles (SoundExchange)
Alternative Tentacles Records
Alternative Tentacles Records (US0
Alterindie LLC. (SoundExchange)
Alternity Records (SoundExchange)
Alto (PPL)
Alto Chemical (PPL)
Alto Entertainment & Media LLP (PPL)
Alto Jazz (PPL)
Alton Glay (SoundExchange)
Altra Moda Music (SoundExchange)
Altsax Music (SoundExchange)
Altus Records Ltd (PPL)
Aluminum (SoundExchange)
Aluna Record Company (PPL)
Alva Star (SoundExchange)
Alvin Henderson (SoundExchange)
Alvin Love III (SoundExchange)
Always (PPL)
Always Never (SoundExchange)
Always Rising Star Publishing
Alwayz Recording (PPL)
Aly Cook (SoundExchange)
Alycea (SoundExchange)
Alycia Nichole Music (SoundExchange)
Alysha Caple (SoundExchange)
Alysha Paige (SoundExchange)
Alyssa Jacey (SoundExchange)
Alyssasongs Music (SoundExchange)
A-Minor (SoundExchange)
Am Fox (SoundExchange)
AM83 (SoundExchange)
AM/GM inc. (SoundExchange)
Amabala Records (PPL)
Amalgum Digital (SoundExchange)
Amani Music (Butcher, Aysha Amani)
Ambassar Records (Moloney, Lyall Patrick)
Amabile (PPL)
Amadis (Select)
Amadou Issa Diop (SoundExchange)
Amalgama Star (EMI)
Amalglam Recordings (PPL)
Amalie Records (PPL)
Aman (PPL)
Amanda Abizaid (SoundExchange)
Amanda Anne Plat (SoundExchange)
Amanda Broadway (SoundExchange)
Amanda Combs (SoundExchange)
Amanda Duncan (SoundExchange)
Amanda Martinez (SoundExchange)
Amanda Morgan Music (SoundExchange)
Amanda Moscar (SoundExchange)
Amanda Nagurney (SoundExchange)
Amanda Penecale (SoundExchange)
Amanda Ruzza (SoundExchange)
Amanda Thomas (Thomas, Amanda)
Amanda Thorpe (SoundExchange)
Amanda U (SoundExchange)
Amanda Williams Records
Amapola Dry (SoundExchange)
Amarante (SoundExchange)
Amari Mar (SoundExchange)
Amateur Hour (SoundExchange)
Amati (SoundExchange)
Amato International (PPL)
Amazing Feet (PPL)
Amazing Grease (SoundExchange)
Amazing Productions (PPL)
Amazon Records (PPL)
Ambar Productions (SoundExchange)
Ambassade (SoundExchange)
Ambassador (pop) (SoundExchange)
Amber (Metcalfe)(PPL)
Amber D’Amato (SoundExchange)
Amber Delaurentis (SoundExchange)
Amber Digby (SoundExchange)
Amber Joy Poulton (Poulton. Amber Joy)
Amber Lawrence (Lawrence, Amber)
Amber Ojeda (SoundExchange)
Amber Records (Amber Records)
Amber Rose (SoundExchange)
Amber Rose Kelly (SoundExchange)
Amber Rubarth (SoundExchange)
Ambience Sounds (PPL)
March 2014
Ambient (SoundExchange)
Abient Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Ambient Circle Music (SoundExchange)
Ambient Pulse (SoundExchange)
Ambient Sound (PPL)
Ambiguous Sounds (PPL)
Ambition Entertainment (EMI)
Ambition Special Projects (Ambition
Amble Down Records (SoundExchange)
Ambronay (PPL)
Ambur Records (SoundExchange)
Ambush Ltd (PPL)
Ambush Recordings (SoundExchange)
Ambush UK (SoundExchange)
Ambushuk Records (PPL)
Ambush Reality (Enter Shakari)(Liberation)
AMC (J. Albert & Son Pty Ltd)
AMC Records SA-NV (SoundExchange)
Amduscia (SoundExchange)
Amec (SoundExchange)
Ameer Records (SoundExchange)
Ameerah the Songstress (SoundExchange)
Amelia Blake (SoundExchange)
Amelia Ellis (PPL)
Amenti (SoundExchange)
AmercandJ (EMI)
American Bach Soloists (SoundExchange)
American Beat (SoundExchange)
American Blackguard Records
American Blues Classics (PPL)
Amirican Circus Records (SoundExchange)
American Comedy Network
American Dust (SoundExchange)
American Faith (SoundExchange)
American Glasgow (PPL)
American Heartbeat Records
American Jazz Classics (PPL)
American King Music (EMI)
American King Music (SoundExchange)
American Laundromat Records
American Music (PPL)
American Music Connection (PPL)
American Music Partners (SoundExchange)
American Originals Recordings (PPL)
American Pop (SoundExchange)
American Recording Productions
American Recordings (Sony Music Ent.)
American Rural Records (SoundExchange)
American Scarecrow (SoundExchange)
American Show Latin (SoundExchange)
American Sky (PPL)
American Son Records (SoundExchange)
American Standard Recordings Com
Americana (SoundExchange)
Amerigo Records (SoundExchange)
Amethyst (SoundExchange)
Amethyst Music (PPL)
AMFB Records (SoundExchange)
AMG (SoundExchange)
AMG (MD) (SoundExchange)
AMG Records (PPL)
Amhed Garcia (SoundExchange)
AMI Records (PPL)
Amiata Records (SoundExchange)
Amiel Moskona (SoundExchange)
Amikaeyla (SoundExchange)
Aminante Records (SoundExchange)
Amio Music (SoundExchange)
Amir Elshafiy (SoundExchange)
Amir Records (SoundExchange)
Amissville (SoundExchange)
Amity (SoundExchange)
AMM (SoundExchange)
Ammunite (PPL)
Amoeba Records (PPL)
Amolga (SoundExchange)
Amolga Records (SoundExchange)
Amoliyo (SoundExchange)
Amon Ra (PPL)
Among Friends Records, inc.
Amor (PPL)
Amore Music (SoundExchange)
Amorfia Productions (SoundExchange)
Amos Glick (SoundExchange)
Amos Kudakwashe (SoundExchange)
Amosaya Music (SoundExchange)
Amour A Jeun (SoundExchange)
Amp Collective Recordings
Amp Records (SoundExchange)
Ampersonic Music (Ampersonic Music)
Amphibian (Amphibian)
Amphibiphonic (SoundExchange)
Amphion (PPL)
Amphion 10 (PPL)
Ample Play Records (PPL)
Amplified Mint (PPL)
Amplitude (SoundExchange)
Ampwitch (PPL)
Amren Entertainment, LCC
Amsterdam Trance Records
Amsterdamned Records (SoundExchange)
Amulet Records (SoundExchange)
Amusement (PPL)
Amy Anderson (SoundExchange)
Amy England (SoundExchange)
Amy England Music (SoundExchange)
Amy Faris (SoundExchange)
Amy Grant (AGG)(EMI)
Amy Hartman (SoundExchange)
Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly Findlay
(Stonefield) (Shock Entertainment)
Amy Kercsmar (SoundExchange)
Amy Lee (The Meek) (SoundExchange)
Amy Lowry (SoundExchange)
Amy Lynn Martinez (SoundExchange)
Amy Morris (SoundExchange)
Amy Nicole Lewis Music (SoundExchange)
Amy Obenski (SoundExchange)
Amy Petty (SoundExchange)
Amy Rogell (SoundExchange)
Amy Skjei (SoundExchange)
Amy Stroup (SoundExchange)
Amy Vachal (SoundExchange)
An Ocean Awaits (An Ocean Awaits)
An Ocean Awaits Records (SoundExchange)
Ana Acevedo Aviles (SoundExchange)
Ana Beard (PPL)
Ana Forencia GonzalezDelgado
Ana Nguyen (Nguyen, Thi Dieu Anh Ana)
Ana Viera (SoundExchange)
Ana-Them Records (SoundExchange)
Anaconda (SoundExchange)
Anagram (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Anagram (PPL)
Anagram Pscycho (SoundExchange)
Anagram Punk UK (SoundExchange)
Analog Africa (SoundExchange)
Analog Baroque (PPL)
Analog Kid Records (SoundExchange)
Analoghaus (SoundExchange)
Analogue Fix (PPL)
Analogue Rock Limited (PPL)
Analysis Recordings (PPL)
Anam Music (PPL)
Anamoe Productions (Anamoe Productions)
Anancy (SoundExchange)
Anand Subramanian (SoundExchange)
Ananda (PPL)
Anansi Records (PPL)
Anarchic Beats (PPL)
Anarchy Club (SoundExchange)
Anastacia Whitacre (SoundExchange)
Anca Niculae (PPL)
Ancalagon (SoundExchange)
Anchor Road Records (PPL)
Anchored Productions (SoundExchange)
Anchored Records (SoundExchange)
Ancient Images Music (SoundExchange)
Anchient Winds Records (SoundExchange)
Ande (SoundExchange)
Andermer P.L. (Andermer P.L.)
Anderson Mars (SoundExchange)
Andersonic Records (SoundExchange)
Andante (SoundExchange)
Andi Hopgood (PPL)
Andi Starr (SoundExchange)
Andoc Songs (PPL)
March 2014
Adoni (SoundExchange)
Andorphine (Central Station Records)
Andrae Ambrose (SoundExchange)
Andre Davis (SoundExchange)
Andre Fratto (SoundExchange)
Andre L. Baker (SoundExchange)
Andre Leximaf (SoundExchange)
Andre Mannning (SoundExchange)
Andre N. Austin (SoundExchange)
Andre Obin (SoundExchange)
Andre Robertson (SoundExchange)
Andre Sam-Sin (SoundExchange)
Andre Tennyson (SoundExchange)
Andrea Benham (SoundExchange)
Andrea Brachfeld (SoundExchange)
Andrea Fabiani (SoundExchange)
Andrea Hamilton (SoundExchange)
Andrea Marr (SoundExchange)
Andrea Stankevich (SoundExchange)
Andrea Wolper (SoundExchange)
Andra Jones (SoundExchange)
Andrew’s Music (SoundExchange)
Andrew Aguiar (SoundExchange)
Andrew Anderson (SoundExchange)
Andrew and Maurice Records (PPL)
Andrew Bird (SoundExchange)
Andrew Bratslavsky (SoundExchange)
Andrew Bassie Records (SoundExchange)
Andrew Casino (SoundExchange)
Andrew Combs (SoundExchange)
Andrew De Silva (Believe Entertainment Pty
Andrew Ehrenzeller (SoundExchange)
Andrew Espinola (SoundExchange)
Andrew Feimster (SoundExchange)
Andrew G. Stephenson (SoundExchange)
Andrew Gillon (Gillon, Andrew)
Andrew Halbreich (SoundExchange)
Andrew Harris (PPL)
Andrew Harrison (Harrison, Andrew)
Andrew Inglese (SoundExchange)
Andrew James Collins (Collins, Andrew
Andrew J. Burr (SoundExchange)
Andrew J. Caranfa (SoundExchange)
Andrew J. Collins (SoundExchange)
Andrew J. Douglas (SoundExchange)
Andrew Jacob Hiebert (SoundExchange)
Andrew Karnavas (SoundExchange)
Andrew Keller (SoundExchange)
Andrew Harrison (SoundExchange)
Andrew Hope Music (SoundExchange)
Andrew L. Rossi (SoundExchange)
Andrew Lein (SoundExchange
Andrew Lloyd McGee (SoundExchange)
Andrew Moses (SoundExchange)
Andrew Marshall (Marshall, Andrew)
Andrew Maurice (PPL)
Andrew Marr (SoundExchange)
Andrew Osenga (SoundExchange)
- 10 -
Andrew Peterson (SoundExchange)
Andrew Pope (SoundExchange)
Andrew R. Morse (SoundExchange)
Andrew Reynolds Jr. (SoundExchange)
Andrew Ripp (SoundExchange)
Andrew Rodriguez (SoundExchange)
Andrew Shapiro (SoundExchange)
Andrew Scholl (SoundExchange)
Andrew Scott Balderson (SoundExchange)
Andrew Scott Newton (SoundExchange)
Andrew Sharpe (Sharpe, Andrew)
Andrew Sandoval (SoundExchange)
Andrew Tysinger (SoundExchange)
Andrew Veivers (Veivers, Andrew)
Andrew Venegas (SoundExchange)
Andrew Watkins (PPL)
Andrew Whitman (SoundExchange)
AndrewJackson (SoundExchange)
Android Intellegence Agency
Andromeda Records (PPL)
Andy Anders Parslow (SoundExchange)
Andy Baptiste (SoundExchange)
Andy Chrisman Music (SoundExchange)
Andy Conrad? (SoundExchange)
Andy Cooke (SoundExchange)
Andy Davis (Country) (SoundExchange)
Andy Eastwood (PPL)
Andy Gabrys (SoundExchange)
Andy Glockenspeil (SoundExchange)
Andy Gridley (SoundExchange)
Andy Jaffe (SoundExchange)
Andy Joslin (SoundExchange)
Andy King (PPL)
Andy Lynn (SoundExchange)
Andy Mahoff Music (Andy Mahoff Music)
Andy McWilliams (SoundExchange)
Andy Snitzer (SoundExchange)
Andy Timmons (SoundExchange)
Andy Vaughan and the Driveline
Andy Watkins (PPL)
Andy Wernette (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange)
Anes (SoundExchange)
Anesthesia (Ambient) (SoundExchange)
Ang Fang Industries (Ang Fang Industries)
Angie Gibbons (SoundExchange)
Angie Heimann (SoundExchange)
Ange Takats (Takats, Ange)
Ange&Ris (SoundExchange)
(Angel) 2 Publishing Company LCC
Angel (EMI)
Angel (UK)(PPL)
Angel Air (PPL)
Angel And The Mambokats
Angel Atom Records (PPL)
Angel Blasini (SoundExchange)
Angel Eyes Music Group (SoundExchange)
Angel F. Alvarado III/ Kevin Callo/ Eric
Stinnet/ Nathan Stanford/ Mauricio Estra
Angel Ferreira (SoundExchange)
Angel Jones (SoundExchange)
Angel Music Plus (PPL)
Angel Prod (SoundExchange)
Angel Records (EMI)
Angel Records (UK) (EMI)
Angel Records (USA)(EMI)
Angel Records and Publishing
Angel Reef Audio Recordings (PPL)
Angel Song Records (SoundExchange)
Angel Song Records (Denna D’AmicoWhite) (SoundExchange)
Angel Wars (WAR)(EMI)
Angel Works (PPL)
Angel’s Dawn (SoundExchange)
Angela Hall (SoundExchange)
Angela Heimann (SoundExchange)
Angela L. woods (SoundExchange)
Angela Ludwig Music (SoundExchange)
Angela Rose (SoundExchange)
Angela Rowan (SoundExchange)
Angela Shella (SoundExchange)
Angela Zone (SoundExchange)
Angelfish Records (PPL)
AngelGirl Music (Crestani, Nattasha)
Angelic Sounds (PPL)
Angelik (Angelik)
Angelmoon Records Ltd (PPL)
Angelo Luster (SoundExchange)
Angelo Spyropoulos (SoundExchange)
Angelspit (SoundExchange)
Angelwing (SoundExchange)
Angie Palmer (PPL)
Angleterre Music (SoundExchange)
Anglican Music (PPL)
Anglo Pacific Records (PPL)
Angora Steel (PPL)
Angry 3 Records (SoundExchange)
Angry Planet Records (SoundExchange)
Angry Productions (PPL)
Angryculture (PPL) (PPL)
Angus & Julia Stone (EMI)
Anhrefn Records (PPL)
Anihilator Records (PPL)
Anima (PPL)
Anima Songs (PPL)
Animal (PPL)
Animal Lan guage (PPL)
Animal Noise (PPL)
Animal Records (SoundExchange)
Animalized Records (PPL)
Animate (PPL)
Animato (EMI)
Anime (PPL)
Animo Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Animus 7 Music (SoundExchange)
Animus Records (PPL)
Aniplex (SoundExchange)
Anita Spring (Hardy, Anita)
Anjeza (SoundExchange)
Anjuna Beats (PPL)
Anjunabeats (PPL)
Anjunadeep (PPL)
Ankst (PPL)
Ankst/Acen (PPL)
Ankst/GZM (PPL)
Ankstmusik (PPL)
Ann Mayo Muir Music (SoundExchange)
Anna Egge (SoundExchange)
Anna Schulze (SoundExchange)
Anna Taylor (PPL)
Anna Zoe (SoundExchange)
Annabelle Chvostek (SoundExchange)
Anne Piper (Piper, Anne)
Anne Davis (SoundExchange)
Anne Hathaway (SoundExchange)
Anne Janelle (SoundExchange)
Annette Abbot (SoundExchange)
Annette Servadei (PPL)
Annex Records (SoundExchange)
Annie and Rod Capps (SoundExchange)
Annie Barker (SoundExchange)
Annie Crane (SoundExchange)
Annie Johnson (SoundExchange)
Annie Keating (SoundExchange)
Annie McKinnon (McKinnon, Annie)
Annie Records (PPL)
Annie Woode (SoundExchange)
Annisette Records (SoundExchange)
Annita Cullen (SoundExchange)
Annmarie (SoundExchange)
Anodyne Music (Holland Music Group)
Anointed Music Productions
Anointed Services (SoundExchange)
Anomer (SoundExchange)
Anonymous Tip (PPL)
Another Pass Productions (SoundExchange)
Another Planet Music (PPL)
Another Key Records (PPL)
Anousha Victoire (Victoire, Anousha)
Ant Acid Audio (Shock Entertainment)
Ant Hill Records Ltd (PPL)
Ant-Zen (SoundExchange)
Antar (PPL)
Antena Music (SoundExchange)
Anthem Productions (SoundExchange)
Anthem Entertainment (Spinnerette) (Shock
Anthem Media (PPL)
Anthem Records (PPL)
Anthem Records Ltd (PPL)
Anthology (SoundExchange)
Anthoniji (SoundExchange)
- 11 -
Anthony Amos (SoundExchange)
Anthony Beres (SoundExchange)
Anthony Campbell (SoundExchange)
Anthony D. Henry (SoundExchange)
Anthony Davlio (SoundExchange)
Anthony Deyo (SoundExchange)
Anthony Dini (SoundExchange)
Anthony Fernandez (SoundExchange)
Anthony Ihrig (SoundExchange)
Anthony James Andrews (SoundExchange)
Anthony Joseph (SoundExchange)
Anthony Lai (SoundExchange)
Anthony Leonard Pierre (SoundExchange)
Anthony Louis Carlucci (SoundExchange)
Anthony Lovato (SoundExchange)
Anthony Lovings (SoundExchange)
Anthony Lloyd (SoundExchange)
Anthony Massaro (SoundExchange)
Anthony Moran (SoundExchange)
Anthony N. Baker, Jr. (SoundExchange)
Anthony Nario (SoundExchange)
Anthony Nicholson (SoundExchange)
Anthony P. Mauro (SoundExchange)
Anthony Parrish (SoundExchange)core
Anthony Pell (Pell, Anthony)
Anthony Ramon Brown (SoundExchange)
Anthony Rand (SoundExchange)
Anthony S.Gerogosian (SoundExchange)
Anthony Snape (Snape, Anthony)
Anthony Thorpe (SoundExchange)
Anthony Usher (SoundExchange)
Anthony Vattimo (SoundExchange)
Anthony W. Gentry/ Londonboy Music
Anthony Watt (SoundExchange)
Anthony Wright (SoundExchange)
Anthony Wynn (SoundExchange)
Anti Product Music (PPL)
Anti Static (PPL)
Anticon (PPL)
Anticulture Records Ltd (PPL)
Antidote (PPL)
Antidoto Discos (SoundExchange)
Antione Harvis (SoundExchange)
Antique Beat (PPL)
Antique Records (SoundExchange)
Antisia Records (SoundExchange)
Antler Subway (EMI)
Antman (SoundExchange
Antoine Davis (SoundExchange)
Antoine Paige (SoundExchange)
Anton Butler(SoundExchange)
Antonia Laurence (SoundExchange)
Antonija Pacek (SoundExchange)
Antonio Allen (SoundExchange)
Antonio David Lyons (SoundExchange)
Antonio Garcia (SoundExchange)
Antonio Hodges (SoundExchange)
Antonio Moore (SoundExchange)
Antonio Penigar (SoundExchange)
Antonio Vizcarrondo (SoundExchange)
Antonio Whitfield (SoundExchange)
Antony Bitar (SoundExchange)
Antony Zamk (Zmak, Antony)
Antti Sarpila Records (PPL)
Antwan Daniels (SoundExchange)
Antwan Simmons (SoundExchange)
Antwan Teague (SoundExchange)
Anutha Level Entertainment
Anvil Enterprises (Liberation Music)
Anvil Lane Records (Anvil Lane)
Anvil Recording Co Ltd (PPL)
Anvil Records (Anvil Records)
Anvil Records (Shutterspeed)(Right Now)
Anwar Fonseca (SoundExchange)
Anxious Records Limited (Warner)
Any Kind of Music (SoundExchange)
Anytime (PPL)
Ante S. Gelo (SoundExchange)
Antediluvian Rocking Horse
Anzel Anzel Music (SoundExchange)
Anzic Records (SoundExchange)
Anzic Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
AO Recordings
AOE Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Aoeria Music (SoundExchange)
AOL (Warner)
AOMusic (SoundExchange)
Aozora Record (EMI)
AP Music (PPL)
AP Productions (PPL)
APC Tracks (SoundExchange)
Apace Music (PPL)
Apache Ranch Records (SoundExchange)
Apaixonada Music (SoundExchange)
Ape (SoundExchange)
Ape House Ltd (SoundExchange)
Ape Music (PPL)
Ape Recordings (PPL)
Apertif Records (Apertif Records)
Aperture Records Ltd (PPL)
Apestaartje (SoundExchange)
Apex Music (SoundExchange)
Apex Nashville (SoundExchange)
Apex Records (SoundExchange)
Apex Studio (SoundExchange)
APG Music (SoundExchange)
Aphelion (SoundExchange)
Aphrodisiax Productions (PPL)
Aphrodite Recordings (PPL)
APMD (Art Phillips Music Design)
Apocalypse (PPL)
Apollo Flash Records (PPL)
Apollo Recordings (PPL)
Apollo Run (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Apollo Sound/Etc (PPL)
Apollocom (EMI)
Aponte (SoundExchange)
Aporia Records (SoundExchange)
Appaloosa (SoundExchange)
Appalseed (SoundExchange)
Appi (SoundExchange)
Applause (PPL)
Applewhite Production (SoundExchange)
Apparel Music (PPL)
Apple (EMI)
Apple (PPL)
Apple Audio (PPL)
Apple House (SoundExchange)
Apple x UK (SoundExchange)
Apple Records (EMI)
Appledore Music (PPL)
Approaching Nirvana (SoundExchange)
Apria Records (SoundExchange)
April H. Bailey (SoundExchange)
Apropos (PPL)
Apsis Music (SoundExchange)
Apsis Records (PPL)
APT 19 Music (SoundExchange)
Aqua (PPL)
Aqua Azul Records (SoundExchange)
Aqua Blue Records (SoundExchange)
Aqua Ltd (PPL)
Aquagem Records (SoundExchange)
Aqualoop (Central Station Records)
Aqualoop (SoundExchange)
Aquarians Son (SoundExchange)
Aquarius (SoundExchange)
Aquarius (Prefix:aq,AQL) (PPL)
Aquarius International (SoundExchange)
Aquarius Records (Unidisc)
Aquarius Records (SoundExchange)
Aquarius Records LTD. (SoundExchange)
Aquatic Lab Records (SoundExchange)
Aquetra Records (SoundExchange)
Aquellos Maravillosos 50 (EMI)
Aqui Vinyl (PPL)
Aquifier (Fred Small) (SoundExchange)
Ar Kessinger Music (SoundExchange)
Ar Log (PPL)
Ar Records (PPL)
Ara (PPL)
Ara Huyett (SoundExchange)
Aram Bedrosian (SoundExchange)
Aramac (PPL)
Aran (PPL)
Aran Records (PPL)
Aranda (SoundExchange)
Araucaria (PPL)
Arbanlay Limited (PPL)
Arbaon Records (SoundExchange)
Arbitors (PPL)
Arbor Records (SoundExchange)
Arbors Jazz (PPL)
- 12 -
Arbors Records (PPL)
Arborvitae (SoundExchange)
Arborvitae Records (SoundExchange)
Arc (PPL)
Arc Music (PPL)
Arc Records (Unidisc)
Arcade Fire Music Ltd (PPL)
Arcade Pony (PPL)
Arcana (SoundExchange)
Arch Hill Recordings (Hot)
Arcenciel (SoundExchange)
Archetype (SoundExchange)
Archetype Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Archeus Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Archipel (PPL)
Archiphon (PPL)
Architects of Melody Records LLC
Architecture (Bit By Bats, Death Cab for
Cutie, Spod)(Shock Entertainment)
Archival (SoundExchange)
Archtop Records (SoundExchange)
Arclite Records (PPL)
Arctic Music (PPL)
Arctic Music Group (SoundExchange)
Arctic Records (PPL)
Ardec (PPL)
Ardeem (Kinniburgh, Jacob)
Arden Hill Farm (PPL )
Ardent Records (EMI)
Ardent Records-Sre Recordings
Ardustry Home (SoundExchange)
Area38 (PPL)
Areal Records (SoundExchange)
A-Records (PPL)
Areito (PPL)
Arena (PPL)
Area FX Music (SoundExchange)
Arena Music (PPL)
Areanova (SoundExchange)
Aretha Chapman (SoundExchange)
Arf! Arf! Records (SoundExchange)
Argentum (SoundExchange)
Argus (PPL)
Arhoolie Records (Hot)
Ari Shagal (SoundExchange)
Ari Vais (SoundExchange)
Aria B. G. Records (SoundExchange)
Ariel Israeli (SoundExchange)
Ariel Rubin (SoundExchange)
Arielle Jones (SoundExchange)
Aries Marquis (SoundExchange)
Aries Music Ent. (SoundExchange)
Arif Cooper (SoundExchange)
Arik Shahar (SoundExchange)
Arin Lawrence (SoundExchange)
Arin M. Laurence/ Andre Blake
Arin M. Laurence/ Daru Jones
Arin M. Laurence/ Nicholas Cassarino
Arin M. Laurence/ Timothy Franklin
Ariola (Local) (Sony Music Ent.)
Ariola Germany (Sony Music Ent.)
Ariola Germany (SoundExchange)
Arion Records LLP (PPL)
Arisen From Nothing (SoundExchange)
Arishma (PPL)
Arista Nashville (Sony Music Ent.)
Arista UK (Sony Music Ent)
Arista USA (Sony Music Ent)
Arista/Legacy (Sony Music Ent)
Arival Records (PPL)
Ariztical Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Arizor Music (SoundExchange)
Ark (PPL)
Ark 21 (Hot)
Ark 21 (SoundExchange)
Ark 21 Recordings (SoundExchange)
Ark Music (AJO Services)
Ark Music (SoundExchange)
Ark Recordings (SoundExchange)
Ark Records (PPL)
Ark Records Inc. (SoundExchange)
Ark Records, inc. (SoundExchange)
Ark Records, inc. (SoundExchange)
Ark Records, inc./ arkmusic
Ark21 Records (SoundExchange)
Arka Sound (PPL)
Arkadia Productions Ltd (PPL)
Arkain Records (SoundExchange)
Arkham House (PPL)
Arkhive Records (SoundExchange)
Arkia Hall (SoundExchange)
Arkon Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Arktik (PPL)
Arl (SoundExchange)
Arlington J. Jones II (SoundExchange)
Arlo and Betty Recordings LTD
ARLT Recordings (SoundExchange)
Arm Records (PPL)
Armada (Armada Music)
Armada (SoundExchange)
Armada Digital (SoundExchange)
Armada Music (SoundExchange)
Armada/ A State of Trance
Armada/ Pilot 6 (SoundExchange)
Armchair Circus Music (Armchair Circus)
Armed Records (X-Mix)(PPL)
Armellodie Records (PPL)
Armin (SoundExchange)
Armind (Armada Music)
Armind (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Armind Oud (SoundExchange)
Armintha Williams (SoundExchange)
Armita Records (SoundExchange)
Armoured Records (SoundExchange)
Army Of DJs (Powderworks Records)
Arnetta Yancey & New Beginning
Arnold Patton (SoundExchange)
Arnold Puello (SoundExchange)
Arnouve Records (Arnouve Records)
Arnybarn Music (SoundExchange)
Aroma Records Germany (SoundExchange)
Arogole Music
Aropa Records (Armada Music)
Aropa Records (SoundExchange)
Armshouse Records (PPL)
ARP (SoundExchange)
Arpa Musical (SoundExchange)
Arpad Kollanyi (PPL)
Arpreggio (PPL)
Arrebato (EMI)
Arrigo Barnabe (SoundExchange)
Arrival (PPL)
Arriverderci Baby (PPL)
Arrounders (PPL)
Arrow Affiliate Music Group
Arrow Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Arrow Soul Records (SoundExchange)
Arrowhead Records (SoundExchange)
Arroyo (SoundExchange)
ARS Entertainment (Toco)
Ars Musici (PPL)
ARS Productions (Toco)
Arse Deco Records (PPL)
Arsenal Productions LLC (Blue Pie
Arsis (SoundExchange)
Art & Artist (PPL)
Art (PPL)
Art Brut (Shock Entertainment)
Art Fag Recordings (SoundExchange)
Art Food Music (SoundExchange)
Art For Amnesty (PPL)
Art For Art’s Sake Records
Art In Trance (Creation In Trance)
Art Is (PPL)
Art of Life Recordings (SoundExchange)
Art Of Pop (PPL)
Art Vs Science (Art Vs Science Pty Ltd)
Art Yard (PPL)
Art Yard Records (PPL)
Artap (SoundExchange)
Artefact (PPL)
Artek (SoundExchange)
Artelier Music (SoundExchange)
Artemis (SoundExchange)
Artemis Classical (SoundExchange)
Artemis Classics (SoundExchange)
- 13 -
Artemis Gospel (SoundExchange)
Artemis Nashville (SoundExchange)
Artery (SoundExchange)
Artform (PPL)
Artful Records (PPL)
Arthur Alexander (SoundExchange)
Arthur Benton (SoundExchange)
Arthur Moore (SoundExchange)
Arthur Wheeler (SoundExchange)
Arthaus (Select)
Arthoused Ltd (PPL)
Artic (SoundExchange)
Artic Records (PPL)
Artifact Records (PPL)
Artifex Records (SoundExchange)
Artifice Media (SoundExchange)
Artillery (SoundExchange)
Artisan Recordings (PPL)
Artisans (SoundExchange)
Artison Records (PPL)
Artist Den (SoundExchange)
Artist Direct (PPL)
Artist Direct (Shock Entertainment)
Artist First (Jerry Lee Lewis)(Shock
Artist First (SoundExchange)
Artists First (SoundExchange)
Artist Network (SoundExchange)
Artist One-Stop (SoundExchange)
Artist Record Company (PPL)
Artiste Records (SoundExchange)
Artistic (PPL)
Artistik Records (PPL)
Artistocrat P/L (Artistocrat)
Artlos (PPL)
Arts & Crafts (Shock Entertainment)
Arts Productions Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Artschool Dropout (SoundExchange)
Artscope Music (Artscope Music)
Artsendproductions (Allan, Jane)
Artsong Music (SoundExchange)
Arturo Ortega Vela
Arturo Varak Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Arum Rae (SoundExchange)
Arun Luthra (SoundExchange)
Arun Shenroy Music Production
Arvato (Warner)
Arythmie Productions (SoundExchange)
AS Productions (PPL)
Asarae Productions (SoundExchange)
ASC World Music (AURA)
Ascend Records (SoundExchage)
Ascendancy (PPL)
Ascending Mortals Production
Ascension Music (PPL)
Ascetic (SoundExchange)
Asco Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Asefra (SoundExchange)
Asemota Music Group (SoundExchange)
Asgard Records (SoundExchange)
Ash Cache Music Records (SoundExchange)
Ash International (PPL)
Ash Kernen (SoundExchange)
Asharic Records (Asharic Records)
A-Sharp Records (SoundExchange)
Ashe (PPL)
Asheba (SoundExchange)
Ashika (PPL)
Ashland (SoundExchange)
Ashleigh Somerville (SoundExchange)
Ashley Bean (SoundExchange)
Ashley Lennon Thomas (SoundExchange)
Ashley McBryde (SoundExchange)
Ashley McConnell (SoundExchange)
Ashley McMillen (SoundExchange)
Ashley Reynolds (SoundExchange)
Ashley Rose (SoundExchange)
Ashley Sadler (SoundExchange)
Ashley Scott (SoundExchange)
Ashquad (PPL)
Ashrei (SoundExchange)
Asi Canta Mexico (SoundExchange)
Asian Dawn Recordings (PPL)
Asia J (SoundExchange)
Asid Reignz Music (SoundExchange)
Asilomar Records (SoundExchange)
Ask Records (PPL)
Ask You In Gray (SoundExchange)
Askai Records (PPL)
ASP (SoundExchange)
ASP Experience (SoundExchange)
Aspecialthing Records (SoundExchange)
Aspen Woods (PPL)
Asphalt (PPL)
Asphodel (Hot)
Asphodel Ltd (SoundExchange)
Aspidistra (PPL)
Aspidistra Records (PPL)
Aspiration (PPL)
Assart Records (PPL)
Assembly Line Gods (SoundExchange)
Assembly Music Group
Assembley Records (PPL)
Associate Music (PPL)
Association Of Indepdent (PPL)
Associatedminds (PPL)
Assorted Records (PPL)
Asta Binnie (Binnie, Asta)
Aston Shuffle Music Pty Ltd (Aston Shuffle
Music Pty Ltd)
Astound Records (Astound Records)
Astra Kelly (SoundExchange)
Astra Records Ltd (PPL)
Astral Music Ltd (PPL)
Astral Recordings (PPL)
Astral Records (Specific Recordings) (Blue
Pie Productions)
March 2014
Astralwerks (EMI)
Astralwerks Forgign Catalog (EMI)
Astralwerks Records (EMI)
Asterix Music (Ministry Of Sound)
Astro Meter Music (SoundExchange)
ASV Classical (EMI)
ASV Quicksilva (SoundExchange)
Asylum Music Ltd (PPL)
Asylum Records (Warner)
Asymmetric Productions (PPL)
At A Loss Recordings (SoundExchange)
At Band (SoundExchange)
At Large (EMI)
At Large Recordings (EMI)
At Peace Media (SoundExchange)
At Records (PPL)
At Sea Records (PPL)
Ataitsus Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Atal (PPL)
Atavistic (SoundExchange)
Atavisme Records (SoundExchange)
ATC Records (SoundExchange)
ATCR (SoundExchange)
Atendisk Recordings (Akhenaten Music)
Athene – Minerva (PPL)
Athene (PPL)
Atherton (SoundExchange)
Atic (PPL)
Atic (SoundExchange)
Atic Music (SoundExchange)
Atic Records (PPL)
Atjazz Record Company (PPL)
Atlantic / Acto (Warner)
Atlantic/Pacific (SoundExchange)
Atlantic Classics (Warner)
Atlantic Jazz (Warner)
Atlantic Jaxx Recordings (PPL)
Atlantic Nashville (Warner)
Atlantic Records (Patrick Hagennar) (PPL)
Atlantic Records (Warner)
Atlas Soul (SoundExchange)
Atlasonic Records (PPL)
ATM Records (PPL)
Atmospheriques (SoundExchange)
Atmosphoria Records (SoundExchange)
ATO (Ben Kweller, Patty Griffin, Liz Phair,
Gomez, North Mississippi AllStars)(Shock Entertainment)
ATO c/o Cal Financial Group (Drive By
Truckers) (Shock Entertainment)
ATO Records (PPL)
Atoll Music (SoundExchange)
Atomic Heart (Liberation Heart)
Atomic Pop (SoundExchange)
Atomic Recordings (PPL)
Atomic Records (PPL)
Atol (PPL)
Atom Bomb Records (SoundExchange)
Atom Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
Atom Seed (PPL)
- 14 -
Atomic Brother Music (SoundExchange)
Atomic Brother Recordings
Atomic Music (Warner)
A-Town Records (SoundExchange)
ATP Recordings (PPL)
ATP Recordings (SoundExchange)
ATP Records (SoundExchange)
Atracao (SoundExchange)
Atre Vireum (PPL)
Atrumorbis Inc (SoundExchange)
Atsuo (SoundExchange)
Attack 9 (SoundExchange)
Attack Attack (PPL)
Attack Monkey Productions
Attention Required LLC (SoundExchange)
Attic (PPL)
Attic Records (Unidisc)
Attic Records (PPL)
Attila Kovacs (SoundExchange)
Attitude (SoundExchange)
Attitude Records (PPL)
Attitude Trax (PPL)
Attune (SoundExchange)
Attune Records (SoundExchange)
Attrix (PPL)
ATV Northern Productions (EMI)
Au Nom De l’Amoue (SoundExchange)
Aubergine Records (SoundExchange)
Audible Chocolate Productions
Audible Sounds (Audible Sounds)
Audicord (PPL)
Audience (SoundExchange)
Audio B (PPL)
Audio Blueprint (PPL)
Audio Connoisseur (SoundExchange)
Audio Couture (PPL)
Audio Damage Records (PPL)
Audio Fidelity (Hot)
Audio Lotion Recordings (SoundExchange)
Audio Menace (PPL)
Audio Renaissance (SoundExchange)
Audio Rule Sound (SoundExchange)
Audio-ill (SoundExchange)
Audio Therapy (PPL)
Audio Therapy (SoundExchange)
Audio Zoo Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Audiobulb Records (PPL)
Audiodamgage Records (PPL)
Audiofile Records (PPL)
Audiofilms Recordings (SoundExchange)
Audiofon (SoundExchange)
Audiolot (SoundExchange)
Audiomasters (V & H Holdings)
Audiomatic Recordings (PPL)
Audiomatique Records (SoundExchange)
Audiomatrix (SoundExchange)
Audionest (EMI)
Audiopact (SoundExchange)
Audiophile (PPL)
Audiophile Records (SoundExchange)
Audiophile Series (PPL)
Audiophonic (SoundExchange)
Audioporn (PPL)
Audioporn (SoundExchange)
Audiorec (PPL)
Audiorec Bronze (PPL)
Audiorec Classics (PPL)
Audiorec Primium (PPL)
Audiorec Silver (PPL)
Audioslam (Pitcher, Brian & Wallace, Brad)
Audiostate 55 Entertainment
Audiotherapy (SoundExchange)
Audiotree Music (SoundExchange)
Audiotree LLC. (SoundExchange)
Audiowarefare (PPL)
Audioworks (PPL)
Auditory Sculpture Records
Audobulb Records (PPL)
Audraglint (SoundExchange)
Audrey Levine (SoundExchange)
Aufheben (SoundExchange)
Aufheben Records (SoundExchange)
Au-Go-Go (SoundExchange)
August Son Productions (August Son
August Way (August Way)
Augustus Hill Records (SoundExchange)
Augmenter Music Group (SoundExchange)
Augmenter Recordings (SoundExchange)
AUM Studio Productions (SoundExchange)
Aund (PPL)
Aunjel Adams (SoundExchange)
Aunthill Records (PPL)
Aural Ecstasy Records (Michael Cardy)
Aural Gratification (SoundExchange)
Aural Gravy Records (SoundExchange)
AURArecords (AURArecords)
Aurium (SoundExchange)\
Aursic Records (SoundExchange)
Aus Records (PPL)
Aus Music (SoundExchange)
Aust Broadcasting Corp (SoundExchange)
Austex (SoundExchange)
Austin Bridger Robinson (SoundExchange)
Austin City Limits Music Festival
Austin Getz (SoundExchange)
Austin Gould (SoundExchange)
Austin Hanks (SoundExchange)
Austin Harris/ McKendrick Bearden
Austin Haynes Music (SoundExchange)
Austin Lyons Jr. (SoundExchange)
Austin Merrill (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Austin Stone Worship (SoundExchange)
Austin Wintory (SoundExchange)
Austist Records (SoundExchange)
Australian Crawl Enterprises (Australian
Crawl Enterprises)
Auston Martin Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Aus Records (PPL)
Authentic (PPL)
Authentic Media (PPL)
Authentic Music (PPL)
Authority (SoundExchange)
Authority Records (SoundExchange)
Autobahn (SoundExchange)
Autobus (PPL)
Autobus (SoundExchange)
Autograph Recording (SoundExchange)
Automater Records (PPL)
Automatic Records Ltd (PPL)
Automatique (EMI)
Autonomous (SoundExchange)
Autonomy (EMI)
Autospace Records (PPL)
Auto-Retrato (EMI)
Autum Brown (SoundExchange)
Autumn / Vault (Warner)
Autumn Harvest (PPL)
Autumn Lee Music (SoundExchange)
Autumn Tone (SoundExchange)
Autumn Zone (SoundExchange)
Autumn’s Grey Solace (SoundExchange)
Auvidas (SoundExchange)
Aux Records (SoundExchange)
AUX Technology (PPL)
Auxillary (Murray, Pete)
AV Entertainment (SoundExchange)
AV International (PPL)
AV Records (PPL)
AVA (SoundExchange)
Ava Blue (Armada Music)
Ava Blue (SoundExchange)
Ava Lemert (SoundExchange)
Ava Recordings (Armada Music)
Ava Recordings (SoundExchange)
Available Light Records (SoundExchange)
Avalanche (SoundExchange)
Avalanche Music Hut (PPL)
Avalon Japan (SoundExchange)
Avalon Records (SoundExchange)
Avalon Records Ltd. C/O Bardis Music
Avalon Services Publishing
Avant Garde (New York)(Move)
Avante Garde Music (SoundExchange)
Avanti Classic (PPL)
Avanti Jazz (PPL)
Avap Records (SoundExchange)
Acarice Ent (SoundExchange)
Avatar & The Eternal (Meeson, Catherine)
- 15 -
Ave Dat (PPL)
Ave Productions (SoundExchange)
Ave Sol Records (SoundExchange)
Aveca Records (PPL)
Avenger Penguin Music (PPL)
Avenue (EMI)
Avenue Road Limited (Avenue Road
Avert Your Eyes (SoundExchange)
Average Bear (PPL)
Average Joes Enterainment
Average Joes Entertainment Group
Avery Stafford (SoundExchange)
Avex (PPL)
Avex Mode (SoundExchange)
Avex Trax (SoundExchange)
Avex UK Ltd (PPL)
Avex/Six6 (PPL)
AVH Entertainment (SoundExchange)
AVH Productions (SoundExchange)
Avi Kulawy (SoundExchange)
Avian Music (Salisbury, David)
Avian Sunrise (SoundExchange)
Avid (Video)(PPL)
Avid Records (PPL)
Avid-Masters Series UK (SoundExchange)
Avie (PPL)
Avie (Select)
Avie Records (PPL)
AVJ Records (SoundExchange)
Avlos (EMI)
AVM Classic Library (PPL)
AVM Classics (PPL)
AVM Metalworks (PPL)
AVM Powerhouse (PPL)
AVM Records (PPL)
AVM Sound Of Belgium (PPL)
AVN Music (Salisbury, David)
Avoca Drive (Avoca Drive)
Avocado Records (EMI)
Avocado Records (PPL)
Avon (PPL)
Avon Junkies (SoundExchange)
AVS Entertainment Music LLC
AVXP Music (SoundExchange)
AW Music (SoundExchange)
AW Productions (SoundExchange)
Awake Sounds (EMI)
Awake! Awake! (SoundExchange)
Awaken (PPL)
Awakening (SoundExchange)
Aware-One Records (SoundExchange)
Away-Team Music (SoundExchange)
AWB Classics Ltd (PPL)
A-Wave (PPL)
A-Wave Records (PPL)
A-Wave.Com Ltd (PPL)
Awele Makeba (SoundExchange)
Awen (PPL)
Awesome Productions and Management
Awesome Records (PPL)
Awesome Tapes from Africa
Awie Entertainment SDN BHD (EMI)\
Awkward Movements (PPL)
AWM Records (SoundExchange)
Awood M. Johnson (SoundExchange)
Aw-Yeah Productions (SoundExchange)
AXB (SoundExchange)
Axel Steuerwald (SoundExchange)
Axis (EMI)
Axis (SoundExchange)
Axis Records (EMI)
Axtone Records (PPL)
Axum Records (PPL)
Aye Look Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Aya World Productions (SoundExchange)
Ayanapa (PPL)
Ayanna M. Smith (SoundExchange)
Ayetunes (PPL)
Aymar (SoundExchange)
Ayngaren International (PPL)
Ayngaren Music (PPL)
AYO Music (PPL)
Ayres (SoundExchange)
AYS Hagseed (PPL)
Ayva Music Producciones S.L. (other)
A-Z Pavement Records (PPL)
AZ Records (PPL)
A-Z Records (PPL)
Azdronomical (PPL)
Azica Records (SoundExchange)
Aztec Mus (SoundExchange)
Aztec Records Ltd (PPL)
Aztec Storm (PPL)
Azteca (SoundExchange)
Azteca Records, LLC. (SoundExchange)
Azul Music (SoundExchange)
Azuli Records (PPL)
Azuquita Y Su Melao (SoundExchange)
Azure Image (Azure Image)
Azure Records (PPL)
Azure Noir (SoundExchange)
Azurre Music (PPL)
Azurre Records (PPL)
Azusa Music Group (SoundExchange)
Azylum Records (SoundExchange)
Azzure (PPL)
B New Entertainment (SoundExchange)
B & B Music Ltd (PPL)
B & C Records (SoundExchange)
B & H Music (PPL)
B & H Sforza (PPL)
B & L (PPL)
March 2014
B & M Records Inc (SoundExchange)
B & W Music (SoundExchange)
B and H Sound Services (PPL)
B and H Sound Services Ltd (PPL)
B Boy B (SoundExchange)
B Discs (PPL)
B Freak (PPL)
B G Records (SoundExchange)
B Hedgehog (PPL)
B Side Music (SoundExchange)
B Unique Records (PPL)
B Y Music Limited (PPL)
B.A.S.E. Inc Music (SoundExchange)
B.C.M. Records (PPL)
B.B. Bling (SoundExchange)
B.G. Kneller Music (PPL)
B.G.K. Music (PPL)
B.I.G.F.A.C.E. Entertainment
B.P. Records (Parlane, Brent Richmond)
B.R. Worldwide (SoundExchange)
B.R. Worldwide Entertainment
B.Rocket (PPL)
B.U.G.S. Records (PPL)
B.U.K.A. Entertainment (SoundExchange)
B&B Records (SoundExchange)
B&B Records / 37 Records
B&D Entertainment (SoundExchange)
B’Nai Brith Music Festival (PPL)
B’Nai Brith Records (PPL)
B-Live (SoundExchange)
B-Strong Records (SoundExchange)
B3 (SoundExchange)
B3nson Records (SoundExchange)
B9 Records (PPL)
BA Emerald (PPL)
Ba Da Bing Records (SoundExchange)
Ba Da Bing! (SoundExchange)
Baad! Records (PPL)
Babbling Brooke Records (SoundExchange)
Babilonia (SoundExchange)
Baby Boom Music (SoundExchange)
Baby Boomer Records (SoundExchange)
Baby Dee Records (SoundExchange)
Baby Dude Records (SoundExchange)
Baby Mother (PPL)
Baby Records (PPL)
Baby Records (SoundExchange)
Baby Teeth (SoundExchange)
Baby’s First (SoundExchange)
Babyangel Records (PPL)
Bac Pay Records (PPL)
Bacci Bros (PPL)
Bacci Bros Records (PPL)
Baccus (SoundExchange)
Back Publishing
Back Beat (SoundExchange)
Back Door (PPL)
Back In the Day Records (PPL)
- 16 -
Back Pocket Records (Namesoft Computer)
Back Pocket Records (SoundExchange)
Back Porch (EMI)
Back Porch Records (EMI)
Backporch (EMI)
Back Road Pickers (SoundExchange)
Back Roads Records (SoundExchange)
Back Yard Recordings (PPL)
Backbeat Records (SoundExchange)
Backbender Records (SoundExchange)
Backbone (PPL)
Backburner Records (SoundExchange)
Backing Music Records (PPL)
Backlane Records (PPL)
Backspace Records (SoundExchange)
Backshift Music (PPL)
Backshore Productions (PPL)
Backstage Productions International
Backstory Records (SoundExchange)
Backtrack (Backtrack)
Backwater Records (PPL)
Backwards Compatible Records
Back2Forward (SoundExchange)
Back2Forward Records (SoundExchange)
Back2Forwards Records (SoundExchange)
Bactertia Buffet Records (SoundExchange)
Bad Ass Records (PPL)
Bad Baby Records (SoundExchange)
Bad Boy Bill (SoundExchange)
Bad Cop Bad Cop (Holstein, Justin Richard)
Bad Fish Records (PPL)
Bad Girl Sounds (SoundExchange)
Bad Hand Records (PPL)
Bad Life (PPL)
Bad Moon Records (PPL)
Bad Moock Rising (SoundExchange)
Bad Mother Records (PPL)
Bad News Blues Band (SoundExchange)
Bad News Records (SoundExchange)
Bad Newz Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Bad Nurse Records (PPL)
Bad Radcliffe (SoundExchange)
Bad Reputation (SoundExchange)
Bad Ronald Music (Urban Guerillas Popular
Bad Sister Music (SoundExchange)
Bad Sleep Well (SoundExchange)
Bad Sneakers Records (PPL)
Bad Taste Records (Bad Taste Records)
Bad Taste SM (PPL)
Bad Things (SoundExchange)
Badaway (SoundExchange)
Badazz Music (SoundExchange)
Badda Scat Records (SoundExchange)
Badge Music Group (SoundExchange)
Badger Creek Productions (SoundExchange)
Badive Music (SoundExchange)
Badness Records Cheltenham Ltd (PPL)
Baf Baf Records Production (PPL)
Bag Inc (PPL)
Baggy Trouser Music Ltd (PPL)
Bahool Records (Storm Front)
Bai Dai (EMI)
Bailey Park Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Bailey Records (SoundExchange)
Bajada Records (SoundExchange)
Bakehaus Records (BamBam Muzik)
Baker Music (PPL)
Baker Street Recordings (PPL)
Bakermoon Records (PPL)
Bakertown Records (SoundExchange)
Bakithi Kumalo Music (SoundExchange)
Balada (SoundExchange)
Balaerna Records (PPL)
Balanced Records (SoundExchange)
Baldomero Valdez (SoundExchange)
Baldwin Street Music (SoundExchange)
Balkan Beat Box (SoundExchange)
Balkan Samba Records (SoundExchange)
Ball-A-Karn (SoundExchange)
Ball Park Music Global Enterprise Pty Ltd.
Ballermann Hits (EMI)
Ballroom 2000 (PPL)
Balm Records/ Worship With Darshan
Balmorhea Music (SoundExchange)
Baloti Lawrence (SoundExchange)
Baltimore Music Ltd (PPL)
Bam Caruso (PPL)
Bam-j Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Bama Sweet Records (SoundExchange)
Bamajam Records (SoundExchange)
BamBam Muzik (BamBam Muzik)
Bambi Lee Savage (SoundExchange)
Bambini (Wright, Troy; Hosking, Brad;
Leigh, Sherridan; Commusication Pty Ltd)
Bamboo Gardens and Music
Bamboo Recordings (Vicious)
Bamboo Records (Xelon Entertainment)
Bamboozle Music (Elmac Pty Ltd)
Bambossa LLC (SoundExchange)
Bambou Music (PPL)
Bamn Family (SoundExchange)
Bamn Recordings (SoundExchange)
Banana (PPL)
Banana Boat Records Limited (PPL)
Banana Productions (SoundExchange)
Band Boy (PPL)
Band Control Records (PPL)
Band From County Hell (PPL)
Band Of Frequeencies (Mark Henman,
Hodaddy, Shannon Carroll, Owen J.
Band Of Gold Records (Majorbox Music)
Band of Joy (PPL)
Band Ranch (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Bandai (SoundExchange)
Bandaloop Records (SoundExchange)
Bandaz Records (SoundExchange)
Bandit Music (PPL)
Bandit Records (EMI)
Bandit (SoundExchange)
Bandit Records (SoundExchange)
Bandleader (PPL)
Bandleader Brass (PPL)
Bandleader Military (PPL)
Bandleader Mobile (PPL)
Bandleader Recordings (PPL)
Bandmerch (EMI)
Bandolera (SoundExchange)
Bandoozle Beatz (SoundExchange)
Bandoozle Beatz Records (SoundExchange)
Bandroom Records (Onelove Music)
Bandung (Armada Music)
Bang (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Bang A Bucket Music (SoundExchange)
Bang Back Records (SoundExchange)
Bang EFH (PPL)
Bang Gang (SoundExchange)
Bang Gang 12 Inches (Bang Gang 12
Bang It! (SoundExchange)
Bang Management (SoundExchange)
Bang On (SoundExchange)
Bang on Records (PPL)
Bang On The Table (SoundExchange)
Bangg Squadd (SoundExchange)
Banister (SoundExchange)
Banister Records, Inc. (SoundExchange)
Banjax (PPL)
Bankedoutt Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Bankroll (SoundExchange)
Banned Records (PPL)
Banquet Records (PPL)
Banshee Music (SoundExchange)
Banshee Records (PPL)
Banshee Worx BVBA (PPL)
Bantam (SoundExchange)
Banter Music (PPL)
Banter Records (SoundExchange)
Bao Vo Creative (SoundExchange)
Bapsi Records (PPL)
Bar De Lune (PPL)
Bar De Lune Singles (SoundExchange)
Bar De Soleil (PPL)
Barak (PPL)
Barak Entertainment inc. (SoundExchange)
Barak Hill (SoundExchange)
Barak Records (SoundExchange)
Barak Records (SoundExchange)
Barbaric Records (SoundExchange)
Barber’s Itch (SoundExchange)
Barbara Blue (SoundExchange)
Barbara Cupp (SoundExchange)
Barbara Jean Morrison (SoundExchange)
Barbara Solow (SoundExchange)
- 17 -
Barbaric Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Barbican Classics (PPL)
Barca Discos (SoundExchange)
Barclay (Universal)
Barcode Recordings (PPL)
Barcode Recordings (SoundExchange)
Bare Wires (PPL)
Barefeet Records (SoundExchange)
Barefoot Natives LLC (SoundExchange)
Barefoot Truth (SoundExchange)
Barefoot Records (SoundExchange)
Barely Breaking Even (PPL)
Barely Therapy Sounds (SoundExchange)
Barfight Records (SoundExchange)
Bargrooves (PPL)
Barhaz Music (SoundExchange)
Baria Records (SoundExchange)
Bark Records (PPL)
Barley Corn Records (PPL)
Barlotone Productions (SoundExchange)
Barnes Consultants (PPL)
Barnestone Studios (SoundExchange)
Barnaby Bright (SoundExchange)
Baron Lester (SoundExchange)
Baron Mclean (SoundExchange)
Baron Music Group (SoundExchange)
Baron Wright (SoundExchange)
Baronic (SoundExchange)
Baroque Records (PPL)
Baroque Records Ltd (PPL)
Baroquerecords (PPL)
Barrelorgan (PPL)
Barrett Johnson (SoundExchange)
Barret Smith (SoundExchange)
Barron Bollar (SoundExchange)
Barron Medlow (SoundExchange)
Barry Blazs (SoundExchange)
Barry Charles (Charles, Barry)
Barry Collings Entertainments (PPL)
Barry Finer (SoundExchange)
Barry Gordon Kneller Music (PPL)
Barry H. Smith (SoundExchange)
Barry Hicks (SoundExchange)
Barry Mackichan (SoundExchange)
Barry Mathers (SoundExchange)
Barry O’Reilly (O’Reilly, Barry)
Barry Phillips (SoundExchange)
Barry Records (Unidisc)
Barry Scott & Second Wind
Barry Solomon (SoundExchange)
Barry Sulkin (SoundExchange)
Barry U Records (PPL)
Barsuk Records (Shock Entertainment)
Bart (SoundExchange)
Bart Davenport (SoundExchange)
Barton Productions (PPL)
Baryon Records (SoundExchange)
Basejump Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Baseline Monsters (PPL)
Baseline Records (PPL)
Basement 282 (PPL)
Basement Birds (Basement Birds)
Basement Music (SoundExchange)
Basement Revolver (SoundExchange)
Basementalism Records (SoundExchange)
Basepoint Media (Warner)
Baseroom Records (PPL)
Bashy Holdings Ltd (SoundExchange)
Basic Beat Records (SoundExchange)
Basick Records (PPL)
BASIK Rkrds (Sony Music Ent)
Basin Records (Basin Records)
Basin Street (Hot)
Basista (PPL)
Basketcase (SoundExchange)
Bass (PPL)
Bass Box (EMI)
Bass Clef Records (PPL)
Bass Drum Of Death (SoundExchange)
Bass Generator Records (PPL)
Bass Industry Records (Bass Industry)
Bass Lion (SoundExchange)
Bass Ma Boom (SoundExchange)
Bass Punkz (Xelon Entertainment)
Bass Recording Group LLC
Basshead Music (SoundExchange)
Basslayerz (PPL)
Bassline Music Group (SoundExchange)
Bassman Gerry (PPL)
Bassmint (SoundExchange)
Basta (PPL)
Basta Audio-Visuals (SoundExchange)
Basta Music (SoundExchange)
Bastard Jazz (PPL)
Bat (SoundExchange)
Bat Head Records (PPL)
Baton Records (SoundExchange)
Battle Axe (SoundExchange)
Battle Born (SoundExchange)
Battle Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Battle Flags (SoundExchange)
Battle Music Records (PPL)
Battle Trax (PPL)
Battleco Ltd (PPL)
Battlegod Prductions (SoundExchange)
Battling Delerium (SoundExchange)
Batuta Records (SoundExchange)
Bauce Manentertainment (SoundExchange)
Baudelaire Label (SoundExchange)
Bauhaus Records LLP (PPL)
Bawden Productions (SoundExchange)
Bawl Platt Production (SoundExchange)
Baxter (SoundExchange)
Bay Cities (PPL)
Bay City Recordings (PPL)
Bay Records (PPL)
Bay Sound (SoundExchange)
Baycourt Limited (PPL)
March 2014
Bayer (SoundExchange)
Bayou Vista Records (SoundExchange)
Baza Lebel (EMI)
Bazooka (SoundExchange)
BB Recording Company (PPL)
BB Records (PPL)
BBC Music (PPL)
BBC Radio Classics (PPL)
BBC Worldwide Music (PPL)
BBE (Fuse Music Group P/L)
BBEG (SoundExchange)
BBH Entertainment (SoundExchange)
BBI Records (SoundExchange)
BBT Wreck-Hurdz (SoundExchange)
BC (SoundExchange)
BC Rec Productions (SoundExchange)
BCB (SoundExchange)
BCI Eclipse Records (SoundExchange)
BCP Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Bcore Disc (SoundExchange)
BCR Previews (SoundExchange)
BD Lenz (SoundExchange)
BD Musical Works (PPL)
BDI Records (PPL)
BDR (SoundExchange)
BDP Creative Pty Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Be Assured (PPL)
Be Bold Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Be a Star Entainment Music Group
Be Music (Be Music Pty Ltd)
Beacause Music / Ed Banger/ Vice
Beach Bag Records (SoundExchange)
Beach Hut Records Ltd (PPL)
Beachcomber Music (PPL)
Beacon (SoundExchange)
Beacon Music (PPL)
Beacon Records (SoundExchange)
Beads (SoundExchange)
Beady Eye Records (Liberation Music)
Beady Eye Records (PPL)
Beagle Boy Music (SoundExchange)
Beamish Records (PPL)
Bean Pie Records (SoundExchange)
Beanie (PPL)
Bear Family (PPL)
Bear Machine (SoundExchange)
Bear Necessities (PPL)
Bear Swamp Studio (SoundExchange)
Bear Tracks Records (PPL)
Bearfoot Bluegrass (SoundExchange)
Bearsville (Warner)
Beartramka (PPL)
Beast Records (Unidisc)
Beastie Records (PPL)
Beasts at Play (SoundExchange)
Beat Box Presents Subskript
- 18 -
Beat Cf Productions (PPL)
Beat Charge inc. (SoundExchange)
Beat Crazy (PPL)
Beat Dis (SoundExchange)
Beat Fruit (PPL)
Beat Happy Music (SoundExchange)
Beat Hog Productions (SoundExchange)
Beat Industries (PPL)
Beat Jockey Recordings (PPL)
Beat Matrix Music (SoundExchange)
Beat No Beat (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Beat Records (SoundExchange)
Beat Rocket (SoundExchange)
Beat Rude Records (PPL)
Beat Service Audio (SoundExchange)
Beat The Block Up Muzik and
Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Beatallica LLC (SoundExchange)
Beatbarn Productions Limited (PPL)
Beatbox Records, Inc (SoundExchange)
Beatcircle (PPL)
Beatcircut (SoundExchange)
Beatclub Recordings (PPL)
Beatdown (Sly City Entertainment)
Beaten Track (Breese, Rob)
Beaternity Records (SoundExchange)
Beatgeek Records (Beatport only )(Xelon
Beatles (EMI)
Beatlocker Music LP (SoundExchange)
Beatmakers Anonymous (PPL)
Beatport Promotion (SoundExchange)
Beatpromo (SoundExchange)
Beatroot Music (PPL)
Beats (PPL)
Beats & Pieces Records (PPL)
Beats Broke (SoundExchange)
Beats Galore (PPL)
Beatservice (SoundExchange)
Beatsgalore Records (SoundExchange)
Beatsquad (SoundExchange)
Beatville (PPL)
Beatvizion Music (SoundExchange)
Beatz (SoundExchange)
Beatz (S08
Beau Records (SoundExchange)
Beaucoup Blue LLC (SoundExchange)
Beau-Jolly (PPL)
Beaumex (PPL)
Beaumex (SoundExchange)
Beaumusique Memphisto (SoundExchange)
Beauregard Records (SoundExchange)
Beauteous Bird (SoundExchange)
Beautiful (PPL)
Beautiful Bomb Records (SoundExchange)
Beautiful Creatures (SoundExchange)
Beautiful Jo (PPL)
Beautiful Lies (SoundExchange)
Beautiful Noise (PPL)
Beautiful Noyze, LLC (SoundExchange)
Beautiful Records (PPL)
Beautiful Town Records (PPL)
Beave Music (SoundExchange)
Bebas (SoundExchange)
Be-Bop & Fresh (PPL)
Bec and Ben (Bryant, Ben & Callander,
BEC Recordings (EMI)
Bec Recordings (PPL)
BEC Records (EMI)
Bec Willis (Shock Entertainment)
Becalmed (SoundExchange)
Becky Frith Music (PPL)
Becky Blackaby (SoundExchange)
Becky Donohue (SoundExchange)
Bed Rock Productionz (SoundExchange)
Bedlam Records (Bedlam Records)
Bedrock Records (PPL)
Bedroom Beats Records (SoundExchange)
Bedroom Community (SoundExchange)
Bedroom Emperor Records (PPL)
Bedspring Music (PPL)
Bee’n’Flower (SoundExchange)
Bee Box (SoundExchange)
Bee Bump Music (SoundExchange)
Bee Cat (Sound Exchange)
Bee Guillory (SoundExchange)
Bee Sting Records (Robertson, Melissa)
Beebee’s (SoundExchange)
Beechwood (PPL)
Beechwood Records (PPL)
Beechwood Studio (SoundExchange)
Beefy Productions (SoundExchange)
Beefy Beef Productions (SoundExchange)
Beegum Creek Records (SoundExchange)
Beehive (SoundExchange)
Beehive Recordings (PPL)
Beehive Records (PPL)
Beeld En Geluid (SoundExchange)
Beeswax Records (PPL)
Beeswing (PPL)
Beer City (SoundExchange)
Beetroot Music (PPL)
Beezwax Records (SoundExchange)
Before (PPL)
Before Gronland (EMI)
Befriend the Bears (SoundExchange)
Beggars (PPL)
Beggars Banquet (Remote Control)
Beggars Orchestra (Beggars Orchestra)
Beggars UK Limited (EMI)
Behold Recordings (SoundExchange)
Beiler Bros Records (SoundExchange)
Bejole (SoundExchange)
Beko DSL (SoundExchange)
Bekam Records (SoundExchange)
Bel Air (PPL)
Bel Canto Society (PPL)
BelAir (Select)
Belart (Universal)
March 2014
Belgian House Mafia (SoundExchange)
Believe (PPL)
Belinda Fielding (Fielding, Belinda)
Belisario Music (SoundExchange)
Bell Arts Records (SoundExchange)
Bell Hollow (SoundExchange)
Bella Hardy (PPL)
Bella Italia (EMI)
Bella Union (PPL)
Bella Union (Universal)
Bella Vista Records (SoundExchange)
Bella Voce (SoundExchange)
Bellaphon (SoundExchange)
Bellbird Music (Bellbird)
Belle Epoque (EMI)
Belle Productions (SoundExchange)
Belle Voci (SoundExchange)
Belles Will Ring (Belles Will Ring)
Bellevue Suite (SoundExchange)
Belltree Records (PPL)
Bellusira (Bellusira)
Bellwood Japan (SoundExchange)
Belmando (PPL)
Below H2O (Blue Pie Productions)
Below The Surface Records (PPL)
Below Par (SoundExchange)
Below Par Records (EMI)
Beltane (SoundExchange)
Beltane Records (PPL)
Beltane Records (SoundExchange)
Belua (PPL)
Beluga Heights (SoundExchange)
Bema Media (SoundExchange)
Bembe (SoundExchange)
Bembry Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Bembry Music (SoundExchange)
Bemiss Boi Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Ben + Vesper (SoundExchange)
Ben Bernstein (SoundExchange)
Ben Cole (SoundExchange)
Ben Fillion (SoundExchange)
Ben Hall (SoundExchange)
Ben Harwood (SoundExchange)
Ben Hennessy (SoundExchange)
Ben Jeffries (SoundExchange)
Ben Kono (SoundExchange)
Ben Krames (SoundExchange)
Ben McMaster (McMaster, Ben)
Ben Monder (SoundExchange)
Ben Popp Records (SoundExchange)
Ben Salter (Salter, Ben)
Ben Sheehan (SoundExchange)
Ben Treeby (SoundExchange)
Ben Schmidt (Schmidt, Ben)
Ben Sures (SoundExchange)
Ben Wells (Wells, Benjamin L.)
Ben Wells and the Middle Names (Wells,
Benjamin L.)
Ben Wheatley (PPL)
Ben Wilkins (SoundExchange)
- 19 -
Beneath Me (SoundExchange)
Benbecula (PPL)
Bend Records (SoundExchange)
Benderx (SoundExchange)
Beneath Fire And Smoke (PPL)
Beneath Music (PPL)
Benglomusic (SoundExchange)
Benita Lewis Ollis (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Acolatse (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Basset (SoundExchange)
Benjamin C. Hardesty. (SoundExchange)
Benjamin David Reynolds (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Doerr Music (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Durazzo (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Gundersheimer (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Grant Mitchell (Mitchell,
Benjamin Grant)
Benjamin Lapidus (SoundExchange)
Benjamin M. Broadnax (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Mathews (Mathews, Benjamin)
Benjamin McAmis (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Mell (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Music Group (SoundExchange)
Benjamin R. Musser (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Rosenfeld (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Sharoni (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Swinburne (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Telfort (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Milburn (SoundExchange)
Benjamin W. Milburn (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Warren (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Wise (SoundExchange)
Benjamin Wood (SoundExchange)
Benji Shanks (SoundExchange)
Benm (SoundExchange)
Benn Gunn (Benn Gunn)
Bennet Brier (SoundExchange)
Bennet Hughes (SoundExchange)
Bennie Pearce Productions, LLC
Benny S (SoundExchange)
Benny Woodley (Woodley, Benedict Lionel)
Benny Harris (SoundExchange)
Bensem Records (PPL)
Benson (Sony Music Ent.)
Benson (UK)(PPL)
Bentham Recording Studio (PPL)
Benton Gardener (SoundExchange)
Benyo Music (SoundExchange)
Benz-Street (SoundExchange)
Benzarelli & Associates, LLC
Beracah (SoundExchange)
Beric Records (SoundExchange)
Berk Music (The Netherlands)(ToCo)
Berkana Music Collective (M.J. Wood
Berkeley (PPL)
Berlin Classics (PPL)
Berlin Classics (Select)
Berlin Classics Dokument (PPL)
Berlin Classics Eterna (PPL)
Berlin Classics Palladio (PPL)
Berlin Classics Pergamon (PPL)
Berlin Classics Quadriga (PPL)
Berlin Classics Rotonda (PPL)
Berlin Philharmonic (Select)
Bern One Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Bernal (SoundExchange)
Bernard Howard (SoundExchange)
Bernard Mayberry (SoundExchange)
Bernard Pettus (SoundExchange)
Bernard Versales (SoundExchange)
Bernard Yin (SoundExchange)
Bernard Yin / Daniel Ash (SoundExchange)
Bernd Friedmann (SoundExchange)
Bernella Levin (SoundExchange)
Bernahard Penzias (SoundExchange)
Bernice Lewis (SoundExchange)
Bernie Goydish (SoundExchange)
Berserkerfox (Berserkerfox)
Berry Brothers (SoundExchange)
Berry, Michael (Michael Berry)
Berry Funny (SoundExchange)
Bert Butts (SoundExchange)
Bert Campbell (SoundExchange)
Bert Delivert (SoundExchange)
Bert Hill Music (SoundExchange)
Bert Selen (SoundExchange)
Berto Lopez (SoundExchange)
Bertus (SoundExchange)
Beserkley (PPL)
Beshara Music (PPL)
Bespoke Music Management Ltd (PPL)
Best Beat Dance (PPL)
Best Before (SoundExchange)
Best before Records (PPL)
Best Coast (SoundExchange)
Best Entertainment (PPL)
Best Friends Records (SoundExchange)
Best Hand Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Best is Yet to Come (SoundExchange)
Best Now (EMI)
Best Of (PPL)
Best of Superstars (EMI)
Best Of the Damned (PPL)
Best Selection (EMI)
Best…Album in the World…Ever! (EMI)
Beta Music (SoundExchange)
Beta-Lactum Ring Records (PPL)
Beta to the Max (SoundExchange)
Beth Browne (SoundExchange)
Beth Freschi (SoundExchange)
Beth S. Brown (SoundExchange)
Beth Thornley (SoundExchange)
Beth Whitney (SoundExchange)
Bethany Bernard (SoundExchange)
Bethany Pickens (SoundExchange)
Bethel Music Publishing (SoundExchange)
Bethel Steele (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Bethesda (SoundExchange)
Betsy Marbry (SoundExchange)
Betsy Walker (SoundExchange)
Bethlehem (Altra Moda Music B.V.)
Better Angels Music (SoundExchange)
Better Day Records (PPL)
Better Days (PPL)
Better the Devil Records (PPL)
Betterworld Records (SoundExchange)
Bettie Rocket Records (SoundExchange)
Betty Rupert (SoundExchange)
Bettysoo (SoundExchange)
Between The Elephant’s Toes
Between Worlds Music (SoundExchange)
Beuatiful Pulse Music (SoundExchange)
Beulah (PPL)
Beulah Records (Beulah Records)
Bev Grant Music (SoundExchange)
Beverley Hills (PPL)
Beverly (EMI)
Beverly Martel Music (SoundExchange)
Beverly Rivers (SoundExchange)
Beverly’s (SoundExchange)
Beware Fashionable Women (PPL)
Bewilderbeats (Jacobson, Eddie)
Beyon Golia (PPL)
Beyond A Cappella (SoundExchange)
Beyond Beta (PPL)
Beyond Reality Music Ltd (PPL)
Beyond Records (PPL)
Beyond Stars Entertainment (Blue Pie
Beyond The Ashes (SoundExchange)
Beyond The Point Records (PPL)
Beyond (The Legacy) Music
BF Music (SoundExchange)
BFM Digital (SoundExchange)
BFM Jazz (SoundExchange)
BFTI Records (PPL)
BG Records (SoundExchange)
BG Records (Angel Face) (SoundExchange)
BGA Music Group (SoundExchange)
BGB Productions (SoundExchange)
BGMD Productions (SoundExchange)
BGO (SoundExchange)
BGP (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Bheja Fry Records (PPL)
BHM (SoundExchange)
BHM Productions (SoundExchange)
BHT Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Bi Rich Music (SoundExchange)
Bianca (PPL)
Bianca Meier (Meier, Bianca)
Bianca Simmone (PPL)
Bianca West (SoundExchange)
- 20 -
Bibliotec Recordings (SoundExchange)
Bibo (SoundExchange)
Bich Touring Enterprises (Bich Touring Ent)
Biddulph Recordings (PPL)
Bideri S.P.A. Napoli – Roma
Biff (PPL)
Biff Bang Pow (PPL)
Biff! Bang! Pow! Records (Right Now)
Big ‘R’ Records (PPL)
Big Alliance Records (SoundExchange)
Big As Life Recording Studio
Big Bad Records (EMI)
Big Bamboo (PPL)
Big Bang (SoundExchange)
Big Barn (SoundExchange)
Big Bear Records (PPL)
Big Beat (PPL)
Big Ben (PPL)
Big Black Shiny Piano (Charlie Chan)
Big Blue Ocean (SoundExchange)
Big Blue Zoo Records (SoundExchange)
Big Boss Music Limited (PPL)
Big Boss Records (SoundExchange)
Big Brass (PPL)
Big Break Records (SoundExchange)
Big Bright Beautiful Records (PPL)
Big Brother Recordings (PPL)
Big Buzz Records (PPL)
Big Cactus Records (PPL)
Big Cat Records (PPL)
Big Cedar Music (SoundExchange)
Big Cheese Records (Winn, Jason)
Big Chicago (SoundExchange)
Big Chill Records (PPL)
Big Dada (PPL)
Big Dada (Inertia)
Big Daddy D and The Dynamites
Big Deal Inc (aka Deluxe Records) (Blue Pie
Big Deal (SoundExchange)
Big Deal Records (SoundExchange)
Big Deal/Pal (SoundExchange)
Big Den Records and Entertainment
Big Dipper (PPL)
Big Dipper Productions (PPL)
Big Dream Christian Music
Big Ear Music (SoundExchange)
Big Faces Records (SoundExchange)
Big Fat Christian Records (PPL)
Big Feet Records Ltd (PPL)
Big Fiasco (EMI)
Big Fir Records (SoundExchange)
Big Fish (PPL)
Big Fish Recordings (SoundExchange)
Big Fish Records (SoundExchange)
Big Fish Little Fish (PPL)
Big Fruit Productions (SoundExchange)
Big G Money Music (SoundExchange)
Big Gates Management Group International
Big Giant (PPL)
Big Giant Music (PPL)
Big Gilson (SoundExchange)
Big Hand Recordings (PPL)
Big Hair (PPL)
Big Horse Records (SoundExchange)
Big |Idea Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Big Idea Records (PPL)
Big Idea/Word (PPL)
Big In Ibiza (PPL)
Big Jay Music Group (SoundExchange)
Big Kanaka & Modo, LLC
Big Kids Productions (SoundExchange)
Big League Productions (PPL)
Big Licks Digital (PPL)
Big Life Records (SoundExchange)
Big Label Records (SoundExchange)
Big Love (PPL)
Big Love and SMP Ltd (PPL)
Big Love Records Ltd (PPL)
Big Machine (Universal)
Big Mack Records (SoundExchange)
Big Mama Digital Entertainment
Big Mama Records (Warner)
Big Mama’s (SoundExchange)
Big Mo (PPL)
Big Money Records (SoundExchange)
Big Moon (PPL)
Big Mouth Frog Records (SoundExchange)
Big Mouth Japan (SoundExchange)
Bi Mouth Records (SoundExchange)
Big Muddy Record (SoundExchange)
Big/Nu Records (SoundExchange)
Big Noise Recordings (PPL)
Big Note (SoundExchange)
Big Oaks Records (SoundExchange)
Big On Road Records (PPL)
Big One Records (PPL)
Big OOMP (SoundExchange)
Big OOMP Records (SoundExchange)
Big OOMP / Koch Records
Big Panda Records (SoundExchange)
Big Penny Records (SoundExchange)
Big Play Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Big Pond Records (SoundExchange)
Big Print Music (PPL)
Big Print Music (SoundExchange)
Big Print Records (PPL)
Big Purr Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Big Recordings (PPL)
Big Records (Big Head Todd and The
Monsters) (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Big Red Balloon (SoundExchange)
Big Red Records (PPL)
Big Red Records (SoundExchange)
Big Riff Records (SoundExchange)
Big River (PPL)
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Big Room (PPL)
Big Rude Records (SoundExchange)
Big Scary Musc (Big Scary Music)
Big Shed Music (PPL)
Big Ship (PPL)
Big Shot Music Group (SoundExchange)
Big Sir (PPL)
Big Sky (PPL)
Big Sky Records (SoundExchange)
Big Sky Song Ltd (PPL)
Big Stone Music Ltd (PPL)
Big Store (EMI)
Big Sur Records (SoundExchange)
Big Swing Face (SoundExchange)
Big Ten House of Music (SoundExchange)
Big Time (EMI)
Big Time Phonograph Rec Co. (EMI)
Big Tim Records (Rock) (SoundExchange)
Big Top (SoundExchange)
Big Trash Records (PPL)
Big Thirsty Towels (SoundExchange)
Big Tree Publishing (SoundExchange)
Big Vin Records (SoundExchange)
Big Weekend Records (PPL)
Big Wheel Recreation (SoundExchange)
Big World Entertainment Group (Big Love
Big Wy (SoundExchange)
Big Yard (PPL)
Bigboy Music Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Bigcitybeats Recordings (SoundExchange)
Bigfoot Records (SoundExchange)
BigfootTown (SoundExchange)
Biggavishun, inc. (SoundExchange)
Bigger Picture Group (SoundExchange)
Bigger Than The Barn Records
Biggroove Records (PPL)
Bighelium Records (SoundExchange)
Bigscore (SoundExchange)
Bigstat (SoundExchange)
Big-GZ Writaz (PPL)
Big3 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Big3 Records (EMI)
Big3 Records (SoundExchange)
Bijou Records Canada (SoundExchange)
Bilawin Records (SoundExchange)
Bilingual Baby (SoundExchange)
Bill & Kathy Kettle (Kettle, Kathleen J)
Bill & Kathy Kettle (Kettle, William R)
Bill ‘Howl-N-Madd’ Perry
Bill Bowman (SoundExchange)
- 21 -
Bill Drescher (SoundExchange)
Bill James (SoundExchange)
Bill Keis Music (SoundExchange)
Bill Mack (SoundExchange)
Bill Madison Music (SoundExchange)
Bill Mize (SoundExchange)
Bill Owens (SoundExchange)
Bill Parton Trio (Bill Parton Trio)
Bill Ruby (SoundExchange)
Bill Williams (SoundExchange)
Billeegee Productions (SoundExchange)
Billy Adams Woodson (SoundExchange)
Billy Alsbrooks (SoundExchange)
Billy Boy On Poison (SoundExchange)
Billy Bridge (Bridge, Billy)
Billy David Millican Publishing
Billy Deaton (SoundExchange)
Billy Don Burns (SoundExchange)
Billy Fingers (SoundExchange)
Billy Gardell (SoundExchange)
Billy Joe Walker, Jr. (SoundExchange)
Billy Jonas (SoundExchange)
Billy Livsey (SoundExchange)
Billy Ray McClelland (SoundExchange)
Billy Scott/ Stephen Floyd (SoundExchange)
Billy Shields (SoundExchange)
Billy Townes (SoundExchange)
Birdietunes (SoundExchange)
Birdmonster (SoundExchange)
Binary Finary Recordings (PPL)
Binary Girl Records (SoundExchange)
Bing!Bang!Bong! (Level Two Music)
Binge Discs (SoundExchange)
Bingo Bass (PPL)
Bingo Beats (PPL)
Binky Records (SoundExchange)
Binny G Productions (PPL)
Bio Music (PPL)
Bio Records (PPL)
Biondi Records (PPL)
Bionic Orgazm Productions (PPL)
Biotic (PPL)
Bip Records (SoundExchange)
Bipolaroid (SoundExchange)
Bird Dog Recordings (PPL)
Bird Head (EMI)
Bird Ice Records (PPL)
Bird Music (Parallell Lions) (Shock
Bird Records (PPL)
Birdbrain (Den Elzen, Michael)
Birdbrain Recotds (Birdbrain Records)
Birdfish (SoundExchange)
Birdland (PPL)
Birdland Records (SoundExchange)
Birdman (SoundExchange)
Birdwing (PPL)
Birds of Steel (EMI)
Birds Of Tokyo (Birds Of Tokyo Pty Ltd)
Birds Robe Records (Bird’s Robe
Collaboration Band) (Solo, Michael)
Birdstale Records (SoundExchange)
Birmingham UK Records (PPL)
Birmingham’s Best (SoundExchange)
Birth (PPL)
BIS (Select)
Biscoito Fino (SoundExchange)
Bish Bash Records (PPL)
Bish Music (SoundExchange)
Bishop Morocco (SoundExchange)
Bismeaux (SoundExchange)
Bismeaux Productions (SoundExchange)
Bitch Lyrics Recordings (PPL)
Bitch Records (PPL)
Bitches Brew (PPL)
Bitchin (PPL)
Bite Back Recordings (BTE)(PPL)
Bitesized Records (SoundExchange)
Bitt Ein Beat (Ministry Of Sound)
Bitter Lemon Recordings (SoundExchange)
Bitterscene Records Redlabel (PPL)
Bittersuite Records (Bittersuite)
Bius Records (PPL)
Biv 10 Records (Universal)
Bixby Lane (SoundExchange)
B iz Music (PPL)
Bizzare Planet (SoundExchange)
BIYS Media Group (PPL)
BJ Cash (SoundExchange)
BJK Productions (SoundExchange)
Bjorn Englen (SoundExchange)
Bjuum (PPL)
BKD Karaoke Studio (SoundExchange)
BKLK (SoundExchange)
BKO Digital (SoundExchange)
BKO Management (SoundExchange)
BKO Productions (PPL)
BKS Records (SoundExchange)
Blac Currency (SoundExchange)
Black Acre (SoundExchange)
Black & Blue Records (PPL)
Black & White Music (PPL)
Black & White (Reggae) (SoundExchange)
Black (PPL)
Black ‘N’ Blues (V & H Holdings)
Black and Blue (PPL)
Black & Blue France (SoundExchange)
Black And Blue Music (PPL)
Black & Tan Records (SoundExchange)
Black And White Records (Unidisc)
Black Angel Records (SoundExchange)
Black Armor (SoundExchange)
Black Bamboo Productions (PPL)
Black Bell Records (SoundExchange)
Black Belt Records (PPL)
Black Blood Records (SoundExchange)
Black Box (PPL)
Black Box Jazz (PPL)
March 2014
Black Bud Records (SoundExchange)
Black Card Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Black Cat (Hole, David)
Black Cat (Shock Entertainment)
Black Ceza Records (SoundExchange)
Black Ceza Records / Ceza Clan Mafia
Black Country Night (PPL)
Black Country Rock (SoundExchange)
Black Derby Records (SoundExchange)
Black Devil Yard Boss (Williamson, Peter)
Black Diamond Entertainment inc.
Black Dog Recordings (SoundExchange)
Black Dogs Music (Black Dogs Music)
Black Door Records (Black Door Records)
Black Dot (SoundExchange)
Balck Dot Music (SoundExchange)
Black Dove (SoundExchange)
Black Dragon Records (PPL)
Black Eagle (PPL)
Black Emerald Music Group
Black Equinox (PPL)
Black Eye Records (SoundExchange)
Black Gold Records (SoundExchange)
Black Grape Global (PPL)
Black Grape Productions (PPL)
Black Grass Records (PPL)
Black Hawk (SoundExchange)
Black Heart Blue Starr Music
Black Hen Music (SoundExchange)
Black Hole (EMI)
Black Hole Recordings (Xelon
Black Hole Recordings (PPL)
Black Horse Motel (SoundExchange)
Black House Records, LLC
Black Jack Music (SoundExchange)
Black Iris (SoundExchange)
Black Keys, The (Attack And Release,
Brothers) (Shock Entertainment)
Black Label (PPL)
Black Lakes Band (Black Lakes Band)
Black Lead Records (PPL)
Black Liberty Records (SoundExchange)
Black Lodge Sweden (SoundExchange)
Black Magic (PPL)
Black Magic (Rights Retriever BV)
Black Mark Records (SoundExchange)
Black Market Music (Black Market Music)
Black Market Music (SoundExchange)
Balck Math Horsemen (SoundExchange)
Black Melody (PPL)
Black Monolith Records (PPL)
Black Moon Records (PPL)
Black Mountain Magesty (SoundExchange)
Black Mountain Records (PPL)
- 22 -
Black Music (EMI)
Black Noise (PPL)
Black Note Music (SoundExchange)
Black Ocean (Universal)
Black Onyx Records (SoundExchange)
Black Paisley Records LLC
Black Patch Productions (PPL)
Black Patch Productions (SoundExchange)
Black Pearl Records (SoundExchange)
Black River Productions (SoundExchange)
Black Rose (SoundExchange)
Black Saint (PPL)
Black Scorpio (PPL)
Black Sheep Records (SoundExchange)
Black Sheep Trax (Musiqware Ltd)
Black Sky Records (SoundExchange)
Black Smoke Music (SoundExchange)
Black Spider (PPL)
Black Spring Ltd (PPL)
Black Star Records (SoundExchange)
Black Story (PPL)
Black Story Records (PPL)
Black Sun Empire (SoundExchange)
Black Sun Records (Unidisc)
Black Tiger Records (PPL)
Black The Beast Music Publishing, LLC
Black Top (PPL)
Black Vinyl Records (PPL)
Black Yak (Black Yak)
Black-Eyed Records (SoundExchange)
Blackball Productions (SoundExchange)
Blackbean (SoundExchange)
Blackberry Wenesday (SoundExchange)
Blackbox (SoundExchange)
Blackend (PPL)
Blackentertainmentvoice (PPL)
Blacker Dread (PPL)
Blackest Ever Black (PPL)
Blackfeet Productions (SoundExchange)
Blackfeet Records (SoundExchange)
Blackground Records UK (PPL)
Blackhand (SoundExchange)
Blackheart (PPL)
Blackheart Sin (SoundExchange)
Blackhole Records (SoundExchange)
Blackjack Studio (SoundExchange)
Blacklab Records (PPL)
Blackledge Music (SoundExchange)
Blacklight (PPL)
Blacklist Records (SoundExchange)
Blacklisted Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Blackmoon (PPL)
Blackout Audio (PPL)
Blackout Studios (SoundExchange)
Blackraven Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Blackroc (Black Keys)(Shock
Blackrose Projects (PPL)
Blacksilk (SoundExchange)
Blacksmoke Music Worldwide, LLC
Blackstreet Ent. (SoundExchange)
Blackstone Audiobooks (SoundExchange)
Blackstory Records (PPL)
Blacktooth Music (SoundExchange)
Blackwater Records (SoundExchange)
Blackwidow Love Child Music Group
Blackwing Records (PPL)
Blackwiz (PPL)
Bladen County Records (SoundExchange)
Blague Records (PPL)
Blahh Records (PPL)
Blair Smart (SoundExchange)
Blair Tabor (SoundExchange)
Blaire Reinhard (SoundExchange)
Blairhill Records (PPL)
Blak Magik Music (PPL)
Blak Out Music (SoundExchange)
Blakah Judah (PPL)
Blake (Caitlin Blake) (SoundExchange)
Blake ‘N’ Blue (SoundExchange)
Blake Aaron (SoundExchange)
Blake Aaron Guthrie (SoundExchange)
Blake Ohlson (SoundExchange)
Blake Redding (SoundExchange)
Blake Self (SoundExchange)
Blakfist Ent. (SoundExchange)
Blakjam (PPL)
Blakrok, LLC (SoundExchange)
Blame Music (PPL)
Blame Technology (PPL)
Blameshift (SoundExchange)
Blams Music (SoundExchange)
Blanche Tortue (SoundExchange)
Blane Lyon (SoundExchange)
Blang (PPL)
Blang Records (PPL)
Blank Code (SoundExchange)
Blank Pages Music (SoundExchange)
Blank Records (PPL)
Blank Vault Productions Pty Ltd (Blank
Blank Vault Records (Blank Vault)
Blanka N. Castro (SoundExchange)
Blanko Y Negro (Warner)
Blannot Ehf (PPL)
Blaq Ty Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Blaqrhythm Recordings (SoundExchange)
Blaqsmith (SoundExchange)
Blasphemour Records (SoundExchange)
Blast (PPL)
Blast First (EMI)
Blast Records (PPL)
Blaster Records (Country) (SoundExchange)
Blaster! (PPL)
Blastic Heaven (SoundExchange)
Blastin Sounds (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Blatant Beats (PPL)
Blaze The World (SoundExchange)
Blazing Strumpet Records (Project Mayhem)
Bleached Records (PPL)
Bleak House Records (PPL)
Bleanchic (PPL)
Bleeding Bitch Records (SoundExchange)
Bleeding Heart Recordings (PPL)
Bless UK Records (PPL)
Blessed Records (PPL)
Bleu Blanc Tubes (EMI)
Bleu Edmondson (SoundExchange)
B-Life Records (PPL)
Blin Blin Music (SoundExchange)
Blind Atlas (PPL)
Blind Man Sound (SoundExchange)
Blind Pig (PPL)
Blind Spot Music (PPL)
Blinded Records (SoundExchange)
Blindman’s Holiday (Blindman’s Holiday)
Blingbro (PPL)
Blingsider Records (PPL)
Blip Vert (PPL)
Blipfonica (PPL)
Blippo Records (PPL)
Bliss (PPL)
Bliss Productions (SoundExchange)
Bliss Recordings (SoundExchange)
Bliss ‘N’ Tumble (PPL)
Bliss Wood (SoundExchange)
Blissbliss (SoundExchange)
Blissful Records (PPL)
Blisstech (PPL)
Blisstek (PPL)
Blisstunes (SoundExchange)
Blisstunes Recording Corp.
Blitz (PPL)
Blitz and Bloom Talent Group
Blix Street (Hot)
Blix Street Records (Holly’s Pack)
Blix Street Records (SoundExchange)
BLK Music Group (SoundExchange)
BLM Label (PPL)
Block Bleedaz Productions
Block Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Block Music Group (SoundExchange)
Block Party Records Atlanta
Blockheads (PPL)
Blockheads Ltd (PPL)
Blockstyle Records (SoundExchange)
Blonde Louis (SoundExchange)
Blonx Records (PPL)
Bloocoo Records (PPL)
Blood and Fire (PPL)
Blood and Ink Records (SoundExchange)
Blood Light Recording (PPL)
- 23 -
Blood Red Boots (SoundExchange)
Bloodpuppies Entertainment (Bloodpuppies)
Bloodshed Unlimited (PPL)
Bloodshot (US)(Hot)
Bloodstream Media (SoundExchange)
Bloodstream Media and Management
Bloody Austin (PPL)
Bloody Chamber Music (PPL)
Bloody Dog (Holden, Marcus Peter)
Bloody Mannequin Orchestra
Bloom (UT) (SoundExchange)
Blotter (Blotter Artists)
Blow-Fly (SoundExchange)
Blow It Hard (PPL)
Blow Media (SoundExchange)
Blow Monkey Music Ltd (PPL)
Blow Up (Kenneth J Stewart)
Blow Up UK (PPL)
Blower Records (SoundExchange)
Blowndrum (PPL)
Blowout Records (SoundExchange)
BLTN Music Ltd (PPL)
Blu-Jam Records (PPL)
Blu-Jam Recordings (PPL)
Blubalu Records (PPL)
Blu Ara Enterprise (SoundExchange)
Blu Kolla (EMI)
Blu Soul Worldwide Entertainment
Blue Ace Records (SoundExchange)
Blue August Records (PPL)
Blue Bag (PPL)
Blue Balloon Records (PPL)
Blue Banana (PPL)
Blue Banana Music (PPL)
Blue Bandicoot (Blue Bandicoot)
Blue Baron Productions (SoundExchange)
Blue Beetle Records (PPL)
Blue Boat Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Bolt Records Inc. (SoundExchange)
Blue Bonnet Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Boot Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Buck Publishing (SoundExchange)
Blue Buck Records (SoundExchange)
Blue C Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Cave (SoundExchange)
Blue Chip (PPL)
Blue Chip Villiage (SoundExchange)
Blue Circle (SoundExchange)
Blue Cliff Records (PPL)
Blue Clover Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Corn (SoundExchange)
Blue Corn Music (Ruthie Foster)(Shock
Blue Cow Records (PPL)
Blue Death (SoundExchange)
Blue Diamond Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Dog Music (SoundExchange)
Blue Dot (PPL)
Blue Dove Records (PPL)
Blue Dove Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Earth Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
Blue Erro Soul (SoundExchange)
Blue Eye Records (EMI)
Blue Eye Records (PPL)
Blue Fairy Publishing, LLC
Blue Fire UK (SoundExchange)
Blue Fish Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Fish TV (PPL)
Blue Fog Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Fringe (SoundExchange)
Blue Goose (SoundExchange)
Blue Groove (SoundExchange)
Blue Green Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Hat Records (PPL)
Blue Hoop Records (Hoop)
Blue Hole Records (Rock) (SoundExchange)
Blue Horizon (PPL)
Blue Iris (SoundExchange)
Blue Iris Records (PPL)
Blue Jean (PPL)
Blue Jeans Music (SoundExchange)
Blue Jimmy Music (SoundExchange)
Blue Jordan (SoundExchange)
Blue Juice (PPL)
Blue Lady (SoundExchange)
Blue Light (SoundExchange)
Blue Limited (SoundExchange)
Blue Lough Records (PPL)
Blue Maggie (Cheryl Patrick)
Blue Marble Music (SoundExchange)
Blue Martian Music (SoundExchange)
Blue Max (SoundExchange)
Blue Max Mobile (Blue Pie Productions)
Blue Meteor (SoundExchange)
Blue Moment Records (PPL)
Blue Mood Music (PPL)
Blue Moon (PPL)
Blue Morph Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Motion Productions (PPL)
Blue Mule (SoundExchange)
Blue Night Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Note (EMI)
Blue Note Catalogue (EMI)
Blue Note Club (EMI)
Blue Note Records (EMI)
Blue Ocean Records (PPL)
Blue Pearl Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Phin Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Pie (SoundExchange)
Blue Pie Music (SoundExchange)
Blue Pie Productions (Blue Pie Productions)
Blue Pie Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Pine Music (SoundExchange)
Blue Planet UK (PPL)
Blue Rascal Music Production (PPL)
March 2014
Blue Raven Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Records (PPL)
Blue Rinse Tapes (PPL)
Blue River Sound (PPL)
Blue Rock Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Rodeo (SoundExchange)
Blue Rodeo Productions (SoundExchange)
Blue Room (SoundExchange)
Blue Seven Records (PPL)
Blue Shamrock Music (Blue Shamrock
Blue Shift Records (PPL)
Blue Sky Riders (SoundExchange)
Blue Skies (SoundExchange)
Blue Soho (SoundExchange)
Blue Soul (SoundExchange)
Blue South (SoundExchange)
Blue South Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Spawn Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Special Limited (SoundExchange)
Blue Special Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Spruce Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Stack Records (PPL)
Blue Storm Music (SoundExchange)
Blue Suit Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Swan (PPL)
Blue Swing (SoundExchange)
Blue Thumb (Universal)
Blue Tiger Music (Blue Tiger Music P/L)
Blue Tomato (SoundExchange)
Blue Tone Boy (PPL)
Blue Toucan (SoundExchange)
Blue Toucan Music (SoundExchange)
Blue Trance Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Truffle Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Blue Tuxedo Records (PPL)
Blue Vibes Music (Blue Vibes)
Blue Wave Records (PPL)
Blue White Records (SoundExchange)
Blue Zane Music (SoundExchange)
Blue Zebra (SoundExchange)
Blue-Fye Records (SoundExchange)
Blue-Green Music (PPL)
Blueark Records (SoundExchange)
Bluebass (SoundExchange)
Bluebell (PPL)
Bluebird (Sony Music Ent.)
Blueblack Records (SoundExchange)
Blueblood Records (PPL)
BlueBuffalo (SoundExchange)
BlueBuffalo Records (SoundExchange)
Bluedisguise Records (SoundExchange)
Bluedog Records (PPL)
Bluegrass Pick It Up (SoundExchange)
Bluegrass Heritage Music (SoundExchange)
Blueheels (SoundExchange)
Bluejuice (Bluejuice Music Group)
Bluelights Music (SoundExchange)
- 24 -
Bluelounger Records (Berry, Michael/Cilia,
Martin/Gatfield, Aandrew)
Bluem Recordings (SoundExchange)
Blueprint (PPL)
Blueprint Music (SoundExchange)
Blueprint Recordings (SoundExchange)
Blueprint UK (SoundExchange)
Blueroom Released (PPL)
Blues & Rhythm (PPL)
Blues Babe Records (SoundExchange)
Blues Beacon (PPL)
Blues Boys (PPL)
Blues Classics (PPL)
Blues Collection (V & H Holdings)
Blues Express (SoundExchange)
Blues Express, inc. (SoundExchange)
Blues House Records (SoundExchange)
Blues Matters (SoundExchange)
Blues Mutation Records (SoundExchange)
Bluesalive (PPL)
Blueside (PPL)
Bluesland Productions (SoundExchange)
Bluestar Entertainment International BEI
Bluestem (SoundExchange)
Bluestown Records (SoundExchange)
Bluesville (PPL)
Blueswave Records (SoundExchange)
Bluetree (SoundExchange)
Bluewing Music (SoundExchange)
Bluff Productions (PPL)
Blunt Music (PPL)
Blunt Recordings (PPL)
Blunted Robots (PPL)
Blur Music (SoundExchange)
Blurboxer (SoundExchange)
Blurrr Records (PPL)
Blush (SoundExchange)
Blusoul Worldwide (SoundExchange)
Blutonium Media (Ministry of Sound)
Bluurg (SoundExchange)
Blynesyde Records (SoundExchange)
Blythewood Records (SoundExchange)
BMacMusic (SoundExchange)
BMC recordings (M.J. Wood Recordings)
BMC Music SoundExchange)
BMG Ariola Canada (Sony Music Ent)
BMG Ariola France (Sony Music Ent)
BMG Ariola Italy (Sony Music Ent)
BMG Ariola Spain (Sony Music Ent)
BMG Australia (Sony Music Ent)
BMG Heritage (Sony Music Ent)
BMG International US (Sony Music Ent)
BMG Strategic (Sony Music Ent)
BMG Video (Sony Music Ent)
BMN Music (PPL)
BMN Music (SoundExchange)
BMS Records Ltd (PPL)
BMXE (Hip-Hop) (SoundExchange)
Bnurg (SoundExchange)
BNV Records (Tamworth Music)
B-Movie Recordings (PPL)
BN Records (SoundExchange)
BNA (Sony Music Ent.)
BNM Records (Aust)(BNM Records)
BNM Records (USA)(AGR)
Bo Harris Records (SoundExchange)
Boa (PPL)
Boa Cor (SoundExchange)
Boa Recording (SoundExchange)
Boar’s Nest Records (SoundExchange)
Boardwalk (PPL)
Boathouse Records (PPL)
Bob & Joe (EMI)
Bob Bennet / John Standefer
Bob Bennet / William Batstone
Bob Corbett (Corbett, Robert)
Bob Corritore (SoundExchange)
Bob Grady (SoundExchange)
Bob Johnson (SoundExchange)
Bob Walkenhorst (SoundExchange)
Bobbi Wilson (SoundExchange)
Bobby Caraway (SoundExchange)
Bobby Cyrus (SoundExchange)
Bobby Davenport (SoundExchange)
Bobby Dean (SoundExchange)
Booby G. Cargill (SoundExchange)
Bobby Gilles (SoundExchange)
Bobby J. Higgins JR (SoundExchange)
Bobby Marin (SoundExchange)
Bobby Morganstein Productions
Bobby Morganstein Productions
Bobby Newland (SoundExchange)
Bobby Osbourne (SoundExchange)
Bobbysox Records (PPL)
Bobby Slayton (SoundExchange)
Bobby Thomas (SoundExchange)
Bobby Warren (SoundExchange)
Bobqp Ent (SoundExchange)
Bocajito Records (PPL)
Bocatabu Publishing (SoundExchange)
Bocal (SoundExchange)
Boccigalupe Music (SoundExchange)
Bodell Records (SoundExchange)
Bodeswell (PPL)
Bodhi Dulac (SoundExchange)
Bodicious (EMI)
Bodil Arnesen (SoundExchange)
Body & Soul (PPL)
Body Heat (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Bodyjar (EMI)
Bodyjar (Band)(Shock Entertainment)
Bogalusa (PPL)
Boh (SoundExchange)
Boheme Music (PPL)
Bokaloka (EMI)
March 2014
Bold (PPL)
Bolshi Blue (PPL)
Bolshi Red (PPL)
Boltfish Recordings (PPL)
Boltfish Recordings (SoundExchange)
Bolts (PPL)
Bomb (SoundExchange)
Bomb Squad (Central Station Records)
Bombay Records (SoundExchange)
Bombay Recording Company
Bomber Music (PPL)
Bombo Music Productions (SoundExchange)
Bombora Creative (Bombora Creative)
Bombrush Records (SoundExchange)
Bombs (PPL)
Bombshelter Records (SoundExchange)
Bombstrikes (Beatsocial)
Bombtrack Records (PPL)
Bona Fied (PPL)
Bonaire (PPL)
Bonded Records (SoundExchange)
Bone Daddy Records (Bone Daddy Records)
Bone Records Limited (PPL)
Bone Tone Corporation (PPL)
Bonefield Records (SoundExchange)
Bonefinger Records (Bonefinger Records)
Boneless Diamond (SoundExchange)
Boneyard Studio (PPL)
Bong Load (SoundExchange)
Bongiovanii 70 (SoundExchange)
Bongiovanni (PPL)
Bongloid Music (SoundExchange)
Bongo (PPL)
Bongo Beat (SoundExchange)
Bongo Beat Records (SoundExchange)
Bongo Boy Records (SoundExchange)
Bonjo I Reggae (SoundExchange)
Bonkers (PPL)
Bonne Vie Music Group (SoundExchange)
Bonni Dance (SoundExchange)
Bonnie and the Clydes (SoundExchange)
Bonnie Schechter (SoundExchange)
Bonny Rice Joy Road Production
Bonobo’s Ark Records (PPL)
Bonus (PPL)
Bonus Gold (V & H Holdings)
Bonzai (PPL)
Bonzai Fiesta (SoundExchange)
Bonzai Records UK (PPL)
Bonzai Trance Progressive UK (PPL)
Bonzi Records (SoundExchange)
Boo (Xelon Entertainment)
Boo Bonic Ent. (SoundExchange)
Boo Boo Wax (Michael Franti)(Liberation)
Boobeescoot Music (SoundExchange)
Boocoo Music (SoundExchange)
Boobell DJ’s (PPL)
Boobytrap Records (PPL)
- 25 -
Boogie Beat (PPL)
Boogie Lab (PPL)
Boogie Park Records (PPL)
Boogs Music (PPL)
Book of the Month (SoundExchange)
Bookmark (SoundExchange)
Bookoo Beats
Boom (EMI)
Boom Box Productions (House Of Wow!
Pty Ltd)
Boom Chicken Rekkerds (SoundExchange)
Boom El Disco De Los Exitos (EMI)
Boomadeeboom Records (SoundExchange)
Boombastic Records (PPL)
Boombox Records (PPL)
Boomerang Records (SoundExchange)
Boomff Records (PPL)
Boompa (SoundExchange)
Boompa Records (SoundExchange)
Boomslang Records (SoundExchange)
Boomtic Records (PPL)
Boomtunes (SoundExchange)
Boondox Records (SoundExchange)
Boone (SoundExchange)
Boot (SoundExchange)
Boot Moon UK (SoundExchange)
Boot Recordings (PPL)
Boot Records (PPL)
Booteek (PPL)
Bootek (PPL)
Bootleg Records (PPL)
Bootleg.Net (PPL)
Bootlegs. (PPL)
Boots and Shades (PPL)
Booty Camp (SoundExchange)
Bootyshaker (SoundExchange)
Bop Boyz (SoundExchange)
Bop City Music Production
Boplicity (PPL)
Boppin’ Bunnies (PPL)
Boppin’ Bunnies Ltd (PPL)
Boquillas Records (SoundExchange)
Bora Yoon (SoundExchange)
Bordello (Bordello)
Borderline Music (PPL)
Borgata (SoundExchange)
Boricua Guerrero Productions
Boris Berlin (SoundExchange)
Born 4 Money Music (SoundExchange)
Born a Nonentity Records (BAN)(PPL)
Born Again (SoundExchange)
Born Again Records (SoundExchange)
Born Country (SoundExchange)
Born Fire Music (SoundExchange)
Born Leader Music Group (SoundExchange)
Born to be Wild (PPL)
Born To Dance (PPL)
Bornleadaz (SoundExchange)
Bornso Records and Moda Ltd (PPL)
Borough Music (PPL)
Boroug Music Limited (PPL)
Borstal Beat Records (SoundExchange)
Bos Music (SoundExchange)
Boshed Hard (PPL)
Boshed Recordings (PPL)
Boss (PPL)
Boss Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Boss Koala (SoundExchange)
Boss Mink (SoundExchange)
Boss Music (PPL)
Boss Records (PPL)
Boss Sounds (PPL)
Boss Tuneage (PPL)
Boss Up (SoundExchange)
Bioss Up Records (SoundExchange)
Bossman Entertainment (PPL)
Bossman Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Bostich Records (SoundExchange)
Boston Records (SoundExchange)
Boston Shaker (Live Performance
Publishing Pty Ltd)
Boston Skyline (SoundExchange)
Bosworth & Co Ltd (L)(PPL)
Bosworth Recorded Music (PPL)
Botanics (Jaynie Records)
Botchit Breaks (PPL)
Botchitt & Scarper (PPL)
Both Barrels Music (SoundExchange)
Both Barrels P/L (Sony Music Ent)
Both Feet Records (SoundExchange)
Bottleneck (Jazz) (SoundExchange)
Bottletop (PPL)
Bottom of The Hudson (SoundExchange)
Boucanebleue (SoundExchange)
Bought Records, LLC. (SoundExchange)
Bouie Publishing (SoundExchange)
Boujouboy Records (SoundExchange)
Boukabou (Boukabou, Jamel)
Boulaa Records (SoundExchange)
Boulet De Canon (SoundExchange)
Boulevard (PPL)
Boulevard Music (PPL)
Boulevard Records (PPL)
Bounce (PPL)
Bouncing Armadillo Tunes
Bouncy (PPL)
Bouncy Tunes (PPL)
Bound for Glory, inc. (SoundExchange)
Boundary (SoundExchange)
Boundmere (SoundExchange)
Bout Dat Entertainment LLC
Boutique (PPL)ly
Boutique Electronic Records
Boutique Electronique (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Boutteworks (SoundExchange)
Bouva Music (SoundExchange)
Bowles Production (Beckon Management
Bowstone Records (PPL)
Box Of Lights Music Ltd (PPL)
Box Office (SoundExchange)
Box Records (SoundExchange)
Box Tree Music (PPL)
Box Theory Records (SoundExchange)
Box 29 (SoundExchange)
Boxcar man (SoundExchange)
Boxon Records (SoundExchange)
Boy Banned (PPL)
Boy Better Know (PPL)
Boy Meets Girl Records (PPL)
Boy Scout Recordings (PPL)
Boyce Clayton Music (SoundExchange)
Boyce Murrel Wood Jr. (SoundExchange)
Boyne (PPL)
Boysnoize Records (SoundExchange)
Boz Boz Recordings (SoundExchange)
BP Records (PPL)
Bpitch (SoundExchange)
BPM Entertainment (PPL)
BPM Multmedia LLC (SoundExchange)
BPM Music (SoundExchange)
BPO Music (SoundExchange)
Bpod (Warner)
BR Enterprises (SoundExchange)
BR Music (SoundExchange)
Brackish Jalepeno Records
Brad Blackwell (SoundExchange)
Brad Cole (Major Music)
Brad Dunse (SoundExchange)
Brad Jacobsen Music (SoundExchange)
Brad McClanahan (SoundExchange)
Brad Perkins (SoundExchange)
Brad Prevedoros (SoundExchange)
Brad Sucks (SoundExchange)
Bradford J. Smith (SoundExchange)
Brads (PPL)
Brady Redding (SoundExchange)
Brady Toops (SoundExchange)
Bradley Black (SoundExchange)
Bradley Postlethwaite (SoundExchange)
Bradley Ray Gudgeon (SoundExchange)
Bradley W. Martin (SoundExchange)
Bragh Adair (SoundExchange)
Brahmasong (SoundExchange)
Brain (EMI)
Brain Bomb Productions (PPL)
Brain Child (SoundExchange)
Brain Child Productions (SoundExchange)
Brain Freeze Records(SoundExchange)
Brain Hughes Music (PPL)
Brain Kat Records (Brain Kat Records)
Brainchild Records (SoundExchange)
- 26 -
Braindrift Records (PPL)
Brainfeeder (PPL)
Brainfeeder (SoundExchange)
Brainless Hardcore (SoundExchange)
Brains Mcloud (PPL)
Brainshakaz Records (PPL)
Brainwashed Recordings (PPL)
Brainy Baby (SoundExchange)
Brainy Baby Classical (SoundExchange)
Brainy Baby Music (SoundExchange)
Brainy Baby Sing-a-Longs
Brajo Music (Brajo Music)
Bramsar Records (SoundExchange)
Bran-Nu Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Branch Records Inc (SoundExchange)
Branches Recording Collective
Brand Name (SoundExchange)
Brand Violet Limited (PPL)
Branded (PPL)
B randed Music (PPL)
Branded Retail Exclusives (EMI)
Branded Youth (PPL)
Brandeesh (SoundExchange)
Brandeluxe (Brandeluxe)
Brandi Booth (SoundExchange)
Brandice Simone Bell (SoundExchange)
Brandis Marie Matthews (SoundExchange)
Brando Records (SoundExchange)
Brandonland Music (Brandonland Music)
Brandon Albright (SoundExchange)
Brandon Babb (SoundExchange)
Brandon Bodrick (SoundExchange)
Brandon C. Parks-Decker (SoundExchange)
Brandon Christopher Bradley
Brandon Covington (SoundExchange)
Brandon Ebel Company (BEC)(EMI)
Brandon Hale(SoundExchange)
Brandon Henderson (SoundExchange)
Brandon Hughes (SoundExchange)
Brandon Jackson (SoundExchange)
Brandon K Curtis (SoundExchange)
Brandon Mains (SoundExchange)\
Brandon Nees Daly (SoundExchange)
Brandon Ruckman (SoundExchange)
Branes (SoundExchange)
Brannan Lane (SoundExchange)
Branson (SoundExchange)
Brantera Music Group (SoundExchange)
Braslive (SoundExchange)
Brasil Brasil (PPL)
Brasil De A A Z (EMI)
Brasil Sertanejo (EMI)
Brass and Mud Records (SoundExchange)
Brass Jelly Records (Brass Jelly Records)
Brass Monkey Music (PPL)
Brassland (SoundExchange)
Brassland Records (SoundExchange)
Bratmobile (SoundExchange)
Brave Records (PPL)
Brave World (SoundExchange)
Bravermann Recordings (PPL)
Bravo (PPL)
Braw Music (PPL)
Bray Tarver (SoundExchange)
Brazenhubris Music (SoundExchange)
Brazil (PPL)
Brazil Bennet (SoundExchange)
Brazilian music Productions (PPL)
Bread of Stone (SoundExchange)
Break A Leg Entertainment (Warner)
Break New Soil (Ministry of Sound)
Break the Bank Ent. (SoundExchange)
Breakaway Recordings (Public Opinion Pty
Breakbeat Kaos (SoundExchange)
Breakbeat Science (SoundExchange)
Breakdown Records (PPL)
Breaker (SoundExchange)
Breakfast Club (PPL)
Breakin Even Records Ltd (PPL)
Breakin Records (SoundExchange)
Breakin Wreck Wordz (Cyphanetic, Jay
Roacher, Louise Knuxx)(Shock
Breakin’ Bank Records (SoundExchange)
Breakin’ Loose (PPL)
Breaking Grass (SoundExchange)
Breaking Records (Breaking Records)
Breaking Records (SoundExchange)
Breaking the Labels dba BreakIt!
Distribution (Blue Pie Productions)
Breakneck Records (Breakneck Records)
Breaksilence Records (SoundExchange)
Breakthru Enterntainment Group, inc.
Breastfed Music (PPL)
Breastfeeders (SoundExchange)
Breath of Fire (SoundExchange)
Breathe Owl Breathe (SoundExchange)
Breathe Records (PPL)
Breathe Sunshine (PPL)
Breathemusic/Breeze Records
Breather Life Productions, LLC
Breathless (SoundExchange)
Brechin All Records (PPL)
Breed 12 Inches (PPL)
Breez (SoundExchange)
Breeze (PPL)
Breeze Records (SoundExchange)
Breezewave (SoundExchange)
Bremen Town Musician (Allen, Marisa)
Brenda Best (SoundExchange)
Brenda Isaacs (PPL)
Brenda Xu (SoundExchange)
Brendan Hogan (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Brendan Kelly (SoundExchange)
Brendan Kelly Music (SoundExchange)
Brendan Parker (SoundExchange)
Brendon Ohara Tumai (SoundExchange)
Brendon Thomas (SoundExchange)
Brendon Walsh (SoundExchange)
Brentwood UK (PPL)
Brent Bellamy (SoundExchange)
Brent Dixon (SoundExchange)
Brent Gallaher (SoundExchange)
Brent Jensen (SoundExchange)
Bret Helm (SoundExchange)
Bret Mullins (SoundExchange)
Brett Baird (SoundExchange)
Brett Brady (SoundExchange)
Brett Carruthers (SoundExchange)
Brett Detar (SoundExchange)
Brett Fuentes (SoundExchange)
Brett Goodwin (Goodwin, Brett)
Brett Johnson (SoundExchange)
Brett Ryan Stewart LLC (SoundExchange)
Brett Watts (SoundExchange)
Brett Young (SoundExchange)
Brett Winterford (Winterford, Brett)
Brewery Records (SoundExchange)
Brewhouse (PPL)
Brewster Brothers (Frilanded P/L)
Brewster Brothers (Naycoda P/L)
Breyan Ashton Martin (SoundExchange)
BRG (SoundExchange)
Bri (R&B) (SoundExchange)
Brian Baker (Baker, Brian)
Brian Bayley (SoundExchange)
Brian Barrale (SoundExchange)
Brian Blunt (SoundExchange)
Brian Bonnette (SoundExchange)
Brian Braquet (SoundExchange)
Brian Burke (SoundExchange)
Brian Burn (SoundExchange)
Brian Burns Music (SoundExchange)
Brian Conigliaro (SoundExchange)
Brian Connell (SoundExchange)
Brian Courtney Wilson (SoundExchange)
Brian Craig (SoundExchange)
Brian Crisp (Vectis Media Services)
Brian David Bernard (SoundExchange)
Brian David Bernard (SoundExchange)
Brian Deer (SoundExchange)
Brian Demarco (SoundExchange)
Brian Eaton (SoundExchange)
Brian Effron (SoundExchange)
Brian Engel Publishing (PPL)
Brian Ernst (SoundExchange)
Brian Franke (SoundExchange)
Brian Houston Songs (PPL)
Brian Hughes (SoundExchange)
Brian Irwin (SoundExchange)
Brian J. Jones (SoundExchange)
Brian J. Kelley (SoundExchange)
Brian Kalinec (SoundExchange)
- 27 -
Brian Keane (SoundExchange)
Brian King (King, Brian)
Brian Lanese (SoundExchange)
Brian Lassiter Records (aka Major Label
Promo Records) (Blue Pie Productions)
Brian Lee Robinson (SoundExchange)
Brian Lindsey (SoundExchange)
Brian Lord Entertainment (Brian Lord
Brian McFarlane (SoundExchange)
Brian Mooney (SoundExchange)
Brian Nhira (SoundExchange)
Brian Peeples (SoundExchange)
Brian Schermerhorn (SoundExchange)
Brian Shell (SoundExchange)
Brian Strean (SoundExchange)
Brian Sutton (SoundExchange)
Brain Vassallo (SoundExchange)
Brian Visagie (SoundExchange)
Brian W. Burke (SoundExchange)
Brian W. Kellogg (SoundExchange)
Brian Wallace (SoundExchange)
Brian Wartts (SoundExchange)
Brianna Carpenter (Carpenter, Brianna)
Brianne Kathleen (SoundExchange)
Brice Salek (SoundExchange)
Brick City (SoundExchange)
Brick Red (SoundExchange)
Brick Wall Music (PPL)
Brickhouse Music Group (SoundExchange)
Brickyard Music (SoundExchange)
Brickyard Records (PPL)
Bridge Music (PPL)
Bridge Street Records (SoundExchange)
Bridger (SoundExchange)
Bridget Krause (SoundExchange)
Bridgetone (SoundExchange)
Bridgetown Breaks (SoundExchange)
Bridgewater Triangle Records
Bridgework (SoundExchange)
Bridholtz (PPL)
Brienne Moore (SoundExchange)
Brigadier Records (PPL)
Briggs (Briggs)
Brigh (PPL)
Bright-Brown Music (Brown, Quentin +
Bright Gillian)
Bright Ideas (SoundExchange)
Bright Ideas Productions (SoundExchange)
Bright Pink Music (PPL)
Bright Pink Records Limited (PPL)
Bright Sound (SoundExchange)
Bright Tunes (SoundExchange)
Bright Yellow (Shock Entertainment)
Bright-Belt Music (SoundExchange)
Brighter Later (Kranz, Justine)
Brightlife Music (SoundExchange)
Brightblack Records Limited (PPL)
Brighton Electric (PPL)
Brightside (SoundExchange)
Brightside Recordings (Sony Music Ent)
Brigitte Boisjoli (SoundExchange)
Brigside Music Publishing Ltd (PPL)
Brikabrak (PPL)
Brikabrak Records (PPL)
Brille (Universal)
Brille (SoundExchange)
Brille Music (PPL)
Brille Records Ltd (EMI)
Brilliant (Netherlands)(Fuse Music Group
Brilliant Graffiti (PPL)
Brilliant Musiq (SoundExchange)
Brimstone Music (SoundExchange)
Brindle Cat Records (PPL)
Brink Records (PPL)
Brio Recording (PPL)
Brioso Records (PPL)
Bristol (SoundExchange)
Bristol Under Ground Sound (PPL)
Bristol Under Ground Sound Ltd (PPL)
Brit Jones (SoundExchange)
Brita Fay (SoundExchange)
Britain H (SoundExchange)
British Lion (PPL)
British Music Society (PPL)
British Music Society Historic (PPL)
British Steel (PPL)
British Theatre Dance Assoc. (PPL)
Britt Daley (SoundExchange)
Britt Neal (SoundExchange)
Brittanic Records (PPL)
Brittany A. Garoffolo (SoundExchange)
Brittany Hill (SoundExchange)
Brixtown Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Brizac (SoundExchange)
Brizell Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Broad Horizon Records (SoundExchange)
Broadhouse Productions (SoundExchange)
Broadside (PPL)
Broadstroke Records (SoundExchange)
Broadway Angel (EMI)
Broadway Blake (SoundExchange)
Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids
Broadway Video Music Publishing
Broadyard Music (SoundExchange)
Broadz Way Entertainment, LCC.
Brobdingnagian Records (SoundExchange)
Brocup (SoundExchange)
Brody Young (Young, Brody)
Brogside Music Publishing Ltd (PPL)
Broke & Hungry Records (SoundExchange)
Brokebiscuit Music (SoundExchange)
Broken (PPL)
Broken Arrow Blues Band (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Broken Artist Management
Broken Complex (SoundExchange)
Broken Electric (Bleicher, Airom)
Broken Image Entertainment
Broken Music Publishing UK (PPL)
Broken Product (SoundExchange)
Broken Records (Jesse Saunders)
Broken Rekids (SoundExchange)
Broken Sound Music Ltd (PPL)
Broken Stone Records (Richard In Your
Mind)(Shock Entertainment)
Broken Vinyl Records (PPL)
Broken Walls (SoundExchange)
Broken White (SoundExchange)
Bromac (PPL)
Bronnie Ware (Ware, Bronnie)
Bronx, LLC (We Are Unified)
Bronx House Music Group
Bronze (PPL)
Bronze Radio Return (SoundExchange)
Bronce Radio Return, LLC
Bronze Records (PPL)
Bronze Mocha Music (PPL)
Bronzerat (PPL)
Brooke ‘Viosocialist’ Alford
Brooke Annibale (SoundExchange)
Brooke C. McGee (SoundExchange)
Brooke Mason (SoundExchange)
Brooke White Media (SoundExchange)
Brookland Ent (SoundExchange)
Brooklyn South Recordings
Brooks Robertson (SoundExchange)
Brooks Wood Band (SoundExchange)
Brookside Studios (SoundExchange)
Brooktown Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Broscanteur (SoundExchange)
Brother Franchise Co. (PPL)
Brother Reverend (SoundExchange)
Brotherly Music (PPL)
Brothers Cup (SoundExchange)
Brothers Un Music (SoundExchange)
Brothertiger (SoundExchange)
Brown Babes Music (PPL)
Brown Bear Records (PPL)
Brown Boi Music (PPL)
Brown Bottle Fever (SoundExchange)
Brown Bottle Records (SoundExchange)
Brown Boy Music (SoundExchange)
Brown Brothers Recordings (Specific
Recordings Only)(Inertia)
Brown Brothers Recordings
Brown Cat Records (SoundExchange)
- 28 -
Brown Dog (SoundExchange)
Brown Dog Music (Eren Cannata)
Brown Glove Music (SoundExchange)
Brown Line Productions (SoundExchange)
Brown Moose Records (PPL)
Brown Sugar (PPL)
Brownboy Music Group (SoundExchange)
Browndog Records UK (PPL)
Brownie Speaks Records (SoundExchange)
Brownmusic (SoundExchange)
Brownpaper Records (PPL)
Browns Town Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Brownswood Recordings (PPL)
Browntone (SoundExchange)
BRT (SoundExchange)
Bruce A. Borders (SoundExchange)
Bruce Babad (SoundExchange)
Bruce Davis (SoundExchange)
Bruce Gilbert (SoundExchange)
Bruce Goldish (SoundExchange)
Bruce Lash (SoundExchange)
Bruce Richardson (SoundExchange)
Bruce’s (PPL)
Bruh Luuh Music (SoundExchange)
Bru-Ha Records (PPL)
Bruja Records (SoundExchange)\
Brumby Music (SoundExchange)
Brunco Alcouffe (Alcouffe, Bruno)
Brunel Music (SoundExchange)
Bruno Sanfilippo (SoundExchange)
Brus & Knaster (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Brushfire Records (Onehill Records)
Brut (SoundExchange)
Bruuckout Productions (SoundExchange)
BRW Music (PPL)
Bryan Andrews (SoundExchange)
Bryan Arcand (SoundExchange)
Bryan Baker (SoundExchange)
Bryan Bates (SoundExchange)
Bryan Claremont (SoundExchange)
Bryan Cox (SoundExchange)
Bryan Elliot Stage (SoundExchange)
Bryan Estepa (Estepa, Bryan)
Bryan Forsloff (SoundExchange)
Bryan Greenberg (SoundExchange)
Bryan Lloyd (SoundExchange)
Bryan Loften (SoundExchange)
Bryan Roach (SoundExchange)
Bryan W. Ward (SoundExchange)
Bryant Amastha (SoundExchange)
Bryant Zellner (SoundExchange)
Bryce McCormick (SoundExchange)
Brydon Brett (SoundExchange)
Bryen Willems (Willems, Bryen)
Brynny Publishing (PPL)
Bryter Music (PPL)
Bryyn (SoundExchange)
BS Productions (PPL)
BSA World (SoundExchange)
BSC (SoundExchange)
BSE Recordings (SoundExchange)
BSG Records (PPL)
BTM (SoundExchange)
Btrendy (SoundExchange)
Bubba Fowler (SoundExchange)
Bubble Gum Recordings (PPL)
Bubble Gum Records (PPL)
Bubble Soul Music (SoundExchange)
Bubble Core (SoundExchange)
Bubble Core (Adam Pierce)
Bubble Core Records (SoundExchange)
Bubble Core, BMI (SoundExchange)
Bubble Up (SoundExchange)
Bubblegum Ragas (SoundExchange)
Bubblepop (PPL)
Bubblewrap Records (Bubblewarp Records)
Bubblin’ (PPL)
Bubenheim Entertainment Group
Bubmusic (SoundExchange)
Buboes (SoundExchange)
Buchwalter Music (SoundExchange)
Buck Town Ent. (SoundExchange)
Bucket O’Records (SoundExchange)
Buckhold Music (SoundExchange)
Buckin Saviour (SoundExchange)
Buckle Up Entertainment (Buckle Up
Buckley Ward (Shock Entertainment)
Bucks Music (Little Britain)(Shock
Bucks Music (PPL)
Buckyball Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Buckyball Records (SoundExchange)
Bud & Mavis Such a Production
Bud Hudenski (SoundExchange)
Bud Records (PPL)
Buda Music (SoundExchange)
Buddah Records (Sony Music Ent.)
Buddhawax (SoundExchange)
Buddhist Punk (EMI)
Buddhist Punk Records (PPL)
Buddy Knox (Knox, Buddy)
Buena Vista Home Ent (EMI)
Buffalo (PPL)
Buffalo Bop (SoundExchange)
Buffalo Kitten (SoundExchange)
Buffaloo (PPL)
Buffy (PPL)
Bug (PPL)
Bug Girl (SoundExchange)
BugBird Records (SoundExchange)
Bugged Out! Recordings (PPL)
Bughouse Records (PPL)
Bugle (PPL)
March 2014
Bugle Records (Aust) (Bugle Records)
Bugs Skully (Bugs Skully)
Build (PPL)
Building on Fire (Habitatas)
Built By Snow (SoundExchange)
BUKA (SoundExchange)
Bulk Music (SoundExchange)
Bulk Recordings (SoundExchange)
Bullbar Records (Bullbar)
Bullbuckers (SoundExchange)
Bulldog (PPL)
Bulldog Productions (SoundExchange)
Bulldozer (PPL)
Bullet (PPL)
Bullet 339 (SoundExchange)
Bullet (Bruce C. Elrod) (SoundExchange)
Bullet Tooth (SoundExchange)
Bulletproof Entertainment (Shock
Bulletproof Records (Fighterpilot)
Bulletproof Records (USA) (Shock
Buletproof Tele (SoundExchange)
Bullett Records (PPL)
Bullet Teeth Records (PPL)
Bullit Records (PPL)
Bullnettle Records (SoundExchange)
Bullseye Music (SoundExchange)
Bullseye Blues / Munich (PPL)
Bumako Recordings (SoundExchange)
Bumble Bee Records (PPL)
Bump (PPL)
Bump and Thumper Recording Co (PPL)
Bump Records (PPL)
Bumpin (PPL)
Bumpman Records (PPL)
Bumpman Records (Little Barrie King of the
Waves) (Shock Entertainment)
Bun’ Ber E (Bun’ Ber E)
Bun‘ Ber E (SoundExchange)
Bungalow (EMI)
Bungalow (SoundExchange)
Bungalo Records (SoundExchange)
Bunker Dauteuil (SoundExchange)
B-Unique (Liberation Music)
Bunni Pisces (PPL)
Bunnyshot Records (PPL)
Bunyip (Pinewood Records)
Bunza Entertainment International (Bunza)
Burbank Creations (SoundExchange)
Burgandy Records (Sony Music Ent)
Burger Records (SoundExchange)
Burhoe Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Burial Mix (SoundExchange)
Burke Pounder Productions (Burke Pounder
Burkhard Mueller (SoundExchange)
Burleigh Drummond (SoundExchange)
Burlington (PPL)
- 29 -
Burn 24-7 (SoundExchange)
Burn and Shiver (SoundExchange)
Burn Out Records (PPL)
Burn Records (PPL)
Burn Out Records (PPL)
Burn The Fire (SoundExchange)
Burndsman Records (SoundExchange)
Burning Building Recordings
Burning Heat Records (SoundExchange)
Burning Ice Records (PPL)
Burning Mill (SoundExchange)
Burning Scissors (SoundExchange)
Burning Water Rebellion (SoundExchange)
Burnhill Union Records (SoundExchange)
Burning House Records (SoundExchange)
Burns and Kristy (SoundExchange)
Burnt Toast Vinyl (SoundExchange)
Burrito Digital (PPL)
Burrito Records (PPL)
Burrowsink (SoundExchange)
Burrowsink Records (SoundExchange)
Burst Records (SoundExchange)
Burt Bacharach (Liberation Music)
Burton Avenue Music (SoundExchange)
Buru Drummers (PPL)
Bus Bit Productions (SoundExchange)
Busbit Productions (SoundExchange)
Bus Brains Connections Ltd (PPL)
Busby MArou (Busby Marou Pty Ltd)
Bush (Xelon Entertainment)
Bush Girl (PPL)
Bushfire Records (Onehill B.V.)
Bushmaster Record Company
Bushranger Records (PPL)
Businessman Records USA
Busk Records (PPL)
Buster Ballads (PPL)
Buster T. Pumpkinhead Records
Bustin’ Loose (SoundExchange)
Bustown Pride Recordings (SoundExchange)
Busy Bee (PPL)
Busy Signal Studios (Blue Pie Productions)
Busytimmy Music (SoundExchange)
Butch Hancock / Jimmie Gilmore (EMI)
Butch Bunny Records (SoundExchange)
Butcher Boy (PPL)
Butchered Banjo Records (PPL)
But! (PPL)
Butler Music Group (SoundExchange)
Butt (PPL)
Butter Made (SoundExchange)
Butterbridge Records (PPL)
Buttercuts Limited (PPL)
Butterfly Effect Records (SoundExchange)
Butterfly Navare (SoundExchange)
Butterfly Records (Unidisc)
Butterfly Tones (SoundExchange)
Butterly (Colossal)
Butterscotch Records (SoundExchange)
Butterxface (SoundExchange)
Button Records (PPL)
Buxom County Records (SoundExchange)
Buy Me A Pony Records (PPL)
Buy Wag Productions (SoundExchange)
Buygore Records (PPL)
Buzz Records (PPL)
Buzz-ERK Records (PPL)
Buzzard Gulch (SoundExchange)
Buzzfizz Records (PPL)
Buzzin’ Fly Records (PPL)
Buzzola (Hot)
Buzzwagon Beat Recordings (PPL)
BV Productions (SoundExchange)
BVF Productions (PPL)
BWPLLC (SoundExchange)
BXB7 (Band & Brand Ltd (PPL)
By Document Records (SoundExchange)
BY Music Ltd (PPL)
BYC (SoundExchange)
Bydesign Records (SoundExchange)
Bygum Records (PPL)
Byron Andres (SoundExchange)
Byron Bay Records (Damien Gerard Sound
Sudios Pty Ltd)
Byron L. Turner (SoundExchange)
Byron Looney (SoundExchange)
Byron Miller (SoundExchange)
Byte – Decos (Toco)
Byzantone-tone Records (SoundExchange)
BZK Productions (SoundExchange)
C2P Entertainment (SoundExchange)
C Note Records (SoundExchange)
C# Sharp Records (SoundExchange)
C&B Media (SoundExchange)
C&B Productions (SoundExchange)
C&C Musique (SoundExchange)
C & G Productions (PPL)
C & P Records (PPL)
C&P Apollonian Music (SoundExchange)
C&R Records (SoundExchange)
C & S Entertainment (SoundExchange)
C-Side Records (SoundExchange)
C-Luv Productions (SoundExchange)
C/Z (SoundExchange)
C and N (PPL)
C Creations Entertainment (SoundExchange)
C. P. X (SoundExchange)
C R Records (PPL)
C Records (SoundExchange)
C. Taylor Brown III
C.A. Records (PPL)
C.A.T. Records (PPL)
C.Arron Wilburn (SoundExchange)
March 2014
C.B.M. (PPL)
C.C.C. 123 Records & Tapes (PPL)
C.D.I. (SoundExchange)
C.D.W. Entertainment Group inc.
C.David (SoundExchange)
C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution
C. Elevation (SoundExchange)
C.F. (PPL)
C.H. Records (CH Records)
C.I.M.P Engine (SoundExchange)
C.K.S.F Records (SoundExchange)
C.O.R.N. Recordings (SoundExchange)
C.R.S. (PPL)
C.S.M. (PPL)
C Student (SoundExchange)
C.T.I. (Sony Music Ent)
C-Thru Records (SoundExchange)
C2 Records (PPL)
C2 Trax (PPL)
C3 Records (PPL)
C3U Records (PPL)
C4 Productions (SoundExchange)
C64 (PPL)
Caama Music (CAAMA)
Cab Records (PPL)
Caball Records (PPL)
Caballero (PPL)
Caballero (SoundExchange)
Caballero Recordings (SoundExchange)
Cabaret Records (SoundExchange)
Caber Music Ltd (PPL)
Cabeza De Raton (SoundExchange)
Cabin 24 Records (PPL)
Cabin Cove Music (SoundExchange)
Cabin Cove Records (SoundExchange)
Cabra Music (SoundExchange)
Cabritunes (PPL)
Cabu (SoundExchange)
Cacao Records (SoundExchange)
Cache’ (V & H Holdings)
Caciocavallo (SoundExchange)
Cacique (SoundExchange)
Cacophony, inc (SoundExchange)
Cacophonous Records (PPL)
Cacophony (PPL)
Cactus Records (PPL)
Cad (EMI)
Cadence (PPL)
Cadence Jazz (PPL)
Cadence Recordings (PPL)
Candenza (PPL)
Candenzas Musical Productins (PPL)
Cadillac (PPL)
Cadillac Dawn Club Series (PPL)
Cadillac Jones (SoundExchange)
Cadre Rouge (EMI)
CAE Maebon Productions (PPL)
- 30 -
Caf Muzeck LLC (SoundExchange)
Caf’e Recordings (PPL)
Café Arabia (EMI)
Café De Ibiza (PPL)
Café Del Mar (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Café Kora Jazz (PPL)
Café Musique (SoundExchange)
Café Pacific Records (SoundExchange)
Café Records (SoundExchange)
Café Society (SoundExchange)
Cage Rattle Records (SoundExchange)
Cage9 (SoundExchange)
Cagel & Nash (SoundExchange)
Cahill (SoundExchange)
Caiman (SoundExchange)
Caiman 1999 (SoundExchange)
Caiman Music (SoundExchange)
Caiman Records (SoundExchange)
Cailyn (SoundExchange)
Caitlin Arnold (Arnold, Caitlin Marissa)
Caitlin Evanson (SoundExchange)
Caitlin Harnett (Harnett, Caitlin)
Caitlin Rose (SoundExchange)
Cake Records (SoundExchange)
Catlin Records (PPL)
Cal Records (PPL)
Cala Records (PPL)
Calamus (SoundExchange)
Calando (PPL)
Calavera Records (PPL)
Calcum Media (PPL)
Calden Moye (SoundExchange)
Caldo Verde (SoundExchange)
Caldooverde Records (SoundExchange)
Caldwell (PPL)
Caleb Allen (SoundExchange)
Caleb Loveless Music (SoundExchange)
Caleb Roloff (SoundExchange)
Caledon Records (PPL)
Caledonix Records (SoundExchange)
Calello Music Group (SoundExchange)
Calen Johnson (SoundExchange)
Cali Agents (SoundExchange)
California Recording Company
Calibre Records (PPL)
Calif Records (SoundExchange)
Callahan Records (SoundExchange)
Calle Classics (PPL)
Calle 54 Records (SoundExchange)
Callestro Vasquez, Jr. (SoundExchange)
Calligraph Records (PPL)
Calling All Cars (Shock Entertainment)
Calliope Music (SoundExchange)
Calliope Records (PPL)
Callisto Records (PPL)
Calogero Oliveri (SoundExchange)
Calrock Records (SoundExchange)
Caltime (PPL)
Calvary Chapel Music (SoundExchange)
Calvary Records (SoundExchange)
Calvary’s Voice (SoundExchange)
Calvin Charges Lane (SoundExchange)
Calvin Hodges (SoundExchange)
Calypso (PPL)
Cam (Hot)
Cam Hayden (SoundExchange)
Cam Jazz Records (SoundExchange)
Camaron Records (SoundExchange)
Cambra (SoundExchange)
Cambria (PPL)
Cambrian (PPL)
Cambrian Recordings (PPL)
Cambridge Recordings (PPL)
Camden (Sony Music Ent.)
Camel (PPL)
Camel Coat Records (PPL)
Camel Production Records
Camel Ranch (SoundExchange)
Camel Ranch Records (SoundExchange)
Camel Records (SoundExchange)
Camel Rider Records (SoundExchange)
Camelot Communication (PPL)
Cameo (PPL)
Cameras (Cameras Band)
Cameron Bracken Concepts (Cameron
Cameron Chennell, Clint Nation, Cam
Winkler (SoundExchange)
Cameron Peoples (SoundExchange)
Cameron McLain (SoundExchange)
Cameron Mizell (SoundExchange)
Cameron Ross Music (SoundExchange)
Caminante (SoundExchange)
Camino Records (PPL)
Camjazz (PPL)
Cammille And Stuie (Swingin’ Door
Camp Creek (SoundExchange)
Camp inc. (SoundExchange)
Camp Music (SoundExchange)
Campain Sound (SoundExchange)
Campesino (SoundExchange)
Campfire (SoundExchange)
Campfire Records (SoundExchange)
Campfire Media LLC (SoundExchange)
Campfire Propaganda (SoundExchange)
Campion (PPL)
Campion Cameo (PPL)
Camus Records (PPL)
Canaan (PPL)
Canadian Rational (SoundExchange)
Canal Records (SoundExchange)
Canal Rock (EMI)
Canary Classics (Select)
Canary Classics (SoundExchange)
Candela Records (SoundExchange)
Candelion Ltd (PPL)
Canderblinks (PPL)
March 2014
Candescence (PPL)
Candice Alley (Candice Alley Pty Ltd)
Candid (UK)(PPL)
Candid Records (SoundExchange)
Candidate Records (PPL)
Candigirl Music (SoundExchange)
Candiria (SoundExchange)
Candle Music Ltd (PPL)
Candle Records (SoundExchange)
Candlelight Records (PPL)
Candy Coated Teeth (SoundExchange)
Candy Records (PPL)
Candy Rock Limited (PPL)
Candy Sto’ Productions (SoundExchange)
Candyland Records (SoundExchange)
Candyrose Inc. (PPL)
Caneo (Pop) (SoundExchange)
Canetoad (SoundExchange)
Cani (SoundExchange)
Canned Records Limited (PPL)
Canon (PPL)
Canopy Red (SoundExchange)
Canos (Lee, Cameron)
Cantaloupe (SoundExchange)
Cantaloupe Music (SoundExchange)
Cantina (SoundExchange)
Cantio (PPL)
Canto (SoundExchange)
Canto Media (PPL)
Canto Records (PPL)
Cantores De Hispalis (EMI)
Cantores Do Radio (EMI)
Cantoris Records (PPL)
Canusa (SoundExchange)
Canvas (SoundExchange)
Canvas Music (Canvas Music)
Canvas Productions (SoundExchange)
Canzona Music (PPL)
Canyon Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Cape Compact (PPL)
Capers Simmons (SoundExchange)
Capgun Kids (Public Opinion Pty Ltd)
Capitol Hill Records (PPL)
Capital B Records (SoundExchange)
Capital City Entertainment, LLC
Capital Village Records (PPL)
Capitol (EMI)
Capitol (Japanese)(EMI)
Capitol Dance (EMI)
Capitol Denmark (EMI)
Capitol Jazz (EMI)
Capitol Latin (EMI)
Capitol Music (EMI)
Capitol Music Norway (EMI)
Capitol Music Spain (EMI)
Capitol Nashville (EMI)
Capitol Pop (EMI)
Capitol Records (EMI)
Capitol Records (New Releases) (EMI
- 31 -
Capitol Records / Gotee Records
Capitol Records Inc (EMI)
Capitol/D20 (EMI)
Capitol/Elevator (EMI)
Capitol/EMI (EMI)
Capitol/EMI/Roxette Recording (EMI)
Capitol/Majesty (EMI)
Capitol/Open Records (EMI)
Capitol/Rockhead (EMI)
Capitol/Roxette (EMI)
Capra (SoundExchange)
Capri Records (PPL)
Capriccio (Germany)(Fuse)
Capricopia (SoundExchange)
Caprimusic (PPL)
Caprimusic/GLP (PPL)
Caprio Music (PPL)
Capsaicin (SoundExchange)
Capsaw Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Captain Josh (SoundExchange)
Captain Mod (SoundExchange)
Captain Obvious (SoundExchange)
Captain Oi! (SoundExchange)
Captain Records (SoundExchange)
Captain Soularcat (SoundExchange)
Captivating Sounds (Armada Music)
Captured (SoundExchange)
Captured Tracks (Domino Recording
Company Ltd)
Captured Tracks (SoundExchange)
Cara (PPL)
Caramba Productions LLC
Caramelle (PPL)
Caravan Go (SoundExchange)
Caravan Recordings (PPL)
Carbon Copy Media (SoundExchange)
Carbone Musique (SoundExchange)
Carbonlogic (PPL)
Cardboard Alley Music (SoundExchange)
Cardiac Records Inc (EMI)
Cardin inc. (SoundExchange)
Cardinal Records (SoundExchange)
CardinalRecords (SoundExchange)
Carducci Classic (PPL)
Care Factor Zero Rekordz (The Resignators)
Carefree Sound (SoundExchange)
Carefree Sound Publishing
Careless Records (SoundExchange)
Carell (SoundExchange)
Carina Norlund (SoundExchange)
Carrell Cassey (SoundExchange)
Carrie Catherine Horachek
Carrie Ferguson (SoundExchange)
Carenza (PPL)
Carey Rayburn (SoundExchange)
Cargo Records UK (PPL)
Caribbean Distribution (PPL)
Carijazz (SoundExchange)
Carioca Salt (Sunset Club)
Caritas (PPL)
Caritas Classics (PPL)
Caritas Live (PPL)
Caritas Media (PPL)
Carl Andrews (SoundExchange)
Carl Belew (SoundExchange)
Carl Bromel (SoundExchange)
Carl Cleves (Cleves, Carl)
Carl Harvey (SoundExchange)
Carl Hauck (SoundExchange)
Carl Lavon Bell (SoundExchange)
Carl Maultsby (SoundExchange)
Carla Barnett (SoundExchange)
Carla Patullo (SoundExchange)
Carlandia Music (SoundExchange)
Carlito Records (EMI)
Carlmb Productions (PPL)
Carlo Bernardinello (Blue Pie Productions)
Carlos Classics (PPL)\
Carlos Del Junco (SoundExchange)
Carlos Inglasias (SoundExchange)
Carlos Fernandez (SoundExchange)
Carlos Lyra (SoundExchange)
Carlos Martin Carle (SoundExchange)
Carlos Sanchez (SoundExchange)
Carlos Wilder (SoundExchange)
Carlton C. Exton (SoundExchange)
Carlton Classics (PPL)
Carlton Records (PPL)
Carly Greenberg (SoundExchange)
Carma Sounds (PPL)\
Carmel L. Hempill-Christmas
Carmel Music (PPL)
Carmen Denofa (SoundExchange)
Carmen Magro(SoundExchange)
Carmen Perez (SoundExchange)
Carmen Rodgers (SoundExchange)
Carmen Rosa (SoundExchange)
Carnal (SoundExchange)
Caro Mitis (SoundExchange)
Carol Chase (SoundExchange)
Carol Hahn (SoundExchange)
Carol Rhyu (SoundExchange)
Carolina Camps (SoundExchange)
Carolina Chocolate Drops (SoundExchange)
Carolina Chocolate Drop
Carolina Feel Good Music (SoundExchange)
Caroline (EMI)
Caroline Clarke (Clarke, Caroline Frances)
Caroline Distribution (USA) (EMI)
Caroline Kapp (SoundExchange)
Caroline Music (EMI)
Caroline Records (EMI)
Caroline True Records (PPL)
March 2014
Carolyn Dearmond Johnson
Carolyn Malachi (SoundExchange)
Carpark (PPL)
Carport (SoundExchange)
Carrack UK (PPL)
Carrot Records (PPL)
Carrot Top Records (SoundExchange)
Carsos Records (PPL)
Carte Blanche Records (PPL)
Cartell Music (Cartell Music)
Carter Lane (PPL)
Cartesian Records Ltd (PPL)
Carthage (PPL)
Cartographic Songs (PPL)
Caruja Songs (PPL)
Carus (SoundExchange)
Carus-Verlag (SoundExchange)
Carve Up (PPL)
Carved Records (SoundExchange)
Cary C. Banks (SoundExchange)
Cary Farley (SoundExchange)
Cary Judd (SoundExchange)
Cary Lord (SoundExchange)
Cary Van Eaton (SoundExchange)
Casa Creacion (SoundExchange)
Casa De Musica (SoundExchange)
Casa Del Diablo Records (The New
Casa Del Fuego Records (SoundExchange)
Casabella (PPL)
Casablanca (Universal)
Casablanca Kids inc. (SoundExchange)
Cascada de Flores (SoundExchange)
Casadeldisco Records (Casadeldisco
Casadura (PPL)
Cascade (PPL)
Casceo Studios (SoundExchange)
Casey Barnes (Barnes, Casey)
Casey Corum (SoundExchange)
Casey Curry (SoundExchange)
Casey Golden Trio/Scrampion Records
(Golden, Casey)
Casey Kidd (SoundExchange)
Casey L. Casey (SoundExchange)
Casey Lampke (SoundExchange)
Casey McMillan (SoundExchange)
Casey Neill (SoundExchange)
Casey Pechet (SoundExchange)
Casey T. Tipton (SoundExchange)
Casey Woods (SoundExchange)
Cash Cows (SoundExchange)
Cash Mountain Records (SoundExchange)
Cash Out Records (SoundExchange)
Cash Up No Tick (Cash Up No Tick)
Cashyear Ent. (SoundExchange)
Cashyra Toney (SoundExchange)
Casino Sounds (PPL)
Casita (SoundExchange)
- 32 -
Casper Hauser (PPL)
Cassandra Vohs-Demann (SoundExchange)
Cassette Country (PPL)
Cassette Hour (V & H Holdings)
Cassette Recordings (SoundExchange)
Cassettes for Young People (PPL)
Cassie Morgan (SoundExchange)
Cast of Thousands (SoundExchange)
Casle Bay (SoundExchange)
Castle Comm. (ex Sanctua BMG) (Sony
Music Ent)
Castle Face (SoundExchange)
Castle Hill (SoundExchange)
Castle Island Records (PPL)
Castle Keep Records (PPL)
Castle Road Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Castrati Music (SoundExchange)
Casual Records Ltd (PPL)
Casual Tonalities (SoundExchange)
Casualty (PPL)
Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art
Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art, inc.
Cat Head Delta Blues Folk Art
Cat N Roof (SoundExchange)
Catalina Records (SoundExchange)
Catalogue Marketing (EMI)
Catalyst Recordings (SoundExchange)
Catastrophe Noize (SoundExchange)
Catbootz Music (SoundExchange)
Catbug Records (SoundExchange)
Catch (PPL)
Catch Bomb Entertainment (PPL)
Catch Music Group LLC (SoundExchange)
Catch Wreck (SoundExchange)
Catchster Entertainment inc.
Category 1 Music (SoundExchange)
Caterratic Records (SoundExchange)
Cathastrophy Records (SoundExchange)
Catfish Mustache (SoundExchange)
Catflap Recordings (PPL)
Cathedral Records (John Hagee)
Catherine A. Carfagna (SoundExchange)
Catherine A. Grace
Catherine Cavanagh (SoundExchange)
Catherine Durand (SoundExchange)
Catherine Howe (PPL)
Catherine Meeson (Meeson, Catherine)
Catherine O’Brien (O’Brien, Catherine)
Cathryna Canteri (Canteri, Cathryna)
Cathy Lemmon (SoundExchange)
Cathy Linda Baldwin (SoundExchange)
Catie Curtis Music (SoundExchange)
Catie Offerman/ Bobby Flores
Cato Recordings (PPL)
Cats Paw (SoundExchange)
Catscan (SoundExchange)
Catskills Projects (PPL)
Catskills Records (PPL)
Catskills Records (Specific Recordings
Catskills Records Ltd (PPL)
Catslick Music (PPL)
Cattle Drive (SoundExchange)
Cattle Records (SoundExchange)
Catwalk Records (SoundExchange)
Catya Mare (SoundExchange)
Caudacous Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Cause Records (PPL)
Cause4Concern Recordings (PPL)
Causin Drama Entertainment
Cavalcade Records (PPL)
Cavaleer Records (SoundExchange)
Cavalier (PPL)
Cavalier Music Group (SoundExchange)
Cavalli Records (SoundExchange)
Cave Country Records (PPL)
Cavell Records (PPL)
Caveman (Hip-Hop) (SoundExchange)
Caveman (Totem / Before the World)
Caveman Worldwide LLC (SoundExchange)
Cavo Musical Experience, LLC
Caw Records (PPL)
Cayenne Recordings (Xelon Entertainment)
Caymen Island Mafia Records (Mess
Hall)(Shock Entertainment)
CB Production (SoundExchange)
CBC Records (SoundExchange)
CBD Music (Craig Dobbins)
CBE Music (SoundExchange)
CBI Music (SoundExchange)
CBJ Records (SoundExchange)
CBUJ Recordings (SoundExchange)
CC Entertainment (inc.) (SoundExchange)
CC Entertainment, inc. (SoundExchange)
CCM Music (PPL)
CCR (SoundExchange)
CCT (SoundExchange)
CCupton Music (PPL)
CCWS Records (PPL)
CD Star (SoundExchange)
CD41 (PPL)
CDA Recordings (SoundExchange)
CDB (SoundExchange)
CDBallad (PPL)
CDCLN (SoundExchange)
CDell Entertainment (SoundExchange)
CDG East West (Warner)
CDHS (SoundExchange)
CDIrish (PPL)
March 2014
CDJAY (SoundExchange)
CDLC (SoundExchange)
CDS (SoundExchange)
CDT Musik Production (SoundExchange)
CDScott (PPL)
CDTunes (SoundExchange)
Cdub Byars (SoundExchange)
CDUp (SoundExchange)
CDWorkz (PPL)
CE Distributors (SoundExchange)
CE Jazz & Blues (SoundExchange)
CE Records (SoundExchange)
Cebe Doo Tunes (SoundExchange)
Cebra Roland (SoundExchange)
Cece Chanel (SoundExchange)
Cecille (SoundExchange)
Cecy B (SoundExchange)
Cedarwood Records (PPL)
Cedez (SoundExchange)
Cedille (Select)
Cedric Anderson (SoundExchange)
Cedric Streeter (SoundExchange)
Cedric White (SoundExchange)
Cedric Williams (SoundExchange)
Cee & Bekah (SoundExchange)
Cee Cee Michaela (SoundExchange)
Cee Vee Records (PPL)
Ceejays Music (PPL)
Ceety Leemits (The Flamin Locos)
CEG Music (SoundExchange)
Ceiba Records (SoundExchange)
Ceilizemer (SoundExchange)
CEL Series (PPL)
Celador (PPL)
Celador Films Limited (PPL)
Celador International Limited (PPL)
Celador Music & Events Limited (PPL)
Celador Productions Limited (PPL)
Celadore (Celadore)
Celebration Records (Unidisc)
Celebrative Records (SoundExchange)
Celebrity (PPL)
Celebrity Drug Disasters (Brandeluxe)
Celestial Cow Records (Celestial Cow
Celestial Records (SoundExchange)
Celestial Rock (EMI)
Celia Slattery (SoundExchange)
Cell Records (PPL)
Cellar D’Or Records (SoundExchange)
Cellar Ghost Records (SoundExchange)
Cellar Music (SoundExchange)
Cello Classics UK (PPL)
Cellobop (SoundExchange)
Celloman Records (SoundExchange)
Celtic America LLC (SoundExchange)
Celtic and the Classical Harp
Celtic Heartbeat (Universal)
- 33 -
Celtic Gold (V & H Holdings)
Celtic Note (SoundExchange)
Celtic Records (Celtic Records)
Celtic Rock Music (PPL)
Celtic Soul Music LLP (PPL)
Celtic Thunder (SoundExchange)
Celtic Thunder LTD. (SoundExchange)
Celtic Thunder LTD. (SoundExchange)
Celtograss Records (SoundExchange)
Celtophile (PPL)
Cement Shoes (Liberation Music)
Cement Shoes Records (SoundExchange)
Cemuzik (SoundExchange)
Cenib1te (SoundExchange)
Cen:sor e Records (PPL)
Censored Explicit (PPL)
Centaur (PPL)
Centaur Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Centenary (EMI)
Centerstage Records (SoundExchange)
Central Control International (PPL)
Central South Gospel (SoundExchange)
Central Station (Universal)
Central Station Records (Central Station
Centre – Line Records (PPL)
Centre Stage Records (PPL)
Centric (PPL)
Centimani (SoundExchange)
Century Hill Recordings (SoundExchange)
Century Media (PPL)
Century Star Records (SoundExchange)
Century2 (SoundExchange)
CEO Records (Folk) (SoundExchange)
Ceol Callan (PPL)
Ceol Music (PPL)
Cepteki Muzik (PPL)
Cerebro Records (SoundExchange)
Cerberus Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Ceremonia (EMI)
Ceres Records (SoundExchange)
Ceri Frost (PPL)
Cernunnos Rising (PPL)
Cesar R.Hernandez Lomeli
Cesar Sanchez Padros (SoundExchange)
Certain Records (SoundExchange)
Certificate18 (SoundExchange)
Cesium (SoundExchange)
Cetacean Records (SoundExchange)
Cetra (Warner)
Ceza Clan Mafia (SoundExchange)
CFCF Music Co. (SoundExchange)
CFM Music (SoundExchange)
CFP Records (PPL)
CFX Music (SoundExchange)
CGC (SoundExchange)
CGD (Warner)
CGI Records (SoundExchange)
CGS Records (SoundExchange)
Cha Cha Records (PPL)
Cha Cha Sam (Rieniets, Andrea)
Chacho & Brance (SoundExchange)
Chacra Records (SoundExchange)
Chad Abrams (SoundExchange)
Chad Chaney (SoundExchange)
Chad Crouch (SoundExchange)
Chad Evan Todd (SoundExchange)
Chad Hudson (SoundExchange)
Chad McNally (SoundExchange)
Chad Spriggs (SoundExchange)
Chad Trego (SoundExchange)
Chad Van Herk (SoundExchange)
Chagrin Records (PPL)
Chain Gang Parolees (SoundExchange)
Chainless Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Chairkickers Music (SoundExchange)
Chako (SoundExchange)
Chako Productions (SoundExchange)
Chako Productions PTE Ltd.
Chalice Palace (SoundExchange)
Chalk Circle (SoundExchange)
Chalk Music (Chalk Music)
Challenge (PPL)
Challenge (PFX Chr) (PPL)
Challenge Records (PPL)
Challinor Records (PPL)
Chamber Notes (PPL)
Chamberlain (SoundExchange)
Chambers Entertainment P/L (EMI)
Chambre 404 (SoundExchange)
Chameleon Arts Management (PPL)
Chameleon Records (PPL)
Champa Production (SoundExchange)
Champagne (PPL)
Champagne School (SoundExchange)
Champion Recordings (UK)(PPL)
Chan Music (PPL)
Chan Poling (SoundExchange)
Chance Houston (SoundExchange)
Chance Music (Chance Media Pty Ltd)
Chance Waters (I Forget, Sorry!)
Chancey Williams (SoundExchange)
Chandelle Productions (SoundExchange)
Chandos (Select)
Chandrashekhar Phatak (SoundExchange)
Chanel Brownbill (SoundExchange)
Changa Queen (PPL)
Changed By Grace (Changed By Grace
(CBG) Records
Changes (SoundExchange)
Changing Times (PPL)
Channel 5 (PPL)
Chanenel Classics (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Channel Four Music (PPL)
Channing Eleton (SoundExchange)
Chant Du Monde (PPL)
Chantilly (SoundExchange)
Chaos 360 (PPL)
March 2014
Chaos Reins (PPL)
Chaparral (SoundExchange)
Chapel House Records (PPL)
Chapel Lane (PPL)
Chapel Valley (SoundExchange)
Chapone Music (SoundExchange)
Chappo Music (SoundExchange)
Chappy Payne Records (SoundExchange)
Chapter 3hree, Verse 5ive Music, LLC
Chapter III Records (SoundExchange)
Chapter Music (Chapter Music)
Charay (PPL)
Charborough (PPL)
Charcoal Records (SoundExchange)
Charcol Records (PPL)
Chariot (PPL)
Chariot Records (SoundExchange)
Charisma (EMI)
Charisma Catalogue (EMI)
Charisse Arrington (SoundExchange)
Charity Chapman (SoundExchange)
Charjan Productions (PPL)
Charleen Maughan (PPL)
Charlemagne Productions Ltd (PPL)
Charles A. Powell (SoundExchange)
Charles Anderson (SoundExchange)
Charles D. Desormeaux (SoundExchange)
Charles D.Schaeffer (SoundExchange)
Charles David Howland (SoundExchange)
Charles Dewayne (SoundExchange)
Starmaker (SoundExchange)
Charles E. Berrier (SoundExchange)
Charles E. McBryde (SoundExchange)
Charles E. Treece (SoundExchange)
Charles Eden (SoundExchange)
Charles Gilbert (SoundExchange)
Charles J. Tan (SoundExchange)
Charles Jeremy Duggins (SoundExchange)
Charles Joseph Druesedow
Charles Mabry (SoundExchange)
Charles Mauk (SoundExchange)
Charles Maurice (SoundExchange)
Charles Morris (SoundExchange)
Charles Neal (SoundExchange)
Charles R. Hyman (SoundExchange)
Charles R. Martin (SoundExchange)
Charles Ray Ketchem (SoundExchange)
Charles Roux (SoundExchange)
Charles Wall (Wall, Charles)
Charleston Square Recordings
Charlene Birkbeck (SoundExchange)
Charley Orlando (SoundExchange)
Charlie Chan Music (Charlie Chan)
Charlie J. Smith (SoundExchange)
Charlie Parker Records (PPL)
Charlie Phillips (SoundExchange)
Charlie Pidcock Music (PPL)
- 34 -
Charlie Smith
Charlie Time Productions/ Danielle Rosner
Charlie’s Records (PPL)
Charlotte Records (PPL)
Charly Tate (SoundExchange)
Charly UK (SoundExchange)
Charm (PPL)
Charming Records (PPL)
Charming Records (SoundExchange)
Chart (PPL)
Chart Entry (PPL)
Chart Records (Chart Records)(Aust Indi)
Chart Records (PPL)
Chart Sounds (PPL)
Charta Records (SoundExchange)
Charlotte Zoe (SoundExchange)
Chateau Marmont (SoundExchange)
Charterhouse Music Group
Chartmaker (SoundExchange)
Charttoppers (PPL)
Chase J. Carter (SoundExchange)
Chase McMorrough (SoundExchange)
Chase On Music (SoundExchange)
Chase Perryman (SoundExchange)
Chase River Records (PPL)
Chase The Sun Band (Chase The sun Band)
Chaseme, LLC (SoundExchange)
Chasing Friday (SoundExchange)
Chasing Thrill (SoundExchange)
Chat Blance Records (SoundExchange)
Chateau Marmont (SoundExchange)
Chateau Records (PPL)
Chateau Valleau Productions
Chatsworth (PPL)
Chatterback (SoundExchange)
Chatterbox (Chatterbox)
Chatterbox Artists (Chatterbox Artists)
Chatterbox Records (PPL)
Cheap Date ( PPL)
Check in Life (SoundExchange)
Check In The Dark (SoundExchange)
Cheap Thrills Records (PPL)
Cheapskate Records (SoundExchange)
Check Records (PPL)
Checkmate Records Inc. (SoundExchange)
Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions
Cheeky Chimp Records Ltd (PPL)
Cheeky Records (Sony Music Ent)
Cheeky Trax (PPL)
Cheektowaga Records (SoundExchange)
Cheepskates: Confessions/ Run Better/ 2nd
Last (SoundExchange)
Cheepskates: Remember/ It Wings Above/
Unta (SoundExchange)
Cheerful Baby (SoundExchange)
Cheerful World Limited (PPL)
Cheesetone (Xelon Entertainment)
Cheetah Records (PPL)
Cheez Factory Blood Rush
Cheeze Graterz (PPL)
Cheeze Graterz Digital (PPL)
C’Helenique Records (SoundExchange)
C-Sharp Music (SoundExchange)
Chelsea (SoundExchange)
Chelsea Baratz (SoundExchange)
Chelsea Madrigal (SoundExchange)
Chelsea Smith (SoundExchange)
Chelton Thorpe (SoundExchange)
Chemical Discs (PPL)
Chemical Dog Recordings (PPL)
Chemical Gods (SoundExchange)
Chemikal Underground Ltd (The Phantom
Band)(Shock Entertainment)
Chemikal Underground Records (PPL)
Chemist (SoundExchange)
Chen Lo (SoundExchange)
Chenille Music (SoundExchange)
Chenillle Records (SoundExchange)
Chenoa Records (EMI)
Chenoa Records (SoundExchange)
Cheq Da Groove (PPL)
Cherie Nichole (SoundExchange)
Cherisse (SoundExchange)
Cherokee Black Entertainment
Cherokee Music Group (SoundExchange)
Cherokee Records (SoundExchange)
Cherry Fair (PPL)
Cherry Orchard (PPL)
Cherry Red (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Cherry Pie Records (PPL)
Cherry Red Films (PPL)
Cherry Red Records UK (PPL)
Cherry Tree (PPL)
Cherrytown Records (SoundExchange)
Chervalin Publishing (SoundExchange)
Cheryl B. Engelhardt (SoundExchange)
Cheryl Bentyne (SoundExchange)
Cheryl Gibson (SoundExchange)
Cheryl Nye (SoundExchange)
Cheryl Patrick (SoundExchange)
Chesky (SoundExchange)
Chesky 1997/(SoundExchange)
Chesky Classical (SoundExchange)
Chesky Jazz (SoundExchange)
Chesky Records (SoundExchange)
Chesky Records, inc. (SoundExchange)
Chess (Universal)
Chevstar (PPL)
Chewaka (EMI)
Cheyanne Mize (SoundExchange)
Chez Moi Records (SoundExchange)
Chez Music (SoundExchange)
Chhanda Dhara (SoundExchange)
Chi Recordings (PPL)
March 2014
Chi International Music (SoundExchange)
Chica Discos (PPL)
Chiaroscuro (PPL)
Chicago Afrobeat Music (SoundExchange)
Chicago Master Singers (SoundExchange)
Chicago Music Inc (Warner)
Chicago Resound (PPL)
Chicken Butter (SoundExchange)
Chicken Legs Music (SoundExchange)
Chicken Ranch Records (Country)
Chicken Shack Music (SoundExchange)
Chicken Wire Records (PPL)
Chickenmann (SoundExchange)
Chickenpop (SoundExchange)
Chickito Records (SoundExchange)
Chicks On Speed Records (PPL)
Chicks On Speed Records GmbH (Chicks on
Speed)(Shock Entertainment)
Chicks With Hits (PPL)
Chicks Who Love Guns (Chicks Who Love
Chico Freeman (SoundExchange)
Chico Music Productions (SoundExchange)
Chicomusic Orlando (SoundExchange)
Chicos Music Productions (SoundExchange)
Chief Logan Records (SoundExchange)
Chief Recordings (PPL)
Chief Tucumseh Entertainment, LLC
Chik Budo (PPL)
Chiku-taku (PPL)
Child of God Records (SoundExchange)
Childrens Club (PPL)
Childrens Group (Select)
Childrens Ministry (PPL)
Children’s Music Connection
Childsplay Records (SoundExchange)
Childstar (SoundExchange)
Chill Factor (PPL)
Chill Kechil (SoundExchange)
Chill Mode Records (SoundExchange)
Chill Out Records (SoundExchange)
Chillback (PPL)
Chilli & Bass Records (PPL)
Chillifunk Rec (SoundExchange)
Chillout Productions (PPL)
Chiltern Records (PPL)
Chime Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Chimerical Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Chimney (SoundExchange)
Chin Randys (PPL)
China Mountain Music (SoundExchange)
China Mountain Records (SoundExchange)
China Records Ltd (Warner)
China Shop Music (SoundExchange)
Chinaboy Music (PPL)
Chanaski (SoundExchange)
Chinchin Records (SoundExchange)
- 35 -
Chinese Handcuffs (Schofield, Simon)
Chioke Jelanie Sami (SoundExchange)
Chipinque (SoundExchange)
Chiquita Records (Carmen, Leone)
Chiswick Records (PPL)
Chix (PPL)
Chloe Hall (SoundExchange)
Chocodog (Ween)(Shock Entertainment)
Chocolate Bear (SoundExchange)
Chocolate Boy Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Chocolate City Records (PPL)
Chocolate Fireguard Music Ltd (PPL)
Chocolate Frog (PPL)
Chocolate Lab Records (SoundExchange)
Chocolate Records (PPL)
Choice (PPL)
Choice Fields (SoundExchange)
Choir Master (PPL)
Choir Of New College Oxford (PPL)
Cholo Enterprise LLC (SoundExchange)
Chontella R. Young (SoundExchange)
Choo Choo Limited (PPL)
Choo Choo Records (PPL)
Chooka Parker (Parker, Chooka)
Chordant Marketing (EMI)
Chordophone Records (SoundExchange)
Chords of Truth (SoundExchange)
Chortle (SoundExchange)
Chosen Few Records (SoundExchange)
CHR Productions (SoundExchange)
Chrioni Turner (SoundExchange)
Chris A (PPL)
Chris and Mollie (SoundExchange)
Chris and Siobhan Nelson (PPL)
Chris Antonik (SoundExchange)
Chris Barber Collection (PPL)
Chris Beck (SoundExchange)
Chris Black (SoundExchange)
Chris Bonner (SoundExchange)
Chris Brashear (SoundExchange)
Chris Brown (One Less Reason)
Chris Byrne (Byrne, Christopher James)
Chris Cam International Records
Chris Cam Records International
Chris Cauley (SoundExchange)
Chris Cavallaro (SoundExchange)
Chris Charles Bolton (SoundExchange)
Chris Chickering Music (SoundExchange)
Chris Cook (SoundExchange)
Chris Coole (SoundExchange)
Chris Dair (SoundExchange)
Chris Day (SoundExchange)
Chris Derosa (SoundExchange)
Chris Dinardo (SoundExchange)
Chris Dorman (SoundExchange)
Chris Errera (SoundExchange)
Chris Etheredge (SoundExchange)
Chris Flegg (PPL)
Chris Fortier (SoundExchange)
Chris Free (PPL)
Chris Galyon (SoundExchange)
Chris Ginat Records (PPL)
Chris Greco (SoundExchange)
Chris Grunwald (SoundExchange)
Chris Hyde (SoundExchange)
Chris Impellitteri (SoundExchange)
Chris James and Patrick Rynn
Chris Jones / Blitz the Ambassador
Chirs Jones / Jon Connor (SoundExchange)
Chris Klimecky (SoundExchange)
Chris Lavancher (SoundExchange)
Chris Lippert
Chris Marcus (SoundExchange)
Chris Mundy (Mundy, Chris)
Chris Peoples (SoundExchange)
Chris Munselle (SoundExchange)
Chris Riffle (SoundExchange)
Chris Roy (SoundExchange)
Chris Sampogna (SoundExchange)
Chris Sattinger (SoundExchange)
Chris Slorach (SoundExchange)
Chris Soulis (SoundExchange)
Chris Stone (SoundExchange)
Chris Storrow (SoundExchange)
Chris Taylor (SoundExchange)
Chris Unck (SoundExchange)
Chris Volpe (SoundExchange)
Chris William Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Chris Woodson (SoundExchange)
Chrisie Santoni (SoundExchange)
Chriskay (SoundExchange)
Chrislon Solomon (SoundExchange)
Christ M.O.B. Records (SoundExchange)
Christa Couture (SoundExchange)
Christa Prowse (Prowse, Christa)
Christa Prowse and Gemma Trewella
(Prowse, Christa and Trewella, Gemma)
Christal Musik (SoundExchange)
Christi Baurlee Music (SoundExchange)
Christian Alan Campbell (SoundExchange)
Christian Andersson (SoundExchange)
Christian Burkholder (SoundExchange)
Christian Edition (SoundExchange)
Christian Fabian (SoundExchange)
Christian Gilgilbart (PPL)
Christian H. Lee (SoundExchange)
Christian Records (SoundExchange)
Christian Rich (SoundExchange)
Christian Ward (PPL)
Christie Lamb (Lamb, Christie)
Christin Nelson (SoundExchange)
Christina Athena (SoundExchange)
Christina B (SoundExchange)
Christina Grimmie (SoundExchange)
Christina M. Coleman (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Christina Marie Nicholas (SoundExchange)
Christina Martin (SoundExchange)
Christina Watson (SoundExchange)
Christine Brown (SoundExchange)
Christine P, Vanhoy (SoundExchange)
Christine Wheeler & Friends (Wheeler,
Christine Wekesa (SoundExchange)
Christmas Collection (V & H Holdings)
Christof Brownell (SoundExchange)
Christofer Holland (SoundExchange)
Christopher A. Wright (SoundExchange)
Christopher Bintliff (SoundExchange)
Christopher Boscole (SoundExchange)
Christopher.C.Coomber (PPL)
Christopher Child (SoundExchange)
Christopher Cooper (SoundExchange)
Christopher Dallman (SoundExchange)
Christopher Edmunds (SoundExchange)
Christopher Ely (SoundExchange)
Christopher Ervin (SoundExchange)
Christopher Farrell (SoundExchange)
Christopher Feaster (SoundExchange)
Christopher Fournier (SoundExchange)
Christopher Francis Hanson
Christopher G. Putnam (SoundExchange)
Christopher Galloway (SoundExchange)
Christopher Harold Wells (SoundExchange)
Christopher Hartzol (SoundExchange)
Christopher J. Jones (SoundExchange)
Christopher J. Thomas (SoundExchange)
Christopher Jak (SoundExchange)
Christopher Jeremy McConnell
Christopher John Vitale (SoundExchange)
Christopher Joy (SoundExchange)
Christopher Joye (SoundExchange)
Christopher Kai (SoundExchange)
Christopher Kasper (SoundExchange)
Christopher L. Williams (SoundExchange)
Christopher Lane Wookey (SoundExchange)
Christopher Lee Sholar (SoundExchange)
Christopher M. Strauch (SoundExchange)
Christopher McClarney (SoundExchange)
Christopher Moore (SoundExchange)
Christopher Morgan (SoundExchange)
Christopher Norman (SoundExchange)
Christopher North (SoundExchange)
Christopher O. Leonard (SoundExchange)
Christopher Otcasek (SoundExchange)
Christopher R. Olsen (SoundExchange)
Christopher Robinson (SoundExchange)
Christopher Solomon Gathers
Christopher Stuart (Botfield, Chris)
Christopher W. Hart (SoundExchange)
Christopher Willits (SoundExchange)
Christopher Yamsek (SoundExchange)
Christopher Zimmerman (SoundExchange)
- 36 -
Christopher Zurek-Toton (SoundExchange)
Christophorus (SoundExchange)
Christos (SoundExchange)
Christos Papas (PPL)
Christway Media (Emu Music)
Christy Angeletti (SoundExchange)
Christy Brigitte Darlington
Christy Bruneau (SoundExchange)
Christy Jefferson (SoundExchange)
Christy Kilpatrick (Kilpatrick, Christy)
Christy Lane (CLA)(EMI)
Christy Lindsay (SoundExchange)
Christy Seamans Dudney (SoundExchange)
Chrome Dreams (SoundExchange)
Chronic (SoundExchange)
Chronos Records (SoundExchange)
Chrysalis Records Ltd (EMI)
CHS Records (PPL)
Chubbnutt Records (PPL)
Chubby Kids (PPL)
Chuck Brown (Religious ) (SoundExchange)
Chuck Cheesman (SoundExchange)
Chuck Farley Band (PPL)
Chuck Kesilman (SoundExchange)
Chuck Leger (SoundExchange)
Chuck Williams (SoundExchange)
Chuckie Perez Music (SoundExchange)
Chuckbeat (SoundExchange)
Chump Change Records (SoundExchange)
Chunk (PPL)
Chunks of Meat Records (SoundExchange)
Chunky Choons (PPL)
Chunky Fox Records (PPL)
Church, The (EMI)
Churchill-Nash Records (SoundExchange)
Churchill-Nash Records / Shazz Records
Chyme Records (PPL)
Chrysalis (EMI)
Chrysalis Catalog (EMI)
Chrysalis/EMI (Ireland) (EMI)
Chrysalis/EMI Records (USA) (EMI)
Chrysalis Inc (EMI)
Chrysalis Music Limited (EMI)
Chrysalis Records (EMI)
Chrysalis Records/EMI (EMI)
Chrysalis Records Limited (EMI)
Chrysalis Records Ltd., UK (EMI)
Chrysalis UK (EMI)
Chrysalis US (EMI)
Chyhoeddiauda BOS (PPL)
CIA Records (PPL)
Ciara Considine (PPL)
CIC Records (PPL)
Cicada Music Inc. (SoundExchange)
Cici Porter (SoundExchange)
CIDC (SoundExchange)
Cider City Records (PPL)
Cielo (SoundExchange)
Cig (SoundExchange)
Cigar City Productions (SoundExchange)
Cindy Nelson (SoundExchange)
Cindy Paely Records (SoundExchange)
Cindy Paley (SoundExchange)
Cinema (Birch Touring Enterprises)
Cimerama (PPL)
Cimp (SoundExchange)
Cimp Records (PPL)
Cinco Pa Ti (EMI)
Cindisk (SoundExchange)
Cinevox (SoundExchange)
Cincuenta Y Tantos (EMI)
Cinderblock (SoundExchange)
Cinderella Motel (SoundExchange)
Cinderella Records (PPL)
Cinema (Bich Touring Enterprises)
Cinemedia Music (SoundExchange)
Cinismo Records (SoundExchange)
Cinnamon Bones Music (SoundExchange)
Cinovative Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Ciocan Music (SoundExchange)
Circa (EMI)
Circa Records (EMI)
Circle Music Pty Ltd (Circle Records)
Circle Records (Circle Records)
Circle Records Ltd (UK)(PPL)
Circle Song Music (SoundExchange)
Circles of Fire Production (SoundExchange)
Circo Del Trance (EMI)
Circuit Records (PPL)
Circular Records Ltd (PPL)
Circus Company (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Circus King Productions (SoundExchange)
Circus Music Ltd (PPL)
Circus Music Management
Circus Records (PPL)
Cirius Entertainment Group, LLC
Cirque Du Soleil (SoundExchange)
Cirque Du Soleil Musique (SoundExchange)
Cirque Du Soliel Inc (SoundExchange)
Cirque Recordings (PPL)
Cisne Discos (SoundExchange)
Cisum Entertainment (PPL)
Cisum Entertainment LLP (PPL)
Citadel Records (Shock Entertainment)
Citation (SoundExchange)
Citinite (PPL)
Citizen Kay (Owusu-Ansah, Kojo)
Citizen Records (SoundExchange)
Citizens Records
Citrus Soul Records (PPL)
City Boy Records (PPL)
City Canyon Records (PPL)
City Canyons Records (PPL)
City City Records (SoundExchange)
City Lights Publishing (SoundExchange)
March 2014
City Lights Publishing, inc.
City Music (PPL)
City of Angels (SoundExchange)
City of Zion Records (SoundExchange)
City Record (SoundExchange)
City Records (GT Yarmouth)(PPL)
City Records (PPL)
City Road Entertainment (PPL)
City Rockers (2006) Ltd (PPL)
City Rollaz Inc (PPL)
City Salvage Records (SoundExchange)
City Slang (Universal)
City Slang (EMI)
City Slang (Shock Entertainment)
City Slang (SoundExchange)
City Slang GMBH & Co. KG
City Slang Records (SoundExchange)
CitySlang (SoundExchange)
City Slikker (PPL)
City Sounds (PPL)
City To City (PPL)
Cityscape Records (PPL)
CIV (SoundExchange)
Civil (PPL)
Civil Defense League (SoundExchange)
Civil Music (PPL)
Civil Music Ltd (PPL)
CJamMusic (PPL)
CJO Records (SoundExchange)
CJMartinete Music Co. (SoundExchange)
CJS Series (PPL)
CKB Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Clachan Boys (SoundExchange)
Claddagh (Shock Entertainment)
Clams Casino LLC (SoundExchange)
Clan Analogue (Clan Analogue Recordings)
Clan Destined (SoundExchange)
Clan Stamp Records (PPL)
Clairaudience (SoundExchange)
Clair Pelletier (SoundExchange)
Clan (SoundExchange)
Clan Celentano (SoundExchange)
Clanka Lanla (PPL)
Clare (PPL)
Clare Lisa Hedin (SoundExchange)
Claremont Inc LLP (PPL)
Clarence Eggleton (SoundExchange)
Clarence Goward III (SoundExchange)
Clareton Music (SoundExchange)
Clarinet Classics (SoundExchange)
Clarion Jazz (SoundExchange)
Clark Colborn (SoundExchange)
Clarksville Records (PPL)
Class A (SoundExchange)
Class Music SA de CV (Warner)
Class War Records (SoundExchange)
Classic Avenue (SoundExchange)
Classic FM Records (PPL)
- 37 -
Classic For Pleasure (PPL)
Classic Fox Records (PPL)
Classic Hits OMP (PPL)
Classic Jazz Music (Colarado)
Classic Produktion Osnabruck
Classic Records (PPL)
Classical Acoustic Jazz (SoundExchange)
Classical Communications Ltd (PPL)
Classical Ever (EMI)
Classical Express (PPL)
Classical Express (SoundExchange)
Classical Heritage (SoundExchange)
Classical Jazz (SoundExchange)
Classical Recording Service (PPL)
Classico (PPL)
Classicos Moviles (EMI)
Classics Audio Books (SoundExchange)
Classics Club (PPL)
Classics for Pleasure (EMI)
Classics Music Publishing (SoundExchange)
Classics on Tape (SoundExchange)
Classified Records (SoundExchange)
Classik House (EMI)
Classik Techno (EMI)
Claude Hay (Hay, Claude)
Claudia Hayden (SoundExchange)
Claudio Bohemia (PPL)
Claudio Celso (SoundExchange)
Claudio Cipriani (SoundExchange)
Claudio Contemporary (PPL)
Claudio Corsi (SoundExchange)
Claudio Records (PPL)
Clawfist (PPL)
Clay Callaway (SoundExchange)
Clay Davis Records (PPL)
Clay McClinton (SoundExchange)
Clayman (SoundExchange)
Clayman Publishing (SoundExchange)
Claytara Records (PPL)
Claytara Records (SoundExchange)
Clayton Di Chiro (SoundExchange)
CLC Records (SoundExchange)
Clean Cut Records (PPL)
Clean Cuts (PPL)
Clean Up (EMI)
Clean Up Records (PPL)
Cleanbox Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Clear Conscience (SoundExchange)
Clear Label Records (SoundExchange)
Clear Records (PPL)
Clearly Records (SoundExchange)
Clearvale (PPL)
Clearvision (SoundExchange)
Clearwater Records (PPL)
Clelia Adams (Adams, Clelia)
Clemency (SoundExchange)
Clermont Music (SoundExchange)
Cleveland City (PPL)
Cleveland City Blues (PPL)
Cleveland City Imports (PPL)
Cleveland International (Sony Music Ent)
Cleveland Jazz Orchestra (SoundExchange)
Clever Elements (SoundExchange)
Clever Sheep Records (SoundExchange)
Click Records Prodctions Ltd (PPL)
Cliff Guy (Guy, Clifford William)
Cliff Side Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Clifford King Jr. (SoundExchange)
Clifford Lugard Productions
Clifton Brian Harris (SoundExchange)
Clifton O. Lawrence (SoundExchange)
Clifton Recordings (PPL)
Climate (PPL)
Climate Homemade Records
Climate Records (PPL)
Climax Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Clinch (PPL)
Clinical Archives (SoundExchange)
Clint Crisher (SoundExchange)
Clint Kerns (SoundExchange)
Clint Nation Band (SoundExchange)
Clint Wilson (SoundExchange)
Clinton Brown (SoundExchange)
Clinton Danny Wright (SoundExchange)
Clinton Gatherings Harrison
Clinton Kelly Jr. (SoundExchange)
Clipper Anderson (SoundExchange)
CLJ Records (SoundExchange)
Clockwork Mercury (SoundExchange)
Cloister Recordings (SoundExchange)
Cloqwork Recordings (PPL)
Close Harbour (PPL)
Clotted Cream Music (PPL)
Cloud 9 (Specific Recordings only) (Central
Station Records)
Cloud 9 (Cloud 9 Music)
Cloud 9 (SoundExchange)
Cloud Nine Records (SoundExchange)
Cloud People Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Cloud Valley Music (PPL)
Cloudy But Fine (Cloudy But Fine)
Cloudy But Fine (Specific Recordings
Clout Records (EMI)
Clovelly (PPL)
Cloverleaf (PPL)
Clovis (SoundExchange)
Clovys International (SoundExchange)
Clown Milk Records (SoundExchange)
Clowning Around (SoundExchange)
CLR (SoundExchange)
Club AC30 (PPL)
Club Buzz (PPL)
Club Card Records (PPL)
Club De Musique (PPL)
March 2014
Club Elite (Armada Music)
Club Movers (PPL)
Club of Life (PPL)
Club Rock Records (SoundExchange)
Club Republic (PPL)
Club Session (SoundExchange)
Club Tools (PPL)
Club Trini Records (SoundExchange)
Club Tunes (EMI)
Club802 (PPL)
Clubbox Limited (SoundExchange)
Clubbox Records (SoundExchange)
Clubscene Records (PPL)
Clubstar (SoundExchange)
Clubware Records (SoundExchange)
Clued (PPL)
Cluster (PPL)
Clutch Records (SoundExchange)
Clyde Wallace (SoundExchange)
Clydesdale (SoundExchange)
CM3 Productions
CMac McElveen Music (SoundExchange)
CMB (SoundExchange)
CMP Psalms (SoundExchange)
CMC Denmark (EMI)
CMC Records (EMI)
CMC Records A/S (EMI)
CMC Records/Capitol Music (EMI)
CME (SoundExchange)
CMM Records (SoundExchange)
CMP Recordings (PPL)
CMSStudio Recordings (SoundExchange)
CN09 LLP (SoundExchange)
CNipro (SoundExchange)
CNL Records (SoundExchange)
CNR Music (SoundExchange)
CNR Music Belgium (Toco)
Co-Dependent Records (SoundExchange)
Coal Shed Records Ltd (PPL)
Coal Train Railroad (SoundExchange)
Coalition Entertainment (Records) Inc
Coalition Recordings International Ltd
Coalition Records (Liberation Music)
Coastal Records (SoundExchange)
Coastline Productions (SoundExchange)
Cobalt (SoundExchange)
Cobalt Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Cobo Music (SoundExchange)
Cobra (PPL)
Cobrax (Rigid)
Coby Brown (SoundExchange)
Cochon Records (SoundExchange)
Cock an Ear Productions (Italy)(ToCo)
Cockaigne (Wolverine Enterprises P/L)
Cockaroo Entertainment (SoundExchange)
- 38 -
Cockaroo Publishing (SoundExchange)
Cockatoo Records (Echidna Music
Management Pty Ltd)
Cockman Family (SoundExchange)
Cockman Family Records (SoundExchange)
Cocky Boy Record (SoundExchange)
Coco Machete Records (PPL)
Coco Machete Records (SoundExchange)
Coco Shack (SoundExchange)
Coco Soul (SoundExchange)
Coco Tauro Records (SoundExchange)
Coco’s Lunch (Coco’s Lunch)
Cocoa Music (PPL)
Cocoa Machete (SoundExchange)
Coconi Music (PPL)
Coconut Coolouts (SoundExchange)
Coconut Grove (SoundExchange)
Cocoon Music Event Gmbh (Specific
Recordings) (Blue Pie Productions)
Cocoon Records (EMI)
Cocoon SARL (Liberation Music)
Cod Funk (PPL)
Cod Blu Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Coda (PPL)
Coda Records (SoundExchange)
Coda UK (SoundExchange)
Codaex – AGPL (Select)
Codaex – Etcerera (Select)
Codaex – Globe (Select)
Codaex – Melodiya (Select)
Codaex – Penta Tone (Select)
Codaex – Ramee (Select)
Codaex – Raumklang (Select)
Codaex – RCO Live (Select)
Code 90 (PPL)
Code Sumari (SoundExchange)
Codeblack Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Codebreaker Records (PPL)
Codex Records (PPL)
Codigo (SoundExchange)
Codiscos Records (SoundExchange)
Cody Dog Music (SoundExchange)
Cody Mitchell (SoundExchange)
Cody Roth (SoundExchange)
Cody Smith (SoundExchange)
Coe (EMI)
Coe Pop Records (SoundExchange)
Coed (SoundExchange)
Coelocanth Records (PPL)
Coercive (PPL)
Coeur De Corbeau Records
Coeur De Lion (SoundExchange)
Coexistence Records (SoundExchange)
Coffee Loop (PPL)
Coffee Shop Girl Records (SoundExchange)
Cofish Records (SoundExchange)
Cogent Records (PPL)
Cognoscenti Entertainment Pty Ltd
(Cognoscenti Entertainment Pty Ltd)
Cohersion (PPL)
Cohesion Arts (SoundExchange)
Cohort (PPL)
Coker Productions (SoundExchange)
Col Legno (Fuse)
Colarj Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Colarj Records (PPL)
Colie Brice (SoundExchange)
Cold Chillin (Warner)
Cold City Media Ltd (PPL)
Cold Code 4 (SoundExchange)
Cold Crush Records (Specific Recordings
Cold Harbour Records (PPL)
Cold Wind Records (SoundExchange)
Coldharbour Recordings (Armada Music)
Coldharbour Recordings (RED) (Armada
Coldhearted Records (SoundExchange)
Colecao Fenix (EMI)
Colesmusic (PPL)
Colin Greatorix (Greatorix, Colin Spencer)
Colin Rayment (SoundExchange)
Colin McCaffrey (SoundExchange)
Collagen Rock (SoundExchange)
Collar City Records (SoundExchange)
Collared Greens Entertainment
Collecting (PPL)
Collecting Records (PPL)
Collecting Records OMP (PPL)
Collection of Dope Records
Collective (EMI)
Collective Sounds (SoundExchange)
Collective Vibe Records (SoundExchange)
Collective World Music Group
Collectors Choice (Hot)
Collectors Choice (USA)(Fuse)
Collectors Edition (PPL)
Collectors Items (PPL)
Colleen Max Fisher (SoundExchange)
Collegium Records (Select)
Collegium Records (UK)(PPL)
Collins Classics (PPL)
Collision Cause of Chapter 3
Colonel Music (PPL)
Color Blocks Productions, LLC
Color Object (SoundExchange)
Colorful Recordings (SoundExchange)
Colossal Records (Colossal)
Colosseum Music (SoundExchange)
Colour Box (PPL)
Colour Services (PPL)
Columbia (EMI)
Columbia (Sony Music Ent.)
Columbia (LRD) (Sony Music Ent)
March 2014
Columbia Legacy (Sony Music Ent)
Columbia/Nashville (Sony Music Ent)
Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax (Sony
Music Ent.)
Columbian Party Cartel (SoundExchange)
Columna Musica (PPL)
Columns of Knowledge (SoundExchange)
Coma (SoundExchange)
Comanche Productions (SoundExchange)
Comandante Zero (SoundExchange)
Combat Records (SoundExchange)
Combination (SoundExchange)
Combination Studio (PPL)
Combo (PPL)
Combo Tempo (SoundExchange)
Combs Music (SoundExchange)
Combs Music International
Comedian Bob Marley (SoundExchange)
Comedy Central Records (Shock
Comedy Central Records (SoundExchange)
Comedy Central (SoundExchange)
Comedy Central Records (SoundExchange)
Conmedy Entertainment Inc.
Comedy Partners (SoundExchange)
Comedy Club (PPL)
Comedy Productions (SoundExchange)
Comet Music (PPL)
Comet Records (PPL)
Comfort Zone (PPL)
Comfort Zone Records (PPL)
Comic Relief (PPL)
Coming Home (CHM)(EMI)
Comin Atcha Dist. Grp (SoundExchange)
Comin’ Atcha Distrubution
Comin Atcha Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Comma Music and Sound Design
Command (PPL)
Commercial Animal (EMI)
Commercial Marketing (EMI)
Commercial Marketing Capitol (EMI)
Commission (SoundExchange)
Common Chord International
Common Ground (Florida)
Common Rotation Publishing
Common Shiner (SoundExchange)
Common Wall Media (SoundExchange)
Commonbond Records (Shock
Common Trolls (Xelon Entertainment)
Commotion (SoundExchange)
Communion (SoundExchange)
Communion Group Ltd (PPL)
- 39 -
Communion Records (PPL)
Community Records (SoundExchange)
Community / Big Store (EMI)
Comp Music (EMI)
Compact Hour (V & H Holdings)
Compact Organization (PPL)
Compacto (EMI)
Compadre (Hot)
Compai Ent. (SoundExchange)
Compania (SoundExchange)
Company House Records inc.
Company Inc (PPL)
Comparte UN (EMI)
Compass (PPL)
Compass Bros (Compass Bros)
Compass Brothers (SoundExchange)
Compass Records (PPL)
Compendia (SoundExchange)
Compendia Music Group (SoundExchange)
Compilation (EMI)
Compleat (SoundExchange)
Complete Blues (PPL)
Completist (PPL)
Compose Records (PPL)
Composition Records (PPL)
Compost Records (PPL)
Composure Records (PPL)
Compressor (Transini, Robert)
Compulsion (EMI)
Compulsiv (PPL)
Compulsive Records (SoundExchange)
Computer Integrated Audio (PPL)
Computer Science (SoundExchange)
Con Musica Sobre Ruedas Combates La Con
Poderio (EMI)
Conamus (SoundExchange)
Conawago Records (SoundExchange)
Concave Music (PPL)
Concentrated People (PPL)
Concept (PPL)
Concept Holdings (PPL)
Concept Holdings Ltd (PPL)
Concept Music (PPL)
Concept Music NV (PPL)
Concert Artistes International (PPL)
Concert Master (PPL)
Concerthouse Music (Blue Pie Productions)
Concious Sounds (PPL)
ConciousMinds (SoundExchange)
Conclusion Music (SoundExchange)
Concord (Universal)
Concord Records (Ozomatli)(Shock
Concordia Publishishing House
Concorse Recordings (PPL)
Concrete (PPL)
Concrete Corners (SoundExchange)
Concrete (Shock Entertainment)
Concrete Productions (PPL)
Concrete Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Conehead Management Ltd (PPL)
Conexzion Directa (SoundExchange)
Coney Island Discs (PPL)
Confetti (PPL)
Confezzed Recordz (SoundExchange)
Confidence Recordings (Ministry Of Sound)
Confidential (PPL)
Conflict Records (PPL)
Confiserie (SoundExchange)
Confluence Limited (PPL)
Confluence Music (PPL)
Confushious (SoundExchange)
Congo (PPL)
Congregation (Fourth Floor Collapse)
Congruent (SoundExchange)
Conjuroo Recordings (SoundExchange)
Connaisseur Recordings (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Connect Records (PPL)
Connoisseur Collection (PPL)
Connoisseur Gold Label (PPL)
Connor O’Brien (SoundExchange)
Connor Pledger (SoundExchange)
Connor Ray (PPL)
Conor Matthews (SoundExchange)
Conquerors (PPL)
Conquerors Quartet (SoundExchange)
Conquest LLC (SoundExchange)
Conquest Music Inc (SoundExchange)
Conqui Music (PPL)
Conrad Davis Brittish Ent. (SoundExchange)
Conrad Leland Thomas (SoundExchange)
Conritmo (SoundExchange)
Conscience (SoundExchange)
Conscious Music Records (SoundExchange)
Conscious Records (PPL)
Conscious Souls (SoundExchange)
Conscious Sounds (PPL)
Consistantly Great Records (PPL)
Conseil Francophone (SoundExchange)
Consequence of Circumstance
Console (PPL)
Consolidated (PPL)
Consort (PPL)
Conspiracy Recordings (SoundExchange)
Conspirator (SoundExchange)
Constant in Opal (PPL)
Contant Ivy Music (SoundExchange)
Constant Q (PPL)
Constellation Records (Unidisc)
Construction Records (PPL)
Consult’art (SoundExchange)
Contact High (PPL)
Contact Media (PPL)
Contaigiouz Entetainment (SoundExchange)
Container Records (SoundExchange)
Contango Records (SoundExchange)
Contemporary (PPL)
March 2014
Content (Warner)
Continental Blue Heaven (PPL)
Continental East West (Warner)
Continental Record Service (PPL)
Continentica Records (Kate
Havnevik)(Shock Entertainment)
Continentica Records Ltd (PPL)
Continuous Cool (SoundExchange)
Continuum (PPL)
Continuum Music Group (SoundExchange)
Contra Basso Music(SoundExchange)
Contrabass (PPL)
Contrast Recordings (PPL)
Contre-jour (SoundExchange)
Contrejour (SoundExchange)
Control (PPL)
Control Tower (PPL)
Controlled Substance Recordings
Contrology Records (SoundExchange)
Conversations with God (PPL)
Converse (SoundExchange)
Convert (SoundExchange)
Convoyun’Ltd (SoundExchange)
Conya (SoundExchange)
Co-llection (SoundExchange)
Co-Op (Universal)
Cookie Jar (SoundExchange)
Cooking Vinyl (Cooking Vinyl)
Cookshop (PPL)
Cool-Cat-Daddy-O (PPL)
Cool + Deadly (PPL)
Cool Acoustic Music (SoundExchange)
Cool Breeze Records (SoundExchange)
Cool Beans Records (PPL)
Cool Down Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Cool Dude lil B (SoundExchange)
Cool Feeling (EMI)
Cool Groove (EMI)
Cool Groove (SoundExchange)
Cool Hunter (SoundExchange)
Cool Kind Kid (SoundExchange)
Cool Nation (PPL)
Cool Note (PPL)
Cool Outrageous Music (SoundExchange)
Cool Pepper Disc (SoundExchange)
Cool Rockers (PPL)
Cool Sounds Japan (SoundExchange)
Cool Spirit Publishing (SoundExchange)
Cool Stuff For Kids (PPL)
Cool Tempo (EMI)
Coolpool Limited (PPL)
Coolprice (EMI)
Coolprice 1750 (EMI)
Coolshade (PPL)
Coolshade Records (PPL)
Coolshade Worlbeater (PPL)
Cooltempo (EMI)
Cooly’s Hot Box (SoundExchange)
Cooperative Music Australia (Universal)
- 40 -
Cooperfly, inc. (SoundExchange)
Coozie Mellers (SoundExchange)
Cop International (SoundExchange)
Copa (PPL)
Copacabana (EMI)
Copasetik (SoundExchange)
Copeland International Arts
Copeland International Arts, inc.
Copenhagen Records APS (EMI)
Copper Island (PPL)
Copper Moon Records (SoundExchange)
Copperfish Records (PPL)
Copperfox (SoundExchange)
Copperplate (PPL)
Copter Records (SoundExchange)
Coptercrash (SoundExchange)
Coptic Soldier (I Forget, Sorry!)
Copyright Recordings (PPL)
Coquet Shack (PPL)
Cor Dare (Sounds Out Of Hours)
Coracao Tribal (EMI)
Cora-Linn (PPL)
Coral NYC Music (SoundExchange)
Carolman Records (Flower, David)
Carole Pope (SoundExchange)
Corason (PPL)
Corason Records (SoundExchange)
Cordovan Music (SoundExchange)
Cordula Davis (SoundExchange)
Core Music (Kaylah Anne Country Music)
Corellian Records (PPL)
Corey Black (SoundExchange)
Corey Beecher (SoundExchange)
Corey Crowder inc. (SoundExchange)
Corey Edwards (SoundExchange)
Corey Franks (SoundExchange)
Corey Galle (SoundExchange)
Corey Gloden (SoundExchange)
Corey Kelly (SoundExchange)
Corey L. Koehler (SoundExchange)
Corey Pounds (SoundExchange)
Corey Ray Digiovanni (SoundExchange)
Corey Vanderhoof (SoundExchange)
Corecosmos (SoundExchange)
Corban Records (PPL)
Corbin inc. (SoundExchange)
Cordafonia (SoundExchange)
Corin Birchall (PPL)
Corin Roddick (SoundExchange)
Corinthian (SoundExchange)
Corinthian Records (SoundExchange)
Corn (SoundExchange)
Cornelius Cotton (SoundExchange)
Cornell Richardson (SoundExchange)
Corner Shop (PPL)
Corner Shop (SoundExchange)
Cornerstone R.A.S (SoundExchange
Cornerstone Productions (PPL)
Cornerstone Records (Unidisc)
Cornerstone RAS (SoundExchange)
Cornerstone RAS inc. (SoundExchange)
Cornerstone RAS Music inc
Cornerstone RAS Records (SoundExchange)
Cornutopia Music (PPL)
Coro (PPL)
Coro (Select)
Corona Classic (PPL)
Corona Records (SoundExchange)
Corperate Punishment (SoundExchange)
Corperate Punishment Records
Corpus Polymedia (SoundExchange)
Corridda Recordings (PPL)
Corriere (SoundExchange)
Corrina Rose Logston (SoundExchange)
Corrinne May (SoundExchange)
Corrmay Gourmet Music (SoundExchange)
Corrupt (PPL)
Corrupt Redux (PPL)
Corrupted Records (PPL)
Corruptive Records (PPL)
Corsair Records (PPL)
Cortex (PPL)
Corus Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Corvus Records (SoundExchange)
Cory Sprouse (SoundExchange)
Coshh (PPL)
Cosine Music Group (SoundExchange)
Cosmetic Recordings (Vicious)
Cosmi (SoundExchange)
Cosmic (PPL)
Cosmic Communications (PPL)
Cosmic Flux Musiq (SoundExchange)
Cosmic Psychos (Shock Entertainment)
Cosmic Rough Riders (PPL)
Cosmic Sounds (PPL)
Cosmic Toast Studios (SoundExchange)
Cosmic Trigger Records (SoundExchange)
Cosmicleaf Records (SoundExchange)
Cosmo and Sachi (SoundExchange)
Cosmo Sex School (SoundExchange)
Cosmos Original Records (PPL)
Cosmos-Origianal-Productions.Co (PPL)
Cossarock Records (SoundExchange)
Cost of Desire (SoundExchange)
Costa Rola Music (SoundExchange)
Costarella Records (SoundExchange)
Cot Valley Music (PPL)
Cotique (SoundExchange)
Cottage (PPL)
Cottage Records (PPL)
Cotton Pickin’ Records (SoundExchange)
Cotton Town Jubilee Records (PPL)
Cotton Wool Music (SoundExchange)
Cottontown LLC (SoundExchange)
Couch Music (SoundExchange)
Couch Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Cougar Records (PPL)
Cough Records (PPL)
Count Orlock (SoundExchange)
Countdown Music Group (SoundExchange)
Counter Records (PPL)
Counterflow (SoundExchange)
Counterflow Recordings (SoundExchange)
Counterpart (SoundExchange)
Counterpoint (PPL)
Counterpoint Records Ltd (PPL)
Countries Series (PPL)
Country Crossing (SoundExchange)
Country Crossing Recordings
Country Dreams Ent. (SoundExchange)
Country Fire (PPL)
Country Fried (SoundExchange)
Country Gentleman Recordings (PPL)
Country Harvest (SoundExchange)
Country Music Classics (Wiseman, Bryan)
Country Roads (PPL)
Country Routes (PPL)
Country Thunder Records (SoundExchange)
County (PPL)
Courrier LLC (SoundExchange)
Court Lane Music (PPL)
Court Lane Records (PPL)
Courtesy of Myself Entertainment (PPL)
Courtlandt Music (SoundExchange)
Courtney Carswell (SoundExchange)
Courtney Morgan (SoundExchange)
Cousin Alice Productions (PPL)
Cousins of the Water (SoundExchange)
Couture Music Wear Inc. (SoundExchange)
COV Productions (SoundExchange)
Covelli Productions (SoundExchange)
Covert Recording Ltd (PPL)
Cow Town Records (SoundExchange)
Cowan Production (PPL)
Cowards Omnimedia (SoundExchange)
Cowboy Music (PPL)
Cowboy Records Ltd (PPL)
Cowboy VRS Sailor (SoundExchange)
Cowboys In Pain (PPL)
Cowjack (SoundExchange)
Coy Castleberry (SoundExchange)
Coyote Clean Up (SoundExchange)
Coyote Recordings (SoundExchange)
Cozified Records (Cozified Records)
CP Records (PPL)
CPI Records (SoundExchange)
CPL Entertainment Group Ltd (PPL)
CPL (R&B) (SoundExchange)
CPO (Select)
CPO Records (SoundExchange)
CPR Records (SoundExchange)
CPS Productions (PPL)
CPU Records (SoundExchange)
CR Records (SoundExchange)
Cr2 records Australia (Cr2 Records)
- 41 -
CR2 Records Limited (Ministry Of Sound)
Crab (PPL)
Crabophone (PPL)
Crackle Records (PPL)
Cradle Records (SoundExchange)
Craft Music (Ministry Of Sound)
Crafty Cuts (PPL)
Crai (PPL)
Craig Anthony Smith (SoundExchange)
Craig Collinge (Collinge, Craig)
Craig E. Jackson (SoundExchange)
Craig Giles (Giles, Craig)
Craig Harradine (SoundExchange)
Craig Horner (horne, Craig)
Craig Law Productions (Cllaw)
Craig McDonald (McDonald, Craig)
Craig Morris (SoundExchange)
Craig N. Allen (SoundExchange)
Craig Sonnenfeld (SoundExchange)
Craig Wahl (SoundExchange)
Craig Wazbinski (SoundExchange)
Crain Records (SoundExchange)
Crambo (PPL)
Cramden Coach Corp. t/a Bismeaux Rec.
(Willie Nelson & Asleep At The
Wheel)(Shock Entertainment)
Crammed Discs (Bebel Gilberto)(Shock
Crammed Discs (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Crammed Discs Intl (SoundExchange)
Crank! A Record Company
Crankin Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Crankworthy Music Publishing
Cranston Foundation (SoundExchange)
Crash (PPL)
Crash (SoundExchange)
Crash Cinema (SoundExchange)
Crash Coordinates (SoundExchange)
Crash Like This (SoundExchange)
Crash Records (PPL)
Crashed (PPL)
Crashing Records (PPL)
Crass (SoundExchange)
Craving Lucy, LLC (SoundExchange)
Craving Records (Craving Records)
Crawl 2 Ball Records (SoundExchange)
Crawl 2 Bawl Records (SoundExchange)
Crawpita Music (SoundExchange)
Craze (Rap) (SoundExchange)
Craze Factory (SoundExchange)
Crazy Cajun (PPL)
Crazy Diamond (PPL)
Crazy Hood Productions (SoundExchange)
Crazy Jain Records (PPL)
Crazy Lighthouse (PPL)
Crazy Music Records (PPL)
Crazy Neighbor Records (SoundExchange)
Crazy Otto Music (SoundExchange)
Crazy Viking Records (PPL)
Crazyfish Records (PPL)
CRC Music Group (PPL)
Cream (EMI)
Cream Factory Records (Specific
Recordings) (Blue Pie Productions)
Cream Records (PPL)
Create Control (Create Control Pty Ltd)
Creation In Trance (Creation In Trance)
Creation Records (PPL)
Creation Records (Sony Music Ent.)
Creations Calme-Son (SoundExchange)
Creations End (SoundExchange)
Creations Meandre Inc (SoundExchange)
Creative Arts Direct (PPL)
Creative Collaborations Media Group
Creative Concept Enterprises
Creative Diversions Entertainment
Creative Force (PPL)
Creative Group LLC (SoundExchange)
Creative Improvised Music Projects
Creative Label (PPL)
Creative Man (SoundExchange)
Creative Mind Music (PPL)
Creative Records (SoundExchange)
Creative Soul Records (SoundExchange)
Creative Trust (SoundExchange)
Creative Trust Workshop (SoundExchange)
Creative Vibes (Creative Vibes)
Creative Vibrations (SoundExchange)
Creative Way Music (SoundExchange)
Creative Works Records (SoundExchange)
Creative World Records (PPL)
Creature-Music (PPL)
Creatrix Music (SoundExchange)
C-Recordz (PPL)
Credence (EMI)
Credence (SoundExchange)
Credential Recordings (EMI)
Credible Sexy Units (PPL)
Credit Records (PPL)
Credo Records (SoundExchange)
Creek Slide Records (SoundExchange)
Creekside Records (PPL)
Crème De La Crème (PPL)
Crème De La Crim Records (PPL)
Creole Music (PPL)
Creon Music (SoundExchange)
Crepuscule (SoundExchange)
Crescent City Soul (EMI)
Crescent Moon Music Ltd (UK)(PPL)
Crescent Records (SoundExchange)
Crescent Ridge Publishing (SoundExchange)
Cressidia (PPL)
Crest (PPL)
March 2014
Crestway Music (Crestway Music)
CRFamilyRecords (SoundExchange)
Cricket Records (Unidisc)
Crime Club (PPL)
Crimetime Records (PPL)
Criminal Records Inc (PPL)
Criminal Records NW (SoundExchange)
Criminal Recordz (PPL)
Criminal Recordz Music Limited (PPL)
Crimson Productions (PPL)
Cringe Music (PPL)
Criollo Clasico Music (SoundExchange)
Cripple Creek (PPL)
Criss Cross Jazz (PPL)
Cristal Records (Hot)
Cristine D. Conerty (SoundExchange)
Cristy Lane Ent. Inc. (SoundExchange)
Cristy Lane Records (SoundExchange)
Cristy spiteri (Spiteri, Cristi)
Critical (SoundExchange)
Critical Mass (PPL)
Critical Sun Recordings (SoundExchange)]
Critics Choice (SoundExchange)
Croman Caribe (SoundExchange)
Crooked Music (SoundExchange)
Crooked Prairie (SoundExchange)
Crop Circle Records (Cameron Bracken)
Crosby Ruff (SoundExchange)
Cross Breed Imprints , LCC
Cross Driven Records (SoundExchange)
Cross Fire (PPL)
Cross Over Music (PPL)
Cross Over Music Urban Gospel (PPL)
Cross Purposes Recording (SoundExchange)
Cross Seas Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Crosseyed Bear Productions
Crossfaded Bacon Music (SoundExchange)
Crossfire Publications (SoundExchange)
Crosslines Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Crossover Heavenly Dance (PPL)
Crossover Sounds (PPL)
Crossroads Blues Agency (SoundExchange)
Crossroads (other) (SoundExchange)
Crosstown Rebels (!K7 Records)
Crosstown Rebels (PPL)
Crossway Ministries (SoundExchange)
Crosswind (SoundExchange)
Crosswind (Jeff Berry) (SoundExchange)
Crosswind Corperation
Cross-Word Music (Tasker, Nathan)
Crowded House (EMI)
Crowded Pond (SoundExchange)
Crowe, David (David Crowe)
Crown (PPL)
Crown City Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Crown City Rockers (SoundExchange)
Crown Collection Series (PPL)
- 42 -
Crown Digital (SoundExchange)
Crown Japan (SoundExchange)
Crown Loyalist (SoundExchange)
Crown Prince (PPL)
Crown Singles (PPL)
Crown Star Productions (SoundExchange)
Crowne Music Group (PPL)
Crows Feet Crew (Clam Centre Pty Ltd)
CRS Music and Media(SoundExchange)
CRS Music & Media Ltd (SoundExchange)
CRS Records (PPL)
Crucial Blas Records (SoundExchange)
Crucial Blast (SoundExchange)
Crucible Records (SoundExchange)
Crud (SoundExchange)
Cruiserweight (CW)(Sureshaker)
Crumbs (PPL)
Crumbs the Label (PPL)
Crunch Pod (SoundExchange)
Crunch Records (PPL)
Crunchy Frog (Junior Senior Recordings)
(Shock Entertainment)
Crunk Records (SoundExchange)
Crunk Witch (SoundExchange)
Crusade Records (Crusade Records)
Cruz (SoundExchange)
Cruz Records (SoundExchange)
Cruz Rosta (PPL)
Cruzaroo Music (SoundExchange)
Crying Ninja Records (Koh, Sophie)
Crying Sun (Radio Birdman)(Shock
Cryme Family Ent. (SoundExchange)
Crypt Records (SoundExchange)
Cryptic Shadow (PPL)
Cryptovision (SoundExchange)
Crys Matthews (SoundExchange)
Crystal (PPL)
Crystal Browne (SoundExchange)
Crystal City (PPL)
Crystal Cloud Recordings (SoundExchange)
Crystal Cote (SoundExchange)
Crystal D. Darden (SoundExchange)
Crystal River Records (SoundExchange)
Crystal Nance (SoundExchange)
Crystalette (SoundExchange)
Crystavox (SoundExchange)
CS Records (PPL)
CSA Word (SoundExchange)
CSD Inc (SoundExchange)
CSD Industries (SoundExchange)
CSI (SoundExchange)
CSI South (SoundExchange)
CSJQ (SoundExchange)
CSK Records (SoundExchange)
CSMMLMK (SoundExchange)
CSPS LLC (SoundExchange)
CST Conncetions, LLC (SoundExchange)
CT Workshop (SoundExchange)
CU Hoeddiadau Do Re Mi (PPL)
Cuacana (SoundExchange)
Cuadra (PPL)
Cuarenta Y Tantos (EMI)
Cuarto Menguante (SoundExchange)
Cub Scouts (Cub Scouts)
Cuba Chevere (SoundExchange)
Cubanita (PPL)
Cubanoson Productions (SoundExchange)
Cubanson Productions (SoundExchange)
Cube Hifly (PPL)
Cube Recordings (PPL)
Cube Soundtracks (PPL)
Cube/Fly/Flyback/Hifly (PPL)
Cubit Records Ltd (PPL)
Cuc (SoundExchange)
Cuckoo Land Records (PPL)
Cuckundoo Records (PPL)
Cuepoint (LNG Music)
Cue Records (PPL)
Cul de Sac Records (SoundExchange)
Cul de Sac Mystic Producions
Culburnie Records (PPL)
Culebra Records (SoundExchange)
Cult Evil Gods (SoundExchange)
Cultivader Records (MacPherson, Tim &
McCormack, Ricky)
Cultura Profetica (SoundExchange)
Cultural Foundation (PPL)
Cultural Vision Maui (SoundExchange)
Culture Records (SoundExchange)
Cumbancha (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Cumbre Flamenca En… (EMI)
Cuneiform Records (PPL)
Cuneiform Records (SoundExchange)
Cup of Chi Recordings (PPL)
Cup of Tea (PPL)
Curb (PPL)
Curb Appeal (SoundExchange)
Curb Dirty (PPL)
Curb London (PPL)
Curb Polydor (PPL)
Curb Records (Sony Music Ent)
Curb Universal (PPL)
Curb Warner (PPL)
Curiad (PPL)
Curlique Records (PPL)
Current Records (PPL)
Current Swell (SoundExchange)
Curry House Records (SoundExchange)
Curses (Moyse, Aidan)
Curt Schneider (SoundExchange)
Curtain Call (PPL)
Curtis Box (SoundExchange)
Curtis Lee Racca (SoundExchange)
Curtis Scott (SoundExchange)
Curtis Simpson (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Curtom Records (Warner)
Curve Music (PPL)
Curve of the Earth Records
Curveball Recordings (PPL)
Cushman Music (SoundExchange)
Custard Squad (PPL)
Custom House Music (SoundExchange)
Custom Made songs (Novosel, Jadov)
Custom Records (Breese, Rob)(Aust Indi)
Custom Records (UK)(PPL)
Custom Recordings (PPL)
Customary Music (SoundExchange)
Cut & Paste (SoundExchange)
Cut & Play Recordings (PPL)
Cut and Run (SoundExchange)
Cut ‘N’ Dry (PPL)
Cut House Records (PPL)
Cut To The Beat Limited (PPL)
Cutler Waterworth (PPL)
Cutters Records (Cutters Records)
Cutting (PPL)
Cutting Edge Japan (SoundExchange)
Cutting Edge Music Ltd (PPL)
Cutzrecordingz (PPL)
Cuzzo Ent (SoundExchange)
CVR (SoundExchange)
CW Series (PPL
Cyan Music Publishing (SoundExchange)
Cyanide Recordings (SoundExchange)
Cybearsonic (SoundExchange)
Cybelia (PPL)
Cyber Recordings (Armada Music)
Cyberchump (SoundExchange)
Cybermotion (SoundExchange)
Cyberphonic Records (PPL)
Cyberset (Specific Recordings) (Blue Pie
Cyberset Music (SoundExchange)
Cycle (EMI)
Cyclo Music (PPL)
Cyclops (SoundExchange)
Cygnus Music Ltd (PPL)
Cyhoeddiadau BOS (PPL)
Cymatic Records (Karnivool Pty Ltd)
Cymatix Ltd (PPL)
Cymer (PPL)
Cynic (PPL)
Cynthia Girtley (SoundExchange)
Cynthia Lin (SoundExchange)
Cynthia Lynn (SoundExchange)
Cynthia Sayer (SoundExchange)
Cyphon (PPL)
Cypres (SoundExchange)
Cypres Records (SoundExchange)
Cypress (France)(Fuse)
Cypress Grove (PPL)
Cyrano (SoundExchange)
Cyril Blue (SoundExchange)
- 43 -
Cyrius Media Group (Cyrius Media Group
Pty Ltd)
D-Boi (Alabama) (SoundExchange)
D Boy Entertainment (SoundExchange)
D Cleff Records (SoundExchange)
D E Records (PPL)
D. Folks (SoundExchange)
D Fusion (PPL)
D Records (PPL)
D Records Limited (PPL)
D Set Records (PPL)
D Sharp (PPL)
D Squared Music (SoundExchange)
D T Records (PPL)
D Vocion Productions (SoundExchange)
D. Boyd Pty Ltd (D. Boyd Pty Ltd)
D.I. Records (PPL)
D.I.R (SoundExchange)
D.J. Records (Unidisc)
D.J. (PPL)
D.M. Ahora! (PPL)
D. Manns Music Group, inc.
D. Maurice Carmon (SoundExchange)
D.O. Music Group (SoundExchange)
D. Ryan (SoundExchange)
D.Y.E. Records (SoundExchange)
D. Zane Smith (SoundExchange)
D&D Records (SoundExchange)
D&R Records (SoundExchange)
D&F Music (SoundExchange)
D:Vision (Toco)
D:Vision (SoundExchange)
D’Angers Musique (SoundExchange)
D’art/Scottish Records (PPL)
D’Blue Records (SoundExchange)
D’Colores (SoundExchange)
D’Lectable Music (SoundExchange)
D’Naje Entertainment (SoundExchange)
D’Z Nuts Production (SoundExchange)
D’Zion (SoundExchange)
D-Noy (SoundExchange)
D20 (EMI)
D2thaJ Productions inc. (SoundExchange)
D5 Records (PPL)
D7 Music (PPL)
D84318X6Y0Y (SoundExchange)
Da Beat (PPL)
Da Bottom (SoundExchange)
Da Capo Singers (Da Capo Singers)
Da Hype Records (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Da Intalex (PPL)
Da Recordings (PPL)
Da Street Sound Ltd. (PPL)
Da’ Core Records (SoundExchange)
Dabliu (SoundExchange)
Dabnean (SoundExchange)
Dabringhaus Und Grimm (SoundExchange)
Dacapo (Select)
Dad House (PPL)
Daddy Jazz Records (SoundExchange)
Daddy Max Records (PPL)
Dads Music (Dads Music)
Dadsboots Records (SoundExchange)
Daesha Dawson (SoundExchange)
Dafesongs (SoundExchange)
Daffodil Records (Unidisc)
Daffy Dane Records (SoundExchange)
Dafni (SoundExchange)
Dagmar Records (SoundExchange)
Dagnabit (SoundExchange)
Dagored (SoundExchange)
Dahlia Wakefield (SoundExchange)
Dahvin Bugas (SoundExchange)
Daif Records (SoundExchange)
Daina Ashmore (PPL)
Dairio Peters (SoundExchange)
Dasies (SoundExchange)
Daisy Dog Productions (PPL)
Daisy Hicks (Avenue Road Limited)
Daisy Label (UK)(Hot)
Daisy Lourdes Villa (SoundExchange)
Daisy Villa (SoundExchange)
Daivd Swaby (SoundExchange)
Daje-Ayzona Entertainment LLC
Dajubilus (SoundExchange)
Dakota Belford (SoundExchange)
Dal Segno (Select)
Dalai Records (SoundExchange)
Dale Duncan (SoundExchange)
Dale Hooper (Hooper, Dale)
Dale Hunter (SoundExchange)
Dale Jones (SoundExchange)
Dale Mayes (SoundExchange)
Dale V. Hitch (SoundExchange)
Daleth Music Group (SoundExchange)
Daletone Records (SoundExchange)\
Daletone Records (SoundExchange)
Dalotek Records (PPL)
Dalifey Productions (Blue Pie Productions)
Dalirada Records (PPL)
Dallas (EMI)
Dallas Christian Sound (SoundExchange)
DallasKath Productions (Andrews, Shalom)
Dallas Frasca (Shock Entertainment)
Dallas Frasca (Frasca, Dallas)
Dallas Live Orchestra (SoundExchange)
Dallas McDermott (McDermott, Dallas)
Dalmastro inc. (SoundExchange)
Daltex Records (SoundExchange)
Dalton Smith (SoundExchange)
Dalton Speller (SoundExchange)
Dalvoye (SoundExchange)
Daly Bread Records (SoundExchange)
Daly City Records (SoundExchange)
Dalyrical’s Groove Productions
March 2014
Dam Good Soul (PPL)
Damage Control Online (SoundExchange)
Damage Control Records (SoundExchange)
Damaged Goods (Pete Molinari, Fabienne
Desol, Holly Golightly)(Shock
Damaged Goods Records (PPL)
Dame Records (PPL)
Dame-o (SoundExchange)
Damien T. Hodges (SoundExchange)
Dameion Robinson (SoundExchange)
DAMG (Discovering Arts Music Group)
Damhnait Doyle (SoundExchange)
Damian Erskine (SoundExchange)
Damian Mason (SoundExchange)
Damian Randall (SoundExchange)
Damien Beebe (SoundExchange)
Damien Derose (SoundExchange)
Damien L. Sneed (SoundExchange)
Damiens Truth (SoundExchange)
Dammit Music (PPL)
Damn (SoundExchange)
Damn Right (PPL)
Damon Dwyer (PPL)
Damon L. Lockhart (SoundExchange)
Damon Nailer (SoundExchange)
Damon Wright (SoundExchange)
Dan & Faith (SoundExchange)
Dan Blake (SoundExchange)
Dan Blanchard (SoundExchange)
Dan Bodah (SoundExchange)
Dan Brodie and the Broken Arrows (EMI)
Dan Cavanagh (SoundExchange)
Dan Chancey (SoundExchange)
Dan Chandler (SoundExchange)
Dan Dyck (SoundExchange)
Dan Frechette (SoundExchange)
Dan Godlin (SoundExchange)
Dan Jam (PPL)
Dan Kibler (SoundExchange)
Dan Kirovac Music (SoundExchange)
Dan Kelly(Shock Entertainment)
Dan Lacob (SoundExchange)
Dan Lawson (SoundExchange)
Dan Levy (SoundExchange)
Dan Lo Fi Recordings (PPL)
Dan Luevano (SoundExchange)
Dan Mackta (SoundExchange)
Dan Marschak (SoundExchange)
Dan Morehouse (SoundExchange)
Dan Musselman (SoundExchange)
Dan Newton (SoundExchange)
Dan Newton’s Café Accordian Orchestra
Dan Parsons (Parsons, Dan)
Dan Pokorni (SoundExchange)
Dan Robilotta (SoundExchange)
Dan Ryker (SoundExchange)
Dan Siegel (SoundExchange)
Dan Siegel Music (SoundExchange)
- 44 -
Dan Wallace (SoundExchange)
Dan Webb (Misdemeanor Records)
Dan Willis (SoundExchange)
Dana Agnellini (SoundExchange)
Dana Coleman (SoundExchange)
Dana Davis (SoundExchange)
Dana Decker (SoundExchange)
Dana Hassall (Spud Entertainment Trust)
Danacord (PPL)
Danal Music (SoundExchange)
Danatone Studios (PPL)
Danbla Records (SoundExchange)
Danbo Publishing (PPL)
Dance & Listen (PPL)
Dance & Waves (PPL)
Dance 2 Records (PPL)
Dance Attack (EMI)
Dance Band Days (PPL)
Dance Bass (PPL)
Dance Beat (PPL)
Dance Club (EMI)
Dance collection International (PPL)
Dance Division (EMI)
Dance Factory (EMI)
Dance Floor Corporation (PPL)
Dance Floor Records (SoundExchange)
Dance Generation (EMI)
Dance Music Productions (SoundExchange)
Dance Nation (PPL)
Dance On Vinyl (PPL)
Dance Party (EMI)
Dance Play (EMI)
Dance Pool (Sony Music Ent)
Dance Pool/Epic/Ruthless (Sony Music Ent)
Dance Street (SoundExchange)
Dance to the Radio (PPL)
Dance Villa Records (Toco)
Dance Vision (EMI)
Dance Zone (EMI)
Dancebeat (PPL)
Dancemania Records (SoundExchange)
Dancepolicy Ltd (PPL)
Danceland (PPL)
Dancetime Records (PPL)
Dancing Bear (SoundExchange)
Dancing Dolphin (SoundExchange)
Dancing Elk Music (SoundExchange)
Dancing Ferret (SoundExchange)
Dancing Ferret Disk (SoundExchange)
Dancing Ferret Disks inc. (SoundExchange)
Dancing Heals (Dancing Heals)
Dancing With Paris (SoundExchange)
Dancing Wolves (SoundExchange)
Dandelion Music Ltd (PPL)
Dandy (PPL)
Danelle Harvey (SoundExchange)
Danger Hardcore Tracks (PPL)
Danger In Sound (PPL)
Danger Money Records (PPL)
Danger Records (SoundExchange)
Danger Records Ltd (PPL)
Dangerbird Records (PPL)
Dangerfox Recordings (SoundExchange)
Dangermuffin Music (SoundExchange)
Dangerous Records (PPL)
Daniel A. Nelson (SoundExchange)
Daniel Amedee (SoundExchange)
Daniel Aranda (SoundExchange)
Daniel Arvidson (Arvidson, Daniel)
Daniel Baeffel (Baeffel, Daniel)
Daniel Berube (SoundExchange)
Daniel Bonfiglio (SoundExchange)
Daniel Brecher (SoundExchange)
Daniel Brummel (SoundExchange)
Daniel Cantrell (SoundExchange)
Daniel Casavant (SoundExchange)
Daniel Cooper (Cooper, Daniel)
Daniel Courteau (SoundExchange)
Daniel Davies Music (SoundExchange)
Daniel Fajans (SoundExchange)
Daniel Farrier (SoundExchange)
Daniel Fernandez (SoundExchange)
Daniel Finfer (SoundExchange)
Daniel Gaspari (SoundExchange)
Daniel Glavin (SoundExchange)
Daniel Green (SoundExchange)
Daniel Hurlwey (SoundExchange)
Daniel Hutchens (SoundExchange)
Daniel Johnson (SoundExchange)
Daniel Kay (Kay, Daniel)
Daniel Kropf (SoundExchange)
Daniel Snyder (SoundExchange)
Daniel L. Vaillancourt (SoundExchange)
Daniel Lee Fowler (SoundExchange)
Daniel Lenzmeier (SoundExchange)
Daniel Levi Goans (SoundExchange)
Daniel Luttrell (SoundExchange)
Daniel Mallison (SoundExchange)
Daniel Markoya (SoundExchange)
Daniel Mintseris (SoundExchange)
Daniel Moll (SoundExchange)
Daniel Murphy (SoundExchange)
Daniel O. Green (SoundExchange)
Daniel Otton (SoundExchange)
Daniel Peluso (SoundExchange)
Daniel Pena (SoundExchange)
Daniel Perez (SoundExchange)
Daniel R. Dellenback (SoundExchange)
Daniel Radin (SoundExchange)
Daniel Reardon (SoundExchange)
Daniel Robert Miller (SoundExchange)
Daniel S. Plock (SoundExchange)
Daniel Schrage (SoundExchange)
Daniel Shatzkes (SoundExchange)
Daniel Shorago (SoundExchange)
Daniel Steinbock (SoundExchange)
Daniel Van Oss (SoundExchange)
Daniel Webb (Webb, Daniel)
Daniel Weinkauf (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Daniel Weisman/ Kim
Daniel World Music (SoundExchange)
Danielle Duval (SoundExchange)
Danielle Whalebone (Danielle Whalebone)
Daniels Window - Its A Mystery
Daniels Window – Redefined/ Hollow
Daniels Window – Illuminate
Danielson Entertainment Group
Danilo Grbic (SoundExchange)
Dannica Lowery (SoundExchange)
Danny Ammon (Saunders, Daniel)
Danny Baptista (SoundExchange)
Danny Berdichevsky (PPL)
Danny Cao (SoundExchange)
Danny Click (SoundExchange)
Danny Coxson (SoundExchange)
Danny Ellis (SoundExchange)
Danny Eyer (SoundExchange)
Danny H (SoundExchange)
Danny Hinkle (SoundExchange)
Danny Martinez Records (SoundExchange)
Danny Scherr (SoundExchange)
Danny Whitecotton (SoundExchange)
DannyB (SoundExchange)
Dannysan Productions inc.
Danqua Records (PPL)
Dansa Records (PPL)
Dansan Records (PPL)
Danser’s Inferno (SoundExchange)
Dansing Records (PPL)
Danthree Music (SoundExchange)
Dantien Records (PPL)
Danwell (SoundExchange)
Danza Productions (Fagan, Matthew)
Dap Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Dapaa Miller (SoundExchange)
Daptone Records (Shock Entertainment)
Dappa Cherry Ltd (PPL)
DAR Recordings (Hot)
Dara Hodges (SoundExchange)
Darbo Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Darcel Wilson (SoundExchange)
Darcy James Argue (SoundExchange)
Darcy Michael (SoundExchange)
Dare 2 (SoundExchange)
Dare2 Records (SoundExchange)
Daren Jackson (SoundExchange)
Darey Products (SoundExchange)
Dariano (SoundExchange)
Daring (PPL)
Darius Brooks (SoundExchange)
Darius Paulk (SoundExchange)
Dark And Moody Records (PPL)
Dark Beatz (Ministry Of Sound)
- 45 -
Dark by Design (PPL)
Dark Duck Records (SoundExchange)
Dark Energy Music (PPL)
Dark Epiphany Recordings
Dark Horse (PPL)
Dark Noize (SoundExchange)
Dark Order (Dark Order)
Dark Shadow Recording (SoundExchange)
Dark Side of the Haggis (PPL)
Dark Source Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Dark Sparrow (SoundExchange)
Dark Valley Records (SoundExchange)
Darkend (PPL)
Darkman Records (PPL)
Darkness Records (PPL)
Darkroom Dubs (PPL)
Darkside Entertainment Music
Darkside Entertainment Music Group
Darkside Records (SoundExchange)
Darksun (SoundExchange)
Darkwater Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Darkwolf Records (SoundExchange)
Darlingside (SoundExchange)
Darnell and Company, LLC
Darnell Brockington (SoundExchange)
Darnell Dates (SoundExchange)
Darnell Howerton (SoundExchange)
Darnell Phillips (SoundExchange)
Darnell White (SoundExchange)
Darrel Humphris (Humphris, Darrel
Darrell Dixon (SoundExchange)
Darrell McCarthy (SoundExchange)
Darrell North (SoundExchange)
Darren Apfel (SoundExchange)
Darren Chase (SoundExchange)
Darren Cross (Cross, Darren)
Darren Flowers (SoundExchange)
Darren Hanlon (Hanlon, Darren)
Darren J Fallas (SoundExchange)
Darren James Records (PPL)
Darren Reilly (Reilly, Darren)
Darren Scott (Scott, Darren)
Darren Vorel (SoundExchange)
Darrence Stewart (SoundExchange)
Darrin Stout (SoundExchange)
Darrin Thompson (SoundExchange)
Darrius Willrich (SoundExchange)
Darron McKinney (SoundExchange)
Darryl Anderson (SoundExchange)
Darryl Marks (SoundExchange)
Darryl McDonald (SoundExchange)
Darsha Music (SoundExchange)
Dart (PPL)
Dartmoor Music (SoundExchange)
Darts (Darts)
Daryl Henderson (SoundExchange)
Daryl Jean Music (SoundExchange)
Daryl Strodes (SoundExchange)
Daryle White (SoundExchange)
Daryl’s Electric Warehouse
Das Kong (Das Kong Pty Ltd)
Das Productions (SoundExchange)
Das Vibes (Blue Pie Productions)
Daseca Productions (SoundExchange)
Dash Ryder Productions (SoundExchange)
Dashemi Records (SoundExchange)
Dasoul Records (SoundExchange)
Dat Music (PPL)
Dat Phan (SoundExchange)
Dat Phan Productions (SoundExchange)
Data (PPL
Data Airlines (SoundExchange)
Datamuseum (EMI)
Datapunk Recordings (SoundExchange)
Date to Care Records (SoundExchange)
Daterriunta Jones (SoundExchange)
Daughterboy Jao (EMI)
Dauman (SoundExchange)
Daun-te (SoundExchange)
Dave Brewer (brewer, Dave)
Dave Brown Recordings (PPL)
Dave Clark London (PPL)
Dave Costarella (SoundExchange)
Dave Crenshaw (SoundExchange)
Dave Elwert (SoundExchange)
Dave Feirn (SoundExchange)
Dave Harnetty (SoundExchange)
Dave Hogan (SoundExchange)
Dave Humphries (SoundExchange)
Dave Insley (SoundExchange)
Dave Kleiner and Liz Pagan
Dave Monsch (SoundExchange)
Dave Murrow (SoundExchange)
Dave Nguidjoi (SoundExchange)
Dave Owens (SoundExchange)
Dave Pierce Music (SoundExchange)
Dave Pittman Productions (SoundExchange)
Dave Randall Smith (SoundExchange)
Dave Raynor Productions (SoundExchange)
Dave Sherif (PPL)
Dave Smallen (SoundExchange)
Dave Thomas Junior (PPL)
Dave Thrift (SoundExchange)
Dave Walker (Walker, Dave)
Dave Weiner (SoundExchange)
Dave Whittle (PPL)
Dave Williams (PPL)
Davell Crawford (SoundExchange)
Daver (SoundExchange)
Daves of Thunder (SoundExchange)
David A. Barnes (SoundExchange)
David A. Roth Music (SoundExchange)
David Adesokan (SoundExchange)
March 2014
David Alexander Espinoza-Levy
David Altenor (SoundExchange)
David and Joanne Quigley (PPL)
David Anthony King (SoundExchange)
David Atkinson (SoundExchange)
David B. Mills (SoundExchange)
David B. Mueller (SoundExchange)
David B. Williams (SoundExchange)
David Balch (PPL)
David Barnett (SoundExchange)
David Baroni (SoundExchange)
David Belmont (SoundExchange)
David Blair (SoundExchange)
David Bridie (EMI)
David Brinston (SoundExchange)
David Brunn (SoundExchange)
David C. Hewitt (SoundExchange)
David Cahalan (SoundExchange)
David Chalk (SoundExchange)
David Cooper (SoundExchange)
David Craver (SoundExchange)
David Davis (SoundExchange)
David Dewese (SoundExchange)
David Dickerson (SoundExchange)
David Disharoon (SoundExchange)
David Ducharme -Jones (SoundExchange)
David Dunaway (SoundExchange)
David E. Griffin (SoundExchange)
David E. Whitten (SoundExchange)
David Edwards (SoundExchange)
David Egan (SoundExchange)
David Evans (Evans, David)
David Fenton (PPL)
David Flower (Flower, David)
David Gaines (SoundExchange)
David Garriok (SoundExchange)
David Gerard (SoundExchange)
David Gicking (SoundExchange)
David Gilden (SoundExchange)
David Gompper (SoundExchange)
David Gosnell (SoundExchange)
David Gresham Records (SoundExchange)
David Grindstaff / Mountain Fever
David Gyll-Murray (PPL)
David Haisten (SoundExchange)
David Harrison (SoundExchange)
David Hayes (SoundExchange)
David Hennager (SoundExchange)
David Hicks (SoundExchange)
David Hole (Hole, David)
David Hyams (Hyams, David)
David J. Mattacks (SoundExchange)
David J. Moore (SoundExchange)
David J. Williams (SoundExchange)
David James Taylor (SoundExchange)
David Jensen (SoundExchange)
David John Jones (PPL)
- 46 -
David Jonathan Publishing
David Joseph (SoundExchange)
David Jones (SoundExchange)
David Justin (SoundExchange)
David Kaiser (SoundExchange)
David Kellogg (SoundExchange)
David L. Houston (SoundExchange)
David LaFleur (SoundExchange)
David Lambert (SoundExchange)
David Lane (Lane, David Benjamin)
David Lawrence (SoundExchange)
David Leask (SoundExchange)
David Lee Farver (SoundExchange)
David Leggatt Music (SoundExchange)
David Leonard (PPL)
David Loeppke (SoundExchange)
David Lomas (Lomas David)
David Long (SoundExchange)
David Louthan (SoundExchange)
David Luckey (SoundExchange)
David Lynch Music (SoundExchange)
David M. Mullen (SoundExchange)
David Manago (SoundExchange)
David Martin Jr.
David Mathais (SoundExchange)
David Matthews (SoundExchange)
David Michel-Ruddy (SoundExchange)
David Neely (SoundExchange)
David Oakleaf & The Open Road
David Ornette Cherry (SoundExchange)
David Otis Schaper (SoundExchange)
David Paton (PPL)
David Pavkovic (SoundExchange)
David Peterson (SoundExchange)
David Peterson & 1946 (SoundExchange)
David R. Rawlinson (SoundExchange)
David Raymond (Damiera)
David Reed (SoundExchange)
David Reo (SoundExchange)
David Rivas (SoundExchange)
David Rodriguez (SoundExchange)
David Rovics (SoundExchange)
David Saw (PPL)
David Sale (SoundExchange)
David Serby (SoundExchange)
David Sharpe (SoundExchange)
David Sheehan (PPL)
David Shields (SoundExchange)
David Smallen (SoundExchange)
David Solid Gould (SoundExchange)
David Spreng (SoundExchange)
David Sterry (Sterry, David)
David Steinhart (SoundExchange)
David Stellmach (SoundExchange)
David Stephens (SoundExchange)
David Stone (Stone, David)
David Stopp (SoundExchange)
David T. Issler (SoundExchange)
David Trautz (SoundExchange)
David True (SoundExchange)
David Tughan (PPL)
David V. Bell (SoundExchange)
David Vandervelde (SoundExchange)
David W. Lin (SoundExchange)
David Washington (SoundExchange)
David Wax (SoundExchange)
David Wells and the High Wateer Mark
David Wheeler (SoundExchange)
David Whitehead (SoundExchange)
David Wingo (SoundExchange)
David Wyper (SoundExchange)
David Y Wang (SoundExchange)
David Ravasio (SoundExchange)
Davidson Brothers (Davidson Brothers)
Davin McCoy, LLC (SoundExchange)
Davina and the Vagabonds
Davon Jackson (SoundExchange)
Davy Boggs (SoundExchange)
Dawen (SoundExchange)
Dawg Records Ltd (PPL)
Dawn Club (PPL)
Dawn Mitschele Music (SoundExchange)
Dawn Mooney (SoundExchange)
Dawn Raid (SoundExchange)
Dawn Raid Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Dawson Cowals (SoundExchange)
Dawson Reigns (SoundExchange)
Dax Music (Central Station Records)
Dax (POP) (SoundExchange)
Day By Day (PPL)
Day Eight Music (SoundExchange)
Dayboo Records (SoundExchange)
Daybreak Quartet (SoundExchange)
Daylight (PPL)
Daylight Hours (Daylight Hours)
Days Before Tomorrow (SoundExchange)
Days Indoors (PPL)
Dayseam (SoundExchange)
Dayspring (PPL)
Daystar (SoundExchange)
Daytrotter (SoundExchange)
Daywood River Records (SoundExchange)
Daze Da Nomad (SoundExchange)
Dazed (SoundExchange)
Dazmo Music (SoundExchange)
DazzleDrive (SoundExchange)
DB Music Productions (SoundExchange)
DB Infusion (PPL)
DB Records (PPL)
DBar Productions, LLC (SoundExchange)
DBass (PPL)
DPI Records (SoundExchange)
DBK Works (Fuse Music Group P/L)
March 2014
DBM Records (PPL)
DBN Records (SoundExchange)
DBPM (SoundExchange)
DBQ410 (SoundExchange)
DBR (SoundExchange)
DBR Music Productions (SoundExchange)
DBS Music (PPL)
DB’s World Enterprises (SoundExchange)
DC Flow (SoundExchange)
DC Recordings (PPL)
DC3 (Liberation Music)
DCM Records (SoundExchange)
DCS/TME Recordings (SoundExchange)
DCTone Records Limited (PPL)
DCypha Productons (PPL)
D-Double Records (PPL)
DC-Jam (SoundExchange)
DCW Productions (SoundExchange)
DD Sounds (SoundExchange)
DDD Entertainment/Thr3 Dimensional
Music (PPL)
DDJ’s Productions (PPL)
DD172 LLC (SoundExchange)
De Angelis (SoundExchange)
De Angelis Records Ltd (PPL)
De La Publishing LLC (SoundExchange)
De Luxe UK (PPL)
De Montfort Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
De Soto (SoundExchange)
De Soto Records (SoundExchange)
De Temps Antan (SoundExchange)
De Trop Faux Pas (SoundExchange)
De Underground Crew (PPL)
De-Sai (PPL)
De-Sai Records (PPL)
Dead Again (Turnstile) (PPL)
Deabauchery Records (SoundExchange)
Dead Beat Records (SoundExchange)
Dead before Dawn (PPL)
Dead Dead Good (PPL)
Dead Design Records (PPL)
Dead Horse Records (SoundExchange)
Dead Letter Circus (Dead Letter Circus)
Dead Morris Productions (SoundExchange)
Dead Owl Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Dead Rage (SoundExchange)
Dead Planet Records (PPL)
Dead Poets Records (PPL)
Dead Ringer Band (EMI)
Dead Ringer Records (PPL)
Dead Rock City (SoundExchange)
Dead Sounds (PPL)
Dead Young Records (PPL)
Deadbeat (PPL)
Deadeye Records (PPL)
Deadhand Music (Deadhand Music)
Deadhawk Music (SoundExchange)
Deadline Records (SoundExchange)
- 47 -
Deadline Studios (PPL)
Deadlock Rock Records (SoundExchange)
Deadly Circus Fire (PPL)
Deadly People (PPL)
Deadpan Records (PPL)
Deadra Sibert (SoundExchange)
Deadwax Records (Australian Digital Music
Group Pty Ltd)
Deaf Records (PPL)
Deaf School (PPL)
Deaf Shepherd (PPL)
Deaidre Newby (SoundExchange)
Deal Em’ High (SoundExchange)
Deal Em’ High Records (SoundExchange)
Dealers of Nordic (SoundExchange)
Dean Alexander (SoundExchange)
Dean Austin (SoundExchange)
Dean Caputo (SoundExchange)
Dean De Benedictis (SoundExchange)
Dean F. Hoffman (SoundExchange)
Dean Hall (SoundExchange)
Dean Group (PPL)
Dean Jones Music (SoundExchange)
Dean L. Farmer (SoundExchange)
Dean Lusher (Lusher, Dean)
Dean Organs (PPL)
Dean Phelps (SoundExchange)
Dean Raskin (SoundExchange)
Dean Taba (SoundExchange)
Dean Tellefson (SoundExchange)
Dean Wells (SoundExchange)
Dean Wolfe (SoundExchange)
Dean’s List (SoundExchange)
Deandre Wright (SoundExchange)
Deanna Cartea (SoundExchange)
Deanna Josephson (SoundExchange)
Deansville Inc (PPL)
Deavondia Taylor (SoundExchange)
Dear Stalker (Dear Stalker)
Dears (SoundExchange)
Death Row Records (Shock Entertainment)
Death Scene
Death Strobe Records (Xelon Entertainment)
Death Yensid Records (PPL)
Deathpodal (PPL)
Deb Talan (SoundExchange)
Debi Jones (SoundExchange)
Debonair Records & Tapes (PPL)
Deborah Falconer (SoundExchange)
Deborah Hocking (Suffragette Records)
Deborah Kazsimer (SoundExchange)
Deborah Lurie (SoundExchange)
Debra Farris (SoundExchange)
Debra Farris Band (SoundExchange)
Debra Jean Gottesman (SoundExchange)
Debris (PPL)
Debs (SoundExchange)
Debt (PPL)
Debt Records (PPL)
Debunk (PPL)
Debut (UK)(PPL)
Debut Gospel (SoundExchange)
Decadent Nation (SoundExchange)
Decadent Records (PPL)
Decatur Got Hitzz (SoundExchange)
Decay Music (SoundExchange)
Decca (Universal)
Deck Disc (SoundExchange)
Deceptive Records (PPL)
Decess (PPL)
Decibels Records (City Of Darebin)
Decimation (SoundExchange)
Decipher Recordings (PPL)
Deckdisc Brasil (SoundExchange)
Deckdisk (SoundExchange)
Declan De Barra (SoundExchange)
Declan McGarry (SoundExchange)
Declare Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Declic (SoundExchange)
Decode (PPL)
Decon Media (Shock Entertainment)
deConstruction (Sony Music Ent.)
Decorator Records (SoundExchange)
Decoy Records (PPL)
Decult (PPL)
Deda Music (PPL)
Dedeland Records (SoundExchange)
Dedkor (SoundExchange)
Dee Jay (SoundExchange)
Dee Money Records (SoundExchange)
Dee Stokes Music (PPL)
Deeay Music (PPL)
Deebzlenuz (SoundExchange)
Deekicks (EMI)
Deelagee Records (SoundExchange)
Deep Beats Records (SoundExchange)
Deep Cartel Recordings (PPL)
Deep Cold (SoundExchange)
Deep Creek Road (Deep Creek Road)
Deep Cut (SoundExchange)
Deep Distraxion (PPL)
Deep Distrubution Worldwide
Deep East Records (PPL)
Deep End Records (PPL)
Deep Groove (PPL)
Deep Heat (PPL)
Deep Life (SoundExchange)
Deep Medi Muzik (PPL)
Deep Pearl Records (Deep Pearl Records)
Deep Purple (Warner)
Deep River Running (PPL)
Deep Root (PPL)
Deep Sea Records (PPL)
Deep Set Records (PPL)
Deep Sky Music (Specific Recordings) (Blue
Pie Productions)
Deep Soul Music (PPL)
Deep South (PPL)
Deep Space City Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Deep Touch Black (PPL)
Deep Touch Records (PPL)
Deep Touch Records (SoundExchange)
Deepblue Recordings (UK)(PPL)
Deepcut Recordings (PPL)
Deeperfect Records (PPL)
Deepestmuzik (PPL)
Deepfield LLC (SoundExchange)
Deepfunk Records (SoundExchange)
Deeplife Records (SoundExchange)
Deeply Rooted House (SoundExchange)
Deepmix (SoundExchange)
Deepstance (PPL)
Deepstar (PPL)
Deere Records (SoundExchange)
Deetune Productions (PPL)
Deetown Entertainment (SoundExchange)
DEF (Universal)
Def Cowboy Music (SoundExchange)
Def Dumb and Blind (PPL)
Def Hall (SoundExchange)
Def Jam (Universal)
Def Jux (SoundExchange)
Def Jux Music (SoundExchange)
Def Jux Records (SoundExchange)
Def Records (PPL)
Def Soul (Universal)
Def-Texan Records (SoundExchange)
Defamation (PPL)
Defcom (PPL)
Defcon Flo (PPL)
Defdrive (PPL)
Defdrive Ltd (PPL)
Defears Records (PPL)
Defected Records Ltd (PPL)
Defence Records (PPL)
Defender Records (PPL)
Defenderlos Ent. Ltd (PPL)
Defensive Music Ltd (Defensive Music Ltd)
Deff Trapp (SoundExchange)
Defiant Records (PPL)
Definitive (SoundExchange)
Definitive Jux Music (SoundExchange)
Definitive Jux Rec ords (SoundExchange)
Definitive Jux Records (EMI)
Definitive Plus (SoundExchange)
Definitive Records (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Definition Records (PPL)
Defjux (SoundExchange)
Deformation Records (PPL)
Defrockit (SoundExchange)
Defrez Records (SoundExchange)
Defstar (SoundExchange)
Defunked (PPL)
Degan Music (SoundExchange)
Dego Music (SoundExchange)
Deh Tyme (SoundExchange)
Deiprofundis 7 Records (PPL)
Deity Records (SoundExchange)
Déjà Vu (PPL)
- 48 -
Dejadisc (PPL)
Dejarous M. Bell (SoundExchange)
Dejf Records (SoundExchange)
Dejuan Dangerfield (SoundExchange)
Dekkor Records (PPL)
Dekoy Records (PPL)
Del Grango Records (Dancing Heals)
Del Mate Productions (SoundExchange)
Del Melodies (SoundExchange)
Dela Records (SoundExchange)
Delabel (EMI)
Delay 68 (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Delfina (SoundExchange)
Delfon Recordings Society
Del-Fi Records (Warner)
Delhi 2 Dublin (SoundExchange)
Delica Records (PPL)
Delinquent Habits (SoundExchange)
Delirious (PPL)
Delite Records (Unidisc)
Deliverance Records (PPL)
Delivery Records (SoundExchange)
Dell’Arte Musique (SoundExchange)
Dellamano Music Publishing
Delfunkfunkboy Music inc.
Delmark (Other) (SoundExchange)
Delorean Tide (Delorean Tide Pty Ltd)
Delorecords (Domino Recording Company
Delphia Blize (SoundExchange)
Delphian Records Ltd (PPL)
Del-Rio (PPL)
Delroy Smith (SoundExchange)
Delta Groove (Delta Groove)
Delta Loop Recordings (PPL)
Delta Records (SoundExchange)
Delta Records (Shock Entertainment)
Delta Victor Tango (SoundExchange)
DeltaSonic (Sony Music Ent)
Deluka (SoundExchange)
Delvin Alexander (SoundExchange)
Delvin Lumly (SoundExchange)
De-Luxe (PPL)
Deluge Records (SoundExchange)
Delusions Of Grandeur (PPL)
Deluxe Audio (PPL)
Deluxe Productions Ltd (PPL)
Deluxe Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Delwray Records (SoundExchange)
Delyse (PPL)
Demand Records (PPL)
Demar White (SoundExchange)
Demetrius Dodson (SoundExchange)
Demetrius J. Nabors (SoundExchange)
Demigodz Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Demigodz Records (SoundExchange)
Democracy Records (PPL)
Demon (PPL)
Demon Music Group Ltd (PPL)
Demon Records (PPL)
Demon Soundtracks (PPL)
Demon Verbals (PPL)
Demon Vision (PPL)
Demonic Records (PPL)
Denali Williams (SoundExchange)
Denim Label (Foster, Levi)
Dennis Bryan (SoundExchange)
Dennis Fallon (SoundExchange)
Dennis Fermin (SoundExchange)
Dennis Johnson (SoundExchange)
Dennis Kamakahi (SoundExchange)
Dennis King (SoundExchange)
Dennis Leonard Ministrie (SoundExchange)
Dennis Macrae (SoundExchange)
Dennis Parker Jr. Music Group
Dennis Thompson (PPL)
Denny Zeitlin (SoundExchange)
Denis Jasarevic (SoundExchange)
Denise A. Peachy (SoundExchange)
Denise Edwards (SoundExchange)
Denise Gentilini (SoundExchange)
Denise Joy Whelan (SoundExchange)
Denise Russell (SoundExchange)
Dental (PPL)
Dental Records (PPL)
Dented Records/Protest SOS (PPL)
Denver & the Mile High Orchestra
Denyse Anyogu (PPL)
Deon Jones (SoundExchange)
Dependant Records (SoundExchange)
Deo Dyce (PPL)
Deontae Beard (SoundExchange)
Dep International (PPL)
Department Of Sound (PPL)
Depaean (PPL)
Depositronic Label (SoundExchange)
Depot (Shock Entertainment)
Depot Recordings (SoundExchange)
Deprogram (Mainsbridge, Mary Michelle)
Dept of Ways & Means (SoundExchange)
Der Goldene Tirchter (EMI)
Deranged Records (SoundExchange)
Derby Records (Unidisc)
Dere Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Dere Family Records (SoundExchange)
Derek Caine (SoundExchange)
Derek Campbell (SoundExchange)
Derek Drew (SoundExchange)
Derek Dufresne (SoundExchange)
Derek Gibbons New Media Ltd (PPL)
Derek Gordon (SoundExchange)
Derek Hoke (SoundExchange)
Derek Holley (SoundExchange)
Derek Jordan Gianola (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Derek Michael Pinkham (SoundExchange)
Derek Olds (SoundExchange)
Derek Olson (SoundExchange)
Derek Osorio (SoundExchange)
Derek Perkins (SoundExchange)
Derek Reed (SoundExchange)
Derek Stone (SoundExchange)
Derick Lassiter (SoundExchange)
Derick W. Thomas (SoundExchange)
Deroy Records (PPL)
Derrick Jackson (SoundExchange)
Derrick McKee (SoundExchange)
Derry (PPL)
Dervish (PPL)
Dervish Promotions Ltd (PPL)
Des & Tiny (PPL)
Descarga (SoundExchange)
Descarga Productions (SoundExchange)
De-Sai (PPL)
De-Sai Records (PPL)
Deseo Records (SoundExchange)
Desert Fish Productions Ltd (PPL)
Desert Flower Music and Publishing
Desert Rain Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Desert Reign (SoundExchange)
Desert Storm (Warner)
Desfly (SoundExchange)
Deshaude Barner (SoundExchange)
Desi Records Ltd (PPL)
Desijam Records (PPL)
Desirock (PPL)
Desktop Recordings (SoundExchange)
Desmond Zion Albert (SoundExchange)
Desolation Records (SoundExchange)
Desoto (SoundExchange)
Desoto Records (SoundExchange)
Desperado Recordings (PPL)
Despotz Records (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Dessous (PPL)
Destin 2B1 Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
Destani Wolf (SoundExchange)
Destination (PPL)
Destination Dance (EMI)
Destination Moon (Destination Moon)
Destined Records (PPL)
Destined2B1 Records (SoundExchange)
Destiny (PPL)
Destiny Collective (SoundExchange)
Destiny Nashville (SoundExchange)
Destiny Worldwide (SoundExchange)
Destiny P (PPL)
Destiny Towers (PPL)
Destitute (SoundExchange)
Destroy All Concepts (SoundExchange)
Deuce Music (SoundExchange)
Destroyed Scene Records (PPL)
Destruction Records (SoundExchange)
Destructive (SoundExchange)
- 49 -
Detail Records (PPL)
Determined Hustla Entertainment Inc.
Deth To Falls Metal Records (PPL)
Detone (PPL)
Detonated Jumptraxx (SoundExchange)
Detours Music (PPL)
Detroit International Records
Deustchland Radio Berlin (SoundExchange)
Deutsch Englische Freundschaft (PPL)
Deutsche Grammophon (Universal)
Deutsche Harm Mundi (SoundExchange)
Deutsche Welle (SoundExchange)
Deutschland Strike Back (PPL)
Deux Fois Plus De… (EMI)
Deux-Elles (PPL)
Deux-Elles Real Music For Kids (PPL)
Dev (SoundExchange)
Deva Records (PPL)
Deva Records UK (PPL)
Devarian Rose (SoundExchange)
Devi Ever (SoundExchange)
Deviant (PPL)
Deviant Records (PPL)
Devil Doll (SoundExchange)
Devil’s Own Jukebox (PPL)
Devin Baty (SoundExchange)
Devin Fleenor (SoundExchange)
Devine Garrett (SoundExchange)
Devine Music (AJO Services)
Devinyl Records (PPL)
Devious Records Ltd (PPL)
Devlin Miles (SoundExchange)
Devolution (PPL)
Devon Star Productions (SoundExchange)
Devon Wiliams (SoundExchange)
Devotion Records (PPL)
Dew Process (Universal)
Dewayne Seagraves (SoundExchange)
Dexia (SoundExchange)
Dexotis Music (SoundExchange)
Dexter Walker and Zion Movement
Dexterity (TDJ)(EMI)
Dexterity Sounds (EMI)
Deypha Productions (Liberation Music)
Dezakore (SoundExchange)
Deznell Music Group (SoundExchange)
Dezz’s Comedy Joint inc. (SoundExchange)
DF Music (SoundExchange)
DFA (Universal)
DFA Records (EMI)
DFM (SoundExchange)
DFP Records (PPL)
DG Records (PPL)
DGI Music (PPL)
DGI Posse (SoundExchange)
DGMayne Studios (SoundExchange)
DGN Productions (UK) Limited (PPL)
Dharma Records (Dharma Records)(Aust
Dharmapala (SoundExchange)
Dhawa Brothers Records (SoundExchange)
DFQ Recordings (Xelon Entertainment)
Dharma Records (UK)(PPL)
Dharma Records Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Dharma Records Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Di Di Mau (PPL)
Di Genius – 21st Records (SoundExchange)
Di Scherling (SoundExchange)
Dia De Los Muertos (SoundExchange)
Diablo Records UK (SoundExchange)
Diabolic (SoundExchange)
Diabolo (PPL)
Diadem (PPL)
Diafrix (Diafrix)
Diagonal (PPL)
Diagonal Records (PPL)
Diagram Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Diam Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Diallo Moss (SoundExchange)\
Dialtone Productions (SoundExchange)
Diamond (PPL)
Diamond Cactus (PPL)
Diamond Cactus Limited (PPL)
Diamond Communications
Diamond Cut Studios (SoundExchange)
Diamond Cut Unlimited (SoundExchange)
Diamond Kastle Entertainment (PPL)
Diamond Kastle Publishing (PPL)
Diamond Life Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Diamond Life Records (PPL)
Diamond Light Records (SoundExchange)
Diamond Music Group (SoundExchange)
Diamond Records (PPL)
DiamondDigital Media, LLC
Diamonddisc Records (SoundExchange)
Diamondfield Entertainment
Diamondroads Records (PPL)
Dian Recordings (PPL)
Diana Extein (SoundExchange)
Diana Johnstone (PPL)
Diana Jordan (SoundExchange)
Diana Reyes Recordings (SoundExchange)
Diana Tyler (SoundExchange)
Diana, Princess Of Wales Fund (PPL)
Diane King Susek (SoundExchange)
Diane Di Stasio (SoundExchange)
Diane Harvey (SoundExchange)
Diane Taraz (SoundExchange)
Dianna Corcoran (Corcoran, Dianna)
Dianne Lindsay (Lindsay, Dianne)
Diante Carridonna (SoundExchange)
Diaphanous (SoundExchange)
Dias Records (SoundExchange)
Diaspora Recordings (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Dice Music Limited (PPL)
Dic Records (Unidisc)
Dice Records (PPL)
Dice1Up Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Dicehoods Ent (SoundExchange)
Dicelines Records (PPL)
Dickie Brown Music (SoundExchange)
Dickie Goodman Productions LLC
Dicristina Stair Builders (SoundExchange)
Die Kreuzen/ Touch and Go Records
Die Kur (PPL)
Die Pretty (SoundExchange)
Die Romantik Musik (SoundExchange)
Die Slaughterhaus Records
Die Stadt (SoundExchange)
Die Stimme Seines Herrn (EMI)
Diego De Pietri (SoundExchange)
Diego Fitzgerald Palma (SoundExchange)
Diehard Records (PPL)
Dielectric Sound (SoundExchange)
Dienasty Records (SoundExchange)
Dies Irae (EMI)
Diesel Motor Records (PPL)
Diesel Music (PPL)
Diesel Music (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Diesel Records (PPL)
Diesel Records (SoundExchange)
Diesel Superstudio Bla (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Diesel Superstudio Gra (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Diesel Superstudio Gul (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Diesel Superstudio Orange (Playground
Music Scandinavia AB)
Diesel Superstudio Rod (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Diesel SUperstudio Vit (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Diesel Thunder (SoundExchange)
Dietstrychnine Records (SoundExchange)
Die! Boredom Records (SoundExchange)
Difference Media Group (SoundExchange)
Difference – Producao De Musica LDA SPA
Different (Liberation)
Different Drummer (PPL)
Different Pieces (Armada Music)
Different Recordings (SoundExchange)
Diffuse Records (SoundExchange)
Diffused Music (PPL)
Diffusion (PPL)
Difosa (SoundExchange)
Difrnt Music (SoundExchange)
Dig Dis Records (SoundExchange)
Dig It International (SoundExchange)
- 50 -
Dig It! Records (PPL)
Dig Productions (Dig Productions)
Digiplay Production (SoundExchange)
Digiplay Records (SoundExchange)
Digital Daruma (SoundExchange)
Digital Pitch (SoundExchange)
Digital World Records (SoundExchange)
Dighitbook (EMI)
Digi Crates (SoundExchange)
Digi:P.A.C.K. (PPL)
Digibeat (PPL)
Digicube (SoundExchange)
Digidance (SoundExchange)
Digiform (PPL)
Digikal (PPL)
Digimete Arts (SoundExchange)
Digimix Records (PPL)
Digimix Records Ltd (PPL)
Digimode (PPL)
Digimusic & Records (SoundExchange)
Digit (SoundExchange)
Digital Age (SoundExchange)
Digital Animal (PPL)
Digital Art (EMI)
Digital B (SoundExchange)
Digital B (PPL)
Digital Bear Entertainment
Digital Biznizz (PPL)
Digital Deception Recordings (PPL)
Digital Dimension (SoundExchange)
Digital Domain (PPL)
Digital Gang (EMI)
Digital Hardcore Recordings (PPL)
Digital Headcase (SoundExchange)
Digital Horse Records (PPL)
Digital Love Records (PPL)
Digital Records UK (PPL)
Digital Soundboy (PPL)
Digital Soundboy (SoundExchange)
Digital Sea Music (SoundExchange)
Digital Wave Recordings (PPL)
Digital Wings (PPL)
Digitalo Enterprises (SoundExchange) (PPL)
Digitmovies (SoundExchange)
Digitraxx (PPL)
Digmix Records (PPL)
Digytal Art (EMI)
Dijazzal (SoundExchange)
Dilo! Records (PPL)
Dim Mak Inc (Specific Recordings
Dime One (SoundExchange)
Dime Time Productions (SoundExchange)
Dimetri Armstead (SoundExchange)
Dimitrius Wilkins (SoundExchange)
Dimid Recordings (SoundExchange)
Diminished (Sounds Out Of Hours)
Dimmer Limited (Specific Recordings
Dimmer Twins (Hamilton, Mick)
Dimond Life Entertainment Ltd (PPL
Dimples (PPL)
Din (SoundExchange)
Din Records UK (SoundExchange)
Dine Alone Records (SoundExchange)
Dine Alone Music (SoundExchange)
Dine Alone (Cooking Vinyl)
Dine-A-Mite Jazz (PPL)
Ding Dong Baby (PPL)
Dingle’s (PPL)
Dingle’s Country (PPL)
Dinky (Central Station Records)
Dinmore Records (PPL)
Dinner Party Destinations (PPL)
Dinner With Daisy Records (PPL)
Dino Music (EMI)
Dino Music BV (EMI)
Dino Music Netherlands (EMI)
Dinosaur Bones (SoundExchange)
Dinosaur Jr (Liberation Music)
Diocese Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Dion Parson (SoundExchange)
Dion Price (SoundExchange)
Diona Chandler (SoundExchange)
Dionn (PPL)
Dionna Stephens Long (SoundExchange)
Dionta Smith (SoundExchange)
Dionysus (SoundExchange)
Dionysus Record (SoundExchange)
Dionysus Records (SoundExchange)
Dionysus/ Baccus Archives
Dionysus (Electronic) (SoundExchange)
Dioscaar Rodriguez (SoundExchange)
Dipiu (Toco)
Diplomats Music (SoundExchange)
Diquela France (SoundExchange)
DIR (SoundExchange)
Direct Heat Records (PPL)
Direct Impact Records (SoundExchange)
Direct Influence (Shock Entertainment)
Direct Music Group (SoundExchange)
Dirge (SoundExchange)
Dirigible Recordings (SoundExchange)
Dirk Lind (SoundExchange)
Dirt 13 (SoundExchange)
Dirt City Studios (SoundExchange)
Dirt Diamonds Productions (Shabbey Road)
Dirt Farmer Music (EMI)
Dirt Road (Rachelle Productions Pty Ltd)
Dirt Road Music Group, LLC
Dirt Trax (PPL)
Dirtcore Music (SoundExchange)
Dirtee Stank Recodings (PPL)
Dirtnap Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Dirtsandwich Music Company
Dirty Canvas (PPL)
Dirty Cat Records (SoundExchange)
Dirty Chamber (SoundExchange)
Dirty Curb (PPL)
Dirty Dog Records (SoundExchange)
Dirty Dogs Records (PPL)
Dirty Duck Audio (SoundExchange)
Dirty Dubs (PPL)
Dirty Dutch (SoundExchange)
Dirty Dutch Music (Cr2 Records)
Dirty Dutch Records (Cr2 Records)
Dirty Hit (PPL)
Dirty Hound Records (Subsonic)
Dirty Laboratory (SoundExchange)
Dirty Laundry (Dirty Laundry)
Dirty Loop (Specific Recordings
Dirty Pesos LLC. (SoundExchange)
Dirty Poet Records (SoundExchange)
Dirty Records (SoundExchange)
Dirty Soap Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Dirty Stank (Liberation Music)
Dirty Water Records (SoundExchange)
Dirty Weekends (Vacation Records)
Dirty World Records (PPL)
Dity 3rd Records (SoundExchange)
Dirtygame Records (SoundExchange)
DirtyMusicians Publishing
Dis-Joint Records (SoundExchange)
Disables, The (The Disables)
Disaster (SoundExchange)
Disbursed Collective (SoundExchange)
Disc Doctor (SoundExchange)
Discernment Music (SoundExchange)
Dischi Angelo (EMI)
Dischord (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Disciple Of the King (SoundExchange)
Discipline (PPL)
Discipline Management Company
Discipline US (SoundExchange)
Disclosed Music (SoundExchange)
Disclosure Records (PPL)
Discmedi Blau (SoundExchange)
Discmedi SA (SoundExchange)
Discmedi (Spain)(Fuse)
Disco Activisto Records (PPL)
Disco Amato (PPL)
Disco Cats (Xelon Entertainment)
Disco Circus Limited (PPL)
Disco E Cultura (SoundExchange)
Disco Gecko (PPL)
Disco Grooves (EMI)
Disco Nap (Hope, Ross Andrew)
Disco Nights (EMI)
Disco Party (EMI)
Disco:Wax (SoundExchange)
- 51 -
Discocesa (SoundExchange)
Discograph (Vanessa Da Mata)(Shock
Discominx Ltd (PPL)
Disconforme (Hot)
Disconforme (SoundExchange)
Disconforme (Spain)(Fuse Music Group
Discos (Sony Music Ent)
Discos Canon (SoundExchange)
Discos Ciudad (SoundExchange)
Discos Granja (SoundExchange)
Discos Mercurio (SoundExchange)
Discos Patito (SoundExchange)
Discos Power (SoundExhange)
Discos Pueblo (SoundExchange)
Discos RR (SoundExchange)
Discos Suicidas (SoundExchange)
Discos Ternita (SoundExchange)
Discos Tica (SoundExchange)
Discos Victoria (SoundExchange)
Discourses (PPL)
Discover Dark (PPL)
Discovery House Music (SoundExchange)
Discovery Records (Warner)
Discowax (Central Station Records)
Discrete Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Discretion (SoundExchange)
Discretion Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Discriminate Audio (SoundExchange)
Discuba (SoundExchange)
Discus (PPL)
Disfunction Recordings (PPL)
Disgraceland Records (SoundExchange)
Disk Union (SoundExchange)
Disko B (PPL)
Diskotopia (PPL)
Disney Records (EMI)
Disney Records (Universal)
Disorder (PPL)
Disorient (PPL)
Dispensary Records (Ian Ball)(Shock
Dispora (SoundExchange)
Disque 050 Musique (SoundExchange)
Disque Frogaboum (SoundExchange)
Disque Primeur (SoundExchange)
Disquebec (SoundExchange)
Disques (SoundExchange)
Disques 7eime Ceil (SoundExchange)
Disques Artic Records (SoundExchange)
Disques Avi (SoundExchange)
Disques Berezine (SoundExchange)
Disques Blue (PPL)
Disques Boghei (SoundExchange)
Disques Boucanebleue (SoundExchange)
Disques Bros (SoundExchange)
Disques Broscanteur (SoundExchange)
Disques Buzz (SoundExchange)
Disques Chic Musique (SoundExchange)
Disques Double (SoundExchange)
Disques Dragon (SoundExchange)
Disques DS (SoundExchange)
Disques Exact (SoundExchange)
Disques Experience Records
Disques Frogaboom (SoundExchange)
Disques Helena (SoundExchange)
Disques Imaginaires (SoundExchange)
Disques La Quebecoise (SoundExchange)
Disques Leila (SoundExchange)
Disques Lunou (SoundExchange)
Disques Mak (SoundExchange)
Disques Merite (SoundExchange)
Disques Milagro (SoundExchange)
Disques Musi-Art (SoundExchange)
Disques NBW (SoundExchange)
Disques Ouie-Dire (SoundExchange)
Disques Palmiers (SoundExchange)
Disques PGV (SoundExchange)
Disques Pierre Verany (SoundExchange)
Disques Presence (SoundExchange)
Disques Records (SoundExchange)
Disques Rococo (SoundExchange)
Disques Smatt (SoundExchange)
Disques SNB IT+E (SoundExchange)
Disques Swing (SoundExchange)
Disques Tempete (SoundExchange)
Disquiet Music (SoundExchange)
Disruptive Pattern (PPL)
Dissonance Rising Publishing
Distal (SoundExchange)
Distant Music (SoundExchange)
Distand Second Records (SoundExchange)
Distant Soundz (PPL)
Distiller Records (PPL)
DistantStarr (SoundExchange)
Distinction Records (SoundExchange)
Distinctive (PPL)
Distinctive Breaks (PPL)
Distinkt (PPL)
Distoare Music (SoundExchange)
Distort(Cancer Bats)(Shock Entertainment)
Distorted Disco Records (PPL)
Distortions (SoundExchange)
Distraction Records (PPL)
Distribue Capitol (EMI)
Distribue Virgin (EMI)
Distribuidora Belgrano Norte SRL
Districk Music (SoundExchange)
District 78 (SoundExchange)
District 97 (SoundExchange)
Distrimusic (SoundExchange)
Dither Noise (PPL)
Ditto (PPL)
Ditto Music (PPL)
Diunna Greenleaf (SoundExchange)
Diva Destruction (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Diva Down Publishing (SoundExchange)
Diva Music (PPL)
Diva Persona Entertainment
Diva Records (PPL)
Diva Records (Universal)
Diva Sounds (PPL)
Dive Deep Productions (SoundExchange)
Divebomb (SoundExchange)
Divergent Music Group (SoundExchange)
Diverse Digital (PPL)
Diverse Music (PPL)
Diverse Music Group (SoundExchange)
Diverse Records (PPL)
Diversesoul (SoundExchange)
Diversion Records (Diversion Records)
Diversion Recordings (Hook N Sling)
DJ Denzity (SoundExchange)
DJ Dirty Harry (SoundExchange)
DJ Dus (SoundExchange)
DJ Faringheight (SoundExchange)
DJ G-Spin (PPL)
DJ Jaybee (PPL)
DJ Kid (EMI)
DJ Lantan (PPL)
DJ Productions Volume 1 (SoundExchange)
DJ Reflex (NY) (SoundExchange)
DJ Taiwan (EMI)
DJ Yano (PPL)
DJ’s Delite (PPL)
DJAngologie (EMI)
Django Bates (PPL)
Django Haskins (SoundExchange)
Djaz Diffusion (PPL)
Djembe Fare (SoundExchange)
DJevara Music (PPL)
Diversions (PPL)
DJG (SoundExchange)
Diverted Traffic (PPL)
DJG Productions (SoundExchange)
Divertimento (PPL)
Divine Angel Production (SoundExchange) DJGB (SoundExchange)
Divine Angel Productions (SoundExchange) Djinn (PPL)
Djinn Music (PPL)
Divine Art Historic Sound (PPL)
Djinthemix (PPL)
Divine Charle’nee (SoundExchange)
DJOB (Gallagher, Brendan)
Divine Clementine Productions
DJP Records (PPL)
DJRX (SoundExchange)
Divine Comedy Records UK Ltd (PPL)
DJTRX (SoundExchange)
Divine Maestro Music (PPL)
DJX (SoundExchange)
Divine Recordings (SoundExchange)
DK Records (PPL)
Divine Sands (SoundExchange)
DKD Musique-Tacca Musique
Divine Style Productions (PPL)
Divine Wind Records (SoundExchange)
DKP (SoundExchange)
Divineart Limited (PPL)
DKR Promotions (PPL)
Divinestate Ltd (Warner)
DKT Records (SoundExchange)
Diving Duck Recordings (PPL)
DKW Musicworks (SoundExchange)
Divineart Limited (PPL)
DL Records (SoundExchange)
Divinity (PPL)
Dlb Music (PPL)
Divinyl (PPL)
DLMG Ent (SoundExchange)
Division Music (PPL)
Division One Enterprises (SoundExchange) DLO Music (SoundExchange)
Division of Laura Lee (SoundExchange)
Divit (SoundExchange)
Dmac (SoundExchange)
Diwedd Y Gwt (PPL)
Dmaestro’s Production (SoundExchange)
Dix (PPL)
Dmaestro;s Productions Music Co.
Dix Entertainment (SoundExchange)’
Dixie Echoes (SoundExchange)
Dman Ent. (SoundExchange)
Dixie Records (PPL)
DManns (SoundExchange)
Dixie Williams (SoundExchange)
DManns Music Group (SoundExchange)
Dixiefrog (PPL)
Dmass, LLC (SoundExchange)
Dixon Landing Music LLC
DMB (Sony Music Ent)
DMec (PPL)
DIY Records (PPL)
Diynamic (SoundExchange)
Diz Productions (SoundExchange)
DMI Records (SoundExchange)
Dizi Music (SoundExchange)
Dizzy Dash Productions (PPL)
DMV Records (SoundExchange)
Dizzy J Productions (PPL)
DMX Conversion (SoundExchange)
Dj: (EMI)
Dmytro Krasiuk (SoundExchange)
DJ Creation (PPL)
- 52 -
DNA Songs (DNA Songs Pty Ltd)
DNB Associates inc. (SoundExchange)
DND Productions Ltd (PPL)
Do Design Office (EMI)
Do It Yourself (SoundExchange)
Do The Right Funk (EMI)
Do The Right Jazz (EMI)
Do The Right Soul (EMI)
Dobre (PPL)
Doc Blues Records (SoundExchange)
Doc Roc Records Ltd (PPL)
Dock Tower Records (PPL)
Dockrad Records (PPL)
Docrad (PPL)
Docsummersband (SoundExchange)
Doctero (SoundExchange)
Document (PPL)
Documented (PPL)\
Doctor Watson Music Limited (PPL)
Dodgu (PPL)
Dodgy Ticket (PPL)
Dog Boy Records (SoundExchange)
Dog Called Dog Productio (SoundExchange)
Dog Called Dog Production
Dog Called Pants Productions
Dog Egg Records (PPL)
Dog is Blue (SoundExchange)
Dog Jaw (SoundExchange)
Dog Leg Music (SoundExchange)
Dog My Cat (Shock Entertainment)
Dog On Fleas (SoundExchange)
Dog Rose Crucial Edition (PPL)
Dog Trot Records (SoundExchange)
Doghill (Evo BlueStein (SoundExchange)
Doghouse Productions (PPL)
Doghouse Records (PPL)
Dola Disques (SoundExchange)
Dolandis Family Music (SoundExchange)
Doldrumss Music (SoundExchange)
Dolemite Records (SoundExchange)
Dogleg Music (SoundExchange)
Dogma Studios (Specific Recordings) (Blue
Pie Productions)
Dogsense Music (SoundExchange)
Dogwood Hill (SoundExchange)
Dohnutz Records (PPL)
Dolly Mixture (PPL)
Do-Little Records (PPL)
Dollar (PPL)
Dollartone Records (SoundExchange)
Dollasign Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Dolo The Bandit (SoundExchange)
Dolorata (SoundExchange)
Dolores (EMI)
Dolores (SoundExchange)
Dolores Recordings (EMI)
Dolores Recordings/Virgin (EMI)
March 2014
Dolphin (SoundExchange)
Dom Gannon (Gannon, Dominic James)
Dome (Selected Releases)(EMI)
Dome Records (PPL)
Domestic Records (PPL)
Domeshot Records (SoundExchange)
Dominating the Hood Records
Domination Recordings (SoundExchange)
Dominence (PPL)
Dominic Amato (SoundExchange)
Dominic Balli (SoundExchange)
Dominic Cappelletti (SoundExchange)
Dominic Lalli (SoundExchange)
Dominion Records (PPL)
Domino (PPL)
Domino (Franz Ferdinand only) (Sony
Music Ent)
Domino Recording Company (EMI)
Don Alberto Aguilera (SoundExchange)
Don Amor t/a Recordiau Cae (PPL)
Don Forbes (SoundExchange)
Don Francisco (SoundExchange)
Don Giovanni Records (SoundExchange)
Don Latarski (SoundExchange)
Don Mancuso (SoundExchange)
Don Middlebrook and Living Soul
Don Nivens (SoundExchange)
Don One Productions (PPL)
Don Ray Sinor (SoundExchange)
Don Ron (SoundExchange)
Don Schwieger (SoundExchange)
Don Slepian Music (SoundExchange)
Don’t Be A Lout Music (SoundExchange)
Don’t Doo Dat (Xelon Entertainment)
Don’t Even Tripp Records (SoundExchange)
Don’t Panic Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
Don’t Tell Clare (PPL)
Don’t Think Productions LLC
Don’t Try This At Home (PPL)
Don’t Walk Boogie (PPL)
Donal (SoundExchange)
Donald Adrian Hall (SoundExchange)
Donald Bruce Lockerbie III
Donald Dupuie (SoundExchange)
Donald Hart Haddock (SoundExchange)
Donald James (SoundExchange)
Donald Ross (SoundExchange)
Donald Schraeder (SoundExchange)
Donald W. Thomas (SoundExchange)
Donde Music Group (SoundExchange)
Done Deal (SoundExchange)
Done To Death (SoundExchange)
Dongle (SoundExchange)
Donkey Pitch Records (PPL)
Donky Monkey (SoundExchange)
Donman (PPL)
- 53 -
Donna Deussen (SoundExchange)
Donna Martin (SoundExchange)
Donnamour (EMI)
Donnell London (SoundExchange)
Donnie Reece (SoundExchange)
Donnie Robertson (SoundExchange)
Donny Yardas (SoundExchange)
Donone Prductions (PPL)
Donovan Discs (PPL)
Donovan Henderson (SoundExchange)
DONS (Central Station Records)
Donsetto Music (SoundExchange)
Donsome (SoundExchange)
Dont Look Productions (SoundExchange)
Dontavious Dixon (SoundExchange)
Donte Welch (SoundExchange)
Donut (PPL)
Donut Run (SoundExchange)
Dony & Reba McGuire (SoundExchange)
Donyolo Media Corp (SoundExchange)
Doombox Recordings (PPL)
Door Knob Records (SoundExchange)
Doorjam Records (PPL)
Doorn Records (Ministry Of Sound)
Dooto (PPL)
Dootone (PPL)
Doozie Duzit (SoundExchange)
Dopamine (SoundExchange)
Dope Boi Productions (SoundExchange)
Dope Jams (PPL)
Dope Noir (SoundExchange)
Dope on Plastic Records (PPL)
Dope Wax (PPL)
Dopedragon Records (PPL)
Dorado Records (PPL)
DoReMe (EMI)
Dorian David Cleveland (SoundExchange)
Dorian Warmsley (SoundExchange)
Doris Jones (SoundExchange)
Doris Machin (SoundExchange)
Dormtainment (SoundExchange)
Dorothy S. Guinn (SoundExchange)
Dorothy Young Riess (SoundExchange)
Dos Records (SoundExchange)
Dot Dash (Remote Control)
Dotbleep (PPL)
Doto Jeka (EMI)
Dotpointperiod (SoundExchange)
Dots & Lines (SoundExchange)
Double A Records (SoundExchange)
Double Agent (PPL)
Double Agent Records (SoundExchange)
Double AK Family (PPL)
Double Barrel (SoundExchange)
Double Bass Drum Music (SoundExchange)
Double Crown Records (SoundExchange)
Double D Records (SoundExchange)
Double Dave Music (SoundExchange)
Double Dice Music, inc. (SoundExchange)
Double Dragon Music Ltd (PPL)
Double Edge Sword (SoundExchange)
Double F Records (SoundExchange)
Double Feature (SoundExchange)
Double LL Productions (PPL)
Double or Nothing (SoundExchange)
Double Platinum Entertainment
Double Scoop (PPL)
Double Shock Recordings (PPL)
Double Zero (PPL)
DoubleDouble (SoundExchange)
Doublekiss (PPL)
Doublethink (SoundExchange)
Doublenaught (SoundExchange)
Doublenaught Records (SoundExchange)
Doubleplusgood Records (SoundExchange)
Doubles (V & H Holdings)
Douchemaster (SoundExchange)
Doug Cote (SoundExchange)
Doug Hamer (SoundExchange)
Doug Johns (SoundExchange)
Doug Mansfield (Middleton, Lucille)
Doug Mathewson (SoundExchange)
Doug Michael (SoundExchange)
Doug Newnum (SoundExchange)
Doug Sandrini (Sandrini, Douglas Steven)
Doug Spears (SoundExchange)
Dough Boy Records (PPL)
Douglas & Hauser Records (PPL)
Douglas (France)(Fuse)
Douglas Allen Richmond (SoundExchange)
Douglas Armour (SoundExchange)
Douglas Duty (SoundExchange)
Douglas James (SoundExchange)
Douglas Lemaire (SoundExchange)
Douglas P. Guild (SoundExchange)
Douglas Streblow (SoundExchange)
Douglas Walter Salvador (SoundExchange)
Dourge Music (SoundExchange)
Dove/Dovetail (PPL)
Dover (EMI)
Down & Dirty Records (Placeholder)
Down Boys Records (SoundExchange)
Down By Law Records (PPL)
Down For The Count Records (Down For
The Count Records)
Down Home Sounds Publishing
Down Island (SoundExchange)
Down Low (SoundExchange)
Down Sounds (SoundExchange)
Down to Jam (PPL)
Down To The Bone Ltd (PPL)
Downer (SoundExchange)
Downlow Entertainment (PPL)
Downright Music (Ministry Of Sound)
Downsall Plastics (SoundExchange)
Downshift Records (SoundExchange)
Downsy Land (SoundExchange)
Downtime (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Downton Recordings, Inc (Warner)
Downtown (Universal)
Downtown Records (Specific
Dox (SoundExchange)
Doxology Records (SoundExchange)
DO2 (SoundExchange)
D-Power Records (PPL)
DP & CD (SoundExchange)
DP Music Production, LLC
DP Recordings (PPL)
DP Trance (PPL)
DP Xpress (PPL)
DPG Music (SoundExchange)
DPTV Media (SoundExchange)
Dr. Acula Records (SoundExchange)
Dr. Bam’s Music (SoundExchange)
Dr. Horse (PPL)
Dr. John E. Bell (SoundExchange)
Dr. Livingston (SoundExchange)
Dr. Manhattan (SoundExchange)
Dr. Ronald Sherman (SoundExchange)
Dr. Wu Music (SoundExchange)
Dr. Wu Records (SoundExchange)
DR Promotions, nc (SoundExchange)
Draft (SoundExchange)
Drag City (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Drag City (SoundExchange)
Drag City (Caroline) (SoundExchange)
Drag City (Exclusive) (SoundExchange)
Drag City / Palace Records
Dragon Music (PPL)
Dragon Records (PPL)
Dragonar (PPL)
Dragonfly Records (PPL)
Dragster Protocol (SoundExchange)
Drake (SoundExchange)
Drakkar (SoundExchange)
Drama Club Records (SoundExchange)
Dramatico (Katie Melua)(Shock
Dramatico Records (PPL)
Draw (Anthem)
Draw Fire Records (SoundExchange)
Draxtor Records (SoundExchange)
Dre the Fifth (SoundExchange)
Dread (PPL)
Dread Beat (SoundExchange)
Dreality (SoundExchange)
Dream Believe Achieve Music (PPL)
Dream Dealers (Dream Dealers Pty Ltd)
Dream House (PPL)
Dream Merchant 21 (SoundExchange)
Dream Peach (PPL)
Dreamcaller (SoundExchange)
Dreamcaller Productions (SoundExchange)
Dreamengine (PPL)
Dreamlight Entertainment (SoundExchange)
- 54 -
Dreampace (PPL)
Dreamr Productions (SoundExchange)
Dreams Media Entertainment
Dreams Media Group (SoundExchange)
Dreamstreams Inc. (SoundExchange)
Dreamtime Records (PPL)
Dreamvalley Productions (SoundExchange)
Dreamwind Music (SoundExchange)
Dreck Records (PPL)
Dred Scott (SoundExchange)
Dredix Music (PPL)
Dree Paterson (SoundExchange)
Drehz Music (SoundExchange)
Dremur (SoundExchange)
Dress To Kill (PPL)
Dressed to Kill (SoundExchange)
Drew Jarrod Productions (SoundExchange)
Drew Kennedy (SoundExchange)
Drew Neumann (SoundExchange)
Drew Nielands (SoundExchange)
Drew Richcreek (SoundExchange)
Drew Right Music (SoundExchange)
Dreyfus Jazz (SoundExchange)
DRG Records UK (PPL)
Drift (PPL)
Drift Records (PPL)
Driftwood (PPL)
Drive (PPL)
Drive By (SoundExchange)
Drive on Records (PPL)
Drive Thru Records (PPL)
Driven Music Group, inc (SoundExchange)
Driven Quartet (SoundExchange)
Drive-Inn Productions (SoundExchange)
Driving Me Crazy (SoundExchange)
Drizzly Music Productions
DRM Productions (SoundExchange)
DRM Records (PPL)
DRO (SoundExchange)
DRP Records (SoundExchange)
Drokar Records (PPL)
Dro East West S.A (Warner)
Dromedary Music (SoundExchange)
Drop Di Bass Records (SoundExchange)
Drop Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Drop Out (PPL)
Drop The Phone Records (PPL)
Drop-Our Records (SoundExchange)
Drop-Out UK (SoundExchange)
Drop World Muzik Music Group, inc
Dropkick (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Droppin’ Science (SoundExchange)
Drops Of Light Band (Drops Of Light Band)
DRS Records (PPL)
Drugstore Fanatics (SoundExchange)
Drum & Bass 2000 (PPL)
Drum Central Recordings (PPL)
Drum the Bass Ltd (PPL)
Drumcode (SoundExchange)
Drummerboy Music (SoundExchange)
Drump (Xelon Entertainment)
Drunken Fish (SoundExchange)
Dry Clam Records (SoundExchange)
Dry Land Fish (SoundExchange)
Dry Records (PPL)
Dry Reiser Music Ltd (PPL)
Dry Run Recordings (PPL)
Dryad (PPL)
Dryden Street Limited (Kids Of 88 only)
(Sony Music Ent)
DSB (SoundExchange)
DSKG Entertainment (SoundExchange)
DSM (SoundExchange)
DSM Records (Fuse Music Group P/L)
DSM Records (Unidisc)
DSP Media (SoundExchange)
DSto (PPL)
DStyle Recordings (PPL)
DT Enterprises (PPL)
Dtension (PPL)
D-Tone Records (PPL)
Dtox (PPL)
D-Trax (PPL)
DTV Entertainment UK Ltd (PPL)
Dual Image Productions (Dual Image
Dual Image Records (Dual Image
Dualstar Records (SoundExchange)
Duane King (SoundExchange)
Duane Pelt (SoundExchange)
Duane T. Hunter (SoundExchange)
Duane Vincent Belton (SoundExchange)
Dub (SoundExchange)
Dub Police (SoundExchange)
Dub Shack (PPL)
Dub Store International (SoundExchange)
Dub Vendor (PPL)
Dubas Musica (SoundExchange)
Dubb Spot Records (SoundExchange)
Dubber Doo Publishing (SoundExchange)
Dubblock Entertainment LLC
Dubbrakz (PPL)
Dubcoast Records (SoundExchange)
DubFrequency (SoundExchange)
Dubh David Black (SoundExchange)
Duboiz Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Dubrelated (PPL)
Dubrobot (SoundExchange)
Dubsided (SoundExchange)
Dubslate Records (PPL)
Dubtransmission Recordings (PPL)
Dubwax Records (PPL)
Dubwise (PPL)
Dubweiser (PPL)
March 2014
Duce Na Quarter Entertainment LLC
Duchesne et du Reve (SoundExchange)
Duck Boot Publishing (SoundExchange)
Duck Down Records (B Real)(Shock
Duck Music (SoundExchange)
Duck Tape Music Series (SoundExchange)
Duck Records (Colossal)
Ducosh Music Group (SoundExchange)
Dude Music (PPL)
Dude Records (PPL)
Ducy Lee Recordings (SoundExchange)
Due Belier/Audiopact (SoundExchange)
Duff Productions inc. (SoundExchange)
Dufflebag Records Inc (PPL)
Duffnote (PPL)
Dug (SoundExchange)
Dug Out Entertainment (PPL)
Dug Out Records (PPL)
Dug Records (SoundExchange)
Dugdealer (PPL)
Dughero Paolo Ed. Musicali (Toco)
Dugout Records (PPL)
Duke Cunningham t/a USBMusic (PPL)
Duke of Uke Music Inc. (SoundExchange)
Dukedom (SoundExchange)
Dukes Of Windsor (Dukes Of Windsor)
Dulce Limon (SoundExchange)
Dulcie Younger (SoundExchange)
Dulcima (PPL)
Dulc-I-Tone (SoundExchange)
Dumb Angel Records (PPL)
Dumb Guns (PPL)
Dumbarton Records (PPL)
Dummy Run (PPL)
Dump Valve (SoundExchange)
Dumpling Records (PPL)
Dumpvalve (PPL)
Duna (SoundExchange)
Dunamidove Music (SoundExchange)
Dunanch Records (PPL)
Duncan Eriksson (SoundExchange)
Duncan Swift Records (PPL)
Dune Records (PPL)
Dune Twenty (PPL)
Dunelm Records (PPL)
Dunkeld Records (PPL)
Dunks International (PPL)
Dunray Music (PPL)
Dunstan House (SoundExchange)
Duo (PPL)
Duo Postrova (EMI)
Duolos Records (SoundExchange)
Duomo Records (PPL)
Duophonic Super 45’s (PPL)
Duophonic Ultra High Frequency (PPL)
Durdy Ice Entertainment Company, LLC
Dureco (SoundExchange)
- 55 -
Duriye Rhythm and Sound Production
Durney Boy Records (SoundExhange)
Durtro Jnana (SoundExchange)
Durtro-Jnana (PPL)
Dusk Fire (PPL)
Dusk til Dawn (PPL)
Dust Records (PPL)
Dust Science (SoundExchange)
Dust To Digital (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Dust to Digital (SoundExchange)
Dust Traxx (SoundExchange)
Dust2dust (PPL)
Dustin Benson (SoundExchange)
Dustin Case (SoundExchange)
Dustin Christensen (SoundExchange)
Dustin Edge (SoundExchange)
Dustin Neal (SoundExchange)
Dusty 001 (PPL)
Dusty Peach (SoundExchange)
Dusty Pop Records (PPL)
Dustygrass Records (SoundExchange)
Dutch Henry (SoundExchange)
Dutch Oven Records (SoundExchange)
Dutton – Epoch (Select)
Dutton – Vocalion (Select)
Dutton Epoch (PPL)
Dutton Laboratories (PPL)
Duty Free Recordings (PPL)
Duval Clear/ Richard Ahee/ Robert
Alphonse (SoundExchange)
Duvid (SoundExchange)
Dux (SoundExchange)
DV Music, inc. (SoundExchange)
DV8 International (PPL)
DV8 Productions (PPL)
DVD Superstars (EMI)
DVM Records (SoundExchange)
DVS Records (PPL)
DW Records (PPL)
DW Records (SoundExchange)
Dwan Gibson (SoundExchange)
Dwarf (PPL)
Dwayne D (SoundExchange)
Dwayne Elix (Elix, Dwayne)
Dwayne Kerr (SoundExchange)
Dwayne Lawson (SoundExchange)
Dwelling Place Ministries (SoundExchange)
Dwelling Records (SoundExchange)
Dwight York (SoundExchange)
Dwinell Fenton (SoundExchange)
Dwntwn (SoundExchange)
Dylan McNeill (SoundExchange)
Dylan Sharp (SoundExchange)
Dylanna Music (SoundExchange)
Dymondeye Productions (SoundExchange)
Dynamite Vision (PPL)
Dynamic Italy (SoundExchange)
Dynamic Records (PPL)
Dynamic Recording (SoundExchange)
Dynamica Music (SoundExchange)
Dynamike Records (SoundExchange)
Dynamord (SoundExchange)
Dynasty Recordings (Warner)
Dyno Polkas (SoundExchange)
Dyonisis (PPL)
Dyslexsic Music (PPL)
E.L Mahon (SoundExchange)
E. Grey Delisle (SoundExchange)
E / M Ventures (Warner)
E Music (EMI)
E OS Records (PPL)
E Rogers and J A rogers (E Rogers and J A
E-Centric Records (SoundExchange)
E-Cutz (SoundExchange)
E-Lete Artist Records (SoundExchange)
E2 (PPL)
E3UK Records (PPL)
EA (SoundExchnage)
Each Day (PPL)
Eagle (PPL)
Eagle and Talon (SoundExchange)
Eagle International Records
Eagle Records Masterworks (Move)
Eagle Rock (Video)(PPL)
Eagle Rock Entertainment (Shock
Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Eaglebear Music (SoundExchange)
Eaglebear Publications (SoundExchange)
Eaglemont Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Eagles Nest (SoundEchange)
Eagles Recording Co. II (SoundExchange)
Eaglestar Productions (SoundExchange)
Eaglestone Music (SoundExchange)
Ear Candle Productions (SoundExchange)
Ear Conditioning (EMI)
Ear Music (Sony Music Ent)
Ear To Ear (PPL)
Ear to the Ground Records (PPL)
Ear Witness Records (SoundExchange)
Ear X-Tacy (SoundExchange)
Earache Records (PPL)
Earache Records (SoundExchange)
Earache Records Limited (SoundExchange)
Earache Records Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Earbleeder Ent. (SoundExchange)
Earcandy Music (SoundExchange)
Earcatching Music (SoundExchange)
Eardrum (Warner)
Earl Brinkley (SoundExchange)
Earl Records (PPL)
Earl McNease (SoundExchange)
Earl Smith (SoundExchange)
Earl Thomas (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Earl Wayne Productions (SoundExchange)
Earl Williams (SoundExchange)
Earldon (SoundExchange)
Earldon Music (SoundExchange)
Earlimart (SoundExchange)
Early Learning (PPL)
Early Music Foundation (SoundExchange)
Early Records (PPL)
Early Wall Records (PPL)
Earache Records (Shock Entertainment)
Ears (SoundExchange)
Ears & Eyes (PPL)
Ears & Eyes Classical (PPL)
Easton Gobourne (SoundExchange)
Eastpoint Entertainment LLC
Easop (SoundExchange)
Easop Winston (SoundExchange)
Earshift Records (Earshift Records)
Earshift Records (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Earth (PPL)
Earth Academy (PPL)
Earth Angel (PPL)
Earth Beat (EMI)
Earth Beat (PPL)
Earth Healing Products (SoundExchange)
Earth Heart Music (PPL)
Earth My Body (PPL)
Earth Passage Media (SoundExchange)
Earth Project (SoundExchnage)
Earth Promotions (SoundExchange)
Earth Records (PPL)
Earth Records (SoundExchange)
Earth Sounds (SoundExchange)
Earth Vibe Music (PPL)
Earthbeat (PPL)
Earthquake Entertainment LLC
Earthscension Records (PPL)
Earthsign Records (SoundExchange)
Earthsync (PPL)
Earthtone Records (warner)
Earthville Music (SoundExchange)
Earthwind Arts (PPL)
Earthwind Records (PPL)
Earthwork Music (SoundExchange)
Earwax (PPL)
Ease from Absence (Ease from Absence)
East Anglican Records (EAR) (PPL)
East Central One (UK)(PPL)
East Rock Entertainment (SoundExchange)
East Side Digital (PPL)
East Side Records (PPL)
East West Creations (SoundWExchange)
East West Records (Warner)
East West Trading Company (PPL)
East World (EMI)
East World (Japanese) (EMI)
East World International (EMI)
Eastbound (PPL)
- 56 -
Eastcentralfour (PPL)
Eastcoasters (PPL)
Easter Productions (SoundExchange)
Eastern Bloc Soul (PPL)
Eastern Bloc Techno (PPL)
Eastern Conference (SoundExchange)
Eastern Front (PPL)
Eastern Harmony (PPL)
Eastern Harmony Academy (PPL)
Eastlawn Records (SoundExchange)
Eastman Group Pty Ltd (Eastman)
Eastriver Music (PPL)
Eastside Records Ltd (PPL)
Eastworld (PPL)
Eastzone Records (PPL)
Eastzone Underground (PPL)
Easy (SoundExchange)
Easy Action (SoundExchange)
Easy Life Records (PPL)
Easy Listeners (PPL)
Easy On The Records (PPL)
Easy Records (SoundExchange)
Easy Star Recordings (Hot)
Easy Street (PPL)
Easy Street Records (SoundExchange)
Easy Trax Records (SoundExchange)
Easy Tiger Records (SoundExchange)
Easyaccess Recordings (PPL)
Easyaction (PPL)
Easybeesy Productions (SoundExchange)
Easydisc (PPL)
Easyleague (Plantlife)(Shock Entertainment)
Easylife Records Ltd (PPL)
Easypeasy Music (Easypeasy Music)
Eat A Bullet (SoundExchange)
Eat Sleep (PPL)
Eat Sleep Records (PPL)
Eat Your Lunch (SoundExchange)
Eatf Band LLC (SoundExchange)
Eatin’ Records (SoundExchange)
Eaton Music Ltd (PPL)
Eazy Money (SoundExchange)
EB Music Productions Australia
EB11 (SoundExchange)
Ebb and Flow (SoundExchange)
EBE Music Group (SoundExchange)
Ebonie M. Thomas (SoundExchange)
Ebony Bones (PPL)
Ebony Records Ltd (SoundExchange)
EBS Records (SoundExchange)
EBU Recordings (PPL)
EC Records (PPL)
EC Records (SoundExchange)
EC Records inc. (SoundExchange)
Ecco Chamber (SoundExchange)
eCentury (EMI)
Echelon Records (PPL)
Echidna Music (Hot)
Echo (Liberation)
Echo Movement (SoundExchange)
Echo UK Through MSI (SoundExchange)
Echolaia (SoundExchange)
Echolyn inc. (SoundExchange)
Ecks Music Corp (SoundExchange)
Eclectic (PPL)
Eclecticelectric (SoundExchange)
Eclectic Discs (PPL)
Eclectic Discs Ltd (PPL)
ECL Series (PPL)
Eclipse (Acapella) (SoundExchange)
Eclipse Music Group (SoundExchange)
ECM (Germany)(Fuse Music Group P/L)
Eco Earth TV (Blue Pie Productions)
Economy (PPL)
Ecstatic (SoundExchange)
Ecto Music (PPL)
Ectypal Music OMP (PPL)
Ecuajey Records (SoundExchange)
Ed Askew (SoundExchange)
Ed Banger (SoundExchange)
Ed Banger Records (SoundExchange)
Ed Banger Records / Vice (SoundExchange)
Ed Banger / Because / WEA Internatio
Ed Banger / Vice (SoundExchange)
Ed Banger / Vice / Because
Ed Eddiebear Elam (SoundExchange)
Ed Olinik (SoundExchange)
Ed Piedra (SoundExchange)
EDA Music (PPL)
EDC Musique (SoundExchange)
Edbree Jay Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Eddie Cain Irvin (SoundExchange)
Eddie Coker (SoundExchange)
Eddie D. Mallard III (SoundExchange)
Eddie Heinzelman (SoundExchange)
Eddie J. Cohen III (SoundExchange)
Eddie Martin (PPL)
Eddie Rushin (SoundExchange)
Eddie The Wheel (SoundExchange)
Eddison Sainsbury (SoundExchange)
Edel (PPL)
Edel Germany (SoundExchange)
Edel Records UK (PPL)
Edel-Mega (Playground Music Scandinavia
Edelton (PPL)
Eden James Entertainment (PPL)
Eden Records (PPL)
Edenways Records (SoundExchange)
Edgardo Santiago (SoundExchange)
Edge1 Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Edge (Band) (SoundExchange)
Edge of Sound Records (PPL)
Edge of Town Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Edge of Wonder (SoundExchange)
Edge Records (PPL)
Edgy (SoundExchange)
Edgy and Elegant Music (SoundExchange)
Edgy Records (PPL)
Ediciones Bujio (SoundExchange)
Ediciones Del Milenio (EMI)
Ediciones Petagrama (SoundExchange)
Edie Carey (SoundExchange)
Edison Recordings (SoundExchange)
Editato Por Houston Party (SoundExchange)
Edition Clarino (PPL)
Edition L.A. (SoundExchange)
Edition Records (PPL)
Edition UK (PPL)
Editions Mego (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Editions Naïve SA (SoundExchange)
Editorial Concordia (SoundExchange)
Editora Rosal (SoundExchange)
EDL (Edward Leal) (SoundExchange)
Edsel (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Edsel Records (PPL)
Educational Tapes (PPL)
Eduard A. Black (SoundExchange)
Eduardo Del Signore (SoundExchange)
Eduardo Bracho (SoundExchange)
Eduardo Mora Hernandez (SoundExchange)
Eduro Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
Edward Adam Lopez (SoundExchange)
Edward Brown III (SoundExchange)
Edward Debary(SoundExchange)
Edward Garido (SoundExchange)
Edward M. Sanborn (SoundExchange)
Edward Magwood (SoundExchange)
Edward Ratliff (SoundExchange)
Edward Simon (SoundExchange)
Edwin Fawcett (PPL)
Edwin Perez (SoundExchange)
Edwin Stone Production (SoundExchange)
EEE Records (SoundExchange)
Eeg (Warner)
Eenik (SoundExchange)
Eerie Von (SoundExchange)
EEVO Lute Muzique (SoundExchange)
EFA (SoundExchange)
EFDSS Folk Classics (PPL)
EFFDSS Folk Classics (PPL)
Effect (SoundExchange)
Effect Effective Music (PPL)
Effectz Recording (Effectz Recording)
Efellow (SoundExchange)
Effendi (SoundExchange)
Effin (PPL)
Effin Ell (SoundExchange)
Effinsweet Productions inc.
Efpi Records (PPL)
- 57 -
EG Productions (SoundExchange)
EG Records (EMI)
Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins, III
Egea Music (PPL)
Egghouse Records (PPL)
Eglo Records (PPL)
Eggsonix (This Heaven Productions)
Egmond Pacific Entertainment (Blue Pie
Ego (EMI)
Ego Records (SoundExchange)
Ego Trip (SoundExchange)
Egoiste (SoundExchange)
Egon (PPL)
Egress UK (PPL)
EH Records (PPL)
E-H.1 (PPL)
EHM (SoundExchange)
E-I-Audio (PPL)
Eia Ka Manawa (SoundExchange)
Eidolon Music (SoundExchange)
Eigen Wijs (PPL)
Eight:fx (PPL)
Eight Calls East Records Ltd (PPL)
Eight in One Music Inc (SoundExchange)
Eighteen Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Eighteen O’Four (SoundExchange)
Eighth Dimension (Specific Recordings)
(Blue Pie Productions)
Eggboy Productions Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Egghouse Records (PPL)
Eighteenth Street Lounge (Shock
Eidel Morales (SoundExchange)
Eighth Dimension (PPL)
Eileen Miller (SoundExchange)
EJ3 (SoundExchange)
Ejaness Reggae Comprehensive
EjBeing Entertainmet LLC
Eject Records (PPL)
Ejectorseat Music (PPL)
Ejectorseat Records (PPL)
EJS Records (SoundExchange)
Eklektisch (SoundExchange)
Ekm Records (SoundExchange)
Eko Ile (PPL)
Ekoostik Hookah Productions
Ekoostik Productions (SoundExchange)
Ekundayo Nkululeko (SoundExchange)
El Abandoneon SP (SoundExchange)
El Artesano Music Production
El (Fuse Music Group P/L)
El Baile Del Recuerdo (EMI)
El-Beau Records (SoundExchange)
El Cortez (SoundExchange)
El Dorado (SoundExchange)
El Deseo D.A.S.L.U (EMI)
El Joven Son (EMI)
El Mejor Album De Classic Rock En El
Mun (EMI)
El Mejor Album De Country En El Mundo
El Mejor Album De Rock Ballads En El
Mun (EMI)
El Mejor Album De Ultra Lounge En El
Mun (EMI)
El Movimiento (SoundExchange)
El Movimiento Entertainment, inc.
El Mundo (V & H Holdings)
El Orfanato (SoundExchange)
El Orfanato Music Group (SoundExchange)
El Palacio ’97 (SoundExchange)
El Rancho Productions (SoundExchange)
El Recordo (SoundExchange)
El Records (PPL)
El Sendero Records (SoundExchange)
El Son Del Pueblo (SoundExchange)
El Tamarindo Music (SoundExchange)
El Ten Eleven (SoundExchange)
El Toro Records (SoundExchange)
El Tule (SoundExchange)
El Volcan Musica (EMI)
El-King (SoundExchange)
E-Label (EMI)
Elah Valley Music (SoundExchange)
Elaina Rae (SoundExchange)
Elan Arian (SoundExchange)
Elana Jagoda (SoundExchange)
Elana James Music (Shock Entertainment)
Elanore (PPL)
Elanore Records (PPL)
Elap (SoundExchange)
Elca Sounds (Colossal)
Elcho Records (PPL)
Elder Donald Danner (SoundExchange)
Eldon Davis (SoundExchange)
Eldon Johnson (SoundExchange)
Eldorado (SoundExchange)
Eldra Debarge Jr. (SoundExchange)
Eleanora Louise Dunlop Pty Ltd (Eleanor
Louise Dunlop Pty Ltd)
Electrade (SoundExchange)
Electraglide (PPL)
Electraphone (SoundExchange)
Electric (PPL)
Electric Blue (PPL)
Electric Breeze Records (PPL)
Electric Café (PPL)
Electric Canyon (PPL)
Electric Cat Records (PPL)
Electric Circus (PPL)
Electric Fountain (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Electric Hobbit Records (PPL)
Electric Honey Records (PPL)
Electric Kingdom Records (PPL)
Electric Lotus Label (SoundExchange)
Electric Music Foundation (PPL)
Electric Muse-Fingerfoot Music Productions
Electric Sheep Records (PPL)
Electric Shoes Music (SoundExchange)
Electric Toraneko (SoundExchange)
Electric Valentine Productions
Electric Vibe Recordings (SoundExchange)
Electric Wonderland (PPL)
Electrik Blue Records (Blue Pie
Electrik Press (SoundExchange)
Electrix (PPL)
Electrix Records (PPL)
Electro Caramel (PPL)
Electro Glide Records (SoundExchange)
Electrofly Records (PPL)
Electrofunk Records inc. (SoundExchange)
Electrola (EMI)
Electrola (Germany) (EMI)
Electrolettes (SoundExchange)
Electron (Electron)
Electron Industries (PPL)
Electron Records (SoundExchange)
Electron Soul Records (PPL)
Electronic (EMI)
Electronic Eel (SoundExchange)
Electronic Elements (Armada Music)
Electropolis (PPL)
Eleanore (PPL)
Electropapknit (PPL)
Electropapknit Records (PPL)
Electrostatic (SoundExchange)
Elefant Dreams (SoundExchange)
Elefant Records (PPL)
Elefant Traks (Elefant Traks)
Elefant Traks (SoundExchange)
Elegain Records (PPL)
Elegant Beats Production (PPL)
Eleganz (PPL)
Eleggua Productions (SoundExchange)
Eleggua Puublishing (SoundExchange)
Eleggua Records (SoundExchange)
Elegian Records (PPL)
Elegua Records (SoundExchange)
Elektra / Asylum Records(Warner)
Elektra / Musician (Warner)
Elektra Entertainment (Warner)
Elektra Productions (Elektra)
Elektrek Recordings (PPL)
Elektrotribe Records (PPL)
Element Music (SoundExchange)
Elemental Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Elemental Records (PPL)
Elementary Group (PPL)
- 58 -
Elementary Music Ltd (PPL)
Elementary Recordings (PPL)
Elementle Records (PPL)
Elements (SoundExchange)
Elements Bound UQ (PPL)
Elena Deglinnocenti (SoundExchange)
Elena Giordano (SoundExchange)
Elengy Music (Elengy Music)
Elenowen (SoundExchange)
Eleph (SoundExchange)
Elephant Label (PPL)
Elephant Lady (SoundExchange)
Elephant Stone (SoundExchange)
Elephants on Parade (SoundExchange)
Eleuthera (SoundExchange)
Elevate (SoundExchange)
Elevate Records (SoundExchange)
Elevated Mental Recordings
Elevated Minds (SoundExchange)
Elevation Music (PPL)
Elevator/Capitol (EMI)
Eleven (EMI)
Eleven: A Music Company (Eleven A Music
Eleven Music (Universal)
Eleven Music Company (SoundExchange)
Eleven Productions (SoundExchange)
Eleven Seven (SoundExchange)
Eleven Seven Music (SoundExchange)
Eleventh Hour Messengers
Eleventh Hour Messengers (EMI)
Eleventh Rung Records (PPL)
Elf Tranzporter (Shock Entertainment)
Elfin Music Company (SoundExchange)
Elgro Disques (SoundExchange)
Eli Chalmer (SoundExchange)
Eli L. Gerstner (SoundExchange)
Eli Oakleaf Saposnick (SoundExchange)
Eli Records (UK) (PPL)
Elibor (SoundExchange)
Elidh Patterson (PPL)
E-Life Productions, LLC (SoundExchange)
Eligh (SoundExchange)
Eligh & Amp Live (SoundExchange)
Eligh & Jo Wilkinson (SoundExchange)
E-Motive Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Elijah Fleming/ Skylife Royalte
Elin Marino (SoundExchange)
Elinez Music (SoundExchange)
Elise 5000 (SoundExchange)
Elise Fischer and Tracy Grammer
Elise K. Hayes (SoundExchange)
Elisha Noll (SoundExchange)
Elita Likes Electro (SoundExchange)
Elite Music Group (Jessie J.)
Elite Records (PPL)
Elite Records (SoundExchange)
Elite Team Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Eliud Vazquez (SoundExchange)
Elixir (Noonan, Katie)
Eliza Music (Sunset Club)
Elizabeth B. Yancey (SoundExchange)
Elizabeth Beaucicaut (SoundExchange)
Elizabeth Estes (SoundExchange)
Elizabeth J. Patterson (SoundExchange)
Elizabeth J. Patterson / David Burke
Elizbeth Lorrey (SoundExchange)
Elizabeth Marie Edwards (SoundExchange)
Elizabeth Norland (SoundExchange)
Elizabeth Thornley Cairns (SoundExchange)
Elk Bell (Elkins, Tenille)
Elle Records (PPL)
Ellebanna Records (SoundExchange)
Ellee (PPL)
Ellen Bukstel (SoundExchange)
Ellen Cross (SoundExchange)
Ellen Hinton (SoundExchange)
Ellen Sara Parker (SoundExchange)
Elliot Davis (PPL)
Elliot Goldkind (SoundExchange)
Elliot Jacobson (SoundExchange)
Elliott Brood (SoundExchange)
Elliott Harris (SoundExchange)
Elliott Loadhold (SoundExchange)
Elliott Park (SoundExchange)
Elliotte Miller (SoundExchange)
Ellipse Group Records (SoundExchange)
Ellis Dees G Mex Records (PPL)
Ellorenz Records (SoundExchange)
Elly Music (PPL)
Elm (PPL)
Elmer C. Burchett Jr. (SoundExchange)
Elmer O. Templeton III (SoundExchange)
Elmo Records (SoundExchange)
Eloquence (Universal)
Eloquentia (PPL)
Else Where? Entertainment
Elsewhere Records (SoundExchange)
Elton Costello (SoundExchange)
Elton Jewell Jr. (SoundExchange)
Eltzone Music (SoundExchange)
Elusive Music (PPL)
Elcis L. Carden (SoundExchange)
Elwood Records (SoundExchange)
Elyse Miller (SoundExchange)
Elysium (PPL)
EM:T Records (PPL)
Em Dash Music (SoundExchange)
Em Productions (SoundExchange)
Emanuel Taylor (SoundExchange)
Emanon Records (Emanon Records)
March 2014
Emarcy (Universal)
Embarka Records (SoundExchange)
Embedded Music (SoundExchange)
Ember (PPL)
Ember Records (PPL)
Emblem (PPL)
Embraceable Records Ltd (PPL)
Embryo (Embryo)
Embryo Arts (PPL)
Embryo Industries (PPL)
Embryo Underground (PPL)
EMC Records (SoundExchange)
EMD Commercial Marketing (EMI)
Eme Music (SoundExchange)
Emec (PPL)
Emeezo (SoundExchange)
Emem (PPL)
Emem Archibong (PPL)
Ememem Music Ltd (PPL)
Emerald (PPL)
Emerald City Productions (PPL)
Emerald Music (PPL)
Emerald Rae (SoundExchange)
Emerald Records (PPL)
Emerald/Gem (PPL)
Emerge Records Inc (SoundExchange)
Emerge Records (Country/Folk)
Emerged Gospel (SoundExchange)
Emerged I.M (SoundExchange)
Emergerd Spirit (SoundExchange)
Emergence Media LLC (SoundExchange)
Emergency Exit Records (PPL)
Emergency Records (Unidisc)
Emergency Umbrella Records
Emerlad Music (PPL)
EMG – Excel Music Gp (SoundExchange)
EMI (EMI)* Excluding ALL ‘Australian
Crawl’ recordings
EMI (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (EMI)
EMI America Records (EMI)
EMI Arabia (EMI)
EMI Argentina (EMI)
EMI Australia (EMI)
EMI Austria (EMI)
EMI Belgium (EMI)
EMI Brazil (EMI)
EMI Canada (EMI)
EMI Canada Ltd (EMI)
EMI Catalog (USA) (EMI)
EMI Catalogue (EMI)
EMI Catalogue Marketing (EMI)
EMI Centenary (EMI)
EMI Chile (EMI)
EMI Christian Group (EMI)
EMI Christian Music Group (EMI)
EMI Classics (EMI)
- 59 -
EMI Classics for Pleasure (EMI)
EMI Classics for Laserdisc (EMI)
EMI Classique (EMI)
EMI Colombia (EMI)
EMI Commercial (EMI)
EMI Commercial Marketing (EMI)
EMI Czech Republic (EMI)
EMI Czech Republic s.r.o. (EMI)
EMI Denmark (EMI)
EMI Direct (EMI)
EMI Eminence (EMI)
EMI Entertainment Arabia (EMI)
EMI Entertainment India (EMI)
EMI Entertainment Malaysia (EMI)
EMI Entertainment Singapore (EMI)
EMI Films (EMI)
EMI Finland (EMI)
EMI France (EMI)
EMI Germany (EMI)
EMI Germany International (EMI)
EMI Gold (EMI)
EMI Gold Commercial Exclusive (EMI)
EMI Gospel (EMI)
EMI Gospel (EGS) (EMI)
EMI Gospel/Alliant (EMI)
EMI Gospel/Pure Springs (EMI)
EMI Gospel/Smokie Norful (SNO) (EMI)
EMI Gospel/Tell It Productions (TIP) (EMI)
EMI Greece (EMI)
EMI Group (EMI)
EMI Hemisphere (EMI)
EMI Holland (EMI)
EMI Holland B.V. (EMI)
EMI Hong Kong (EMI)
EMI Hungary (EMI)
EMI Indonesia (EMI)
EMI International (EMI)
EMI Ireland (EMI)
EMI Italiana (EMI)
EMI Italiana SPA (EMI)
EMI Italy (EMI)
EMI Japan (EMI)
EMI Korea (EMI)
EMI Label One (EMI)
EMI Latin (EMI)
EMI Latin UK (EMI)
EMI Lebanon (EMI)
EMI Liberty UK (EMI)
EMI Ltd (Rachel Unthank & The
Winterset)(Shock Entertainment)
EMI Malaysia (EMI)
EMI Marketing (EMI)
EMI Marketing Spain (EMI)
EMI Medley (EMI)
EMI Merchandising (EMI)
EMI Mexico (EMI)
EMI Music (EMI)
EMI Music (Switzerland) AG (EMI)
EMI Music Arabia (EMI)
EMI Music Australia (EMI)
EMI Music Australia Pty Ltd (EMI)
EMI Music Belgium (EMI)
EMI Music Brasil Ltda. (EMI)
EMI Music Canada (EMI)
EMI Music Colombia S.A. (EMI)
EMI Music Denmark (EMI)
EMI Music Holland BV (EMI)
EMI Music Italy (EMI)
EMI Music Japan Inc (EMI)
EMI Music Korea (EMI)
EMI Music Korea Ltd (EMI)
EMI Music Marketing – Germany (EMI)
EMI Music Mexico (EMI)
EMI Music Netherlands BV (EMI)
EMI Music Poland (EMI)
EMI Music Publishing Ltd (EMI)
EMI Music Spain (EMI)
EMI Music Special Markets (EMI)
EMI Musiek (EMI)
EMI New Zealand (EMI)
EMI Noise (EMI)
EMI Norsk Arkiv (EMI)
EMI North America (EMI)
EMI Norway (EMI)
EMI Odeon (EMI)
EMI Odeon Brazil (EMI)
EMI Odeon S.A.I.C. (EMI)
EMI Odeon SA (EMI)
EMI Philippines (EMI)
EMI Poland (EMI)
EMI Portugal (EMI)
EMI Premier (EMI)
EMI Publishing (PPL)
EMI Quint (EMI)
EMI Records (EMI)
EMI Records (Switzerland) AG (EMI)
EMI Records Ltd (EMI)
EMI Records UK (EMI)
EMI Reflex (EMI)
EMI Ressources (EMI)
EMI Singapore (EMI)
EMI Songs Espana Srl (EMI)
EMI South Africa (EMI)
EMI Spain (EMI)
EMI Sweden (Caesars)(Shock
EMI Sweden (EMI)
EMI Sweden International (EMI)
EMI Switzerland (EMI)
EMI Taiwan (EMI)
EMI Taiwan Ltd (EMI)
EMI Televisa (EMI)
EMI Televisa Music (EMI)
EMI Thailand (EMI)
EMI Toshiba (EMI)
EMI Trade Marketing (EMI)
EMI Turkey (EMI)
March 2014
EMI UK (Beatles Products) (EMI)
EMI UK (Queen) (EMI)
EMI UK/Intercord/Blow Up (EMI)
EMI UK The Beatles (EMI)
EMI Uruguay (EMI)
EMI Venezuela (EMI)
EMI Zenei Kft. (EMI)
EMI/Big Time Logo (EMI)
EMI/Dance Factory (EMI)
EMI/Detective (EMI)
EMI/Elevator (EMI)
EMI/EMI Records (USA) (EMI)
EMI / Gotee (SoundExchange)
EMI/Harvest (EMI)
EMI/Hi Fidelity (EMI)
EMI/His Majesty’s Voice (EMI)
EMI/Inhouse (EMI)
EMI/Kaza (EMI)
EMI/Loft (EMI)
EMI/Majesty (EMI)
EMI/Parlophone (EMI)
EMI/Rockhead (EMI)
EMI/Roxette Recordings (EMI)
EMI/Sideorder (EMI)
EMI/Tungtvann (EMI)
EMI/Virgin (EMI)
EMI:Gold (EMI)
Emdisc (EMI)
Emil Richards Music (SoundExchange)
Emilie Proulx (SoundExchange)
Emilio Migliozzi (SoundExchange)
Eminence (EMI)
Emit Records (PPL)
Emily Davis (Davis, Emily)
Emily Forst (SoundExchange)
Emily J. Winchel (SoundExchange)
Emily Jones (SoundExchange)
Emily Lych Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Eminence (SoundExchange)
Eminent Records (SoundExchange)
Eminor Inc (SoundExchange)
Emit Doog Music (SoundExchange)
Emm (EMI)
Emma Louise (Lobb, Emma Louise)
Emmanuel Donald (SoundExchange)
Emmanuel McCarthy (McCarthy,
Emmanuel Music (PPL)
Emmanuel Worship (Willow Publishing)
Emmett Stevenson (SoundExchange)
- 60 -
Emmy Neilson (Neilson, E.J. & M.R.)
Emote Records (SoundExchange)
Emotif (PPL)
Emotion Records Ltd (PPL)
Emotional Records (PPL)
Emotional Syphon Recording
Emotive Records (PPL)
Emotive Sounds (PPL)
Emotive Sounds (SoundExchange)
Emotiva (PPL)
EMP Records (SoundExchange)
Emperor Jones (SoundExchange)
Empey (PPL)
Empey Music (PPL)
Empeymusic (PPL)
Empeyzee (PPL)
Empire (PPL)
Empire Music Limited (PPL)
Empire Records (PPL)
Empires LLC (SoundExchange)
Emporio (PPL)
Empowers (SoundExchange)
Empress Music Group (SoundExchange)
Empty Records (SoundExchange)
Empyrean Records (SoundExchange)
Emu (PPL)
EMU Music (Emu Music)
Emubands Ltd (PPL)
Emusic (EMI)
Emusic Pty. Ltd-Gumleaf (EMI)
Emusu (PPL) (PPL)
En Da Houze Records (SoundExchange)
En Pointe Inc (SoundExchange)
Ena (PPL)
Enabler (SoundExchange)
Enamel Entertainment (Enamel
Encedmedia (PPL)
Enchanted Recordings (Sianna Lee) (Shock
Encore (EMI)
Encore/EMI UK (EMI)
Encore (V & H Holdings)
Encuentro Pandora (EMI)
End & Co. Records (SoundExchange)
End Of (PPL)
End of Earth (SoundExchange)
End of Fashion (EMI)
End of Hum (SoundExchange)
End Recordings (PPL)
Endangered Species (PPL)
Endearing (Sound Exchange)
Endearing Records (SoundExchange)
Endemic (PPL)
Endemol Home Entertainment (EMI)
Endgame Records (Endgame Records)
Endgame Records (PPL)
Endless Desperation Records
Endless Flight (SoundExchange)
Enoch (EB music Productions)
Endorphin (PPL)
Endorphin Music (Endorphin)(Aust Indi)
Endulge (SoundExchange)
End-Zone Ent (SoundExchange)
Enemigo (SoundExchange)
Enemo J (SoundExchange)
Enemy (SoundExchange)
Energia Gmbtl (Germany)(ToCo)
Energise Records (PPL)
Energise Records (Subsonic)
Energise Records (SoundExchange)
Energise Records Ltd (SoundExchange)
Energy (PPL)
Energy Productions (Italy)(ToCo)
Enfin L’ete (EMI)
ENG Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Engine Room (EMI)
England (PPL)
England In June (PPL)
English Boy Records (PPL)
English Folk Dance & Song Society (PPL)
English West Coast Music (PPL)
Engloria (SoundExchange)
Enicar Records (SoundExchange)
Enigma (EMI)
Enigma Records (EMI)
Enigma (USA)
Enigmusica Productions Ltd (PPL)
Eniroc Recording, Production & Publishing
Enhanced Progressive (SoundExchange)
Enhanced Recordings (Xelon Entertainment)
Enhancement Productions, inc.
Enilkrad Music (SoundExchange)
Enja (PPL)
Enja/Tiptope (PPL)
Enja Records (PPL)
Enja Records Matthias Winckelm (PPL)
Enja Records Matthias Winckeln (PPL)
Enki Productions (SoundExchange)
Enlightenment Records Limited (PPL)
Enmass Music (SoundExchange)
Enoch Smith Jr. (SoundExchange)
Enoise Records (SoundExchange)
Enormous Tunes (SoundExchange)
Enriched (PPL)
Enriched Records (PPL)
Enriched Shikari Ltd (PPL)
Enrique Chia (SoundExchange)
Enrique Javier Chi (SoundExchange)
Enrique Robinson (SoundExchange)
Enrique Suarez (SoundExchange)
Ensign (EMI)
Enso (EMI)
Enrec (Tamworth Music)
Ensayo (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Enterprise (PPL)
Entertainers, Performance & Variety
Records (SoundExchange)
Entertainers Product (PPL)
Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Entertainment Music (SoundExchange)
Entheos (SoundExchange)
Entourage Records (PPL)
Entre (PPL)
Envida (SoundExchange)
Enviken (SoundExchange)
Environ LLC (PPL)
Environs (PPL)
Envoy (PPL)
Envy Entertainment (PPL)
Enyawed Music Group, LLC
Enzo Fury (SoundExchange)
Enzo Villaparedes (SoundExchange)
Eo Media Services inc. (SoundExchange)
Eol (SoundExchange)
Eon Music (Eastman)
eOne Entertainment (Shock Entertainment)
EOW Records (SoundExchange)
Eowyn Music (SoundExchange)
EP Records (PPL)
EP Records (SoundExchange)
Epedemik Recordz (IHZ International)
EPI Masterworks (SoundExchange)
Epic (Sony Music Ent.)
Epic Associated (Sony Music Ent)
Epic Legacy (Sony Music Ent)
Epic Soundtrax (Sony Music Ent.)
Epic/Nashville (Sony Music Ent)
Epic/Relativity (Sony Music Ent)
Epicente r Music Group, LCC
Epicure (Epicure)
Epidemic Online Production
Epidrome (Sony Music Ent)
Epiphyte Records (SoundExchange)
Episode Productions (Episode)
Epiphany (PPL)
Epiphany Arts & Records (PPL)
Epiphany Records (PPL)
Epitaph Europe BV (Frank Turner Select
Epknt Ministries (SoundExchange)
EPM Music Group (SoundExchange)
Epoca Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Eponymous Entertainment (SoundExchange)
EQ Music (SoundExchange)
EQ Recordings (PPL)
EQ Recordings (SoundExchange)
EQM (SoundExchange)
Equal Vision (SoundExchange)
Equal Vision Records (SoundExchange)
Equal Vision Records (Pierce the Veil,
Chiodos Recordings) (Shock Entertainment)
- 61 -
Equator Records (PPL)
Equin Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Equinox (Salisbury, David)
Equipe Spectra (SoundExchange)
Equity Music Group (SoundExchange)
Era (Universal)
Era Records (Era Records)
ERA Romania (EMI)
Erase Records (SoundExchange)
Erased Tapes (PPL)
Erasmus (SoundExchange)
Erato Disques (Warner)
Erato Records (Warner)
ERB Records (SoundExchange)
ERC (SoundExchange)
Erecnis Entertainment Enterprise
Erenst Engine Songs (SoundExchange)
Ergo (SoundExchange)
Ergophonic Entertainment (PPL)
Erian (SoundExchange)
Eric B. (R&B) (SoundExchange)
Eric C. Stone (SoundExchange)
Eric Cherry (Minus The Bear)(Shock
Eric D. Neal (SoundExchange)
Eric Eugene Crawford (SoundExchange)
Eric Frederickson (SoundExchange)
Eric Geibel (SoundExchange)
Eric Hester (SoundExchange)
Eric Holloway (SoundExchange
Eric Jerome Brodberg (SoundExchange)
Eric Lebigot (SoundExchange)
Eric McSwane (SoundExchange)
Eric Michael Cohen (SoundExchange)
Eric Nicolau (SoundExchange)
Eric Olsson (SoundExchange)
Eric Productions (SoundExchange)
Eric Record (San Leandro)
Eric Reitz (SoundExchange)
Eric Rizk (SoundExchange)
Eric Saak (SoundExchange)
Eric Sanders (SoundExchange)
Eric Sova (SoundExchange)
Eric St-Laurent (SoundExchange)
Eric Steckel Band (SoundExchange)
Eric Swinderman (SoundExchange)
Eric V. Brown (SoundExchange)
Eric Walker (SoundExchange)
Eric Wolse t/a “The Eggplant” (Wolse, Eric)
Eric Zuendoki (SoundExchange)
Erica Anthony (SoundExchange)
Erica Bronwyn (Douglas, Erica)
Erica Smith (SoundExchange)
Erica Sunshine Lee (SoundExchange)
Erica Wheeler (SoundExchange)
Erick Dosty (SoundExchange)
Erick Macek (SoundExchange)
Erick Torres (SoundExchange)
Erik Austin (SoundExchange)
Erik_Artist (SoundExchange)
Erik Balkey (SoundExchange)
Erik Bennett (SoundExchange)
Erik Blood (SoundExchange)
Erik Erickson (SoundExchange)
Erik Haag (SoundExchange)
Erik Jakabson (SoundExchange)
Erik Peabody (SoundExchange)
Erik Peabody (SoundExchange)
Erik Scott (SoundExchange)
Erik Telford (SoundExchange)
Erika Shea Brandon (SoundExchange)
Erin Culp (SoundExchange)
Erin L. Kelly (SoundExchange)
Erin Schneider (SoundExchange)
Erixxcor, inc. (SoundExchange)
Ernest Buggs (SoundExchange)
Ernest Chapman (SoundExchange)
Ernest K. Fields Jr. (SoundExchange)
Ernesto Cortazar (SoundExchange)
Ernesto Mendez (SoundExchange)
Ernie Hendrickson (SoundExchange)
Ernie Hendrickson, inc (SoundExchange)
Ernie Watts (SoundExchange)
Eroica (SoundExchange)
Eros (PPL)
Eros International (PPL)
Eros Music (PPL)
Eros Music (SoundExchange)
Erra Records (PPL)
Errol Gray (Gray, Errol)
Errol McCalla (SoundExchange)
ERS3 (SoundExchange)
Ervin Rosario (SoundExchange)
Esan Ozenki (SoundExchange)
ESC (SoundExchange)
Escapade Records (PPL)
Escapade Records (Escapae Records)
Escape (EMI)
Escape Artist Records (SoundExchange)
Escapi Music (SoundExchange)
Escort (PPL)
Escuchalo Records (SoundExchange)
Escutcheon (PPL)
Esencia Music (PPL)
E-Shark (PPL)
Esip Limited (PPL)
Eskaton (PPL)
Eskay Records (PPL)
Eskibeat Records/Grime (SoundExchange)
Eskova Ent. Ltd (SoundExchange)
Eslamaphobic Music (PPL)
Eso (SoundExchange)
Esoteric Music (PPL)
Espace Emergence (SoundExchange)
Espaciais (EMI)
Espionne Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Esperanza Plantation (SoundExchange)
Espo (SoundExchange)
Espresso Songs Ltd (PPL)
Ess Bee Records (SoundExchange)
Ess.A.Y Recordings (PPL)
Essay Like Recordings (PPL)
Essay Recordings (PPL)
Esselta (SoundExchange)
Essen (SoundExchange)
Essence (EMI)
Essence Music (Liberation Music)
Essence Records (PPL)
Essential (PPL)
Essential Digital (PPL)
Essential Gold (PPL)
Essential Jazz Classics (Fuse Music Group
Essential Masters (PPL)
Essential Music Group (PPL)
Essential Noise (SoundExchange)
Essential NU Breed (PPL)
Essential Platinum (PPL)
Essential Platinum Records (PPL)
Essentials (PPL)
Essiebons (PPL)
Estados Alterados (SoundExchange)
Estaloka Records (PPL)
Estarion LPI (SoundExchange)
Esteem Recordings (PPL)
Ester Drang (SoundExchange)
Estereo (PPL)
Esther Gonzalez (SoundExchange)
Estia (EMI)
Estilo Music (SoundExchange)
Estrellas Gruperas (EMI)
Estrus (SoundExchange)
Estrus LLC (SoundExchange)
Estris Records (SoundExchange)
Esu Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
ESX Records (SoundExchange)
Etcetc (Ministry of Sound)
Etcetera Records (Nelson Gill)
Etch N’ Sketch Records (Speak N Spell
Records Pty Ltd)
Eterna (PPL)
Eterna Aurora (PPL)
Eternal Love Concert Choir
Eternal Yip Eye Music (SoundExchange)
Eternity Records Company, LLC
Eternity Recordings (SoundExchange)
Ethan Edwards (SoundExchange)
Ether Boy Records (SoundExchange)
Ether Records (Hot)
Etherean Music Inc (SoundExchange)
Ethio Sound (SoundExchange)
Etienne Music Group (SoundExchange)
ETK Music (SoundExchange)
- 62 -
Etno & Afro Vibe (PPL)
Etno Beat Records (PPL)
Etoile Music Productions (Etoile Music
Etoile Records (SoundExchange)
ETR Records (PPL)
Etric Lyons (SoundExchange)
Etruscan Records (PPL)
Ettelrad Music Company (SoundExchange)
etypejazz (etypejazz)
Eufoda (PPL)
Euforquestra (SoundExchange)
Eugene Baxter Teal III (SoundExchange)
Eugene Summers (SoundExchange)
Eugene Temesey and Antony Chmelik (‘We
Are Only Riders – The Jeffery Lee Pierce
Sessions Project’) (Shock Entertainment)
Eugene Walker (SoundExchange)
Eugene Wright (SoundExchange)
Eukahouse (PPL)
Eukatech (PPL)
Eulogia (PPL)
Eulogy Media Ltd (PPL)
Eulogy Recordings (SoundExchange)
Eunice Yi Quartet (SoundExchange)
Euphonic (SoundExchange)
Euphonious (PPL)
Euphony Records (PPL)
Euphoria Records (PPL)
Euphoria Records (SoundExchange)
Euphoric Records (PPL)
Euphonious Management (Euphonious
EuroArts (Select)
Eurofonic (SoundExchange)
Europa Records (PPL)
Euroson (PPL)
Eurostar (PPL)
Eurozone Recordings (PPL)
EV3 Entertainment (Blue Pie Productions)
EV Productions (SoundExchange)
Eva Music (PPL)
Eva Records (EMI)
Eva Records Norway (EMI)
Eva Records/Absolute (EMI)
Eva Snyder (SoundExchange)
Evaeva Music (SoundExchange)
Evan Cooney (SoundExchange)
Evan Hammer (SoundExchange)
Evan Polisar Music (SoundExchange)
Evan Savage (SoundExchange)
Evangeli (PPL)
Evangeline (PPL)
Evangeling (PPL)
Evanhale inc. (SoundExchange)
Evanworks (SoundExchange)
Evanworks Music (SoundExchange)
Evapour8 (SoundExchange)
Evarado Gil (SoundExchange)
Evasion Records (SoundExchange)
EVC Music Publications (PPL)
EVD (SoundExchange)
Eve (PPL)
Eve and The Exiles (SoundExchange)
Eve Montant (SoundExchange)
Eve Multimedia (SoundExchange)
Eve Nova Records (PPL)
Eve Records (PPL)
Evelyn Murray Frayton (SoundExchange)
Even Flow Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Evenco (SoundExchange)
Evening Star Records, One
Event (PPL)
Evenfall (SoundExchange)
Eventful Music Productions Ltd (PPL)
Eventide Music Productions
Evento (EMI)
Eventus Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Ever Records (!K7 Records)
Ever Reviled Records (SoundExchange)
Everett Anhony (SoundExchange)
Everett Fitzgerald (SoundExchange)
Everette Harp (SoundExchange)
Evergruene (SoundExchange)
Everland Entertainment (PPL)
Everlasting Records (PPL)
Everloving Records (Universal)
Every Good Boy Records (SoundExchange)
Every Note Counts Publishing
Every Penny Counts Entertainment
Everybodty Eats. Inc. (SoundExchange)
Everyday Hustlin Entertainment
Everyday Jones (SoundExchange)
Everyday Praise Records (SoundExchange)
Everyday Records (PPL)
EveryKingHasHisBadDay Records
Everything Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Everywhere is on Fire (SoundExchange)
Evidence (Hot)
Evidence Gospel (SoundExchange)
Evie Ladin (SoundExchange)
Evil Boy Records (PPL)
Evil Genius (PPL)
Evil Teen (SoundExchange)
Evil Turnip (PPL)
Evil Twin (PPL)
Evil Twin Records (PPL)
EVJ Corperation (SoundExchange)
EVLA Records (Warner)
Evolution (PPL)
Evolve (PPL)
Evolve Culture (SoundExchange)
Evolve Digital Music Distribution (PPL)
Evosyn (SoundExchange)
March 2014
EVT Productions, inc (SoundExchange)
Evzone (SoundExchange)
Evzone Music (SoundExchange)
Ewalking Music (SoundExchange)
Ex Cathedra (SoundExchange)
Ex Machina Publications (SoundExchange)
EX7 (SoundExchange)
Exalted Tunes (SoundExchange)
Exam (Sly City Entertainment)
Excelsior Aliquippa Publishing
Excelsior Recordings (SoundExchange)
Exceptional (PPL)
Exceptional Records (PPL)
Excision Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Excision/ Ajapai (SoundExchange)
Excision/ Datsik (SoundExchange)
Excision / Downlink (SoundExchange)
Excision . Downlink/ Ajapai
Excision / Downlink / Space Laces
Excision / Endophyte (SoundExchange)
Excision / Liquid Stranger (SoundExchange)
Excision / Noiz (SoundExchange)
Exciosin / Skism (SoundExchange)
Excision / Subdivision (SoundExchange)
Excision / Subvert (SoundExchange)
ExEF Series (EMI)
Exel (PPL)
Excellence Records (PPL)
Exclaim (SoundExchange)
Exclusive BC Corperation (SoundExchange)
Exclusive Music Productions (PPL)
Exclusivo (SoundExchange)
Exel Music (SoundExchange)
Exemplary Music Makers (SoundExchange)
Exercise1 (PPL)
EXFL (SoundExchange)
Exhibit Music (PPL)
Exil (PPL)
Exile (PPL)
Exile on Mainstream (SoundExchange)
Exit (PPL)
Exit 26 Music (SoundExchange)
Exit 451 (SoundExchange)
Exit Recording (PPL)
Exit Row (Vacation Records)
Exit26Music (SoundExchange)
Exi-tone Records (PPL)
Exo (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Exodus II (PPL)
Exodus Gospel Music Group
Exogenic Breaks (SoundExchange)
Exoteric (PPL)
Exoterik (PPL)
Exotica Records (PPL)
Exowax (SoundExchange)
Exowax Recordings (SoundExchange)
- 63 -
Expanded Music (PPL)
Expanded Soul (SoundExchange)
Expansion Records (SoundExchange)
Expansion Team Records (SoundExchange)
Expat Records (SoundExchange)
Experience (PPL)
Experience Hendrix (Universal)
Experimedia (SoundExchange)
Explicit Records (PPL)
Exploding Chicken Records (PPL)
Explore Multimedia (PPL)
Explore Records (Select)
Explore Records (SoundExchange)
Explosion (PPL)
Explosive Records (PPL)
Exposure Music (PPL)
Express (EMI)
Expression (PPL)
Expulsion Records (PPL)
Exterminator (PPL)
EXTFL (SoundExchange)
Extra Vibe (EMI)
Extra Hot Music (SoundExchange)
Extraordinary Entertainment (Extraordinary
Extraplay Distribution Service (PPL)
Extraplay.Com Records (PPL)
Extravaganza / Xtravaganza (PPL)
Extreme Chaos Entertainment Group LLC
Extreme Flute (SoundExchange)
Extreme Music (SoundExchange)
Extus (SoundExchange)
Exuberant Youth (PPL)
Exx Records (SoundExchange)
Eye Dog Eye Records (PPL)
Eye Industries (Michael Gray)(Liberation)
Eye Industries (PPL)
Eye Music / Roanoke Entertainment
Eye of the Storm (PPL)
Eye Q Records (PPL)
Eye Records (SoundExchange)
Eye Rock Studio (PPL)
Eye See Records (PPL)
Eyeball Music Ltd (PPL)
Eyeball Records (Shock Entertainment)
Eyes (Rock) (SoundExchange)
Eyes Wide Shut Recordings (PPL)
Ezeewmusic (SoundExchange)
Ezekiel Victor (SoundExchange)
Ezra Gale (SoundExchange)
F Communications (Liberation)
F O E Independent (SoundExchange)
F Train Music (SoundExchange)
F### House Music (PPL)
F-Active (SoundExchange)
F&W (SoundExchange)
F-ire Label (PPL)
F-Uki Music (SoundExchange)
F House Music (PPL)
F. J. Bently Productions (SoundExchange)
F Project (PPL)
F.I Records (PPL)
F.M. (PPL)
F.O.D. Records (PPL)
F.O.G. Sounds (SoundExchange)
F.P. International Music (SoundExchange)
F.U.N Recordings (PPL)
F1 Recordings (PPL)
F2 Music (SoundExchange)
F2 Recordings (PPL)
FA Series (PPL)
Fa’Darryl Brown (SoundExchange)
Faada Ltd (PPL)
Fab Morvan (SoundExchange)
Fabien Garosi (SoundExchange)
Fabio Patino (SoundExchange)
Fable Music (Mana Music Productions)
Fabor (PPL)
Fabric (PPL)
Fabric of Life (PPL)
Fabriq (SoundExchange)
Fabscots (PPL)
Fabula Classica Ermitage Records
Fabulous Records (Hot)
Faburous Records (EMI)
Face Down (PPL)
Face Like Flint (SoundExchange)
Face Mob Music (SoundExchange)
Face Musical Productions (PPL)
Face the Music (PPL)
Face West Records (SoundExchange)
Faceticious Records (PPL)
Fade Records (SoundExchange)
F-Active Music (Toco)
Facedown Records/ FDR Label
Fact Meets Fiction (SoundExchange)
Fact Not Fiction Films Ltd (PPL)
Factor (SoundExchange)
Factory (PPL)
Factory Sound (PPL)
Factotum (PPL)
Fae Weidenhoeft (SoundExchange)
Faecum-Meggamedia (SoundExchange)
Fahren (SoundExchange)
Failte (PPL)
Fair And Kind (SoundExchange)
Fair Records Ltd (PPL)
Fair Trade Services (SoundExchange)
Fairchild Republic (Fairchild Republic)
Fairewood (SoundExchange)
Fairhope Kids (PPL)
Fairhope Records (PPL)
Fairplay Records Ltd (PPL)
Fairy Cake Universe (PPL)
March 2014
Fairy Godmother Records (PPL)
Fais Do Do (PPL)
Faith and Hope Records Ltd (PPL)
Faith Records (PPL)
Faith Recordings (SoundExchange)
Faithkidz (PPL)
Faithwalk Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Faitiche (SoundExchange)
Fake Chapter (SoundExchange)
Fake Four inc. (SoundExchange)
Fake Record Label (SoundExchange)
Fakemusic (PPL)
Fakesensations (PPL)
Faktion Records (SoundExchange)
Faline Music (SoundExchange)
Falk Recording Service (SoundExchange)
Fall of Enosis (SoundExchange)
Fall Out (PPL)
Fall Records (SoundExchange)
Fallen Angel Records (NY)
Fallen Angle Music (SoundExchange)
Fallen Ember (SoundExchange)
Falling A Records (PPL)
Falloe (Falloe)
False Migration Records (SoundExchange)
Fam Ova Everything Music LLC
Family of the Year (SoundExchange)
Fame Nation Records (PPL)
Fame Recordings (Armada Music)
Fame Records (EMI)
Famestar Records (PPL)
Familiar Records (PPL)
Family Films (SoundExchange)
Family First Productions (SoundExchange)
Family Force 5 (FFF)(EMI)
Family Music Group Unclainmed
Family Roots (EMI)
Family Senci (SoundExchange)
Family Ties Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Family Tree Music (SoundExchange)
Family Tree Records (SoundExchange)
Famous Groove Records (SoundExchange)
Famous Last Words Music
Famous Remus Records (SoundExchange)
Fams House Studio LLC (SoundExchange)
Famulous (EMI)
Fanatsy (EMI)
Fanfare (Aust) (Ambition Entertainment)
Fanfare (USA)(PPL)
Fanfare International (PPL)
Fanfare (SoundExchange)
Fang (SoundExchange)
Fang Records (SoundExchange)
Fang Rompurecords (SoundExchange)
Fania (SoundExchange)
Fania Records (PPL)
- 64 -
Fania Special (SoundExchange)
Fansized (EMI)
Fantastish Global System (SoundExchange)
Fantastic House Records (PPL)
Fantastic House Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Fantastic Plastic (PPL)
Fantastic Recordings (PPL)
Fantastic Voyage (PPL)
Fantastic Voyage (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Fantastique Productions (Fantastique
Fantasy (PPL)
Fantasy Island (PPL)
Fantasy Trashcan (PPL)
Fantasy Traschan (Turnstile) (PPL)
Fantine Music (The Pritoula Family Trust)
Fantom Records (PPL)
Far From Falling (SoundExchange)
Far From Home (SoundExchange)
Far Out Recordings (UK)(PPL)
Far Out Records (PPL)
Farah Melanson (SoundExchange)
Farao (PPL)
Farasan (EMI)
FarawayBoys (SoundExchange)
Farfield Records (PPL)
Farfield Records (SoundExchange)
Fargo (Specific Recordings Only)(Inertia)
Fargo Records (SoundExchange)
Farm Boy Records (SoundExchange)
Farmsongs Ltd (PPL)
Fas Fwd Entertainments Ltd (PPL)
Fascination (SoundExchange)
Fashion (PPL)
Fashion Victim Records (Fashion Victim)
Fasziuation Musik (SoundExchange)
Fas FWD Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Fast Awake Records (PPL)
Fast Forward Records (PPL)
Fast Forward Records/Songs (PPL)
Fast Lane (PPL)
Fast Life Music (The Game, Masho Out
Posse)(Shock Entertainment)
Fast Tracks Records (PPL)
Fast Western Music (PPL)
Fast & Dirty (SoundExchange)
Fastheavy Records (PPL)
Fastjointz Records (PPL)
Fastmusic (SoundExchange)
Fastune (PPL)
Fat (PPL)
Fat Beats (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Fat Beats Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Fat Boy Records (PPL)
Fat Cat Big Band (SoundExchange)
Fat Cat Records (PPL)
Fat Cat Records Ltd (PPL)
Fat Cheerleader (PPL)
Fat City (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Fat Controller Management (PPL)
Fat Face Records (PPL)
Fat Fox Records (PPL)
Fat Fox Records Ltd (PPL)
Fat Gold Chain (Kinniburgh, Jacob &
Karunaratna, Kanchana)
Fat Head Records (SoundExchange)
Fat Jack Records (SoundExchange)
Fat N Fas’ (PPL)
Fat Northerner Records Ltd (PPL)
Fat Pete (SoundExchange)
Fat Pocket Productions (SoundExchange)
Fat Possum (Shock Entertainment)
Fat Wallet (PPL)
Fat Wreck Chords (Shock Entertainment)
Fatburger (PPL)
Fatcat (Specific Recordings Only)(Inertia)
Fatcat Records (PPL)
Father of the Bride (SoundExchange)
Father Ribs (PPL)
Fatius Walker (SoundExchange)
Fatius Walker Records (SoundExchange)
Fatman (PPL)
Fatman Studio (PPL)
Fatnfas’ (PPL)
Fatt Farmer Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Faultline Records (Rachelle Productions)
Fauna Records (PPL)
Faustuss International (PPL)
Faversham Recordings (PPL)
Favor (POP) (SoundExchange)
Favored Nation (SoundExchange)
Favourtizm (PPL)
Fax Records (SoundExchange)
Fay Recordings (SoundExchange)
Fayro the Don Entertainment
Fayth Owen Hope (SoundExchange)
Faze Freak (PPL)
Faze-2 Records (PPL)
Fazed Music (PPL)
F-Beat (PPL)
FCA Artists inc. (SoundExchange)
FDM Records (Nizlopi)(Liberation)
FDM Records (PPL)
FDR Label (SoundExchange)
Fear None Records (SoundExchange)
Fear Of Flying (PPL)
Fearless Records (At The Drive In, Alesana,
A Static Lullabye )(Shock Entertainment)
Fearless Vampire Killers (Shock
Feast Music Group (PPL)
Featherwind (SoundExchange)
Feature (PPL)
Feature Records (SoundExchange)
February Dream (Prowse, Christa and
Trewella, Gemma)
March 2014
Fediboyz Entertainment LLC
Feed Records (SoundExchange)
Feed Your Mind Records (PPL)
Feel Good Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Feeler-head Records (PPL)
Feelin Music Records (PPL)
Feet (SoundExchange)
Feet First (PPL)
Feided (SoundExchange)
Feisty Beesoms (PPL)
Fektive Records (Xelon Entertainment)
Felder Ent (SoundExchange)
Felicia Barton (SoundExchange)
Felia Rose (SoundExchange)
Felice Lazae Martin (SoundExchange)
Felice Guimont (SoundExchange)
Felicity Burdett (Burdett, Felicity)
Felicity Urquhart (Felicity’s Entertainment)
Felicity Urquhart (Little Cricket, Landing
Lights)(Shock Entertainment)
Felipe Esparza (SoundExchange)
Felix Bikai (SoundExchange)
Felix Caraballo (SoundExchange)
Fellside Recordings (PPL)
Felonious: Onelovehiphop, LLC.
Felony Street Muzik (SoundExchange)
Felt Heart Records (PPL)
Female Fun (SoundExchange)
Feminine Rhyme (SoundExchange)
Femme Noir (SoundExchange)
Femminique (SoundExchange)
Fenetik (PPL)
Feral Electronics (PPL)
Feral Media (Feral Media)
Feral Media (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Feralcode Records (SoundExchange)
Fergal Flaherty (PPL)
Feria Music (SoundExchange)
Fern Batchelor (SoundExchange)
Fern Forest Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Fern’s Music (SoundExchange)
Fern’s Music/ Fern Forest Enterprises
Fernando Rodriguez (SoundExchange)
Fernando Ubiergo (SoundExchange)
Fermate (PPL)
Fernandez Billingslea (SoundExchange)
Ferryman Productions Ltd (PPL)
Fertitity Records (SoundExchange)
Fertility Records (Lucy Darryl Phillips)
Festival (PPL)
Festival Acadien De Caraquet
Festival Five (The Planet Company)
Festival Mushroom Records (Warner)
Festival Mushroom Records NZ (Warner)
Festival Records (SoundExchange)
- 65 -
Festivalbar (SoundExchange)
Fetish (SoundExchange)
Feudal Records (SoundExchange)
Feulled By Ramen (PPL)
Fever Marlene (SoundExchange)
Fever Pitch (EMI)
Feverpitch (EMI)
Few’ll Ignite Sound (SoundExchange)
Fez-O-Phone (PPL)
Ff Vinyl (PPL)
Fflach (PPL)
Fflach Tradd (PPL)
FFRR (Hide-A-Way) (SoundExchange)
FFRR Records Ltd (Warner)
FGM Records (SoundExchange)
FGZ Records (PPL)
Fibby Music Group (SoundExchange)
Fiberline Audio (PPL)
Fibre Records (PPL)
Fiction Records (Warner)
Fictitious (SoundExchange)
Fictitious (Deena Shoshkes)
Fiddle & Dance Records (SoundExchange)
Fiddle Head (SoundExchange)
Fiddlemon Music (SoundExchange)
Fiddler Records (PPL)
Fidelista Records (PPL)
Fidelity (PPL)
Fidim Interactive, LLC (SoundExchange)
Fie! Records (PPL)
Field Records (SoundExchange)
Fields of Roses (SoundExchange)
Fieldworker (SoundExchange)
Fiend (PPL)
Fierce Beatz (PPL)
Fierce Mild (Fierce Mild)
Fierce Nek (PPL)
Fierce Panda (Art Brut)(Shock
Fierce Panda (PPL)
Fierce! Distribution (PPL)
Fiesta Dance (EMI)
Fiesta Red Records (SoundExchange)
Fifi Mondello (Mondello, Fiona)
Fifth Ace Records (SoundExchange)
Fifth On The Floor (SoundExchange)
Fifth Son Records (SoundExchange)
Fifty First Recordings (PPL)
Fifty9 Records (SoundExchange)
Fig Tree Management & Production
Fight Back (PPL)
Fight Klub Nation (SoundExchange)
Figtree (PPL)
Figureheads inc. (SoundExchange)
Fika Recordigs (PPL)
Fil The Void Records Ltd (PPL)
Filmersclub (EMI)
Filmhouse Recordings (SoundExchange)
Filmophone (PPL)
Filmtrax (PPL)
Filo (Orchestral) (SoundExchange)
Filter Music (Shock Entertainment)
Filter Records (PPL)
Filter U S (SoundExchange)
Filter US Recordings (SoundExchange)
Filter US Recordings / AM
Filter US Recordings / Devics
Filter US Recordings / Dustin O’Halloran
Filter US Recordings / The Panda Band
Filter US Recordings / Two Sheds
Filtered Records (PPL)
Filtered Traxx (PPL)
Filthy Note (SoundExchange)
FIM [1st Impression] (SoundExchange)
Final Destination Records (SoundExchange)
Final Phase (PPL)
Final Vinyl (PPL)
Final Vinyl Records (PPL)
Finaltouch UK (PPL)
Finders Keepers (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Finders Keepers Records Ltd (PPL)
Fine Cut Records (JWM)
Fine Day Records (SoundExchange)
Fine Dog Records (SoundExchange)
Fine Fabric Delegates (SoundExchange)
Fine Line Records (PPL)
Fine Mighty (SoundExchange)
Fine NF (SoundExchange)
Fine Records (PPL)
Fine Records UK (SoundExchange)
Fine Style (PPL)
Fine Tune (Mr. DJ)
Fine-Tune Records (SoundExchange)
Finepoets (Fine Poets Pty Ltd)
Finetunes (Warner)
Finger Foot Music Productions
Finger Lickin (Specific Recordings
Finger Lickin (PPL)
Finger On Lips Records (PPL)
Fingerfoot Music Productions / Wayne Reed
Music (SoundExchange)
Fingerpaintings (SoundExchange)
Fingerprint Records (SoundExchange)
Finland (EMI)
Finlandia Records (Warner)
Finlay Morton (SoundExchange)
Finnegan Music (SoundExchange)
Fintim Records (PPL)
Fiona Claus (Claus, Fiona)
Fiona Harrison (PPL)
Fiona Latham (Latham, Fiona)
March 2014
Fiorello Recordings (Fiorello, Adam)
Fire & Ice Mario (SoundExchange)
Fire Egg Recordings (Shock Entertainment)
Fire in the Asylum (SoundExchange)
Fire Island Records (PPL)
Fire Music (SoundExchange)
Fire Records (PPL)
Fire Rocket (PPL)
Fire Sparks (SoundExchange)
Fire Tribe (PPL)
Fire UK (SoundExchange)
Fireairwaterearth Productions
Fireball Music Productions (PPL)
Fireball Records (PPL)
Firebug (SoundExchange)
Firebird Field Recordings (SoundExchange)
Firebird Music (SoundExchange)
Firebomb Radio Records (PPL)
Firebrand Entertainment, LLC
Firefly Jar Music (SoundExchange)
Firefly Music (SoundExchange)
Firefly Music Project (SoundExchange)
Firefly Soul Music (Firefly Soul Music)
Fireghost Records (PPL)
Fireglow (SoundExchange)
Fireheart (SoundExchange)
Fireheart Music (SoundExchange)
Firehorse Records (SoundExchange)
Firehouse (PPL)
Firenze (SoundExchange)
Firenze Records (SoundExchange)
Fireproof Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Fireproof Records (PPL)
Firespark Records (PPL)
Firestarter (EMI)
Firewall Records (PPL)
First (PPL)
First Avenue Records (PPL)
First Base (PPL)
First Bass (PPL)
First Choice (PPL)
First Circle Records Ltd (PPL)
First Edition (Select)
First Fold Records (PPL)
First Generation (SoundExchange)
First Generation Records (SoundExchange)
First Hand Records (PPL)
First Heard (PPL)
First Impressions (SoundExchange)
First Kiss (PPL)
First Light Publishing (SoundExchange)
First Lite (SoundExchange)
First Mile (SoundExchange)
First Name Soundtracks (PPL)
First Night Records (Universal)
First Night Records UK (PPL)
First Quake (SoundExchange)
- 66 -
First River Records (PPL)
First Run Productions (SoundExchange)
First Second (SoundExchange)
First Set Records (SoundExchange)
First Step Records (PPL)
First String (SoundExchange)
First Stryke Records (PPL)
First Time Records (PPL)
First Town (SoundExchange)
First Word Excursions (PPL)
First Word Records (PPL)
Fish N’Brook (SoundExchange)
Fish of Milk (The Necks)
Fish The Cat Productions (SoundExchange)
Fishbite Music (SoundExchange)
Fishbite Recordings (SoundExchange)
Fishface Records (PPL)
Fishing (Fishing)
Fishtank (SoundExchange)
Fishwhacker (PPL)
Fistolo Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Fit And The Conniptons (PPL)
Fit To Strip (EMI)
Fitness Initiatives LLC (SoundExchange)
Fitzroy R. Francis (SoundExchange)
Five 03 (SoundExchange)
Five AM (PPL)
Five AM Records (PPL)
Five AM Vibe (PPL)
Five By Seven Entertainment Inc
Five Civilised Tribes (PPL)
Five Crowns Music (SoundExchange)
Five D Records (PPL)
Five Miles High (PPL)
Five Minute Walk Records (EMI)
Five Missions More (PPL)
Five O’Clock Shadow (SoundExchange)
Five One inc (SoundExchange)
Five One, inc (SoundExchange)
Five Pointone Recordings (PPL)
Five Seven Music (SoundExchange)
Five Star General (SoundExchange)
Fivesix Recordings (PPL)
Fivestone (PPL)
Fix Recordings (PPL)
Fixit Records (PPL)
Fixt (SoundExchange)
Fizz Records (PPL)
Fizer Music Productions (SoundExchange)
FJ Entertainment (PPL)
FK Music (FK Music)
Fkaco (SoundExchange)
FKJ Records (SoundExchange)
Flaccid Records (PPL)
Flaco Records (SoundExchange)
Flag (PPL)
Flair (PPL)
Flair Records (PPL)
Flame Tree (SoundExchange)
Flamed Up Records (SoundExchange)
Flameno Fire (Veivers, Andrew)
Flamenco Passion (EMI)
Flamencovision (PPL)
Flamethrwzmusic Group (SoundExchange)
Flaming Heart Records (SoundExchange)
Flamingcheese Records (SoundExchange)
Flammable Records (PPL)
Flaneur Audio (SoundExchange)
Flare Records (SoundExchange)
Flapper (PPL)
Flash Inc Music Ltd (PPL)
Flashback (SoundExchange)
Flashback (Warner)
Flashing Yellow Records (SoundExchange)
Flashlight (PPL)
Flashover (SoundExchange)
Flashover Recordings (Xelon Entertainment)
Flashpoint Music (Flashpoint Music P/L)
Flashpoint Studios (SoundExchange)
Flat & Round (SoundExchange)
Flat Baroque (SoundExchange)
Flat Earth (SoundExchange)
Flat Nine Records (SoundExchange)
Flat Records (PPL)
Flatbrim Recordings (SoundExchange)
Flatfish (PPL)
Flatfoot Shakers (McDonald, Kieron)
Flatline Recordings (PPL)
Flavor Unit (Warner)
FLC Records (PPL)
Flea (PPL)
Fledg’ling Records (PPL)
Fledgling (Hot)
Fleeticer (SoundExchange)
Flemish Eye Records (SoundExchange)
Flesh Alloy Records (PPL)
Flesh and Blood (PPL)
Flesh Den (SoundExchange)
Fletcher (SoundExchange)
Fletcher Williams (SoundExchange)
Flex Records (EMI)
Flex Records/EMI Medley (EMI)
Flexyman (PPL)
Flexy-Man (PPL)
FLG Music Productions (SoundExchange)
Fli Life Music (SoundExchange)
Flia Records (SoundExchange)
Flicker,LLC (SoundExchange)
Flicker Records (EMI)
Flickfinger Records (PPL)
Flicknife Records (PPL)
Flight Case (PPL)
Flight Crash Companion (SoundExchange)
Flight Facilities (Flight Facilities)
Flight Recordings (PPL)
Flight Records (PPL)
Flight Records (SoundExchange)
Flightcase (PPL)
March 2014
Flightcase Recordings (PPL)
Flightcase/Hemispheric 360 (PPL)
Flightless Birds (Flightless Birds Ltd)
Flights (PPL)
Flintown Music (SoundExchange)
Flip N Flex Ent. (SoundExchange)
Flip Records (UK)(PPL)
Flip Records (SoundExchange)
Flip Recordings (PPL)
Flipmode (Warner)
Flipside (Beach Music) (SoundExchange)
Flizi Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Flo Records (SoundExchange)
Floating Opera Records (SoundExchange)
Floating Point Music (Floating Point)
Floating Records Ltd (PPL)
Floating World (PPL)
Flock Music (PPL)
Flomar (SoundExchange)
Flook Music (PPL)
Floor Thirteen (SoundExchange)
Floortom Productions (PPL)
Floppy Records (PPL)
Floppypop! (SoundExchange)
Floral Tribute (PPL)
Floridas Dying (SoundExchange)
Flounder Productions (SoundExchange)
Flourish Music Solutions (PPL)
Flow And Record LLC (SoundExchange)
Flow Motion Records (PPL)
Flowalition Ent. (SoundExchange)
Flower Power Records (PPL)
Flowerburger Records (PPL)
Flowerpot Records Ltd (PPL)
Floyd Kochinsky (SoundExchange)
Fluential Records (PPL)
Fluff (PPL)
Fluff Alley Records (PPL)
Fluential Records (PPL)
Fluff (PPL)
Fluffy inc. (SoundExchange)
Fluid Music Entertainment
Fluid Ounce (PPL)
Fluid Recordings UK (PPL)
Fluid Records (PPL)
Flush UK Media (PPL)
Flute (PPL)
Flutterspark Records (PPL)
Flux Delux (PPL)
Fly Boy Music Group (SoundExchange)
Fly By Night (SoundExchange)
Fly Concious Music Group
Fly Eye Records (SoundExchange)
Fly Me To the Moon Music
Fly Music (Australian Broadcasting
- 67 -
Fly Musique (SoundExchange)
Fly Records (UK)(PPL)
Flydaddy (SoundExchange)
Flydaddy Records (SoundExchange)
Flydaddy Records (PPL)
Flyin’ Cloud (SoundExchange)
Flyin Hawaiian (SoundExchange)
Flying Dolphin Records (SoundExchange)
Flying Frog Records (SoundExchange)
Flying Mountain Productions (PPL)
Flying Mountain Records (PPL)
Flying Nun Records (Warner)
Flying Nun Records (SoundExchange)
Flying Penguins (PPL)
Flying Pig Records (PPL)
Flying Records (PPL)
Flying South Records (PPL)
Flying Sparks Records Ltd (PPL)
Flying Tart (SoundExchange)
Flying Weasel Records (SoundExchange)
Flynnella Records (Caseley, Joanna)
Flyright (PPL)
Flystone Media Entertainment
FM Belfast (SoundExchange)
FM Coast To Coast (PPL)
FM Dance (PPL)
FM Film Music (PPL)
FM Jazz (PPL)
FM Publishing Ltd (PPL)
FM Revolver Records (PPL)
FME Fast Money Ent. (SoundExchange)
Fmif (PPL)
Fnac (SoundExchange)
Fo Fum Records (PPL)
Focal Music (SoundExchange)
Focused Music Group (SoundExchange)
Focs V.1 (SoundExchange)
Focs V.2 (SoundExchange)
Focs V.3 (SoundExchange)
Foghorn Records (Damien Gerard Sound
Studios Pty Ltd)
Focus (PPL)
Foil (SoundExchange)
Foktop! (SoundExchange)
Fokused (SoundExchange)
Fola (PPL)
Folding Legs (SoundExchange)
Folias Music (SoundExchange)
Folk (PPL)
Folk Alliance Canada (SoundExchange)
Folk-Celtic Music (SoundExchange)
Folk Chicken Records (PPL)
Folk Heritage (PPL)
Folk Lyric (PPL)
Folk Roots (PPL)
Folkdiva Records (SoundExchange)
Folklore De La Zone Mondiale
Folksound (PPL)
Folktracks (PPL)
Folkways (USA)(Fuse Music Group P/L)
Folle Avoine (SoundExchange)
Folle Avoine Productions (SoundExchange)
Followill Music (SoundExchange)
Folly and the Hunter (SoundExchange)
Folly Records Ltd (PPL)
Fonal (Finland)(Fuse)
Fone (PPL)
Fonita Cetra (Warner)
Fono Records (Keith White)
Fonocal Discos (SoundExchange)
Fonocaribe (SoundExchange)
Fonofolk (SoundExchange)
Fontalis (SoundExchange)
Fontana (Universal)
Fontenot (SoundExchange)
Food (EMI)
Food International (EMI)
Food Label (EMI)
Food Music Group (PPL)
Food of Love Music (PPL)
Food Records (EMI)
Food/Parlophone (EMI)
Foodchain (SoundExchange)
Fool House (SoundExchange)
Fool’s Gold (SoundExchange)
Fool’s Gold, inc. (SoundExchange)
Fool’s Gold Touring LLC (SoundExchange)
Fools of the World (SoundExchange)
Foot Stompin’ Records (SoundExchange)
Footloose (PPL)
Footnote/Slowfoot Records (PPL)
Foozay (EMI)
For Dinner (EMI)
For Every Story Untold (SoundExchange)
For Lovers (PPL)
For Mona (SoundExchange)
For the Lonely Records (SoundExchange)
For The Sun Music LLC (SoundExchange)
For Your Love (PPL)
Fora De Serie (EMI)
Fora Sound (SoundExchange)
Forbiddern Fruit Recordings (PPL)
Force Inc Music Works (SoundExchange)
Force Majeure (PPL)
Forcefield (SoundExchange)
Forcefield Studios (SoundExchange)
Forcematical (PPL)
Forcematical Force (PPL)
Ford Media (SoundExchange)
Ford Productions (SoundExchange)
Fordante Records (PPL)
Forefront (EMI)
Forefront (PPL)
Forefront Records (EMI)
March 2014
Forefront Records/EMI CMG (EMI)
Foreground Music Group (SoundExchange)
Foreign Familiar (SoundExchange)
Foreign Media Group (SoundExchange)
Foreign Policy (PPL)
Foremost Poets (SoundExchange)
Forensic (SoundExchange)
Forerunner Music (SoundExchange)
Forest Allen (SoundExchange)
Forest City Lovers (SoundExchange)
Forest Family Records (SoundExchange)
Forever (PPL)
Forever Forward Records (PPL)
Forever Gold (PPL)
Forever Music (SoundExchange)
Forever Never (PPL)
Forever Soon and Co (SoundExchange)
For-Give 70x07 (PPL)
Forge Again Records (SoundExchange)
Forge Records (PPL)
Forgotten Fable (SoundExchange)
Forgotten Soul (SoundExchange)
Forilla Records (SoundExchange)
Fork & Spoon Records (SoundExchange)
Fork in Hand (SoundExchange)
Forlane (SoundExchange)
Formal Worldwide (PPL)
Forman Bros. Recordings (SoundExchange)
Format (PPL)
Formatik (SoundExchange)
Formation Records (PPL)
Former Soviet Union (SoundExchange)
Formosa Records (SoundExchange)
Formula (Music)(PPL)
Forola (Forola Music)
Forrest Hill (Hot)
Forrest Records (PPL)
Forsyth (PPL)
Fort Point Recordings (SoundExchange)
Forte (PPL)
Forthcoming (SoundExchange)
ForTheSakeOfTheSong (PPL)
Fortified Records (SoundExchange)
Fortress (SoundExchange)
Fortuna Pop! (PPL)
Fortune and Glory (PPL)
Fortune Records (PPL)
Forty West Records (SoundExchange)
Forum 5 Pty Ltd (Out Post Management Pty
Forward Sounds International (PPL)
Forze Records (SoundExchange)
Fossile (SoundExchange)
Fossils of Ancient Robots (SoundExchange)
Foukinic (SoundExchange)
Foundation Junglist (PPL)
Foundation Media (SoundExchange)
Foundation Music (PPL)
Foundation Rekords (PPL)
Foundher Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
- 68 -
Fountainbleau (SoundExchange)
Fountainbleau Entertainment
Fountains of Wayne (SoundExchange)
Four Day Hombre (PPL)
Four Fold (SoundExchange)
Four Kings Productions (SoundExchange)
Four Miles Music (SoundExchange)
Four Quarters Entertainment
Four Roads Music (PPL)
Four Twenty (PPL)
Four Voices (SoundExchange)
Fourfiveone (PPL)
Fourstar Records (Unidisc)
Fourth & Broadway (Universal)
Fourth Floor Collapse (Fourth Flour
Fourth Floor Music (PPL)
Fourth Quarter Entertainment
Fox Street Allstars (SoundExchange)
Foxy Shazam (SoundExchange)
Foyle (PPL)
Foyle Records (Foyle Records)
FP Records (PPL)
Fractamodi (SoundExchange)
Fraction Zero (SoundExchange)
Fractured Discs (SoundExchange)
Fractured Trans Rec Co (SoundExchange)
Fragile (PPL)
Fragmented Records (PPL)
Fragments (PPL)
Frally Hynes (SoundExchange)
Frame Rec (SoundExchange)
Framework (PPL)
Framur Holdings P/L (Framur Holdings P/L)
Franc Robert (SoundExchange)
Francesca Records (SoundExchange)
Francois Quillet (SoundExchange)
Francesca de Valence (Valence, de
Francesco Adamo (SoundExchange)
Francesqa (PPL)
Francesvato (Bell, Matthew)
Francis Trachta (SoundExchange)
Francisco Vitoriano Borges Pereira
Francor (SoundExchange)
Frank 9000 Music (SoundExchange)
Frank & Tony (SoundExchange)
Frank Caiafa (SoundExchange)
Frank Cuevas (SoundExchange)
Frank Dixon (Collyer, Christine)
Frank Fuller (SoundExchange)
Frank Hirschi Music (SoundExchange)
Frank Hsieh (SoundExchange)
Frank Kimbrough (SoundExchange)\
Frank Kimbrough / Mapleshade
Frank Lamphere (SoundExchange)
Frank Leto (SoundExchange)
Frank Lewis (SoundExchange)
Frank M. Ricci (SoundExchange)
Frank Perry Productions Music Productions
Frank Portman (SoundExchange)
Frank Secich (SoundExchange)
Frank Serafine (SoundExchange)
Frank Stokes (SoundExchange)
Frank Thompson (SoundExchange)
Frank W. Norwood (SoundExchange)
Frank White (SoundExchange)
Frank Zappa (PPL)
Frank Zaruba (SoundExchange)
Frankenbok (Frankenbok)
Franki Love (SoundExchange)
Frankie Ferreira (SoundExchange)
Frankie’s Blues Mission LLC
Franklin Mint (SoundExchange)
Franklinmaikel, Corp (SoundExchange)
Franklin Peralta (SoundExchange)
Frankradio (SoundExchange)
Frantic (PPL)
Franz Franz Superlover (SoundExchange)
Fraser Newcombe (SoundExchange)
Frat Muzikk Group (SoundExchange)
Fraternity (PPL)
Fraxinus Records (PPL)
Fraz Records (PPL)
Freak ‘N See (PPL)
Freak Plastique (PPL)
Freakaboom (SoundExchange)
Freaky Records (ToCo)
Freakz Me Out Records (SoundExchange)
Freakzone (Phantom)
Fred (Label) Ltd (PPL)
Fred Barton (SoundExchange)
Fred Engler (SoundExchange)
Fred H. Kersmarki (SoundExchange)
Fred Lykes (SoundExchange)
Fred Lykes Music (SoundExchange)
Fred Reiter (SoundExchange)
Fred Small (SoundExchange)
Fred Soetje (SoundExchange)
Fred Vigdor (SoundExchange)
Fred Weingartner-Prack (SoundExchange)
Freddie Redd (SoundExchange)
Freddy Charles
Freddy Washington (SoundExchange)
Frederic Blais (SoundExchange)
Frederic Delarue Product (SoundExchange)
Frederic Delarue Productions
Frederick Applewhite Jr. (SoundExchange)
Frederick Charles Corrigan
March 2014
Frederick Dare (SoundExchange)
Frederick Girard (SoundExchange)
Frederick Kaufman (SoundExchange)
Frederick Perry (SoundExchange)
Frederick Records (PPL)
Frederick Shoenberger (SoundExchange)
Fredred H. Jones (SoundExchange)
Fredrick Kaufman (SoundExchange)
Fredrik (SoundExchange)
Fredrik Larsson (SoundExchange)
Fredrik Lindbom (SoundExchange)
Free & Easy (SoundExchange)
Free Agent Records (SoundExchange)
Free Bound Records (SoundExchange)
Free Country Records (SoundExchange)
Free Money, LLC (SoundExchange)
Free Range Folk (SoundExchange)
Free Reed (Hot)
Free Reed (SoundExchange)
Free The Land Records (SoundExchange)
Free World (PPL)
Free2air Recordings (PPL)
Freeagent Ent. (SoundExchange)
Freedom (PPL)
Freedom Creek Music (SoundExchange)
Freedom Endeavours (Avenue Road
Freedom Family Music (SoundExchange)
Freedom in Exile (SoundExchange)
Freedom Records (SoundExchange)
Freedom Sounds (PPL)
Freedom Street Records (Freedom Street
Freedom Town Music (SoundExchange)
Freedream Ltd (PPL)
Freefall Records (PPL)
Freeflow (PPL)
Freeform Records (PPL)
Freeland (SoundExchange)
Freeman (SoundExchange)
Freemantle (Sony Music Ent)
Freenote Records (SoundExchange)
Freeport Entertainment (PPL)
Freeport Records Limited (PPL)
Freerange Records (PPL)
Freestlye Records Ltd (PPL)
Freestyle Flava (PPL)
Freestyle Recordings (PPL)
Freestyle Records (PPL)
Freestyle Records (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Freewinder Productions Limited (PPL)
Freezabox Records (PPL)
Freeze (SoundExchange)
Freeze Dance (SoundExchange)
Fremus S.A.S (SoundExchange)
Fremont John (SoundExchange)
French (PPL)
French Kiss Records (PPL)
French Maid Music (SoundExchange)
Frenchkiss (!K7 Records)
- 69 -
Frenchkiss Records (Specific Recordings
Frenetic Records (SoundExchange)
Frentik (SoundExchange)
Frenzal Rhomb (Shock Entertainment)
Frequency Glide Enetrprises
Frequency Media Group (Universal)
Frequency Media Group (SoundExchange)
Fres Thao (SoundExchange)
Fresco (SoundExchange)
Fresco Recordings (PPL)
Fresh (PPL)
Fresh Air (PPL)
Fresh Discs (SoundExchange)
Fresh Fruit Records (SoundExchange)
Fresh In the Flesh Music (SoundExchange)
Fresh Inc (SoundExchange)
Fresh Music LA (SoundExchange)
Fresh Notorious Beats (PPL)
Fresh Records (PPL)
Fresh Sound (SoundExchange)
Fresh Sounds (Hot)
Fresh Soundz (SoundExchange)
Fresh Wine Records (SoundExchange)
Fresh1 (SoundExchange)
Fresh2 Death Ent. (SoundExchange)
Freshblood Records (PPL)
Freshchest (SoundExchange)
Fresher Sounds Records (PPL)
Fresh Water Records (PPL)
Freshblood Records (PPL)
Freshdoe Club LLC (SoundExchange)
Fresher Sounds Records (PPL)
Freshly Squeezed (Music Ltd)(PPL)
Freskanova (PPL)
Fret12 Productions (SoundExchange)
Fret Music (Fret Music)
Fretbuzz (SoundExchange)
Freudiana Records (PPL)
Frewition Records (Frew, James)
Friction Bailey (SoundExchange)
Frid Jean Honore (SoundExchange)
Friday Music (SoundExchange)
Friday Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Friendship Baptist Church (SoundExchange)
Friendly Fire Music (PPL)
Friggemall Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
Friggenmall Records (SoundExchange)
Frijfso (PPL)
Frinzic Music Studios (SoundExchange)
Frisbee Music (SoundExchange)
Frisco Street Show (SoundExchange)
Frisky Records (PPL)
Fritsch Media (PPL)
Frituna (EMI)
Fritz Records (PPL)
Frochot Music (SoundExchange)
Frofunk Records (PPL)
Frog (PPL)
Frog Stand Records (Clare & The
Reasons)(Shock Entertainment)
Frog Stand Records (SoundExchange)
Frogs Head Records (SoundExchange)
Frogs Records Ltd (PPL)
From A Quite Place (PPL)
From Dark (Resaissance of Evil)(PPL)
From the Ashes (SoundExchange)
From The Depths Records (PPL)
From The Ground Up Records
From the Heart (SoundExchange)
From Within (SoundExchange)
From Words to Blows (SoundExchange)
Front Back Records (SoundExchange)
Front Row (SoundExchange)
Frontal Lobe Productions (Frontal Lobe)
Frontera Recordings (EMI)
Frontline (EMI)
Frontline (UK)(PPL)
Frontline Records (PPL)
Frontstreet Records (SoundExchange)
Frozen (PPL)
Forzen Food Section (SoundExchange)
Frozen Rope Records (SoundExchange)
Fruit (Fruit Music)(Aust Indi)
Fruit of the Tune (SoundExchange)
Fruit Pie Records (PPL)
Fruit Records (PPL)
Fruit Soup Limited (PPL)
Fruitree Records (PPL)
Frumdahart Productions (SoundExchange)
Fry Up (PPL)
Frybread Music (SoundExchange)
Fryk Beat Records (SoundExchange)
Fryup Records (Lastdrager, Robert)
Fsol (PPL)
FSX Music Publications (SoundExchange)
FTB Records (SoundExchange)
FTC Trust (SoundExchange)
FTG Recordings (PPL)
FTL Records (SoundExchange)
FTM (SoundExchange)
FTM Records (SoundExchange)
Fuckeroo (SoundExchange)
Fuckin Chrome Records (SoundExchange)
Fudge Records (Ministry Of Sound)
Fudo Recordings (PPL)
Fuego (PPL)
Fuego Media (SoundExchange)
Fuel 2000 (SoundExchange)
Fuel 2000 Rec./ Varese Sarabande Rec./
UMVD (SoundExchange)
Fuel 2000 Records (SoundExchange)
Fuel 2000 Records, in Cooperat
March 2014
Fuel Records (USA)(EMI)
Fuel (UK) Ltd (PPL)
Fueled By Ramen (Specific Releases)(Shock
Fueled By Ramen, LLC (Warner)
Fuga Libera (PPL)
Fuga Libera (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Fugazi Records Mexico (SoundExchange)
Fugitive (EMI)
Fugitive Records (EMI)
Fugs (PPL)
Fujiya & Miyagi (PPL)
Fulavybz Entertainment Inc
Fulblown (SoundExchange)
Full Balance (PPL)
Full Breach Kicks (SoundExchange)
Full Circle Core Music Group
Full Circle Music (Full Circle Music)
Full Circle Productions (PPL)
Full Circle Records (PPL)
Full Clip Media (SoundExchange)
Full Clip Records (SoundExchange)
Full Cycle Records (PPL)
Full Effect Records (SoundExchange)
Full Entertain Music (Specific Recordings)
(Blue Pie Productions)
Full Fat (PPL)
Full Gallop Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Full Intention (PPL)
Ful Moon Music (SoundExchange)
Full Moon Records (Warner)
Full Moons Ent. Co. LLC. (SoundExchange)
Full Motion Records (PPL)
Full Of Flava Records (PPL)
Full Of Joy Records (PPL)
Full On Entertainment (PPL)
Full Records (SoundExchange)
Full Service (SoundExchange)
Full Spin (SoundExchange)
Full Tilt (SoundExchange)
Full Time Hobby (SoundExchange)
Full Touch Music (SoundExchange)
Fullfill LLC UK Limited (PPL)
Fullhouse (PPL)
FullHouseRecording (SoundExchange)
Fulltime Hobby (PPL)
Fulltime Hobby (Specific Recordings
Fully Blown (SoundExchange)
Fully Fledged Productions Ltd (PPL)
Fum Records (SoundExchange)
Fume Recordings (PPL)
Fun City (PPL)
Fun Machine (SoundExchange)
Function Records (PPL)
Function Records Ltd (PPL)
Functional Breaks (PPL)
Fundamental (SoundExchange)
- 70 -
Fundamental (PPL)
Fundamental/EMI (EMI)
Fundamental Elements (SoundExchange)
Fundamental Recordings (SoundExchange)
Fundamental Records (SoundExchange)
Funfactory Studios (Swinburne, Benjamin)
Funghi Records Ltd (Warner)
Fungji Productions (PPL)
Fungus Productions (Puppet)
Funk 45 (PPL)
Funk Farm (SoundExchange)
Funk Punk (PPL)
Funk Volume (SoundExchange)
Funk Wax (SoundExchange)
Funk Weapons (SoundExchange)
Funk’n Music (SoundExchange)
Funkalicious (Ministry Of Sound)
Funkatech Records (PPL)
Funkateer (EMI)
Funkateer Dice (EMI)
Funkatology Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Funkatron Music Publishing
Funkdamentals (EMI)
Funked Up Recordings (SoundExchange)
Funki Dread Records (PPL)
Funkinjam (PPL)
Funkinjazz (SoundExchange)
Funktion Black (SoundExchange)
Funktion Jacks
Funktion Music Recordings (PPL)
Funktion Recordings (SoundExchange)
Funktion Records (SoundExchange)
Funky Business Music (PPL)
Funky Child (PPL)
Funky Generals (PPL)
Funky Soul Recordings (PPL)
Funky Stix Music (SoundExchange)
Funky Stix Music Productions, inc.
Funkyska Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Funn Records (SoundExchange)
Funnel Records (SoundExchange)
Funny as Hell Productions (SoundExchange)
Funny Motherflower (SoundExchange)
Funny Valentine Records (PPL)
Funtastics LLP (PPL)
Funzalo Records (The Mother
Truckers)(Shock Entertainment)
Fur Device Records (Fur Device Records)
Furious? (PPL)
Furious George (SoundExchange)
Furious Records (EMI)
Furious Sounds (SoundExchange)
Furious Tradesman (PPL)
Furlongs Media (PPL)
Further Records (PPL)
Furthur Progression (SoundExchange)
Fury Records (PPL)
Fuse (PPL)
Fuse Rcrdngs (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Fuse Records (PPL)
Fused and Brised (PPL)
Fused UP (PPL)
Fusion (Central Station Records)
Fusion Records (Netherlands)(ToCo)
Fusion Records (PPL)
Fuss Records (PPL)
Futura Music International Ltd (PPL)
Future Butterfly Records (PPL)
Future Classic (Future Classic Pty Ltd)
Future Classic (SoundExchange)
Future Earth Records (PPL)
Future Gods (PPL)
Future Groove (EMI)
Future History Records (PPL)
Future Legend Records (PPL)
Future Media Records (PPL)
Future Music Media (SoundExchange)
Future Noise Music (SoundExchange)
Future Perfect (PPL)
Future Primitive Sound (SoundExchange)
Future Records (PPL)
Future Registry Recordings (PPL)
Future Science Records (PPL)
Future Schock (SoundExchange)
Future Underground Nation (PPL)
Future Wave (SoundExchange)
Futureappletree (SoundExchange)
Futureboy Films, inc. (SoundExchange)
Futurecho Records (PPL)
Futureproof Dance (PPL)
Futureproof Records (PPL)
Futureskool Of Music (Futureskool Of
Futurewave (SoundExchange)
Futureworks Folk (PPL)
Futureworks Music (PPL)
Futureworks Rock (PPL)
Futuristic Swagg Ent (SoundExchange)
Fuzai (EMI)
Fuzz (SoundExchange)
Fuzz Artists (SoundExchange)
Fuzzorama Records (SoundExchange)
Fuzzy Box Records (SoundExchange)
Fuzzy Logic Recordings (SoundExchange)
Fuzzy Music (SoundExchange)
Fuzzy Music (SoundExchange)
FVA BMCD (SoundExchange)
Fwinki Music (Fenech-Soler) (Shock
FW Folk (PPL)
FW Dance (PPL)
FW Music (PPL)
FW Rock (PPL)
FWG Records (SoundExchange)
FWTR Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
FX Records (EMI)
FX Records (PPL)
FX Records/ EMI Medley DK (EMI)
March 2014
Fyasco (PPL)
FYFMG (SoundExchange)
FYH Music (PPL)
Fyngermade Productions (SoundExchange)
Fyutchaflex Recordings (PPL)
FYZYX Music Company (SoundExchange)
G & F Records (SoundExchange)
G Class Music Kosher Publishing
G Man (SoundExchange)
G Music (SoundExchange)
G Note Records (SoundExchange)
G William Boyd (SoundExchange)
G-4SE Entertainment (SoundExchange)
G-Khan Records LLC (SoundExchange)
G1ne (SoundExchange)
G2 Music Group (SoundExchange)
G4dz (PPL)
G&E Music (PPL)
G&E Music Group LLC (SoundExchange)
G&F Records (SoundExchange)
G&S Records (SoundExchange)
G.A.K. (PPL)
G.A.M.I Records (PPL)
G.D. Records (SoundExchange)
G.I. Records (PPL)
G.L.P. (SoundExchange)
G.O.V. Life Entertainment
G.U.Z. Classic (SoundExchange)
GAB Entertainment Group
GAB Records (SoundExchange)
Gabe Kubanda (SoundExchange)
Gabe Martinez (SoundExchange)
Gabe Spector (SoundExchange)
Gable Records (PPL)
Gabreil Kelly (SoundExchange)
Gabsound (SoundExchange)
Gadfly Communications, inc.
Gadget (Hip-Hop) (SoundExchange)
Gael Force (SoundExchange)
Gael-Lin (SoundExchange)
Gaff Music (SoundExchange)
Gaffer Records (SoundExchange)
Gaga (PPL)
Gaga Goodies (EMI)
Gaia (SoundExchange)
Gail Tucker Whipple (SoundExchange)
Gain (PPL)
Gaining Ground Music (SoundExchange)
Gajang Productions (Gajang Productions)
Gak (PPL)
Gala (PPL)
Galactic Butt Hair (SoundExchange)
Galactic Moustache (SoundExchange)
Galactica Records (PPL)
Galactive (SoundExchange)
- 71 -
Galakteka (SoundExchange)
Galapagos (SoundExchange)
Galapagos4 (SoundExchange)
Galaxi Promotions (PPL)
Galaxia (SoundExchange)
Galaxia Records (SoundExchange)
Galaxy (PPL)
Galen Curry (SoundExchange)
Galesound Ltd (PPL)
Galilee of the Nations (SoundExchange)
Galit Jennewein (SoundExchange)
Galleon Music Group (SoundExchange)
Gallerie (PPL)
Gallery 2 (SoundExchange)
Gallery Recordings (PPL)
Galley Music (PPL)
Galliano Sommavilla (Sommavilla,
Gallic Music (PPL)
Gallows (Gallows Recordings) (Shock
Galmiche Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Galty World Records (PPL)
Galy Records (SoundExchange)
Gam Batte Music (SoundExchange)
Gam / Genay Records (SoundExchange)
Gambit Records ( Fuse Music Group P/L)
Game Face Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Game on Lock Corporation
Game on Lock Entertainment
Game on Lock Entertainment, inc.
Game Players Music (SoundExchange)
Game Tight Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Game Tone (SoundExchange)
Gamechanger Entertainment
Games Today Music (PPL)
Gametight Entertainments (PPL)
Gamm (PPL)
Gamma Records (Unidisc)
Gamma Proforma (PPL)
Gamma Proforma Records (PPL)
Gammer (PPL)
Gandon Productions
GANGgajang (GANGgajang)
Gangland Music Group LLC
Gangsta Audio (Armada Music)
Gangsta Advisory (Dog Pound, Young Gotti
aka Kurupt)(Shock Entertainment)
Ganja Records (PPL)
Ganjah Records (SoundExchange)
Gannet Records (PPL)
Gaoler’s Daughter (PPL)
Gaptooth Jukebox Records
Garage Band (SoundExchange)
Garan Sang Records (PPL)
Garang Records (Warner)
Garba (SoundExchange)
Garden City Music (SoundExchange)
Garden City / Tesh Music (SoundExchange)
Garden Sticks (PPL)
Gardenwatch Publishing (SoundExchange)
Gareth Furby T/A IF Wen (PPL)
Gareth Jones (SoundExchange)
Gargleblast Records (PPL)
Garinorteno (EMI)
Garland Mosley inc. (SoundExchange)
Garrett 72, Inc. (G Love)(Shock
Garrett Fischbach (SoundExchange)
Garrett Gue (SoundExchange)
Garston Records (PPL)
Garuda (SoundExchange)
Garuru Records (EMI)
Gary Applegate (SoundExchange)
Gary Dean (SoundExchange)
Gary Gulman (SoundExchange)
Gary Hunn (Hunn, Gary)
Gary Hunn and the Waterboys (Hunn, Gary)
Gary Lee Morris (SoundExchange)
Gary Matthews (SoundExchange)
Gary Mill (PPL)
Gary Mill & Nick Williams (PPL)
Gary Muledear (SoundExchange)
Gary Newby (SoundExchange)
Gary Palmer (SoundExchange)
Gary Pittman (SoundExchange)
Gary Reed II (SoundExchange)
Gary Roberts (PPL)
Gary Shearston (Shearston, Gary)
Gary Skyrme (PPL)
Gary Stephen Sloyer (SoundExchange)
Gary T. Rogers (SoundExchange)
Gary Tanin (SoundExchange)
Gary Umberto Scapellati (SoundExchange)
Gary V. Clemons II (SoundExchange)
Garry W. Brockway (SoundExchange)
Gary Winston Apple (SoundExchange)
Gary Ziele (SoundExchange)
Gary & Joe Publishing BMI
Gas (PPL)
Gas Can, inc (SoundExchange)
Gas Records (SoundExchange)
Gash Digital (PPL)
Gashed (SoundExchange)
Gaske Records (SoundExchange)
Gasoline Records (Universal)
Gaspari Nutrition Publishing
Gasparini (PPL)
Gaspeso (SoundExchange)
Gastrocity (SoundExchange)
Gat Three Records (SoundExchange)
Gat3 Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Gatcombe Music (Gatcombe Music)
Gatecrasher (SoundExchange)
Gatekeeper Production (SoundExchange)
Gates - Jones Jazzy (SoundExchange)
Gatilleros Desde Infancia (SoundExchange)
Gatlin (SoundExchange)
Gator Music (SoundExchange)
Gatorama Music (EMI)
Gaudeamus (EMI)
Gaudemus (PPL)
Gav Records (PPL)
Gavin Ahearn Trio (SoundExchange)
Gavin Bieber (SoundExchange)
Gavin Browne Productions
Gavin Eriq (SoundExchange)
Gavin Mulhall (SoundExchange)
Gavioliphone (PPL)
Gawd Aggie (Universal)
Gawd Aggie Recordings (Kelly, Paul)
Gay Ashcroft (Ashcroft, Gay)
Gay Monkey (SoundExchange)
Gaylord’s Home Studio (SoundExchange)
Gaymonkey Records (PPL)
Gaynor David St. Roman Jr.
Gaz’s Rockin’ Records (PPL)
GB Recordings (SoundExchange)
GBM Media (PPL)
GBM Records (PPL)
GBR Publishing, LLC (SoundExchange)
GC Creative Studio (SoundExchange)
GC Entertainment (SoundExchange)
GC Music (PPL)
GCI Enterprises Ltd (PPL)
GCP Records (SoundExchange)
G-Club Records (PPL)
G-Stone Recordings Richard Dorfmeister &
Partner (SoundExchange)
GDB Records (PPL)
GDI Records (Hot)
GDI Records (SoundExchange)
Gebhardt (PPL)
Gecko Records (PPL)
Gee (SoundExchange)
Gee Davey (SoundExchange)
Gee Steet (PPL)
Geeflava Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Geffen (Universal)
Geffen (Simon & Garfunkel - Concert In
Central Park - only) (Sony Music Ent)
Gefion Records (SoundExchange)
Geist (PPL)
Gekko (PPL)
Gelbison (EMI)
Geldden Group South (SoundExchange)
Gem Mnemonics (PPL)
Gem Records (PPL)
- 72 -
Gemini (PPL)
Gemini House Music Group
Gemini Juice Music (SoundExchange)
Gemini Sound (PPL)
Gemma Trewella (Trewella, Gemma)
Gene Bradley Fisk (Fisk, Gene Bradley)
Genepool Records Ltd (PPL)
Generalz Entertainment Limited (PPL)
Generation Zero (SoundExchange)
Generationals (SoundExchange)
Generationext (Shock Entertainment)
Generika Productions (PPL)
Genesis (PPL)
Genesis Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Genesis P-Orridge (SoundExchange)
Genetic Stress (PPL)
Geneva Garvin (SoundExchange)
Genevieve Little (Little, Genevieve)
Genie (PPL)
Genin Records (PPL)
Geniux Music (SoundExchange)
Genome Records (SoundExchange)
Genotype Recordings (PPL)
Genre Music Ltd (PPL)
Gentle Edward Records (SoundExchange)
Gentle Electric (PPL)
Gentle Thunder (SoundExchange)
Gentle Wind Records (SoundExchange)
Gentleman Recordings (PPL)
Gentleman Auction House (SoundExchange)
Gentlemen Hall (SoundExchange)
Gentlemen’s Sodapop (SoundExchange)
Gentry (SoundExchange)
Genuine (PPL)
Genuine Articles (SoundExchange)
Geo Music Group (SoundExchange)
Geo Records (PPL)
Geof Johnson (SoundExchange)
Geoff Saavedra (SoundExchange)
Geoffrey McCabe (SoundExchange)
Geoffrey P. Thurman (SoundExchange)
Geographic (PPL)
George Ardis (SoundExchange)
George Barnett (PPL)
George Bowman (SoundExchange)
George Cahill (SoundExchange)
George Calatzis (SoundExchange)
George Davidson (SoundExchange)
George Hartwig (SoundExchange)
George Kranz (SoundExchange)
George Lewis (SoundExchange)
George LLanes, Jr. (SoundExchange)
George Lynch (SoundExchange)
George McDowell (SoundExchange)
George Music (George Music)
George Nicholas (PPL)
George Parker (SoundExchange)
George Patsalides (Patsalides, George)
George Pierce (SoundExchange)
George Sarah (SoundExchange)
George Shimeall (SoundExchange)
George T. Hearst (SoundExchange)
George Taylor (SoundExchange)
George Thomas International LI (PPL)
Georgia germein (Germein, Georgia)
Georgia Ragsdale (SoundExchange)
Georgia Wonder Records (PPL)
Georgie Jessup Mauler (SoundExchange)
Georgina Graper Moore (SoundExchange)
Georgina Whitehead (PPL)
Geosynchronous (SoundExchange)
Gerald Del Campo (SoundExchange)
Gerald Matthews (Matthews, Gerald)
Gerald Scott (SoundExchange)
Gerald Simpson (SoundExchange)
Gerard Campbell (SoundExchange)
Gerard Fee (SoundExchange)
Gerard Grinnage (SoundExchange)
Gerard Schurmann (SoundExchange)
Germain (SoundExchange)
Germain Records (SoundExchange)
Germain/Revolutionary Records (PPL)
Germany (PPL)
Gern Blandsten (SoundExchange)
Gern Blandsten Records (SoundExchange)
Geronimo (SoundExchange)
Gerralda Records (Specific Recordings
Gerry Hundt (SoundExchange)
Gerry Reid (SoundExchange)
Gerry Simpson (PPL)
Gesta Group (Gesta Group)
Gestion EDC Inc (SoundExchange)
Get After it Music (SoundExchange)
Get Back (PPL)
Get Darker 2 (SoundExchange)
Get Down! (The Do)(Shock Entertainment)
Get Help (SoundExchange)
Get Him Eat Him (SoundExchange)
Get Hip Recordings (SoundExchange)
Get Hype (PPL)
Get Made Enterprise (SoundExchange)
Get Money Gang Entertainment (EMI)
Get On Down (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Get On Down Records (Get On Down
Get Out Records (PPL)
Get Outta Town (SoundExchange)
Get Over It Productions (SoundExchange)
Get Ripp’d Music (SoundExchange)
Get Up And Go Records (PPL)
Get Up Recordings (SoundExchange)
Getgo Music Management (SoundExchange)
Geto Boys (EMI)
Geto Star Ent. (SoundExchange)
Gettymusic LLC (SoundExchange)
Gevin Music (SoundExchange)
Geyser Recordings (Electronic)
March 2014
Gezim Hoti (SoundExchange)
GFK (SoundExchange)
GFunk’d Records (PPL)
GFY Records LLC (SoundExchange)
GGD Productions SRL (SoundExchange)
GGFF (Gino Ferrara)(PPL)
GGP Records (SoundExchange)
GHA (SoundExchange)
Ghent Inc (Lazie Bone, Krayzie
Bone)(Shock Entertainment)
Ghetto Circus (SoundExchange)
Ghetto Devoted Publishing inc.
Ghetto Ruff (SoundExchange)
Ghetto Youth Int’l (SoundExchange)
Ghetto Youths International
Ghettron (SoundExchange)
Gho Records (SoundExchange)
Gholicense (SoundExchange)
Ghost Beach Records (PPL)
Ghost Box (PPL)
Ghost Note Records (SoundExchange)
Ghost of the Robot (SoundExchange)
Ghost Productions Studio (SoundExchange)
Ghost Ramp (SoundExchange)
Ghost Town Records (PPL)
GhostJogger (PPL)
Ghosts of Orion (SoundExchange)
Ghostwing Ltd (PPL)
Ghostwriters Music (Ghostwriters Music)
GHR (SoundExchange)
GI Recordings (PPL)
Gia Ciambotti (SoundExchange)
Gia Publications (SoundExchange)
Gia Publications, inc (SoundExchange)
Giana Nguyen (SoundExchange)
Giancarlo Espinoza (SoundExchange)
Giancarlo Vulcano (SoundExchange)
Giant (Old) (Matt Finish – Short Note only)
(Sony Music Ent)
Giant Bear Music (PPL)
Giant Claw (Shock Entertainment)
Giant Electric Pea (SoundExchange)
Giant Pussy Records Ltd (PPL)
Giant Records (UK)(PPL)
Giant Studios (PPL)
Giants of Jazz (PPL)
Gibtown Records (SoundExchange)
Gico Music (SoundExchange)
Gidgee (Gidgee Records)
Gift (PPL)
Gift Music Ltd (PPL)
Gift of Music (PPL)
Gift Of The Gab Records (PPL)
Gifted (Hip-Hop) (SoundExchange)
Gifted (Rap/R&B) (SoundExchange)
Gifted Muzik (SoundExchange)
Gigante Records (SoundExchange)
- 73 -
Gigi Dover (SoundExchange)
Giglaeoplexis (SoundExchange)
Gigolo Records (SoundExchange)
Gigpiglet Recordings (Gigpiglet Productions
Pty Ltd)
Gig’s Up North (SoundExchange)
Gil Jones (SoundExchange)
Gilad Barkan (SoundExchange)
Gilbert Djiman (SoundExchange)
Gilead Limor (PPL)
Gilead Limor-Music, Arts & Media (PPL)
Giles Williams Music (PPL)
Gillen & Turk (SoundExchange)
Gillian (PPL)
Gillian Grasse (SoundExchange)
Gillian Knebel (PPL)
Gillihams Ltd (PPL)
Gimell Records (PPL)
Ginger Millermon (SoundExchange)
Ginger Piegon Records (PPL)
Ginn Music Group (SoundExchange)
Giovanna Joyce Imbesi (SoundExchange)
Gira Sound (SoundExchange)
Gira Sound and Audio (SoundExchange)
Gira Sounds (SoundExchange)
Giraffa (SoundExchange)
Girl Funk (SoundExchange)
Girl Funk Music (SoundExchange)
Girl In Rome (SoundExchange)
Girl Records (PPL)
Girle Publishing (Girle Publishing)
Girls On Top (PPL)
Gisele Scales (Scales, Gisele)
Giselle (Giselle)
Gitabal Promotions (Song Cycles)
Gitanes (SoundExchange)
Giuseppe Joe Records (SoundExchange)
Give (SoundExchange)
Giwom (SoundExchange)
Gizeh Records (PPL)
Glacial Pace (SoundExchange)
Glacial Pace Recordings / Marcellus Hall
Glacial Pace Recordings / Mimicking Birds
Glacial Pace Recordings / Morning
Teleportation (SoundExchange)
Glacial Pace Recordings / Talkdemonic
Glad Records (PPL)
Glamara Records (SoundExchange)
Glasfield Records (PPL)
Glasgow Records (PPL)
Glasgow Underground (PPL)
Glass Gramophone Company Ltd (PPL)
Glass And A Half Full Records (PPL)
Glass Air Records (SoundExchange)
Glass Owl Records (SoundExchange)
Glass The Sky (SoundExchange)
Glasshouse Productions (PPL)
Glassnote (Universal)
Glassnote Recordings (Liberation Music)
Glaze Records Ltd (PPL)
Glazed Yams, inc (SoundExchange)
Glee Records (PPL)
Glen Helgeson (SoundExchange)
Glen Keys (SoundExchange)
Glen Records (PPL)
Glen Strickey (SoundExchange)
Glenample (Glenample Music Publishers)
Glenda Huff (SoundExchange)
Glenda M. Jackson (SoundExchange)
Glendale (PPL)
Glenfinn Records (PPL)
Glenn Branca (SoundExchange)
Glenn Hutchinson Jr (SoundExchange)
Glenn W. Jones (SoundExchange)
Glimster Records (PPL)
Glimpse (SoundExchange)
Glissando Records (PPL)
Glitter (SoundExchange)
Global (SoundExchange)
Global Boost Music (Global Boost)
Global Disc Records (SoundExchange)
Global Evangalism, inc (SoundExchange)
Global Gospel Music (SoundExchange)
Global Groove Music (Blue Pie Productions)
Global Internationa Records (PPL)
Global mpact Records (SoundExchange)
Global Media Exchange Ltd (Leona
Lewis)(Shock Entertainment)
Global Mix (PPL)
Global Mongrel LLP (PPL)
Global Music Development (PPL)
Global Music Development Ltd (PPL)
Global Music Entertainment (Blue Pie
Global Recordings (Global)
Global records (Germany) (Global Records
GmbH & Co. KG)
Global Records & Tapes (PPL)
Global Sophisticate Records
Global Talent Records (PPL)
Global Terror (PPL)
Global Underground (PPL)
Global Warming (PPL)
Global Wide (SoundExchange)
Globalev World of Music (Blue Pie
Globe (SoundExchange)
Globe UK (SoundExchange)
Globestyle (PPL)
Global Soundsystem (Xelon Entertainment)
Globo (SoundExchange)
Globo Records (SoundExchange)
Globus Music And Media Ltd (PPL)
Globus Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Glo-Dot Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Gloria (EMI)
Gloria Smith (SoundExchange)
Gloriae Dei Cantores (SoundExchange)
Glorie (SoundExchange)
Glorify Music, inc. (SoundExchange)
Glorious Music (PPL)
Glory Bound (SoundExchange)
Glory Box Records (SoundExchange)
Glossa (Spain)(Fuse)
Glovebox (Lock, Grainger Keith)
Gloveprints Recordings (SoundExchange)
Glow (PPL)
GLP Music (SoundExchange)
GMB Music Group (SoundExchange)
GMV Nashville (SoundExchange)
GMV Records (SoundExchange)
Glutton For Publishment (SoundExchange)
Glyndebourne Festival Opera (EMI)
G-Man (PPL)
G-Man Entertainment Music Group
GM Entertainment (SoundExchange)
GME Records (GM Entertainment)
GMG Entertainment (SoundExchange)
GMM (SoundExchange)
GMO (SoundExchange)
GMS (SoundExchange)
G-Music (SoundExchange)
Gnarly Dog Music (SoundExchange)
Gnat (PPL)
Gnatfish (PPL)
Gnawledge Records (SoundExchange)
G-Netic Structure Records (PPL)
Gneous Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
G.N.H Ent (SoundExchange)
Gnidrocer Studio (SoundExchange)
Gnomonsong (SoundExchange)
GNP Crescendo Records (PPL)
Go Ahead Music (PPL)
Go Aloha (SoundExchange)
Go Aloha Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Go Beat (Universal)
Go Boy (SoundExchange)
Go Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Go Fast Records (SoundExchange)
Go Fish inc. (SoundExchange)
Go Fish Kids Records (SoundExchange)
Go Get It Records (SoundExchange)
Go Hard (PPL)
Go-Kart Records (SoundExchange)
Go Musique (SoundExchange)
Go Tell It Ministry Worldwide
Goa Trance (PPL)
Goalmouth (PPL)
Goat Bag Records & Music (PPL)
Goat Entertainment (Blue Pie Productions)
- 74 -
Goat Sounds (Blood Duster, Captain
Cleanoff)(Shock Entertainment)
Gobsmacked Music (Gobsmacked)
Gobsmacked Television (Gobsmacked)
God & I Mp3’s (SoundExchange)
God Damn Records (PPL)
God-Des / She (SoundExchange)
God Glorified Music (SoundExchange)
God Made Hip Hop (SoundExchange)
God Of Wonders (EMI)
God Sent Records (PPL)
God’s Choice Music & Arts Enterprises
God’s Island N-Tertainment
God’s Strength (SoundExchange)
Godchaserz Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Godfodder Records (SoundExchange)
Godigital (SoundExchange)
Godlike & Electric (SoundExchange)
Godlike & Electric Records (PPL)
Gods Child Records (SoundExchange)
Gods Music (SoundExchange)
Godson Records (SoundExchange)
Godsplay (Floyd Vincent and the
Godz Messenger (SoundExchange)
Goforward Records (SoundExchange)
Goga Records (PPL)
Gogetit Records (SoundExchange)
Goin Home Music (SoundExchange)
Gold (PPL)
Gold ‘N’ Delicious (PPL)
Gold Award (PPL)
Gold Circle Records (SoundExchange)
Gold Classics (EMI)
Gold Commercial Exclusive (EMI)
Gold Dust Media (!K7 Records)
Gold Heart Music (SoundExchange)
Gold Koast (SoundExchange)
Gold Label (EMI)
Gold Label Records (Hong Kong) (EMI)
Gold Label Records Ltd (PPL)
Gold Leaf Electroscope (PPL)
Gold Mansion Records (PPL)
Gold Mind (Warner)
Gold Moon (SoundExchange)
Gold Robot Records (SoundExchange)
Gold Records (PPL)
Gold Records (Rock) (SoundExchange)
Gold Rock Music (PPL)
Gold Seal Recordings (PPL)
Gold Sky Records (SoundExchange)
Gold Sound Italy (SoundExchange)
Gold Standard Labs (SoundExchange)
Gold Swine (PPL)
Gold Tapes (SoundExchange)
Gold Top (PPL)
Goldband (PPL)
Golden Angel Music (SoundExchange)
Golden Archives (SoundExchange)
Golden Beam Productions (SoundExchange)
Golden Beams (USA)(Fuse)
Golden Beams Productions (PPL)
Golden Beams Productions
Golden Crest (SoundExchange)
Golden Dance Class (SoundExchange)
Golden Editions (V & H Holdings)
Golden Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Golden Era (Aust Indi) (Excluding Hilltop
Hoods) (Hilltop Hoods Pty Ltd)
Golden Era (Hilltop Hoods Only)
Golden Era Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Golden Era Productions (PPL)
Golden Horn Productions (SoundExchange)
Golden Horn Records (SoundExchange)
Golden Hum (Specific Recordings
Golden Media LLC (SoundExchange)
Golden Melodram (SoundExchange)
Golden Music (SoundExchange)
Golden Music Records (SoundExchange)
Golden Olden (PPL)
Golden Rock Production (SoundExchange)
Golden Star (PPL)
Golden Stars Holland (SoundExchange)
Golden Street Records (SoundExchange)
Golden Thread Records (SoundExchange)
Golden Tracks (SoundExchange)
Golden Vine Productions (SoundExchange)
Golden Voice (SoundExchange)
Golden World Music (PPL)
Goldenboy (SoundExchange)
Goldene Trichter, Der (Selected
Goldenvine (SoundExchange)
Goldheart (SoundExchange)
Goldmine Soul Supply (SoundExchange)
Goldmind Records Limited (PPL)
Goldrocker (PPL)
Goldstrand Hits (EMI)
Goldstreet Gospel Records
Goldust Records (PPL)
Goldwax (SoundExchange)
Golf (PPL)
Goliath Down (SoundExchange)
Golly Gee (SoundExchange)
Golosio (SoundExchange)
Golosio Pub (SoundExchange)
Gomma (SoundExchange)
Gomma (Gomma/Helmschrott-Imbery GbR)
Gondwana Records (PPL)
Gong Communications (SoundExchange)
Gonzalo Ariel Veneziani (SoundExchange)
Good and Dirty (SoundExchange)
Good As Gold Records (SoundExchange)
Good Batch Works (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Good Behaviour (PPL)
Good Charamel (SoundExchange)
Good Charamel Records (SoundExchange)
Good Clean Fun (SoundExchange)
Good Cop Bad Cop Music (PPL)
Good Do Records (PPL)
Good Fences (SoundExchange
Good Fight Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Good Fight Music (SoundExchange)
Good Hood (SoundExchange)
Good Life Productions (SoundExchange)
Good Look Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Good Man Down (SoundExchange)
Good Moo’s (SoundExchange)
Good News (PPL)
Good Nuff Production (SoundExchange)
Good Pet Bad Pet Records (PPL)
Good Pirate bad Pirate (Murphy Media
Good Records (EMI)
Good Records US (PPL)
Good Spirit Records (SoundExchange)
Good Streamline (SoundExchange)
Good Summer Productions inc.
Good Times Bad Times (SoundExchange)
Good Vibe Recordings (SoundExchange)
Good Vibes Records and Music (PPL)
Goodbye 99 (SoundExchange)
Goodbye Cruel World Music
Goodbye Fate (SoundExchange)
Goodfeller Records (SoundExchange)
Goodies (Blue Pie Productions)
Goodies (PPL)
Goodluck / Badluck (SoundExchange)
Goodman + Hart (Heartbreak Club)
Goodmedia Ltd (PPL)
Goodnight Sunrise (SoundExchange)
Goodstuff Records (PPL)
Goodtime Jazz (PPL)
Goodtimes Goodtimes (PPL)
Goomba Music (SoundExchange)
Goomba Music, inc (SoundExchange)
Goomba (Rap) (SoundExchange)
Goonie Squad Entertainment
Goonlyfe Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Gooseflesh (SoundExchange)
Goot Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Gopher Productions (SoundExchange)
Gordon AU (SoundExchange)
Gordon Bahary (SoundExchange)
Gordon Bennett Records (PPL)
Gordon Burton (PPL)
Gordon Hempton (SoundExchange)
Gordon Musique (SoundExchange)
Gordon Ward Fahey (SoundExchange)
Gorgeous Brown (EMI)
Gorgeous Music (PPL)
- 75 -
Gorgon (PPL)
Gorilla Music (Rachelle Productions)
GorillaTactics Music (GorillaTactics Music)
Gospel Boys (SoundExchange)
Gospel Centric (SoundExchange)
Gospel Jubilee (PPL)
Gospel Truth Music (SoundExchange)
Gospel Warehouse Records
Gospel Warehouse Records, inc
Gospeltown Records (SoundExchange)
Gospo-centric (PPL)
Gossip Grows on Trees (SoundExchange)
Gossling (SoundExchange)
Got A Minute (SoundExchange)
Got Got Need Records (PPL)
Got Hits (EMI)
Got It Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Got It Records (SoundExchange)
Got Vill Publishing (SoundExchange)
Gotbeats Production Team, LLC
Gotchu Productions, Inc (SoundExchange)
Gotee (PPL)
Gotee (SoundExchange)
Gotee Records (EMI)
Gotee Records (SoundExchange)
Gotee Records (GTR) (EMI)
Gotee / EMI (SoundExchange)
Gotham (Sony Music Ent.)
Gotham Records (PPL)
Gothic Slam (PPL)
Gott Discs (SoundExchange)
Gourmandizer (SoundExchange)
Governess (SoundExchange)
Goyo (Electronic) (SoundExchange)
Gozando Music (SoundExchange)
Gozlem Kitap (SoundExchange)
GP Productions (PPL)
GPS Recordings (PPL)
GR! Records (PPL)
GR8-1 Music (PPL)
GR8Pop Ltd (PPL)
GRA MOR Phonic Records (PPL)
Grab a Copy Records (PPL)
Grab It! (PPL)
Grace Askew (SoundExchange)
Grace Note Publications Ltd (PPL)
Grace Notes Music (SoundExchange)
Grace Music Management (SoundExchange)
Grace Woods (SoundExchange)
Gracemusic (Gracemusic P/L)
Graceon Smith Jr. (SoundExchange)
Gracetone Entertainment LLC
Gracia Christophe (SoundExchange)
Gracia Records Limited (PPL)
Gracie Productions (EMI)
Gracie Woods (SoundExchange)
Gracious (EMI)
Grady Crumpler (SoundExchange)
Graeme Culham Records (PPL)
Graeme Leslie (PPL)
Graffiti (SoundExchange)
Graffiti Recordings (Liberation)
Grafico (Qld)(Hot)
Grafiti Recordings (PPL)
Grafton (SoundExchange)
Grafton Records (Specific Recordings) (Blue
Pie Productions)
Graham Chittenden (SoundExchange)
Graham Haynes (SoundExchange)
Graham Ord (SoundExchange)
Graham Wilkinson (SoundExchange)
Graig Markel (SoundExchange)
Grail Recordings (PPL)
Grain Belt Records (SoundExchange)
Gramavision (PPL)
GramCo (India)(EMI)
Gramma Records (EMI)
Grammaropolis, LLC (SoundExchange)
Grammofono 2000 ITA (SoundExchange)
Gramola (PPL)
Gramophone Records (PPL)
Gran Depot (SoundExchange)
Grand Atlantic Industries (Grand Atlantic
Grand Casino Records (PPL)
Grand Central Records (PPL)
Grand Hustle (Warner)
Grand Ole Opry (SoundExchange)
Grand Records (PPL)
Grand Recordings/Virgin (EMI)
Grand Royal (EMI)
Grand Slamm Records (SoundExchange)
Grand Theft Autumn (SoundExchange)
Grandeur (PPL)
Grandmaster Series (EMI)
Grandmother Alice Music (SoundExchange)
Grandpa Stan (PPL)
Grandpa Stan Music (PPL)
Grandpa Stan Records (PPL)
Grandstand (PPL)
Grandview Records (Grandview Records)
Granger Smith (SoundExchange)
Granite Music (PPL)
Granite Productions (SoundExchange)
Granite Records (SoundExchange)
Granny Smiths Records Ltd (PPL)
Grant (SoundExchange)
Grant and Shauni Williams
Grant Arnow (SoundExchange)
Grant Boroughs (SoundExchange)
Grant Lyon (SoundExchange)
Grant Matthew Bulmer (Bulmer, Grant
Granted Earth (SoundExchange)
Grapefruit Records (PL)
March 2014
Grapevine (PPL)
Graphite Records Ltd (PPL)
Grappa Musikkforlag AS (SoundExchange)
Grasmere Records (PPL)
Grass (PPL)
Grass Roots (PPL)
Grass Tank (SoundExchange)
Grass Tank Music (SoundExchange)
Grassroots Records (PPL)
Gravadora Eldorado (SoundExchange)
Gravel Road Records Ltd (PPL)
Graveyard Shift Entertainment
Gravitas Recordings (PPL)
Gravitation (SoundExchange)
Graveyard Shift Entertainment
Gravitation (SoundExchange)
Gravity (SoundExchange)
Gravity Records (SoundExchange)
Gravity DIP (PPL)
Gravity Stars JV (Blue Pie Productions)
Gravy Beats (PPL)
Gray Dot (SoundExchange)
Gray Fox (SoundExchange)
Gray Records (Little Black Book)
Grayceon (SoundExchange)
Graylen Smith Jr. (SoundExchange)
Grayrose Records (SoundExchange)
Grayshot (SoundExchange)
Grayson Cain (SoundExchange)
Grayson Hugh (SoundExchange)
Grayson Kessenich (SoundExchange)
Grayson Music (Grayson Music)
GRB Productions Ltd (GRB Productions
GRB Productions, Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Grease (SoundExchange)
Greasy Geezers (PPL)
Greasy Spoon Records (SoundExchange)
Great American Country Records
Great American Music (SoundExchange)
Great Bands (PPL)
Great Blues Recordings (SoundExchange)
Great British Songwriting Co (PPL)
Great British Techno (PPL)
Great Cajun Records (SoundExchange)
Great Country Recordings (SoundExchange)
Great Day Christian Services
Great Flite Recordings (SoundExchange)
Great Hare Records (PPL)
Great Meadow Music (SoundExchange)
Great North (SoundExchange)
Great Sax Productions (SoundExchange)
Great Songs Of Praise (PPL)
Great Southern (PPL)
Great Speckled Dog Records
- 76 -
Great Stuff GmbH (Ministry of Sound)
Great Unknown, LLC (SoundExchange)
Great Voices Of The Century (PPL)
Great White (SoundExchange)
Greater London Records (PPL)
Greco-Roman (SoundExchange)
Grecoroman Records (PPL)
Greedy Beat (PPL)
Greedy Beat Records (PPL)
Greek Palace (PPL)
Green And Gold Music (SoundExchange)
Green China (PPL)
Green Cookie Records (PPL)
Green Dolphin (SoundExchange)
Green Dragon Media Ltd (PPL)
Green Electronic (SoundExchange)
Green Fringe (PPL)
Green Garden Ltd (PPL)
Green Goose Records (SoundExchange)
Green Harvest Music (SoundExchange)
Green Hill Productions (EMI)
Green Label Sound (SoundExchange)
Green Light (PPL)
Green Light Productions (SoundExchange)
Green Linnet UK (PPL)
Greater London Records (PPL)
Green Man Records (PPL)
Green Martian (SoundExchange)
Green Mist (SoundExchange)
Green Mist Records (SoundExchange)
Green Pepper Junction (PPL)
Green River Ordinance (SoundExchange)
Green Room Records (SoundExchange)
Green Streets Ent (SoundExchange)
Green Submarine Records (SoundExchange)
Green Tea (Pop/Rock) (SoundExchange)
Green United Music (SoundExchange)
Green United Music (PPL)
Green Vigo (PPL)
Greendog Records (PPL)
Greenelight (SoundExchange)
Greengarden Records (PPL)
Greengold Music (PPL)
Greengrass Records (SoundExchange)
Greenhays (PPL)
Greenhill (PPL)
Greenjeans (SoundExchange)
Greenland-Sopref (SoundExchange)
Greenlink (SoundExchange)
Greenmoney Recordings (PPL)
Greensleeves (PPL)
Greenspec Properties, LLC
Greentrax Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Green-Trax Records (PPL)
Greg Abate (SoundEx
Greg Austin Music (SoundExchange)
Greg Barnhil (SoundExchange)
Greg Broussard (SoundExchange)
Greg Camp (SoundExchange)
Greg Chambers (SoundExchange)
Greg Champion Group Pty Ltd (Shock
Greg Coulson (Coulson, Greg)
Greg Day (SoundExchange)
Greg Downs (SoundExchange)
Greg Emry (SoundExchange)
Greg Greenway (SoundExchange)
Greg Hansen (SoundExchange)
Greg Horne (SoundExchange)
Greg Lambert (SoundExchange)
Greg Manning Music (SoundExchange)
Greg Nesbit (SoundExchange)
Greg Nicholson (SoundExchange)
Greg S. McGowan (SoundExchange)
Greg Slawson (SoundExchange)
Greg Spin (SoundExchange)
Greg Stainer (SoundExchange)
Greg Susoreny (SoundExchange)
Greg Tyler (SoundExchange)
Greg Walsh (Walsh, Greg)
Gregest (SoundExchange)
Gregg Sarfaty (SoundExchange)
Gregg Starr (SoundExchange)
Gregg Sutton (SoundExchange)
Gregg Yows (SoundExchange)
Greggory Covington (SoundExchange)
Gregorian BC Records (SoundExchange)
Gregorio Uribe (SoundExchange)
Gregory Alan Isakov (SoundExchange)
Gregory Anderson (SoundExchange)
Gregory Anderson (Piano) (SoundExchange)
Gregory Bruno Coon (SoundExchange)
Gregory Bullock (SoundExchange)
Gregory Douglass (SoundExchange)
Gregory Frank Reed (SoundExchange)
Gregory Hall (PPL)
Gregory Hollow Tree (SoundExchange)
Gregory Jolly (SoundExchange)
Gregory L. Robillard (SoundExchange)
Gregory P. Brown (SoundExchange)
Gregory P. Jones (SoundExchange)
Gregory Rockingham (SoundExchange)
Gregory W. Schmidt (SoundExchange)
Gregota Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Gregota Records (SoundExchange)
Gregson and Collister Recording (PPL)
Gregsongs (PPL)
Gremek Records (PPL)
Grenouille Records (PPL)
Greta Gertler (SoundExchange)
Grey Bull (Grey Bull)
Grey Flight (SoundExchange)
Grey Line Records (SoundExchange)
Greyday Productions (SoundExchange)
Greyhound Records (SoundExchange)
Greyline Muzic (SoundExchange)
Grid (PPL)
Griddle (SoundExchange)
Gridiron Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Griffin & Co (SoundExchange)
Griffith Hamlin (SoundExchange)
Grigri Disks (SoundExchange)
Grimble (SoundExchange)
Grimed Out Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Grimes A. Music (SoundExchange)
Grimme Music DJ’s (SoundExchange)
Grind Squad Entertainment, LLC
Grind Squad Music Group, LLC
Grind That Axe (PPL)
Grindin (Grindin Pty Ltd)
Gringo (PPL)
Grindstone (PPL)
Gris Gris Productions (SoundExchange)
Grit Records (SoundExchange)
Grizmusic (SoundExchange)
Grizzly (PPL)
Grizzyg (SoundExchange)
Groenland (PPL)
Groggy Pack Entertainment, LLC
Gronland Records (LTD)(PPL)
Groove Attack (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Groove Blue Records (SoundExchange)
Groove Control Entertainment
Groove Factory (SoundExchange)
Groove Gator Productions (SoundExchange)
Groove Groove Melody (PPL)
Groove Hut (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Groove Merchant Records (Unidisc)
Groove Note Records (SoundExchange)
Groove Records (PPL)
Groove Sanctuary Recordings (PPL)
Groove Stain Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Groove Unlimited (SoundExchange)
Groove4days Records (PPL)
Groovejam Recordings (PPL)
Groovejazz Media (SoundExchange)
Groovepill Records (Groovepill Records)
Groovepleasure (PPL)
Groovepressure (PPL)
Groovepressure Jazz Collection (PPL)
Grooveyard Records (SoundExchange)
Groovin Records (PPL)
Gross National Disco (PPL)
Gross National Product (PPL)
Grosvenor Records (PPL)
Grotesque (SoundExchange)
Ground Control (SoundExchange)
Ground Floor (PPL)
Ground Level (PPL)
Ground Swell (SoundExchange)
Groundation Music (SoundExchange)
Groundloop Records (SoundExchange)
Groundscore (SoundExchange)
Groundsel Records (Groundsel Records)
Groupe Archambault (Warner)
- 77 -
Groupe Bazz Inc (SoundExchange)
Groupe Business Therapy (SoundExchange)
Groupe Business Therapy / Klym Record
Groupthink Demise (SoundExchange)
Grown Man Naked Productions
Grown Men Entertainment
Grown Up Avenger Stuff (SoundExchange)
Grover Records (SoundExchange)
GRP (Universal)
GRT Records (PPL)
GrumpyFun Recordings (PPL)
Grunion Records (SoundExchange)
Grupo Gale (SoundExchange)
Grupo Montez De Durango
Grupo Pandora (EMI)
Gruuv (SoundExchange)
Gryphon (PPL)
Gryphon Graham (SoundExchange)
GStatusProductions LLC (SoundExchange)
GT Productions (SoundExchange)
GT2 (SoundExchange)
GTC Records (SoundExchange)
GTF Records (PPL)
GTG Dreams Media Group, LLC
GU (Music)(PPL)
Guachi Guay (EMI)
Guanin (SoundExchange)
Guara Records (PPL)
Guarapo Records (SoundExchange)
Guardian (EMI)
Guardian Angel (EMI)
Guardian Records (EMI)
Guardian Studios (EMI)
Guardian Studios (SoundExchange)
Guava Ding Thing (SoundExchange)
Guaya Bros inc. Respeto Pro.
Guayacan Orquesta Ltd (SoundExchange)
Gubitron (SoundExchange)
Gucci (SoundExchange)
Guerilla Music Ltd (PPL)
Guerrilla Tactics (PPL)
Guess Records (PPL)
Guesthouse Music (SoundExchange)
Guevara Records (PPL)
Guidance (PPL)
Guided Laser Records (PPL)
Guiding Star Music (PPL)
Guiding Star Records (PPL)
Guiyefrayo (PPL)
Guild Gmbh – Label: Guild Hist (PPL)
Guild Gmbh – Label: Guild Ligh (PPL)
Guild Music Limited (PPL)
Guild Records (PPL)
Guillame Sanje Mpacko (SoundExchange)
Guilllermo Angel Martinez Ipuch (PPL)
Guinlee Music (Guinlee Music)
Guitar Classics (PPL)
Guitar of the Millenium (EMI)
Guitar Shark Music (SoundExchange)
Guito Dorvil (SoundExchange)
Gull (UK)(PPL)
Gullimusic (SoundExchange)
Gullyraker Music (Hot)
Gum (SoundExchange)
Gum Factory (PPL)
Gumo (PPL)
Gumh Records (PPL)
Gumleaf Recordings (EMI)
Gun Fever (Emperors Music)
Gun Poke Records (PPL)
Gun Records (Toco)
Gun Records (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Gung-Ho! Recordings (PPL)
Gung-Ho! Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Gurpreet Music Bank (PPL)
Gussie P (PPL)
Gusto (PPL)
Gusto Recordings (PPL)
Gut (PPL)
Gut Active (PPL)
Gut Instinct (PPL)
Gut Records (PPL)
Gut Records (Specific Recordings
Gut Records Limited (PPL)
Gut String (SoundExchange)
Gut TV Limited (PPL)
Gut Vision (PPL)
Gutta (PPL)
Gutta Records (SoundExchange)
Guttaboi Records (PPL)
Gutter Lyfe Entertainment Group
Gutter Music (SoundExchange)
Guttermen Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Guttermen Music (SoundExchange)
Gutty Bling Productions (SoundExchange)
Guy Cloutier (SoundExchange)
Guy Dearden (PPL)
Guy Leba (SoundExchange)
Guy Zinger (SoundExchange)
Guyden (PPL)
GVE Records (SoundExchange)
GW Music (SoundExchange)
G-Wave (PPL)
Gwendolyn Gray (SoundExchange)
Gwendolyn M. Smith (SoundExchange)
Gwerz Pladenn (SoundExchange)
Gwithwin Records (PPL)
GWSFourWinds Records (SoundExchange)
Gwymon (PPL)
Gwynfren Cymunedol (PPL)
Gwynfryn (PPL)
Gwynfryn Cymuendol CYF (PPL)
March 2014
GX3 Media Ltd (PPL)
Gypsy (SoundExchange)
Gypsy Records (independent
Gyrl Scouts (SoundExchange)
Gyroscope Records (PPL)
H Bug (PPL)
H.A.R.D. (AAA Recordings)
H.A.R.D.A.S. (AAA Recordings)
H&G (SoundExchange)
H&R (SoundExchange)
H.H.O. (PPL)
H.O.S Music, inc (SoundExchange)
H.U.P. Entertainment (SoundExchange)
H20 (PPL)
H2E Records (SoundExchange)
H2F Comedy Production (SoundExchange)
H2IK Limited (PPL)
H360 (PPL)
H. Lynn Kitchens (SoundExchange)
H.N.1.7 (PPL)
Habakkuk (SoundExchange)
Habakkuk Music, inc. (SoundExchange)
Habana Productions (PPL)
Hackpen (PPL)
Hacktone Records (Last Town Chorus)
(Shock Entertainment)
Hacktrax (PPL)
Hades Records (PPL)
Haenssler Classics (Select)
Haenssler Verlag GMBH (SoundExchange)
Hag & Friends Music (SoundExchange)
Hahnemann (SoundExchange)
Haiku (SoundExchange)
Hailey Wokcik (SoundExchange)
Hainault Records (PPL)
Hair Rocket (SoundExchange)
Hairball8 Records (SoundExchange)
Hairoun Records (PPL)
Hairpin Records (PPL)
Haiti Goove (SoundExchange)
Hajimenteno Classic (EMI)
Hal (PPL)
Hal Ozsan inc. (SoundExchange)
Halcyon (PPL)
Halcyon Way LLC (SoundExchange)
Haley Mitchell (SoundExchange)
Haley Page (SoundExchange)
Half A Cow (Half A Cow)
Half A Cow (Universal)
Half Full Glass Records (PPL)
Half Machine Records (PPL)
Half Machine Records (SoundExchange)
Half Mile Records (SoundExchange)
Half Moon UK (SoundExchange)
Half Time Records (PPL)
Halflife Records (SoundExchange)
Halflink Productions (SoundExchange)
- 78 -
Halfnote Records (PPL)
Halftooth Records (SoundExchange)
Halfway Cove (SoundExchange)
Hall Recordings (PPL)
Hallel Music (SoundExchange)
Halley Devestern (SoundExchange)
Hallmark Records (SoundExchange)
Hallamshire Records (PPL)
Hallmark (UK)(PPL)
Halloween Society Records (PPL)
Hallucination (SoundExchange)
Hallway (SoundExchange)
Hallway Records (SoundExchange)
Halo Mobile (Blue Pie Productions)
Halo Productions UK (Specific Recordings)
(Blue Pie Productions)
Halovox (SoundExchange)
Ham-Bone Records (SoundExchange)
Hamazon Production (SoundExchange)
Hamfatter Ltd (PPL)
Hamilton Clarington (SoundExchange)
Hamilton G Productions (SoundExchange)
Hamilton Leo Gwaltney (SoundExchange)
Hamilton Loomis (SoundExchange)
Hamilton Records (EMI)
Hammered Silver Records (Hammered
Silver Records)
Hammertorch (SoundExchange)
Hammondbeat Records (SoundExchange)
Hamster Magic (PPL)
Hana Hou (SoundExchange)
Hana Malhas (SoundExchange)
Hana Ola---Rsi (SoundExchange)
Hanalei Music Group (SoundExchange)
Hancock Records (Sony Music Ent)
Hand Game Records (SoundExchange)
Hand Made Rave (PPL)
Hand of Hope (SoundExchange)
Hand On Heart Records (PPL)
Hand Plant Records (SoundExchange)
Hand to Mouth, Fourthcity
Handle With Care Productions inc.
Handlebar Records (PPL)
Handlife Productions (SoundExchange)
Handmaiden Music (SoundExchange)
Handpicked Records (SoundExchange)
Hands of Love Ministry (SoundExchange)
Hands on Music (PPL)
Handsome Devil Records (PPL)
Handwoven Music (SoundExchange)
Hanging Brains (SoundExchange)
Hanging Brains Music (SoundExchange)
Hangman Records Ltd (PPL)
Hangmans Daughter (PPL)
Hangspace (Warner)
Hank Shocklee (SoundExchange)
Hanover Music Corp (SoundExchange)
Hannah Ford (SoundExchange)
Hannah KB Band (SoundExchange)
Hannibal Records (PPL)
Hans York (SoundExchange)
Hansa Productions (SoundExchange)
Hansenet (Warner)
Hanssler (SoundExchange)
Hannsler Classic (SoundExchange)
Hannsler Classics (SoundExchange)
Hanssler-Verlag (SoundExchange)\
Hap (SoundExchange)
Hap-Pal (SoundExchange)
Happy Aliens (PPL)
Happy Dancer (PPL)
Happy Appy Records (SoundExchange)
Happy Hardcash Records (PPL)
Happy House (PPL)
Happy House Records (SoundExchange)
Happy Jack Productions (PPL)
Happy Kids (EMI)
Happy Music (SoundExchange)
Happy One Records/Flex Records (EMI)
Happy Parts Recordings (SoundExchange)
Happy Retro Girl (SoundExchange)
Happy Textmas (EMI)
Happy The Man Inc (SoundExchange)
Happy Time Records (Unidisc)
Happy Tunes (PPL)
Happyhead (Rieniets, Andrea)
Happyhead Music (SoundExchange)
Harbach Music (SoundExchange)
Harbonder Tactile Recordings
Harbor Grove (SoundExchange)
Harbor House Studios (SoundExchange)
Harbour Sound (PPL)
Harbourtown Records (PPL)
Hard Bark (SoundExchange)
Hard Beats (PPL)
Hard Boiled (SoundExchange)
Hard Graft Recordings (PPL)
Hard Hood Records (SoundExchange)
Hard II Kill Records (PPL)
Hard Kandy Digital (Xelon Entertainment)
Hard Money Gang (SoundExchange)
Hard On Recordings (PPL)
Hard Praise Production (SoundExchange)
Hard Rock Recordings (PPL)
Hard Times (PPL)
Hard Work (PPL)
Hard2beat Records (PPL)
Hardbeats (PPL)
Hardbeats Inc (PPL)
Hardbore (PPL)
HardeyAndWelch Music (SoundExchange)
HardKandy Records, inc. (SoundExchange)
Hardcore Beats (PPL)
Hardface (PPL)
Hardforze Files (AAA Recordings)
Hardhead Camp/GMGT (SoundExchange)
Hardleaders (PPL)
March 2014
Hardline Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hardline Rekordingz (PPL)
Hardnocks Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hardrush (Hardrush Music)
Hardsleeper Music Group (SoundExchange)
Hardtimez Promotions Ltd (PPL)
Hardwood Records (SoundExchange)\
HardxMusic, inc. (SoundExchange)
Hardy Music Ltd (PPL)
Harem Records (Unidisc)
Hark It (Hot)
Harkit Records (PPL)
Harle Records (Select)
Harlequin (PPL)
Harley Rayner & Jesse Cooper
Harley Toberman (SoundExchange)
Harley Walmsley (Walmsley, Raelene
Harley Mary)
Harmless (PPL)
Harmless (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Harmonia Mundi – Accords Croises (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Ad Vitam (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Aeon (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Ambronay (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Calliope (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Cobalt (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Daqui (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Diese (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Eloquentia (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Faire Bleu (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Fairplay (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Futur Acoustic (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Hat Hat (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Institut du Monde Arabe
Harmonia Mundi – Iris Music (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – K617 (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Label Bleu (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Le Chant de Monde
Harmonia Mundi – Ligia (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Long Distance (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Lorcom Multimedia
Harmonia Mundi – Mandala (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Marabi (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Marsyas (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Mirare (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – O + Music (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Praga Digitals (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Radio France (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Satirino (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Sound Of World (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Vox Lucida / Armide
Harmonia Mundi - YN Productions (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Ysaye Records (Select)
Harmonia Mundi – Zig Zag Territores
- 79 -
Harmonia Mundi (Select)
Harmonia Mundi –World Village (Select)
Harmonic Project (Conscious Creations)
Harmonious Grits, LLC (SoundExchange)
Harmonious Resonance (Harmonious
Harmonius Thump (PPL)
Harmonized Records (SoundExchange)
Harmony Depot Records (PPL)
Harmony James (James, Harmony)
Harmony James (The Western Wind)(Shock
Harmony Le Chant Des Reves (EMI)
Harmony Marketplace (SoundExchange)
Harmony of Praise (SoundExchange)
Harmony Soul Entertainment
(SoundExchange) (PPL)
Harp (PPL)
Harp Power (SoundExchange)
Harpopatamus Music (SoundExchange)
Harold Allen Music (SoundExchange)
Harrold (Bill) Wren III (SoundExchange)
Harold Durrett (SoundExchange)
Harold Mike Sizemore Music
Harold W. Robertson (SoundExchange)
Harold Washington (SoundExchange)
Harpeth Rising (SoundExchange)
Harry And The Potters (SoundExchange)
Harry Demby IV (SoundExchange)
Harry May Records (SoundExchange)
Harry S. Clare Jr. (SoundExchange)
Harthouse Records (PPL)
Hartman Music Group, LLC
Harvest (EMI)
Harvest Earth Records (SoundExchange)
Harvest EMI (EMI)
Harvest Records (EMI)
Harvey Recordings (PPL)
Hashbang Spacestar (Novosel, Jakov)
HasLegs (PPL)
Hassle Records (PPL)
Hassle Records (Shock Entertainment)
Hat (SoundExchange)
Hat Hat (PPL)
Hatrax (SoundExchange)
Hattie Wilcox (SoundExchange)
Haugesund Records (EMI)
Haunted Town Records (SoundExchange)
Hausmusik (SoundExchange)
Haute Couture (SoundExchange)
Haute Music (SoundExchange)
Havana Caliente (SoundExchange)
Havana Connection (PPL)
Havok (SoundExchange)
Hauser (PPL)
Havasong Music (PPL)
Havavision Entertainmnet (SoundExchange)
Havavision Records (PPL)
Haveplenty Music (PPL)
Have Love Records (PPL)
Have Mercy (SoundExchange)
Haven Records (PPL)
Hawaiian Music Institute (SoundExchange)
Hawaiian Soul Productions
Hawino Records (SoundExchange)
Hawk Attack (SoundExchange)
Hawk Records (PPL)
Hawkins (Universal)
Hawks Of Alba (Hawks Of Alba)
Hawks Of Alba (Aidan & Sarah Moyse)
Hayat Music Limited (PPL)
Hayden’s Ferry (SoundExchange)
Hayes Family (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange)
Hayla Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Hayley Jensen (Jensen, Hayley)
Hayley Oliver (PPL)
Hayshed Productions (Hayshed Productions
/ Hayshed Studios)
Haystack Records (PPL)
HAystak (SoundExchange)
Hazard Entertainment, inc (SoundExchange)
Hazardous Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Hazchem (PPL)
Hazelwood Music Production
Hazy Cosmic Jive (Hudson, Gareth)
Hazzazar Records (SoundExchange)
Hazzimusik Productions (SoundExchange)
HB Central Recordings (PPL)
HBD Label Group (SoundExchange)
HCB Muzik (SoundExchange)
HD Ent (SoundExchange)
HDAH (SoundExchange)
He Recordings (PPL)
He Who Never (SoundExchange)
Head & Arm (PPL)
Head Concussion Music (SoundExchange)
Head Concussion Record (SoundExchange)
Head N heart Independent Records (Head N
Heart Independent Records)
Hed Not Found (SoundExchange)
Head Office Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Head Office Records (Head Office Records)
Head On Records (SoundExchange)
Head Productions (SoundExchange)
Head Quarter (PPL)
Head Records (Aust Indi) (Head Records)
Head Records (UK)(PPL)
Headcase Digital (SoundExchange)
Headcoach Records (SoundExchange)
Headcount Records (PPL)
Heading Home Music (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Headnokka Media Group (SoundExchange)
Headphone Records (PPL)
Headphone Treats (SoundExchange)
Headquarters (PPL)
Headrock Music (PPL)
Headroom Records Ltd (PPL)
Heads Togerther Recordings (PPL)
Heads Up (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Headscope (PPL)
Headstart (PPL)
Healing Sound(SoundExchange)
Healthy Records (PPL)
Hear Me Roar Records (PPL)
Hear You Me (PPL)
Hearbox (SoundExchange)
Heart Of A Champion (SoundExchange)
Heart of Cygnus (SoundExchange)
Heart Pine Music (SoundExchange)
Heart Squeeze Records (SoundExchange)
Heart Times Coffee Cup Studios
Heart to Art Music (SoundExchange)
Heartbeat (UK)(PPL)
Heartbeats (PPL)
Heartcut Records Ltd (PPL)
Heartfelt Songs Music Group
Hearthfire (PPL)
Heartland (Australian Broadcasting
Heartnoise Music (SoundExchange)
Heartsong (SoundExchange)
Heartsong Music (SoundExchange)
Heartsung Records (SoundExchange)
Heartwood (SoundExchange)
Heartwrite Music (SoundExchange)
Heat (PPL)
Heat ‘Em Up Recods & Ent.
Heatstroke Records (SoundExchange)
Heather A. Janes (SoundExchange)
Heather Bennet (SoundExchange)
Heather Cohen (SoundExchange)
Heather Donavon (SoundExchange)
Heather Flores (SoundExchange)
Heather Frahn (Conscious Creations)
Heather Frahn and The Moonlight Tide
(Conscious Creations)
Heather James (SoundExchange)
Heather Maloney (SoundExchange)
Heather Styka (SoundExchange)
Heather Vassar (SoundExchange)
Heaven (PPL)
Heaven Music (SoundExchange)
Heaven’s Door Records (PPL)
Heaven Sent Records (PPL)
Heavenbound (SoundExchange)
Heavenly (Universal)
Heavenly (EMI)
Heavenly Recordings (EMI)
- 80 -
Heavenly Records (EMI)
Heavenly Reign (SoundExchange)
Heavenly Souljahz (SoundExchange)
Heavenly Warrior Publications
Heavens Highway (SoundExchange)
Heavensound Unlimited (SoundExchange)
Heavy (PPL)
Heavy Artillery (SoundExchange)
Heavy Beat (PPL)
Heavy Lead Music (SoundExchange)
Heavy Melon Records (PPL)
Heavy Metal (PPL)
Heavy Metal America (PPL)
Heavy Metal International (PPL)
Heavy Metal Records Canada (PPL)
Heavy Metal Records Japan (PPL)
Heavy Metal USA (PPL)
Heavy Metal Worldwide (PPL)
Heavy On the Grind Entertainment
Heavy Product (PPL)
Heavy reel (Musiqware Ltd)
Heavy Side Layer Records
Heavy Truth (PPL)
Heavyweight Music Publishing
Heavywood (SoundExchange)
Heavy-Handed Recordings (PPL)
Heckabad Music (SoundExchange)
Hector Acosta Music (SoundExchange)
Hector Acosta Records (SoundExchange)
Hector Davila (SoundExchange)
Hector De Jesus (SoundExchange)
Hector Ramos (SoundExchange)
Hecor Rivera Jr. (SoundExchange)
Hedras Ramos (SoundExchange)
Hedrock Records (PPL)
Hed Kandi (PPL)
Heeba Libra Music (SoundExchange)
Heider Broisler Falcao (SoundExchange)
Heidi Jane (SoundExchange)
Heidi Montag (SoundExchange)
Heidi Swan (SoundExchange)
Heifer (Heifer)
Heights Music (PPL)
Heights Of Abraham (PPL)
Heinz (Specific Recordings Only)(Inertia)
Heirs (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Heist Or Hit Records (SoundExchange)
Helen Croome (Croome, Helen)
Helen Lawson (PPL)
Helen Llwelyn Product Nineteen (PPL)
Helen Rivero (Rivero, Helen)
Helen Sung Music (SoundExchange)
Helena Disques Records (SoundExchange)
Helicon (EMI)
Helio De Andrade (SoundExchange)
Hello Echo (SoundExchange)
Helios Recordings (PPL)
Helipad Records (PPL)
Helium Records Ltd (PPL)
Helix Music (PPL)
Hell City Glamours (Hell City Glamours)
Hell Yeah (SoundExchange)
Hellabrazy Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hellfyre Club Records (SoundExchange)
Hello (SoundExchange)
Hello Cleveland (EMI)
Hello Cleveland (One Louder Recordings)
Hello Echo (SoundExchange)
Hello Lazarus (PPL)
Hello Sir Records (SoundExchange)
Hellsquad Recods Ltd (PPL)
Hellz Yeah (SoundExchange)
Helmer Music Group (SoundExchange)
Helmet Room Recordings (SoundExchange)
Help Yourself (La Tebwa)
Helter Skelter (Sony Music Ent.)
Hem And Haw Productions
Hematic (Jay Cusack-Crane, Jason Follone,
Mark Burford, Adam Slattery & Robert
Hematovore (SoundExchange)
Hemba Records (PPL)
Hemisphere (EMI)
Hemisphono (SoundExchange)
Hemisphono Records (SoundExchange)
Hemlock (SoundExchange)
Hemu Productions (PPL)
Hen House (SoundExchange)
Hen House Records (SoundExchange)
Hen House Studios (SoundExchange)
Hench (SoundExchange)
Hench Recordings (PPL)
Hengest Records (PPL)
Henri Nobles (SoundExchange)
Henricka Richards (SoundExchange)
Henry Cole (SoundExchange)
Henry Eagleson (SoundExchange)
Henry Hay (SoundExchange)
Henry Kaleialoha Allen (SoundExchange)
Henry Perez (SoundExchange)
Henry Street (PPL)
Henry Veloso (SoundExchange)
Henry Waller (SoundExchange)
Henry’s Finest (SoundExchange)
Hep (PPL)
Hepcat Records (PPL)
Hepfidelity (Aymsilver)
Heptagon Records (SoundExchange)
Her Records (SoundExchange)
Herald (PPL)
Herald Envoy Series (PPL)
Herald Libra Series (PPL)
March 2014
Heraldic Jester Records (PPL)
Heraldic Publishing (PPL)
Heraldic Vintage Discs (PPL)
Herb Recordings (PPL)
Herbert Richard Phillips (SoundExchange)
Herbss House Entertainment
Here To Him Music (SoundExchange)
Here/EMI (EMI)
Heritage (PPL)
Heritage Gospel (PPL)
Heritage Media (PPL)
Heritage Road (SoundExchange)
Herman Records (SoundExchange)
Hermes (PPL)
Hermes Records (PPL)
Hermitage Music (PPL)
Henderson Thigpen (SoundExchange)
Henning Olsen (SoundExchange)
Henning Olsen Music (SoundExchange)
Henning Olsen Soundproduction
Herodes (EMI)
Heroes (EMI)
Heroes For Hire (Shock Entertainment)
Heroic – In Between The Cracks (PPL)
Heroic – In Full Flight – 0002 (PPL)
Heroic – Tear It Up – 0001 (PPL)
Heroic Records (PPL)
Herrick (SoundExchange)
Herring Moon Records (PPL)
Herzog (SoundExchange)
Hession Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hessle Audio (PPL)
Hewitt Jones Music (PPL)
Hey Baby! Records (SoundExchange)
Hey Domingo! (SoundExchange)
Hey Hombre Records (PPL)
Hey Ruth (SoundExchange)
Hey Stuart! (SoundExchange)
Hey! Listen to This! Music!
Heydavemusic (SoundExchange)
Heyday Records (SoundExchange)
Heynicevest (SoundExchange)
Heypenny (SoundExchange)
Heyou! Records (SoundExchange)
Hezeleo (SoundExchange)
HF Music Group (SoundExchange)
HH Music Group (SoundExchange)
HHM Records
HHMCD (SoundExchange)
HHS Music Ltd (PPL)
HHVF (SoundExchange)
Hi (PPL)
Hi Def Video (SoundExchange)
Hi Desert Records (SoundExchange)
Hi Fi (PPL)
Hi Fidelity (EMI)
Hi-Fi-Doley-T (SoundExchange)
- 81 -
Hi Grade Music (PPL)
Hi-Kool (SoundExchange)
Hi Power Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hi Quest Ventures Ltd (PPL)
Hi Records (PPL)
Hi Rise (EMI)
Hi Risk Ent (SoundExchange)
Hi Spot (PPL)
Hi-N-Dry (SoundExchange)
Hi-Octane (SoundExchange)
Hi-Pen (SoundExchange)
Hi- Sound Records (SoundExchange)
Hi-Tech Records (Australian Digital Music
Group Pty Ltd)
Hibiscus (SoundExchange)
Hicone Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hidden Agenda (PPL)
Hidden Amongst Us (SoundExchange)
Hidden Art (PPL)
Hidden Beach (Specific Releases)(Inertia)
Hidden Beach Recording LLC (PPL)
Hidden Hand (PPL)
Hidden Peak Records (SoundExchange)
Hidden Pony Records (SoundExchange)
Hidden Stars Records (PPL)
Hidden Youth Records UK (PPL)
Hide Inside Records Limited (PPL)
Hideaway (SoundExchange)
Hideaway Music (SoundExchange)
Hideaway Studios (SoundExchange)
HiFidelity (EMI)
Hi-Flyte Music Ltd (PPL)
Higgibear Publishing (SoundExchange)
High 4 Records (SoundExchange)
High Action Music (PPL)
High Barn (PPL)
High Barn (SoundExchange)
High Breck Associates (PPL)
High Castle (SoundExchange)
Highj Class And Homeless
High Coin (SoundExchange)
High Council Records (SoundExchange)
High Desert Music (PPL)
High Dreagon Records (PPL)
High Energy Entertainment
High Fashion Music B.V. (High Fashion
Music B.V.)
High þnce (PPL)
High Five Records (PPL)
High Focus Records (PPL)
High Gear Music (SoundExchange)
High Horse Music LLC (SoundExchange)
High John Records (SoundExchange)
High Kings Ltd (EMI)
High Life Music (SoundExchange)
High Life Records (SoundExchange)
High Noon Recordings (PPL)
High Note (USA)(Hot)
High Note Music (SoundExchange)
High Note Productions (SoundExchange)
High Park Records (PPL)
High Power (PPL)
High Powered Music (SoundExchange)
High Quality Recordings (PPL)
High Range (SoundExchange)
High Risk Music International
High Road Records Ltd (PPL)
High Rollerz (PPL)
High Rotation Records (SoundExchange)
High Spot (Fuse Music Group P/L)
High Strung Productions LLC
High Times Records (PPL)
High Top Tunes (SoundExchange)
High View (SoundExchange)
High Voltage Sounds (PPL)
High Water Recording Company
High Wheel Records (SoundExchange)
High Yet Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Highbridge (SoundExchange)
Highbridge Audio (SoundExchange)
Highbridge Company (SoundExchange)
Higher Authority (SoundExchange)
Higher Conscience Records
Higher Level U.K. (PPL)
Higher Love Music (SoundExchange)
Higher Octave (EMI)
Higher State (PPL)
Higher State Imports (PPL)
Higher Truth Records (SoundExchange)
Highjac Productions, inc. (SoundExchange)
Highland Classics
Highland Music Trust (PPL)
Highland Reign (SoundExchange)
Highland Way Productions
Highlander Music (PPL)
Highline Records (SoundExchange)
Highly Elevated Music Productions
Highly Elevated Music Productions / N’Yo
Hood Product Ent. (SoundExchange)
Hood Records (SoundExchange)
Highly Evolved Music (Xelon
Highly Kind LLC Publishing
Highly Rated Entetainment (PPL)
Highnote (Hot)
Highpoint Records, inc (SoundExchange)
Highpoint UK (SoundExchange)
Highs (SoundExchange)
Hightail Records (SoundExchange)
Highway (PPL)
Highway 13 Music (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Highway Records (SoundExchange)
Higuera Records (PPL)
Hijack Records (PPL)
Hijos Del Sol (SoundExchange)
Hiki No Records (SoundExchange)
Hill Country Records (SoundExchange)
Hill House Records (PPL)
Hill Valley Records Ltd (PPL)
Hillary Bergen (SoundExchange)
Hillary Kourkoutis (SoundExchange)
Hillbilly Pilgrim Records (SoundExchange)
Hillbunny Productions (SoundExchange)
Hillhead GWE (PPL)
Hills Hideaway Music (SoundExchange)
Hillside Music (PPL)
Hillside Recording Studio (PPL)
Hillset Records (SoundExchange)
Hillsong Music Australia (Hillsong Music)
Hilltop Hoods (Hilltop Hoods)
Hillybilly Herald (SoundExchange)
Hime Trance (EMI)
Himherandit Records (PPL)
Hindley Recoirds (Hindley Records)
Hindsight (SoundExchange)
Hindsight Records (SoundExchange)
Hindusthan Musical Products Ltd (PPL)
Hinshaw Family Ministries
Hinton Battle (SoundExchange)
Hi-Note Records (PPL)
Hip Bop Essence (PPL)
Hip Bop Records (PPL)
Hip City (PPL)
Hip Hop Ceremony (EMI)
Hip Hop Helps (SoundExchange)
Hip Hop Jusic (PPL)
Hip Hop Slam (SoundExchange)
Hip Records (PPL)
Hi-Phi Music (PPL)
Hip-Hop.Sk (EMI)
Hip-O Records (Universal)
Hiphop is Music (SoundExchange)
HipHopFratHouse (SoundExchange)
HipHopFriends, inc (SoundExchange)
Hippo (Universal)
Hippos In Tanks (SoundExchange)
Hippovs-Polar-Bear (PPL)
Hipshake Music (SoundExchange)
Hiptones (SoundExchange)
Hiram Abrante (SoundExchange)
Hired Gun Marketing (SoundExchange)
Hiromi Matsumoto (SoundExchange)
Hirsute Records (SoundExchange)
His House Records (SoundExchange)
His Love Produxtions (SoundExchange)
His Master’s Voice (EMI)
His Master’s Voice (HMV)(EMI)
Hiscadillac Records (PPL)
Hispanic Marketing (SoundExchange)
Hispavox (EMI)
- 82 -
Historical Performers Records (PPL)
History (SoundExchange)
History Records (PPL)
Hit & Run Bluegrass (SoundExchange)
Hit Afta Hit (SoundExchange)
Hit and Hope Records (PPL)
Hit Brothers Entertainment Corp
Hit City Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Hit Connection (EMI)
Hit Country (Australian Broadcasting
Hit Dreamz Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hit Hot Records (PPL)
Hit it Big Records (SoundExchange)
Hit Mania (PPL)
Hit Parade (SoundExchange)
Hit Red Records (SoundExchange)
Hit Records (PPL)
Hit Run (PPL)
Hit Shop Records (SoundExchange)
Hit the Deck Records (PPL)
Hit Trax Records (SoundExchange)
Hit Warehouse (SoundExchange)
Hit Warehouse / Lee Perreira
Hit ‘Em Up Records (SoundExchange)
Hitch Hyke (Specific Recs Only) (Inertia)
Hitchcock Media Records (SoundExchange)
Hitchcock Media, LLC (SoundExchange)
Hitchcock Soundtrack Recordings
Hitchhike Records (SoundExchange)
Hi-Tech Music Distributors (PPL)
Hitman Records, inc. (SoundExchange)
Hits & Memories (V & H Holdings)
HItsquad Music Group (SoundExchange)
Hiz Aim Entertainment (SoundExchange)
HJH Records (SoundExchange)
HJQ Records (SoundExchange)
HKM (SoundExchange)
Hlas Jeho Pana (EMI)
HLM Records (SoundExchange)
HMC (SoundExchange)
HMG (SoundExchange)
H-Mob Entertainment (SoundExchange)
HNR (SoundExchange)
Ho-Hum (SoundExchange)
Ho Hum Records Ltd (PPL)
Ho-Ju Records (Australian Digital Music
Group Pty Ltd)
Hoax Records (PPL)
Hobbledehoy Record Co (Hobbledehoy
Record Co)
Hobemian Records (SoundExchange)
Hobo (SoundExchange)
Hocus Pocus Focus, inc (SoundExchange)
Hode Stone Records (PPL)
Hof (SoundExchange)
Hog Pin (SoundExchange)
Hog Wild Records (PPL)
Hogfish Records (PPL)
Hogleg Records (SoundExchange)
Hoh Fixx (EMI)
Hoh Records (PPL)
Hoist The Colours (SoundExchange)
Hokuo No Jojo (EMI)
Holden (Blues) (SoundExchange)
Holding Pattern Music Group
Holiday Music (SoundExchange)
Holier Than Thou Records
Holiphonic Records (PPL)
Holki (EMI)
Holladay (SoundExchange)
Holland-Dozier-Holland (PPL)
Hollandjungle Productions
Holler Tree (SoundExchange)
Hollick & Taylor (PPL)
Holliday Entertainment Distribution (Blue
Pie Productions)
Hollow Points Records (SoundExchange)
Holllwyood Records (SoundExchange)
Hollow Tree Records (Winn, Paul)
Hollowbody Music (SoundExchange)
Hollowhole Records (PPL)
Holly Figueeoa (SoundExchange)
Holly Leer (SoundExchange)
Holly Maher (SoundExchange)
Holly Records (PPL)
Holly Wax (SoundExchange)
Holly’s Pack Pty Ltd (Holly’s Pack)
HollyRock (SoundExchange)
Hollywood (EMI)
Hollywood and Vine (EMI)
Hollywood Dream Rec (SoundExchange)
Hollywood Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hollywood Records (EMI)
Hollywood Records (PPL)
Hollywood Records (Universal)
Holocene Music (Specific Recordings
Holocene Music (SoundExchange)
Holy Child Gospel (SoundExchange)
Holy Hip Hop Records (HHH)( EMI)
Holy Kuti Records (PPL)
Holy Mountain (SoundExchange)
Holy Music (SoundExchange)
Holy Roller (SoundExchange)
Holyland Records Ltd (SoundExchange)
Holyrood (PPL)
Hom Bru Recordings (PPL)
Home Alone Records (PPL)
Home And A Broad (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Home Brew (PPL)
Home Brew (LNG Music)
Home Cooking (SoundExchange)
Home Office (PPL)
Home Recordings (PPL)
Home Roots Music (PPL)
Home Sweet Home (PPL)
Home Work Records (SoundExchange)
Homegrown Records (PPL)
Homeless Balloon (SoundExchange)
Homemade Records(PPL)
Homesoul Recordings (SoundExchange)
Homespun (PPL)
Homesweet Music (SoundExchange)
Hometown Sweethearts LLC
Homunculus Music t/a Mighty Albert (Chris
Smither)(Shock Entertainment)
Honest Entertainment (AJO Services)
Honest Jo’s Music (PPL)
Honest Jon’s Records (PPL)
Honest Jons (EMI)
Honest Jons (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Honestman Productions inc.
Honestman Records (SoundExchange)
Honey Bird Music (SoundExchange)
Honey Blo Records (SoundExchange)
Honey Child Productions (SoundExchange)
Honey Records (PPL)
Honey Ryder Music Ltd (PPL)
Honey Tongue (SoundExchange)
Honey Tree Records (PPL)
Honeycombe Records (PPL)
Honeydrippers Records (SoundExchange)
Honeyface (Honeyface)
Honeymoon (PPL)
Honeypot Records (PPL)
Hong Kong Recordings (PPL)
Hong Kong Violence (PPL)
Honkeyfinger (PPL)
Honkeyfinger (SoundExchange)
Honk! Records (Donna Fisk & Michael
Honky Tonk Hustlas (SoundExchange)
Honor White Stone (SoundExchange)
Hoo Am I? (PPL)
Hooch Hound (Hooch Hound Records)
Hood Fel-La Records (SoundExchange)
Hood Related Entertainment
Hoodoo Gurus (EMI)
Hoodoo Records (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Hoodspace Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Hoo-Ha Records (PPL)
Hooj Choons Ltd (PPL)
Hook King (SoundExchange)
Hook Line ‘N’ Sinker (PPL)
Hooked Up Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Hookup Entertainment Inc (SoundExchange)
- 83 -
Hoola (Out Of Nowhere & Griffith, Jennifer)
Hoop Culture Records (Hoop)
Hoop Recordings (PPL)
Hoorgi House (PPL)
Hooters Music (SoundExchange)
Hop (PPL)
Hope (PPL)
Hope Kills Fear (SoundExchange)
Hope Recordings (PPL)
Hope’s Journey (SoundExchange)
Hopeful Sky Records (SoundExchange)
Hopeless Heroic (PPL)
Hopemachine (SoundExchange)
HopeStreet Recordings (HopeStreet
Hopie (SoundExchange)
Hor Records (SoundExchange)
Horatio Nelson Records (PPL)
Horicon Music (SoundExchange)
Horizon (PPL)
Horizons Music (SoundExchange)
Horizontal Action (SoundExchange)
Hornblow (Public Opinion Pty Ltd)
Horris Records (MC Lars)(Shock
Horris Records (SoundExchange)
Horror High (SoundExchange)
Horslips Records (PPL)
Horus Music (PPL)
Horny Dog Records (PPL)
Horny Records (Powderworks Records)
Horse Apple Records (SoundExchange)
Horse Arm Records (PPL)
Horse Chorale Music (SoundExchange)
Hortus Media (PPL)
Horvath Janos (SoundExchange)
Hos Trance (EMI)
Hosanna (R & B) (SoundExchange)
Hosannah! Music (PPL)
Hosie Harris II (SoundExchange)
Hoszia Hinds Music Industries
Hospital Records (Central Station Records)
Hospital Records (Domino Recording
Company Ltd)
Hospitality (SoundExchange)
Hostel Records (SoundExchange)
Hostile (EMI)
Hot & Sour Records (PPL)
Hot Air (PPL)
Hot Apple (PPL)
Hot As Hel! (PPL)
Hot As Sun (SoundExchange)
Hot Biscuits Music (SoundExchange)
Hot Blues (PPL)
Hot Cakes (SoundExchange)
Hot Cars (PPL)
Hot Creatioons (PPL)
Hot Club Productions, LLC (Hot Club Of
Cowtown, The) (Shock Entertainment)
Hot Club Sandwhich (SoundExchange)
Hot Dog Records (PPL)
Hot Horse (SoundExchange)
Hot House Productions (PPL)
Hot Ideas (SoundExchange)
Hot Ideas (SoundExchange)
Hot Jupiter Music (SoundExchange)
Hot Lead Records (PPL)
Hot Link Records (SoundExchange)
Hot Melt Records (PPL)
Hot Noise / IRL (PPL)
Hot Peas N Butter (SoundExchange)
Hot Pepper (PPL)
Hot Pot (PPL)
Hot Potato (PPL)
Hot Records (Hot)
Hot Record (UK) (PPL)
Hot Records Society (Hot)
Hot Rod Music (SoundExchange)
Hot Shoe Records (SoundExchange)
Hot Shot Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hot Tomato (SoundExchange)
Hot Tomato Records (SoundExchange)
Hot Soul (PPL)
Hot Tamale Records (SoundExchange)
Hot to Trot Records (PPL)
Hot Toddy Music (SoundExchange)
Hot Wax Records (PPL)
Hot’N’Spycy (PPL)
Hotbox (SoundExchange)
Hotbox Digital (SoundExchange)
Hotbox Digital (PPL)
Hotbox Digital Music (SoundExchange)
Ho-tep (PPL)
Hotfingers (SoundExchange)
Hotflush Recordings (SoundExchange)
Hotflush Records (PPL)
Hotline Records (SoundExchange)
Hotsand Records (PPL)
Hotsex (PPL)
Hotsource (Hotsource.Com.Au)
Hotsteppers Records (PPL)
Hotstyle Music (SoundExchange)
Hottwerks Recordings (PPL)
Hottwerks Records (PPL)
Hotwire Unlimited (SoundExchange)
Hounds of Finn (SoundExchange)
House (SoundExchange)
House Assembly Gavard Entertainment
House Fire Records (SoundExchange)
House Foundation (SoundExchange)
House Keys (PPL)
House Nation (SoundExchange)
House of Bloem (PPL)
House of Dance Recordings (PPL)
House of Digital Music Group, LLC
House Of Doom (PPL)
House of DT, inc. (SoundExchange)
March 2014
House of Fun (House Of Fun Records Pty
House of House (SoundExchange)
House of Jungle (H.O.J) Rec (PPL)
House of Mercy (SoundExchange)
House of Mercy Recordings
House of Reggae (SoundExchange)
House of Restitution Records
House of Rock Records (SoundExchange)
House of S (SoundExchange)
House of Sharma (PPL)
House of Tears Sound (SoundExchange)
House of UK Garage Recordings (PPL)
House of Wow! (SoundExchange)
House of Wow! (House of Wow! Pty Ltd)
House Rent Records (SoundExchange)
House Vs Hurricane (Shock Entertainment)
Houseboat Records (SoundExchange)
Housecore Records (SoundExchange)
Housefly Records (PPL)
Household Name (PPL)
Housekeeping Records (SoundExchange)
Housequake Recordings (Ministry Of
Housesession (SoundExchange)
Housessession Records (PPL)
Housework Songs (EMI)
Houseworks (PPL)
Houseworks (SoundExchange)
Houston Marchman (SoundExchange)
How Hard (SoundExchange)
How I Became The Bomb (PPL)
Howard Cowles (SoundExchange)
Howard Mostrom (SoundExchange)
Howard Perl Records (SoundExchange)
Howard T. Jones (SoundExchange)
Howard Vatcher (SoundExchange)
Howdy Skies Records (SoundExchange)
Howie Beck (SoundExchange)
Howie Bell (SoundExchange)
Howie McDuffie Music (SoundExchange)
Howl (PPL)
Howlett Smith (SoundExchange)
Howler Records (SoundExchange)
Howlin’ Records LLC (PPL)
Howling Clue Records (SoundExchange)
Hoxa Sound (PPL)
Hozac (SoundExchange)
Hozone Productions (SoundExchange)
HQ Records (SoundExchange)
HRant Bedoyan (SoundExchange)
Hristo Vitchev (SoundExchange)
HRL Morrison Music Trust (PPL)
HRS Entertainment (SoundExchange)
HRT Records & Productions, LLC
HT Funk (PPL)
HTRP Music (SoundExchange)
- 84 -
HTS Recordings LLC (SoundExchange)
Hub (PPL)
Hub 100 (PPL)
Hub 100 (SoundExchange)
Hub 100 Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Hub Records (PPL)
Hub Records (SoundExchange)
Hub The Label (Inertia)
Hubba Discs (PPL)
Hubba Spools (PPL)
Hubert Williams (SoundExchange)
Hubris Records (PPL)
Hubrisity (PPL)
Huckster (PPL)
Huddersfield Town Records (PPL)
Hudson (Aulsebrook, Travis)
Hudson Bell (SoundExchange)
Hudson Harding Music (SoundExchange)
Hudson Music (SoundExchange)
Hudson River Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Huelyn Duvall (SoundExchange)
Huff & Huff Publishing (SoundExchange)
Hug Records (PPL)
Hugemusic (SoundExchange)
Hugh C. Culbreth (SoundExchange)
Hughes Records (SoundExchange)
Hugo (SoundExchange)
Hugo Haggie-Garcia (SoundExchange)
Hugtight (SoundExchange)
Hula Records (SoundExchange)
Hull Records (SoundExchange)
Hum + Haw Ltd (PPL)
Huma (Indie Band) (SoundExchange)
Human Factor LLC (SoundExchange)
Human Interests (Human Interests Pty Ltd)
Human Meets Factor Music
Human Nature (SoundExchange)
Human Recordings (PPL)
Human Records (PPL)
Human Resources (Serateh)(Shock
Humber Records (Humber Records)
Humberto Jose Pernett Pastrana
Humble Productions (Humble Productions)
HumDrum (SoundExchange)
Humm Drum Studios (SoundExchange)
Hummie Mann (SoundExchange)
Humming Records (PPL)
Hummingbird (Biscantorat)(Shock
Hummingbird Records (PPL)
Hummingbird Records (UK) (PPL)
Humor Ink (SoundExchange)
Humphead (PPL)
Hunc (SoundExchange)
Hundred Acre Records (PPL)
Hundred2One Records (PPL)
Hungaroton (SoundExchange)
Hungry Audio (PPL)
Hungry Dog Records (Hot)
Hungry Hill (PPL)
Hungry Hustler Records (SoundExchange)
Hungry Monk Recordings (SoundExchange)
Hungry Mouse Records (EMI)
Hungry Music (PPL)
Hungry Wolf Production (SoundExchange)
Hunnedspoke Entertainment
Hunnypot (SoundExchange)
Hunted (PPL)
Hunter Lea (SoundExchange)
Hunter Rose (SoundExchange)
Hunters Moon Promotions (PPL)
Huntersounds (PPL)
Hurcules (PPL)
Hurley Records (SoundExchange)
Huronia (SoundExchange)
Hurrah (PPL)
Hurrah! Records (PPL)
Hurrah For the Riff Raff (SoundExchange)
Hurricane Entertainments (UK)(PPL)
Hurricane Healing (Blue Pie Productions)
Hurricane Limited (PPL)
Hurry Up & Wait Publishing/ ASCAP
Husbondend Rost (EMI)
Hush Entertainment (EMI)
Hussle Black (SoundExchange)
Hussle Recordings (inc. Hussle
Black)(Ministry of Sound)
Husslerz, Inc. Recordings (PPL)
Hustla Records (SoundExchange)
Hustle Fam Music (SoundExchange)
Hustle Hard City (SoundExchange)
Hustle Game Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Hustleboyz – The Label (SoundExchange)
Hustler Extraordinaire Inc.
Hut (EMI)
Hut Music (PPL)
Huttenzauber (EMI)
Hutu (Laidler, John)
Hux Records (Hot)
Hux Records (SoundExchange)
HWYL Nofio (PPL)
HWYL Records (PPL)
HX Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Hy Lyfe inc. (SoundExchange)
Hy-Noon Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hyaglen Music Recording (PPL)
Hybri2 (SoundExchange)
Hybrid (EMI)
Hybrid Music (SoundExchange)
Hyde Out Recordings (SoundExchange)
Hydepark Studios (PPL)
Hydraulix (PPL)
Hydrogen Dukebox (PPL)
March 2014
Hydrophonik (SoundExchange)
Hyena Records (US)(Hot)
Hykoo (Jones, Lachlan Michael)
Hyland Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Hymen Records (SoundExchange)
Hymns Ancient & Modern (PPL)
Hype Music Group (PPL)
Hype Recordings (Hype Recordings Pty Ltd)
Hyper Sonik UK (PPL)
Hyperdub (PPL)
Hyperdub (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Hyperion – APR (Select)
Hyperion – Gimell (Select)
Hyperion (Select)
Hyperium (SoundExchange)
Hypertelic Records Ltd (PPL)
Hypertension Music (PPL)
Hyperzic (SoundExchange)
Hypnos (SoundExchange)
Hypnote (PPL)
Hypnotical Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Hypnotize Minds (SoundExchange)
Hypnotyq Records (SoundExchange)
Hypomusic Recordings (PPL)
Hypotron (PPL)
Hysteria (SoundExchange)
Hysteria Productions (SoundExchange)
I + B Records (PPL)
I Am Jen (SoundExchange)
I Am King (SoundExchange)
I Am Music/ Records (SoundExchange)
I Am Not Lefthanded (SoundExchange)
I Am Records (PPL)
I Am Sam (Georges, Sam)
I Am Shark Publishing (SoundExchange)
I Am Sound (SoundExchange)
I Am: Wolfpack (SoundExchange)
I and Ear Records (SoundExchange)
I Did It For You (PPL)
I Dunnit Music (PPL)
I Duz This! (PPL)
I Got Soul (SoundExchange)
I Grade Records (SoundExchange)
I Hate You Just Kidding (SoundExchange)
I Hear U Daddy Music (SoundExchange)
I Like Mike (SoundExchange)
I Love Deep (SoundExchange)
I Love 80’s (EMI)
I M Smooth Music (SoundExchange)
I Music (EMI)
I Oh You Music (I Oh You Music)
I Persume Music (BMI) (SoundExchange)
I Scream Records (PPL)
I Surrender Records (Four Year
Stong)(Shock Entertainment)
I.C. Business (SoundExchange)
I.E. Ideas Expressed
I.F.G. Records (PPL)
I.R.P. (PPL)
I.R.S. Records (EMI)
- 85 -
I.S.I.S the Goddess of Poetry
I.T. Productions (PPL)
I/O Music (EMI)
I2I Music (PPL)
I-66 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Iajrc Records (SoundExchange)
Iakopo (SoundExchange)
Iamme Recordings (Kobalt Label Services
Iamsound Records (SoundExchange)
Ian A. Romano (SoundExchange)
Ian Bennett T/A Superdark (PPL)
Ian Britt Music (PPL)
Ian Canrow (PPL)
Ian Edwards (SoundExchange)
Ian Hoge Music (SoundExchange)
Ian Jones (SoundExchange)
Ian McFeron (SoundExchange)
Ian Muir (Muir, Ian)
Ian Simons Music (PPL)
Ian Smith (SoundExchange)
Ian Widgery (SoundExchange)
Ian Wise (SoundExchange)
Ian Wyn Rowlands (PPL)
I-Anka (PPL)
IB About Records (PPL)
Ianbean Music Publishing (SoundExchange)
Ibdis Mortem Productions (SoundExchange)
Iberautor (SoundExchange)
IBF Records (SoundExchange)
Ibid Records (SoundExchange)
Ibiza Records (PPL)
Ibreaks (SoundExchange)
Ibreaks Records (SoundExchange)
IC Records (PPL)
IC. Zed records (IC. Zed Records)
IC2 Recordings (PPL)
ICD (SoundExchange)
ICE (SoundExchange)
Ice Bloc Music (SoundExchange)
Ice Cold Records (PPL)
Ice Cream (PPL)
Ice Cream Records (PPL)
Ice H2O Records (Raekwon)(Shock
Ice Records (PPL)
Iceberg Records DE (SoundExchange)
Icecream Records (PPL)
Iceland Music Export (SoundExchange)
Icepack Records (SoundExchange)
Icetown Records (SoundExchange)
Ichiban (Black Market Music)
ICI Musique (SoundExchange)
Ichor Logistics (PPL)
Icky’s Ego (SoundExchange)
ICM (SoundExchange)
Icon (PPL)
Icon Records (PPL)
Iconoclaste (SoundExchange)
Icy (PPL)
Icy3 Studios (PPL)
Ida Dee Vine Entertainment, LLC
Idance Records (SoundExchange)
Idaho (SoundExchange)
Idaho Records (SoundExchange)
Identical Entertainment/ Tiffany Vartanyan
Identity Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Identity Records (Identity)(Aust Indi)
Ides of Gemini (SoundExchange)
IDI (SoundExchange)
Idianola Music Group (SoundExchange)
Idianola Records (SoundExchange)
Idianold Music Group (SoundExchange)
Indidog (Rosenberg + Cardine)
Idis (SoundExchange)
Idnote (SoundExchange)
Idolmaker (SoundExchange)
Idosyncracy (SoundExchange)
Idris Busari (SoundExchange)
Idyllic Records (SoundExchange)
Idyllium (Blue Pie Productions)
Ie:music Ltd (PPL)
IE Records (PPL)
IE Three Limited (PPL)
IEQ Music (PPL)
IEQ Records (PPL)
If Music Could Talk (PPL)
IF Society (SoundExchange)
If2 Records (SoundExchange)
IFF Transpounder Recordings (PPL)
Iffy Folk Records (PPL)
IFO (SoundExchange)
IG Recordings (EMI)
IG Records LLP (PPL)
Iglu & Hartly LLC (SoundExchange)
Ignatcio Pena (SoundExchange)
Ignitor (SoundExchange)
Ignite Records (Jenica Rayne)
Igus (PPL)
IHeartComix (SoundExchange)
IHM (SoundExchange)
IHR (SoundExchange)
IHT Records (PPL)
IHZ International (IHZ International)
II Sharp Entertainment, LLC
III Kings (SoundExchange)
IIvan Hardie (SoundExchange)
Ikenga (SoundExchange)
I-Innovate (PPL)
Ijeoma D. Ekechukwu (SoundExchange)
I-Khan Dist (SoundExchange)
Iko Music (PPL)
March 2014
Il Entertainment Group (SoundExchange)
Il Labatorio Del Ritmo (SoundExchange)
I-Label (PPL)
Ilana Broad (SoundExchange)
Ilelabola Oglubamu (SoundExchange)
Ilhan Ersahin (SoundExchange)
Ilian Rubin (SoundExchange)
Ilion Don (SoundExchange)
Ilkae (SoundExchange)
Ill Boogie Records (SoundExchange)
Ill Chambers Studios (SoundExchange)
Ill Dough Productions (SoundExchange)
Ill Friction (PPL)
Ill-Legal Records (SoundExchange)
Ill Noiz Records (SoundExchange)
Ill State Records (SoundExchange)
Ill Sun Wreckords (PPL)
Illa State Records (PPL)
Illa State Records (SoundExchange)
Illasme Records (SoundExchange)
Illect Records (SoundExchange)
Illegal Art (PPL)
Illegal Beats (PPL)
Illegal Cargo records (Illegal Cargo Records)
Illegal Frequencies Recordings (PPL)
Illest Records (SoundExchange)
Illict Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Illicit (SoundExchange)
Illicit Recordings UK (PPL)
Illict Records (Illict Records)
Illusion Cartel (PPL)
Illusion Records (PPL)
Illusive (Liberation)
Illustrious Artists (Russell
Hopkinson)(Shock Entertainment)
Iloki (SoundExchange)
Ilve Records (PPL)
Illy (ADGM Pty Ltd)
I-M Recording (SoundExchange)
I’m Not a Pilot, LCC (SoundExchange)
I’m Not From London Records (PPL)
Im Discos (SoundExchange)
Im Intelligent Music (SoundExchange)
Im Records (SoundExchange)
IMA Records (SoundExchange)
Ima Robot (SoundExchange)
Image Music (Mana Music Productions)
Image Music Group Pty Limited (EMI)
Image Productions (SoundExchange)
Images of Io (SoundExchange)
Imaginary Cities (SoundExchange)
Imaginate (SoundExchange)
Imagination Music (PPL)
Imagination Records (Savear)
Imago (Universal)
Imagramaphone Records (SoundExchange)
Imani “Faith” Productions (SoundExchange)
Imani Hekima (PPL)
Imber (PPL)
- 86 -
IMC (SoundExchange)
IMC Entertainment (PPL)
IMedia Entertainment (PPL)
Imeritas (PPL)
IMGH (Warner)
Imiuswi (SoundExchange)
IML Records (SoundExchange)
Imma Sounds (PPL)
Immaculate 2020 (SoundExchange)
Immaculate Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Immaculate Records (PPL)
Immediate Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Immergent (PPL)
Immerse Records (PPL)
Immersion Records (Chase Corporation)
Immersion Theory (SoundExchange)
Immi Records (SoundExchange)
Immigrant Digital (PPL)
Immigrant Records (PPL)
Imminent Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Immoor Productions (SoundExchange)
Immortal (EMI)
Immortal/Epic (Sony Music Ent.)
Immortal Records (PPL)
Immrama (SoundExchange)
IMP Classics (UK)(PPL)
IMP Records (PPL)
Impact (EMI)
Impact (PPL)
Impact Recordings Inc (EMI)
Impact Records (EMI)
Impacto Music (SoundExchange)
Impala (PPL)
Impart Productions Buba (PPL)
Impatio Sound (PPL)
Impeccable (PPL)
Imperial (EMI)
Imperial Mammoth (SoundExchange)
Imperial Recordings (Shock Entertainment)
Imperial Records (EMI)
Imperial Underground inc. (SoundExchange)
Impex / Far Records (SoundExchange)
Import Dance (EMI)
Impossible Ark RecordsA(PPL)
Impossible Things Records
Imposter (SoundExchange)
Imprint (PPL)
Imprint Music (PPL)
Imprint Of Quality (PPL)
Impulse (Universal)
IMR Publishing (SoundExchange)
Imtek Multimedia Services
Imusic (PPL)
Imurj Records (SoundExchange)
Imusicusa (SoundExchange)
Imuso (SoundExchange)
Imway Records (SoundExchange)
In/Out Records (SoundExchange)
In & Out Recordings (SoundExchange)
In A Minute Records (SoundExchange)
In At The Eye Records (PPL)
In Crowd Records (PPL)
In De Goot Entertainment (SoundExchange)
In De Goot Records (SoundExchange)
In De Goot, LLC (SoundExchange)
In Deep Recordings (Tiare Helberg
Recordings) (Helberg, Tiare)
In Deep Recordsings (Marty Willson-Piper
recordings) (Willson-Piper, Marty)
In Exile Records (PPL)
In Flight Music Group (SoundExchange)
In House Productions (PPL)
In Like Lions (SoundExchange)
In Music We Trust Records
In My Dreams (SoundExchange)
In My Dreams Records (PPL)
In Our Field Productions (SoundExchange)
In Phase Management (PPL)
In Pop (PPL)
In Tha Van Records (SoundExchange)
In the Air Music (SoundExchange)
In the Dard Records (PPL)
In the Dark Recordings (PPL)
In The Fishtank (SoundExchange)
In The Garage Records (SoundExchange)
In The House UK (SoundExchange)
In The Line Of Fire (SoundExchange)
In The Pocket Records (SoundExchange)
In The Red (SoundExchange)
In The Red Records (SoundExchange)
In The Streetz (SoundExchange)
In The Woods Records (PPL)
In The Write Hands Publishing
In The Zone Entertainment
In Time Records (SoundExchange)
In Touch Records (PPL)
In Yo Face Recordz (SoundExchange)
In:Cite Media (SoundExchange)
In2 (SoundExchange)
Inakustik (PPL)
Inafa Productions (SoundExchange)
Inaia inc. (SoundExchange)
Inam Records (SoundExchange)
Inar Music (SoundExchange)
Inaspace (PPL)
Inca (SoundExchange)
Inca Ore (SoundExchange)
Incakura (SoundExchange)
Incentive (PPL)
Incentive Music Limited (PPL)
Inception Records (SoundExchange)
Incident (PPL)
Incochee Trail Music, LLC
March 2014
Inconnue (SoundExchange)
Inconvenient Records (PPL)
Incorporeal Recordings (PPL)
Inclusive Records (PPL)
Increase (SoundExchange)
Incremental Music (SoundExchange)
In-CTRL Recordings (PPL)
Indecision Records (SoundExchange)
Indelible (PPL)
Indelible Creative Group (SoundExchange)
Indent Germany (Sony Music Ent)
Independant (PPL)
Independant (SoundExchange)
Independent Artist Network
Independent Freedom Tribe
Independent Music Trust (PPL)
Independent Records (PPL)
Independent Records Ireland
Independent Record Ltd (IRL) (PPL)
Independent Records (Hot)
Independent Songwriters (SoundExchange)
Independiente (Sony Music Ent.)
Independiente (Tinariwen)(Shock
Indeyo Records (SoundExchange)
India Archive Music (SoundExchange)
India Dorsey-Gaston (SoundExchange)
Indian Summer Music, inc (SoundExchange)
Indian Vibes (EMI)
Indication Records (SoundExchange)
Indie 500 (PPL)
Indie Europe/Zoom (SoundExchange)
Indie Pop (SoundExchange)
Indie Top 20 (PPL)
Indieblu Music (SoundExchange)
Indiemafia (SoundExchange)
Indigedisc (SoundExchange)
Indigo Moon Records (SoundExchange)
Indigo Music (PPL)
Indirecto (SoundExchange)
Indirecto Records (SoundExchange)
Indolent (SoundExchange)
Industrial Erotica Records (PPL)
Industrial Monk (SoundExchange)
Industrial Records (PPL)
Industry Recordings (PPL)
Industry Records (PPL)
Industry Records Ltd (PPL)
Industry Standerd Records (SoundExchange)
Indy (SoundExchange)
Inebriated Rhythm (SoundExchange)
Inertia Recordings (Inertia)
Inertia UK (PPL)
Inertial (PPL)
Inessa Lee (SoundExchange)
Inetjazzmuzik (SoundExchange)
Inetjazzmuzik Production (SoundExchange)
- 87 -
Inevitable Records Ltd (PPL)
Inez R. Benson (SoundExchange)
Infallible (Barrsos, Jose)
Infamous Light Recordings (Infamous Light
Infant Records (PPL)
Infared Music Group (SoundExchange)
Infected (PPL)
Infectious Music (Liberation Music)
Infectious Music Ltd (PPL)
Infectious Records Ltd (Warner)
Infernal (SoundExchange)
Infernal Machine Recordings (PPL)
Inferno Music Group (Blue Pie Productions)
Inferno Records Ltd (PPL)
Infi (SoundExchange)
Infidelity Recordings (Dan Kelly & The
Alpha Males, Sophie Koh)(Shock
Infinite Best Recordings (SoundExchange)
Infinite Bloom (PPL)
Infinite Entertainment (PPL)
Infinite Massive (PPL)
Infinite Noize Music Group
Infiniti Complete Entertainment, inc.
Infinitone (SoundExchange)
Infinitone Rec (SoundExchange)
Infinitone Records (SoundExchange)
Infinity Music Group (SoundExchange)
Infinity Records (PPL)
Inflewential Records (SoundExchange)
Influence (PPL)
Influence Machine Records (PPL)
Influence Records (PPL)
Influx Music Ltd (PPL)
Infra Progressive (SoundExchange)
Infracom (PPL)
Infrared (SoundExchange)
Infrared Records (SoundExchange)
Infrasonic Recordings (SoundExchange)
Infur (PPL)
Inge Berge Musical Services
Inglese Music (SoundExchange)
Inger Hansen (SoundExchange)
Ingot Rock (SoundExchange)
Ingo Herrmann (SoundExchange)
Inhous Independent (SoundExchange)
Inhouse Music (EMI)
Inhouse Records (SoundExchange)
Inigo Brakes (PPL)
Inigo Distro (PPL)
Inigo Electro (PPL)
Inigo Flo (Recordings)(PPL)
Inigo Funky (PPL)
Inigo House (PPL)
Inigo Live (PPL)
Inigo Soul (PPL)
Initial (SoundExchange)
Initiative Sonore NB (SoundExchange)
InjMusic (SoundExchange)
Ink (PPL)
Ink (Greece) (SoundExchange)
Ink ‘N’ Pen Records (PPL)
Ink Recordings (Radio Ink)
Ink Records (George Stathakes
Inkfsh (EMI)
Inkless Records (SoundExchange)
Inline Records (PPL)
Inna De Yard (SoundExchange)
Inna Riddim (Inna Riddim Pty Ltd)
Inner Circle Music (SoundExchange)
Inner Fire Music (SoundExchange)
Inner Force Music (SoundExchange)
Inner Knot Records (SoundExchange)
Inner Sanctum (PPL)
Inner Spirit Records (SoundExchange)
Inner Splendor Media (SoundExchange)
Inner Worlds Music (SoundExchange)
Innerground Music Ltd (PPL)
Innerrythmic (SoundExchange)
Innerrhythmic Found (SoundExchange)
Innersoul Records (SoundExchange)
Innerworks (SoundExchange)
Innocent (EMI)
Innocent Records (EMI)
Innorexthree Music, inc. (SoundExchange)
Innovation Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Innspiral (PPL)
Ino (PPL)
Ino Records (SoundExchange)
Inovia (SoundExchange)
Inpop Records (EMI)
Insatiable Records (PPL)
Inscribe Music (PPL)
Insect Girl (SoundExchange)
Insect Surfers (PPL)
Inset (PPL)
Inside Recordings (Jackson Browne)(Shock
Inside My Soul-Music Research
Inside Out Records (SoundExchange)
Inside Recordings (SoundExchange)
Insideout (EMI)
Insider Records (PPL)
Insight Records (PPL)
Insight Internatioal Management/ Lindsay
Pagano (SoundExchange)
Insights Management (SoundExchange)
Insignia Records (SoundExchange)
Insomniac Inc (SoundExchange)
Inspiration Records (PPL)
Inspirational Music Showcase
Inspirational Records (PPL)
Inspired (PPL)
March 2014
Inspired Distrubution (SoundExchange)
Inspired Studios (SoundExchange)
Insta-Records (SoundExchange)
Instant (PPL)
Instant Karma (UK)(PPL)
Instinct (PPL)
Instinct Musique (SoundExchange)
Instinct Records (PPL)
Institubes (SoundExchange)
Institute Recordings (PPL)
Instrumental (PPL)
Insurgence Records and Publishing
Insurrection Records (SoundExchange)
Inta Outa Records (PPL)
Intact (PPL)
Intake (SoundExchange)
Intart (Switzerland)(Fuse)
Integra Records UK(PPL)
Integral (PPL)
Integral Records (PPL)
Integrity Gospel (PPL)
Integrity Music (PPL)
Integrity Music Fitness (PPL)
Integrity Records Limited (PPL)
Intelligent Noise Records LLC
Intelligentsia Network (PPL)
Intent City (SoundExchange)
Intentcity Records (SoundExchange)
Intensive Music (PPL)
Intensely Pleasant Music (PPL)
Inter CD Records (SoundExchange)
Interaction (PPL)
Interbeat (SoundExchange)
Interchange Records (Garret Lee Schroeder)
Intercultural Music Production, LLC
Intercom (PPL)
Intercom Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Intercord (EMI)
Intercorps (Minimum Chips)
Interdance (EMI)
Interdance (SoundExchange)
Interdependent Media (SoundExchange)
Interdisc (EMI)
Interdisc (SoundExchange)
Intergral (PPL)
Intergroove (SoundExchange)
Intering Records (SoundExchange)
Interlabel (SoundExchange)
Interludes (PPL)
Interludes Signature Series (PPL)
Intermede (SoundExchange)
Intermezzo Media (SoundExchange)
Internal Bass Records Ltd (PPL)
International English (PPL)
Internaional Feel Recordings (PPL)
- 88 -
International Film Base (Blue Pie
International Hit Series London (PPL)
International Jazz Classics (PPL)
International Music Network LT (PPL)
International. Recorded. Sound.
Inter-Phonic Music (PPL)
Interpop (EMI)
Interrogator Records (SoundExchange)
Interscope (Universal)
Interscope Digital Production (PPL)
Intersound (PPL)
Intersound inc. (SoundExchange)
Intersound Records (SoundExchange)
Interstate Truckin’ (V & H Holdings)
Interstella Sounds (PPL)
Intervalus (SoundExchange)
Inti Production Recordings
Intl Design & Entertainment (PPL)
Into The Red Records (PPL)
Intolerance Records (SoundExchange)
Intouch (PPL)
Intra Records (Discovering Arts Music
Intrada (SoundExchange)
Intrepid Music Group (SoundExchange)
Intrepid Patrol (SoundExchange)
Intrepid Sound Recordings
Intrinsic Recordings (PPL)
Intrinsic Records (PPL)
Intro (PPL)
Introclusor Records (PPL)
Introduction Records (PPL)
Intruder Records (Intruder Records)
Intuition Deep (SoundExchange)
Intuitive Sound (SoundExchange)
Inu Music (SoundExchange)
Inusa Dawuda (SoundExchange)
Invada Records (Universal)
Invada Records Pty Ltd (Invada Records Pty
Invader (PPL)
Invader Records (PPL)
Invading Records (SoundExchange)
Invasion Music Group (SoundExchange)
Invencis (PPL)
Inver Records (PPL)
Inversion Records (PPL)
Inversiones Waitman Limitada
Inverted Turtle (SoundExchange)
Invicta Hi-Fi (PPL)
Invictus (EMI)
Invincible (SoundExchange)
Invincible Recordings (SoundExchange)
Inviolate (SoundExchange)
Invisible DJ (SoundExchange)
Invisible Hand Productions
Invisible Hands Music (PPL)
Invisible Inc. Multimedia (SoundExchange)
Invitation (SoundExchange)
Invoke Records (PPL)
Inyaface Records (SoundExchange)
Inyoung Whang (SoundExchange)
IO Music (EMI)
Ioannis Krandidiotis (SoundExchange)
IOB Records (PPL)
Ion Bayside (SoundExchange)
Ion Imagination (SoundExchange)
Ion Imagination Records, A Division of Ion
Imagination Entertainment, inc.
Ion Music UK (PPL)
Iona Gold Records (PPL)
Iona Records (PPL)
Iono Music (SoundExchange)
Ipanapa (EMI)
Ipnotika (SoundExchange)
IQ Recordings (PPL)
I-Rain Records (SoundExchange)
IR Music Group (SoundExchange)
Irec (PPL)
Irene And Her Latin Jazz Band
Irene Miller Fyler (SoundExchange)
Irie Records (SoundExchange)
Irie Time (SoundExchange)
Irim Records (SoundExchange)
Iris (France)(Fuse)
Iris Leu (SoundExchange)
Iris Light (PPL)
Iris Records (PPL)
Irish Heritage (PPL)
IRM Records (PPL)
Irma (PPL)
Irma America (PPL)
Irma Café (PPL)
Irma Casadiprimordine (PPL)
Irma Electro (PPL)
Irma Japan (PPL)
Irma La Douce (PPL)
Irma Moutu Jazz (PPL)
Iro Productions (SoundExchange)
Irock Music (SoundExchange)
Iron Age (SoundExchange)
Iron Fist (SoundExchange)
Iron Grid (SoundExchange)
Iron Man (PPL)
Iron Man Records Ltd (PPL)
Iron Needle Records (PPL)
Iron Pegasus (SoundExchange)
Ironbound (SoundExchange)
Ironclad Recordings (SoundExchange)
Ironcore Resistance (SoundExchange)
Ironmar (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Irooster (PPL)
Irrational Impulsives (PPL)
Irregular Records (PPL)
Irresponsible Recordings (PPL)
IRL Recordings (The Planet Company)
Irvin Aboite (SoundExchange)
Irvin Evans (SoundExchange)
Irving R. Nicholson (SoundExchange)
Is-A-Door (SoundExchange)
Is Good Ltd (PPL)
Is Records (PPL)
Isaac Berry (SoundExchange)
Isaac De Heer (De Heer, Isaac)
Isaac Johnson (SoundExchange)
Isaac Valenzuela (SoundExchange)
Isaac Watts (SoundExchange)
Isabel Records (SoundExchange)
Isabelle Antena (SoundExchange)
Isba Musique (SoundExchange)
Issamin (Soundproof Australia)
Ishan Bawa (SoundExchange)
Ishbel Macaskill (PPL)
Ishi Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Ishine (SoundExchange)
Ishmael Muhammad (SoundExchange)
Ishman Richmond (SoundExchange)
Ishq Records (PPL)
Isiris (PPL)
Isis Ra Records (PPL)
Island City Records (San Cisco Music)
Island Chyld Entertainment
Island Def Jam (Universal)
Island Gold (Karunaratna, Kanchana)
Island Home Music (Island Home Music)
Island Mojo Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Island Records (Universal Music)
Island Treasure (SoundExchange)
Isle Of Wright Records (PPL)
Ismael Jose Pena (SoundExchange)
Ismista (SoundExchange)
Isobar Records (PPL)
Isolation (PPL)
Israel (SoundExchange)
Israel Khachewatsky (SoundExchange)
Isrecodings (SoundExchange)
Issiah B. Burkhardt (Blacklight Voodoo
Publishing Pty Ltd)
Istartedthefire Records (PPL)
Iste (SoundExchange)
It (PPL)
It Is What It Is (SoundExchange)
It Is What it Is Musc (SoundExchange)
It Sounds GmbH (EMI)
It’s Alive Records (SoundExchange)
It’s Fabulous (PPL)
Itaipu (EMI)
Ital (PPL)
- 89 -
Italia (Warner)
Italian Communication (PPL)
Italian Hardstlye (SoundExchange)
Italian Japanese (SoundExchange)
Italians Do It Better (SoundExchange)
Italmusic (Colossal)
Itchibuto (PPL)
Itchy (Warner)
Itchy Beats (PPL)
Itchy Music (SoundExchange)
Itchy Pig Records (PPL)
ITD Recordings (PPL)
ITD Records (PPL)
ITN Corporation (PPL)
ITR – London (PPL)
Its R Time (SoundExchange)
Itrash Records (PPL)
Itsis Audio (SoundExchange)
ITP Records (SoundExchange)
ITP Records inc. (SoundExchange)
Itz Entertainment (SoundExchange)
IV Duncan (SoundExchange)
Iv Eva Ent Group (SoundExchange)
IVM Music (SoundExchange)
Ivan Rosenberg (SoundExchange)
Ivolution Records (PPL)
Ivor Game (PPL)
Ivory (PPL)
Ivory Moon Records (SoundExchange)
Ivory Sky Music Co. (SoundExchange)
Ivsi Records (PPL)
Ivsi Records (SoundExchange)
Ivy (Other) (SoundExchange)
Ivy League (Pyke, Joshua Jon)
Ivy League (Liberation)
Ivy Love (SoundExchange)
Ixthus (SoundExchange)
IYA Records (PPL)
Iya Vybz (SoundExchange)
Izumi Takagi (SoundExchange)
J America Music (SoundExchange)
J & B (PPL)
J & Jah Entertainment (SoundExchange)
J & L Productions (SoundExchange)
J & M Records (PPL)
J & N (SoundExchange)
J & N Reccords (SoundExchange)
J and J (PPL)
J and N Records (SoundExchange)
J C Jazz (PPL)
J C Records (Unidisc)
J Catin Music Publishing/ ASCAP
J Chris Newberg (SoundExchange)
J Dean Music (SoundExchange)
J Goldfinger (SoundExchange)
J Luna Music (SoundExchange)
J Mage Records (SoundExchange)
J Records (Sony Music Ent.)
J RoddyRod (SoundExchange)
J Toons Music (SoundExchange)
J&D (SoundExchange)
J&j Music Production (PPL)
J&N / M.P. Records (SoundExchange)
J&N Rec (SoundExchange)
J&N Record (SoundExchange)
J&N Records / Sony Disco
J&N / Sony (SoundExchange)
J&R Vargas Productions
J&S Construction (PPL)
J. &. F. (PPL)
J.A.H.P.S Records (PPL)
J.A.M. Records (J.A.M. Records)
J.A.R. Records Ltd (PPL)
J.D.M. (PPL)
J.J Sarden (SoundExchange)
J. Jarvis Productions (SoundExchange)
J.L.G Elyza (PPL)
J.L.P. (SoundExchange)
J.M. Cheung (SoundExchange)
J.O.T. Records (SoundExchange)
J.P.L.S. Records (PPL)
J.R. Swagg Boyzz (SoundExchange)
J.R.W. Music (PPL)
J.S. Yeary (SoundExchange)
J.Saxon (SoundExchange)
J. Storm (SoundExchange)
J.T.S.P. Recordings (PPL)
J.Venture-Virgin/EMI/Univ (EMI)
J2B Records (PPL)
J5 (PPL)
J-Master (SoundExchange)
J-Nett Music (SoundExchange)
J-Nett Records (SoundExchange)
J-Nyce (SoundExchange)
J-Tone Records (SoundExchange)
Ja- Far Peek (SoundExchange)
Ja- Recordings (SoundExchange)
Jab (PPL)
Jaba (PPL)
Jabari Stewart (SoundExchange)
Jacaranda Shamrock (PPL)
Jack A. Rowell, Jr (SoundExchange)
Jack Adaptor Ltd (PPL)
Jack Budd (SoundExchange)
Jack Dishel (SoundExchange)
Jack Geiser (SoundExchange)
Jack Grochmal (SoundExchange)
Jack Jackson III (Rayroar Recordings)
Jack Johnson (Onehill Records B.V.)
Jack Knife Music (SoundExchange)
Jack Knife Records (SoundExchange)
Jack Little Ministries, inc. (SoundExchange)
Jack Pot (PPL)
Jack Records (Warner)
Jack to Phono (PPL)
Jack to Phono Records (PPL)
March 2014
Jack W. Rice (SoundExchange)
Jack Weston Entertainment
Jackalope Recordings (PPL)
Jackalope Records (Doug Jayne)
Jackaroo Records (PPL)
Jackie Hooks (SoundExchange)
Jackie Kashian (SoundExchange)
Jackie Mason (SoundExchange)
Jackie Stanwood (SoundExchange)
Jackmove (SoundExchange)
Jackson Eli (SoundExchange)
Jackson Parten (SoundExchange)
Jackson Rosenfeld (SoundExchange)
Jackulfunk (PPL)
Jacki Cooper (Cooper, Jacki)
Jaclyn Dima (SoundExchange)
Jacob Dreyer (SoundExchange)
Jacob Gornall (SoundExchange)
Jacob L. Butler (Lions Share Recordings)
Jacob Price (SoundExchange)
Jacob Wood (SoundExchange)
Jacob Zettelmaier (SoundExchange)
Jacket Pocket Recordings (PPL)
Jackpot Records (PPL)
Jackpot Records Limited (PPL)
Jackson Analogue (Shock Entertainment)
Jackson Rubio Records (SoundExchange)
Jacovia Cunningham (SoundExchange)
Jacovie Burns (SoundExchange)
Jacqeline Becker (SoundExchange)
Jacques Laverne Records (PPL)
Jacromusic (SoundExchange)
Jacy James Anderson (SoundExchange)
Jad Productions (PPL)
Jad Records (PPL)
Jada (Jdog Records)
Jada-Marie (SoundExchange)
Jade (PPL)
Jade Diary (Jade Diary)
Jade Hurley (Hurley, Jade)
Jade Leonard (Leonard, Jade Louise)
Jade Note Music (SoundExchange)
Jaded Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Jadran Sound (SoundExchange)
Jaeiou (SoundExchange)
Jaeyu Records (SoundExchange)
Jaffa Music (SoundExchange)
Jagar Records And Publishing (PPL)
Jagged Halo (PPL)
Jaguar (PPL)
Jah Bible Records (PPL)
Jah-Bless Independent Records
Jah Creator (PPL)
Jah Kronik Production (SoundExchange)
Jah Levi (SoundExchange)
Jah Lion (PPL)
Jah Music Productions (PPL)
- 90 -
Jah Records (SoundExchange)
Jah Shaka (PPL)
Jah Snow Cone Production (PPL)
Jah Tubby (PPL)
Jah Youth Productions (SoundExchange)
Jahbless Independent Records
Jahenca Ltd (PPL)
Jahma (SoundExchange)
Jahmani Productions (SoundExchange)
Jahps Records (PPL)
Jahtari (PPL)
Jahz Bar Inc Multi-Media (PPL)
Jahz Bar Inc Records (PPL)
Jaiden Stylez (SoundExchange)
Jail House (PPL)
Jail House Ltd (PPL)
Jaime Black (SoundExchange)
Jaime Leigh Malin (PPL)
Jaime Rudolph (SoundExchange)
Jaime Rodriguez (SoundExchange)
Jaimz Woodard (SoundExchange)
Jair Marcone (SoundExchange)
Jaja (SoundExchange)
Jaja Cravworth Records (bluejuice)
Jajou Productions (SoundExchange)
Jak Records (PPL)
Jake Bell III (SoundExchange)
Jake Daniels (SoundExchange)
Jake Jackson (Liberation Music)
Jake Ousley (SoundExchange)
Jake Records (SoundExchange)
Jake Reichbart (SoundExchange)
Jake Schepps (SoundExchange)
Jake The Dog (SoundExchange)
Jakmandora (PPL)
Jal Premium (PPL)
Jal Recordings (PPL)
Jalapeno Records (PPL)
Jam 2 (SoundExchange)
Jam Central (PPL)
Jam Central Dance (PPL)
Jam Recordings (Shock Entertainment)
Jam Recordings (SoundExchange)
Jam Today (PPL)
Jam-It WGW LLC (SoundExchange)
Jamaal Andrews (SoundExchange)
Jamaal D. Hawkins (SoundExchange)
Jamaica Rafael (SoundExchange)
Jamaican Gold (SoundExchange)
Jamaican Recordings (UK)(Hot)
Jamaican Recordings (SoundExchange)
Jamaika (PPL)
Jamal Records FZ-LLC (EMI)
Jamar Lawrence (SoundExchange)
Jamba (Warner)
Jamba (SoundExchange)
Jambalaya (PPL)
Jambo Records (PPL)
Jamboree Records (Holland Music Group)
Jambrose Productions (SoundExchange)
Jambrum Records (PPL)
Jamcat Records (PPL)
Jamdown UK (PPL)
James Adamo (SoundExchange)
James and Keri Walsh (SoundExchange)
James Andrew Clark (SoundExchange)
James Brandon Lewis (SoundExchange)
James Buckingham (Buckingham, James)
James C. Cooper (SoundExchange)
James C. King III (SoundExchange)
James Calvin Armour (SoundExchange)
James Carriere (SoundExchange)
James Cataldo (SoundExchange)
James Chappo (SoundExchange)
James Christian Miller (SoundExchange)
James Cockerham (SoundExchange)
James Connor (SoundExchange)
James Cookas (SoundExchange)
James Daniels (SoundExchange)
James Dixon Jr. (SoundExchange)
James Douglas (SoundExchange)
James Doyle (SoundExchange)
James E. Carolan (SoundExchange)
James E. Sheldon (SoundExchange)
James Embry IV (SoundExchange)
James Emerson (SoundExchange)
James F Bacchi (SoundExchange)
James F Miller (SoundExchange)
James Ferguson (SoundExchange)
James Filippone (SoundExchange)
James Filkins (SoundExchange)
James Frierson (SoundExchange)
James Gabriano (SoundExchange)
James Gaven (SoundExchange)
James Geron Hoy (SoundExchange)
James Grigsby / Thump (SoundExchange)
James H. Mathis, Jr. (SoundExchange)
James Halifko (SoundExchange)
James Hood (SoundExchange)
James Houlahan (SoundExchange)
James Hundley (SoundExchange)
James Hurley Music (SoundExchange)
James Israel (SoundExchange)
James J. Browning (SoundExchange)
James Jackson (SoundExchange)
James Jenings (SoundExchange)
James John Maguire III (SoundExchange)
James Jones (SoundExchange)
James Joseph Bethke Jr. (SoundExchange)
James Kalenian (SoundExchange)
James Kelly (SoundExchange)
James Kelly Pitts (SoundExchange)
James Kelley (PPL)
James Kelly Fox Davis and a Bunch of
Friends (SoundExchange)
James Kenneth Andrus (SoundExchange)
James Kinney (SoundExchange)
March 2014
James Knier (SoundExchange)
James Kochalka (SoundExchange)
James Koetting (SoundExchange)
James Lee (PPL)
James Lee / K’Sandra Sterling
James Lee / Rachel Lynn Sebastian
James Lee / Shana Lie-Nielsen
James Lee / Sherryce Emry
James Leon Harris (SoundExchange)
James Lucente (SoundExchange)
James Luke (SoundExchange)
James M. Davidson (SoundExchange)
James M. Gregg (SoundExchange)
James M. Robinson Sr. (SoundExchange)
James Maccoll (Electronic)
James Maher (Willow Publishing)
James Mallard Publishing (SoundExchange)
James Mclean (SoundExchange)
James Michael Temple (SoundExchange)
James Miller/ Chris Webster
James N. Harris (SoundExchange)
James N. Williams Jr. (SoundExchange)
James Willingham (SoundExchange)
James Nevius (SoundExchange)
James O’Connor t/a Whitelab Records
James Penelton (SoundExchange)
James Popik (SoundExchange)
James Posey (SoundExchange)
James Power (SoundExchange)
James Pusey – The First Chapter (PPL)
James Rayfield (SoundExchange)
James Rickenbacker (SoundExchange)
James Scott (SoundExchange)
James Spears (SoundExchange)
James Sudakow (SoundExchange)
James Teague (Teague, James)
James Thomas (SoundExchange)
James Todd (SoundExchange)
James Tony Rackley (SoundExchange)
James Trujillo (SoundExchange)
James Ulrich (SoundExchange)
James W. Barrier (SoundExchange)
James W. Hatcher (SoundExchange)
James W. Hayne (SoundExchange)
James White (SoundExchange)
James Wilkerson (SoundExchange)
James Woolwine (SoundExchange)
James Zavala (SoundExchange)
Jameson Elder (SoundExchange)
Jamfab Music (SoundExchange)
Jamfat (PPL)
Jamie (PPL)
Jamie Alimorad (SoundExchange)
- 91 -
Jamie Frank (SoundExchange)
Jamie Green (SoundExchange)
Jamie/Guyden Dist Co (PPL)
Jamieson Trotter (SoundExchange)
Jamil H. Sharif (SoundExchange)
Jamma* Wun (SoundExchange)
Jammal K. Nelson (SoundExchange)
Jammin Records (PPL)
Jammy Jams, LLC (SoundExchange)
Jammys (PPL)
Jamnastic Music (PPL)
Jamnation (SoundExchange)
Jamot Music (SoundExchange)
Jan (Kimberley Lazareck) (SoundExchange)
Jan Bay USA, LLC (SoundExchange)
Jan McInnis (SoundExchange)
Jan Puryear Promotions (SoundExchange)
Jana Barros (SoundExchange)
Janajana (SoundExchange)
Janara Gail Holmes (SoundExchange)
Jane Allan (Allan, Jane)
Jane Becker Productions (SoundExchange)
Jane Clifton (Clifton, Jane)
Jane Fontana (SoundExchange)
Jane Godfrey (SoundExchange)
Jane Germain (Germain, Jane)
Jane Kellaway (Kellaway, Jane)
Jane Lui (SoundExchange)
Jane McDonald (PPL)
Jane Saunders (Saunders, Jane)
Jane Street Records (SoundExchange)
Jane Weaver (PPL)
Jane Wiedlin (SoundExchange)
Janeen Michael (SoundExchange)
Janelle Faiman (SoundExchange)
Janet Bates (SoundExchange)
Janet Paschal (SoundExchange)
Janette Geri (Geri, Janette)
Jangle Chain Records (PPL)
Jangular Music (SoundExchange)
Janice Faber (SoundExchange)
Janice Friedman (SoundExchange)
Janice Peele (SoundExchange)
Janika Musik (SoundExchange)
Janine Nichols (SoundExchange)
Janine Santana (SoundExchange)
Janine Stoll (SoundExchange)
Janmar Music (PPL)
Janski (PPL)
Janski Productions (PPL)
JAP Millionaire Productions
Japan Rockin (SoundExchange)
Japanesejoint (SoundExchange)
Japanubia Musik, LLC (SoundExchange)
Jappin ‘N’ Rockin’ (PPL)
Jappin’ Psycho Bomb (PPL)
Jarad Miles (SoundExchange)
Jardis Records (SoundExchange)
Jared “Pete” Gile (SoundExchange)
Jared Anderson (SoundExchange)
Jared Cechanowicz (SoundExchange)
Jared Kapavik (SoundExchange)
Jared Hallock (SoundExchange)
Jared Sims (SoundExchange)
Jared Swanson (SoundExchange)
Jared Tyler (SoundExchange)
Jared Van Fleet (SoundExchange)
Jared Weintraub (SoundExchange)
Jarell Perry (SoundExchange)
Jaro Median GMBH (PPL)
Jaro Medien (PPL)
Jaroe (SoundExchange)
Jarrah Records (Family Music P/L)
Jarrah Records (SoundExchange)
Jarrah Records (Three Little Fish P/L)
Jarrett Randazzo (SoundExchange)
Jarrrod Dickenson (SoundExchange)
Jarvis Knox (SoundExchange)
Jarvis Young (SoundExchange)
Jar’d Star (SoundExchange)
Jarnagin Music (SoundExchange)
Jary Niebur (SoundExchange)
Jasen Frederickson (SoundExchange)
Jasiri Media Group (SoundExchange)
Jasmine (PPL)
Jasmine June Productions Ltd (PPL)
Jasmine Yarbrough (SoundExchange)
Jason A. Carter (SoundExchange)
Jason A. Harris (SoundExchange)
Jason A. Stocky (SoundExchange)
Jason Adamo (SoundExchange)
Jason Allen (SoundExchange)
Jason Applegate (SoundExchange)
Jason Ayres (Ayres, Jason)
Jason B. Jones (SoundExchange)
Jason Bradley (SoundExchange)
Jason Brody (SoundExchange)
Jason Cavallaro (SoundExchange)
Jason D. Morgan (SoundExchange)
Jason Davoli (SoundExchange)
Jason Fournier (SoundExchange)
Jason Garriotte (SoundExchange)
Jason Gillearn (SoundExchange)
Jason Gore (Gore, Jason)
Jason Herndon (SoundExchange)
Jason Kemp (Kemp, Jason George)
Jason Kenneth Paxton (SoundExchange)
Jason John Whitehead (SoundExchange)
Jason Johnson (SoundExchange)
Jason L. Williams (SoundExchange)
Jason Lee (Lee, Jason)
Jason Levine (SoundExchange)
Jason Lindner (SoundExchange)
Jason M. Bennett (SoundExchange)
Jason Maynard (Griffin Music)
Jason McKenzie (SoundExchange)
Jason McNeely (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Jason Michael David Steinhauer
Jason Mraz (SoundExchange)
Jason Nelson (SoundExchange)
Jason O. Ash (SoundExchange)
Jason P. McGraw (SoundExchange)
Jason Parker Music (SoundExchange)
Jason Peck (SoundExchange)
Jason Pettus (SoundExchange)
Jason Rabinowitz (SoundExchange)
Jason Redon (SoundExchange)
Jason Reeves (SoundExchange)
Jason Ryan (Just Jase Entertainment)
Jason Santiago (SoundExchange)
Jason Spooner (SoundExchange)
Jason Stulo (SoundExchange)
Jason Terry (SoundExchange)
Jason Upton (SoundExchange)
Jason York (SoundExchange)
Jasonik Boom Records (SoundExchange)
Jaspar Loes (SoundExchange)
Jasrac (SoundExchange)
Jass Records (PPL)
Jatin Bhasin (SoundExchange)
Java Entertainment (Java Entertainment)
Javelin Promotions Limited (PPL)
Javelin/Spotlight On Series (PPL)
Javelin Taylor (SoundExchange)
Javier Alexender (SoundExchange)
Javier Del Aguila Ruiz (SoundExchange)
Javier Mendoza (SoundExchange)
Javier Picazo (SoundExchange)
Javon Inman (SoundExchange)
Jawara Joe (SoundExchange)
Jaxart Records (SoundExchange)
Jaxon (SoundExchange)
Jay (PPL)
Jay Clifford (SoundExchange)
Jay Dillen (SoundExchange)
Jay Ferguson (SoundExchange)
Jay Foote (SoundExchange)
Jay Held (SoundExchange)
Jay Jai Miller (SoundExchange)
Jay Lashley (SoundExchange)
Jay Leach (SoundExchange)
Jay Levesque (SoundExchange)
Jay Morgans (SoundExchange)
Jay Rakes Band (SoundExchange)
Jay Rasemny (SoundExchange)
Jay Scott Berry (SoundExchange)
Jay Sherman-Godfrey (SoundExchange)
Jay Skot (SoundExchange)
Jay Soul (SoundExchange)
Jay St Records (SoundExchange)
Jay Whyman (SoundExchange)
Jay Williams (SoundExchange)
Jay Willie Blues Band (SoundExchange)
Jay-Boy (PPL)
Jayded Records (PPL)
Jaye Muller (SoundExchange)
- 92 -
Jaye Sanders (SoundExchange)
Jayme Dawicki (SoundExchange)
Jayme Dee (SoundExchange)
Jaymie Gerard (SoundExchange)
Jayne-Anne Power (Power, Jayne-Anne)
Jayne Denham (Shock Entertainment)
Jaynie Records (Jaynie Records)
Jaypay Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Jayself (SoundExchange)
Jaysoulmusic (SoundExchange)
Jayson Belt/ Andy Smith (SoundExchange)
Jaywalker Records (PPL)
Jaywood Production Company
Jayrem (Hot)
Jazcraft (SoundExchange)
Jazz (EMI)
Jazz A Saint Germain (EMI)
Jazz Arena (PPL)
Jazz Art (PPL)
Jazz At Lincoln Center (SoundExchange)
Jazz Band Record (PPL)
Jazz Cat Records (PPL)
Jazz Central Records (PPL)
Jazz Connections (SoundExchange)
Jazz Crusade (PPL)
Jazz Door (SoundExchange)
Jazz Excursion (SoundExchange)
Jazz Factory (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Jazz Factory Spain (SoundExchange)
Jazz FM Records (PPL)
Jazz Fudge (PPL)
Jazz Fusions (PPL)
Jazz Hour Records (PPL)
Jazz House Magnum UK (SoundExchange)
Jazz Icons (Select)
Jazz Information (PPL)
Jazz Juice (PPL)
Jazz Key Music (SoundExchange)
Jazz Legacy (SoundExchange)
Jazz Legacy Prod (SoundExchange)
Jazz Legacy Productions (SoundExchange)
Jazz Link Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Jazz Los Fundamentales (EMI)
Jazz Master (PPL)
Jazz MCG (PPL)
Jazz Meridan (SoundExchange)
Jazz Mistress Records (SoundExchange)
Jazz N’Avour (EMI)
Jazz O Kikitakute (EMI)
Jazz Play Records P/L (The Broken
Jazz Q Records (SoundExchange)
Jazz Refreshed Records (PPL)
Jazz Services (PPL)
Jazz Services Label (PPL)
Jazz Services Records (PPL)
Jazz Shots (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Jazz Super Now (EMI)
Jazz Time (UK)(PPL)
Jazz Tracks (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Jazz Will (SoundExchange)
Jazz Workshop (EMI)
Jazz Workshop, inc. (SoundExchange)
Jazzanova Compst Records (PPL) (PPL)
Jazzbeat (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Jazzcat 47 (SoundExchange)
Jazzcats (SoundExchange)
Jazzcontinnum (PPL)
Jazzette Records (PPL)
Jazzgroove (Masters, Gerard)
Jazzhead (Head Records)
Jazziz (SoundExchange)
Jazzland (PPL)
Jazzlotion (PPL)
Jazzman (PPL)
Jazzman (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Jazzmont Records (SoundExchange)
Jazznik Ltd (PPL)
Jazzology (PPL)
Jazzprint (PPL)
Jazztrade (PPL)
Jazzuk (SoundExchange)
Jazzupstarts Records (PPL)
JB Abbot (SoundExchange)
JB Records (SoundExchange)
JBD Productions (JBD Productions)
JBG Music (SoundExchange)
JBJ Records (SoundExchange)
JBL (SoundExchange)
JBM (SoundExchange)
JBS Series (PPL)
JC Cassis (SoundExchange)
JCR (SoundExchange)
JCMusic (SoundExchange)
JD Eicher & the Goodnights
JD Music (SoundExchange)
JDBFromTheMag (SoundExchange)
JDC Records (Unidisc)
JDJ (Journeys by DJ)(PPL)
JDizzle Beats (SoundExchange)
Jdog Records (Jdog Records)
J-Dubb Records (SoundExchange)
JEA Music (SoundExchange)
Jealous Butcher (SoundExchange)
Jealous Butcher Records (SoundExchange)
Jealous Records (PPL)
Jeanine Maningo (SoundExchange)
Jebu (SoundExchange)
Jean Atkins-Snyder (SoundExchange)
Jean Cardoni Music (SoundExchange)
Jean Claude Gardner (SoundExchange)
Jean-Francois Garneau (SoundExchange)
Jean-Louis Cauvin (SoundExchange)
Jean-Paul Riva (SoundExchange)
Jean-Pierre Marc-Charles (SoundExchange)
Jeanette-Triniti Bhaguandas
March 2014
Jeanette Vig (SoundExchange)
Jeanie B! Music (SoundExchange)
Jebediah Pty Ltd (Jebediah Pty Ltd)
Jecklin (SoundExchange)
Jed Rowe (Rowe, Jed)
Jedbrah Music (PPL)
Jeddart Music (SoundExchange)
Jedi Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Jeepster Recordings (PPL)
Jefa Head Records (SoundExchange)
Jeff & Vida (SoundExchange)
Jeff Adams-For Real (SoundExchange)
Jeff Albert (SoundExchange)
Jeff Austin Black (SoundExchange)
Jeff Bosset (SoundExchange)
Jeff Burghart (SoundExchange)
Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch (SoundExchange)
Jeff Caldwell (SoundExchange)
Jeff Delbridge (SoundExchange)
Jeff Desjardins (SoundExchange)
Jeff Dood (SoundExchange)
Jeff Gaeth (SoundExchange)
Jeff Gold Music (SoundExchange)
Jeff Havens (SoundExchange)
Jeff Ide (SoundExchange)
Jeff Jones the Producer (SoundExchange)
Jeff Kinder (SoundExchange)
Jeff Laine (SoundExchange)
Jeff Larsen (SoundExchange)
Jeff Leblanc (SoundExchange)
Jeff Litman (SoundExchange)
Jeff Maddox (SoundExchange)
Jeff Michael (SoundExchange)
Jeff Ryan (SoundExchange)
Jeff Sheppard (Sheppard, Jeff)
Jeff Treece (SoundExchange)
Jeff Vogelgesang (SoundExchange)
Jeff Witzeman (SoundExchange)
Jeff Wyatt (SoundExchange)
Jefferson Fox (SoundExchange)
Jeffery Gabriel (SoundExchange)
Jeffery Hammond (SoundExchange)
Jeffery Kazor (SoundExchange)
Jeffery Lahr (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey A. Crowder (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey B. Scott (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Blot (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Bonds (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Burr (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey C. Klemm (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Calhoun (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Crerie (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Dean Foster (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Fisher (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Gray (Gray, Jeffrey)
Jeffrey Jones (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Koepper (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey L. Johnson Jr. (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Larson (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Martin Morris (SoundExchange)
- 93 -
Jeffrey Miller (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Murrell (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey P. Bosworth (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Price (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Raymond Henson (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey S Chandler (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Seaton (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Simmons (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Sisson (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Turnage (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey W. Colella (SoundExchange)
Jeffrey Zahn (SoundExchange)
Jefx (SoundExchange)
Jeg (SoundExchange)
Jehovah Jireh Records (SoundExchange)
Jekyll And Hide (PPL)
Jelly Jam (PPL)
Jellybean Productions, inc (SoundExchange)
Jellybean Songs (SoundExchange)
Jellybean Soul (SoundExchange)
Jellyfish Music (Jellyfish Music)
Jellyfish Recordings (PPL)
Jem Records (PPL)
Jemstone Entertainment (PPL)
Jen Cloher (Cloher, Jen)
Jen Wood (SoundExchange)
Jena Blechman (SoundExchange)
Jenamy Music (SoundExchange)
Jenetic Records (PPL)
Jenica Rayne (SoundExchange)
Jenifa Mayanja (SoundExchange)
Jenn Grinels (SoundExchange)
Jenna Ehrle (SoundExchange)
Jenna Ehrle Voice Studio (SoundExchange)
Jennie Avila Music (SoundExchange)
Jennie Girl Music (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Bostic (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Burnett (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Cadence (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Dalton (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Dixon (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Ellis (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Grassman Music (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Howell (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Johnson (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Logue Music (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Muhawi (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Newberry (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Renee Stamper (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Stackpole (SoundExchange)
Jennifer Thorington (SoundExchange)
Jennings Boys Recordings (SoundExchange)
Jenny Adams (Adams, Jennifer)
Jensen, Bonnie (Bonnie Jensen &
Jenny Brooklin (SoundExchange)
Jenny Lewis and Watson Twins
Jensen Reed (SoundExchange)
Jerad Finck (SoundExchange)
Jerald Wayne Mills (SoundExchange)
Jered Bullard (SoundExchange)
Jeremi Beard (SoundExchange)
Jeremiah Castelo (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Daniel Bauman (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Dean (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Devens (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Ferrick (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Hartshorn (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Hilton (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Khawaja (SoundExchange)
Jeremy King (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Kittel (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Ledgewood (SoundExchange)
Jeremy M. Frank (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Matthew Cohen (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Messersmith (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Natale (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Neely (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Oxley (Oxley, Jeremy Saxon &
Griffiths, Mary))
Jeremy Shrader (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Storch (SoundExchange)
Jeremy W Davenport (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Weinglass (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Wray (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Wrenn (SoundExchange)
Jeremy Zac De Guzman (SoundExchange)
Jericco (Jericco)
Jericho (SoundExchange)
Jericho Beach (David Francey, The Wailin’
Jennys)(Shock Entertainment)
Jericho Beach Music/ Alpha Yaya Diallo
Jericho Beach Music / Corbin Murdoch
Jericho Beach Music / Digging Roots
Jericho Beach Music / E.S.L
Jericho Beach Music / Geoff Berner
Jericho Beach Music / Girl Nobody
Jericho Beach Music / James Keelaghan
Jericho Beach Music / Kim Barlow
Jericho Beach Music / Lache Cercel
Jericho Beach Music / NDidi Onukwulu
Jericho Beach Music / Po Girl
Jericho Beach Music / Silk Road Music
Jericho Beach Music / Tanya Gillis
Jericho Beach Music / The Wailin Jennys
March 2014
Jerki (SoundExchange)
Jerktone Music (SoundExchange)
Jermaine A Walker (SoundExchange)
Jermaine Bryson (SoundExchange)
Jermaine Jordan (SoundExchange)
Jermaine Management Company
Jermar Music Group (SoundExchange)
Jerusa Dub (SoundExchange)
Jerold Ellis (SoundExchange)
Jerome Betsey Jr. (SoundExchange)
Jerome Records (SoundExchange)
Jerrell James Suelto (SoundExchange)
Jerrico And Kic (SoundExchange)
Jerrod Medulla (SoundExchange)
Jerry A. Hawkins (SoundExchange)
Jerry Doucette (SoundExchange)
Jerry Jennings (SoundExchange)
Jerry Made Live Recordings
Jerry Schmitt (SoundExchange)
Jerry Shaw (SoundExchange)
Jerry Thompson (SoundExchange)
Jerry Tilitz (SoundExchange)
Jerry Williams Music (SoundExchange)
Jersey Cowboyz Music (SoundExchange)
Jersey Records (Universal)
Jersey Shore Island Beat (SoundExchange)
Jersey Underground Records (PPL)
Jervon Robinson (SoundExchange)
Jerzy Girl Music Company
Jes Say Records (SoundExchange)
Jesajade Muzik (SoundExchange)
Jesajade Publishing (SoundExchange)
Jesca Hoop (PPL)
Jesper Recordings (PPL) (PPL) (PPL)
Jess Godwin (SoundExchange)
Jess Recordings (PPL)
Jess Ribeiro & The Bone Collectors
(RIbeiro, Jess and Law, Robert)
Jesse Aycock (SoundExchange)
Jesse Brand (SoundExchange)
Jesse Brewster (SoundExchange)
Jesse Ciarmataro (SoundExchange)
Jesse Gregory (SoundExchange)
Jesse Howell (SoundExchange)
Jesse J. Johnson III (SoundExchange)
Jesse Kot (Kot, Jesse)
Jesse Lee (SoundExchange)
Jesse Lennox (PPL)
Jesse Lee (SoundExchange)
Jesse Macht (SoundExchange)
Jesse Macleod (SoundExchange)
Jesse Moore (SoundExchange)
Jesse Payne (SoundExchange)
Jesse Schaefer (SoundExchange)
Jesse Sprinkle (SoundExchange)
- 94 -
Jesse Worstell (SoundExchange)
Jessi Linares (EMI)
Jessica Baldwin (SoundExchange)
Jessica Braun (SoundExchange)
Jessica Campbell (SoundExchange)
Jessica Cauvin (SoundExchange)
Jessica Charlotte Poland (SoundExchange)
Jessica Delfino (SoundExchange)
Jessica Draper (SoundExchange)
Jessica Fine (SoundExchange)
Jessica Hoop (PPL)
Jessica King Productions (SoundExchange)
Jessica Lea Mayfield (SoundExchange)
Jessica Morhall (Morhall, Jessica)
Jessica Paige Romig (Romig, Jessica)
Jessica Pearson (SoundExchange)
Jessica Sonner (SoundExchange)
Jessie Sparks (Sparks, Jessie)
Jessie Sparks (SoundExchange)
Jessie Torrisi (SoundExchange)
Jesse Witney Music (Jesse Witney Music)
Jesters Court (PPL)
Jesusculture (SoundExchange)
Jesusglue Ministries, Inc (SoundExchange)
Jesus Marrero (SoundExchange)
Jet/ELO (Sony Music Ent.)
Jet O’Rourke (O’Rourke, Jet)
Jet Pack Industries LLC (SoundExchange)
Jet Star (PPL)
Jetstream Records Ltd (PPL)
Jett’s Creek (SoundExchange)
Jett’s Creek / Mountain Fever Records
Jetty Road (Jetty Road)
Jeuse Kastoan (SoundExchange)
Jevon Wallace (SoundExchange)
Jew Man Group (SoundExchange)
Jewel (PPL)
Jewell Bell (SoundExchange)
Jewel of Garnett (SoundExchange)
Jewel Paula Records (SoundExchange)
Jewel-Paula Records (SoundExchange)
Jewelclick (PPL)
Jewish Heavy Metal Music Produ (PPL)
Jewish Music Festival Prod. (PPL)
Jewish Music Heritage Prod. (PPL)
Jewish Music Heritage Recordings (PPL)
Jewish Rock Records (SoundExchange)
Jeyemusic (SoundExchange)
Jeystone Media Ltd (PPL)
Jezabel Kipp (SoundExchange)
Jezus Factory Records (PPL)
JFA (SoundExchange)
JFC Music (PPL)
JFC Records (PPL)
JFD Recordings (PPL)
JFK Entertainment (SoundExchange)
JFP Music (SoundExchange)
J-Funk (PPL)
JFX Music (PPL)
JG Records (SoundExchange)
Jhaymcclain Productions (SoundExchange)
JHO (SoundExchange)
Jibe Records (SoundExchange)
Jide Akintsyo (SoundExchange)
Jihae Kim (SoundExchange)
Jill Brzezicki (SoundExchange)
Jill Conner (SoundExchange)
Jill Moskowitz (SoundExchange)
Jill Ohara Music (SoundExchange)
Jill Stevenson (SoundExchange)
Jillian (SoundExchange)
Jillian Aversa (SoundExchange)
Jillian Tweedie (Tweedie, Jillian Frances)
Jim Beggs (SoundExchange)
Jim Bianco (SoundExchange)
Jim Earl (SoundExchange)
Jim Fischer (SoundExchange)
Jim Frankel (SoundExchange)
Jim Freek (SoundExchange)
Jim Gaven (SoundExchange)
Jim Gibson (SoundExchange)
Jim Guittard (SoundExchange)
Jim Guthrie (SoundExchange)
Jim Otte (SoundExchange)
Jim’s Lost In Space Music (SoundExchange)
Jim Lutz (SoundExchange)
Jim Noir (SoundExchange)
Jim Ramsey (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Delpeche (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Hicks, Jr. (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Jangle (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Le M Productions (PPL)
Jimmy Nash (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Nero (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Parrish (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Parrish and the Ocean Waves Band
Jimmy Roncales Cui (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Shubert (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Tan (SoundExchange)
Jimmy V. Productions, LLC
Jimmy Wallace (SoundExchange)
Jim Tropical Trading Co. (SoundExchange)
Jim Vilandre Music Publishing
Jimmie Mack (SoundExchange)
Jimmie Mallard II (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Bowskill (SoundExchange)
Jimmy Delpeche (SoundExchange)
Jin (PPL)
Jingle Bell Baby (SoundExchange)
Jinx Records (Ministry Of Sound)
Jip Records (SoundExchange)
Jitter (PPL)
Jitterbop Records (SoundExchange)
Jive (Sony Music Ent.)
Jive Electro (Sony Music Ent.)
Jive Urban (Sony Music Ent)
March 2014
JJ Records (PPL)
JJ’s (PPL)
JJW Music (SoundExchange)
JK Livin Records (SoundExchange)
JK Livin Records (Universal)
JK Management Ltd (PPL)
JK Music (SoundExchange)
JK47 Records (SoundExchange)
JKG Records (SoundExchange)
JKH Entertainment (SoundExchange)
JKNM Records (SoundExchange)
JKP Musique (SoundExchange)
JLP Productions (SoundExchange)
JLS Records (PPL)
JM Songs Ltd (PPL)
JMA Music (SoundExchange)
Jmari Music Group (SoundExchange)
JME Records (SoundExchange)
JMG (SoundExchange)
JMGT Studios Satellite Television Network,
LLC (SoundExchange)
JMP Music (SoundExchange)
JMP/Drive (PPL)
JMT (SoundExchange)
Jo Cooper (Salon Empyrean Pty Ltd)
Jo-Leah Tillbury (SoundExchange)
Jo Studio (SoundExchange)
Jo Williamson (SoundExchange)
Joakim Hillson (SoundExchange)
Joan Torres Music (SoundExchange)
Joanie Calem (SoundExchange)
Joanne Griffin (Griffin, Joanne)
Joanne Griffin (SoundExchange)
Joaquin Records (SoundExchange)
Jobe Records (SoundExchange)
Jobo Records (SoundExchange)
Jobox Records (PPL)
Joc Records (PPL)
Jocelyn Bennet (SoundExchange)
Joda (SoundExchange)
Jodama Production (SoundExchange)
Jodi Blu (SoundExchange)
Jodi Shaw (SoundExchange)
Jodie Ranger (Ranger, Jodie)
Jody Joe (SoundExchange)
Jody Seabody and the Whirls (orange)
Joe Anderson (SoundExchange)
Joe Bongiorno (SoundExchange)
Joe Clair (SoundExchange)
Joe Clinton (SoundExchange)
Joe Cocker USA (EMI)
Joe Colledge (OMS Records)
Joe Cox (SoundExchange)
Joe Diaz / Cash Money Records / Universal
Motown (SoundExchange)
Joe Dog Records (SoundExchange)
Joe Egginton (PPL)
Joe Frasier (PPL)
- 95 -
Joe Gibbs Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Joe Gilman (SoundExchange)
Joe Hedges (SoundExchange)
Joe Hooper (SoundExchange)
Joe Iadanza (SoundExchange)
Joe Kile (SoundExchange)
Joe L. Stanford Jr. (SoundExchange)
Joe Lamore (SoundExchange)
Joe McGinty (SoundExchange)
Joe Phillips (SoundExchange)
Joe Public Records (PPL)
Joe Pugliese (Joe Pug) (Shock
Joe Ramey (SoundExchange)
Joe Nance (SoundExchange)
Joe Parkhurst (SoundExchange)
Joe Shelton (SoundExchange)
Joe Stone (SoundExchange)
Joe Trapani (SoundExchange)
Joe William Myers II (SoundExchange)
Joe Yamada (SoundExchange)
Joe Zuniga (SoundExchange)
Joel Day (SoundExchange)
Joel Del Rosario (SoundExchange)
Joel Douek (SoundExchange)
Joel Holmes (SoundExchange)
Joel Sarakula (Sarakula, Joel)
Joel M. Wade (SoundExchange)
Joel Rodney Siemon Music
Joel Sullivan (SoundExchange)
Jowl T. west (SoundExchange)
Joel Zoss (SoundExchange)
Joe’s Backyard (SoundExchange)
Joesoap Records Ltd (PPL)
Joey Allcorn (SoundExchange)
Joey Auch (SoundExchange)
Joey Fehrenbach (SoundExchange)
Joey McGee (SoundExchange)
Joey Murcia (SoundExchange)
Joey Nicholson (SoundExchange)
Jogalresa (PPL)
Johanna Devine (SoundExchange)
Johanna Jacobsen (SoundExchange)
Johanna Kunin (SoundExchange)
Johann’s Face Records (Exchange)
John & Mary Kautter (SoundExchange)
John Albert Thomas (SoundExchange)
John Amis (SoundExchange)
John Anderson (SoundExchange)
John Anthony Watson (PPL)
John Archer (SoundExchange)
John Axelrod (SoundExchange)
John B. Williams (SoundExchange)
John Biord Music (SoundExchange)
John Blair Overton (SoundExchange)
John Bobek (SoundExchange)
John Bonnett (SoundExchange)
John Boswell (SoundExchange)
John Boy & Billy inc. (SoundExchange)
John Brown’s Body (SoundExchange)
John Bruschini (SoundExchange)
John Bura (SoundExchange)
John Burton (SoundExchange)
John Butler (Minister) (SoundExchange)
John Bye Productions - Children’s Series
John Bye Productions (Move)
John Campbell (SoundExchange)
John Carey (Urban Soul Guitarist)
John Catney (SoundExchange)
John Charles Guest (SoundExchange)
John Cheadle (SoundExchange)
John Chester (Chester, John)
John Clarke Matthews (SoundExchange)
John Clarke Music (SoundExchange)
John Columbo (SoundExchange)
John Connally (SoundExchange)
John Covington (SoundExchange)
John Craig Larson (SoundExchange)
John Currier (SoundExchange)
John D Bates (SoundExchange)
John D. Marsh (SoundExchange)
John D. Morgan (SoundExchange)\
John Danser Octet (SoundExchange)
John Danser Publishing (SoundExchange)
John Danser Kent LLC (SoundExchange)
John David Stiles (PPL)
John Davidson (SoundExchange)
John Dexter Jackson II (SoundExchange)
John Dolcine (SoundExchange)
John E. Gill-Ochal (SoundExchange)
John Eicher (SoundExchange)
John Enghauser (SoundExchange)
John Erickson (SoundExchange)
John F. Davis (SoundExchange)
John Fairhurst (PPL)
John Fallon (SoundExchange)
John Farnham (EMI)
John Fitzgerald Fennidy Jr.
John Friday (SoundExchange)
John Garret (SoundExchange)
John H. Alston (SoundExchange)
John Hager (SoundExchange)
John Hardy Music (PPL)
John Harley Weston (John Harley Weston)
John Hegarty (SoundExchange)
John Hiatt (SoundExchange)
John Hughey Music (SoundExchange)
John Igaz (SoundExchange)
John Kachnowski (SoundExchange)
John Kelly (SoundExchange)
John Ki Comedy (SoundExchange)
John Kocur (SoundExchange)
John L. B. Madden (SoundExchange)
John L. Sullivan (SoundExchange)
John Laprade (SoundExchange)
John Lee (SoundExchange)
March 2014
John Leitch (SoundExchange)
John Massari (SoundExchange)
John McCarthy (McCarthy, John)
John McClellen (SoundExchange)
John McNeil (SoundExchange)
John McVey (SoundExchange)
John Medina (SoundExchange)
John Michael Jagos (SoundExchange)
John Michael Lore (SoundExchange)
John Michael Music, inc. (SoundExchange)
John M. Rankin (SoundExchange)
John Mancini Band (SoundExchange)
John Mandeville (SoundExchange)
John Margolis (SoundExchange)
John Marks Records (SoundExchange)
John Marhall Jones (SoundExchange)
John Mulkerin (SoundExchange)
John Myers (SoundExchange)
John Nelson (SoundExchange)
John Novello (SoundExchange)
John O’ Connell (PPL)
John P. Klinger (SoundExchange)
John P. Renaud (SoundExchange)
John Pattison (SoundExchange)
John Paul Burke (SoundExchange)
John Payne (SoundExchange)
John Platania (SoundExchange)
John Preble (SoundExchange)
John R. Steere III (SoundExchange)
John Rachal (SoundExchange)
John Randall (PPL)
John Randolph (SoundExchange)
John Rees (SoundExchange)
John Robinson (SoundExchange)
John Robinson (SoundExchange)
John Rose (SoundExchange)
John Roy Zat (SoundExchange)
John S. Perrine (SoundExchange)
John Schussler (SoundExchange)
John Serrie (SoundExchange)
John Shakelford (SoundExchange)
John Shop Records (SoundExchange)
John Smith (SoundExchange)
John Snow (Band) and Tre Sheppard
John Spangler (SoundExchange)
John Stuart Furlong (SoundExchange)
John Swanson (SoundExchange)
John That (SoundExchange)
Johnn Thomas (SoundExchange)
John Tinger (SoundExchange)
John Torres (SoundExchange)
John Tropea (SoundExchange)
John Valdespino (SoundExchange)
John W. Miller (SoundExchange)
John W. Pisano (SoundExchange)
John Wagner (SoundExchange)
John Waller Management (PPL)
John Wesley Austin (SoundExchange)
John Wilkes (PPL)
- 96 -
John York (SoundExchange)
Johnathan East (SoundExchange)
Johnathon Nelson (SoundExchange)
Johnathon O’Neal (SoundExchange)
Johnathan Pratt (SoundExchange)
Johnnie Mack Jones (SoundExchange)
Johnny Alston (SoundExchange)
Johnny Andrew (SoundExchange)
Johnny Bacolas (SoundExchange)
Johnny Beehner (SoundExchange)
Johnny Bob Music (SoundExchange)
Johnny Boy (PPL)
Johnny Boy Records (PPL)
Johnny Castle (SoundExchange)
Johnny DeMarco (SoundExchange)
Johnny Dizzle Records (SoundExchange)
Johnny Dowd (SoundExchange)
Johnny Johnston (SoundExchange)
Johnny O (SoundExchange)
Johnny Rayborn (SoundExchange)
Johnny Roberts Jr. (SoundExchange)
Johnny Rock and the Limits (Johnny Rock
and the Limits)
Johnny Tyrone Stringfield (SoundExchange)
Johnson Grass Records (SoundExchange)
Joia Records (SoundExchange)
Joiemusic (SoundExchange)
Join Or Die Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
Joint Declaration Records (PPL)
Joint Effort Records (PPL)
Joint Heir Music Group (SoundExchange)
Jojo Sounds (PPL)
Joken Records (SoundExchange)
Joker Records (PPL)
Jolly Beggarmen (Jolly Beggarmen)
Jolly Roger (SoundExchange)
Jololi (SoundExchange)
JoltingJo Records (SoundExchange)
Jon Asher Music (SoundExchange)
Jon Bonner (PPL)
Jon Colemon (SoundExchange)
Jon Cou4noy34 (SoundExchange)
Jon Dalton (SoundExchange)
Jon Davidson (SoundExchange)
Jon Goin (SoundExchange)
Jon Gold (SoundExchange)
Jon Gooch (PPL)
Jon Hammond (SoundExchange)
Jon Hugo Ungar (SoundExchange)
Jon Kaplan (SoundExchange)
Jon Koschoreck (SoundExchange)
Jon Lewis (PPL)
Jon Lutjens (SoundExchange)
Jon-Mickel Woody (SoundExchange)
Jon Pickard (PPL)
Jon Shaw (SoundExchange)
Jon Skaggs (SoundExchange)
Jon Svetkey (SoundExchange)
Jon Swift (SoundExchange)
Jon Troast (SoundExchange)
Jon Wolfe (SoundExchange)
Jon Zeeman (SoundExchange)
Jonah Madox (PPL)
Jonah Matranga (SoundExchange)
Jonah Smith (SoundExchange)
Jonah Tolchin (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Burke (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Chriastian Ulmer (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Cline (SoundExchange)
Jonathan King Enterprises Ltd(PPL)
Jonathan Feist (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Feist Publishing (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Heisserer (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Hutchins (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Jones (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Kreisberg (SoundExchange)
Jonathan L. Robinson, Sr. (SoundExchange)
Jonathan M. Stevens (SoundExchange)
Jonathon McPhetres (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Masnson (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Nelson (SoundExchange)
Jonathan O’Neal (SoundExchange)
Jonathon Pacheco (SoundExchange)
Jonathon Paris (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Peters (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Price (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Richardson (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Thomas Stratman
Jonathan Tyler Music (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Visalden (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Visger (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Weinstein (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Wesley Robinson
Jonathon Wharton (SoundExchange)
Jonathan White (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Williams (SoundExchange)
Jonathan Wilson (SoundExchange)
Jonesemotion Productionz (SoundExchange)
Jongleur (PPL)
Jonitta Reed (SoundExchange)
Jonjo Music Ltd (PPL)
Jonk Records (SoundExchange)
Jonmark Stone (SoundExchange)
Jonna Lee (SoundExchange)
Jonson Family (PPL)
Jonny Loves House Records (PPL)
Jontee Ruffin (SoundExchange)
Jontom (SoundExchange)
Jonty Fisher (PPL)
Jonzo Records (SoundExchange)
Joof Records (PPL)
Jophus Records (PPL)
Joppy (Josh Johnstone)
Jordan Cohen (SoundExchange)
Jordan Cole (SoundExchange)
Jordan Elliot Williams (SoundExchange)
Jordan King Music USA (SoundExchange)
Jordan Lake (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Jordan Malonga (SoundExchange)
Jordan Ring (SoundExchange)
Jordash Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Jordie Lane (lane, Jordie)
Jordy Bruins (SoundExchange)
Jorge Enrique Rumiche (SoundExchange)
Jorge Jose Santos Caban (SoundExchange)
Jorge Leon (SoundExchange)
Jorge Marcellus Kouadio (SoundExchange)
Jorge Ramirez (SoundExchange)
Josie McCaster (SoundExchange)
Jorge Torrijos (Toco)
Jose Alberto (SoundExchange)
Jose Angel Ledesma Quintero
Jose Belville (SoundExchange)
Jose Daniel Matos (SoundExchange)
Jose David Garcia (SoundExchange)
Jose Gonzales & Banda Criolla
Jose Luis Arias (SoundExchange)
Jose Manuel Lopez (SoundExchange)
Jose Promis (SoundExchange)
Jose Zaragoza (SoundExchange)
Jopse R. Rodriguez (SoundExchange)
Joseph A Trupiano (SoundExchange)
Joseph A. Baran (SoundExchange)
Joseph A. Polidori (SoundExchange)
Joseph A. Schifano (SoundExchange)
Joseph Alan Fears (SoundExchange)
Joseph Andrew Schicke (SoundExchange)
Joseph Arthur (SoundExchange)
Joseph Barker (SoundExchange)
Joseph Beier (SoundExchange)
Joseph Blaise (SoundExchange)
Joseph Bristol II (SoundExchange)
Joseph Bublewicz (SoundExchange)
Joseph C. Moore, 3rd (SoundExchange)
Joseph Cameron (SoundExchange)
Joseph Deal (SoundExchange)
Joseph E. Rybczyk Jr. (SoundExchange)
Joseph Edward Price (SoundExchange)
Joseph Fehrenbach (SoundExchange)
Joseph Francis Vassallo Jr.
Joseph Frech (SoundExchange)
Joseph Gallo (SoundExchange)
Joseph Harris Russell (SoundExchange)
Joseph Holewa (SoundExchange)
Joseph Kay (SoundExchange)
Joseph Kimbrell (SoundExchange)
Joseph Lee Hooker (SoundExchange)
Joseph Longo (SoundExchange)
Joseph M. Gamboa (SoundExchange)
Joseph Mayberry (SoundExchange)
Joseph Nagler (SoundExchange)
Joseph Nelson (SoundExchange)
Joseph Nichols (SoundExchange)
Joseph Olimpio Pignato (SoundExchange)
Joseph R. Patin (SoundExchange)
- 97 -
Joseph Rucker (SoundExchange)
Joseph Scarcella (SoundExchange)
Joseph Smith (SoundExchange)
Joseph Street Records (SoundExchange)
Joseph Van Buren (SoundExchange)
Joseph Waldron (SoundExchange)
Joseph White (SoundExchange)
Josph Wicker (SoundExchange)
Joseph Wimbley (SoundExchange)
Joseph’s Bones (SoundExchange)
Josette Schera (SoundExchange)
Josephine Defeis (SoundExchange)
Josey Dog Recordings (SoundExchange)
Josh Abbott (SoundExchange)
Josh Bales (SoundExchange)
Josh Canova (SoundExchange)
Josh Glazer (SoundExchange)
Josh K. Davis (SoundExchange)
Josh Lederman Y Los Diablos
Josh Mintz (SoundExchange)
Josh Pickett (SoundExchange)
Josh Roberts Music (SoundExchange)
Josh Schaefer (SoundExchange)
Josh Schicker (SoundExchange)
Josh Sneed (SoundExchange)
Joshua Aaron (SoundExchange)
Joshua Alexander (SoundExchange)
Joshua And Keren (SoundExchange)
Joshua Cook (SoundExchange)
Joshua Cross (SoundExchange)
Joshua D. Doyle (SoundExchange)
Joshua Davis (SoundExchange)
Joshua Eddy (SoundExchange)
Joshua Fisk-Peake (Fisk-Peake, Joshua)
Joshua Garnett (SoundExchange)
Joshua Hagquist (SoundExchange)
Joshua Hernandez (SoundExchange)
Joshua Hill (SoundExchange)
Joshua Howell (SoundExchange)
Joshua Jackson (SoundExchange)
Joshua Lutz (SoundExchange)
Joshua Mallett (SoundExchange)
Joshua Mark Wesley (SoundExchange)
Joshua McFadden (SoundExchange)
Joshua Myers (SoundExchange)
Joshua Oneill (SoundExchange)
Joshua Pittman (SoundExchange)
Joshua Pyznski (SoundExchange)
Joshua Records (PPL)
Joshua Rice (SoundExchange)
Joshua Ryan Collum (SoundExchange)
Joshua Sinclair (SoundExchange)
Joshua Smotherman (SoundExchange)
Joshua Sulfaro (SoundExchange)
Joshua Tiktin (SoundExchange)
Joshua Vervin (SoundExchange)
Joshua Williams (SoundExchange)
Josiah Records (PPL)
Josiah Ruff (SoundExchange)
Jospeh Arthur (SoundExchange)
Jost & O’Brien Records (EMI)
Joyrig Records (PPL)
Jourdan Hines (SoundExchange)
Journey Music Entertainmet
Journey Music Group (SoundExchange)
Journey Records (Jessica King)
Journey Records (Zane King)
Journeyman (PPL)
Journeys (PPL)
Journeys By Dj (SoundExchange)
Jovan Luna (SoundExchange)
Joy (PPL)
Joy & Lara (Lara Goodridge & Joy Howard)
Joy And Harmony Records
Joy/Joy Special/Jubilee (PPL)
Joy Lane Music (PPL)
Joy Lewis (SoundExchange)
Joy Mills (SoundExchange)
Joy Mover (SoundExchange)
Joy Music Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Joy Music Publishing Co. Ltd.
Joy Of Spirit (SoundExchange)
Joy Recordings (PPL)
Joy Ride Records (SoundExchange)
Joyce Lee (SoundExchange)
Joyce Meyer Ministries (SoundExchange)
Joyful Noise Recordings (SoundExchange)
Joyful Noise Records (SoundExchange)
Joyful Sound Recordings (PPL)
Joylamar Productions (SoundExchange)
Joyous Shout (SoundExchange)
Joyous Shout! (SoundExchange)
JP Holland (SoundExchange)
JP Leblanc Productions (SoundExchange)
JP Records (PPL)
JPM Records (SoundExchange)
JR International (PPL)
JR. Production (SoundExchange)
JRB (SoundExchange)
JRC Records (PPL)
JRG (SoundExchange)
JRH (SoundExchange)
JRJ Productions (SoundExchange)
JRK Disc (PPL)
JRT Music (SoundExchange)
JRT Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Jsan Records (SoundExchange)
JSB (SoundExchange)
JSE Records (PPL)
JSH Music (SoundExchange)
JSH Records (PPL)
JSL (SoundExchange)
JSM Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
JSP (Fuse Music Group P/L)
JSP Records (PPL)
Jstruggle Music Group (SoundExchange)
JT Records (EMI)
JTA Records (PPL)
JTC Music (EMI)
JTJ Records (SoundExchange)
Juan A.Otero Cordero (SoundExchange)
Juan A. Rodriguez (SoundExchange)
Juan Alban (Alban, Juan)
Juan Carreras (SoundExchange)
Juan Garcia (SoundExchange)
Juan Man Army Records, LLC
Juan Robles (SoundExchange)
Juancinto Neal (SoundExchange)
Jube (PPL)
Jubilee Records (PPL)
Jude (SoundExchange)
Judgement Day Recordings (PPL)
Judgement Ent. (PPL)
Judgement Records (PPL)
Judgenot Ltd (PPL)
Judith Gayle Ministries (SoundExchange)
Judith Gayle Music Misistries
Judith K Media Project (SoundExchange)
Judmusic Records (PPL)
Judy T. Porter (SoundExchange)
Juggernaut (PPL)
Juice (EMI)
Juice On The Loose (PPL)
Juicy Cherry (PPL)
Juju Records (Chords) (Shock
Juke Kartel (Juke Kartel)
Jukebox in the Sky (PPL)
Jukeboy Entertainment (PPL)
Jukebox Lil (PPL)
Jukehouse Records (SoundExchange)
Juks Records (PPL)
Julia Crowe (SoundExchange)
Julia Kosterova (SoundExchange)
Julia Messenger (SoundExchange)
Julia Othmer/ Lunar Cadre
Julian Cubillos (SoundExchange)
Julian Gargiulo (SoundExchange)
Julia Rich / Cardinal Records
Juliann Ankley (SoundExchange)
Julianna Sarah Peake Meyer (PPL)
Julianne Bremner (SoundExchange)
Juliano Rossetti (SoundExchange)
Julie Connolly (Connolly, Jule)
Julie Crochetiere (SoundExchange)
Julie Forester (SoundExchange)
Julie Forester Music (SoundExchange)
Julie Hufstetler Music (SoundExchange)
Julie McKee (PPL)
- 98 -
Julie Renee (SoundExchange)
Julio Montero (SoundExchange)
Julphan Tilapornputts Trio (SoundExchange)
Jumbojam Limited (PPL)
Jump Cut (PPL)
Jump Cut Records Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Jump Outt Records (SoundExchange)
Jump Records (PPL)
Jump Records (SoundExchange)
Jump Street Music Recordings (PPL)
Jump The Cut Records (PPL)
Jump To This (Xelon Entertainment)
Jump Up Records (PPL)
Jump Wax Records (PPL)
Jumper Light (PPL)
Jumper Records (PPL)
Jumpers United (EMI)
Jumpin Armadillo Records
Jumpoff Music Entertainment LLC
Jumpsuit Records (SoundExchange)
Jun (SoundExchange)
Juna Publishing (SoundExchange)
Juna Records (SoundExchange)
Junco Partner (SoundExchange)
Junction 14 (PPL)
Junction 9 Records (PPL)\
Junction Road (SoundExchange)
Junction Triangle (SoundExchange)
June Baby Records (SoundExchange)
June Moon Productions (SoundExchange)
Jungle (PPL)
Jungle Beach Records (SoundExchange)
Jungle Beat (PPL)
Jungle Boot Muzik (SoundExchange)
Jungle Dance (PPL)
Jungle Rhythm (PPL)
Jungle Sky (SoundExchange)
Jungle Visual Displays (PPL)
Jungleshack Music (SoundExchange)
Juni Fisher & Red Geetar Records
Junioy Bowles (Bowles, Jarrad)
Junior Boys Own (PPL)
Junior Choice (PPL)
Junior English (SoundExchange)
Junior Motel Records (SoundExchange)
Junior Osbourne Music (SoundExchange)
Junkie Vinyl (PPL)
Junko Nishiguchi Cheng (SoundExchange)
Junkyard Luxury Music (SoundExchange)
Juno (Sounds Out Of Hours)
Juno Records (PPL)
Jupiter (PPL)
Jupiter 2 Records (Jupiter 2 Records)
Jus Blues Records (SoundExchange)
Jus’Tracks (PPL)
Jushouse (PPL)
Jusic International (PPL)
Just Accord Music (PPL)
Just Another Label (PPL)
Just Boom Productions (SoundExchange)
Just Do It (PPL)
Just East Of Jazz (PPL)
Just For Laughs (SoundExchange)
Just For The Record (PPL)
Just For You (PPL)
Just Joe Records (PPL)
Just Listen (PPL)
Just Music (PPL)
Just Off Turner Records (SoundExchange)
Just Records (George Jacobs)
Just Say House (PPL)
Just Say House (SoundExchange)
Just So Records (SoundExchange)
Just Sunshine (SoundExchange)
Just-For-Kids (PPL)
Just4Bliss Music (SoundExchange)
Justa Records (SoundExchange)
Justice (PPL)
Justin Beck (SoundExchange)
Justin Bernasconi (Bernasconi, Justin)
Justin Carlson Soileau (SoundExchange)
Justin Cook (SoundExchange)
Justin Dehart (SoundExchange)
Justin Garza (SoundExchange)
Justin Hargrave (SoundExchange)
Justin Heazlewood (The Bedroom
Philosopher) (Shock Entertainment)
Justin Hellman (SoundExchange)
Justin Hulsey (SoundExchange)
Justin Hopkins (SoundExchange)
Justin Jahnke (SoundExchange)
Justin James Entertainment
Justin King (SoundExchange)
Justin Mason (SoundExchange)
Justin Michael Osburn (SoundExchange)
Justin Miner (SoundExchange)
Justin Morrison (SoundExchange)
Justin Moses (SoundExchange)
Justin P. Rock (SoundExchange)
Justin Patterson (SoundExchange)
Justin Peloian (SoundExchange)
Justin Pinkerton (SoundExchange)
Justin Robert Hess (SoundExchange)
Justin Roper (SoundExchange)
Justin Stephenson (SoundExchange)
Justin Time (Hot)
Justin Varga & Terah Beth Varga
Justin Williams (SoundExchange)
Justin Worsham (SoundExchange)
Justin Young (SoundExchange)
Justina Lyn Music (SoundExchange)
Juston McKinney (SoundExchange)
JustonComedy (SoundExchange)
Jus’Trax (PPL)
March 2014
Jut Joe Records (PPL)
Jute (SoundExchange)
Juxtaposition Records (PPL)
Juxtaposition Records (SoundExchange)
Juxtapositions (Select)]
JV Records (SoundExchange)
JVP Entertainment (SoundExchange)
JW Records (SoundExchange)
JW2 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
JWM Productions (JWM)
JYP Entertainment Inc (SoundExchange)
JZ Productions (SoundExchange)
JZ Productions Ltd (SoundExchange)
K-Fed Records (SoundExchange)
K-Vox (SoundExchange)
K7 (Fuse Music Group P/L)
K&A Productions (PPL)
K’Jay’Z (SoundExchange)
K’Son (PPL)
K Industria (Spain)(Hot)
K-Mitch Records (PPL)
K-S-V Recordnigs (SoundExchange)
K.C.Dance (PPL)
K.C.Music (PPL)
K.E.S. (SoundExchange)
K.F.W. (PPL)
K.G. (PPL)
K.Kapano Records (SoundExchange)
K2 (PPL)
K23 (SoundExchange)
K3 Records (PPL)
K617 (France)(Fuse)
K9 Records (PPL)
Kaaveral Records (SoundExchange)
Kab America (SoundExchange)
Kabocha (SoundExchange)
Kabu Records (SoundExchange)
Kactus Records (SoundExchange)
Kadia Records (PPL)
Kaffessa Music (PPL)
Kahala Music Inc (SoundExchange)
Kahale (SoundExchange)
Kahuna Cuts (SoundExchange)
Kai Elan (SoundExchange)
Kaiam (SoundExchange)
Kairizmic (SoundExchange)
Kaizen Music/ Loveforpeace Productions
Kajmere Sound Distribution
Kalani Calhoun (SoundExchange)
Kalani Hubbard (SoundExchange)
Kalei G. Productions LLC (SoundExchange)
Kaleidoscope (Warner)
Kalen Lister (SoundExchange)
Kalesha Martin (SoundExchange)
Kali Meeks (SoundExchange)
Kalila Records (SoundExchange)
Kalima (PPL)
- 99 -
Kalimba (SoundExchange)
Kalimba Records (SoundExchange)
Kalite Ticaret (SoundExchange)
Kalonji Kadima (SoundExchange)
Kalk Pets (PPL)
Kallyco Records (SoundExchange)
Kalm Music (SoundExchange)
Kamala Records (SoundExchange)
Kamali (SoundExchange)
Kamedo Records (SoundExchange)
Kamera Shy Records (PPL)
Kamlee Records (PPL)
Kamelot (SoundExchange)
Kan-Du Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Kanajah & Original Burning (PPL)
Kane Hodder (SoundExchange)
Kang (Clay Hess) (SoundExchange)
Kang Records (SoundExchange)
Kangezi’s Records (SoundExchange)
Kangi (PPL)
Kangaroo Kourt (PPL)
Kan’t N.O.C Records inc. (SoundExchange)
Kanular (SoundExchange)
Kaometry (SoundExchange)
Kaos Engine (PPL)
Kaos Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
Kapeka Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Kaplan Productions (SoundExchange)
Kapp (EMI)
Kapsize (PPL)
Kapston Muzik (PPL)
Kara Mcgraw (SoundExchange)
Karaoke Kalk (PPL)
Karate Coyote (SoundExchange)
Kardum (SoundExchange)
Kareem Dawkins (SoundExchange)
Kareem Dupree (SoundExchange)
Kareem Manuel (SoundExchange)
Karen Chisholm (SoundExchange)
Karen Grace Inglis (PPL)
Karen Lynne Music (Karen Lynne Music)
Karen Marguth (SoundExchange)
Karen Mills (SoundExchange)
Karen Osayamwen (SoundExchange)
Karen Poole (SoundExchange)
Karen Rontowski (SoundExchange)
Karew Records (KRW)(EMI)
Karew Records (SoundExchange)
Kargo Records (PPL)
Kariang Records (SoundExchange)
Kariba (SoundExchange)
Karin Hougaard Music (SoundExchange)
Karin Hougaard Productions
Karina Kevorkian (SoundExchange)
Karl Blau (SoundExchange)
Karl Broadie (Broadie, Karl)
Karl Hyde & Rick Smith (Liberation Music)
Karl Jensen (SoundExchange)
Karl Michelbach (SoundExchange)
Karl Rucker (SoundExchange)
Karl Watson (SoundExchange)
Karl Wilson (SoundExchange)
Karlin Love (Love, Karlin Greenstreet)
Karma By Fausto Rodriguez
Karma County Production (Karma County
Karma Dean (SoundExchange)
Karma Giraffe Music Ltd (PPL)
Karmacoda (SoundExchange)
Karmafree (PPL)
Karmann Powell (SoundExchange)
Kartel (PPL)
Kartel Musik (SoundExchange)
Karr Boys Productions (SoundExchange)
Karrtel (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Karrussell (SoundExchange)
Karussell Pop (Universal)
Karunesh Music (SoundExchange)
Karvin Records (Karvin)
Karvin Records (SoundExchange)
Karyn Oliver (SoundExchange)
Kas Productions (SoundExchange)
Kasa Producciones (SoundExchange)
Kashgold Records (SoundExchange)
Kashka Music Inc. (SoundExchange)
Kashka Records (SoundExchange)
Kashmir Klub Records (PPL)
Kasra Mowlavi T/A Critical (PPL)
Kast of Antiks (SoundExchange)
Kast-A-Way Music (SoundExchange)
Kat Baillie Entertainments (PPL)
Kat Webb (SoundExchange)
Katalyst (SoundExchange)
Katalyst Records (PPL)
Katco Music Group (SoundExchange)
Kate Borkowski (SoundExchange)
Kate Carpenter (SoundExchange)
Kate Diaz (SoundExchange)
Kate Dillingham (SoundExchange)
Kate Hart (SoundExchange)
Kate Leahy (Leahy, Kate)
Kate Miller-Heidke (Miller-Heidke, Kate)
Kate Moran (SoundExchange)
Kathedral (PPL)
Kathleen Coleman (Coleman, Kathleen)
Kathleen Spencer (SoundExchange)
Katherine Hamilton (SoundExchange)
Katherine Kaletsis (SoundExchange)
Katherine Peterson (SoundExchange)
Katherine Rogers (SoundExchange)
Kathie Bailla Bonagura (SoundExchange)
Kathy Boyd & Pheonix Rising
Kathode Ray Enterprises, LLC
Kathryn Mickey (SoundExchange)
Katie Brianna (Garfoot, Katie Brianna)
Kati Carroll (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Katie Colpitts (SoundExchange)
Katie Davis (SoundExchange)
Katie Kendall (SoundExchange)
Katie Sawicki (SoundExchange)
Katj Limited (PPL)
Katereidmusic (SoundExchange)
Katmath (SoundExchange)
Katrina Burgoyne (Burgoyne, Katrina)
Katrina Louise Hamilton (Hamilton, Katrina
Katrise (SoundExchange)
Kathy Camejo (SoundExchange)
Kathy Sanborn (SoundExchange)
Kathy Sparling Music (SoundExchange)
Katrina Niall (Niall, Katriana)
Katrina’s We (PPL)
Katsu Records (SoundExchange)
Katt Pie Records (PPL)
Katt Williams (SoundExchange)
Kattpack Records (SoundExchange)
Katy Keys (SoundExchange)
Katy McAllister (SoundExchange)
Katzenmusik (SoundExchange)
Kauakoko Foundation (SoundExchange)
Kaum Records (SoundExchange)
Kaura (SoundExchange)
Kauzala Entertainment (PPL)
Kauzala Motion Pictures (PPL)
Kauzala Music (PPL)
Kava Blu Entertainment Group
Kavi Hockaday (SoundExchange)
Kaweh Guido Zolfaghar (SoundExchange)
Kay L (SoundExchange)
Kay Leotard (SoundExchange)
Kay B (PPL)
Kay Pruductions Musique (SoundExchange)
Kaya (PPL)
Kayique Records (SoundExchange)
Kay-Drum (PPL)
Kayla Ringelheim (SoundExchange)
Kaylah Anne Country Music (Kaylah Anne
Country Music)
Kayo (PPL)
Kaz Records (PPL)
Kaza (EMI)
Kazium Records (PPL)
Kazuhiko Gomi (SoundExchange)
KB the Boo Bonic (SoundExchange)
KBJ (SoundExchange)
KBray (SoundExchange)
KBZA Music LLC (SoundExchange)
KCentricity Music (SoundExchange)
KCR (KCR Pty Ltd)
KDBZIK (SoundExchange)
KDC (SoundExchange)
KDC Productions (SoundExchange)
KDS Music Group (SoundExchange)
KD7 Music (PPL)
Ke Nako (SoundExchange)
- 100 -
Keali’i Blaisdell (SoundExchange)
Keasbey Meadow Productions
Keaver Brenai (SoundExchange)
Keda Records (PPL)
Keefe Novoa Productions (SoundExchange)
Keep On Diggin Music (Casual Projects)
Keep Vinyl Alive For The Child (PPL)
Keepim Swingin’ (SoundExchange)
Keeplock Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Keet-Ta-Leet Entertainment
Keet-Ta-Leet Entertainment / Myron Edwins
Keeth Apgar (SoundExchange)
Keeth Monta Apgar (SoundExchange)
Keezone Productions (SoundExchange)
Keim & Keim Publishing (SoundExchange)
Keishon Martin (SoundExchange)
Keith A. Forman (SoundExchange)
Keith Alexander Allen (SoundExchange)
Keith Allen Weckerly (SoundExchange)
Keith Andrew Grim (SoundExchange)
Keith Bradshaw (SoundExchange)
Keith Brooks Jr. (SoundExchange)
Keith Burnstein (SoundExchange)
Keith Calmes (SoundExchange)
Keith Coombs (SoundExchange)
Keith Crisp (SoundExchange)
Keith Cross (SoundExchange)
Keith Glass & Mick Hamilton (Hamilton,
Keith L. Walker (SoundExchange)
Keith Malley (SoundExchange)
Keith Mason (Mason, Keith)
Keith McKelley (SoundExchange)
Keith Murphy (SoundExchange)
Keith Norris (SoundExchange)
Keith T. Ellis (SoundExchange)
Keith Vincent (SoundExchange)
Keth Wallace (SoundExchange)
Kekas Baxe (PPL)
Keko (SoundExchange)
Kel-Anne Brandt (Evergreen Entertainment)
Kel-Anne Brandt (SoundExchange)
Kel-Life (EMI)
Kela-Kaj Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Kelele Records (SoundExchange)
Keller (SoundExchange)
Keller Music (SoundExchange)
Kelliana (SoundExchange)
Kellmac (SoundExchange)
Kells Music (SoundExchange)
Kelly Andrew Kaveny (SoundExchange)
Kelly Bell (SoundExchange)
Kelly Blaze (SoundExchange)
Kelly Hope Entertainment (Kelly Hope
Kelly Lynn Mercado (SoundExchange)
Kelly McLaughlin (SoundExchange)
Kelly Padrick (SoundExchange)
Kelp Records (SoundExchange)
Kelptone (SoundExchange)
Kelsie Croes (SoundExchange)
Kelsongs (SoundExchange)
Kelvin Humphrey (SoundExchange)
Kelt (Kelt)
Keltia (PPL)
Keltia Musique (SoundExchange)
Kemado Records (The Sword Recordings)
(Shock Entertainment)
Kemado Records (SoundExchange)
Kemado Records (Cooking Vinyl)
Kemalda (EMI)
Kemalda Entertainment (EMI)
Kemet Entertainment Records Ltd (PPL)
Kemit Muzikm LLC (SoundExchange)
Kem-Disc (SoundExchange)
Ken Bierschbach (SoundExchange)
Ken Deavers (SoundExchange)
Ken Duke (SoundExchange)
Ken J. Kelly
Ken Masuda (SoundExchange)
Ken Mickey (SoundExchange)
Ken Rogerson (SoundExchange)
Ken Susi (SoundExchange)
Ken Tamplin (SoundExchange)
Ken Townsend (SoundExchange)
Ken Wood (SoundExchange)
Kendall King (SoundExchange)
Kendall Walker (SoundExchange)
Kendra Springer (SoundExchange)
Kenich Lee (SoundExchange)
Kenn Productions (SoundExchange)
Kennedy York (SoundExchange)
Kenner City Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Kenneth Candelas (SoundExchange)
Kenneth D. Anders Sr. (SoundExchange)
Kenneth Eugene Martin (SoundExchange)
Kenneth Hunter Jr. (SoundExchange)
Kenneth J. Grzegorczyk (SoundExchange)
Kenneth Minardi (SoundExchange)
Kenneth Mosley (SoundExchange)
Kenneth Robinson (SoundExchange)
Kenneth S. Feldman (SoundExchange)
Kenneth Turetzky (SoundExchange)
Kenny Cal% (SoundExchange)
Kenny Carr (SoundExchange)
Kenny Rich Music (SoundExchange)
Kenny Lavitz (SoundExchange)
Kenny Meeks (SoundExchange)
Kenny Traylor (SoundExchange)
Kenoe Music (SoundExchange)
Kenroy Archibald (SoundExchange)
Kensaltown Records (PPL)
Kent (EMI)
Kent (PPL)
Kent (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Kent Broderick Music
March 2014
Kent Dudley (SoundExchange)
Kentha Stephens (SoundExchange)
Kentland (SoundExchange)
Kenyatta Greene (SoundExchange)
Kenyon Entertainment, LLC
Kenyon Force (PPL)
Keo Music (SoundExchange)
Keppie Coutts (SoundExchange)
Kerfew (PPL)
Kerima (SoundExchange)
Kermit Singleton (SoundExchange)
Kerrang (SoundExchange)
Kerri Lee Smith (SoundExchange)
Kerri Medders (SoundExchange)
Kerri Pomarolli (SoundExchange)
Kerry D. Tucker, Jr. (SoundExchange)
Kerry Politzer (SoundExchange)
Kerry Strayer (SoundExchange)
Kerry Strayer Productions (SoundExchange)
Kerschon Gilmore (SoundExchange)
Kervan (SoundExchange)
Kerygma (PPL)
KES Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Kesson (PPL)
Keswick Music (PPL)
Keswick Records (PPL)
Ketch A Vibe Records (SoundExchange)
Ketchum Arts (SoundExchange)
Ketshya Music & Entertainment
Kettle (PPL)
Kettz Records (EMI)
Kev Miles (SoundExchange)
Keven E. Porter Jr. (SoundExchange)
Kevens (SoundExchange)
Kevin Allen Eagleton Jr. (SoundExchange)
Kevin Anderson (SoundExchange)
Kevin Basset (SoundExchange)
Kevin Batten (SoundExchange)
Kevin Binns (SoundExchange)
Kevin Blaine Music (SoundExchange)
Kevin Bluemel (SoundExchange)
Kevin Bluhm (SoundExchange)
Kevin C. Fox (SoundExchange)
Kevin Correll (SoundExchange)
Kevin D. Short (SoundExchange)
Kevin Danger James (SoundExchange)
Kevin Daniel (SoundExchange)
Kevin Daniel Smith (SoundExchange)
Kevin Douglass (SoundExchange)
Kevin Driscoll (SoundExchange)
Kevin Dunn (SoundExchange)
Kevin E. Thompson (SoundExchange)
Kevin G Wheeler (SoundExchange)
Kevin Goode (SoundExchange)
Kevin Hammonds (SoundExchange)
Kevin Hopkins (SoundExchange)
Kevin J Morse (SoundExchange)
Kevin J. Kinsella (SoundExchange)
- 101 -
Kevin Keller Productions (SoundExchange)
Kevin Kern (SoundExchange)
Kevin King (SoundExchange)
Kevin Kula Music (SoundExchange)
Kevin Lee (PPL)
Kevin Lacourciere (SoundExchange)
Kevin Larry Jackson (SoundExchange)
Kevin Lipsey (SoundExchange)
Kevin McAdams (SoundExchange)
Kevin Metz (SoundExchange)
Kevin Minister (SoundExchange)
Kevin Mongelli (SoundExchange)
Kevin Mulvenna (SoundExchange)
Kevin P. Thomas (SoundExchange)
Kevin Parnell (SoundExchange)
Kevin Peckham (SoundExchange)
Kevin Walton (Kevin Walton Songs)
Kevin Zen (PPL)
Kexp (SoundExchange)
Key (PPL)
Key Arts. TV & Film (PPL)
Key Country (Key Country)
Key Image (SoundExchange)
Key of Life Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Key of Z (SoundExchange)
Key Records (SoundExchange)
Keys of Creation (SoundExchange)
Keyside (PPL)
Keystone (PPL)
Keywork Records (PPL)
Kezia Records (SoundExchange)
Kezira Records (PPL)
KG2 Music (SoundExchange)
KHP Music (SoundExchange)
KI Music (SoundExchange)
KI Records (SoundExchange)
Kicco (SoundExchange)
Kick Box Riot (PPL)
Kicco Classics (PPL)
Kick Music (SoundExchange)
Kick Music Recordings (PPL)
Kick My Heels (PPL)
Kickboxer Recordings (SoundExchange)
Kickin (PPL)
Kickin Reggae (PPL)
Kicking Mule Records (PPL)
Kicking Vinyl (PPL)
Kickoff Records (SoundExchange)
Kicksta Music Group (SoundExchange)
Kid Afrika (SoundExchange)
Kid Collection (EMI)
Kid Jonny Lang (SoundExchange)
Kid Rilla (SoundExchange)
Kid Rino (Warner)
Kid Tested Records (SoundExchange)
Kid Tunes (SoundExchange)
Kid Vibe (SoundExchange)
Kid Without Radio
Kiddidisc (V & H Holdings)
Kids At Risk (Kids At Risk)
Kids In Cars (PPL)
Kids Rock (EMI)
Kids Will Swing You (EMI)
Kids Will Funk You (EMI)
Kids Will Groove You (EMI)
Kids Will Jazz You (EMI)
Kids Will Rap You (EMI)
Kids Will Rock You (EMI)
Kids Will Slow You (EMI)
Kids Will Surf You (EMI)
Kidlat Records (SoundExchange)
Kidsational (SoundExchange) (PPL) (PPL)
Kidz 4 Kidz (SoundExchange)
Kielbasa (SoundExchange)
Kieron McDonald (McDonald, Kieron)
Kiko Records (Kiko Records)
Kikuyu (Kikuyu)
KII Music (PPL)
Kila Records (SoundExchange)
Kilawatt Music Limited (PPL)
Kilby Records (SoundExchange)
Kili (SoundExchange)
Kilimanjaro Entertainment
Kill Again Records (SoundExchange)
Kill Devil Hills (Shock Entertainment)
Kill Devil Hills (SoundExchange)
Kill Rock Stars (Specific Recordings
Kill Shaman Records (SoundExchange)
Kill The DJ (SoundExchange)
Killbeat Music (SoundExchange)
Killcrushdestroy (Killcrushdestroy)
Killer Instinct Productions (SoundExchange)
Killer Penguin Jazz (PPL)
Killer Pimp (SoundExchange)
Killerfix Industries Ltd (PPL)
Killerwatt (PPL)
Killing Moon (PPL)
Killing Moon Management (PPL)
Killing Moon Records (PPL)
Killsound Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Kilmarnock Records (SoundExchange)
Kilo Records (SoundExchange)
Kilogram Music Group (SoundExchange)
Kilohertz Ltd (PPL)
Kilowat Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Kim Cheshire (Cheshire, Kim)
Kim Christian/Acts 2 (Acts 2 Pty Ltd)
Kim Salmon (Salmon, Kim)
Kimberley Clemens (Clemens, Kimberley)
Kimberley Clemens & The Reverse Gates
(Clemens, Kimberley)
Kimbo (SoundExchange)
Kimbustion (PPL)
Kin Music (Noonan, Katie)
March 2014
Kin Records (PPL)
Kind Of Blue (UK)(Fuse)
Kindercore Records (SoundExchange)
Kinderplay Children’s Series (Move)
Kindling Music (SoundExchange)
Kindread (Kindread)
Kindred Spirits (SoundExchange)
Kinetika Music (Xelon Entertainment)
Kinetix (PPL)
King Blank (King Blank)
King Brilliant Records (PPL)
King Dragon (PPL)
King Dubbist Records (PPL)
King Friday (SoundExchange)
King Harold Records (PPL)
King Heart Beat Entertainment
King Hokum (King Hokum)
King Hokum (CW Stoneking Recordings)
(Shock Entertainment)
King Island Music AB Roxy Recordings
(Playground Music Scandinavia AB)
King Japan (SoundExchange)
King JBoi (SoundExchange)
King Katt Records (SoundExchange)
King of Kings Entertainment
King of Queens Entertainment
King Of The North (King Of The North)
King Prawn Records (PPL)
King Records (PPL)
King Size (SoundExchange)
King Sizzler Records (PPL)
King Snake (Black Market Music)
King Street Sounds (PPL)
King Taiwan (SoundExchange)
King Tubby’s (PPL)
King Tut (SoundExchange)
Kingcut Records (SoundExchange)
Kingdom Anthem Music Group
Kingdom Faith (PPL)
Kingdom Flowz Entertainment
Kingdom Jazz (PPL)
Kingdom of Music (SoundExchange)
Kingdom Productions (SoundExchange)
Kingdom Records (PPL)
Kingdom Reggae Music (SoundExchange)
Kingdomburns Music (PPL)
Kingdomgate Music Group
Kingdomsongs inc. (SoundExchange)
Kingfisher Records (PPL)
King-Jam Records (PPL)
Kingkladze Records (PPL)
Kingpin (PPL)
Kings of Leon (SoundExchange)
Kings Productions (PPL)
- 102 -
Kings Records (PPL)
Kingston (PPL)
Kingston World (PPL)
Kingsway Music (PPL)
Kingwell International (Kingwell
International Pty Ltd)
Kinky Vinyl (PPL)
Kinky Vinyl (Woop! Limited)(PPL)
Kinonui Productions (SoundExchange)
Kip Calahan (SoundExchange)
Kipuka (SoundExchange)
Kirklees (PPL)
Kirkwood Records (Kirkwood, Christine)
Kirstee Records (PPL)
Kiskadee Music (PPL)
Kismet Records (PPL)
Kiss (PPL)
Kiss My Vassy (Vassy)
Kiss Records (PPL)
Kissan Productions (PPL)
Kissan Records (PPL)
Kisses (SoundExchange)
Kit Watkins (SoundExchange)
Kit Watkins Music (SoundExchange)
Kitchen Songs (SoundExchange)
Kitchen Table Music (PPL)
Kitchenware Records Ltd (PPL)
Kitefishing Records (SoundExchange)
Kitsune (Universal)
Kittygroove (Kittygroove Productions Pty
Kiwi Gold (V & H Holdings)
Kiwi Hit Disc (SoundExchange)
KJ Rose (SoundExchange)
KJM (Xelon Entertainment)
KK Productions (SoundExchange)
KK Thesis (Kinniburgh, Jacob)
KKV (Hot)
Klangallerie (PPL)
Klaro (SoundExchange)
Klass Kuts (PPL)
Klavar Recordings (PPL)
Kleiner Hai (EMI)
Kleos (SoundExchange)
Klepto Records (SoundExchange)
Klevakeys (PPL)
Kleztory (SoundExchange)
Klezmer Company Orchestra
KLF Communications (PPL)
KLF Music (PPL)
KLF Music International (PPL)
Kling Klang (EMI)
Kling Klong (Raw Entertainment)
Kling Klong (Ministry Of Sound)
KLYM Records (SoundExchange)
Klone Records (PPL)
Klub (PPL)
Klub Kids (Klub Kids)
Klub Records Ltd (SoundExchange)
Klubbstyle Records (SoundExchange)
Klunge (PPL)
KM Music (KM Music)
Kmack Production Inc (SoundExchange)
K-Man Productions Pty Ltd (Marli Music)
K-Mitch Records (PPL)
KM Music (KM Music)
KM Music (SoundExchange)
KMG Records (PPL)
KMJ Records (SoundExchange)
KMSMusique (SoundExchange)
Knafo Entertainment Group
KNB Music (EMI)
Knee Deep USA (SoundExchange)
Knievel (Knievel)
Knife Fighting Monkey Records (PPL)
Knightridge Productions (SoundExchange)
Knightsbridge Records (PPL)
Knightkrawler (SoundExchange)
Knit Classics (SoundExchange)
KNK Entertainment (PPL)
KNL Records (KNL Records)
Knock Down South (SoundExchange)
Knot Known Records (SoundExchange)
Knowfoowl (SoundExchange)
Knowledge (PPL)
Knuckle Down Productions
Koala (V & H Holdings)
Kobe (SoundExchange)
Kobra Jazz (SoundExchange)
Koby (PPL)
Koch – DRG (Select )
Koch Entertainment (Shock Entertainment)
Kochalka Quality (SoundExchange)
Koda Records (PPL)
Kodomo (SoundExchange)
Kogniak (SoundExchange)
Kohinoor (PPL)
Koibitotachino (EMI)
Koin Records (PPL)
Kokonutt Records (SoundExchange)
Kokoro Eno Ongaku (EMI)
Kokoro No Jokei (EMI)
Koleskab Doomedag (PPL)
Kolonki Recordings (SoundExchange)
Kombined Mindz Ent. (SoundExchange)
Kombined Mindz Music (SoundExchange)
Komedi SES (PPL)
Kompressed Recordings (PPL)
Komrads (SoundExchange)
Konami (SoundExchange)
Kondo-Ra (SoundExchange)
Konduko Records (SoundExchange)
Konexion (PPL)
Kongo (PPL)
Kongo Dance (PPL)
Konic Records (PPL)
March 2014
Konichiwa Records (PPL)
Konigskinder Music (SoundExchange)
Konjaga (Playground Music Scandinavia
Konkurrent (SoundExchange)
Konoba Records (SoundExchange)
Konstruct Music (PPL)
Konto (SoundExchange)
Kontol Records (Toco)
Kontor (Central Station Records)
Konverted (Ministry Of Sound)
Kooch (SoundExchange)
Koogat Records (PPL)
Kookaburra (EMI)
Kookie Recordings (SoundExchange)
Kookooland Records (PPL)
Kool Kat Records (PPL)
Kool World (PPL)
Koolvibes Recording (PPL)
Kopito Records (PPL)
Kore (PPL)
Korova (Warner)
Korruption Records (PPL)
Kosher (PPL)
Kosher Turntable (SoundExchange)
Kosmic Music US (SoundExchange)
Kosmos (SoundExchange)
Koss Classics (SoundExchange)
Kotadama (Kotadama Trust)
K-Otix (SoundExchange)
KOY Media Productions (Blue Pie
KP Records (KP Records)
KPA Music (SoundExchange)
KPM Records (PPL)
KPR Productions (PPL)
KR Music (PPL)
Kram Records (SoundExchange)
Kramer’s Rule (SoundExchange)
Kraze Zay (SoundExchange)
Krazy Eight Records (PPL)
Krazy House (SoundExchange)
Krazy Kat (PPL)
Krazygroove Productions Ltd (PPL)
Kreative Kittys (SoundExchange)
Kreisprodukt (EMI)
Kreme Kul Records (SoundExchange)
Krescent Moon Records (SoundExchange)
Krian Music Group (The Ettes, VHS or Beta
Recordings) (Shock Entertainment)
Krill Records P/L (Kingwell International
Pty Ltd)
Kriminal Records (PPL)
Krispywaves Music (PPL)
Krista Polvere (Polvere, Krista)
Kristilee Ransley (Ransley, Kristilee)
Kristin Amarie (SoundExchange)
Kritsin Yeatman (PPL)
Kristoff Krane (SoundExchange)
Kristy Cox (Cox, Kristy)
- 103 -
Kritical Records (PPL)
KRL (SoundExchange)
Krome Recordings (PPL)
Krookz Inc Digital (PPL)
Krookz Incorporate (PPL)
Krosfyah (SoundExchange)
Kross Over Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Krossover Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Krow Pie (Krow Pie)
Krow Pie (SoundExchange)
Krunchie (PPL)
Krunchie Productions (PPL)
Krush Proof Music (SoundExchange)
Krystal Ball Productions, TX
K-Sis (EMI)
KSI Spheres Ltd (PPL)
KSR (SoundExchange)
KTC (SoundExchange)
Ktfa (PPL)
K-Tone Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Kubaney (SoundExchange)
Kubaney Records (SoundExchange)
Kube Recordings (PPL)
Kudos Records Limited (PPL)
Kudu (EMI)
Kufala Records (SoundExchange)
Kufe Promotions (PPL)
Kufe Records (PPL)
Kukin Music (EMI)
Kult Records (SoundExchange)
Kultural Fusion Records (PPL)
Kunduru (SoundExchange)
Kung Fu Vampire Publishing
Kunsthaus Records (Kunsthaus Records)
Kurfirst-Blackwell Ent (SoundExchange)
Kurly Queen (Kurly Queen)
Kurly Queen (SoundExchange)
Kusha Deep Films (PPL)
Kusha Deep Music (PPL)
Kusha Deep Recordings (PPL)
Kutjeri Pty Ltd (Kutjeri Pty Ltd)
Kwaidan Records (SoundExchange)
Kwasi Bodau Of Ofosu (PPL)
KWS Records (SoundExchange)
Kyboside (PPL)
Kyboside Records (Katrina and the
Waves)(Onehill B.V)
Kydinn (Gamaroff, Kim)
Kyle (Kyle)
Kyle Cease (SoundExchange)
Kylie Hogan (KH Management)
Kylin Studios (PPL)
Kym Campbell (Campbell, Kym)
KYR (SoundExchange)
Kyrbgrinder Records (PPL)
Kyte Music (PPL)
KZNS (SoundExchange)
KZ5 (KZ5)
L Bug (PPL)
L Wot (PPL)
L+R Records (SoundExchange)
L-Abe (SoundExchange)
L.A. (PPL)
L.A. Confidential (Warner)
L.A. Theater Works (SoundExchange)
L.A. Underground (SoundExchange)
L.C.K.F. Internet Music Co (PPL)
L.E.A. (SoundExchange)
L.E.A.N.E.W.S. (SoundExchange)
L.E.S. Records (SoundExchange)
L.I.E Entertainment (SoundExchange)
L.J. Music Ministries (PPL)
L.M.P. Records (PPL)
L.O.Y Records (SoundExchange)
L’Album Piu’ Bello Del Mondo (EMI)
L’Album Piu’ Rilassante Del Mondo (EMI)
L’Ange Animal (SoundExchange)
L’Argent (PPL)
L’Art Vocal Records (SoundExchange)
L’Autre Terre (SoundExchange)
L’Hymne A La Mome (EMI)
L’lmmenso (EMI)
L’ Mon Music (L’Mon Music)
L2 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
La Balconade (SoundExchange)
La Bande Son (SoundExchange)
La Bombe (PPL)
La Brava (La Brava)
La Caja Pandora (EMI)
La Confiserie (SoundExchange)
La Consienza (SoundExchange)
La Cooka Ratcha (PPL)
La Cooka Ratcha UK (SoundExchange)
La Corporacion Muzic (SoundExchange)
La Escondida (SoundExchange)
La Face (Sony Music Ent.)
La Factrie (SoundExchange)
La Guardian Records (La Guardian Records)
La La Entertainment (La La Entertainment)
La La La Music (Wu Wei)
La La Land (UK)(PPL)
La La Richardson/Flanigan
La Lirica Publishing (SoundExchange)
La Louisianne (PPL)
La Ma De Guido (PPL)
La Macumba SARL – Elefteriades
Productions (Warner)
La Montagne Secrete (SoundExchange)
La Mosca (EMI)
La Mosca Records (SoundExchange)
La Nueva Pandora (EMI)
La Ola Inglesa (EMI)
La Pazza (PPL)
La Pruche Libre (SoundExchange)
March 2014
La Resistance (PPL)
La Salle Records (Warner)
La Tebwa (La Tebwa)
La Tribu (SoundExchange)
La Turma (SoundExchange)
La Violencia (SoundExchange)
La Voce Del Padrone (EMI)
La Voice Records (SoundExchange)
La Voix De Son Maitre (EMI)
La Vox De Su Amo (EMI)
Lab Records (PPL)
Lab Rok Records (SoundExchange)
Label Abel (PPL)
Label Bleu (France)(Fuse)
Label Fandango (SoundExchange)
Label Is Red (PPL)
Label M (SoundExchange)
Label of Love Records (PPL)
Labelle Noir (EMI)
Labels Berlin (EMI)
Labels Mexico (EMI)
Labels UK (EMI)
Labjacd (Labjacd)
Lables (EMI)
Labrador Hill Music (SoundExchange)
Labworks (SoundExchange)
Labworks UK (PPL)
Lace (PPL)
Lacerba (SoundExchange)
Lacerba Records (SoundExchange)
Lachlan Jones (Jones, Lachlan Michael)
Lacunae (SoundExchange)
Ladeana Michelle (SoundExchange)
Ladomat (EMI)
Ladomat LC 03515 (EMI)
Lady J’s Kingdom of Music
Lady Rezult (SoundExchange)
Lady Sady Entertainment, LLC
Lafesse (La Tebwa)
Laff Rite Records (SoundExchange)
Lafflink (SoundExchange)
Lafq Records (SoundExchange)
Lago (SoundExchange)
Lahayna (PPL)
Laid Back Lane Music (SoundExchange)
Laidback Records (PPL)
Lair Music Ltd (PPL)
Lajam Records (SoundExchange)
Lake Bottom Records (SoundExchange)
Lake Records (PPL)
Lakechurch Production (SoundExchange)
Lakefront Digital (SoundExchange)
Lakeland Records Limited (PPL)
Lakeland Records Ltd (PPL)
Lalal+Re Productions (SoundExchange)
Laldiscos (SoundExchange)
Lale Records (PPL)
Lam Records (SoundExchange)
Lama Records (PPL)
- 104 -
Lamb and Lion (PPL)
Lambert House Enterprises (Hot)
Lambourne (SoundExchange)
Lammas Records (PPL)
Lamp (SoundExchange)
Lampost (PPL)
Lancelot (PPL)
Land O Blues Records (SoundExchange)
Land Of Jazz (PPL)
Landa (PPL)
Landale Music (Landale)
Landed Music Limited (PPL)
Landed Productions (PPL)
Landfall Records (Sonny Landtreth)(Shock
Landmine Recordz (PPL)
Landor Records (PPL)
Landor Records Ltd (PPL)
Landscape (PPL)
Landscape Records (PPL)
Lane & Associated Enterprises
Laneway Records (SoundExchange)
Lang (SoundExchange)
Langdale Records (PPL)
Langham Arts (PPL)
Langley Music (PPL)
Language (PPL)
Lani Records Ltd (PPL)
Lanitunes (SoundExchange)
Lanquidity Records (PPL)
Lantan “Da Genie” (PPL)
Lantan Productions (PPL)
Lanterns On The Lake (PPL)
Lany7 Studio (SoundExchange)
Lanzac Productions (PPL)
Lapoetsupreme (SoundExchange)
Largadactyl Records (SoundExchange)
Large Enterpris Productions
Larios Music (SoundExchange)
Larrikin Entertainment (EMI)
Larry Clark Gospel LLC (SoundExchange)
Las Machinas (Koszolko, Martin)
Las Pandoras (EMI)
Lasemco (SoundExchange)
Laserdiscs (PPL)
Laserlight Digital (Hot)
Lash Records Ltd (PPL)
Lashed Records (PPL)
Lashed Recordings (PPL)
Lasmouve Records (SoundExchange)
Last Affair (SoundExchange)
Last Affair Records (SoundExchange)
Last Beat (SoundExchange)
Last Gang Records (Shock Entertainment)
Last House on The Left (Last House)
Last Lough Records (PPL)
Last Match Recordings (Last Match
Last Resort Records (SoundExchange)
Last Stop Records (SoundExchange)
Last Suppa Records Ltd (PPL)
Lastelle Music Pty Ltd (Lastelle Music P/L)
Latchkey (SoundExchange)
Latent Recordings (SoundExchange)
Latin (EMI)
Latin Beat Music (SoundExchange)
Latin Best Music (SoundExchange)
Latin Boyz Records (SoundExchange)
Latin Crusader (SoundExchange)
Latin Experience Prod. (SoundExchange)
Latin Jingle (PPL)
Latin Music (SoundExchange)
Latin Power Music (SoundExchange)
Latin Soul Recordings (SoundExchange)
Latin Soul Records (SoundExchange)
Latin Sound Productions (SoundExchange)
Latin Thug Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Latin Touch Records (SoundExchange)
Latymer (PPL)
Lauda (SoundExchange)
Laughing Cow (SoundExchange)
Laughing Face Productions
Laughing Outlaw Records (Inertia)
Laughing Man (SoundExchange)
Laughing Stock Productions
Laughspin (SoundExchange)
Launch Entertainment (PPL)
Launch Records (Launch Records)(Aust
Launchpad Records (PPL)
Laundry Label (PPL)
Laura K Clarke (Clarke, Laura)
Laura Music, inc. (SoundExchange)
Laurel Canyon Animal Company
Laurel Records Ltd (Warner)
Lauren Bruce (Bruce, Lauren)
Lauren MacColl T/A Make Believe (PPL)
Lava Rock Music (SoundExchange)
Lavaland (SoundExchange)
Lavolta Records (PPL)
Law & Auder Records (SoundExchange)
Law of Inertia (SoundExchange)
Lawhawk Music (SoundExchange)
Lawine (EMI)
Lawn (PPL)
Lawrence Lomotey Narhkom (PPL)
Lawrie Minson (Minson, Lawrie)
Laws Of Motion (Hot)
Laykash Records (SoundExchange)
Layla Records (SoundExchange)
Laylow Records (PPL)
Lazerlight (PPL)
Lazy Kid (SoundExchange)
Lazy Kid Music (SoundExchange)
Lazy River Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Lazy Susan (Lazy Susan)
Lazyswede Productions (PPL)
LB Music (PPL)
LB Records (SoundExchange)
LBD (SoundExchange)
LBR (SoundExchange)
LBS Records (LBS)
LC 00542 (EMI)
LC 02065 Happy Kids (EMI)
LCL Records (SoundExchange)
LCQ Musique (SoundExchange)
LDC Records (PPL)
LDR (SoundExchange)
Le Bien et Le Mal Recordings
Le Bonheur Des Sons (SoundExchange)
Le Club Records (Toco)
Le De Records (Pharmacy Records)
Le Faux Music (PPL)
Le Jazz Etal (PPL)
Le Monnier Records (PPL)
Le Moulin Blanc Records (PPL)
Le Woof Music (SoundExchange)
Leaf Label (Specific Recordings
Leaf Label (PPL)
Leaning Man Records (SoundExchange)
Leap Of Faith (PPL)
Leap Records (Nicki Gillis Pty Ltd)
Least of These Promotions
Leave My Records Alone (PPL)
Lebill Records (Unidisc)
Leblon Records (SoundExchange)
Lecam Records (Unidisc)
Lecanoscope (SoundExchange)
Lee (PPL)
Lee Lambert (PPL)
Lee Records (PPL)
Lee Robert Trevena (Trevena, Lee Robert)
Lee Turner (Turner, Lee)
Lee-Ann Rose (Rose Entertainment)
Leech Label (PPL)
Leeds College Of Music (PPL)
Leeman Classics (PPL)
Lees (PPL)
Left As In Sinister (Blue Pie Productions)
Left Lane Gang (SoundExchange)
Left Three Lanes Music (SoundExchange)
Leftarm Records (PPL)
Lefthook Entertainment LLC
Leftwing Recordings (SoundExchange)
Leg (SoundExchange)
Leg O (PPL)
Leg Room Records (PPL)
Legacy (Sony Music Ent.)
- 105 -
Legal Records (PPL)
Legend Records (PPL)
Legendary Masters (EMI)
Legendary Music (PPL)
Legendary Music (SoundExchange)
Legends (V & H Holdings)
Legere Records (PPL)
Legion Recordings (PPL)
Leif Bryan Davies (Davies, Leif Bryan)
Leigh Cunningham (Cunningham, Leigh)
Leigh Newton & Tanya Wittwer (Newton,
Leigh Newton (Newton, Leigh)
Leisure King (SoundExchange)
Leisure Records (PPL)
Leitbur (SoundExchange)
Lekiddo (PPL)
Lekiddo (Arbuah, Lekiddo) (Video Only)
Lekiddo Arbuah (PPL)
Lekiddo Arbuah (Arbuah, Lekiddo) (Video
Leland Clopton (SoundExchange)
Lemberry Music (PPL)
Lemon (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Lemon Records (Trevena, Lee Robert)
Lemon Records (UK)(PPL)
Lemonapple Records (PPL)
Lemonheads, Inc. (Shock Entertainment)
Lena Anderssen (SoundExchange)
Lench Mob Records (EMI)
Leng Records (PPL)
Lenoah Records (SoundExchange)
Leo Records (PPL)
Leo Rekords (SoundExchange)
Leo Rondeau (SoundExchange)
Leod Music (PPL)
Leon Music Art Fashion (PPL)
Leonard James Promotions (PPL)
Leonard James Records (PPL)
Leonard/Sublett (SoundExchange)
Leonardo Esposito (Esposito, Leonardo)
Leopard Records (PPL)
Leopard Skin (SoundExchange)
Leopold Z (SoundExchange)
Leroy Dunkley (PPL)
Leroy Justice (SoundExchange)
Les Classiques Du Classique (EMI)
Les Clefs Du Classique (EMI)
Les Clefs Du Jazz (EMI)
Les Disques Bootleg (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Consult’art (SoundExchange)
Les Disques D.A.Q. (SoundExchange)
Les Disques De L’Ange (SoundExchange)
Les Disques De L’Ange Animal
Les Disques Flying Frenchmen
Les Disques Inconnu (SoundExchange)
Les Disques LGS Inc (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Mega Inc (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Musicor (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Musik2Musik
Les Disques Pare-Choc (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Pixie (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Seppuku (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Slipt (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Star (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Subsonik (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Tab Inc (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Versatilite (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Victoire (SoundExchange)
Les Disques Ziga Zaga (SoundExchange)
Les Editions Lunapiero (SoundExchange)
Les Editions Matita (SoundExchange)
Les Editions Texmex (SoundExchange)
Les Gravures Illustres (EMI)
Les Introuvables (EMI)
Les Minstrelles (PPL)
Les Production Simonsays (SoundExchange)
Les Productions Acadie Max
Les Productions Benanah Inc
Les Productions De La Clef
Les Productions Du Cruel +L+Phant
Les Productions Le Soleil Sur L’
Les Productions Mathieu Gratton
Les Productions Robishow
Les Productions Sherazade Inc
Les Productions Sideral (SoundExchange)
Les Productions St-Hubert (SoundExchange)
Les Slows En Or (EMI)
Les Tubes Introuvables (EMI)
Leslie Baker (SoundExchange)
Lessing Holding (Toco)
Lethal Music (PPL)
Lethal Records (SoundExchange)
Leticia Maher (Maher, Leticia)
Let Em Fly Music (SoundExchange)
Lets Pretend Records (SoundExchange)
Lets Rock (Hot)
Lev (SoundExchange)
Level 3 Records (SoundExchange)
Level 6 Records (SoundExchange)
Level 10 Music Works (PPL)
Level Music (SoundExchange)
Level Plane Records (SoundExchange)
Level Two Music (Shock Entertainment)
Level Two Music (Level Two Music)
Levelsound Music (PPL)
Levesound Music (PPL)
Levi Rubie (PPL)
Levite Music Goup (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Levity (Levity)
Levy Alone Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Levy Alone Productions (PPL)
Levy Alone Records (PPL)
Lewis (SoundExchange)
Lewis Music (PPL)
Lewisongs (PPL)
Lewmar Records (Hot)
Lex (Universal)
Lex Records (PPL)
Lexicon Devil (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Lexicon Music (SoundExchange)
Leyendas Del Siglo xx (EMI)
LFK Reocrds Limited (PPL)
LGR Limited (PPL)
LGR Music (PPL)
LGW Ministries (SoundExchange)
Lh1 Productions (PPL)
LHP Records (PPL)
Li’l Bro’ Records (PPL)
Liaison Records (SoundExchange)
Liberated Artists (Liberated Artists)
Liberation Blue (Liberation)
Liberation Music (Liberation)
Liberation Music (Universal)
Liberation Music Group (SoundExchange)
Liberator Music (Liberation)
Liberator Music (SoundExchange)
Liberty (EMI)
Liberty City Music (PPL)
Liberty Ineternational Publishing Inc
Liberty Records (EMI)
Liberty Worship (Liberty Family Church
Libido Sounds (SoundExchange)
Libra Realsound (PPL)
Libra Records (PPL)
Libra Rising Music (SoundExchange) APS (PPL)
Lickin (Central Station Records)
Lickin’ (PPL)
Licking Fingers (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Licorice Tree Records (SoundExchange)
Liebe*Detail (SoundExchange)
Lieberman, Miriam (Miriam Lieberman)
Life (PPL)
Life Entertainment (PPL)
Life Force Records (SoundExchange)
Life In The Big City Recodings (PPL)
Life Line Records (SoundExchange)
Life Of A Warrior (SoundExchange)
Life Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Life Records (SoundExchange)
Life Sentence (SoundExchange)
Lifeforce Jazz (SoundExchange)
Lifehouse Music (SoundExchange)
Lifesong (PPL)
- 106 -
Lifesong Records (PPL)
Lifestyle (AAA Recordings)
Lifetime (PPL)
Lifetimes: . . . Evolution (SoundExchange)
Lifted Music (PPL)
Lifted Music Records (SoundExchange)
Liftin Spirit Records (PPL)
Light And Dark (PPL)
Light FM (SoundExchange)
Light Green Productions (SoundExchange)
Light Heavy Records (SoundExchange)
Light Vision Records (PPL)
Light Records (SoundExchange)
Light/Sacred Special (PPL)
Light Show Music (SoundExchange)
Lightfoot Records Inc. (SoundExchange)
Lighthouse Beach Records (Lighthouse
Beach Records)
Lighthouse Music (SoundExchange)
Lightnin’ Charlie (SoundExchange)
Lightning And Thunder Records (PPL)
Lights Of DEI (PPL)
Lightworld (SoundExchange)
Lignum (PPL)
Lignum Music (PPL)
Like Father Like Son Recording (PPL)
Like Mother Like Daughter Music Group
Like Summer (SoundExchange)
Lila Vihun Music (SoundExchange)
Lilac (PPL)
Lil Big Homie Records, LLC
Lil Bull Music (SoundExchange)
Lil’ Cracker Records (SoundExchange)
Lil Fetty (SoundExchange)
Lil’ Girl Creations (SoundExchange)
Lil’ Jamaica Records (SoundExchange)
Lil’ People Records (SoundExchange)
Lil Minx Records (PPL)
Lil Minx Records (SoundExchange)
Lil Wood Recordz (SoundExchange)
Lilly Records (SoundExchange)
Limbo (PPL)
Limbo Records (PPL)
Lime Records (PPL)
Lime Street Records (PPL)
Limehouse Records (SoundExchange)
Limelight Records (PPL)
Limerence Records (SoundExchange)
Limited Company Records (PPL)
Limited Fanfare (SoundExchange)
Limonaire (PPL)
Lincoln Cathedral (PPL)
Linda Tolchard (PPL)
Linden (SoundExchange)
Lindene Music (Wormald, Jeanette)
Lindsay Jane (SoundExchange)
Line Out Records (PPL)
Linearsphere Records Ltd (PPL)
Liner Records (PPL)
Linermedia (PPL)
Linfair (SoundExchange)
Linforth Music (PPL)
Lingo Records (PPL)
Link (PPL)
Links (PPL)
Linn (PPL)
Linn Records (EMI)
Linn Records (PPL)
Linnmill Productions (PPL)
Linus Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Lion & Lamb (SoundExchange)
Lion and Roots (SoundExchange)
Lion House Records (Roots Level Pty Ltd)
Lion of Zion Records (SoundExchange)
Lion Records (Kenzo) (SoundExchange)
Lion Sound (SoundExchange)
Lionheart Admin & Promo Services
(Aquagirl Music&Business)(Aust Indi)
Lionheart Music (PPL)
Lionheart Records (PPL)
Lionman Records (SoundExchange)
Lions Share Recordings (Lions Share
Lionz (SoundExchange)
Lior Attar (Attar, Lior)
Lipstick Recordings (PPL)
Lipstik Recordings (PPL)
Lipsync Records (Lipsync)
Air (PPL)
Liquid 8 Records and Entertainment
Liquid Air Music (PPL)
Liquid Asset (PPL)
Liquid City (SoundExchange)
Liquid Noise Records (PPL)
Liquid Note Records (PPL)
Liquid Recordings (Ministry Of Sound)
Liquid Sky (SoundExchange)
Liquid Tambourine Records (Liberation
Liquor Barrel (SoundExchange)
Liqweed Gaja (PPL)
LIR Classics (PPL)
Lisa (SoundExchange)
Lisa Richards (Richards, Lisa-Marie)
Lisa Theunissen (PPL)
Lisa Young Quartet (Young, Lisa)
Lismor (PPL)
Lismor De Luxe (PPL)
Lismor Delixe Double (PPL)
Lismor Digital (PPL)
Lismor Folk (PPL)
Lismor Irish (PPL)
Liste (SoundExchange)
Listen Easy (V & H Holdings)
Listen For Pleasure (EMI)
Listen Up Records (Jerry Harris)
March 2014
Listening Library (SoundExchange)
Litmus (PPL)
Little Angel Records (SoundExchange)
Little Attic Records (PPL)
Little Beethoven (Sparks Recordings)
(Shock Entertainment)
Little Big Deal Records (SoundExchange)
Little Bird (SoundExchange)
Little Birdy (EMI)
Little Boo Records (SoundExchange)
Little Buildings (Tash Parker)
Little Chaos Records (PPL)
Little Church Records (SoundExchange)
Little Crab Creek Music (SoundExchange)
Little Darlin (Starlite)
Little Demon (PPL)
Little Digger (EMI)
Little Digger Productions (EMI)
Little Digger/EMI (EMI)
Little Dipper Records (SoundExchange)
Little Fats Music (SoundExchange)
Little Firecracker (SoundExchange)
Little Fortissimo (SoundExchange)
Little Genius Recordings (PPL)
Little Hartley Music (Little Hartley Music)
Little Hartley Music (Select)
Little Horse (McKenna, Tess)
Little J Gabino Productions
Little Known Records (PPL)
Little League Productions (PPL)
Little Mafia (SoundExchange)
Little Man (SoundExchange)
Little Maple Leaf Production
Little Man Music (SoundExchange)
Little Me Music (PPL)
Little Misty Music (PPL)
Little Miller (SoundExchange)\
Little Miller Music (SoundExchange)
Little Mountain Recordings
Little Num Num Music (PPL)
Little Ones Music (SoundExchange)
Little Pattie (EMI)
Little Poppet (PPL)
Little Power Records (PPL)
Little Pro Records (SoundExchange)
Little Red (Takahiro Honda, Dominic Byrne,
Thomas Hartney, Quang Dinh, Adrian
Little Red Rabbit Music (PPL)
Little Room Records (Little Room Records)
Little Roscoe (SoundExchange)
Little Round Records (PPL)
Little Rumba (PPL)
Little Scout (Little Scout Music Pty Ltd)
Little Sister Records Ltd (PPL)
Little Tribe (Ambition Entertainment)
Little Wise (Little Wise)
- 107 -
Little Xavier Company (SoundExchange)
Little Yott Music (SoundExchange)
littlebliss records (littlebliss records)
Littleman Music (SoundExchange)
Littleman Records (SoundExchange)
Live & Learn Records (PPL)
Live (pr)(PPL)
Live And Love (PPL)
Live Band Jam (PPL)
Live From Abbey Road (EMI)
Live Here Now (EMI)
Live Music (SoundExchange)
Live Oak (PPL)
Live-On Ent. (SoundExchange)
Live Once Records (SoundExchange)
Live Or Die Records (PPL)
Live Wire Empire (SoundExchange)
Live Your Dream Music (SoundExchange)
Livein Music (PPL)
Livewire (PPL)
Livewire Records (PPL)
Livid Meerkat (PPL)
Livid Recordings (PPL)
Livid Records (PPL)
Living Arts (SoundExchange)
Living Beat (PPL)
Living Era (EMI)
Living Music (Hot)
Living Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Living Soul (SoundExchange)
Living With Amy (Big Strum)
Livingston Music co. (SoundExchange)
Liza Wolfe (PPL)
Lizard (PPL)
Lizard King (PPL)
Lizard Records (PPL)
Lizard Sun (SoundExchange)
Lizard Sun Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Liztunes Publishing (SoundExchange)
LJ Music Ltd (PPL)
LJM Records (PPL)
LJPC Management (PPL)
LKJ (SoundExchange)
LKM (SoundExchange)
LL Records Ltd (PPL)
LLG Music Group (SoundExchange)
LLuvia (SoundExchange)
LMG Music (PPL)
LNG Music (LNG Music)
LNM (SoundExchange)
Lo Bit Landscapes (SoundExchange)
Lo-Fi Tofu Records (SoundExchange)
Lo Five (SoundExchange)
Lo La Records (PPL)
Lo Music (Xelon Entertainment)
Lo Recordings (PPL)
Lo Records (SoundExchange)
Lo Recordings (SoundExchange)
Lo Recordings (SoundExchange)
Lo. Recordins (CAR) (SoundExchange)
Loaded Records (PPL)
Loaded UK (SoundExchange)
Loaded/Cowboy (PPL)
Loading Bay (PPL)
Loadmusic (SoundExchange)
Loaf (PPL)
Loaf (SoundExchange)
Loaf Recordings (SoundExchange)
Lobe Records (PPL)
Lobo Records (SoundExchange)
Lobotomy Recordings (SoundExchange)
Local Boy Records (PPL)
Local Records (PPL)
Lochshore (PPL)
Lock (PPL)
Lock Down Music (SoundExchange)
Lock Stock And Barrell (PPL)
Locked On (PPL)
Lockout Music Ltd (PPL)
Locomotion Entertainment (PPL)
Locomotive Spain (SoundExchange)
Locusts and Wild Honey (Doolan, Steve)
Loeb (PPL)
Loeb (SoundExchange)
Lofi Criminal Records (PPL)
Lofly Pty Ltd (Lofly Pty Ltd)
Lofo Records (PPL)
Loft (PPL)
Loftwerk Records (SoundExchange)
Log Music (Hot)
LogicalNoise Records (PPL)
Logport Records (SoundExchange)
Lohz Recordings (PPL)
Lojinx (PPL)
Lokjaw Music Group (SoundExchange)
Lola Waxx Records (PPL)
Lolito Records (PPL)
Lolliepopmusic (PPL)
Lollipop (PPL)
Lollipoperz (SoundExchange)
Loma Records (SoundExchange)
Lomax Imo Productions (SoundExchange)
Lomoco Records (PPL)
London – Site Essentials (Warner)
London City Records (PPL)
London Curb (PPL)
London Electric (PPL)
London Independent Records (PPL)
London Jazz (PPL)
London Metro Jazz (PPL)
London Philharmonic Orchestra (PPL)
London Popular Arts (PPL)
London Records 90 Limites (Warner)
London Records Ltd (Warner)
London Sinfonietta (PPL)
Londonparis UK (PPL)
Lone Cricket Music (SoundExchange)
Lone Hill Jazz (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Lone Piper (PPL)
March 2014
Lone Rider Record Company Ltd (PPL)
Lone Star Records (PPL)
Lonestar Records (SoundExchange)
Lonely Astronaut (SoundExchange)
Lonely Astronaut Records (SoundExchange)
Lonely Planet Productions Inc (PPL)
Lonely Playground (SoundExchange)
Lonely Street Discs (PPL)
Lonely Wolf (PPL)
Long Arm (SoundExchange)
Long Beach Records (SoundExchange)
Long Distance Recordings (Long Distance
Long Distance Recordings (Xelon
Long Green Music (SoundExchange)
Long Island (SoundExchange)
Long Lost Brother (SoundExchange)
Long Lost Brother (UK)(Hot)
Long Lost Brother Records
Long Overdue Recordings (SoundExchange)
Long Pig Records (PPL)
Long Range Dist (SoundExchange)
Long Road Recordings (SoundExchange)
Long Road Records (SoundExchange)
Long Rock Records (PPL)
Longhair Illuminati Recordings
Longines Symphonette Records (Unidisc)
Longlands Music (PPL)
Longman Records Ltd (PPL)
Longshot Music (SoundExchange)
Longtime Listener (Chris Pickering only)
(Pickering, Chris)
Longwaydown (SoundExchange)
Lontano Records Ltd (Lorelt)(PPL)
Lontano Records Ltd (PPL)
Loofy Records (PPL)
Look At You Records (PPL)
Look Out Kid (O’Byrne, Nicholas)
Lookout! Records (Shock Entertainment)
Loon Lake (Loon Lake)
Loop Dance Constructions (PPL)
Loop Hole Recordings (SoundExchange)
Loop Records (PPL)
Loose (PPL)
Loose Fish Records (PPL)
Loose Lips (Universal)
Loose Music (The Felice Brothers)(PPL)
Loose Recordings (PPL)
Loose Records (LSE)(PPL)
Loose Tie (PPL)
Loose Tooth Records (SoundExchange)
Lora (SoundExchange)
Lord Bug (PPL)
Lord Bug Music (PPL)
Lord Bug Records (PPL)
Lord C (PPL)
Lord Ellis Productions (PPL)
- 108 -
Lord Jim Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Loremoma Music (SoundExchange)
Loriana Music (PPL)
Lorin Nicholson (Nicholson, Lorin)
Lorna (PPL)
Lorna A McDougall (PPL)
Los Chamanes (SoundExchange)
Los Farreros (EMI)
Los Feliz Records (SoundExchange)
Los Frikis De La Tele (EMI)
Los Fucking Angeles (SoundExchange)
Los Kamikaze Records (SoundExchange)
Los Llaners De La Frontera (EMI)
Los Lobos (Los Lobos Tin Can Trust
Recordings) (Shock Entertainment)
Los Suenos De San Pedro (Gallagher,
Loser Friendly Records (PPL)
Lost Boyz Records (SoundExchange)
Lost Chart (SoundExchange)
Lost Coast Sound (SoundExchange)
Lost Frequency Recodings (PPL)
Lost Gold (SoundExchange)
Lost Gold Records (SoundExchange)
Lost Highway (Universal)
Lost In Tyme (SoundExchange)
Lost Language (PPL)
Lost My Dog (PPL)
Lost Toys Records (PPL)
Lost Wax Music (SoundExchange)
Lost Wax Records (SoundExchange)
Lostmusic (SoundExchange)
Lostraxx (Lostraxx Records)
Losty (Losty)
Lot 49 (PPL)
Lotus Arts Box (PPL)
Lou Bradley Records (Bradley, Lou)
Loucar Records (SoundExchange)
Loud and Clear Records (SoundExchange)
Loud Bit (PPL)
Loud Bit Records (PPL)
Loud Hearts (SoundExchange)
Loud Hearts Records (SoundExchange)
Louba Reve Records (PPL)
Loud/Epic (Sony Music Ent.)
Louder Und Shneller (PPL)
Loudhouse Records (US)(Hot)
Loudmouf Records (SoundExchange)
Loudmouthmusic Ltd (PPL)
Louie Giglio, Passion Confrences (EMI)
Louipimps (SoundExchange)
Louise Golbey (PPL)
Louisiana Concerts (PPL)
Lounge Records Hennecke & Hue (PPL)
Loungeroom Records (Craig Byrne)
Lounging Records (SoundExchange)
Love & Disaster (PPL)
Love & Laughter (SoundExchange)
Love and Groove (EMI)
Love and Lovering (EMI)
Love and Mercy (Level Two Music)
Love and Peace (EMI)
Love Bite Records (Love Bite Records)
Love Child Music (SoundExchange)
Love Da Records (SoundExchange)
Love Distortion (SoundExchange)
Love Divinity Jah Rootical Dub (PPL)
Love Groove Music Publishing Company
Love House Records (PPL)
Love Injection Productions
Love Is My Velocity (Love Is My Velocity)
Love Like Hate (Love Like Hate)
Love Minus Zero (PPL)
Love Of Life (PPL)
Love Police Records and Tapes (Love Police
Records and Tapes)
Love Records (SoundExchange)
Love Your Records (Love Your Records)
Lovebird (PPL)
Lovechild Records (PPL)
Lovers and Poets (SoundExchange)
Loverush Digital (SoundExchange)
Lovesound (PPL)
Lovett Ltd (SoundExchange)
Low Attitude Records (SoundExchange)
Low Dice Records (SoundExchange)
Low Down Music (SoundExchange)
Low End George Publishing
Low Life Records (PPL)
Low Pressings (PPL)
Low Profile Records (SoundExchange)
Low Rent Operator (PPL)
Low Transit Industries (Shock
Lowansa (SoundExchange)
Lower Level Records (PPL)
Lowered Recordings (PPL)
Lowland Folk (PPL)
Lowland Folk Four (PPL)
Lowlands (SoundExchange)
Lowlife Recordings (SoundExchange)
Lowroom Recordings (PPL)
Loyal 7 Records (SoundExchange)
Loyal Grip Money Ent. (SoundExchange)
LP Music (PPL)
LPO (Select)
LRG Records (SoundExchange)
LRS Music (SoundExchange)
LRW Records Limited (PPL)
LS City (SoundExchange)
LS Records (EMI)
LS Records (SoundExchange)
LSE Records (SoundExchange)
L-Shaped Records (SoundExchange)
LSO Live (PPL)
LSO Live (Select)
March 2014
LSQuadron (SoundExchange)
LTP Records (SoundExchange)
LTPD Record Company Inc. (PPL)
Luaka Bop (Nouvelle Vague, Susana
Baca)(Shock Entertainment)
Luanda Brasil (SoundExchange)
Luar Music (SoundExchange)
Lucid Creativity (SoundExchange)
Lucid House Productions (SoundExchange)
Lucian Green Music (Green, Lucian)
Lucian McGuiness (McGuiness, Lucian)
Lucid Records (SoundExchange)
Lucious Sounds (PPL)
Luck Mervil (SoundExchange)
Luckpepper (PPL)
Luckscum Records (SoundExchange)
Lucky (V & H Holdings)
Lucky 7 Records (PPL)
Lucky Bean Records (PPL)
Lucky Bluebird Records (SoundExchange)
Lucky Boy Blue (Flynn, Bobby)
Lucky Country (V & H Holdings)
Lucky Number (Universal)
Lucky Number Music Limited (PPL)
Lucky Range Records (SoundExchange)
Lucky Seven (PPL)
Lucky Song Entertainment
Lucky Star Records (Ministry Of Sound)
Lucky Tubb (SoundExchange)
Luckystar Records (SoundExchange)
Lucumi Productions (SoundExchange)
Lucy Records (PPL)
Lucy V.P. (EMI)
Lucy’s Crown (Lucy’s Crown)
Ludell Records (SoundExchange)
Ludo Vicoeinaudi (SoundExchange)
Lue Dog Music (SoundExchange)
Luigi Beatz (PPL)
Lujuria Music (SoundExchange)
Luka Bloom (Shock Entertainment)
Luaka Bop (Warner)
Luke A Caruana (Caruana, Luke A)
Luke Moseley t/a L-MO (PPL)
Luke Szabo (Szabo, Luke)
Luke Vassella (Vassella, Luke)
Luketen Communications (SoundExchange)
Lukktone (Howard, Luke)
Luluc (Luluc)
Luma Music (PPL)
Luma Musikverwaltungs GMBH (PPL)
Lumba Productions (SoundExchange)
Lumberton Trading Company (PPL)
Lumberton Trading Co (SoundExchange)
Lumenessence Limited (PPL)
Lumiar Discos (SoundExchange)
Lumina Music (PPL)
Luminous (PPL)
Luminoso Records (PPL)
- 109 -
Lumis (SoundExchange)
Luna Music (EMI)
Luna Music Corp (SoundExchange)
Luna Musik Group (SoundExchange)
Luna Park Records (SoundExchange)
Lunacy (PPL)
Lunadiscs Records (PPL)
Lunar (PPL)
Lunar Eclipse (SoundExchange)
Lunar Music (PPL)
Lunar Records (PPL)
Lunatique Recordings (SoundExchange)
Lunch Money Productions (SoundExchange)
Luniverse (SoundExchange)
Lupin Music (SoundExchange)
Lusam Music Limited (PPL)
Lusciana Records (PPL)
Luscious Peach (PPL)
Lush (PPL)
Lush Records (Lush, Kate)
Luster Brothers (SoundExchange)
Lusty Records (PPL)
Lutzbone Music (SoundExchange)
Luv Lite Recordings (!K7 Records)
Luvbug Recordings (Xelon Entertainment)
Luvmo Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Luxstar (SoundExchange)
Luxury (Luxury)
Luxury B Records (PPL)
Luxury Lounge (SoundExchange)
LVH Music (SoundExchange)
LVM Records (SoundExchange)
LW Recordings (SoundExchange)
LWM Records (SoundExchange)
LWMC Records-0006 (SoundExchange)
Lycanthia (Lycanthia)
Lydian Label (PPL)
L Y F Recordings (Liberation Music)
LYF Recordings (SoundExchange)
Lyon Echo Records (SoundExchange)
Lyrebird (SoundExchange)
Lyric Digital (SoundExchange)
Lyric Records (PPL)
Lyric Street (EMI)
Lyric Street (Universal)
LyricForge (PPL)
Lyrinx (PPL)
Liriqs da Lyraciss (SoundExchange)
Lyrique (PPL)
Lyrita Recorded Edition (PPL)
Lyro (PPL)
M Pub (SoundExchange)
M & H Hawaii (SoundExchange)
M & I (SoundExchange)
M & J Records (PPL)
M & T Inc (PPL)
MA Recordings (SoundExchange)
M B Squared (PPL)
M J Music (PPL)
M USA (SoundExchange)
M.C.D.J.P.S. Records (PPL)
M.D.M.C. Records (PPL)
M.E.N. (PPL)
M.E.R.G.E 1 Records (Blue Pie Productions)
M.E1 Records Ltd (PPL)
M. H. G. Music Group (SoundExchange)
M.I.C. Records (PPL)
M.P.L Sas-Large LF (PPL)
M.P.Y.R.E. Music Group (SoundExchange)
M.W.C. Records (Unidisc)
M.W.M. (PPL)
M!D!FY (SoundExchange)
M’s Place (EMI)
M1 Records (PPL)
M2.0 Communications (PPL)
M2E, LLC (SoundExchange)
M3 Music Inc (SoundExchange)
M6 Interactions (SoundExchange)
M7BII Productions (SoundExchange)
M80 (SoundExchange)
Ma Doocey (PPL)
Ma Doocey Records (PPL)
Ma Gog Records (SoundExchange)
Maan (SoundExchange)
Mac II (PPL)
Mac Mall (SoundExchange)
Mac Vaughn (SoundExchange)
Macaent Music Grp (SoundExchange)
Macarena Aos Mix (SoundExchange)
Macaskill Music (PPL)
Maccabees (PPL)
Machair Records Ltd (PPL)
Machette Music (Universal)
Machine Heart (SoundExchange)
Machine Heart Music (SoundExchange)
Machine Records (PPL)
Machine Productions (SoundExchange)
Machine’s Don’t Care (PPL)
Machine Shop Recordings (Warner)
Machinery (SoundExchange)
Macho Man (SoundExchange)
Maciah Creek Records (SoundExchange)
Mack Town (SoundExchange)
Mackediches Records (SoundExchange)
Mackel Records (SoundExchange)
Mackey Media (SoundExchange)
Macki (SoundExchange)
Macmeanmna (PPL)
Macmillan/Mcgraw-Hill (SoundExchange)
Macola Records (SoundExchange)
Macym (PPL)
Mad (PPL)
Mad Dog Winston (Bush ‘Sea of Memories’
Recordings) (Shock Entertainment)
Mad Ent Records (Madison Entertainment)
Mad Music Ltd (PPL)
March 2014
Mad Pig Records (PPL)
Mad Professor Records (PPL)
Mad Promotions (PPL)
Mad Society Music Records/ Dynotones/
Beach Party A Go-Go (SoundExchange)
Madam Music Limited (PPL)
Madame Leo Association (Les Hurlements
d’Leo)(Shock Entertainment)
Madd Dog Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Maddog (EMI)
Made In Mexico (SoundExchange)
Made In NL (PPL)
Made In NL (Ministry Of Sound)
Made Men Productions (SoundExchange)
Made Music Pty Ltd (Made Music Pty Ltd)
Mada Music (PPL)
Made Music (Made Music)
Made To Measure (PPL)
Made To Play (SoundExchange)
Madfish (PPL)
Madfish Records (SoundExchange)
Madhouse Records (PPL)
Madhouse Records (SoundExchange)
Madison Square Gardens (Madison Square
Madi Mar Music (SoundExchange)
Madmud Recordz (PPL)
Madryn (PPL)
Madswan (PPL)
Mae (SoundExchange)
Maelstrom Records (Xelon Entertainment)
Maestro (SoundExchange)
Maestro Masters (V & H Holdings)
Maestro Records (PPL)
Mafia & Fluxy (PPL)
Magada (SoundExchange)
Magdalen (PPL)
Magenta Records (SoundExchange)
Magic (PPL)
Magic Bag Records (SoundExchange)
Magic Box Records (PPL)
Magic Castle Records (Universal)
Magic Circle Entertainment
Magical Circler Music
Magic City (SoundExchange)
Magic Dime (SoundExchange)
Magic Dirt P/L (Magic Dirt P/L)
Magic Hat Records (PPL)
Magic Island Records (Armada Music)
Magic Journey Recordings (The Honey
Magic Marker Records (SoundExchange)
Magic Mewstone (PPL)
Magic Muszik (PPL)
Magic Number Records Ltd (PPL)
Magic Records (PPL)
Magic Wire Recordings (SoundExchange)
Magical Eye Records (SoundExchange)
- 110 -
Magical Forest Music Publishing
Magical Records (SoundExchange)
Magick Eye Records (PPL)
Magick Nuns (PPL)
Magik Roundabout (PPL)
Magik Records (Toco)
Magika Records (PPL)
Magilla Records (PPL)
Magma Recordings (PPL)
Magmid (PPL)
Magmid (SoundExchange)
Magnatar (SoundExchange)
Magnatone (PPL)
Magneoton Kft. (Warner)
Magnolia Grove Records (SoundExchange)
Magnet (SoundExchange)
Magnet Records Ltd (Warner)
Magnetic North (PPL)
Magnetize (Ministry Of Sound)
Magnificent! (PPL)
Magnificent Seven (SoundExchange)
Magnum Collectors UK (SoundExchange)
Magnum Force (PPL)
Magnum Opus (PPL)
Magpie (PPL)
Magpie Music Recording & Publi (PPL)
Mahogany Jazz (SoundExchange)
Mahoning Valley Records (Blue Pie
Mahlon (SoundExchange)
Mahuta Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Mai (EMI)
Mai Music (SoundExchange)
Mai Thai (PPL)
Maid In Sheffield (PPL)
Maid In Sheffield Limited (PPL)
Maid In Sheffield Publishing (PPL)
Maida (PPL)
M’aidez Music (PPL)
Mailrider Music (SoundExchange)
Main Line (PPL)
Mainframe Recordings (SoundExchange)
Mainstem (PPL)
Mairearad Green (PPL)
Maison Bourbon Records (SoundExchange)
Mai-songs music (Mai-songs music)
Majestic Praise (PPL)
Majestic Rock (SoundExchange)
Majestic Reggae (PPL)
Majesticsound Recordings (SoundExchange)
Majesty (EMI)
Majesty Music (SoundExchange)
Majesty/Capitol (EMI)
Majic Phingaz Productions
Majic Records (PPL)
Majique Music (Vanderby, Ray)
Majique Records (Vanderby, Ray)
Majo (SoundExchange)
Major 6th Records (SoundExchange)
Major Damage Productions
Major Domo (PPL)
Major Menace Entertainment
Major Motion (PPL)
Major Moves Ltd (PPL)
Major Records (PPL)
Maka Sound (SoundExchange)
Makafresh (SoundExchange)
Makakophone (SoundExchange)
Makani (SoundExchange)
Makani Records (SoundExchange)
Makasound (PPL)
Make A Mess (SoundExchange)
Make It Music (PPL)
Make It Real Records (SoundExchange)
Make Mine Music (SoundExchange)
Make Shift Music (SoundExchange)
Make Some Noise (PPL)
Make Way (PPL)
Make Way Music (PPL)
Makeway Ent. (SoundExchange)
Makeshift (PPL)
Makiavel (SoundExchange)
Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms
Malaco (PPL)
Malady Music (PPL)
Malakai Music (SoundExchange)
Malana Music Production Company
Malandro Records (SoundExchange)
Malcolm/Ev’rybody Say Yeah (Fuller,
Male Choir of Uspensky Cathedral
Malicious Damage Records (PPL)
Malik Pendleton (SoundExchange)
Mallets Bay Records (SoundExchange)
Malloty Up Records (PPL)
Malpais (PPL)
Malsa (SoundExchange)
Malted Milk Music (SoundExchange)
Maltese Record Co (SoundExchange)
Mama Bear Records (PPL)
Mama Kin (Mama Kin)
Mama Tierra Festival (EMI)
Mama’s Boy Music (Warner)
Mambo Maniacs Records (SoundExchange)
Mambo Music (PPL)
Mambo Music USA (SoundExchange)
Mambo Zombies (SoundExchange)
Mamey Records (SoundExchange)
Mammal (Williamson, Peter)
Man Alive Records (SoundExchange)
Man Entertainment Inc (SoundExchange)
Man From Uncle Records (PPL)
Man Hat Tone (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Man With A Gun (SoundExchange)
Mana Music (Mana Music Productions)
Manali Records (SoundExchange)
Manasota Music (SoundExchange)
Manchester Records (PPL)
Manchester United (PPL)
Manda and the Marbles (SoundExchange)
Mandingo (PPL)
Mandingo Hot Steppers (PPL)
Mandugu Digital (SoundExchange)
Mandy & the Bandits (SoundExchange)
Mang Chung Records (SoundExchange)
Manga Beat Records (PPL)
Mango (Universal)
Mango Alley Records (PPL)
Mango Pussy Records (PPL)
Manhattan (EMI)
Manhattan Mule Music (SoundExchange)
Manhaton Records (PPL)
Manhattan Records (EMI)
Manhatton (EMI)
Maniac Squat (PPL)
Manic (PPL)
Manic Pop Thrill (SoundExchange)
Manic Records (SoundExchange)
Manic Snail (PPL)
Manifest Records (PPL)
Manifold Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Manifold Music (SoundExchange)
Manifold Music (Toco)
Manilla (PPL)
Manimal Vinyl Records (SoundExchange)
Manitoba Film and Music (SoundExchange)
Manitou (SoundExchange)
Manjaro Music (Manajro Music)
Manky Records (PPL)
Manmade Soul (PPL)
Manmuse (PPL)
Man-Na Heart (PPL)
Manna Music (PPL)
Mannix Music (Mannix Music)
Manor (SoundExchange)
Manor House Music (PPL)
Manouche (SoundExchange)
Manran Music Productions Ltd (PPL)
Mansion Music (SoundExchange)
Manteca (PPL)
Manteca (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Mantis (PPL)
Mantis Recordings (PPL)
Mantra (Remote Control)
Mantra Vibes (PPL)
Manu Records (SoundExchange)
Manufactured Music (SoundExchange)
Manushi Records (PPL)
Many Colours (SoundExchange)
Manyworlds Productions (PPL)
Manzana (SoundExchange)
Manzanita Productions (SoundExchange)
- 111 -
Map (PPL)
Map Music Ltd (PPL)
Mapa Mundi (PPL)
Maple Music (SoundExchange)
Maple Tone Records (SoundExchange)
Maplecore (Neverending White
Lights)(Shock Entertainment)
Maplesong (SoundExchange)
Mapp Records LLC (PPL)
Maproom Recordings (PPL)
Mar Music (SoundExchange)
Marabi (PPL)
Maraje Musique (SoundExchange)
Marama Music (PPL)
Maranatha Music (PPL)
Marathon Media International (PPL)
Marathon OMP (PPL)
Marbet Records (PPL)
Marble Bar (SoundExchange)
Marc Aurel Edition (SoundExchange)
March Hair Records (PPL)
March Records (SoundExchange)
Marchy’s World (PPL)
Marcato (Marcato)
Marcelo Marcky (EMI)
March Hare Music (PPL)
Marco Polo (Select)
Marcus George (PPL)
Marcuse Records (PPL)
Mardi Gras Records (PPL)
Marelli Productions inc. (SoundExchange)
Marginal Records (SoundExchange)
Margophone (EMI)
Maria Byrne (PPL)
Maria Okunev (Okunev, Maria)
Marian Records (SoundExchange)
Mariann (Warner)
Marilyn (SoundExchange)
Marimba Records (PPL)
Marina Recordings (SoundExchange)
Marina Toskas (Toskas, Marina)
Marine Parade Ltd (PPL)
Marine Parade Music Ltd (PPL)
Mariner Music (PPL)
Marionet Records (PPL)
Marisa Lock (Ethos Music Media Pty Ltd)
Maritaca (SoundExchange)
Mark & Miley (PPL)
Mark 1 Records (PPL)
Mark Deeks Music (PPL)
Mark Di Renzo (Di Renzo, Mark Charles)
Mark Five Records (SoundExchange)
Mark Handley & The Bone Idols (PPL)
Mark Handley (PPL)
Mark Jackson (Jackson, Mark)
Mark McCue (McCue, Mark)
Mark Mixx (SoundExchange)
Mark Pengilly (Pengilly, Mark)
Mark Pope Music (Mark Pope Music)
Mark Stewart (Jonesez)
Mark Vinet Management (SoundExchange)
Mark Wilkinson (Wilkinson, Mark)
Marked For Death (PPL)
Market Square (PPL)
Market Stall Recordings (PPL)
Marketstall Recordings (PPL)
MarkOneMusic (PPL)
Marli Music (Marli Music)
Marlin Records (Marlin Records)
Marma Records (SoundExchange)
Maroon Records (PPL)
Marquis Cha Cha (PPL)
Marquis Classics (PPL)
Marquis Enterprises Ltd (PPL)
Marquis Entertainments Ltd (PPL)
Marrakesh Records Ltd (PPL)
Marram (PPL)
Marriage Records (SoundExchange)
Marrowstone Music (SoundExchange)
Mars Music (PPL)
Marshall Okell (Okell, Marshall)
Marshall Teller Records (Domino Recording
Company Ltd)
Marshalls (PPL)
Marshmallow Supernova (SoundExchange)
Marsyas UK (PPL)
Martay (pop) (SoundExchange)
Martha Wainwright (Shock Entertainment)
Martial Heart Records (PPL)
Martian Go Home (SoundExchange)
Martian Music (Charlie Chan)
Martian Music (Roy, Kelvin)
Martian Soup Music (SoundExchange)
Martin Harwood T/A Skyhook (PPL)
Martin Harvey (PPL)
Martin, Justine (Justine Martin)
Martin Roy Horne (PPL)
Martland (SoundExchange)
Marty Simpson (Shock Entertainment)
Martyr (SoundExchange)
Marvel (V & H Holdings)
Marvell (SoundExchange)
Marvells Recordings (PPL)
Marvelous Oaks Records (SoundExchange)
Marvin E. Jenkins (SoundExchange)
Mary Glen (SoundExchange)
Mary Hopkin Music (PPL)
Mary Records (SoundExchange)
Mary Schneider (Musigal Music)
Mash (PPL)
Mashtonic (SoundExchange)
Mashup Sound System (PPL)
Mask Arts Ltd (PPL)
Masked Weasel (SoundExchange)
Masquerade (PPL)
Massacre Germany (SoundExchange)
Massai (SoundExchange)
Massimo Musik-7 (SoundExchange)
Massimo Muzik-7 (SoundExchange)
Massive 808 (LNG Music)
March 2014
Massive B (SoundExchange)
Massive B Remains (SoundExchange)
Massive B/VP Records (SoundExchange)
Massive Drive Gold Records
Massive Drive Recordings (SoundExchange)
Massive House Records Ltd (PPL)
Massive Music (PPL)
Massive Moment (SoundExchange)
Massive Productions (PPL)
Master Cut Gold (PPL)
Master Cuts Lifestyle (PPL)
Master Dance (SoundExchange)
Master Dance Tones (SoundExchange)
Master Detective (PPL)
Master Mosquito (SoundExchange)
Master Sound (PPL)
Mastercuts (PPL)
Mastercuts (SoundExchange)
Mastercuts Lifestyle (SoundExchange)
Mastereo (SoundExchange)
Masterlink Productions North (PPL)
Mastermind Records (SoundExchange)
Masters Apprentices (Jim Keayes
Recordings) (Shock Entertainment)
Masters Men (SoundExchange)
Masters of Art (PPL)
Masters of Music (SoundExchange)
Mastersong Music (UK) (PPL)
Mastersound Profile (PPL)
Mastersound UK (PPL)
Masterswan (SoundExchange)
Mastromonia (SoundExchange)
Mat Recordings (Mat Recordings)
Matador (Remote Control)
Matchbox (PPL)
Matchless Recordings (PPL)
Mate Music (EMI)
Mate Recordings (PPL)
Matell Records (PPL)
Material Records (PPL)
Matersong Music UK (PPL)
Matinee Recordings (SoundExchange)
Matita (SoundExchange)
Matita Les Editions (SoundExchange)
Mato Music (SoundExchange)
Matra Records (Unidisc)
Matscan Music (PPL)
Matt Angell (Angell, Matt)
Matt Burke (Burke, Matthew David)
Matt Kefford Records (PPL)
Matt McGee (Children’s ) (SoundExchange)
Matter Records (PPL)
Matthew Archer (Archer, Matthew)
Matthew Boen T/A Parlour (PPL)
Matthew Broadfoot (Broadfoot, Matthew)
Matthew James Bower (PPL)
Matthew Kirk Handley (Handley, Matthew
- 112 -
Matthew Robinson / Jonathan Still
Matthew Smith (PPL)
Matthew Stubbs (SoundExchange)
Matty Grooves (SoundExchange)
Mau Mau (PPL)
Mau Mau Camp (SoundExchange)
Mau5trap (PPL)
Mau5trap/Parlophone (EMI)
Maurice Hardy (Maurice Hardy)
Maven Records Ltd (PPL)
Maverick Records (Warner)
Maverik (PPL)
Mavwreck (SoundExchange)
Mavwrec Records (SoundExchange)
Max Lorenzin Pty Ltd (Lorenzin, Max)
Max Musick (SoundExchange)
Max’s Kansas City (PPL)
Maxelect Records (SoundExchange)
Maxieito (EMI)
Maximum Canada (SoundExchange)
Maximum Minimum (PPL)
Maximum Records (PPL)
Maximum Sound (PPL)
Maxiplay (SoundExchange)
Maxiplay Pops (SoundExchange)
Maxrock Limited (PPL)
Maxwood Music Limited (PPL)
May47 Entertainment Group
Maya Jupiter (Martinez, Melissha)
Maya Records (SoundExchange)
Mayakovsky Produkts (PPL)
Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle (PPL)
Mayfair Records (PPL)
Mayflower (PPL)
Mayhem Records (PPL)
Maynyard’s Groovy Bible Tunes (PPL)
Maype (SoundExchange)
Maze Publishing (SoundExchange)
Mazzerah Records (Mazzerah Records)
MB Metro Blue (EMI)
MBG Music (Toco)
MBI (SoundExchange)
MBJ Records Ltd (PPL)
MBN Records (PPL)
MBOPGlobal BCD (SoundExchange)
MBOPGlobal-Deltamusic (SoundExchange)
mBopGlobal-Prestige Elite Records (Blue
Pie Productions)
MBOPGlobal-Prestige Elite Records
MBS Farmen (SoundExchange)
MC Amani (Butcher, Aysha Amani)
MC Records (Hot)
MCA (Universal)
MCA Nashville (Universal)
McArtney & Co (Mcartney, Tim)
MC Belmont (PPL)
McGhee Proffer Media (SoundExchange)
MCGJ (Fuse Music Group P/L)
MCI (Sony Music Ent)
MCI Childrens Club (PPL)
MCI Comedy Club (PPL)
MCI Direct Club (PPL)
MCI Musicals (PPL)
MCI Presents (PPL)
MCK (SoundExchange)
MCK Recordings (PPL)
McKenzie Entertainment (SoundExchange)
McKenzie (SoundExchange)
McKenzie Music (PPL)
MCS Music Ltd (PPL)
MCS Productions (PPL)
MD Records (SoundExchange)
MDC Promotions Ltd (PPL)
MDG (Germany)(Fuse Music Group P/L)
MDG-Gold (PPL)
MDG Scene (SoundExchange)
MDMA Records (SoundExchange)
MDMSound (SoundExchange)
MDP Touring Pty Ltd (MDP Touring Pty
Me & My Records (SoundExchange)
Me and My (PPL)
Me (New York) (SoundExchange)
Me2 (EMI)
Meadow Court Studios (PPL)
Meadowland Records (PPL)
Meadowlark (PPL)
Mean Old World Records (SoundExchange)
Mean Means Music (SoundExchange)
Meandering Records (SoundExchange)
Meanstreet (SoundExchange)
Measured Records (PPL)
Meaty Music (PPL)
Meaux Music (SoundExchange)
Meca Records (SoundExchange)
Mechagen (Blakclight Voodoo Publishing
Pty Ltd)
Mecanique (PPL)
Mechanical Records (PPL)
Mechanique (PPL)
Mechanism (PPL)
Mechuda (SoundExchange)
Mecuanism (PPL)
Medalist Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Medellin Music (PPL)
Medfly (PPL)
Media Angel Dust 2.0 Inc (SoundExchange)
Media Hebrides (PPL)
Media Records (UK)(PPL)
Media Spirit (EMI)
MediaServices NYC (PPL)
Media Universe (PPL)
March 2014
Mediaboy Intl. Group inc. (SoundExchange)
Medical Mission Sisters (Move)
Medical Records (PPL)
Medici Arts (SoundExchange)
Medici Arts – BBC Legends (Select)
Medici Arts – Medici Masters (Select)
Medici Studios (Medici Studios)
Medicine Man (EMI)
Medieval Records (PPL)
Meditation Pathways (Meditation Pathways)
Meditech (EMI)
Medium Productions Ltd (PPL)
Medley (EMI)
Medley Records (EMI)
Meeks ForMusic (SoundExchange)
Meem Audio (PPL)
Meem Music (PPL)
Mega Fiable (SoundExchange)
Mega International Records
Mega-Media (PPL)
Mega Media Records (SoundExchange)
Mega Monster Music (Video) (PPL)
Mega Monster Music Pty Ltd (PPL)
Mega Records (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Mega Records Denmark (SoundExchange)
Mega Station (EMI)
Mega Truth (SoundExchange)
Mega Truth Records (SoundExchange)
Mega Wave Records “Breathe (imagine
this) (SoundExchange)
Megabop Records (PPL)
Megadisc N.V. (PPL)
Megafan (UK) Ltd (PPL)
Megaforce (Warner)
Megahit (EMI)
Megamax Records (PPL)
Megamen Sounds (SoundExchange)
Megaphone Music (SoundExchange)
Megaphone Records (PPL)
Megaphonic Records (PPL)
Megastar (PPL)
Megatone Records (Unidisc)
Meii Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Meixner Music Productions
Mel Recordings (PPL)
Melaby Music (SoundExchange)
Melankolic (EMI)
Melanoid (SoundExchange)
Melaza Records (SoundExchange)
Melba (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Melba : Pantheon (Melba Recordings)
Melba Recordings (Melba Recordings)
Melcot Music (PPL)
Mele ‘Ohana (SoundExchange)
Mele Nani (SoundExchange)
Melee Entertainment LLC (SoundExchange)
Melissa Robertson (Robertson, Melissa)
- 113 -
Mellow the Band (SoundExchange)\
Mellow Sounds (SoundExchange)
Mellow Tone Records (PPL)
Mellow Yellow (PPL)
Mellowdrama Records (PPL)
Melodic (PPL)
Melodicious (PPL)
Melodisc/Blue Beat/Dice/Etc (PPL)
Melody House (SoundExchange)
Melody Records (PPL)
Melody Springs (PPL)
Melody Star (EMI)
Melodysoft (PPL)
Melodythread (SoundExchange)
Melojay (SoundExchange)
Melon Patch (SoundExchange)
Melopea (SoundExchange)
Melscene (EMI)
Melt 2000 (PPL)
Melt Records (PPL)
Meltdown (PPL)
Meltdown Records (PPL)
Meltin Productions (SoundExchange)
Melting Ice Limited (PPL)
Melting Pot Music (SoundExchange)
Melvin (PPL)
Members Edition (PPL)
Members Only Records (SoundExchange)
Membran (SoundExchange)
Membrane Records (SoundExchange)
Memoir (UK)(PPL)
Memoir Classics (PPL)
Memoir Classics UK (SoundExchange)
Memorandum (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Memphis Industries (Absentee,Blue States,
Field Music, Go! Team, School of
Language)(Shock Entertainment)
Memphis Industries (PPL)
Memphis Industries (Public Opinion Pty
Men (PPL)
Menace (PPL)
Menlo Park Recordings (SoundExchange)
Mental Madness (LNG Music)
Mer Melody Star Records (EMI)
Merc (PPL)
Mercado Music Industries (SoundExchange)
Mercado Paralelo Music (SoundExchange)
Mercenary Musik (SoundExchange)
Mercenaryz Records (SoundExchange)
Merchant City Label (PPL)
Merck Records (SoundExchange)
Mercury Kompa TV (SoundExchange)
Mercury Music Prize (EMI)
Mercury Nashville (Universal)
Mercury Records (Universal)
Mercy Records (SoundExchange)
Merdoc Records (PPL)
Merdog Rcords (SoundExchange)
Merengada (PPL)
Merge (PPL)
Merge1 Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Meridian (PPL)
Meridian Records (PPL)
Meridith Laney / David Hotzclaw
Meridem Records (PPL)
Merlefest (EMI)
Merlin Pool Music (SoundExchange)
Merlinski Records (PPL)
Mermaid Records (PPL)
Merok (SoundExchange)
Meroke Sky Records (SoundExchange)
Merovingian Music (EMI)
Merrimack (SoundExchange)
Merry Christmas (V & H Holdings)
Mersea Arts Society (PPL)
Mesa/Blue Moon (Warner)
Mescal Porch Records (SoundExchange)
Mesogeios (EMI)
Message (PPL)
Messes (SoundExchange)
Messiah Complex (Phantom)
Messiah Management (SoundExchange)
Messidor (SoundExchange)
Master, Omid (Master, Omid)
Maxine Vauzelle (Vauzelle, Maxine)
Meta 4 (PPL)
Meta Merge UN (PPL)
Metabolic Music (SoundExchange)
Metabop Records (PPL)
Metal Blade (Warner)
Metal God Records (SoundExchange)
Metal Hammer (SoundExchange)
Metal Mayhem Music (SoundExchange)
Metal Min2 (SoundExchange)
Metal Mind Poland (SoundExchange)
Metalbox Recordings (PPL)
Metalcore Records (PPL)
Metalheadz (SoundExchange)
Metalother Records (PPL)
Metamatic (PPL)
Metamorphis Marketing (Metamorphis
Metamorphosis (PPL)
Metamorphosis Multi Media (PPL)
Metamusic (SoundExchange)
Metazon Creation (SoundExchange)
Meteor (PPL)
Meteosound (SoundExchange)
Method and Madness (PPL)
Method and Madness Productions (PPL)
Method Recordings (PPL)
Method/Baroque (PPL)
Metier (PPL)
Metier Records (PPL)
Meteir Sounds & Vision (PPL)
Metro (V & H Holdings)
Metro (PPL)
Metro (Fuse Music Group P/L)
March 2014
Metro Blue (EMI)
Metro Blue (EMI)
Metro Doubles (PPL)
Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc
Metro One (PPL)
Metro Sound & Vision (PPL)
Metro Triples (PPL)
Metromedia (SoundExchange)
Metronome (PPL)
Metropolis Music (SoundExchange)
Metrostar Records (PPL)
Mettray Reformatory Pictures
Mexican Summer (Cooking Vinyl)
Mexican Music (SoundExchange)
Mezza Music (SoundExchange)
Mezzanine Records (PPL)
Mezzo (PPL)
Mezzotint Label (SoundExchange)
MFF Records (PPL)
MFM (SoundExchange)
MG Recordings (PPL)
MGD – Music (PPL)
MGF Music (SoundExchange)
MGMusic Ltd (PPL)
MGN (SoundExchange)
MGN Nigeria (Blue Pie Productions)
MGR Records (PPL)
MI Music (PPL)
MI5 Recordings (PPL)
MI5 Recordings UK (PPL)
MI5 Recordings UK (SoundExchange)
Mia Musa (SoundExchange)
Mia Theodoratus (SoundExchange)
Miami Digital (Xelon Entertainment)
Mica Records (PPL)
Micah Records
Mich (SoundExchange)
Michael Antoniou (Antoniou, Michael)
Michael Carroll (SoundExchange)
Michael Den Elzen (Den Elzen, Michael)
Michael Denigan (Denigan, Michael)
Michael Fein (Fein, Michael)
Michael Gant Entertainment (Michael Gant
Michael Hartnett (PPL)
Michael Horsphol (Horsphol, Michael)
Michael Monrad / Mario Jooste
Michael Nyman Records (Select)
Michael Rivers (PPL)
Michael Storrs Music Ltd (PPL)
Michael Varecka (Varecka, Michael)
Michele (SoundExchange)
Michele Records (SoundExchange)
Michelle Vlasak (Vlasak, Michelle)
Michigan Records (SoundExchange)
- 114 -
Mick Hamilton (Hamilton, Mick)
Micky Brown Productions (PPL)
Micro Recording Group (SoundExchange)
Micro Werks (SoundExchange)
Microbe (Warner)
Microcosm Music (SoundExchange)
Microdotmusic (PPL)
Micron (PPL)
Microsolutions (PPL)
Microstar Music (PPL)
Microwave Jenny (Shock Entertainment)
Mid-Town Records (SoundExchange)
Midtown (SoundExchange)
Midas (PPL)
Midas Management (PPL)
Midas Music Management (PPL)
Midas Well Records (SoundExchange)
Middle C Records (SoundExchange)
Middle Earth (PPL)
Middle Finger U Enterprise
Middle Management Recordings (PPL)
Middleground (PPL)
Midget Records (EMI)
Midget Records (Liberation Music)
Midi:Nette (SoundExchange)
Midijum Records (SoundExchange)
Midkight Lion Records (SoundExchange)
Midland Records (Unidisc)
Midlands Records (PPL)
Midm (SoundExchange)
Midnight (Midnight)(Aust Indi)
Midnight Factories
Midnight Music (PPL)
Midnight Rock Records (PPL)
Midnight Stone Unlimited (SoundExchange)
Midnight Vigilante Music (SoundExchange)
Midsong Records (Unidisc)
Midtown (Central Station Records)
Midwest Records (SoundExchange)
Midwestside Records (SoundExchange)
Mig Records (SoundExchange)
Mighty Core Music (SoundExchange)
Mighty Fleiss Radio (SoundExchange)
Mighty Horn (PPL)
Mighty Moe (PPL)
Mighty Pen Music Group (SoundExchange)
Mighty Robot Recordings (PPL)
Mighty Tiger (SoundExchange)
Migro (SoundExchange)
Migtight (SoundExchange)
Migtrock Records (PPL)
Mihrab Records (SoundExchange)
Mijail Kabadjov (PPL)
Mike Collins Music (PPL)
Mike Dangeroux (SoundExchange)
Mike Kneller Music (PPL)
Mike Leroy Productions (PPL)
Mike Pinto (SoundExchange)
Mike Wainright (SoundExchange)
Mikey Boops Records (PPL)
Miki Dallon Productions (PPL)
Mikrofona (EMI)
Mil (PPL)
Milagro (SoundExchange)
Milc Music (PPL)
Mile High Music (SoundExchange)
Milefire Management P/L (G Love)(Shock
Mileta Records (SoundExchange)
Miles Clarke t/a Paradise (PPL)
Miles Gigante (Kimberley, Matthew
Miles Music (PPL)
Milestone (PPL)
Militant Entertainment (PPL)
Militant Musik (SoundExchange)
Milk and Honey Productions
MilkGlass LCC (SoundExchange)
Milken Archive (SoundExchange)
Milkk Records (PPL)
Mill Records (PPL)
Mill Town Records (SoundExchange)
Mille Pattes (SoundExchange)
Milky Bomb Records (PPL)
Millenium (Universal)
Millenium Records Ltd (SoundExchange)
Millinnium Records (SoundExchange)
Million Dappa Records (PPL)
Million Dolla Music (EMI)
Millionaire Music (SoundExchange)
Millita Group (PPL)
Milticket Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Milwaukee Music (Milwaukee Music
Holdings Pty Ltd)
Mily Records (PPL)
Mimajoda Records (SoundExchange)
Mimo Music (PPL)
Min (SoundExchange)
Mind Over Matter (I Forget, Sorry!)
Mind Smoke Music (SoundExchange)
Mind Switch Records (PPL)
Mindbase (SoundExchange)
Minder Records (PPL)
Mindlab Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Mindless (SoundExchange)
MindStep Records (PPL)
Minerva (PPL)
Minerva Records (PPL)
Minglez Music (PPL)
Mini Lop Records (Mini Lop Records Pty
Mini Records (SoundExchange)
Minibar Music (SoundExchange)
Minick Mobile Interactivity AG (Warner)
Minimal Records (PPL)
Minisketch (SoundExchange)
Ministry Of Power (PPL)
Ministry Of Sound (Universal)
March 2014
Ministry Of Sound Australia (Ministry Of
Ministry Of Sound Germany (Ministry Of
Ministry Of Sound Recordings (Ministry Of
Ministry Of Sound Recordings Germany
(Toco)(DJ Bobo Only)
Ministry Of Sound Recs Limited (PPL)
Mink Records (Sekic, Stjepan)
Minnie the Moocher (PPL)
Minor 7 Flat 5 (SoundExchange)
Minos (EMI)
Minos EMI (EMI)
Minstrosity (SoundExchange)
Mint (Melb)(M.J. Wood recordings)(Aust
Mint (PPL)
Mint Condition (PPL)
Mint Films (PPL)
Mint Julep (PPL)
Mint Music (PPL)
Mint Records (PPL)
Mint Sauce (PPL)
Mint Tea (PPL)
Minta Records (PPL)
Minty Fresh (Veruca Salt)(Shock
Minty Fresh Records (PPL)
Minty Highway (PPL)
Mion Innerprizes Inc (SoundExchange)
Mirabeau Music (PPL)
Mirabeau Recordings (PPL)
Miracle (PPL)
Miracle Music (PPL)
Micacle Music (SoundExchange)
Miracle Sounds (SoundExchange)
Miracle West Entertainment (Blue Pie
Miracles (PPL)
Miraflores Music (SoundExchange)
Mirai Records (EMI)
Mirandamusic (SoundExchange)
Mirare (PPL)
Miriam Song (Lieberman, Miriam)
Miriamusic Limited (PPL)
Mirror Wizard Music (SoundExchange
Mirrorball (SoundExchange)
Mirsad Bukic (PPL)
Mirusia (Mirusia Enterprises Pty Ltd)
Misanthropy Records (PPL)
Misc (PPL)
Mischief (PPL)
Misdemeanor Records (Misdemeanor
Misery Guts Music (PPL)
Mishara Music (SoundExchange)
Mishpacha (SoundExchange)
Miso Records (SoundExchange)
Misplaced Music (PPL)
- 115 -
Mister Joe (SoundExchange)
Mister Rooster and Pals (SoundExchange)
Mister Shepherd Records (SoundExchange)
Misterioso (PPL)
Mistletone Records (Inertia)
Miss Behave Music (PPL)
Miss Butch Records (SoundExchange)
Miss Emily Productions (SoundExchange)
Miss Perry Lane (SoundExchange)
Miss Vinyl (SoundExchange)
Miss W (PPL)
Missing Link (The Glass Corporation)
Missing Link Entertainment
Miss Mini (SoundExchange)
Missing Piece (SoundExchange)
Mission (SoundExchange)
Mission Songs Music (SoundExchange)
Mississippi Shakedown (A Sharp Recording
Mississippi Shakedown (Smith, Derek)
Missy Higgins (EMI)
Misterioso (PPL)
Mistin Renee Summers (Arambula, Mistin)
Misty Music Productions (SoundExchange)
Mitch (TX) (SoundExchange)
Mitchell James (James, Mitchell)
Mitchell Stewart (PPL)
Mitter (SoundExchange)
Mix House (SoundExchange)
Mix Mania (EMI)
Mix Tracks Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Mix4U Records (PPL)
Mix4U Technology LLC (PPL)
Mixed Headache Music (SoundExchange)
Mixed Signals Music (SoundExchange)
MixHell Recordings (PPL)
MixHell Records (PPL)
Mixing In Action (EMI)
MixMag (SoundExchange)
Mixmash (Ministry Of Sound)
Mixmash Records (SoundExchange)
Mixmasters Records (Mixmasters Records)
Mixology Digital (Xelon Entertainment)
Mixpak (SoundExchange)
Mixpak Records (SoundExchange)
Mixtape Music (PPL)
Miya Records (SoundExchange)
MJ Music (PPL)
MJJ Music (Sony Music Ent)
MK (Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga)(PPL)
MK Recordz (PPL)
MKL Global Music (SoundExchange)
MKVibe Records (PPL)
MK2 (France)(Fuse)
Mlyrics4U (SoundExchange)
MM Essential Records (SoundExchange)
MMBTP (Molly Molotov Booby Trap Prod)
MMC Recordings (PPL)
MMM Production Company (PPL)
MN Records Ltd (PPL)
MNI Entertainment Group (SoundExchange)
MN2S Recordings (PPL)
Mnemonics Music (PPL)
Mo (EMI)
Mo Boy Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Mo’ Funk Records (SoundExchange)
Mo’ Wax (Universal)
Mo’ Wax (Remote Control P/L)
Mob Records (Xelon Entertainment)
Moba EMI (EMI)
Mobb North Records (SoundExchange)
Mobile Home Recording, LLC C/- Velour
Mobilee (SoundExchange)
Mobius Records (PPL)
Moby Dick Records (SoundExchange)
Mocheda Records (SoundExchange)
Mochico Records (PPL)
Mochilla Music (SoundExchange)
Mod Art Sounds (PPL)
Mod Lang (SoundExchange)
Modal Production Group (PPL)
Mode (PPL)
Mode Records (PPL)
Model Music (SoundExchange)
Model Music Group (SoundExchange)
Modern (PPL)
Modern Art (PPL)
Modern Artist Sound Recordings (PPL)
Modern Blues (PPL)
Modern Blues Harmonica (SoundExchange)
Modern Moon (SoundExchange)
Modern Music (Modern Music)(Aust Indi)
Modern Music (SoundExchange)
Modern Radio Record Label
Modern Records (PPL)
Modern Rock Stylised (EMI)
Modern Soul (Modern Soul)
Modern Urban Jazz (PPL)
Modern Whomp (EMI)
Moderna Discs (PPL)
Modernday Slave Muzik (SoundExchange)
Modev Records (SoundExchange)
Modi Vivendi GFM (SoundExchange)
Modo Records (Josephine Cameron)
Modular Moods (SoundExchange)
Modular Records (Universal)
Modus Recordings (PPL)
Mofohifi Records Ltd (PPL)
Mogilco Music (Blue Pie Productions)
Mogul Chic Publishing Ltd (PPL)
Mohawk Records (SoundExchange)
Mohican Records (PPL)
Mohock (PPL)
March 2014
Moink Records (PPL)
Mojada (Jdog Records)
Mojoe Music Group (SoundExchange)
Mokadi Music (PPL)
Mokah (SoundExchange)
Moki (SoundExchange)
Moksha Recordings (PPL)
Moksha Records (PPL)
Mole Listening Pearl (SoundExchange)
Molecula Records (SoundExchange)
Molecular (PPL)
Molenaart (SoundExchange)
Molesworth Records (PPL)
Molife Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Moll-Selekta (SoundExchange)
Molotov Records (PPL)
Molto (Toco)
Mom + Pop (Liberation Music)
Mom + Pop Music co LLC (An Horse)
(Shock Entertainment)
Moment Of Truth (PPL)
Momento (EMI)
Momentos (EMI)
Momt Records (PPL)
Mona Golabeck (SoundExchange)
Monad (SoundExchange)
Monaml Inc (Warner)
Monarch (PPL)
Monarch Entertainment Group
Monday Records (Safi, Radi)
Monday’s Music (SoundExchange)
Mondeca (PPL)
Mondgreen Music (PPL)
Mondja Music (SoundExchange)
Mondo Rock Band (Mondo Rock Band)
Mondo Records Ltd (PPL)
Mondo Rhytmica (SoundExchange)
Mondo Rhythmo Pty Ltd (Specific
Recordings) (Blue Pie Productions)
Monet’s Brush Music (SoundExchange)
Money (PPL)
Money Ave. (SoundExchange)
Money and Power Records
Money Ave Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Money Bags Entertainment
Money Machine Inc (SoundExchange)
Money Mission Entertainment
Money Shot Records (SoundExchange)
Money Tree Records (SoundExchange)
Moneywave Ent (SoundExchange)
Monica Vasconcleos (PPL)
Monique Boggia Musicworks (Boggia,
Monitor (EMI)
Monitor (PPL)
Monitor EMI (EMI)
- 116 -
Monk (SoundExchange)
Monk Brother (Karunaratna, Kanchana)
Monkey Blast Records (PPL)
Monkey Puzzle Records (PPL)
Monkey Farm Records (SoundExchange)
Monkeybar Music (Willow)
Monkeyland (PPL)
Monmouth Evergreen (PPL)
Mono-Fi Records (SoundExchange)
Mono (PPL)
Mono Mano (SoundExchange)
Mono Music Ltd (PPL)
Mono Vs. Stereo (EMI)
Monogram (PPL)
Monoid Recordings (PPL)
Monokos Music Limited (PPL)
Monolith Graphic (SoundExchange)
Monolith Graphics (SoundExchange)
Monologue Records (PPL)
Monomoy Records (SoundExchange)
Mononc’serge (SoundExchange)
Monopolee (SoundExchange)
Monopoly Music (SoundExchange)
Monotreme Records (SoundExchange)
Monotype (PPL)
Monro Brown (SoundExchange)
Mons Graupius (PPL)
Monsoon Music (PPL)
Monsta Management (SoundExchange)
Monster Music Records (PPL)
Monster Pure (SoundExchange)
Monster Sounds (PPL)
Monster Tracks Music (SoundExchange)
Monster Tunes (SoundExchange)
Monster Wave Records (SoundExchange)
Mont Music (SoundExchange)
Montage Records (Unidisc)
Montagu Music (PPL)
Montague Music (PPL)
Montana (PPL)
Montamusic (SoundExchange)
Montauk Mantis (PPL)
Monte Rosa (SoundExchange)
Montel (PPL)
Montel Michelle (SoundExchange)
Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation
Montero Grooves (PPL)
MonteRosa Music (SoundExchange)
Monteverdi Productions (PPL)
Montgomery, Maree (Maree Montgomery)
Montpellier Records (PPL)
Monty Productions (PPL)
Monument (Sony Music Ent.)
Monumental Management Ltd (PPL)
Moo-Cow Music (SoundExchange)
Moockshake Music (SoundExchange)
Mood Music Records (SoundExchange)
Mood Paint (SoundExchange)
Moodgadget Records (SoundExchange)
Moods & Grooves (SoundExchange)
Moogungwha Records (PPL)
Mook Records (PPL)
Mooli Music (PPL)
Moon Bay Music (SoundExchange)
Moon Harbour (SoundExchange)
Moon Pie in Sky (SoundExchange)
Moon Star Productions (SoundExchange)
Moon Ska (SoundExchange)
Moon Surfer (SoundExchange)
Moon Voyage (SoundExchange)
Moonbeatrecordings (SoundExchange)
Mooncrest Records (SoundExchange)
Moondance (Moondance)
Moonfog Productions (SoundExchange)
Moonhouse Music (PPL)
Moonlight Cactus Music (Moonlight Cactus
Moonlix (PPL)
Moonraker (UK) (PPL)
Moonrock LS6 Recordings (PPL)
Moonshine Conspiracy (SoundExchange)
Moonstone (PPL)
Moonstoones (PPL)
Moonwatcher (PPL)
Moore Brothers Music (PPL)
Mooreland St Records (SoundExchange)
Moorland Records (SoundExchange)
Moose Records (PPL)
Mooto Inc Records (PPL)
Mootron Records (SoundExchange)
Mo-Phat (PPL)
Mo-Phatte (PPL)
M.O.Caiaus Jimmy Hooligan
M.O.D.A. (SoundExchange)ro
M.O.P. Music (SoundExchange)
Mophilin Music Group (SoundExchange)
Mor (SoundExchange)
Morbee Q Music (PPL)
Morbo (EMI)
Mordan Music (SoundExchange)
Mordent Music (PPL)
More Music (SoundExchange)
More Noise Records (SoundExchange)
More Protein (EMI)
More Protein (PPL)
More Riddim (PPL)
More Rockers (PPL)
More Than Enough Entertainment (Blue Pie
Morehouse (PPL)
Morethan4 (PPL)
Moriath Records (SoundExchange)
Morisen Records (SoundExchange)
Morisson Records (Armada Music)
Morning Bell Records (Mornng Bell
Morning Sky (SoundExchange)
Moroculous (PPL)
March 2014
Morr Music (PPL)
Morrigan Music (PPL)
Morris Russell (EMI)
Morrison & Co Music Trust (PPL)
Morrison Recording (PPL)
Morrowland Records (SoundExchange)
Morsefeine (SoundExchange)
Mortal Music (other) (SoundExchange)
Mortal Records (PPL)
Mortarhate (PPL)
Morton, T. – Estate of the Late (EMI)
Mosaic (PPL)
Mosaic Records (EMI)
Mosaique (SoundExchange)
Moseley Sounds / MSR Music Ltd (PPL)
Moserobie Music (SoundExchange)
Moses Guest (SoundExchange)
Moshed (PPL)
Moshi Moshi (Universal)
Mosquito (PPL)
Mosrite (PPL)
Most (SoundExchange)
Most Records (PPL)
Most Records Electric (PPL)
Most Wanted (PPL)
Most Wanted Records (SoundExchange)
Mostcold Digital (SoundExchange)
Mostiko (Toco)
Mostiko (SoundExchange)
Mostly Autumn Records (PPL)
Mostly Music (PPL)
Moth Thief Rust Records (PPL)
Mother Earth Music (PPL)
Mother Natural Pty Ltd (Mighty Records)
Mother Stoat (PPL)
Mother Tongue Records (PPL)
Motherbox Records (SoundExchange)
Mothers Little Helper (PPL)
Mothers Ruin (PPL)
Mothlight Records (PPL)
Moths (PPL)
Motion (PPL)
Motion Music (PPL)
Motivo Productions (PPL)
Motivo Productions (Specific
Moto Music (PPL)
Motopony LLC (SoundExchange)
Motor City Praise (SoundExchange)
Motor City Praise Records (SoundExchange)
Motorcity Music (SoundExchange)
Motorcity OMP (PPL)
Motormouth Recordz (PPL)
Motown (Universal)
Mou (SoundExchange)
Mouflon Music (PPL)
Moulton Studio (SoundExchange)
Mound Duel (SoundExchange)
Mountain King Music (Mountain King
- 117 -
Mountain Made Music (Mountain Made
Mountain Of Mine Records (PPL)
Mountain Retreat (Hot)
Mountain Sprout (SoundExchange)
Mountain Trail Records (SoundExchange)
Mouse Records (PPL)
Mouse Records (Warner)
Mouseville (SoundExchange)
Mouseville Records (PPL)
Mouth 2 Mouth Records (PPL)
Mouthpiece (PPL)
Mouthymusic (PPL)
Mova (EMI)
Movation (PPL)
Move Your Body Records (PPL)
Movement London Ltd (PPL)
Movers And Shakers (PPL)
Movic Records, Sa de CV (Warner)
Movie Play Records (SoundExchange)
Movie Score Media (SoundExchange)
Moviebox UK Ltd (PPL)
Movieplay Brasil (SoundExchange)
Movies Select Audio (PPL)
Movin’ Ground (PPL)
Moving Shadow Records (PPL)
Moving Sound (SoundExchange)
MoWax (Remote Control)
Mox (PPL)
Moyer Music (SoundExchange)
Mozart Edition (GB) Ltd (PPL)
MP (SoundExchange)
MP2 Records (PPL)
MPB (SoundExchange)
MPC Records (PPL)
MPG Entertainment Group
MPI (SoundExchange)
MPS (SoundExchange)
MPS Music & Video (PPL)
Mr 2 (SoundExchange)
Mr. Pickwick Records (Unidisc)
Mr. Bones Productions inc.
Mr Bongo (PPL)
Mr Bongo (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Mr Bongo Worldwide (PPL)
Mr Cota Cota (SoundExchange)
Mr Devlins Music Co (PPL)
Mr Doo (PPL)
Mr E Records (SoundExchange)
Mr. Hunter (SoundExchange)
Mr. Ho’s Orchestra (SoundExchange)
Mr Kevin Boyle (PPL)
Mr L Records (PPL)
Mr Lawton Rec (SoundExchange)
Mr M A Budd (SoundExchange)
Mr Marcus Ent. (SoundExchange)
Mr McFall’s Chamber (PPL)
Mr Narcota (SoundExchange)
Mr Pepper (PPL)
Mr R & B (PPL)
MR Records Limited (PPL)
Mr Rich Records (PPL)
Mr Rocksteady (PPL)
Mr Screechy Music (PPL)
MRA Entertainment (SoundExchange)
MRL Records (SoundExchange)
Mrs Ackroyd Records (PPL)
Mrs Casey Records (PPL)
Mrs Wainwright (Andermer P.L.)
MSC Music Ent (SoundExchange)
MSR (SoundExchange)
MSS Studios (PPL)
MSU Records (SoundExchange)
Mt Warning (Mt Warning P/L)
Mt. Nebo Records (SoundExchange)
MTA (SoundExchange)
MTA Records (SoundExchange)
MTA Records LLP (PPL)
MTC Records (Toco)
MTE (SoundExchange)
MTG Productions UK (PPL)
MTG Promotions UK (PPL)
MTM Privacy (PPL)
mTon Kft (Warner)
MU1 (SoundExchange)
Muck Sticky (SoundExchange)
Muckele Hen Records (PPL)
Mud Dauber Records (SoundExchange)
Mud Hut Records (PPL)
Mudbone (PPL)
Muddy Records (SoundExchange)
Muddytrax Recordings (PPL)
Mudhut Records (SoundExchange)
Mudisque De France (SoundExchange)
Mudpuppy Recordings (SoundExchange)
Mujra House Productions (SoundExchange)
Mulberry Tree Records (PPL)
Mulligan Reecs (PPL)
Multi Music (SoundExchange)
Multi-Provision Music (SoundExchange)
Multi Records (PPL)
Multinacional (SoundExchange)
Multipass Music (SoundExchange)
Multiplay Music (PPL)
Multiplay Music Ltd (Multiplay)(Video
Multiply Records (PPL)
Multiply White (PPL)
Multitone Records UK Limited (PPL)
Multiverse Music (PPL)
Mum Mun International (PPL)
Mumbo Jumbo Records (PPL)
Mumfie (PPL)
March 2014
Mumiy Troll Music (SoundExchange)
Mumo (PPL)
Mummy Publishing (SoundExchange)
Mummy’s Boy Records (The Majestika
Mumo (PPL)
Mundo Zurdo S.L. (EMI)
Mundymusic Group (Mundy, Chris)
Mungo Park Productions (SoundExchange)
Munich/Network (PPL)
Munich Records (Rights Retriever BV)
Munix Records (LNG Music)
Munnycroft Records UK (PPL)
Munster (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Munster Records (SoundExchange)
Murder Machine Records
(Segression)(Shock Entertainment)
Murder Motion (PPL)
Murmur (Sony Music Ent.)
Murmur Columbia (Sony Music Ent)
Murmur Epic (Sony Music Ent)
Murphy’s Kids (SoundExchange)
Murphy’s Lore (Street Artist Management
Pty Ltd)
Musadisc (SoundExchange)
Muscletone Records (SoundExchange)
Muse Eek (SoundExchange)
Muse Eek Publishing Company
Musea (PPL)
Musea Records (SoundExchange)
Musent (SoundExchange)
Mushroom Records (Warner)
Musiart (SoundExchange)
Music4MyPeople (SoundExchange)
MusicAllStars (Ministry Of Sound)
Music & Arts (PPL)
Music & Menus (SoundExchange)
Music & Motors (SoundExchange)
Music & Romance (SoundExchange)
Music & Sound (PPL)
Music & Words (SoundExchange)
Music Access Inc (SoundExchange)
Music Ambassador (SoundExchange)
Music Amir (SoundExchange)
Music And Arts (PPL)
Music And Images (PPL)
Music And Lyrics Studio (SoundExchange)
Music 4 Ministry (EMI)
Music at Monumental (PPL)
Music Bizz Production-Disqutbec
Music Brokers (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Music Brokers Arg (SoundExchange)
Music Box (V & H Holdings)
Music Box Productions (Jim Fischer)
Music Box Recording (EMI)
Music By Buddy (Knox, Buddy)
- 118 -
Music Chamber (PPL)
Music City (Tamworth Music)
Music Club (PPL)
Music Club (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Music Club Deluxe (SoundExchange)
Music Code Limited (PPL)
Music Collection (PPL)
Music Collection International (UK)(PPL)
Music Company (London) Ltd (PPL)
Music De-Luxe (PPL)
Music De-Luxe Special (PPL)
Music Direct, inc. (SoundExchange)
Music Distrubution Network
Music Factory (PPL)
Music Factory Dance (PPL)
Music Factory Mastermix (PPL)
Music For Aardvarks (SoundExchange)
Music For Aardvarks and Other Ma
Music For Advertising Pty Ltd (PPL)
Music For Baby (PPL)
Music For Bearded Pirates (SoundExchange)
Music for Drunks (PPL)
Music for Nations (Sony Music Ent.)
Music for Pleasure (EMI)
Music for Pleasure (Indian Releases)(PPL)
Music for Robots (SoundExchange)
Music Forever/Surscope (PPL)
Music from Beverly (PPL)
Music From Durham (PPL)
Music from EMI (EMI)
Music From Heaven (SoundExchange)
Music From Portsmouth (PPL)
Music From Ripon (PPL)
Music From York (PPL)
Music Fusion UK (SoundExchange)
Music HF Studios (Blue Pie Productions)
Music In Creation (PPL)
Music International (PPL)
Music Man Records (PPL)
Music Maniac Records (SoundExchange)
Music Masters (PPL)
Music Matters (SoundExchange)
Music Media (PPL)
Music Mercia (PPL)
Music Mill Ent. (SoundExchange)
Music Mill Enertainment (Bluegrass)
Music Minds (PPL)
Music Minutes BV (Warner)
Music Network (SoundExchange)
Music Now (PPL)
Music Of Florence (PPL)
Music Of Life (PPL)
Music of the Sea (SoundExchange)
Music On The Move (PPL)
Music Online Alive (Blue Pie Productions)
Music P (SoundExchange)
Music Point (EMI)
Music Production House Australia (Music
Production House Australia)
Music Republic (PPL)
Music Response Records (PPL)
Music Response Records (SoundExchange)
Music Room Productions (SoundExchange)
Music Rough Guide (PPL)
Music Square (SoundExchange)
Music Street (Warner)
Music Talks (EMI)
Music Taste (SoundExchange)
Music That Matters Records (PPL)
Music to Memorise (SoundExchange)
Music Together (SoundExchange)
Music Wales (PPL)
Music West (SoundExchange)
Music Works Ent (SoundExchange)
Music70 (SoundExchange)
Musica Bilboa & Clase (SoundExchange)
Musica Del Sol (SoundExchange)
Musica Estival (SoundExchange)
Musica Ex Machina (PPL)
Musica Latina (SoundExchange)
Musica Solare (SoundExchange)
Musica Viva (SoundExchange)
Musical Ambassador (PPL)
Musical Anthology Record Co. (PPL)
Musical Collectibles (PPL)
Musical Concepts (PPL)
Musical Freedom (Liberation Music)
Musical Feat (Musical Feat)
Musical Masquerade (SoundExchange)
Musical Mind Recordings (PPL)
Musical Movements (PPL)
Musical Storm Records (PPL)
Musical Voyages (SoundExchange)
Musically Aigned (SoundExchange)
Musicaphon (SoundExchange)
Musicbizz (SoundExchange)
Musicmind Records (SoundExchange)
Musicomptoir (SoundExchange)
Musicontact – Accent (Select)
Musicontact – Aeolus (Select)
Musicontact – Carus (Select)
Musicontact – Christophorus (Select)
Musicontact – Corviello (Select)
Musicontact – Glossa (Select)
Musicontact – Pan Classics (Select)
Musicontact – Rondeau (Select)
Musicove Productions (SoundExchange)
Musicroy (PPL)
Musictracx Recordings (SoundExchange)
Musigal Music (Musigal)
Musigal Pty Ltd (PPL)
Musik Lounge Records (Musik Lounge
Musikant (EMI)
Musikfabriken Soder AB (EMI)
Musikproduktion Dabringhaus Und Grimm
March 2014
Musikszene Schweiz (SoundExchange)
Musimex Music (SoundExchange)
Musinfo (SoundExchange)
Musique D’Abord (PPL)
Musique D’Or (PPL)
Musique En Wallonie (SoundExchange)
Musique Saint Vincent (MSV) 1838 (PPL)
Musisoft (SoundExchange)
Musivisa Records (SoundExchange)
Musketeer (PPL)
Must Close Saturday (Hot)
Must Destroy (PPL)
Must Destroy Music (PPL)
Mustard Records (PPL)
Mustard Seed (PPL)
Mustered Courage(Abrahams, Julian)
Mutabaruka (SoundExchange)
Mutant Enemy Inc (SoundExchange)
Mutant Sound System (SoundExchange)
Mutate to Survive (PPL)
Mutated Music (PPL)
Mutato Muzika (SoundExchange)
Mute (EMI)
Mute Corporation US (EMI)
Mute Irregulars (EMI)
Mute Records (EMI)
Mute Satellite Records (Specific Recordings
Mute US Corporation (EMI)
Mutiny Records (PPL)
Mutiny Zoo Records (SoundExchange)
Muto (PPL)
Muttley Bosco Records (SoundExchange)
Muttonhead Rcords (PPL)
Mutual Society Music (Musiqware Ltd)
Muzicali Intertainment (SoundExchange)
Muzicali Records (SoundExchange)
Muzitek Creations(Blue Pie Productions)
MV Projects (PPL)
MVine Ltd (PPL)
MVP Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Mwldan (PPL)
MXP (SoundExchange)
Mxup (SoundExchange)
Mx3 Records (PPL)
Mx3 Records Ltd (PPL)
M-Y Audio Books & Spoken Word (PPL)
My Kung Fu (PPL)
M-Y Mind Body and Spirit (PPL)
M-Y Music and Audio Books For C (PPL)
My Blok Records (SoundExchange)
My Cyber Ace Inc (Blue Pie Productions)
My Dad vs Yours (SoundExchange)
My Digital Enemy (Xelon Entertainment)
My Gold Mask (SoundExchange)
My Gospel Productions (SoundExchange)
My Horoscope (SoundExchange)
My Master Music (SoundExchange)
My Mind Records (SoundExchange)
My Records (Honeyface)
- 119 -
My Satellite Records (PPL)
My Sonic Temple (SoundExchange)
My Werks (SoundExchange)
Mydust (PPL)
Mydnyte Records (SoundExchange)
Myko Italy (PPL)
Mylagu (PPL)
Mylestone Records (SoundExchange)
Myra (PPL)
Myriad Multi Medium (SoundExchange)
Myrrh (PPL)
Myron Floren Music (SoundExchange)
Myspace Records (Sherwood,
Pennywise)(Shock Entertainment)
Pennywise Enterprises Pty Ltd (Pennywise
Enterprises Pty Ltd)
Mysterious Media (SoundExchange)
Mystere (SoundExchange)
Mystery & Romance (SoundExchange)
Mystery Bay Records (SoundExchange)
Mystery Music (Goris, Greg)
Mystic Bowie (SoundExchange)
Mystic Fog Garden (SoundExchange)
Mystic Urchin Music (SoundExchange)
Mystic Visions (SoundExchange)
Mysticus Publishing (SoundExchange)
Mystikos Quintet (SoundExchange)
Mystix Eyes Records (SoundExchange)
Mysty Records (PPL)
Myto Records (SoundExchange)
Mzee Records (EMI)
Mzmuffin (SoundExchange)
N.A. (SoundExchange)
N.A.M.E. Brand Records (SoundExchange)
N.A.S.T.Y Recordings (PPL)
N..E.D. Entertainment (PPL)
N.E.D. Records (PPL)
N.E.W.S. N.V. (N.E.W.S. N.V.)
N.E.W.S. Records (Specific Recordings
Only) (Toco)
N.E.X Records (PPL)
N.M.C. (PPL)
N.M.S. Records (PPL)
N.Yo.Hood Records (Natasha James)
N’ Depth Entertainment (SoundExchange)
N’Soul (PPL)
N1 European Film Producktions
N19 (PPL)
N2 Records (PPL)
N20 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
N2K Publishing Ltd (PPL)
N House Records (SoundExchange)
N Music (SoundExchange)
Nachtschicht (EMI)
Nachural (PPL)
Nachural Music Ltd (PPL)
Nachural Records (PPL)
Nacional Records (Ana Tijoux) (Shock
Nacireman (SoundExchange)
Nackeyrecords (PPL)
Nacrat (Warner)
Nadene Pita (Pita, Nadene)
Naga Night Records (SoundExchange)
Nagam Records (SoundExchange)
Nahom Records (SoundExchange)
Naim (PPL)
Naim Audio (PPL)
Naim Audio Ltd (PPL)
Naim Classical (PPL)
Naim Edge (PPL)
Naim Jazz (PPL)
Naïve – Ambroisie (Select)
Naïve (Agnes Bihl, Asa, Marianne Faithfull,
Carla Bruni, Aline De Lima, Moriarty, Para
One)(Shock Entertainment)
Naïve (Select)(Specific Releases)
Naïve (SoundExchange)
Naked Monkey Records (SoundExchange)
Naked Reality Music (SoundExchange)
Nakedface Records (SoundExchange)
Naldo (SoundExchange)
Nalotica Sounds (PPL)
Namaste Records (SoundExchange)
Nambit (PPL)
Nameless/Faceless Records (PPL)
Names You Can Trust (SoundExchange)
Namohrd Lto (PPL)
Nana (SoundExchange)
Nana Records (PPL)
Nanna’s Cane (Nanna’s Cane)
Nancy ‘S (PPL)
Nappy Boy Digital (SoundExchange)
Narada (EMI)
Narada Productions (EMI)
Narada Productions Inc (EMI)
Narcotix (PPL)
Narcotix Inc (PPL)
Naria (SoundExchange)
Narita Records (SoundExchange)
Narked Records (SoundExchange)
Narkotik Overdose (PPL)
Narkotik Recordz (PPL)
Narodniki (SoundExchange)
Narrow People Music (SoundExchange)
Nascente (PPL)
Nascente (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Nasha Records (PPL)
Nashanoke Music (SoundExchange)
Nashgrill (Treacle Line)
Nashville (PPL)
Nasty Memories Records (SoundExchange)
Nasty Mix (Black Market Music)
Nasty Plastic (SoundExchange)
Nasty Pop (PPL)
Nasty Tunes (Ministry Of Sound)
Nasty Vinyl (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Natale Music And Publishing (Natale Music
And Publishing)
Natalie Bartsch (Bartsch, Natalie)
Natalya’s Fund (PPL)
Natanjali (SoundExchange)
Natasha Crestani (Crestani, Natasha)
Natchez Trace Records (SoundExchange)
Nate James (PPL)
Nate Tunes (Liberation Music)
Nathaniel Clarkson T/A AMB (PPL)
Nation (Remote Control)
Nation Records (UK)(PPL)
National Arts Orchestra (PPL)
National Junk Band (National Junk Band)
National Lampoon (SoundExchange)
National Record Edizioni Music (PPL)
National Westminster Bank (PPL)
Nationwide (PPL)
Native Harmonix (SoundExchange)
Native Records (PPL)
Native Release (PPL)
Native Sound (SoundExchange)
Native Sounds Records (SoundExchange)
Native State Records (SoundExchange)
Natural Born Grooves Recordings (Ministry
Of Sound)
Natural Essence Recordings (PPL)
Natural Flavas (PPL)
Natural High Recordings (PPL)
Natural History (SoundExchange)
Natural Rhythm Music (PPL)
Naturally Relaxed, LLC (SoundExchange)
Nature Sound (Nature Sound)
Naugthy Boy Recordings (PPL)
Naughty and Nice (SoundExchange)
Naughty Mouse Ink (McLeod, Sarah)
Naupaka Productions (SoundExchange)
Navarre (SoundExchange)
Navarre Hawaiian (SoundExchange)
Navida Records (PPL)
Navigation Ltd (PPL)
Navigation Records (PPL)
Navigation World Ambient (PPL)
Navigator (PPL)
Navigators (SoundExchange)
Navona Records (SoundExchange)
Navras (PPL)
Navway Records (SoundExchange)
Navybeck (New Chris Rea)(UK)(Hot)
Naxos (Select)
Naxos Audiobooks (Select)
Naxos Educational (Select)
Naxos Historical (Select)
Naxos Jazz (Select)
Naxos Jazz Legends (Select)
Naxos Nostalgia (Select)
Naxos Pheonix (Select)
Naxos USA (Blue Pie Productions)
Naxos World (Select)
Naysayer Entertainment (SoundExchange)
- 120 -
Naz Recordings (PPL)
Nazareth Music Group (SoundExchange)
Nazi Dogs (SoundExchange)
NB Initiative Sonore (SoundExchange)
NB Music Production (PPL)
NBC Records (EMI)
NBS (SoundExchange)
NCP CD (SoundExchange)
Ncompass (PPL)
Neal James Music (SoundExchange)
Neanderthal Records (SoundExchange)
Neapolitan (PPL)
Neapolitan (SoundExchange)
Neapolitan Music (Shock Entertainment)
Near (Music Picture Disc)(PPL)
Near The Exit Music (PPL)
Neat Records (SoundExchange)
Nebula (EMI)
Nebula Centaur (SoundExchange)
Nebula Music (EMI)
Necessary Mayhem (PPL)
Necessary Records Ltd (PPL)
Necktie (SoundExchange)
Necrosis Records (PPL)
Nectar (PPL)
Nectar Music (PPL)
Neebrum (SoundExchange)
Needle Point Records (SoundExchange)
Needlenose Music (SoundExchange)
Needlework Records (PPL)
Needwant (PPL)
Nefertiti (PPL)
Negativa (EMI)
Negative Gain Productions
Negril West Records (SoundExchange)
Negus Roots (SoundExchange)
NeilEnloe Music Co (SoundExchange)
Neil Widdop (PPL)
Neil Wise (Wise, Neil)
Nelflow inc. (SoundExchange)
Nelidova Records (SoundExchange)
Nelis Music Production (SoundExchange)
Nell Records (PPL)
Nemo Music Publishing (Salisbury, David)
Nena Music S.L. (EMI)
Neo Publishing (video)(Warner)
Neo Records (PPL)
Neobilly (SoundExchange)
Neobilly Records (SoundExchange)
Neoga Records (SoundExchange)
Neon Blue Records (SoundExchange)
Neon Emu (Wijesingha, Sheyana)
Neon Hearts (PPL)
Neon Indian (SoundExchange)
Neon Records (Australia) (Warner)
Neon Records (PPL)
Neon Star Records (PPL)
Neon Tetra (PPL)
Neopolitan Music (Shock Entertainment)
Neosound Entertainment LLC
Neoteric (PPL)
Nepith Music (SoundExchange)
Neptune (Lismor)(PPL)
Neptune Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Ner (SoundExchange)
Nereeda McInnes (McInnes, Nereeda)
Nero Schwarz (PPL)
Nerol Productions (PPL)
Neroland (SoundExchange)
Nerus Records (PPL)
Nervine Records (SoundExchange)
Nervous (PPL)
Nervous Jerk (Remote Control)
Nervous Records (PPL)
Nervous Twitch (SoundExchange)
Nesak International (SoundExchange)
Ness Records (PPL)
Nessa Records (SoundExchange)
Nest (PPL)
Netfilmmusic (SoundExchange)
Netherlands (PPL)
Nets Work (SoundExchange)
Netspheres Music (SoundExchange)
Nettie Marie Records (SoundExchange)
Nettle Records (SoundExchange)
Nettwerk Productions (EMI)
Nettwerk Productions (PPL)
Nettwerk Productions UK Ltd (PPL)
Network Median (Select)
Network (Rights Retriever BV)
Network Records (PPL)
Network/Munich (PPL)
Neuropa International (PPL)
Neurot Recordings (SoundExchange)
Neurotraxx (SoundExchange)
Neurotraxx Deluxe (SoundExchange)
Nerve Press (PPL)
Never Webb Records (SoundExchange)
Nevergreen (SoundExchange)
Neverland (PPL)
Nevis (PPL)
Nevis (SoundExchange)
New & Used Records (SoundExchange)
New Age Sound Productions
New Albion (PPL)
New Ariel (SoundExchange)
New Art, Please (SoundExchange)
New Asia (EMI)
New Atlantic (SoundExchange)
New Average Records (PPL)
New Best Now (EMI)
New Blood (PPL)
New Bridge Records (SoundExchange)
New Buffalo (specific works)(New Buffalo)
New Canaan (PPL)
New Canvas Recordings (PPL)
March 2014
New Christian Music (PPL)
New City (SoundExchange)
New Classical (PPL)
New Classical Music Sonatronic Recordings
New Collectors Club (PPL)
New Country Rehab (SoundExchange)
New Dawn Music (PPL)
New Dawn Recordings (PPL)
New Deal (PPL)
New Dimensions Entertainment
New Directions in Sound (SoundExchange)
New Division Records (PPL)
New Dog Records (SoundExchange)
New Edifying Music (SoundExchange)
New Electronica (PPL)
New Found Praise Music (SoundExchange)
New Franklin Records (SoundExchange)
New Fuse (PPL)
New Galaxy Records (New Galaxy Records)
New Generation Records (PPL)
New Haven Records (PPL)
New Hope Community Mass Choir
New Identity Records (PPL)
New Indie Artists (SoundExchange)
New Jazz (SoundExchange)
New Kingdom Productions
New Land Music (SoundExchange)
New Leaf (PPL)
New Light Entertainment (SoundExchange)
New Millenium (PPL)
New Millenium (SoundExchange)
New Millenium Music (PPL)
New Millenium Records (SoundExchange)
New Money (PPL)
New Money Entertainment
New Motion Records (PPL)
New Moon (SoundExchange)
New Music (PPL)
New Music Club (PPL)
New Music Enterprises (PPL)
New Orleans Moonshiners (SoundExchange)
New Orleans Records (PPL)
New Pair O’Dimes (SoundExchange)
New Pop Records (SoundExchange)
New Records (PPL)
New Release Catalog (EMI)
New Religion (EMI)
New Renaissance Records (SoundExchange)
New Rhyme Records (SoundExchange)
New River (SoundExchange)
New Rock Productions (SoundExchange)
New Rose (SoundExchange)
New Routes (PPL)
New Sasha Music (SoundExchange)
New Scotland Records (SoundExchange)
- 121 -
New Sensation (PPL)
New Sheriff Creative Enterprises Inc
New Sound Records (PPL)
New Spirit (EMI)
New Star Records (PPL)
New State Entertainment (PPL)
New State Recordings (PPL)
New Surf North (SoundExchange)
New Vibes Music (SoundExchange)
New Vision (PPL)
New Voice (SoundExchange)
New Wave Dynamics (SoundExchange)
New-Wave Music Group (SoundExchange)
New West (Shock Entertainment)
New Wine Records (SoundExchange)
New World Africa Records Ltd (PPL)
New World Music (PPL)
New World-Enterprise (PPL)
New York Capital (SoundExchange)
New York Philharmonic (SoundExchange)
New York 42 (PPL)
New York’s Ensemble For Early Music
New Zealand Collection (V & H Holdings)
New-Level Recordings (SoundExchange)
Newcad (SoundExchange)
Newmarket Music (Dex Audio)
Neworld Media Publishing
Newpax (PPL)
Newport Classic (PPL)
Newrock (SoundExchange)
News (SoundExchange)
Newsiq (PPL)
Newsongcafe (EMI)
Newspaper Records (PPL)
Newstate (EMI)
Newton Classics (SoundExchange)
Newton Hughes Music Publishning Group,
LCC (SoundExchange)
Newton Records (SoundExchange)
Newtown Music (SoundExchange)
Nexiarde Music (PPL)
Next Age Music (SoundExchange)
Next Century (PPL)
Next Generation Records (PPL)
Next Millenium (PPL)
Next Music Department (EMI)
Next New Networks (SoundExchange)
Neyson D Music (SoundExchange)
NG Prodctions (SoundExchange)
Nia (PPL)
Nia Allen Music (SoundExchange)
Niblick Is a Giraffe (PPL)
Nic Cassey (Cassey, Nic)
Nice + Smooth (SoundExchange)
Nice & Easy Records (PPL)
Nice Choon Music (PPL)
Nice Weather For Airstrikes (PPL)
Niche (SoundExchange)
Nicholas Ratliffe (SoundExchange)
Nicolas Ratliff/ Bad Radcliffe
Nick Nicolas (Nicolas, Nicolaos)
Nick Puñal (Puñal, Nicolas Anthony)
Nickasaur! (SoundExchange)
Nickel and Brass (SoundExchange)
Nickelbag (SoundExchange)
Nickelodeon (Sony Music Ent)
Nicky Swann (PPL)
Nicky Swann Music-WSR (PPL)
Nico Music (PPL)
Nicola Farnon (PPL)
Nicola Milan (Milan, Nicola)
Nicolleto Small Music (SoundExchange)
Nidus (SoundExchange)
Nie Mehr Schule (EMI)
Nieko (Downey, Nicholas)
Nigel Hayward (PPL)
Nigel Hayward Recordings (PPL)
Nigel Wearne (Wearne, Nigel)
Night & Day Records (PPL)
Night Breed (PPL)
Night Breed Limited (PPL)
Night Breed Music (PPL)
Night Breed Recordings (PPL)
Night Life (SoundExchange)
Night Owl Music (Dex Audio)
Night Tracks (PPL)
Night Vision (Ministry Of Sound)
Night Wax (SoundExchange)
Nightingale (PPL)
Nightingale Recordings (PPL)
Nightingales (PPL)
Nightshift Recordings (SoundExchange)
Niimmiika (PPL)
Nike (SoundExchange)
Nikisha Reyes-Pile (PPL)
Nil by Mouth (PPL)
Nil Satis Records (PPL)
Nilaihah Records (SoundExchange)
Nile Records (SoundExchange)
Nimbus (PPL)
Nimrod (PPL)
Nin (SoundExchange)
Nina Corlett-McDonald (Corlett-McDonald,
Nine (Jamestown Story) (SoundExchange)
Nine 2 Five Recordings (PPL)
Nine Below Records (SoundExchange)
Nine North Records (SoundExchange)
Nine Sons Of Dan (Nine Sons Of Dan)
Nine Toad Freak (SoundExchange)
Nine Yards Records (SoundExchange)
Nine2Five Recordings (PPL)
Nineball Records (PPL)
Ninemuse Entertainment Inc (PPL)
Ninety Three Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Ninja Dave Sound Waves LLC
Ninja Tune (Inertia)
Nintendo (SoundExchange)
Ninth Note (SoundExchange)
Ninthwave Records (SoundExchange)
Niptune (SoundExchange)
Nite Grooves (PPL)
Nitedance Records (PPL)
Nitelife (PPL)
NItelife Music (SoundExchange)
Nitram Productions (SoundExchange)
Nitro Music (PPL)
Nitro Records (A Wilhelm Scream)(Shock
Nitrosonique (SoundExchange)
Nitrus Records (SoundExchange)
NKM Recordings (PPL)
NKOTB Music, LLc (Kobalt Label Services
Nkunim (SoundExchange)
NMC Ancora (PPL)
NMH Records (SoundExchange)
No (SoundExchange)
No 2 Records (SoundExchange)
No Access Records (PPL)
No Big Deal Records (SoundExchange)
No Bones Records (PPL)
No Cover Productions (SoundExchange)
No Dancing Records (PPL)
No Danger (PPL)
No Evil Records (SoundExchange)
No Frills Label (BamBam Muzik)
No Future (PPL)
No Hit (SoundExchange)
No Label (PPL)
No Label Recording (PPL)
No Limit Records (EMI)
No Logo Records (PPL)
No More (Toco)
No More Fake Labels (SoundExchange)
No More the Care (PPL)
No Name (Warner)
No Nostalgia Records (SoundExchange)
No Ordinary Play (SoundExchange)
No Other (SoundExchange)
No Other Name (PPL)
No Pain In Pop (PPL)
No Pain In Pop (SoundExchange)
No Prisoners Records (PPL)
No Push Collide (PPL)
No Quarter LCC (Endless Boogie)(Shock
No Respect (PPL)
No Respect (SoundExchange)
No Sleep Recordings (SoundExchange)
- 122 -
No.2 Pencil Muzik, LLC (SoundExchange)
Noah’s Ark (PPL)
Noble Nobull Productions (Noble Nobull
Noble & Bright (EMI)
Noble House Music Group
Noche Magica (EMI)
Noches De Blanco Saten (EMI)
Nocturnal Global (SoundExchange)
Nocturnal Groove Digital (PPL)
Nocturnal Groove Ltd (PPL)
Nocturne Records (SoundExchange)
Noe Records (PPL)
Noel (SoundExchange)
Noel Blou (SoundExchange)
Noh Poetry Records (SoundExchange)
Noho Records (SoundExchange)
Noir Music (PPL)
Noise Control Records (PPL)
Noise Idol (Shock Entertainment)
Noise Mccartney (SoundExchange)
Noise Order (SoundExchange)
Noise Records (Ben Kweller – Go Fly A
Kite Recordings) (Shock Entertainment)
Noise Shift Records (SoundExchange)
Noise Records (SoundExchange)
Noize! Records (PPL)
Noiselab (Noiselab)
Noiselab S.A. De C.V. (SoundExchange)
Noiseland (SoundExchange)
Nojrak Productions LLC (SoundExchange)
Noli Productions (SoundExchange)
Nomad (Hot)
No-Mad Industries (PPL)
No-Mad Records (PPL)
Nomad Rush Productions (PPL)
Nomadic Music (SoundExchange)
Nomadic Wax (SoundExchange)
Nomenclature (SoundExchange)
No-Mi Records (PPL)
Nomiboss Productions (SoundExchange)
Non Dosponible (SoundExchange)
Non Solo Blues (Warner)
None Records (SoundExchange)
None You Jerk (SoundExchange)
Nonego Records (PPL)
Nonesuch Records (Warner)
Nonesuch US (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Nonexistant Records (PPL)
Noneyet Records (SoundExchange)
Nonlinear Productions (SoundExchange)
Nonplus Records (SoundExchange)
Nons Records (SoundExchange)
Nonstop Recordings (PPL)
Noo Trybe (EMI)
Noo Trybee Records (EMI)
Noodles Records (PPL)
Noom UK (PPL)
Nopop (EMI)
Norac (SoundExchange)
Norac Records (SoundExchange)
Norca (SoundExchange)
Nordway Productions (Toco)
Norm Rex (SoundExchange)
Normal Germany (SoundExchange)
Normal Guy Production (SoundExchange)
Normal Guy Productions (SoundExchange)
Normal People Making Hits (Philadelphia
Grand Jury)
Norman and Nancy Blake (SoundExchange)
Norpal Beat (PPL)
Nora Records (PPL)
Norske Gram (EMI)
Norskkult (SoundExchange)
Norstar Records (SoundExchange)
Nortee Records (PPL)
North & South (PPL)
North And South (PPL)
North Knox Records (SoundExchange)
North North (SoundExchange)
North Pacific Music (SoundExchange)
North South (SoundExchange)
North South East West Records (PPL)
North South Records (PPL)
North Star Media (SoundExchange)
North Star Talent (SoundExchange)
Northcross Media (SoundExchange)
Northeast Records (PPL)
Northern General (PPL)
Northern Heart Music (SoundExchange)
Northern Heritage Music (EMI)
Northern Jam Consorption (SoundExchange)
Northern Line (PPL)
Northern Line Entertainment (PPL)
Northern Line Records (PPL)
Northern Oak (PPL)
Northern Records (PPL)
Northern Wood Artists (SoundExchange)
Northie Productions (Northie Productions)
Northsound (SoundExchange)
Northstarr Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Northwest (SoundExchange)
Northwest Corner (PPL)
Northwestside (Sony Music Ent)
Northwood (SoundExchange)
Norway Music (SoundExchange)
Norwood Music (PPL)
Nos Artists Ont Du Talent (EMI)
Nosrednas (PPL)
Nostalgia Music Company (PPL)
Not Big Records (SoundExchange)
Not Known (SoundExchange)
Not Not Fun (SoundExchange)
Not Your Fault Records (PPL)
Not Safe For Work (PPL)
Not US Music (SoundExchange)
Not Your Fault Records (PPL)
Notebook Noise (SoundExchange)
Notebook Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Notenuf Records (SoundExchange)
Note-Is Records (PPL)
Nothernblues Music (SoundExchange)
Nothing (Universal)
Nothing Flat Records (SoundExchange)
Nottinghill (SoundExchange)
Nouveau Music (PPL)
Nouveau Music International (PPL)
Nouveau Retro Media (SoundExchange)
Nouvel Jenerasyon Records
Nouvelle Structure (PPL)
Nova Music (SoundExchange)
Nova Soul (PPL)
Novalima (PPL)
Novamuse (November Media Music)
Novamute (EMI)
Novel Records (SoundExchange)
Novem Musique (SoundExchange)
November Media Music (November Media
November Music (PPL)
November Sixteenth (SoundExchange)
Novox (SoundExchange)
Novum (PPL)
Novus Ordo (SoundExchange)
Now (EMI)
Now And Forever Records UK (PPL)
Now Again (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Now Again (SoundExchange)
Now Again Records (SoundExchange)
Now Again Records (PPL)
Now Dance (EMI)
Now Disco (EMI)
Now Eventos (EMI)
Now Joint Venture (EMI)
Now Karaoke (EMI)
Now Latino (EMI)
Now Play It (EMI)
Now That’s What I Call Music (EMI)
Now TV (EMI)
Now1/LL Music (EMI)
Noys Music Limited (PPL)
Noyse Productions (SoundExchange)
Nozzle Records (EMI)
NPE Discos (SoundExchange)
NR One/Clear Talent Media (PPL)
NR Series (PPL)
NRK Music (PPL)
NRK [Studio] (SoundExchange)
NS Com (PPL)
NS Productions (PPL)
NSoul Records (SoundExchange)
N’soul (PPL)
NSMA Records (PPL)
NSS Music (SoundExchange)
NTB Entertainment (SoundExchange)s
Ntone (PPL)
- 123 -
NTT Publishing (SoundExchange)
Nu Direction Records (PPL)
Nu Labels (SoundExchange)
Nu Millenium (SoundExchange)
Nu Noise Records (SoundExchange)
Nu Poodle Breaks (PPL)
Nu Republic (SoundExchange)
Nu Star IT (SoundExchange)
Nu Tropic (SoundExchange)
Nu-Wave Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Nub Country Records (PPL)
Nubang Records (SoundExchange)
Nube Negra (SoundExchange)
Nu-Beat (PPL)
Nuara Multimedia (SoundExchange)
Nucleaire Musique (SoundExchange)
Nuclear (SoundExchange)
Nuclear Blast (Warner)
Nucleo Contemporario (SoundExchange)
Nuestra (SoundExchange)
Nueva Nota Records (SoundExchange)
Nueve de Copas (SoundExchange)
Nuevos Medios (Hot)
Nuevos Ricos (SoundExchange)
Nufirm (Ministry Of Sound)
Nuff (PPL)
Nuff Music Limited (PPL)
Nufrequency (SoundExchange)
Nugene (SoundExchange)
Nugene Records (PPL)
Nugget (PPL)
Nu-Groove (PPL)
Nukarma (PPL)
Nukleuz (PPL)
Nul Records (The Futureheads)(Liberation)
Null Corporation (Nine Inch Nails)(Shock
Nulleapuppy (PPL)
Nulsidecouvert Productions
Number Nine Records (SoundExchange)
Number One Punk Records
Number 8 (EMI)
Numerical Blue (PPL)
Numbers (SoundExchange)
Numbus Records (SoundExchange)
Numero Uno (SoundExchange)
Numm Records (SoundExchange)
Nunki Records (PPL)
Nuova Era (PPL)
Nuphonic (PPL)
Nureau Ink (SoundExchange)
Nursery Rockers (PPL)
Nusound Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Nuspring (SoundExchange)
Nuthinbutlove Recordings (SoundExchange)
Nu-Tone (PPL)
Nuvybe Records (SoundExchange)
Nuwavonic (SoundExchange)
Nuxx (Daz Simpson)(Shock Entertainment)
Nuxx Music (PPL)
NV Records (PPL)
NVC Arts (Warner)
NVS Records (PPL)
NWFree Music (PPL)
NWFree Music LLP (SoundExchange)
Nycole August (SoundExchange)
Nyland Records (PPL)
Nyno (SoundExchange)
NY-O-DAE Music (Xelon Entertainment)
Ny-O-Dae Music (Ny-O-Dae Music)
Nyte Lyfe Inc. (SoundExchange)
NZ Digipaks (V & H Holdings)
NZ Music (SoundExchange)
NZW Records (Blue Pie Productions)
O Bosque/Woodland (PPL)
O Team (SoundExchange)
O. De Lanzac (PPL)
O.B. (PPL)
O.I.E Records (SoundExchange)
O’C Records (PPL)
O2 (Warner)
Oak Recorded Music Library (PPL)
Oameron (PPL)
Oats Records (PPL)
OBE Records (Warner)
Obese Records (Obese Records)
Obligado Music (SoundExchange)
Oblio Recordings (PPL)
Object Enterprises (PPL)
Objektivity (SoundExchange)
Oblivion (PPL)
Oblong Records (PPL)
Oboe Classics (PPL)
OBR Inc (SoundExchange)
Obra Maestra Records (SoundExchange)
Obscure Celebrity (SoundExchange)
Observant Records (SoundExchange)
Obsession (PPL)
Obsessive (SoundExchange)
OBT Records (SoundExchange)
Ocatagon (PPL)
Occasion Recordings (PPL)
Ocean (PPL)
Ocean Music Records (SoundExchange)
Ocean Rain Records (SoundExchange)
Ocean Reds Records (PPL)
Ocean Road (Sony Music Ent)
Ocean Road Music (Ocean Road Music)
Oceanae Music (SoundExchange)
Oceanlight (LNG Music)
Oceanside Records (SoundExchange)
Oceans Baroque (Oceans Baroque)
Oceans Beyond Records (SoundExchange)
Oceanview Ent (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Ocesa (SoundExchange)
Ocha Records (SoundExchange)
Ocho (PPL)
Ochre Records (PPL)
Ocium (SoundExchange)
Octagion (PPL)
Octagon Records (Gideon Freudmann)
Octant Classique (SoundExchange)
Octant Musique (SoundExchange)
Octaphonica (SoundExchange)
Octaphonica Music Publishing
Octava Records (SoundExchange)
Octave (PPL)
Octavius Records (PPL)
Octet (PPL)
October Records (Central Station Records)
October Rising (SoundExchange)
Odb Records (PPL)
Odd Ball Records (PPL)
Odd Bodhran (PPL)
Odd Public Music (SoundExchange)
Odd Records (PPL)
Odd Sock Records (PPL)
Odds and Ends Records (SoundExchange)
Odduara (SoundExchange)
Oddvious Records (SoundExchange)
Odeon (EMI)
Odeon (Indian Releases)(PPL)
Odeon Records (EMI)
Odessa Mama Records (Specific
Recordings) (Blue Pie Productions)
Odessa Mama Records (Odessa Mama
Odio Records (SoundExchange)
Oddysey Audio Media (SoundExchange)
Odyssey Records (PPL)
Odysea Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Odzo20 Records (SoundExchange)
Oeuvre (PPL)
Off (SoundExchange)
Off Beat (PPL)
Off By Heart (PPL)
Off Cut Records (PPL)
Off Key Records (PPL)
Off Limits (ToCo)
Off The Hip (Off The Hip)
Off The Hip (SoundExchange)
Off The Records (SoundExchange)
Offbeat Scotland (PPL)
Official Hitz Entertainment
Official Jointz (SoundExchange)
Offkey Recordings (PPL)
Offkey Records Ent Ltd (PPL)
Offlience Music (PPL)
Offset Records (SoundExchange)
Offshoot (PPL)
Offspring Records (PPL)
- 124 -
OFN Records (PPL)
Ofset Productions (PPL)
Often Gruven Recordings (SoundExchange)
Oglio (Hot)
Ogopa Deejays (SoundExchange)
Ogun (PPL)
Oh! Inverted World Reords (PPL)
Oh!vation (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Oh! Records (SoundExchange)
Oh Boy/Blue Plate (Shock Entertainment)
Oh Eye (PPL)
Oh Ha Music (SoundExchange)
Oh Lonesome Me Music (SoundExchange)
Oh Mercy (Oh Mercy Pty Ltd)
Oh The Semi Secrets (PPL)
Oh Yeah! Records (EMI)
Ohklectic Records (SoundExchange)
Ohio Methone Records (SoundExchange)
Ohno Records (PPL)
OHR & Pilz (PPL)
Oil Gang (PPL)
Oil of Dog Music (SoundExchange)
Oisin Studios (PPL)
Ojala (SoundExchange)
Okani Digital (SoundExchange)
Okehdokee Records (SoundExchange)
Oklawaha Records (SoundExchange)
Okra Productions Ltd (PPL)
Okra-Tone (PPL)
Ol Blue Records (SoundExchange)
Ola Podrida (SoundExchange)
Ola Records (PPL)
Old 3C Records (SoundExchange)
Old 97 Wrecords (SoundExchange)
Old Bean (PPL)
Old Boots (SoundExchange)
Old Boots Music (SoundExchange)
Old Boy Music (PPL)
Old Bridge (PPL)
Old Crow Music (PPL)
Old Dog Records (SoundExchange)
Old Gold (PPL)
Old Hat Music (PPL)
Old Heritage Records (SoundExchange)
Old Pro Entertainment Inc (Old Pro
Entertainment Inc)
Old School Knew Entertainment
Old School Productions (SoundExchange)
Old South End Records (SoundExchange)
Old Timey (PPL)
Old Town (Starlite)
Olde English Spelling Bee (SoundExchange)
Oldie Blues (Rights Retriever BV)
Oldies (PPL)
Olga (EMI)
Olga Doktrova (PPL)
Olia Kodia (PPL)
Oliphanz Productions (SoundExchange)
Oltie Records (PPL)
Olive Records (PPL)
Olive Records (SoundExchange)
Oliver “D” Records (PPL)
Olivi (SoundExchange)
Olmeto (PPL)
OLP (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Olufsen (PPL)
Olympia (PPL)
Olympian Records (PPL)
OM Records (PPL)
Om Creation Studios (SoundExchange)
Omad Records (SoundExchange)
Omagatoki Japan (SoundExchange)
OMCS (SoundExchange)
Omcore Music (Master, Omid)
Omega (PPL)
Omega Point Records (SoundExchange)
Omega Records (PPL)
Omega 7 (SoundExchange)
OMG Records (EMI)
Omi (SoundExchange)
Omikron (PPL)
Omni Corp (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Omnibus Records (SoundExchange)
Omnimi Music (SoundExchange)
Omniscient (Rapper) (SoundExchange)
Omnitone (SoundExchange)
Omnium (PPL)
Ominium Records Ltd (PPL)
Omom Music (SoundExchange)
OMS Records (SoundExchange)
OmTown Music (EMI)
On A Private Label (PPL)
On Board Records (PPL)
On Five Music (SoundExchange)
On It Music (PPL)
On Music (SoundExchange)
On Our Game Entertainment
On Repeat (Little Boots) (Kobalt Label
Services Ltd)
On The Corner (SoundExchange)
On The Lamb Records (SoundExchange)
On The Rise Records (SoundExchange)
On The Road Records (PPL)
On The Run Recordings (PPL)
On Top Recordings (PPL)
On-Entertainment LLC(SoundExchange)
On-U Sound Records (SoundExchange)
Onari Records (PPL)
Once Bitten (PPL)
Once Bitten Records (PPL)
Once Upon A Time Records Ltd (PPL)
Ondamex Records (SoundExchange)
Onde-Spirale (SoundExchange)
Ondes Carrees (SoundExchange)
Ondine (Select)
One Above Records (PPL)
One And One Link Production (PPL)
March 2014
One Beat Ltd (PPL)
One Blank Channel (PPL)
One Button Studio (Records)(PPL)
One Drop Muzic (PPL)
One Eight Becomes Two Zeros Records
One Eleven Records (SoundExchange)
One Eyed Fish (PPL)
One Fifteen Records (PPL)
One Focus Communications
One Four Seven Records (PPL)
One Harmony Records (SoundExchange)
One Haven (SoundExchange)
One High Five (SoundExchange)
One Hundred Global (PPL)
One Last Fruit (Liberation Music)
One Level Records (PPL)
One Little Indian (Dan Sartain,Jesse
Malin)(Shock Entertainment)
One Little Indian (EMI) (Select Releases)
One Little Indian Records (PPL)
One Louder Recordings (One Louder
One Louder Records (PPL)
One Man Clapping (SoundExchange)
One Mind (PPL)
One More Tune (PPL)
One Movement Records (PPL)
One Nation Music (SoundExchange)
One Note Records (PPL)
One Of Us (SoundExchange)
One Off Records (PPL)
One On One (SoundExchange)
One People Ltd (PPL)
One Percent Press (SoundExchange)
One Pop Music (SoundExchange)
One Records (PPL)
One Star (SoundExchange)
One Story Music (SoundExchange)
One Step Music (PPL)
One Take (Ambition Entertainment)
One Touch Music (SoundExchange)
One Way Frequency (One Way Frequency)
One World (SoundExchange)
One World Music (SoundExchange)
One World Music (SoundExchange)
One World Records (PPL)
One51 Recodings (PPL)
Onearth (Shock Entertainment)
Onebaldegg Productions (SoundExchange)
Onefam Music (SoundExchange)
Onefatdeepha (PPL)
Onefatdeeva (PPL)
Onehill Records (PPL)
Onelove Music Group (Onelove Music
OneTwo Records (LJR PLC)(PPL)
OneTwoThree Music (PPL)
One-Eleven (SoundExchange)
- 125 -
One-Up (EMI)
Onelife4 Life, Ltd (SoundExchange)
Onesize Records (String Theory Creative)
Onesuch Records (SoundExchange)
Onetake! (SoundExchange)
OneWayHome (SoundExchange)
Onez Music (PPL)
Ong Yunyu (Yunyu, Ong)
Onion Records (PPL)
Oniro Musique (SoundExchange)
Onit Records (SoundExchange)
Onitor (SoundExchange)
Onkelz Production (EMI)
Only A Hurricane Records
Only Animal Records (PPL)
Only Blues Music (SoundExchange)
Only Gone Records LLP (PPL)
Only Records (SoundExchange)
Onn Range (PPL)
Ono Records (PPL)
Ono Records (SoundExchange)
Onse Plate (SoundExchange)
Onside Records (PPL)
Onslaught Music (PPL)
Ontario Arts (SoundExchange)
OnTheKool Entertainment LLC
On-Track Records (PPL)
Onward Music (SoundExchange)
Onyx (UK)(Fuse Music Group P/L)
Onyx Classics (PPL)
Onze Heures (SoundExchange)
Oom-Cha Productions (PPL)
Oomph Recordings (SoundExchange)
Oomph Records (X-Mix)(PPL)
Oops Publishing Ltd (PPL)
Ooteeb (Ooteeb)
Opal (PPL)
Opanoni (Safi, Radi)
Opella Nova Records (PPL)
Open All Hours (PPL)
Open Ear (SoundExchange)
Open Ended Records (SoundExchange)
Open Eye Pty Ltd (Blue Pie Productions)
Open Grave Records (SoundExchange)
Open Mind (SoundExchange)
Open Path Music (SoundExchange)
Open Road (Universal)
Open/Capitol (EMI)
Openart (SoundExchange)
Opening (SoundExchange)
Opening Day Entertainment Group
Openj House (PPL)
Opera Rara (Select)
Opera Rara (SoundExchange)
Opera Society (PPL)
Operation Unknown (SoundExchange)
Operative Records (PPL)
Opinia Music Productions (SoundExchange)
Opium Arts (UK)(Hot)
Opp (PPL)
Opp Hott (SoundExchange)
Opry Music (SoundExchange)
Optic Scale Records (SoundExchange)
Optimism (SoundExchange)
Optimum Records (PPL)
Opulence (SoundExchange)
Opus (PPL)
Opus Arte (Select)
Opus III (SoundExchange)
Or (PPL)
Oracabessa (PPL)
Oracle Music (PPL)
Oracle Records (Oracle)(Aust Indi)
Orange (PPL)
Orange 1 (SoundExchange)
Orange Feather Records (PPL)
Orange Lounge Recordings Company
Orange Mountain (Hot)
Orange Musique (SoundExchange)
Orange Peal Records (SoundExchange)
Orange Peel Records (SoundExchange)
Orange Record Label (SoundExchange)
Orange Street (SoundExchange)
Orange Sky Records (SoundExchange)
Orangheart Records (SoundExchange)
Oranges And Seals Records (PPL)
Orbison (PPL)
Orbit (PPL)
Orbital (PPL)
Orbital Productions (PPL)
Orbitais (EMI)
Orby (PPL)
Orca Recordings (PPL)
Orchard Lane (SoundExchange)
Orchard Road Music (SoundExchange)
Orchestronics (SoundExchange)
Orchid Classics Ltd (PPL)
Orchid Music Ltd (PPL)
Orchid Records (PPL)
Ordena Records (SoundExchange)
Orderofchaos Records (SoundExchange)
Ordinary Man Music (PPL)
Ordio Productions (Ordio Productions)
Ordance (SoundExchange)
Oren and the Hiccups (SoundExchange)
Orfeo (EMI)
Orfeo (Select)
Orfeo-Lab (SoundExchange)
Orfio (Germany)(Fuse)
Organ (PPL)
Organ Grinder Records (PPL)
Organic (PPL)
Organic 2 (O2)(PPL)
Organic Records (PPL)
Organic Recordz (aka Cedkeyz Music) (Blue
Pie Productions)
March 2014
Organica (SoundExchange)
Organized Nature (SoundExchange)
Organogen Records (PPL)
Orgy Dance (PPL)
Orient (PPL)
Oriental (SoundExchange)
Oriental Star Agencies Ltd (PPL)
Orientoriental Star Agencies (PPL)
Origin Recordings (Origin)
Origin-Stallionz Entertainment (PPL)
Original (PPL)
Original Blues Classics (PPL)
Original Bronze (SoundExchange)
Original Cast Records (SoundExchange)
Original Jazz Classics (PPL)
Original Masters (PPL)
Original Music (PPL)
Original Music Svc (SoundExchange)
Original Norman Petty Masters (PPL)
Original Oldies (Starlite)
Original Records (PPL)
Original Selection (PPL)
Original Signal Recordings
Original Sound (SoundExchange)
Original Sounds Records (PPL)
Original Sounds Record co. inc.
Original Works (Original Works)
Origins (SoundExchange)
Origins Zen Media (SoundExchange)
Orison (SoundExchange)
Orixa (SoundExchange)
Orkus (SoundExchange)
Orleans (PPL)
Orphanage Records (PPL)
Orpheo (PPL)
Orpheus (Move)
Orphic Recordings (PPL)
Orphic Records (PPL)
Orson (PPL)
Orson Records (PPL)
Oryx Music (PPL)
OS Digital (PPL)
OS Originais (EMI)
OSA Records (Oddy, John & Frankcom,
Oshama Music (PPL)
Osmosis (UK) Records Ltd (PPL)
Osmosis Records (PPL)
Osmosys Records (PPL)
Oso Records (SoundExchange)
Ospery Records (SoundExchange)
Ossia Classics (PPL)
Ostgut Ton (SoundExchange)
Otaho Motion Digital Media Group
Otello (SoundExchange)
Other Electricities (SoundExchange)
- 126 -
Other People’s Music (SoundExchange)
Other Products (Sony Music Ent)
Other Records (PPL)
Other Records Ltd (PPL)
Other Tongues (Other Tongues)
Other World Music (PPL)
Otis Riddim Records (PPL)
Oto Kura Sound Graffiti (EMI)
Ottavo (SoundExchange)
Otter Recordings (PPL)
Ottersong (SoundExchange)
Otmaro Ruiz (SoundExchange)
Otmaro Ruiz (SoundExchange)
Ouch! Records (SoundExchange)
Our House (PPL)
Our Man In Berlin (Our Man In Berlin)
Our Time Records (PPL)
Ourdubs (PPL)
Ouroubouros Music (SoundExchange)
Ousmane Sisley Cisse (PPL)
Out Of 3 Sigma (SoundExchange)
Out Of A Paper Bag (SoundExchange)
Out Of Step Records (PPL)
Out Of The Ark Music (PPL)
Out Of The Box Recordings
Out Of The Loop Recordings
Out Of The Trunk Kuts (SoundExchange)
Out On A Limb (PPL)
Out Of The Ark Music (PPL)
Out Post Management Pty Ltd (Out Post
Management Pty Ltd)
Out Show Records (PPL)
Outcaste Records (SoundExchange)
Outcastle (SoundExchange)
Outcross Records (PPL)
Outdigo Records (PPL)
Outer Circle Entertainment (Xelon
Outer Cosmic Worlds (SoundExchange)
Outer Kids (PPL)
Outer Media (PPL)
Outernational (PPL)
Outerspace (SoundExchange)
Outgo Records (SoundExchange)
Outhere Records (SoundExchange)
Outlaw Town ( The Flamin Locos)
Outlet (UK)(PPL)
Outlook Music LLC (PPL)
Outpost (Universal)
Outpost Media (PPL)
Output Noise Records (SoundExchange)
Output Recordigs (Musiqware Ltd)
Output Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Outrun Records (PPL)
Outside Royalty (PPL)
Outside Records (SoundExchange)
Outside the Box (SoundExchange)
Outside Up (SoundExchange)
Outsider Music (PPL)
Outsider Records (SoundExchange)
Outsideraz (PPL)
Outta Control Music (Toco)
Outta Pocket Ent (SoundExchange)
Outta Sight (SoundExchange)
Outta Sight Music (SoundExchange)
Outta Sight Records (The Dynamites)
(Shock Entertainment)
OV.N Music (SoundExchange)
Ovation (SoundExchange)
Over 18’s Records (PPL)
Over The Top Records (PPL)
Overall (SoundExchange)
Overdose Production (EMI)
Overdose Production LC 04728 (EMI)
Overground Records (PPL)
Overit Records (SoundExchange)
Overkill Records (SoundExchange)
Overlap (PPL)
Overt Records (SoundExchange)
Overture (SoundExchange)
Owain Roberts T/A Mopachi (PPL)
Owen Lockett Enterprises (Owen Lockett)
Owen Money Ltd (PPL)
Owlet Music (PPL)
Own Label (PPL)
Own Little World Recordings (PPL)
Owned & Operated (SoundExchange)
Oxalis Records (SoundExchange)
Oxrecs Digital (PPL)
Oxyd Records (PPL)
Oxygen (PPL)
Oye! Records (SoundExchange)
Oyster Music (PPL)
Oyster Music Ltd (PPL)
Oxford oad Records (SoundExchange)
Oxygen Recordings (Ministry Of Sound)
Oz (EMI)
Ozeta Productions (SoundExchange)
Ozgazmix Productions (PPL)
Ozihcs (Skit-so) (SoundExchange)
Ozlo (SoundExchange)
Ozone (PPL)
Ozone Recordings (PPL)
Ozstar Music (Ozstar Music)
P&C (SoundExchange)
P&S Records (SoundExchange)
P. Flight Records (PPL)
P.A. Juice (SoundExchange)
P.A.C.K. Music Ltd (PPL)
P.B.I. Records (Unidisc)
P.D.C. Entertainments Ltd (PPL)
P.E.K. Sound (PPL)
P.G.S. Recordings (PPL)
P.I. The Ace & Only !! (SoundExchange)
P.I.P. Records (Unidsic)
P.L.R. (PPL)
P.M.E. (PPL)
March 2014
P.O.D. (Inertia)
P.O.P Records Music Group
P.O.P. Records (SoundExchange)
P.O.S. Records (SoundExchange)
P.O.V. (PPL)
P.Y.O. (PPL)
P23 Records (PPL)
P3 (PPL)
Pa’Ani (SoundExchange)
Pabanor Music (SoundExchange)
Pablo (PPL)
Pac Records (SoundExchange)
Paces (Perry, Michael John)
Pacific (US) (SoundExchange)
Pacific Arts (SoundExchange)
Pacific Blues Recordings (SoundExchange)
Pacific Grove (PPL)
Pacific Hawaiian Entertainment
Pacific Jazz (EMI)
Pacific Jazz/Capitol (EMI)
Pacific Moon (SoundExchange)
Pacific Music Canada (SoundExchange)
Pacific Records (PPL)
Pacific Rim Productions (ClachairCampbell, Suzanne)
Pacific Sound Records (PPL)
Pacific Vista Productions (SoundExchange)
Pack Screen (Blue Pie Productions)
Padded Balcony (PPL)
Padded Room (PPL)
Paescod Recordings (PPL)
Paf Disques (SoundExchange)
Pagan (Rigid)
Page One (PPL)
Pageant Music (SoundExchange)
Paginas Del Pasado (EMI)
Pagoda Recordings (PPL)
Pagode Brasil (EMI)
Paid Records (SoundExchange)
Pain In The Art Records (SoundExchange)
Paint Your Soul (SoundExchange)
Painted Smiles (SoundExchange)
Pair (PPL)
Pair-A-Dice Music Publisher
Paisley Arcade (PPL)
Pajama Party (SoundExchange)
Pakaderm (PPL)
Pal Productions (PPL)
Palace Records (SoundExchange)
Palacio (SoundExchange)
Palacio Rodven (SoundExchange)
Palais Records (PPL)
Palance Records (SoundExchange)
Palanese Recordings (PPL)
Palantine Records (SoundExchange)
Palawen Productions (PPL)
Pale Blue Limited (PPL)
- 127 -
Pale Fox Records (PPL)
Palette Recordings (SoundExchange)
Palin (PPL)
Paloma Sound (SoundExchange)
Pallas (SoundExchange)
Palm (PPL)
Palm 55 Music (PPL)
Palmcourt Records (PPL)
Palmetto Tree Music (SoundExchange)
Palmist Records (PPL)
Palms (Palms)
Palpitation (SoundExchange)
Pama (PPL)
Pampa Records (SoundExchange)
Pampelmoose (SoundExchange)
Pampers (PPL)
Pamplin Music (PPL)
Pamtondo Records (PPL)
Pamtondo Songs (PPL)
Pan (PPL)
Pan Classics (PPL)
Pan Extra (PPL)
Pan Out (SoundExchange)
Pan Records (PPL)
Panache Records (SoundExchange)
Panama Music Library (PPL)
Panart Records (SoundExchange)
Panartist (SoundExchange)
Pancake Records (SoundExchange)
Panda Music (SoundExchange)
Pandamonium (Pandamonium)(Aust Indi)
Pandemic Productions (PPL)
Pandemic Sounds (PPL)
Pandemonium (PPL)
Pandion (EMI)
Pandora 2000 (EMI)
Pandora Milenio (EMI)
Pandora Mink Records (The Mudcakes)
Pandora’s Box Records Ltd (PPL)
Panegyric/DGM (PPL)
Pangolin Band (Hughan, Paul)
Panic Records (PPL)
Panic Room Records (PPL) (PPL)
Pankay Records Ltd (PPL)
Pan-Pride Music (PPL)
Pantau X (SoundExchange)
Pantomimes (PPL)
Pantone Music (PPL)
Pantonic (PPL)
PAP Music Sdn Bhd (Warner)
Papa (PPL)
Papa Chango (Bird, Matthew)
Papa Daddy inc. (SoundExchange)
Papa Grande Records (SoundExchange)
Papa Joe (PPL)
Papa Records Ltd (PPL)
Papa’s-June Music Inc (SoundExchange)
Papago Records (SoundExchange)
Papahugs Productions (SoundExchange)
Paper And Glue Ltd/Propaganda (PPL)
Paper Moon Studios (SoundExchange)
Paper Plane Music inc. (SoundExchange)
Paper Plane Records (PPL)
Paper Recordings (PPL)
Paper Street Records (Paper Street Records)
Paperboat Music (SoundExchange)
Papercuts (PPL)
Paperhouse Records (PPL)
Papi Chulo Productionz (SoundExchange)
Papillon (PPL)
Papmusic (SoundExchange)
Papu Washington (SoundExchange)
Par (SoundExchange)
Para (SoundExchange)
Para Para Mania (EMI)
Para Para Night (EMI)
Para Sempre (EMI)
Parable Records (SoundExchange)
Pars-sight Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Parachute Adams (SoundExchange)
Paraclete (SoundExchange)
Parade (PPL)
Parade Music Management (PPL)
Paradigm Music Group (SoundExchange)
Paradigme (SoundExchange)
Paradise Charitable Foundation
Paradise Garage (EMI)
Paradise Gate Praise (SoundExchange)
Paradise Jazz (SoundExchange)
Paradise Recordings (SoundExchange)
Paradisum (PPL)
Paradizo (PPL)
Paradox Music (PPL)
Paradox Records (SoundExchange)
Paragon Records (SoundExchange)
Paragon Records inc. (SoundExchange)
Parish Road Music (SoundExchange)
Parallax Sounds (PPL)
Parallel Series (EMI)
Paramijo (PPL)
Parana Records (SoundExchange)
Paraphernalia Recordings (PPL)
Paras (PPL)
Paratactile (PPL)
Parent Publishing & Productions
Parentheses records (Parentheses Records)
Paria (SoundExchange)
Pariah State Records (PPL)
Paris International (SoundExchange)
Paris International Records
Park (PPL)
Park House (PPL)
Park Lane Recordings (PPL)
Park Records (PPL)
Parkman Infinity and Good Boy Records
March 2014
Parliament Music (PPL)
Parlion Records (SoundExchange)
Parlo Della Musica (PPL)
Parlophon (EMI)
Parlophone (EMI)
Parlophone/Capitol (EMI)
Parlophone/CMP (EMI)
Parlouir 9 (PPL)
Parlour 9 Recordings (PPL)
Parodudes (SoundExchange)
Parodudes inc (SoundExchange)
Parrot (PPL)
Parsifal (SoundExchange)
Parson Farm Records (SoundExchange)
Part (SoundExchange)
Part Records / Dynotones (SoundExchange)
Partisan (EMI)
Partizan Recordings (PPL)
Partners In Crime (PPL)
Party Animal (V & H Holdings)
Party On Parody Productions
Party People (PPL)
Partyrock Records (SoundExchange)
Pas Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Pasadena Records (PPL)
Pasadena Roof Orchestra (PPL)
Pascal Records (SoundExchange)
Pashdivas (PPL)
Passed Insanity Music (SoundExchange)
Passenger (PPL)
Passerine (Dubar, Phoebe)
Passguard (EMI)
Passiano Records (SoundExchange)
Passin’ Fancy Music (SoundExchange)
Passion (PPL)
Past & Present Records (SoundExchange)
Past Perfect (PPL)
Past2Present Entertainment
Pastafont (PPL)
Pasteurised Records (PPL)
Patience (SoundExchange)
Pastmasters (EMI)
Pa-Ta (EMI)
Pa-Tai (EMI)
Pat Green (SoundExchange)
Patanes Records (SoundExchange)
Patate (Hot)
Path Of Light (SoundExchange)
Path Orient (China)(EMI)
Pathe (EMI)
Pathe Marconi (EMI)
Pathé Records (EMI)
Pathephone (EMI)
Pathevision (EMI)
Pathfinder Audio (PPL)
Patio Records (SoundExchange)
Patrick Wilson Limited (PPL)
Patrin (PPL)
- 128 -
Patrin Records (PPL)
Patriot (EMI)
Patron Productions (SoundExchange)
Patsy Gamble (PPL)
Pattamar Records (SoundExchange)
Pattern (Inertia)
Pattern Hungry (SoundExchange)
Pattern Is Movement (SoundExchange)
Patterbased (SoundExchange)
Pau Brasil (SoundExchange)
Paul Appelkamp (Appelkamp, Paul)
Paul Appelkamp (Freetown)
Paul Costa (Costa, Paul)
Paul Cruse Music (PPL)
Paul Di Renzo (Di Renzo, Paul Joseph)
Paul Dunton (PPL)
Paul E Paul Music (PPL)
Paul Frith (PPL)
Paul Girling (PPL)
Paul Kelly (EMI)
Paul Pavey (PPL)
Paul Pavey Music (PPL)
Paul Phillips (PPL)
Paul Thomas Butterfield (PPL)
Paul Winn (Winn, Paul)
Paul Winn Band (Winn Paul)
Paula (PPL)
Paula Records (SoundExchange)
Pauloduro (SoundExchange)
Paulos Records (PPL)
Pause_Z (PPL)
Pavan Productions (PPL)
Pavane (PPL)
Pavement Music (SoundExchange)
Pavement Records (Shock Entertainement)
Pavia Records (SoundExchange)
Pavillion (PPL)
Pavillon Noir Productions (SoundExchange)
Paw Tracks (PPL)
Pawper Records (SoundExchange)
Pax 217 Music (SoundExchange)
Pay For The Piano (PPL)
Payola (PPL)
Payolaphone (PPL)
Payoso Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Payper Tiger Records (PPL)
Payst Records (SoundExchange)
Paytown Entertainment (SoundExchange)
pb ZAAB (pb ZAAB)
PBJ Music (SoundExchange)
PBN (SoundExchange)
PBR Recordings (SoundExchange)
PBS (SoundExchange)
PBS Records (Warner)
PBSC Records (PPL)
PC Music (SoundExchange)
PCH Entertainment (SoundExchange)
PDB Productions & Entice Recordings
PDC Entertainment (PPL)
PDC Music (PPL)
PDK (SoundExchange)
Pdms Records (Pdms Records)
Peace Feast (PPL)
Peace Frog (Little Dragon, Nouvelle
Vague)(Shock Entertainment)
Peace Frog (PPL)
Peace-O- Mind Music (SoundExchange)
Peace Regime (SoundExchange)
Peace & Riot (EMI)
Peaceful Baby (SoundExchange)
Peaceville Records (PPL)
Peach Amber (PPL)
Peach Enterproses (Peach Enterprises)
Peachfuzz Ent (SoundExchange)
Peachy Records (Peach Enterprises)
Peacock Studios (SoundExchange)
Peaktime Records (SoundExchange)
Peapod Recordings (SoundExchange)
Pearl (PPL)
Pearl Jazz Recording Label
Pear Topaz Jazz (SoundExchange)
Pearse Music (PPL)
Peartree Records (PPL)
Peatbog Records (SoundExchange)
Peckers Records (PPL)
Peckings (SoundExchange)
Peculiar Flower Records (PPL)
Ped Counter Culture Classical Underground
Pedal to the Metal (SoundExchange)
Pemberton and Langley (SoundExchange)
Pendernales (SoundExchange)
Pedernales Records (EMI)
Pedigree Cuts (SoundExchange)
Pedigree Cuts Limited (PPL)
Pee Cola Music (SoundExchange)
Pee Records (Away From Now)(Shock
Pee Wee League Records (SoundExchange)
Peebee (SoundExchange)
Peek-A Boo Records (SoundExchange)
Peeky Toe Music (SoundExchange)
Peer Music (SoundExchange)
Peer T6H (SoundExchange)
Peerless – MCM, Sa de CV (Warner)
Pegasus (UK)(PPL)
Pejama, inc. (SoundExchange)
Pelican Shorts Music (SoundExchange)
Pelion Productions Ltd (PPL)
Pelo Music S.A. (SoundExchange)
Pelomu (EMI)
Peloton Records (SoundExchange)
Pema (PPL)
Pen Music (EMI)
Pencraig Recording Company (PPL)
Peng Recordings (SoundExchange)
Penoba Recordings (PPL)
Pendulum Records (EMI)
March 2014
Penguin Audio (SoundExchange)
Penguin Classics (SoundExchange)
Peninsular Records (PPL)
Penitentiary Records (SoundExchange)
Pennine Jazz (PPL)
Penny Black (PPL)
Penny Farthing Recs Ltd (PPL)
Penny Ikinger (Ikinger, Penelope Jane)
Pennywise Enterprises P/L (Pennywise)
Pentaflowers (SoundExchange)
Pentavarit (SoundExchange)
Penthouse (SoundExchange)
Penthouse Records (PPL)
Pentreath Music (PPL)
Pentultima (Pentultima)
Penumbral Emanations (SoundExchange)
Peonies Music (SoundExchange)
People Unite (PPL)
People’s Choice Music and Entertainment
PEP Records (SoundExchange)
Pepe E Nenem (EMI)
Pepeiao (SoundExchange)
Pepper (PPL)
Pepper Cake (PPL)
Pepper Denny (SoundExchange)
Pepper Street Music (SoundExchange)
Peppercorn (PPL)
Pepperdrome (SoundExchange)
Peppermint (PPL)
Perambulator Records (Skinnyfish Music)
Perb ent. (SoundExchange)
Perception Records (PPL)
Perceptive (SoundExchange)
Percords (SoundExchange)
Percussion Power (SoundExchange)
Perennial Music Co Ltd (PPL)
Perfect Blend (Damien Gerard Sound
Studios Pty Ltd)
Perfect Image (SoundExchange)
Perfect Pitch Digital (Perfect Pitch
Perfect Pitch Recording Service (PPL)
Perfect Score (SoundExchange)
Perfect Time Publishing (SoundExchange)
Perfectly Blue Records (PPL)
Perfectly Frank Ltd (PPL)
Perfectly Stable Music (SoundExchange)
Perfecto (Xelon Entertainment)
Perfil (SoundExchange)
Performance Industry (Performance
Performance Pseudonym (Meeson,
Perhaps Contraption (PPL)
Perish Music Group (SoundExchange)
Perishable Records (SoundExchange)
Perla Music (SoundExchange)
Perlon (SoundExchange)
Permanent Records (PPL)
- 129 -
Permanent Records (Shock Entertainment)
Permanent Records (SoundExchange)
Permanent Vacation (PPL)
Perpetual Tunes (SoundExchange)
Perpetuity Music (PPL)
Perrito Records (PPL)
Perseverance Ltd (PPL)
Persona Records (SoundExchange)
Perspective (CBC)(PPL)
Perspex Recordings Limited (PPL)
Perverse Pop (PPL)
Pet Lamb Records Ltd (PPL)
Pet Milk Grand Ole Oprey
Pet Rock (SoundExchange)
Pet Rock Records (PPL)
Pete Allen Records (PPL)
Pete Clark (PPL)
Peter Gabriel (PPL)
Pete Lynne (PPL)
Peter Gaston t/a Fisher’s Tale Music Project
Peter Kefeck (PJK) (Nexgen Pty Ltd)
Peter Miller (Miller, Peter Damien)
Peter’s Music Factory (PPL)
Peter Ronald Pratt (Pratt, Peter Ronald)
Peter Webster Music (PPL)
Peter Williams (PPL)
Peters Tree (PPL)
Petey-Pete (SoundExchange)
Petrol Electric (Petrol Electric)
Petrol Exotic (Murphy Media Academy)
Petrol Records (EMI)
Petrol Records (Petrol Records)
Petrol Records International (Murphy Media
Petrophonic Records (Specific Recordings)
(Blue Pie Productions)
Pettie Garcon Records (PPL)
Pettybone (PPL)
PGC Musique Inc (SoundExchange)
PH Zero (PPL)
PH-Power House Productions
Phaneuf Musique (SoundExchange)
Phantasma Music (SoundExchange)
Phantasy (PPL)
Phantasy Sound (PPL)
Phantasy Sound Limited (PPL)
Phantom Audio (PPL)
Phantom Dog Music (Harrison, Andrew)
Phanom Potato Records (PPL)
Phantom Records (Phantom)
Pharaoh Record (SoundExchange)
Pharmacy Music (SoundExchange)
Pharmacy Records (Pharmacy Records)
Pharoah Entertainment (PPL)
Pharoah Funk Productions (United Music
Pharos Records (PPL)
Phase 1 (PPL)
Phase One Records (PPL)
Phat And Round (PPL)
Phat Buller (SoundExchange)
Phat Monkey (PPL)
Phat Pilgrim Records (PPL)
Phat Planet Music (Phat Planet Music
Phat Trax Records (PPL)
Phatboy Records (EMI)
Phatgirl Records (EMI)
Phatt City Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Phatt Phunk Records (SoundExchange)
Phattraxx (SoundExchange)
Phayze Praise Music Group
Phaze Music (PPL)
Phazing (SoundExchange)
Phd Entertainment Limited (PPL)
Phd Music (SoundExchange)
Phelps Music (PPL)
Phenomenal1 (SoundExchange)
Pheromone Recordings (SoundExchange)
Phethouse Records (Phetshouse Records Pty
Philadelphia International (PPL)
Philanthropix (SoundExchange)
Phil-La Of Soul (PPL)
Phil Dye (ETC Media Pty Ltd)
Phil Hanley (SoundExchange)
Phil Moran (Phil Moran Guitar Services)
Phil Murray Music (Phil Murray Music)
Philadelphia Grand Jury (Shock
Philadelphia Grand Jury (Philadelphia Grand
Philadelphia(Sony Music Ent.)
Philip Martin (Charman, Philip Martin)
Philip Moran (Phil Moran Guitar Services)
Phillips (PPL)
Phillips Classics (Universal)
Philly Grove (PPL)
Philomel (SoundExchange)
Philophobia Music (PPL)
Philosophy (Artist) (SoundExchange)
Phive Mics (SoundExchange)
Phobos Recordings (SoundExchange)
Phoebe Lenear (SoundExchange)
Phoenix (PPL)
Phoenix Audio (SoundExchange)
Phoenix Movement Records (Phoenix
Movement Records)
Phoenix Music (UK) Ltd (PPL)
Phoenix Night (SoundExchange)
Phoenix Producciones S.A. De C.V.
Phoenix Records (PPL)
Phoenixedition (SoundExchange)
Phon (SoundExchange)
Phono (PPL)
Phono Erotic (PPL)
March 2014
Phono Mania (PPL)
Phonodisc (SoundExchange)
Phonogenic (Sony Music Ent)
Phonomotor (EMI)
Phonotype (SoundExchange)
Photo Finish Records (Warner)
Phoundation Recordz (SoundExchange)
Phovsho (SoundExchange)
Phrase Text (SoundExchange)
Phrenic (PPL)
Phthon-Italy (SoundExchange)
Phunctional Loungin (SoundExchange)
Phuture Shock Blues (PPL)
Phuturistic Bluez (PPL)
Phyllis Records (SoundExchange)
Physical Graffiti (PPL)
Piano (PPL)
Piano Drops Music and Publishing
Piano Haven (SoundExchange)
Piano Library Records (PPL)
Piano One (SoundExchange)
PIAS / PIAS Recording (Liberation)
Pic I (PPL)
Piccobello (EMI)
Pick Up Records (SoundExchange)
Pickadoll Records (SoundExchange)
Pickout (PPL)
Pickwick (PPL)
Pickwick Records (Unidisc)
Picnic in the Meadow Music
Pictish Pop Records (PPL)
Pictures Music (PPL)
Picture Music International (EMI)
Pidgeon English (SoundExchange)
Pieces (PPL)
Pieces of Eight Records (PPL)
Pied Piper (PPL)
Piffle Records (PPL)
Pig & Trumpet (PPL)
Pig Productions Ltd (PPL)
Pigs Whisker UK (SoundExchange)
Pig’s Whisker Music (PPL)
Pigboy Records (PPL)
Pigeon (Pigeon)
Pigeon Rising Records (SoundExchange)
Pigme International (PPL)
Piilani (SoundExchange)
Piipala Records (PPL)
Pijja Classics (PPL)
Pijja Compilations (PPL)
Pijja Gospel (PPL)
Pijja Music International (PPL)
Pijja Records Ltd (PPL)
Pijja Urban Music (PPL)
Pijja World (PPL)
Pik (SoundExchange)
Pila (PPL)
Pilgrim (PPL)
- 130 -
Pilgrim’s Star (PPL)
Pilgrin Records (SoundExchange)
Pilot (PPL)
Pilot 6 (Armada Music)
Pilot 6 (SoundExchange)
Pilot Records (Pilot Records)
Pilz (SoundExchange)
Pimpking Music (SoundExchange)
Pin Up Records (PPL)
Pinch (PPL)
Pinche Flojo Records (SoundExchange)
Pindaroo Music (LBS)
Pin Me Down (Shock Entertainment)
Pine Hill Records (SoundExchange)
Pineapple (PPL)
Pineapple Koi Publishing (SoundExchange)
Pinegroove Records (SoundExchange)
Pinewood (Pinewood Records)
Pingouin (SoundExchange)
Pink Armchair (SoundExchange)
Pink Box Records (PPL)
Pink Devil Records (SoundExchange)
Pink Gun Records Limited (PPL)
Pink Hedgehog (PPL)
Pink Phoenix (PPL)
Pink Rabbit (SoundExchange)
Pink Star (SoundExchange)
Pinkle (SoundExchange)
Pinkstar (SoundExchange)
Pinkroomproductions LLC
Pinnacle Labels (PPL)
Pinnacle Licensed Repertoire (PPL)
Pinwheel Records (SoundExchange)
Pioneer (PPL)
Pioneer Records (PPL)
Pioneros Del Rock (EMI)
Pip (PPL)
Pipe (PPL)
Pipeline Music (SoundExchange)
Piramide Sound (SoundExchange)
Piranha Records (PPL)
Pirate Radio Records (SoundExchange)
Pirinas (PPL)
Pirouet (SoundExchange)
Pisces (PPL)
Piso Records (SoundExchange)
Pistol Records (Petrol Records)
Pistol Records (Murphy Media Academy)
Pit Production (SoundExchange)
Pit River Productions (SoundExchange)
Pitch-A-Tent (EMI)
Pitch-A-Tent Records (SoundExchange)
Pitt Game Ent (SoundExchange)
Pivotal (Shock Entertainment)
Pixel Max Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Pixie (PPL)
PJ Record (PPL)
PJ Rocks (PPL)
Placid Productions (Specific Recordings)
(Blue Pie Productions)
Plague (PPL)
Plaid (PPL)
Plain Recordings (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Plainsong Music (Emu Music)
Plaisir Musical Pathe Marconi (EMI)
Plan B Records (SoundExchange)
Planet 8 Records (Specific Recordings)
(Blue Pie Productions)
Planet Bollywood (PPL)
Planet Breakz (PPL)
Planet Dog (PPL)
Planet Earth (SoundExchange)
Planet Hits (EMI)
Planet Hype (SoundExchange)
Planet Love Sound (Planet Love Sound)
Planet Media (SoundExchange)
Planet Mu Records (SoundExchange)
Planet Mu Records Ltd (PPL)
Planet P Project (SoundExchange)
Planet Rhythm (SoundExchange)
Planet URO Media (SoundExchange)
Planeta Mix (SoundExchange)
Planetary Citizen (SoundExchange)
Plantation No. 1 Productions
Planete Virgin (EMI)
Planetearth (EMI)
Planetshakers (PPL)
Plank Records (PPL)
Plankton (PPL)
Plant Life (PPL)
Plant Life Jazz (PPL)
Plasmapool (SoundExchange)
Plastic (SoundExchange)
Plastic Canvas (PPL)
Plastic City Suburbia (PPL)
Plastic City UK (PPL)
Plastic Donut (Easton, Mark Gregory)
Plastic Fantastic (PPL)
Plastic Fantastic Records (PPL)
Plastic Fantastic Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Plastic Head Records (PPL)
Plastic Sun Records (PPL)
Plastic Surgery Records (PPL)
Plastic Viking Helmet (Fuse Music Group
Plastica Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
Plastica Records (PPL)
Plastica Red (PPL)
Plastica Red (Musiqware Ltd)
Plastik Philosophy Ltd (PPL)
Plastika (PPL)
Platform Records (PPL)
Platform B Recordings (Ministry Of Sound)
Platinum (PPL)
Platinum Collection (V & H Holdings)
Platinum Collection (EMI)
Platinum Collection (PPL)
March 2014
Platinum Hills (SoundExchange)
Platinum Music (PPL)
Platinum Pacific (SoundExchange)
Platinum Praise Records (SoundExchange)
Platinum Princess Music Group
Platinum Records Group, LLC
Platinum Records (SoundExchange)
Platinum Vybes Entertainment (PPL)
Platinumworx Music Group
Platipus Euro (PPL)
Platipus Records (PPL)
Platonic Music (Hot)
Plaxmusic (SoundExchange)
Play & Learn (PPL)
Play (PPL)
Play Favorites (SoundExchange)
Play It By Ear Records (SoundExchange)
Play It Down (SoundExchange)
Play Label (PPL)
Play Louder (SoundExchange)
Play Me Too Records (SoundExchange)
Play Music (SoundExchange)
Play Music (Warner)
Play Musicfinder (EMI)
Play Recordings (PPL)
Play Records (Specific Recordings) (Blue
Pie Productions)
Play That Music (Ministry Of Sound)
Playa Records (PPL)
Playart Music (SoundExchange)
Playasound (SoundExchange)
Playaville Records (PPL)
Playaz Cliq Recordings (PPL)
Playaz Cliq Records (PPL)
Playaz International (PPL)
Playaz Production Records
Playbutton Records (SoundExchange)
Player Records (SoundExchange)
Players Only Entertainment
Playful Baby (SoundExchange)
Playground Ent UK Ltd (PPL)
Playground Music (PPL)
Playground UK Records (PPL)
Playhouse (PPL)
Playing Dude Records (SoundExchange)
Playing Jaks
Playlouder (Remote Control)
Plays With Dolls (SoundExchange)
Playtime Records (PPL)
Playtime Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Playtowork Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Playup Music (Launch Records)
Plaza Records (PPL)
Please DJ (SoundExchange)
Pleasure Addicts Records (PPL)
- 131 -
Pleasuredome (PPL)
Pleb Records (PPL)
Plebe Rude (EMI)
Plenty Records (PPL)
Pliable (PPL)
Pling & Plong (EMI)
Plinth (Sommhalder, Markus)
Plowhandle (SoundExchange)
Plum Projects (PPL)
Plum Records (PPL)
Plum Records (Unidisc)
Plungerboy Music (SoundExchange)
Plus One Music (SoundExchange)
Plus One Records (Plus One Records)
Plus Sixty Minutes Avec (EMI)\
Plus Soda (SoundExchange)
Plush (PPL)
Plusquam Records (SoundExchange)
PM Sounds (PPL)
PMD (SoundExchange)
PMD Records (SoundExchange)
PMF/Jazz Archives (PPL)
PMH (SoundExchange)
PMV Music Productions (PMV Music
Po Funky Blah (PPL)
Pockets Linted (SoundExchange)
Pocketslinted (SoundExchange)
Pocketsound (EMI)
PocoAlto Records (PPL)
Pod Music (PPL)
Podington Bear (SoundExchange)
Podium (SoundExchange)
Poetic J (SoundExchange)
Poetry In Motion Recordings (PPL)
Pogo Records (PPL)
Poignant Records (SoundExchange)
Point Of Grace (SoundExchange)
PointBlank (EMI)
Pointless Excitement Ltd (PPL)
Points East (PPL)
Points South Music (SoundExchange)
Pointy Records Ltd (PPL)
Poison City Records (Poison City Records)
Poisoned King Records (PPL)
Poke Records (PPL)
Poker Flat Recordings (PPL)
Poker Records (SoundExchange)
Poko (EMI)
Polar (Universal)
Polar Bear Publishing (PPL)
Polar Music Intertnational (SoundExchange)
Polaris Music Prize (SoundExchange)
Polem 220 (SoundExchange)
Polish Jazz Netword (SoundExchange)
Polisonic (SoundExchange)
Polka City Records (SoundExchange)
Pollywood Productions (Pollywood
Pollytone Records (PPL)
Polo (PPL)
Polskie Nagrania (PPL)
Politica Records (SoundExchange)
Polvora (EMI)
Polydor (Universal)
Polydor Curb (PPL)
Polyeast Records (EMI)
Polyester Records (PPL)
Polyesther Productions (SoundExchange)
Polyfonik (Xelon Entertainment)
PolyGram (Universal)
Polygram India Ltd (PPL)
Polymer Sounds (Jessica Lea
Mayfield)(Shock Entertainment)
Polymusic (EMI)
Polyphonic (PPL)
Polyphony Music (SoundExchange)
Polytainment Records (Polytainment P/L)
Polyvinyl Records (Shock Entertainment)
Pomaika’I (SoundExchange)
Pomaton (EMI)
Pomaton EMI (EMI)
Pomme Music (SoundExchange)
Pompadour (PPL)
Pompeii Records (SoundExchange)
Pompeii Records (Evan Cooney)
Pond Chicken Music (PPL)
Pondaro P/L (Atlantics Music)
Ponderosa Music (SoundExchange)
Pono Media (SoundExchange)
Pono Phono Records (SoundExchange)
Pontotoc (SoundExchange)
Pony (SoundExchange)
Pony Canyon (SoundExchange)
Pony Canyon (Japan) (SoundExchange)
Pony Canyon inc. (SoundExchange)
Pony Canyon inc. (SoundExchange)
PonyPlay Records (Ministry Of Sound)
Poo Productions Ltd (PPL)
Poodle (PPL)
Pookie (PPL)
Poole E Music (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Poonelk Records (SoundExchange)
Poontang Records (PPL)
Poor Boy (SoundExchange)
Poor Pocket Muzik (SoundExchange)
Pop Art Discos (SoundExchange)
Pop Collective (SoundExchange)
Pop Fiction (PPL)
Pop Machine (SoundExchange)
Pop Monster (SoundExchange)
Pop Music (PPL)
Pop Pop (PPL)
Pop Rally! Records (SoundExchange)
Pop Records (PPL)
Pop Records Ltd (PPL)
March 2014
Pop Sense Records (SoundExchange)
Pop Shop (EMI)
Pop Wagner (SoundExchange)
Popboomerang Records (Popboomerang
Popboomerang Records (SoundExchange)
Popcorn Records( PPL)
Popfrenzy (Inertia)
Popjazz (SoundExchange)
Popjinx (PPL)
Poplar Records (SoundExchange)
Popllama (SoundExchange)
Popmafia Records (SoundExchange)
Popover Corps (SoundExchange)
Poppy Records (PPL)
Popseqal Sounds (SoundExchange)
Popsicle (EMI)
Popsicle (SoundExchange)
Popsize (EMI)
Popsmear Records (SoundExchange)
Popstar (SoundExchange)
Popstopper Records (PPL)
Poptones (PPL)
Poptones Ltd (PPL)
Poptones/Telstar (PPL)
Popular African Music (SoundExchange)
Popular Demand (PPL)
Populator (PPL)
Populuxe Records (SoundExchange)
Por El Lado Oscuro (EMI)
Porcupine Records (PPL)
Pork Recordings (PPL)
Porkdance Recodings (PPL)
Pornostar (SoundExchange)
Porous Records (SoundExchange)
Portable Imagination (EMI)
Portencross Music (PPL)
Porter (SoundExchange)
Porter Records (SoundExchange)
Porterville Records (SoundExchange)
Portia (SoundExchange)
Portrait (Sony Music Ent.)
Portrait Classics (PPL)
Porgy Records (SoundExchange)
Poseidia Music (SoundExchange)
Poseidon Records (PPL)
Position Music (PPL)
Position Records (PPL)
Positive-ID Ltd (PPL)
Positiva (EMI)
Positiva Commercial Exclusive (EMI)
Positiva Records (EMI)
Positiva Tone (EMI)
Positiva/EMI UK (EMI)
Positive Records (PPL)
Posse (PPL)
Posse Records (SoundExchange)
Posse Up Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Possessed Records Ltd (PPL)
Possession Records (PPL)
- 132 -
Possible Records Limited (PPL)
Possum (Universal)
Post Human Era (SoundExchange)
Post Present Medium (SoundExchange)
Postofficerecords (PPL)
Pot Holder Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Potent Productions (SoundExchange)
Potomac (PPL)
Pour Soul (SoundExchange)
Pour Soul Records (SoundExchange)
Pow! Records Ltd (PPL)
Pow Pow (Ladgrove, Matthew & Antonelli,
Powdered Sugar (International Royalties
Powderfinger Productions (SoundExchange)
Powderworks (Powderworks)
PowderWorks Records (Specific
Recordings) (Blue Pie Productions)
Power Ballads (EMI)
Power Brothers (EMI)
Power Circle Records (PPL)
Power Hittas (SoundExchange)
Power Live (EMI)
Power Metal (EMI)
Power of Jesus Publishing (SoundExchange)
Power Of One Music (SoundExchange)
Power of Voice Communications (PPL)
Power Productions International (PPL)
Power Records (PPL)
Power Rock (EMI)
Power Station Recordings (PPL)
Powerage (PPL)
Powerballad (SoundExchange)
Powered By Comedy (SoundExchange)
Powerhouse Records (Jupiter 2 Records)
Powerpoint Music (Powerpoint Music)
Powersure (PPL)
Powertools (PPL)
Pox World Empire (SoundExchange)
PPI (SoundExchange)
PPM (SoundExchange)
Prabhu Music (PPL)
Praca De Flores (SoundExchange)
Praga (PPL)
Praga Details (PPL)
Prairie Dance Club (SoundExchange)
Praise (PPL)
Praise2Worship (SoundExchange)
Praiseworthy Publishing (SoundExchange)
Prang Records (PPL)
Prank (SoundExchange)
Pravda Archives (PPL)
Pravda Records (PPL)
Prawn & Spanner (Prawn & Spanner)
Prawn Song Records (Shock Entertainment)
Praxis Mundi (SoundExchange)
Pray Area Records (SoundExchange)
Prayer Closet Records (SoundExchange)
Prayerlifemusic (SoundExchange)
Pre Records (PPL)
Preacha Boy Music (PPL)
Preacher Records (PPL)
Precio Medio (EMI)
Predator Recordings (PPL)
Predominant Records (PPL)
Preechaboymusic! (SoundExchange)
Preesy Beattrunk (SoundExchange)
Preiser Records (PPL)
Prelude Records (Unidisc)
Prema Music (SoundExchange)
Premier (EMI)
Premier Class (PPL)
Premier Musique Group (SoundExchange)
Premiere Music (SoundExchange)
Premier Sounds (PPL)
Premiere Performance (EMI)
Premium (PPL)
Premiums (EMI)
Premonition (PPL)
Pres of Buttah Sopht Ent (Blue Pie
Presagio (SoundExchange)
Presence Orchestra (Meeson, Catherine)
Preserved Recordings (SoundExchange)
Preset Records (PPL)
President (PPL)
Presidential Trap House Ent
Presidio (SoundExchange)
Presidio Records (SoundExchange)
Pressure Sounds (Hot)
Pressure Trax (PPL)
Prestel (PPL)
Pretension Records (SoundExchange)
Prestige (PPL)
Prestige Elite Records (PPL)
Prestige Records (PPL)
Presto (PPL)
Preston Recordings (Preston Recordings)
Prenetia (PPL)
Pretty Crude (PPL)
Pretty Damn Tough (SoundExchange)
Pretty Damn Tough Records
Pretty Dirty Promotions (SoundExchange)
Pretty Good Records (PPL)
Pretty Pear Records (SoundExchange)
Price Attack (EMI)
Priceless World (SoundExchange)
Pricepoint (PPL)
Pride Music (Blue Pie Productions)
Pride of Europe (PPL)
Pride Records (PPL)
Prikosnovenie (SoundExchange)
Prima (PPL)
Prima Donna (SoundExchange)
Prima Facie (PPL)
Prima Musik (PPL)
March 2014
Prima Records (PPL)
Prima Voce (PPL)
Primal Recordings (PPL)
Primarily A Capella (SoundExchange)
Primary Recordings (PPL)
Primate Recordings (PPL)
Primavera (PPL)
Primavera Recordings (PPL)
Prime USA Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Prime Bass (PPL)
Prime Cut Music Limited (PPL)
Primetime (PPL)
Primetime Recording (SoundExchange)
Primevil Recordings (PPL)
Primicias (SoundExchange)
Primsrose Lane (SoundExchange)
Primrose Music (PPL)
Prince Charles and The City Beat Band
Prince Frog Records (SoundExchange)
Prince Huey P. (SoundExchange)
Princess (SoundExchange)
Princess Kiki Music (SoundExchange)
Princetone (SoundExchange)
Principle Music Oak Brook IL
Priority (EMI)
Priority (Indian Releases)(PPL)
Priority Records (EMI)
Priority Records UK (SoundExchange)
Priority/Rappalot (EMI)
Priory Records (PPL)
Priory Singers (PPL)
Prism Leisure (PPL)
Prism Records (Unidisc)
Prison Jazz Records (SoundExchange)
Pristina (SoundExchange)
Private (Sony Music Ent.)
Private Life Music (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Private Life Recordings (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Private Music Club (EMI)
Private Practice (Private Practice Pty Ltd)
Private & Public Music (SoundExchange)
Privileged Man (PPL)
Pro Freshional Entertainment inc.
Pro Organo (SoundExchange)
Pro Spirit (SoundExchange)
Pro Street Records (SoundExchange)
Pro Studios (SoundExchange)
Pro-Activ Records (PPL)
Pro-Active Music (PPL)
Probe One Music (Zeptepi)
Problem Child Rekords (SoundExchange)
Pro-Cathedral Dublin (PPL)
Pro-Motion Records(SoundExchange)
Proceed (PPL)
Process Productions (PPL)
Process Recordings (Musiqware Ltd)
- 133 -
Procession Recordings (PPL)
Proclaim The Gospel (SoundExchange)
Prod Productions (Hunt, Michael)
Prodigal Son (PPL)
Prodisc Mexico (SoundExchange)
Product (SoundExchange)
Product J (PPL)
Product Nineteen (PPL)
Product Recordings (PPL)
Product.01 (Komar, Rochelle Vincente)
Production La Bonne Partance
Production Marie Bujold (SoundExchange)
Production Mary Josee (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Productions In The Dark (PPL)
Productions 18/90 (SoundExchange)
Productions Benannah Inc (SoundExchange)
Productions BFT (SoundExchange)
Productions Big Fat Truck Inc
Productions De L’Ande (SoundExchange)
Productions De L’Ombre (SoundExchange)
Productions Dranem (SoundExchange)
Productions Fukinic-1000 Producteurs
Productions Gamma (SoundExchange)
Productions Gilles Anctil (SoundExchange)
Productions Groupe Spectacles Gillet
Productions Guy Cloutier (SoundExchange)
Productions J (SoundExchange)
Productions Jaune Inc (SoundExchange)
Productions Jean-Piere Doucet
Productions La Grange (SoundExchange)
Productions Laurence Jalbert
Productions Les Imposteurs
Productions Louis Michel (SoundExchange)
Productions Lucioles (SoundExchange)
Productions Marco Paradis
Productions Maree Haute (SoundExchange)
Productions Marie Bujold (SoundExchange)
Productions Nouvelle-France
Productions Pierre Tremblay Inc
Productions Quimorucru (SoundExchange)
Productions Serge Pare (SoundExchange)
Productions Simonsays (SoundExchange)
Productions Tribal (SoundExchange)
Productions Zazou (SoundExchange)
Professor Feelgood (PPL)
Professor Playtime (PPL)
Profil Medien (Select)
Profound Lore (SoundExchange)
Profumo (PPL)
Profuse (SoundExchange)
Progression (PPL)
Progressive (PPL)
Progressive Motion Records (PPL)
Progressive Records (SoundExchange)
Progressive Winds Music (SoundExchange)
Progrez (SoundExchange)
Projazz (SoundExchange)
Project 2020 (PPL)
Project 213 (SoundExchange)
Project 3 (SoundExchange)
Project 51 Recordings (SoundExchange)
Project Blue Book (PPL)
Project Dark Singles Club (PPL)
Project Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Project Mayhem (ind release schedule)
(Project Mayhem)
Project Mooncircle (SoundExchange)
Projector Records (PPL)
Project Art (SoundExchange)
Prolekult Records (PPL)
Prolifica (EMI)
Pro-Logic (PPL)
Prologue Records (PPL)
Promax (SoundExchange)
Prometheus Records (SoundExchange)
Promise Records (PPL)
Promo Records (SoundExchange)
Promotodo (SoundExchange)
Proof Records (PPL)
Propaganda (PPL)
Propaganda Records (PPL)
Propagandhi (Shock Entertainment)
Propane (PPL)
Proper (Fuse)
Proper (PPL)
Proper Box (PPL)
Proper Music (Baddies) (Shock
Proper Pairs (PPL)
Proper Records (PPL)
Proper Retrospective (PPL)
Proper Tools Records (SoundExchange)
Proper UK (PPL)
Proper UK Boxed Sets (SoundExchange)
Prophecy Productions (SoundExchange)
Prophet (PPL)
Prophet Speaks Publishing (SoundExchange)
Prophone (Select)
Proprius (Select)
Propulsion Records (PPL)
Prosonic Studio, LCC (SoundExchange)
Prost (SoundExchange)
Protagonist Records (SoundExchange)
Protest Recordings (PPL)
Protest Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Proto Records (PPL)
Protobeat Records (PPL)
Proton (USA) (Young Strangers)
Proton Music (SoundExchange)
Prototypz (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Proud Souls Entertainment
Providence Music (PPL)
Provident (PPL)
Provocateur Records (PPL)
Provocateur Records Ltd (PPL)
Provogue Records (SoundExchange)
Proxima (SoundExchange)
Prozakville Records (PPL)
PRPDP (Ron Kavana) (PPL)
Pryda (SoundExchange)
Pryda Recordings (PPL)
PS Classics (SoundExchange)
PS Classics (Johnny Rodgers)
PS Classics Inc. (SoundExchange)
PS Classics LLC (SoundExchange)
Psalmody Int’l Music Group inc.
Psapp (PPL)
PSI49Net (SoundExchange)
Psaume 150 (PPL)
PSClassics (SoundExchange)
Psyche (PPL)
Psychic Circle (SoundExchange)
Psychic Hits Records (SoundExchange)
Psychobaby (PPL)
Psychobilly US (SoundExchange)
Psychopathic Records (Shock
Psychotic (PPL)
Psykenthesis (SoundExchange)
Psytropic Records (SoundExchange)
Pseudosix (SoundExchange)
PT EMI Indonesia (EMI)
PT Warner Music Indonesia (Warner)
Ptah Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Public Demand Records (PPL)
Public Domain Records (Public Domain
Public Opinion (Public Opinion Pty Ltd)
Public Opinion (CC Martini, Ricki
Lee)(Shock Entertainment)
Public Property (SoundExchange)
Public Sector Recordings (PPL)
Public Symphony (PPL)
Public Symphony (SoundExchange)
Public (PPL)
Publics Voice Group Ltd (PPL)
Publidisc (EMI)
Publishing Songbook (EMI)
Puff Bunny Records (SoundExchange)
Pukka UK (PPL)
Pull the Strings (PPL)
Pull Tiger Tail_Artist (SoundExchange)
Pulsa (SoundExchange)
Pulsar (PPL)
Pulsewith Records (SoundExchange)
Pulse-8 Records (PPL)
- 134 -
Pulver (SoundExchange)
Pulverizer (SoundExchange)
Pump Audio (PPL)
Pumpfaktor Records (SoundExchange)
Puna Records (SoundExchange)
Punahele Records (SoundExchange)
Punch (PPL)
Punk Rock Baby (PPL)
Punk Drunk Recods (PPL)
Punks (PPL)
Punks (Central Station Records)
Punch Music (PPL)
Punch Music (SoundExchange)
Punkfunk Ltd (PPL)
Punslinger Records (Vann, Hank)
Pur (EMI)
Pur Paris Union (EMI)
Pure Adrenalin (PPL)
Pure Bliss (PPL)
Pure Dance (PPL)
Pure Evidence (SoundExchange)
Pure Filth (PPL)
Pure Gold (PPL)
Pure Green Symphony Recs (PPL)
Pure Groove (PPL)
Pure Mint Recordings (PPL)
Pure Mint Recording Limited (PPL)
Pure Moods (EMI)
Pure Music (EMI)
Pure Music (PPL)
Pure Music Ltd (PPL)
Pure Music SPRL (PPL)
Pure Play Records (PPL)
Pure Records (PPL)
Pure Recordings (Xelon Entertainment)
Pure Rudeness Promotions (PPL)
Pure Substance Digital (SoundExchange)
Pure Vibes Recordings (PPL)
Pure Voices (EMI)
Pure White Dove (SoundExchange)
Puremusic (SoundExchange)
Purify Records (SoundExchange)
Purge (Rigid)
Purple Bushbaby Music (PPL)
Purple City (PPL)
Purple Flower Music (Purple Flower Music
Purple Frog Records
Purple Lion Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Purple Music (SoundExchange)
Purple OM (PPL)
Purple Records (PPL)
Purple Tracks (SoundExchange)
Purplesmokehouse Music (Blue Pie
Purpose Built Records (PPL)
Purr Records (PPL)
Purrgirl Music (SoundExchange)
Purrgirl Records (SoundExchange)
Pus Productions (Pursell, Matthew Giles)
Push Productions (SoundExchange)
Push The Fader (SoundExchange)
Push 33 (PPL)
Pussycat Records (SoundExchange)
Putting God Girst Ministry
Putumayo (Select)
Puzzles Records (SoundExchange)
PWL Records (PPL)
PWOP (SoundExchange)
Pyram-Axis Music (SoundExchange)
Pyramid Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Pyramide (PPL)
Pyraplastic Records (PPL)
Pyrococcal Records (PPL)
Pyrrhic Revolutionary Records
Q And W Music (SoundExchange)
Q Division Records (Shock Entertainment)
Q Dot Productions (SoundExchange)
Q Magazine (SoundExchange)
Q Note Records (PPL)
Q Records (SoundExchange)
Q Sertorious Music (PPL)
Q-York MPC (SoundExchange)
Q Zone Ltd (PPL)
Q25 Music (SoundExchange)
Q7 Entertainment (PPL)
QBit Records (PPL)
QD Music (PPL)
Qrash Factor-E Records (SoundExchange)
Qritikal Records (PPL)
Q-Stik Records (Qstik)
Q&W Records (SoundExchange)
QN5 (SoundExchange)
Quadro Pack (PPL)
Quaesitor Music Limited (PPL)
Quake Trap (SoundExchange)
Qualieoh Records (PPL)
Quality Hill Records (SoundExchange)
Quality Records (Unidisc)
Quantum (PPL)
Quantum Beats (SoundExchange)
Quantum Music (AURA)(Aust Indi)
Quarrier Press (SoundExchange)
Quarterback Records (SoundExchange)
Quartett (SoundExchange)
Quartierfrancais/NDeeble Music (PPL)
Quartz Records (PPL)
Quasar Music (PPL)
Quatermass (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Quatermass Belgium (SoundExchange)
Qube Records (PPL)
Qudisc (PPL)
Que Pasa (SoundExchange)
Quebecixthus (SoundExchange)\
Queen of Bohemia (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Queen Street Records (PPL)
Queenbee (Warner)
Quell Records (SoundExchange)
Quench Recordings (PPL)
Que-P Records (PPL)
Que-tu Quieres (SoundExchange)
Quest (PPL)
Question Music (SLR Limited)
Question Music (specific releases only)
Quetone Music Group LLC (Blue Pie
Quick Brown Music (J. Fox Soul Pty Ltd)
Quick Fix (Saliba, Saba)
Quickfix Recordings (PPL)
Quicksilva (EMI)
Quickstar Productions (SoundExchange)
Quiet City Recordings (SoundExchange)
Quiet Fire (SoundExchange)
Quiet Fire Productions (SoundExchange)
Quiet Life Records (PPL)
Quiet Money (SoundExchange)
Queit Money Recordings (SoundExchange)
Quiet Money/Fastlife (SoundExchange)
Quiet Storm (SoundExchange)
Quiet Storm Records (SoundExchange)
Quiet Water (SoundExchange)
Quiff (PPL)
Quiff (Turnstile) (PPL)
Quilisma (PPL)
Quilomboarte (SoundExchange)
Quinlan Road (Universal)
Quintanilla Rec (SoundExchange)
Quintessence (SoundExchange)
Quintessential (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Quinton (SoundExchange)
Quisound ent. (SoundExchange)
Quiverdisc (PPL)
Quosh Records (PPL)
Quosh Records Limited Edition (PPL)
Qwest (Warner)
R and O (PPL)
R P Media Limited (PPL)
R&R Music (PPL)
R&R Music Oswald Ltd (PPL)
R&R Music Vice LLP (PPL)
R&R Music-Militant Muzik
R&R Records (SoundExchange)
R&R Records LLC (SoundExchange)
R Legacy Entertainment (SoundExchange)
R Records (PPL)
R. A. Kitchen (PPL)
R.A.F.R. (SoundExchange)
R.A.L. (Universal)
R.E.X Music (SoundExchange)
R.H.R. (PPL)
R.I.M. (PPL)
R.I.T.S. (PPL)
R. Jones (SoundExchange)
- 135 -
R.O.A.D Records (SoundExchange)
R.T.F.M. (PPL)
R.T.L.M. (PPL)
R’N B Hits (EMI)
R2 (PPL)
R2R Music (PPL)
Ra (Sony Music Ent.)
Ra Ra Records Ltd (PPL)
Rabbit Hole Records (Space Like Alice)
Rabble Rouser Music (Rachel Unthank &
The Winterset)(Shock Entertainment)
Rabid Badger (PPL)
Rabid Records (SoundExchange)
Race Day Records (SoundExchange)
Racecar (SoundExchange)
Raceway (PPL)
Rachel By The Stream (Rachel By The
Rachel Eldon (Micallef, Rachel Eldon)
Rachel Koster (Koster, Rachel)
Rachel Platten (SoundExchange)
Rachelle Productions (Rachelle Productions)
Racing Junior (SoundExchange)
Racm Records (SoundExchange)
Raconteur Records (SoundExchange)
Racy Music (SoundExchange)
Rada Neal (SoundExchange)
Radar (Warner)
Radar Love (PPL)
Radar Records (Unidisc)
Radarscope Records Ltd (Warner)
Radi Safi (Safi, Radi)
Radial Choice (PPL)
Radiant Future (PPL)
Radiant Sol (SoundExchange)
Radiate (EMI)
Radical (EMI)
Radical Cuts (PPL)
Radical Faeries Records (SoundExchange)
Radical Groov Records (EMI)
Radical Middle Music (SoundExchange)
Radio (PPL)
Radio 2XS (PPL)
Radio Candy Publishing (SoundExchange)
Radio ity (SoundExchange)
Radio Features Corp (SoundExchange)
Radio Hits (EMI)
Radio Jack (SoundExchange)
Radio Netherlands Music (SoundExchange)
Radio Vox (SoundExchange)
Radioactive (Universal)
Radiogram Records (PPL)
Radioland (SoundExchange)
Radiophone Archives (SoundExchange)
Radiosonic (EMI)
Radiounited Records (SoundExchange)
Radiowave (PPL)
Radiowave Recordings (PPL)
Radisson Productions (SoundExchange)
Rads Records (PPL)
Radthought (SoundExchange)
Raemassan Movement (SoundExchange)
Raestar (PPL)
Raf (SoundExchange)
Rafa Music, LLC (SoundExchange)
Rafa Music Ministries (SoundExchange)
Raft Records (PPL)
Rag & Bone Records (SoundExchange)
Raga (SoundExchange)
Ragamuffin Records (PPL)
Ragbull (SoundExchange)
Rage (PPL)
Rage 8 (Rage 8)
Rage Music Ltd (PPL)
Rage Records (PPL)
Ragga House (PPL)
Raggafunk (PPL)
Raggamachine (EMI)
Raggdoll (Warner)
Ragin’ Grace (SoundExchange)
Raglan Production (SoundExchange)
Ragvision (EMI)
Ragz II Richz Records (SoundExchange)
Rah Fox (SoundExchange)
Rah Muzic (SoundExchange)
Rah Rah Music (Powderworks)
Rahma Ali (PPL)
Rai Soleil (EMI)
Raifort Records (PPL)
Rain Corps Lts (SoundExchange)
Rainbow (PPL)
Rainbow Records (Hi) (SoundExchange)
Rainbow Records (PPL)
Raincoast Records (SoundExchange)
Raindog (SoundExchange)
Rainmaker Productions Ltd (Warner)
Rainpal Records (PPL)
Rainwater Recordings (SoundExchange)
Rainy Day Dimes (SoundExchange)
Rainy Day Records (PPL)
Rainy Day Women (Rainy Day Women)
Raise The Roof (PPL)
Raise Your Hands Records (EMI)
Raishein Productions inc. (SoundExchange)
Raisinhill (SoundExchange)
Raising Grass (PPL)
Raizes Do Samba (EMI)
RAJ Records (AURA)
Raj Sangeet Productions (SoundExchange)
Rajon (SoundExchange)
Rak (EMI)
Rak Records (EMI)
Rakish Tilt Music (SoundExchange)
Raku Records (SoundExchange)
Ralph Peterson (SoundExchange)
Ram Records (PPL)
Rama Amor Music (SoundExchange)
Ramada Records (Warner)
Rambler (PPL)
March 2014
Rambunctious (Blank Vault)
Ramee (SoundExchange)
Rami (SoundExchange)
Ramomar Music Publishing
Rampage (PPL)
Rampant Records (US) (SoundExchange)
Rampant Struggle Publishing
Rampat (SoundExchange)
Ranch (PPL)
Ranch Entertainent (SoundExchange)
Ranch Records (Palmer, Brad)
Rancho Deluxe (SoundExchange)
Rancho Sounds (SoundExchange)
Ranco Records (PPL)
Randall – Blair + The Wedded Bliss
(Randall – Blair + The Wedded Bliss)
Randis Music (SoundExchange)
Random Act (SoundExchange)
Random Charlie (PPL)
Random House (SoundExchange)
Random Recordings (PPL)
Random Records (Sony Music Ent.)
Random Records (SoundExchange)
Random Soul Recordings (Random Soul
Randy Coleman (SoundExchange)
Randys (PPL)
Range (PPL)
Range Life Records (SoundExchange)
Rangiputa Records Ltd (PPL)
Rank (SoundExchange)
Ranking Joe Music (PPL)
Ranking Joe Universal (PPL)
Ransom Note Footnotes (SoundExchange)
Ransome Music (PPL)
Ranwood (EMI)
Raoul (Miller, Lisa)
Rap Is Poetry (SoundExchange)
Rap Legend Recordings inc.
Rap-A-Lot Records (EMI)
Rapattitude (EMI)
Rapid (PPL)
Rapport Music (PPL)
Rapster Records (!K7 Records)
Raputation (PPL)
Rara Records (SoundExchange)
Rare (SoundExchange)
Raresong Recordings (PPL)
Ras (PPL)
Ras D Music (SoundExchange)
Ras Ishmel (SoundExchange)
Rasa (PPL)
Rasal CYF (PPL)
Rascals (SoundExchange)
Rasco (SoundExchange)
Rashpal Rani Singh (PPL)
Rashanco Music (SoundExchange)
- 136 -
Rasp (PPL)
Raspaton Recordings International (Serrano,
Rastafari Records (SoundExchange)
Rastascan Records (SoundExchange)
Raster-Noton (SoundExchange)
Rat Attack Music (SoundExchange)
Rat Pack (Warner)
Rat Records (Central Station Records)
Rathergood (PPL)
Ratocaster Music (SoundExchange)
Raucous Records (PPL)
Raumklang (SoundExchange)
Rav Thomas (Thomas, Robert)
Rave (EMI)
Rave On Records (SoundExchange)
Raven (UK)(PPL)
Raven Black Music (PPL)
Raven Hill Recordings (SoundExchange)
Raven Horse Music (SoundExchange)
Ravensong Records (SoundExchange)
Ravensquire (Hot)
Ravers Choice (PPL)
Raw Canvas Records Ltd (PPL)
Raw Defiance Records (The On Fires)
Raw Elements (PPL)
Raw Fruit (PPL)
Raw Moon Records (SoundExchange)
Raw Session (SoundExchange)
Raw Sessions Recordings (Ministry Of
Raw Venture Records & Tapes Inc
Rawkus Records (Specific Recordings
Ray (SoundExchange)
Ray Boltz Music Inc (SoundExchange)
Ray Leonard (SoundExchange)
Ray Records (PPL)
Ray-Mayd (SoundExchange)
Raydio Music Corp (SoundExchange) (PPL)
Rayman Recordings (PPL)
Raynstorm (SoundExchange)
Rayrecordings (SoundExchange)
Rayroar Recordings (Rayroar Recordings)
Rayroar Records (Rayroar Recordings)
Rayzor Records (Specific Recordings) (Blue
Pie Productions)
Rayzor Records (Rayzor Records Pty Ltd)
Razdaz Recordz (SoundExchange)
Razor and Tie (Brand New,All That
Remains,Devin The Dude,Angeligue Kidjo,
Norma Jean)(Shock Entertainment)
Razor Cuts (PPL)
Razor Sound (PPL)
Razor Sound Records (PPL)
Razor To Wrist Records (SoundExchange)
Razorblade Records (Damien Gerard Sound
Studio Pty Ltd)
Razorclam Records (SoundExchange)
Razzia (SoundExchange)
Razzia Beats (SoundExchange)
Razzia Records (SoundExchange)
Razzle Music (Hot)
RB7Records Limited (PPL)
R-Bennig (PPL)
R-Benning (PPL)
RB Entertainment (SoundExchange)
RB Recordings Ltd (PPL)
RC Records Inc (SoundExchange)
RCA + Ariola(Sony Music Ent.)
RCA Classics (Sony Music Ent.)
RCA Nashville (Sony Music Ent.)
RCA Records (Sony Music Ent.)
RCA UK (Sony Music Ent.)
RCA USA (Sony Music Ent)
RCA Victor (Sony Music Ent.)
RCA Victor/Legacy (Sony Music Ent.)
RCA Legacy (Sony Music Ent.)
RCB (Betteridge, Ian)
RCB Recordings Australia (RCB)
RCH Records (SoundExchange)
RCM (Cr2 Records)
RdG Music Emtertainment (Toco)
RDR (SoundExchange)
Re Records (PPL)
Re Works (PPL)
Re:code (PPL)
Re:connect Recordings (PPL)
Re:Think (EMI)
Re:Think (PPL)
Re4mation Records (PPL)
Reach Productions (SoundExchange)
React (PPL)
React [Studio K7] (SoundExchange)
React America (PPL)
React Music Limited (PPL)
Reactive (PPL)
Reactor Records (SoundExchange)
Re-Active Music (PPL)
Reactuive Recordings UK (PPL)
Read Write Music Limited (PPL)
Ready To Rock (Airbourne)
Real Deal (SoundExchange)
Real Emotion Records (PPL)
Real Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Real Hot Records (PPL)
Real Hot Records Limited (PPL)
Real Life Drama Records (PPL)
Real Life Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Real Life Records (PPL)
Real Lyfe Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Real MF Ltd (SoundExchange)
Real Music (PPL)
Real Playaz (PPL)
Real Rhythm (SoundExchange)
Reel Roots Record (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Real Self Records (SoundExchange)
Real South Muzic Entertainment
Real To Real Records (SoundExchange)
Real Tone (SoundExchange)
Real [email protected] (SoundExchange)
Real World (EMI)
Real World Records (EMI)
Real World Records Ltd (EMI)
Reality (PPL)
Reality Entertainment USA (Blue Pie
Really Big Shoes (SoundExchange)
Really Free Music (PPL)
Realm (SoundExchange)
Realm Records (SoundExchange)
Realmusic Recordings (SoundExchange)
Realtone Records (SoundExchange)
Realworld (EMI)
Reaper Records (SoundExchange)
Reaping Heathen Productions
Rebecca Barnard (Shock Entertainment)
Rebecca Lloyd (Lloyd, Rebecca Anne)
Rebecca Lock (PPL)
Rebeiution Music (PPL)
Rebel (PPL)
Rebel Force Music (PPL)
Rebel Monster (SoundExchange)
Rebel Music Records (PPL)
Rebel Rock (SoundExchange)
Rebel Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Rebel Yard (Ministry Of Sound)
Rebellious Jukebox Studios (PPL)
Rebellious Sounds (PPL)
Rebelscum (PPL)
Rebeltone (PPL)
Rebirth (PPL)
Rebondir Records (SoundExchange)
Reborn Records (SoundExchange)
Rebound (PPL)
ReBrAND (Armada Music)
Rebza Productions (Rebza Productions)
Rec In Pause (PPL)
Rec Room Records (SoundExchange)
Reca (PPL)
Recall (PPL)
Recall Group (SoundExchange)
Recart Music (EMI)
Recharge (PPL)
Reckless DC Music (SoundExchange)
Reckless Records (Auld, Audrey)
Recommended Records (PPL)
Recondyte Records (SoundExchange)
Reconstruction (SoundExchange)
Reconstruction Records (SoundExchange)
Record Cellar (SoundExchange)
Record Collection (Warner)
Record Guys (PPL)
Record Kicks (Fuse Music Group P/L)
- 137 -
Record Kicks (SoundExchange)
Recordbabies! (SoundExchange)
Recorded Books (SoundExchange)
Recorded In Hollywood (PPL)
Recordhead Records (SoundExchange)
Recordiau Anhrefn (PPL)
Recordiau Ar Log (PPL)
Recordiau Aran (PPL)
Recordiau Awen Records (PPL)
Recordiau BOS CYF (PPL)
Recordiau BOS Records (PPL)
Recordiau Dockrad (PPL)
Recordiau Dockrad Records (PPL)
Recordiau Gwefr (PPL)
Recordiau Gwenda (PPL)
Recordiau Joscyn Records (PPL)
Recordiau Menai (PPL)
Recordiau Naws (PPL)
Recordiau Patrin (PPL)
Recordiau Patrin Records (PPL)
Recordiau Peski Records (PPL)
Recordiau Sbensh (PPL)
Recordings Of Substance (PPL)
Records Records Records Presents (PPL)
Recorte (SoundExchange)
Recover (PPL)
Recovery Tech (SoundExchange)
Recycle (PPL)
Recycle (SoundExchange)
Recycle Or Die (PPL)
Recycled (PPL)
Red Admiral (PPL)
Red Admiral Records (PPL)
Red Balloon Music (PPL)
Red Balloon Records / Syndale Li (PPL)
Red Barn (SoundExchange)
Red Barn Studios (PPL)
Red Bird (SoundExchange)
Red Bug Records (SoundExchange)
Red Bull Records (Shock Entertainment)
Red Bullet (Red Bullet B.V.)
Red Bullet Productions (SoundExchange)
Red Cat (PPL)
Red Cat Sounds (Red Cat Sounds)
Red Chord Records (PPL)
Red Claw Recordings (PPL)
Red Clover (SoundExchange)
Red Coyote Records (SoundExchange)
Red Deer Club (PPL)
Red Diamond Label (SoundExchange)
Red Dirt (Red Dirt Media)
Red Eleven (SoundExchange)
Red Eye (PPL)
Red Eye (Universal)
Red Eye Music (PPL)
Red Eye Records (SoundExchange)
Red Flag Collective (SoundExchange)
Red Floor Records (SoundExchange)
Red Force (PPL)
Red Geeter Records (SoundExchange)
Red Girl Records Ltd (PPL)
Red Grape (PPL)
Red Ground Jamacia (PPL)
Red Guitar Records (SoundExchange)
Red Hammer Records (SoundExchange)
Red Heart Records (SoundExchange)
Red Hook Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Red Hot (PPL)
Red Hot Chachkas (SoundExchange)
Red Inc. (PPL)
Red Ink (Sony Music Ent)
Red Ink Music Group (Shock Entertainment)
Red Jezebel (Red Jezebel)
Red Kilby (SoundExchange)
Red Kite Records Ltd (PPL)
Red Label (Sony Music Ent)
Red Label Records (PPL)
Red Lightnin’ (PPL)
Red Lightnin’ Records (PPL)
Red Lion Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Red Monkey Records (PPL)
Red Music (SoundExchange)
Red Music Publishing (Red Music
Publishing Pty Ltd)
Red Note OMP (PPL)
Red Pepper (PPL)
Red Pill Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Red Planet (SoundExchange)
Red Plastic (SoundExchange)
Red Pony Records (SoundExchange)
Red Queen Music – Sound Axis
Red Rebel Music (Red Rebel Music)
Red Recordings(Red Recordings)(Aust Indi)
Red Recordings (PPL)
Red Recordings (SoundExchange)
Red Records (PPL)
Red Reverend Records (SoundExchange)
Red Rhino (PPL)
Red River Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Red Robin (PPL)
Red Rock (PPL)
Red Rocket Coal (PPL)
Red Rocket Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Red Rogue (SoundExchange)
Red Rose Recordings (PPL)
Red Ruby (PPL)
Red Sands (PPL)
Red Seal (Sony Music Ent.)
Red Series (PPL)
Red Shed Records (Nick And Liesl)
Red Shell Records (PPL)
Red Shift Records (PPL)
Red Shoe Records (SoundExchange)
Red Sky Records (PPL)
Red Spirit Records (PPL)
Red Stapler Records (SoundExchange)
Red Stream (SoundExchange)
Red Stripe (PPL)
Red Telephone Box (PPL)
March 2014
Red Tide (SoundExchange)
Red Tree Records (PPL)
Red Tug Records (SoundExchange)
Red Urban Records (SoundExchange)
Red Wagon (SoundExchange)
Red Wallet Records (SoundExchange)
Red Weather Records (PPL)
Red White Blue Music (PPL)
Red Young (SoundExchange)
Red Zone Records (SoundExchange)
Red-Haired Creeper Records
Red-Winged Blackbird Records, LLC
Reda (PPL)
Redbridge (SoundExchange)
Redbud (SoundExchange)
Redbull Records (EMI)
Redcase Records (PPL)
Redcliff Records (PPL)
Redcliffe Recordings (PPL)
Reddaplle Seed Ent (SoundExchange)
Reddy Boy Records (SoundExchange)
Redear Records (SoundExchange)
Redee Med Soud (SoundExchange)
Redefine (SoundExchange)
Redemption (PPL)
Redfish Island Music (SoundExchange)
Redgold Records (PPL)
Redhead Records (PPL)
Redheart (PPL)
Rediffusion (PPL)
Redline Music (PPL)
Redmond Nostalgia (SoundExchange)
Redrock Records (PPL)
Redscare Records (The Falcon)(Shock
Reduxion Records (PPL)
Redwood (PPL)
Redxrecords (PPL)
Reef Recordings (PPL)
Reel Audio Productions (Rendition Records)
Reel Groove Records (PPL)
Reel One (SoundExchange)
Reel People Music Limited (PPL)
Reel Soul Muzix (Blue Pie Productions)
Reel Talk (SoundExchange)
Reel II Reel (PPL)
Re-Elect The President (PPL)
References (EMI)
Reflection (Move)
Reflections (PPL)
Reflections (SoundExchange)
Reflekta Records (Reflekta Records)
Reflex Muzic Limited (PPL)
Reflex Records (EMI)
Reforem School Music (SoundExchange)
Reformed Recordings (PPL)
Regal (EMI)
Regal (Indian Releases)(PPL)
- 138 -
Regal Records (Regal Records)
Regal Zonophone (EMI)
Regal Zonophone Records (EMI)
Regata (PPL)
Rege Lark (SoundExchange)
Regen Records Ltd (PPL)
Regency (PPL)
Reggae Giant Records (PPL)
Reggae Lounge (SoundExchange)
Reggae Retro (SoundExchange)
Reggae Roast (PPL)
Reggae Vibes Productions Inc
Reggaeton Fever (EMI)
Registry Records (PPL)
Rego (PPL)
Regu Records (SoundExchange)
Regular Beat Recording Co (PPL)
Regular Records (PPL)
Rehash Recordings (PPL)
Reid And Stanners (PPL)
Reiker Records Ltd (PPL)
Rejected (SoundExchange)
Rejoice (PPL)
Rejyuvenated Classics (PPL)
Rejuvenatuion (PPL)
Rekids (PPL)
Rekrds Rekords (Liberation Music)
Relative Music (PPL)
Relay (SoundExchange)
Relax-in International (EMI)
Relaxation Soundscape (V & H Holdings)
Released Emotions Records (PPL)
Relentless (EMI)
Relentless Records (EMI)
Relight (PPL)
Reliquias (contains music from the old
Reload Records (PPL)
Reloaded Camp Records Ltd (PPL)
Reluctant Friends Of Steve (Reluctant
Friends Of Steve)
Remarkable Ideas (SoundExchange)
Remnant Ent(SoundExchange)
Remo (SoundExchange)
Remo Recordings (PPL)
Remote (PPL)
Remote Control (Remote Control)
Remote Records (PPL)
Remixmiamilive! (SoundExchange)
Renaissance (PPL)
Renaissance Entertainment
Renaissance Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Renaizzance Music Group (SoundExchange)
Renascent (SoundExchange)
Renascent UK (SoundExchange)
Rendition Entertainment (Rendition
Rendition Records (Rendition Records)
Rene Gailly (SoundExchange)
Renee Padgett (SoundExchange)
Renegade (PPL)
Renegade Hardware (PPL)
Renegade Recordings (PPL)
Renegade XL (PPL)
Renewal Music (PPL)
Renovation (SoundExchange)
Rep (SoundExchange)
Repap (PPL)
Repeat (SoundExchange)
Repeat Records (PPL)
Repertoire (PPL)
Repertoire (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Repetoire Records (PPL)
Repete After Moi (EMI)
Rephlex (PPL)
Rephrase Music (Olsen, Jamie)
Replay (PPL)
Replay Records (Toco)
Replicant (SoundExchange)
Replicant Society (PPL)
Repossession Records (PPL)
Repossession Records (SoundExchange)
Representaciones Home, SA de CV
Reppa (SoundExchange)
Representing The Chavs (PPL)
Reprise Records (Warner)
Reptile (SoundExchange)
Republic (PPL)
Republica Café (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Requiem (PPL)
Requillia Ltd (PPL)
Rer Megacorp (PPL)
Rersonate Records (SoundExchange)
Rerun (PPL)
Res Freq Recordings (SoundExchange)
Rescue Records (Glen Foster Group)
Reserve Records (SoundExchange)
Reservoir Records (EMI)
Reservotion Records (EMI)
Reset Records (Ministry Of Sound)
Resin Moon (Crowe, David)
Resin Records Ltd (PPL)
Resist (Australia) (Cooking Vinyl)
Resist Music (PPL)
Resist Records (SoundExchange)
Resistencia (PPL)
Resmiranda (SoundExchange)
Resonanz Recordings (Xelon Entertainment)
Resonator Records (PPL)
Resound (Warner)
Respec’ Records (PPL)
Response (SoundExchange)
Response Records (SoundExchange)
Restless Neatives Records (PPL)
Restless Records (PPL)
Restless Soul Music (PPL)
March 2014
Resurgence (PPL)
Resurgent Music (SoundExchange)
Resurrection A.D. (SoundExchange)
Retard Disco (SoundExchange)
Rethink (EMI)
Retic (SoundExchange)
Retina Records (PPL)
Retinal Scan (PPL)
Retone Records (SoundExchange)
Retrieval Recordings (PPL)
Retro (PPL)
Retro Elektro Records (SoundExchange)
Retro Fresh (PPL)
Retro World (PPL)
Retro-Rock (SoundExchange)
Retrofit (SoundExchange)
Retrofit Records (SoundExchange)
Retroafric (PPL)
Retrograde (Hot)
Retrospek (SoundExchange)
Retrowrek (PPL)
Retrowrek Records (PPL)
Reuben Records (SoundExchange)
Reunion (UK)(PPL)
Rev Records (SoundExchange)
Rev Up Records (SoundExchange)
Revco Records (PPL)
Reve Records (SoundExchange)
Reveal (SoundExchange)
Reveal Records (SoundExchange)
REVEALmusix Ltd (REVEALmusix Ltd)
Revel Yell (SoundExchange)
Revelation (PPL)
Revelation Records (PPL)
Revelation Kollective (PPL)
Revelation X (SoundExchange)
Revenant (USA)(Fuse)
Revenant Records (SoundExchange)
Revenge (PPL)
Reverb (SoundExchange)
Reverb Records (PPL)
Reverie Records (SoundExchange)
Reverie Sound Revue (SoundExchange)
Reves (EMI)
Revival Generation (EMI)
Revive Records (PPL)
Revivendo (SoundExchange)
Rev-Ola Records (PPL)
Revola (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Revolter (PPL)
Revolution Records (Warner)
Revolution Road (SoundExchange)
Revolutionary Generation (PPL)
Revolutionary Sounds (SoundExchange)
Revolve (Revolve Pty Ltd)
Revolver (PPL)
Revolver FM (PPL)
Revolver IMD (PPL)
Revolver Jazz (PPL)
Revolver Music (PPL)
- 139 -
Revolutions (PPL)
Revue (PPL)
Revue Music (PPL)
Rex (UK)(PPL)
Rex Dallas (Dallas, Rex)
Rex Morgan Records (Rex Morgan Records)
Rex Recordings (SoundExchange)
Rex Spence (PPL)
Rexx Records (SoundExchange)
Rey Of Hope Records (SoundExchange)
Reyach Records (PPL)
Rezolute (EMI)
Rezmainian Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Rezonance Research Lab 2000 (PPL)
Rezzalp (Rezzalp)
Rezzonator Records (PPL)
RF (SoundExchange)
RFC (Warner)
RFC Records (SoundExchange)
RFI Music (SoundExchange)
RG Music (SoundExchange)
RGM Indie Record Label (SoundExchange)
RH Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Rham Records (PPL)
Rham! (PPL)
Rhapsody (PPL)
Rheostat Records (PPL)
Rhiannon Records (PPL)
Rhington (EMI)
Rhino Entertainment (Warner)
Rhino Handmade (Warner)
Rhino Home Video (Warner)
Rhino Music Video (Warner)
Rhino Records (Warner)
Rhino Transport (Warner)
Rhinosaur Records (SoundExchange)
Rhombic Records (SoundExchange)
Rhondda Street Studio Recordings (PPL)
RHP (SoundExchange)
Rhubarb Music (Toupee)
Rhubarb Records (SoundExchange)
Rhyder Music (SoundExchange)
Rhyme N’ Reason Records (PPL)
Rhymesayers (Shock Entertainment)
Rhythm & Groove Records
Rhythm & Roots Records (SoundExchange)
Rhythm and Muse Records (PPL)
Rhythm Bomb Records (SoundExchange)
Rhythm Club Records (SoundExchange)
Rhythm House (SoundExchange)
Rhythm House Records (SoundExchange)
Rhythm King Records (PPL)
Rhythm Lab (SoundExchange)
Rhythm Muse Records (SoundExchange)
Rhythm Riders Ltd (PPL)
Rhythm Safari (Universal)
Rhythm Section Records (PPL)
Rhythm Shop Records (PPL)
Rhythm World (SoundExchange)
Rhythm’N Kids, LLC (SoundExchange)
Rhythmbank Entertainment
Rhythmbeat (PPL)
Rhythmic Records (SoundExchange)
Rhythmscape Publishing (Rhythmscape
Rhythmworks (SoundExchange)
Rialto UK (SoundExchange)
Ribbit Records (SoundExchange)
Ribbon Records (SoundExchange)
Ribbon Road Music (PPL)
Ric Soens (SoundExchange)
Rice N’ Gravy Records (SoundExchange)
Rice Is Nice (Inertia)
Rice Pudding (PPL)
Ricecar (PPL)
Ricercar (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Rich Mind Records (SoundExchange)
Rich Mr Sax Ltd (PPL)
Rich River Records (Millington, Colin)
Richard Dingwall (SoundExchange)
Richard Jones (PPL)
Richcraft (SoundExchange)
Richcraft Records (Warner)
Richdee Records (PPL)
Richie & Paul (PPL)
Richmond (PPL)
Richmond Records (PPL)
Richter Records (SoundExchange)
Rick Hendrix (SoundExchange)
Rickshaw (SoundExchange)
Ricordi (PPL)
Riddim Killa Ltd (PPL)
Riddla Don Records (PPL)
Ride (PPL)
Ride A Wave Productions (Ride A Wave
Ride the Tiger (SoundExchange)
Riders Records (SoundExchange)
Ridetothebeach Productions (PPL)
Ridge Records (PPL)
Ridin’ High Records (Ridin’ High Records)
Riding High Records (PPL)
Rif (SoundExchange)
Rife Records (PPL)
Riff Raff Jazz (Riff Raff Jazz)
Riff Raff Records (PPL)
Rifles Regimental Trust (PPL)
Rig Records (PPL)
Rigamortis Records (PPL)
Right (PPL)
Right Arm Rekords (SoundExchange)
Right Coast Records (SoundExchange)
Right Cross Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Right on Records (Right On Records)
Right Price (PPL)
March 2014
Right Recordings (PPL)
Right Track Records (PPL)
Right Turn Records (SoundExchange)
Right Way Music (SoundExchange)
Righteous Babe (Ani Difranco)(Regency
Media) (Shock Entertainment)
Righteous Cornder (PPL)
Righteous Riddims Records
Righteous Swagger Entertainment LLC
Rightway Music Group (SoundExchange)
Rigid (Rigid)
Rigid Digits (PPL)
Riker Hill Records (SoundExchange)
Riley Pearce (Pearce, Riley Barry)
Rillington Players (PPL)
Ring (EMI)
Ring Records (SoundExchange)
Ring Production (SoundExchange)
Ringpull Records (PPL)
Ringsend Road Records (PPL)
Rinse (PPL)
Rinse FM (SoundExchange)
Rinsin-AE Records (PPL)
Rio Records (PPL)
Riot City (PPL)
Riot Club Music (PPL)
Riot on Records (SoundExchange)
Riot Squad (PPL)
Riot! Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Riot! Recordings (SoundExchange)
RIP Digital (PPL)
Rip Ltd (PPL)
Rip Off (PPL)
Rip Records Limited (SoundExchange)
Rip Tide Records (SoundExchange)
Ripe And Ready (SoundExchange)
Ripe Music (PPL)
Ripe Recordings (PPL)
Ripley Records (SoundExchange)
Ripper Records (PPL)
Rise Above Records (PPL)
Rise Above Relics (PPL)
Rise Above Religion (SoundExchange)
Ris and Shine Entertanment
Rise Records (Regency Media) (Shock Ent)
Risen Records (PPL)
Risin (PPL)
Rising Force Entertainment (PPL)
Rising High (SoundExchange)
Rising Records Ltd (PPL)
Rising Siren Records (SoundExchange)
Rising Starts (Warner)
Risk (SoundExchange)
Risk Records (SoundExchange)
Rita Schneider (Musigal)
Rituals Records (PPL)
Ritz Music (PPL)
- 140 -
Rivage (SoundExchange)
Rivalry Records (SoundExchange)
River City Records (PPL)
River Flame Records (PPL)
River Rat Records (PPL)
River Records (PPL)
River Records UK (SoundExchange)
River Valley Records (PPL)
River9ja Overseas Ent! (SoundExchange)
Riverboat Records (SoundExchange)
Riverdale Records (SoundExchange)
Riverhorse Records Ltd (PPL)
Riverman Music Ltd (PPL)
Riverphlo Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Riverrun Records (PPL)
Rivers (PPL)
Rivers Edge (SoundExchange)
Rivers of Mars Records (SoundExchange)
Riversdale (PPL)
Riverside (PPL)
Riversongz Music (PPL)
Riverstone Records (SoundExchange)
Riverview Media Inc (Riverview Media Inc)
Riverwalk Records (SoundExchange)
Riverwide Music (SoundExchange)
Rivet Records (PPL)
Rivie’Re Inernational (SoundExchange)
Riviera (PPL)
Riviera Rhythm (PPL)
Rivo Alto (PPL)
RK Records (SoundExchange)
RKM Music (SoundExchange)
Rko (PPL)
Rko Unique (PPL)
RL-2 (PPL)
RLG/Legacy (Sony Music Ent)
RLK Music (SoundExchange)
RLR Records (Fuse Music Group P/L)
RM2009 (PPL)
RMB Records (PPL)
RMC Music (PPL)
RMD Recording (PPL)
RME (SoundExchange)
RMK Music (PPL)
RMR Records (SoundExchange)
RNB Xclusive (SoundExchange)
RO Records (SoundExchange)
Road (SoundExchange)
Road Dog Productions (SoundExchange)
Road Goes On Forever UK
Road Narrows Records (SoundExchange)
Road Records (PPL)
Road Warrior Entertainment (PPL)
Roadhouse Records (PPL)
Roadkill Records (PPL)
Roadmap Records (SoundExchange)
Roadrunner Records Australia (Warner
Roadrunner Records BV (Warner Music)
Roadrunner Records Inc (Warner Music)
Roadshow Music (Roadshow)
Roadsound RPM (PPL)
Roadsweeper Records (PPL)
Roadtrain Records (PPL)
Roaming Lion Music (PPL)
Roaring Colonel Records (SoundExchange)
Roaring Lion (SoundExchange)
Roaring Twenties Records (SoundExchange)
Roasting House (PPL)
Rob Lederman (SoundExchange)
Rob Longstaff (Longstaff, Rob)
Rob Wilson (Wilson, Rob)
Robert Alexender (North Carolina)
Robert C Kelly Presents (PPL)
Robert Fabian (Fabian, Robert)
Robert Galea (Willow Publishing)
Robert James (James, Robert)
Robert Logan Reynolds (Bob Log III)
(Shock Entertainment)
Robert Snarski (Snarski Music)
Roberto Cassani (PPL)
Robin Hood Records (PPL)
Robin Records (PPL)
Robin Scott (PPL)
Robin Thodey (PPL)
Robo Tourism (PPL)
Robodisco (PPL)
Robot Records (PPL)
Robot 123 (SoundExchange)
Robotsoul (Robotsoul)
Robso (SoundExchange)
Roc Diamond Records (SoundExchange)
Roc It Records (SoundExchange)
Roc-Ya-Soul Music Group inc.
Rocbox Music Group (SoundExchange)
Roccaz Records (SoundExchange)
Roche Music (Rivers, Ronni Rae)
Roche Records (Rivers, Ronni Rae)
Rochones (PPL)
Rock Action (PPL)
Rock Candy (SoundExchange)
Rock Candy Records (PPL)
Rock Division (PPL)
Rock Dog Record (SoundExchange)
Rock En Stock (EMI)
Rock Hallelujah (PPL)
Rock Monsters (EMI)
Rock N Roll Jesus (SoundExchange)
Rock N Roll With It Records
Rock Salt Songwriters (SoundExchange)
Rock Shock It (SoundExchange)
Rock Spider Records (The Sign)
Rock Sugar (Universal)
Rock The Houze (Ministry Of Sound)
March 2014
Rock The World (Warner)
Rock-Is-Dead Records (SoundExchange)
Rock-It Science Records (SoundExchange)
Rock-O-Rama (SoundExchange)
Rocka Latina (PPL)
Rocka Music (SoundExchange)
Rocka Records (PPL)
Rocka Spirit (PPL)
Rockabilly (Pinewood Records)
Rockduster Records (SoundExchange)
Rocker (PPL)
Rockers (PPL)
Rockers Forever (SoundExchange)
Rockers International (PPL)
Rocketeers (SoundExchange)
Rocketstar Recordings (SoundExchange) (Blue Pie Productions)
Rockmar Records (PPL)
Rockerway Records Ltd (PPL)
Rocket Fuelled Records Limited (PPL)
Rocket Girl (PPL)
Rocket Records (Universal)
Rocket Science (Rocket Science Ventures)
Rocket Town Records (PPL)
Rocketown (PPL)
Rockets & Ponies (PPL)
RocketshipCoin Collection
Rockhead (EMI)
Rockhead/EMI (EMI)
Rockhead Records (SoundExchange)
Rockin Camel Music (SoundExchange)
Rockin Truckin Records (SoundExchange)
Rockin’ Grandma Music (SoundExchange)
Rockin’ Heart Records (SoundExchange)
Rockin’ River (SoundExchange)
Rocking Chair Productions (Specific
Recordings Only)(Inertia)
Rockingham Records (SoundExchange)
Rockinternational (SoundExchange)
Rockmam Records (SoundExchange)
Rockmountain Records (PPL)
Rocko (PPL)
Rockola Music (Rockola Music)
Rocksector Records (PPL)
Rocksector Records Ltd (PPL)
Rockstar (Rigid)
Rockstone Music (SoundExchange)
RockSugar Music (RockSugar Music)
Rockwell (PPL)
Rockwildas (PPL)
Rockwoman Music (SoundExchange)
Rockview Records (SoundExchange)
Rockville (SoundExchange)
Rocky Jackson (SoundExchange)
Roco Records (SoundExchange)
Rocsoulfully Records (SoundExchange)
Rocstar Recodings (PPL)
Rodeapple Music (SoundExchange)
Rodeio Collection (EMI)
- 141 -
Rodeo Downunder (Rodeo Downunder)
Rodney Crowell (Sex & Gasoline)(Shock
Rodney Dowsett (Dowsett, Rodney)
Rofftop (PPL)
Roger Bacon (SoundExchange)
Roger Boyce Worldwide Music (PPL)
Rogopag Music (SoundExchange)
Rogue Records (Inertia)
Rogue UK (PPL)
Rohi Records (SoundExchange)
Roho Records (SoundExchange)
Roi Ponpon (SoundExchange)
Roir (Hot)
Rojon Records (PPL)
Rok Entertainment (PPL)
Roc Nation (Onehill B.V)
Rokk Bottom Music Limted (PPL)
Roko Records (PPL)
Roll-A-Glyde (EMI)
Rolle (SoundExchange)
Roller Productions (PPL)
Rollercoasta Records (PPL)
Rollercoaster (PPL)
Rolling Stones (EMI)
Rolling Storm Communications
Rollosound (SoundExchange)
Roma II Limited (PPL)
Roma2 (PPL)
Romalpa Records (PPL)
Romance (PPL)
Romanfall Records (SoundExchange)
Romany Records (PPL)
Rome 2 Seville (PPL)
Romophone (PPL)
Romper Records Apefight (SoundExchange)
Ron Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Ron Geesin (PPL)
Ron Roper Records (SoundExchange)
Ron Winter (PPL)
Ronboy Rhymes (SoundExchange)
Ronco (PPL)
Ronco Gold (PPL)
Ronco Silver (PPL)
Rondelet (PPL)
Rondercrest (PPL)
Ronimrojam Records (SoundExchange)
Ronin Records (PPL)
Ronn (PPL)
Ronni Rae Rivers (Rivers, Ronni Rae)
Ronnie Harris (PPL)
Ronnie Scotts Jazz House (PPL)
rooArt (Sony Music Ent.)
Roof Music (EMI)
Roof Music (Ger)(Hot)
Roof Rock Records (SoundExchange)
Roofbeam Records (SoundExchange)
Rooftop Revolutionaries (SoundExchange)
Room 2 Music (PPL)
Room10 Records (PPL)
Room In The Sky (PPL)
Rommate (SoundExchange)
Roosevelt Records Coproration
Root Blues Reborn Records
Root Doctor (SoundExchange)
Root House Records (SoundExchange)
Root Jazz (PPL)
Root Records (SoundExchange)
Root! The Band (Root!)(Shock
Rootdown Music (PPL)
Rootdown Records (PPL)
Rootical Dubber (PPL)
Rootical Dubber Love Divinity (PPL)
Rootical Dubber Present (PPL)
Roots (PPL)
Roots Blues Reborn (SoundExchange)
Roots International (PPL)
Roots Level (Roots Level Pty Ltd)
Roots Manuva (Shock Entertainment)
Roots Music (SoundExchange)
Roots Reality Music (SoundExchange)
Roots Records (PPL)
Roots Tradition Records (PPL)
Rootsey Records (SoundExchange)
Rootsjamz (SoundExchange)
Rootz (Ministry Of Sound)
Rosa Records (PPL)
Rosalia Catalano (Catalano, Rosalia)
Rosaline Yuen (Yuen, Rosaline)
Rosanegra (EMI)
Rosanna (PPL)
Rose Carleo (Carleo-Smith, Rose-Marie)
Rose Records (PPL)
Rose Wintergreen (Wintergreen-Arthur,
Rosebud Records (SoundExchange)
Rosehip Records (EMI)
Roseland (PPL)
Roseleaf Records (SoundExchange)
Roseman (PPL)
Rosemary Joseph Records (SoundExchange)
Rosey Chan (PPL)
Roslin Records (PPL)
Ross (SoundExchange)
Ross Records (PPL)
Ross Records (SoundExchange)
Ross Symons (PPL)
Ross Unger (Unger, Ross)
Rostral Records (PPL)
Roswell Records (EMI)
Roswell Records (Foo Fighters)(Onehill
Rot Records (PPL)
Rot ‘N’ Roll Army Records
March 2014
Rotana Rcords (EMI)
Rotate Records (PPL)
Rotating Leslie (PPL)
Rotation Records (Aust.) Pty Ltd (Horsburgh
Enterprises Pty Ltd)
Rotator (PPL)
Rotary-Head Records (PPL)
Rotavators (PPL)
Roth Music Group (SoundExchange)
Rotodisc (PPL)
Rotten Cheri (SoundExchange)
Rotterdam Classics (SoundExchange)
Rotterdam Records (SoundExchange)
Rotterdam Tekno (SoundExchange)
Rotters Golf Club (PPL)
Rotting Corpse Records (SoundExchange)
Rottun Recordings (SoundExchange)
Rotz Recordings (SoundExchange)
Rouge Et Noir (EMI)
Rouge Records (SoundExchange)
Rough (SoundExchange)
Rough Diamond (PPL)
Rough Guide (SoundExchange)
Rough Town (SoundExchange)
Rough Trade (Remote Control)
Roughmix (PPL)
Roughneck Recording Company (PPL)
Roughstock Records (SoundExchange)
Roulette (EMI)
Roulette / TK (Warner)
Round (SoundExchange)
Round Whirled Records (SoundExchange)
Rounder Records (Universal)
Roundhill (PPL)
Roundhouse Records (PPL)
Roundstone Records (PPL)
Rouseabout Records (Undercover)
Rouska Records (PPL)
Roustabout Records (SoundExchange)
Route 66 (PPL)
Rouza Records Kft (Warner)
Row North Music (SoundExchange)
Rowan Leaf Records (PPL)
Rowan Tree Records (PPL)
Rowe Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Roxette/Capitol (EMI)
Roxette/EMI (EMI)
Roxxor (PPL)
Roxy5000 (PPL)
Roy Francis Productions (PPL)
Roy Music (Make The Girl Dance
Recordings) (Shock Entertainment)
Royal Jelly Records (PPL)
Royal Mountain (SoundExchange)
Royal Mountain Records (SoundExchange)
Royal Music (PPL)
Royal Palm Recordings (PPL)
Royce Do Cavaco (EMI)
Royola Records (SoundExchange)
Rozel Records (PPL)
- 142 -
RPG Global Music Ltd (EMI)
RPL Recordings (PPL)
Rplaza (SoundExchange)
RPM (Fuse Music Group P/L)
RPM Records (PPL)
RPM Thunderbird (PPL)
RPO Records (PPL)
RPS Fam & Amp; Grand Hustle
RR (SoundExchange)
RR Recordings (Ministry Of Sound)
RRR (Millington, Colin)
RRRainbow Records (SoundExchange)
RSB Music (PPL)
RSP 2003 (Rob Severini Productions)
RSR Records (PPL)
RSR Tech (PPL)
R-Str Records (PPL)
RTI Music (SoundExchange)
RTV Records UK (PPL)
RTVE Musica (SoundExchange)
Ru-jac (PPL)
Rub Out Records (PPL)
Rubber (UK)(PPL)
Rubber Box Records (SoundExchange)
Rubber Cszech Records (PPL)
Rubber Dog (SoundExchange)
Rubber Records (Rubber)
Rubble (PPL)
Rubble Music (PPL)
Rubble Records (PPL)
Rubenesque Records Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Ruber Records (PPL)
Rubicon (SoundExchange)
Rubicon Records Ltd (PPL)
Rubik Records (PPL)
Rubric Records (SoundExchange)
Ruby Coast Records (SoundExchange)
Ruby Red Productions, LLC (Butch
Walker)(Shock Entertainment)
Rubylux (PPL)
Rubyred Records Limited (PPL)
Rubyworks (Mary Coughlan, Rodrigo Y
Gabriela,Fight Like Apes)(Shock
Rubyworks (PPL)
Rud3 Music Recordings (SoundExchange)
Rude Boy Records (SoundExchange)
Rude Groove (PPL)
Rude Records (PPL)
Rude Records (RudeNetworks Snc)
Rudegal (SoundExchange)
Rudely Interrupted (Rudely Interrupted)
Rudeye Ltd (PPL)
Rudolf Music (SoundExchange)
Rue Des Chansons (EMI)
Ruf Records (Rights Retriever BV)
Ruff Justice Records (PPL)
Ruff on Wax (PPL)
Ruff Stuff Records (SoundExchange)
Ruff Trax (PPL)
Ruffa Lane Records (SoundExchange)
Ruffa Lane Records Ltd (PPL)
Ruffdogg Entertainment LLC
Ruffhouse/Columbia (Sony Music Ent)
Rufflefeather (Rufflefeather)
Ruffnation (Warner)
Ruffworld (SoundExchange)
Rufus (Universal)
Rufus Records (Rufus)
Rugged – Style Records (PPL)
Rugged Ram Records (PPL)
Rugged Scientist Productions (PPL)
Ruglen Record Company (PPL)
Ru-jack (PPL)
Ruin (Latin) (SoundExchange)
Ruka Records (SoundExchange)
Rukkus Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Rulin (PPL)
Rum-Notic Music Publishing
Rumba Records (PPL)
Rumbajux (PPL)
Rumble Records (PPL)
Rumble Rock Recordz LLC
Rumor (PPL)
Rumor Records Ltd (PPL)
Run De Track (PPL)
Run Records (PPL)
Run The Gamut Records (SoundExchange)
Run To Damascus (I Forget, Sorry!)
Run Wild (SoundExchange)
Runaway Pony Music (SoundExchange)
Runaway Pony Rercords (SoundExchange)
Runway Music (SoundExchange)
Runaway Records (SoundExchange)
Rune Arkiv Norway (SoundExchange)
Rune Grammofon (SoundExchange)
Runhouse Records (PPL)
Runnin (PPL)
Running Dog (SoundExchange)
Running Man Records (PPL)
Running Nose Records (PPL)
Runt (Hot)
Runway Network (SoundExchange)
Rural Records (SoundExchange)
Rush’n Rulet Entertainment
Rush Hour (Ambition Entertainment)
Rush Hour Ent (SoundExchange)
Rushmore Recordings (PPL)
March 2014
Rushmore Records (Self Against
City)(Shock Entertainment)
Russ Aimz (Buckley, Russell)
Russ Rosen (SoundExchange)
Russ Taff (TAF)(EMI)
Russell Harris Entertainment (Russell Harris
Russellmade Music (SoundExchange)
Russian Season (PPL)
Rust Belt Recordings (SoundExchange)
Rustproof (SoundExchange)
RustyJukeboxRecords (PPL)
Ruta 5 (EMI)
Ruthless Records (Dolphins of Baghdad –
Floyd Vincent Only)(Rufus)
Rutland Records (PPL)
Ruzik Records (SoundExchange)
RV International (SoundExchange)
RV Records (PPL)
RVM Productions (SoundExchange)
Ryan Leech (PPL)
Ryan Mcdermott (SoundExchange)
Ryan Michaels (SoundExchange)
Ryan Tilby (SoundExchange)
Ryan Toohey (Toohey, Ryan)
Ryjo Records (Ryjo Records)
Rykodisc (PPL)
Rykodisc Inc. (Warner)
Rymshot Productions (SoundExchange)
Ryn (SoundExchange)
Ryuken Records (PPL)
S & J Sound (PPL)
S & M Records Ltd (PPL)
S & P Records (SoundExchange)
S & R (PPL)
S and Suite Supesto (EMI)
S Jazz (EMI)
S O S A Recordings (PPL)
S O S L Recordings (PPL)
S P Music Ltd (PPL)
S Records (Sony Music Ent)
S&B Productions (PPL)
S&J Sound (PPL)
S.H.A.D.O. (SoundExchange)
S.I. Projects (PPL)
S.I.C. Records (SoundExchange)
S.M.I. Records (Unidisc)
S.O. Purple Records (PPL)
S.O. Records (PPL)
S.O.P. Records (PPL)
S.O.S. Records (Unidisc)
S.O.U.N.D. (Recordings) Ltd (PPL)
S.P.G. Records (Unidisc)
S.S.C. Music (PPL)
S12 (PPL)
S2/Epic (Sony Music Ent)
S2S Recordings (PPL)
S3 (Sony Music Ent.)
S3 (PPL)
- 143 -
S4G Records (PPL)
S4J Ent (SoundExchange)
S56 Recoridings (SoundExchange)
Sa Re Sa Ma (SoundExchange)
Saavn (SoundExchange)
Saba Saliba (Saliba, Saba)
Saber (PPL)
Sabia (EMI)
Sabor Records (SoundExchange)
Sabr Records (SoundExchange)
Sabrosura Records (SoundExchange)
Sacrd Bones (SoundExchange)
Sacred Bird Music (SoundExchange)
Sacred Circle (SoundExchange)
Sacred Mountain Records (SoundExchange)
Sacred Music Services Greenville SC
Sache Recordings (PPL)
Sackville Records (PPL)
Sacred Heart Recordings (PPL)
Saddle Creek Europe Ltd (PPL)
Sadler Dale Records (PPL)
Sadza Records (PPL)
Saf Records (SoundExchange)
Safam (SoundExchange)
Safari (PPL)
Safari In Classics Records (PPL)
Safari Music (Safari Music Pty Ltd)
Safe & Sound (Xelon Entertainment)
Safe Music (UK)(PPL)
Safety In Numbers (PPL)
SAFMUSIC (Farquhar, Stephen)
Saga (PPL)
Sage Arts (SoundExchange)
Sage Journey Music (SoundExchange)
Sagitaire (PPL)
Sahara Music (Sahara Music)
Sahib Music Ltd (PPL)
Sain (PPL)
Saint Jude Records (PPL)
Saint of the Echo (SoundExchange)
Saints In Praise (EMI)
Sajja Records (PPL)
Sakay (PPL)
Sakissa Production Music (SoundExchange)
Sakura Star Records (EMI)
Sal Kimber And The Rollin Wheel (Sal
Kimber And The Rollin Wheel)
Salacious Records (PPL)
Saladay Records (SoundExchange)
Salford Central Records (PPL)
Sali Records (PPL)
Sall Entertainment Group (Shock
Sally Street (Street, Sally)
Salsoul (Altra Moda B.V.)
Salt Music (SoundExchange)
Salt Records (Palomarr Pty Ltd)
Salt X Records (Universal)
Salty Bayou Music (SoundExchange)
Saludos Amigos (SoundExchange)
Salvage Records (SoundExchange)
Salvation Road Records (SoundExchange)
Salvavision (SoundExchange)
Salvo (PPL)
Sam and Me (PPL)
Sam Buckingham (Buckingham, Sam)
Sam Crawford (SoundExchange)
Sam Crockatt (PPL)
Sam Millar (PPL)
Sam Productions (PPL)
Sam Records (PPL)
Sam Sharpe Music Workshop (PPL)
Sam The Pug (SoundExchange)
Samadhisound (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Samadhisound (SoundExchange)
Samantha Cauliflower (Cauliflower,
Samantha Records (PPL)
Samassa Records (SoundExchange)
Samba Moon Records (SoundExchange)
Sambaloco Records (SoundExchange)
Sameach Music (SoundExchange)
Sameplate LLC (SoundExchange)
Sammy (PPL)
Sammy J (Sammy J)
Samples ‘n’ Seconds (Samples ‘n’ Seconds)
Samplifier Music (Samplifier Music)
Samson (SoundExchange)
Samurai Songs Records Kft (Warner)
Samyphone (EMI)
San Dumo (SoundExchange)
San Francisco Musicworks
San Francisco Sound (SoundExchange)
San Juan Habana Records (SoundExchange)
San Remo (PPL)
San Remo (SoundExchange)
San Tropea Prouctions, inc.
Sanctuary Classics (PPL)
Sand Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Sand Records Ltd (PPL)
Sandcastle Music (Sandcastle Music)
Sandi Russell Music (SoundExchange)
Sandi Thom (SoundExchange)
Sandosa Entertainment (PPL)
Sandpeople Music (SoundExchange)
Sandpile Records (SoundExchange)
Sandport (PPL)
Sandra Alland (PPL)
Sandra Maiorana (Maiorana, Sandra)
Sandstorm Records (PPL)
Sandunga Music (SoundExchange)
Sangeetha (PPL)
Sangha Records (SoundExchange)
Santa Fe Records (PPL)
Santa Records (SoundExchange)
Santorin Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Saosin Partnership (Saosin) (Shock
Saphaia Productions (SoundExchange)
Sapien Records (PPL)
Sar (PPL)
Sarabande Records Ltd (PPL)
S’ard Music (PPL)
Sarah Hopkins (Hopkins, Sarah)
Sarah McLeod (McLeod, Sarah)
Sarah Records (PPL)
Sarastro Records (PPL)
Saraswati (PPL)
Saratoga Entertainment (PPL)
Saregama (PPL)
Sargam Music (PPL)
Sargasso (PPL)
Sargent Records (PPL)
Sa’shade (SoundExchange)
Sari Marais Ltd (Records)(PPL)
Sars (The Saruzu Quartet)
Sartorial (PPL)
Sarx Records (SoundExchange)
Sasha Records (SoundExchange)
Saskris (PPL)
Saskwatch (Saskwatch)
Sasso (SoundExchange)
Satelite (PPL)
Satellite (PPL)
Satellite Music & Media (PPL)
Satellite K (Hot)
Satellite Stories (SoundExchange)
Satellite Symphonics (SoundExchange)
Satellites (SoundExchange)
Satis Records (PPL)
Satori (SoundExchange)
Satoru Yamaguchi (Yamaguchi, Satoru)
Satril (PPL)
Satril-Hot-Pick (PPL)
Saturate (PPL)
Saturn Return Records (PPL)
Saturn Return Records (Specific
Saucepan Bach (Saucepan Bach)
Saucer (PPL)
Saucer Recordings (SoundExchange)
Saucetone (PPL)
Saungu (SoundExchange)
Suangu Records (SoundExchange)
Savage Beat! Records (Shock
Savage Trax (PPL)
Savana Records (SoundExchange)
Save (SoundExchange)
Save The City Records (SoundExchange
Save The Jazz (SoundExchange)
Savera Investments Ltd (PPL)
Savera Music Limited (PPL)
Saving Grace Music (PPL)
Savoir Faire (PPL)
Savoy Jazzmen Records (PPL)
- 144 -
Savoy Label Group / 429 Recordings (Dr
John, Joan Armatrading, Little Feat)(Shock
Savoy Label Group (Universal)
Savoy Records (PPL)
Savvas Paphiti (PPL)
Savvas S Paphiti (PPL)
Saw Records (PPL)
Sawbones Rock (PPL)
Sawdust Alley (PPL)
Sawmill Records (EMI)
Sawng MFG. Records (SoundExchange)
Saxon Records (PPL)
Saxophonic Music (SoundExchange)
Saxophonograph (PPL)
Say Dirty Records (PPL)
Say Do Now (Say Do Now)
Say It Again Records (SoundExchange)
Say It Records (SoundExchange)
Say Music (SoundExchange)
Say Wat Records (Say Wat Records)
Say When Music (SoundExchange)
Saydisc (PPL)
SB Records (Cr2 Records)
SBA Records (EMI)
SBE Classics (SoundExchange)
SBE Records (SoundExchange)
SBK/EMI Records (EMI)
Sbectol Dywyll (PPL)
Sbenh (PPL)
SBH (SoundExchange)
Sbrigin Ymborth (PPL)
SBK Records (EMI)
Scabbydisc Music (SoundExchange)
Scala (EMI)
Scaly Aliens (PPL)
Scamp (EMI)
Scana (PPL)
Scantraxx (SoundExchange)
Scantraxx Evolutionz (SoundExchange)
Scantraxx Italy (SoundExchange)
Scantraxx Reloaded (SoundExchange)
Scantraxx Silver (SoundExchange)
Scantraxx Special (SoundExchange)
Scantraxx XXL(SoundExchange)
Scape Germany (SoundExchange)
Scarboro (Scarboro)
Scar’d (SoundExchange)
Scarab (SoundExchange)
Scarborough Classics (SoundExchange)
Scarface (EMI)
Scatalogic Records (SoundExchange)
Scanners (PPL)
Scarlet Air (PPL)
Scarlet Letter Records (PPL)
Scarlet Records (PPL)
Scarlett O’Hara (SoundExchange)
Scarlett Records (PPL)
Scenario Records (SoundExchange)
Scenefreak Records (PPL)
Scenescof (PPL)
Sceptic & Dseeva – Hip Hop Psyrosis (Sub
Conscious Records)
Schaupp, Karin (Karin Schaupp)
Schema Records (PPL)
Scherdew Music Limited (PPL)
Schiedermair (PPL)
Schizofreniks Records (PPL)
Schizophonic (SoundExchange)
Schlagerkrone (EMI)
Schmusicmusic (PPL)
Schnitzel Records (PPL)
School Boy Error (Universal)
School Kids’ (SoundExchange)
Schoolboy Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Schoolhouse (PPL)
Schwab (PPL)
Schwab Music (PPL)
Schwatmark Records (The Mudcakes)
Sci (PPL)
Science (EMI)
Science et Melodie ($olal) (Shock
Science For Girls (SoundExchange)
Science Records (SoundExchange)
Scienz of Life (SoundExchange)
Scion Records (PPL)
Scion Records (SoundExchange)
Scissor and Thread (SoundExchange)
Scizzorman (Terrence Vinci)
Sconsongs (SoundExchange)
Scooch Pooch (SoundExchange)
Scooter Lee Enterprises (PPL)
Scooterpop Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Scopitones (PPL)
Score Draw Music (PPL)
Scorcher (PPL)
Scorpio Scorpio (PPL)
Scot Finnie (Finnie, Scot Warner)
Scotch Bonnet (PPL)
Scotland Yard Records (Shock
Scotch Of Saint James (Shock
Scotsville (PPL)
Scott & Francis (SoundExchange)
Scott Blackledge (PPL)
Scott Martin Productions (Smartinet Pty Ltd)
Scott Mcchord Music (SoundExchange)
Scoundrel Records (Scoundrel Records)
Scourge Records (SoundExchange)
Scratch Records(House Of Wow! Pty Ltd)
Scratch Records (PPL)
Scratch’N’Sniff Music (SoundExchange)
Scratchy Records (PPL)
Scrawny Records (SoundExchange)
Scream & Shout (Central Station Records)
March 2014
Scream Team Ltd T/A Spinto (PPL)
Screaming Apple Records (SoundExchange)
Screaming Ferret Wreckords LLC
Screen Music Services Ltd (PPL)
Screensong (Screensong)
Screw Press (PPL)
Screw Productions (PPL)
Scrilla (SoundExchange)
Scripture Memory Songs (PPL)
Scripture Records (SoundExchange)
SCS Music (PPL)
SCS Records (SoundExchange)
SCSI Records (PPL)
Scsi-Av Recordings (PPL)
S-Curve (EMI)
S-Curve (Liberation Music)
S-Curve 2 (EMI)
Scit West Publishing (SoundExchange)
Screamin Dreamer (PPL)
Screamin Dreamer Records (PPL)
Screen Music Services Ltd (PPL)
Scripture Memory Songs (PPL)
Scrub A Dub (PPL)
Scrumptious Music (SoundExchange)
Scuffletown Records (SoundExchange)
SDC (Toco)
SD Entertaiment (PPL)
SE Series (PPL)
Sea (SoundExchange)
Sea Breeze (SoundExchange)
Sea Dream Music (PPL)
Sea Eagle Records (Dinesh Moylan – Sea
Eagle Records)
Sea2Sun (SoundExchange)
Seagull GER (SoundExchange)
Seagull Records (SoundExchange)
Seal Records (PPL)
Seamless (PPL)
Seamonster Sound (PPL)
Sean Dockery (SoundExchange)
Sean Parker (PPL)
Sean Sullivan Music (SoundExchange)
Seansongs LLC (SoundExchange)
Seansongs Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Seara Records (PPL)
Search and Destroy Records (Shock
Seaside (SoundExchange)
Season Records (PPL)
Season Records Ltd (PPL)
Seasons (Jensen, Hayley)
Seasons Recordings (PPL)
Seaspray (PPL)
Seatac Records (SoundExchange)
Seaview (PPL)
Seaview (World Party)(Liberation)
Seawishes Production (PPL)
- 145 -
Seayou Records (SoundExchange)
Second Avenue (SoundExchange)
Second Ehaven (SoundExchange)
Second Nature (PPL)
Second Sight Records (PPL)
Second Shift (SoundExchange)
Second Skin (PPL)
Second Wind Productions (PPL)
Secret (PPL)
Secret Arcade (SoundExchange)
Secret City Records (Patrick Watson)(Shock
Secret Crush (SoundExchange)
Secret Fire Records (SoundExchange)
Secret Frequencies (SoundExchange)
Secret Fox (Skipping Girl Vinegar)
Secret Love (PPL)
Secret Music (PPL)
Secret Planet (PPL)
Secret Service (PPL)
Secret Society (Rap) (SoundExchange)
Secret Street (Hot)
Secret Sun Records (SoundExchange)
Secretion Music Ltd (PPL)
Secretly Canadian (Smash Music)
Secrets In Stereo (SoundExchange)
Secrets Records Lmtd (SoundExchange)
Section 5 (PPL)
Section Records (PPL)
Section Zouk Records (SoundExchange)
Sector 2 (PPL)
Seduction Records(Endorphin)(Aust Indi)
Seduction Records (PPL)
See The World Records (PPL)
Seeca Records (PPL)
Seeco (SoundExchange)
Seed Music (Wayland, Sean)
Seed Records (SoundExchange)
Seedling Records (SoundExchange)
Seeds (SoundExchange)
Seedy Records (PPL)
Seeing Green Music (SoundExchange)
Seeing Verity (Seeing Verity)
Seek Ye First (SoundExchange)
Seeking (SoundExchange)
Seethru Broadcasting (SoundExchange)
Seez records (Bloodpuppies)
Sefarad Records (SoundExchange)
Segue (PPL)
Segun Ajuwon (PPL)
Seismic Records (SoundExchange)
Sekai Music (SoundExchange)
Sekan Music (SoundExchange)
Selah (PPL)
Select-O-Hit Records (SoundExchange)
Selected Sound (EMI)
Selection (Selection)
Selective Recordings (SoundExchange)
Selekta Recordings (SoundExchange)
Selektiv (SoundExchange)
Selena (PPL)
Self Made Records (PPL)
Self Raising Records (PPL)
Self-Released (PPL)
Selfish Girl Records (PPL)
Selinah Limited (PPL)
Selfish Music Group (SoundExchange)
Selskar (SoundExchange)
Semtexx (PPL)
Sena (EMI)
Sena – Chrysalis (EMI)
Send The Light Ltd (PPL)
Senior Partner Records (SoundExchange)
Senn Ent (SoundExchange)
Sensation (PPL)
Sensational (SoundExchange)
Sensational Entertainment Records
Sensational Records (SoundExchange)
Sense Data Productions (PPL)
Sense World Music (PPL)
Sensei Recordings (PPL)
Sensei Recordings / MRC (PPL)
Sensoria (PPL)
Sensory Projects (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Sensory Projects (Sensory Projects)
Sensory Projects (SoundExchange)
Sensory Violation (PPL)
Sential (PPL)
Sential Recordings (PPL)
Sentinel (PPL)
Seoul Records (SoundExchange)
Sepia (PPL)
Septagram Records (SoundExchange)
September 26 Publishing (SoundExchange)
Sequential Recordings (SoundExchange)
Serafine Music (SoundExchange)
Seraph Records (PPL)
Seraphim (EMI)
Seraphim Classics (EMI)
Seraphim Music (Indian Releases)(PPL)
Seraphim Records (EMI
Serca Music (SoundExchange)
Serdisco (SoundExchange)
Seren (PPL)
Seren Records (SoundExchange)
Seren Recordings (PPL)
Serendipity (PPL)
Serengeti (PPL)
Serenity Hill (SoundExchange)
Serge Fortin (SoundExchange)
Serge Sharrinovsky (Sharrinovsky, Serge)
Serie De Oro (EMI)
Series 8 (PPL)
Serious (PPL)
Serious Grooves (PPL)
Serious Music UK Ltd (PPL)
Serious Records (PPL)
Seriously Groovy (PPL)
Sermon Records (PPL)
March 2014
Serpent Sounds (SoundExchange)
Serundal (PPL)
Servant Records (SoundExchange)
Service (PPL)
Serviceav (PPL)
Session Records (Session Records)
Sessions (PPL)
Setanta (UK)(PPL)
Setanta Records Limited (PPL)
Seti Alpha 5 (SoundExchange)
Setting The Pace Music Group
Seven 13 Productions (SoundExchange)
Seven Cedars Music (PPL)
Seven Gates (PPL)
Seven Islands (SoundExchange)
Seven Leaves (PPL)
Seven Sounds Records (SoundExchange)
Sevenlaw (PPL)
Sevens (EMI)
Seventy Recordings (PPL)
Seven30 Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Seville (PPL)
Sexy Rexy Musique (PPL)
Seyhan Muzik Productions
SF Records (PPL)
SFB (Rock) (SoundExchange)
SFL Records (SoundExchange)
SFN Music (PPL)
SFP (SoundExchange)
SFP Records (PPL)
SGC Media (SGC Media Pty Ltd)
SGC Records (PPL)
SGN: Ltd (PPL)
SGP (SoundExchange)
SGZ (SoundExchange)
SGZ Entertainment (SoundExchange)
SH Push Typhoon (EMI)
Shabach Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Shabang Records (Australian Digital Music
Group Pty Ltd)
Shack Music Recordings (PPL)
Shadow Mountain Records
Shadow Shine Productions
Shady Lady Music (SoundExchange)
Shadyville (SoundExchange)
Shaft (PPL)
Shah-Music Digital (SoundExchange)
Shaka Records (SoundExchange)
Shake It Records (SoundExchange)
Shake Me Please! (SoundExchange)
Shake Records (PPL)
Shakedown (PPL)
- 146 -
Shaker Records (PPL)
Shakti (EMI)
Shallow Cutz (PPL)
Shallow Waters Group Records
Shameem Taheri-Lee (Taheri-Lee,
Shameful Records (PPL)
Shameless Today (PPL)
Shammahboy Music (SoundExchange)
Shamrock Connection (PPL)
Shamrock Recordings (SoundExchange)
Shanachie (UK)(PPL)
Shanachie (USA)(Fuse)
Shane Andrew Kavanagh (Kavanagh, Shane
Shane Gregory Flew (Flew, Shane Gregory)
Shane Steer (Steer, Shane)
Shanels World Records (PPL)
Shango Trex (SoundExchange)
Shanghai Records (PPL)
Shangri-La Records (PPL)
Shangul Records (SoundExchange)
Shania Sabrina (SoundExchange)
Shannie (SoundExchange)
Shannon said (Said, Shannon)
Shantal Music (PPL)
Shanty Crew Publishing (PPL)
Shape Records (PPL)
Shaping The Invisible (PPL)
Share (PPL)
Share the Ride (SoundExchange)
Shark Batter Recordings (PPL)
Sharkarts Digital (PPL)
Sharkarts Records (PPL)
Sharkarts Records Ltd (Blue Pie
Sharma Productions (PPL)
Sharon (PPL)
Sharpe (PPL)
Sharpie Style Records (PPL)
Sharyn Blake (PPL)
Shasta (PPL)
Shat Records (SoundExchange)
Shatterproof Records (PPL)
Shaun Kirk Music (Shaun Kirk Music)
Shaum Micallef & Yuri Worontschak
(Shock Entertainment)
Shave Crème Records (SoundExchange)
Shavian Enterprises Ltd (PPL)
Shawn Carter (pka Jay-Z) (The Blueprint 3)
(Onehill Records B.V.)
Shawnkore Publishing, ASCAP
She Devil (SoundExchange)
Shears Music Group (SoundExchange)
Sheba Records (SoundExchange)
Shebeen Basscode (Hot)
Shed Music (SoundExchange)
Shed Records (PPL)
Sheeba Records (SoundExchange)
Sheer Joy Music (PPL)
Sheer Music (Sheer Music)
Sheer Panic (SoundExchange)
Sheer Sound (PPL)
Sheer Zed Recordings (PPL)
Sheffield Tunes (Central Station Records)
Sheldon Records Ltd (PPL)
Shell Records (PPL)
Shelley Van Loen (PPL)
Shelltoe Records (PPL)
Shellwood Productions (PPL)
Shelly (PPL)
Shelly Power (PPL)
Shelly’s Records (PPL)
Shelter (EMI)
Shepherd Moon (PPL)
Sheppard Boy Records (PPL)
Sheridan Square (SoundExchange)
Sheridan Square Entertainment
Sheridan Square Entertainment inc./V2
Sheridan Square Entertainment,
Sheridan Square Entertainment LLC.
Sherlok & Dj Rubz (Sherlok & DJ Rubz)
Sheryl Briggs (Briggs, Sheryl)
Sheyana Wijesingha (Wijesingha, Sheyana)
Shielburn (PPL)
Shifty Disco (PPL)
Shilakowsky Arts (SoundExchange)
Shiloh Records (SoundExchange)
Shine Music (SoundExchange)
Shiner Records (SoundExchange)
Shinichi (SoundExchange)
Shinkansen Recordings (PPL)
Shinobi (Shinobi)
Shinytown Records (SoundExchange)
Ship To Shore Media (Blue Pie Productions)
Shipwrecords (SoundExchange)
Shira (SoundExchange)
Shiretown (SoundExchange)
Shirley King Musc (SoundExchange)
Shiro Records (PPL)
Shitsuren Songs (EMI)
Shiva Nova (PPL)
Shiva Records (PPL)
Shivana Music (Shivana Music)
Shivdurga (PPL)
Shiver Records (PPL)
Shlepp Records (PPL)
Shmusicmusic (PPL)
Shoalwater Records (PPL)
ShoCash Entertainment (Specific
Recordings) (Blue Pie Productions)
Shock Records (PPL)
Shock Records Australia (Shock
March 2014
Shockers Records (PPL)
Shocking Vibes (PPL)
Shockorama Records (EMI)
Shockrock (PPL)
Shocwave Records (PPL)
Shoebox Records (PPL)
Shoelace Music (SoundExchange)
Shoelace Records (SoundExchange)
Shoeshine (Hot)
Shoeshine Records
Shoestring Productions (Shoestring)
Shogun Audio (PPL)
Shongaloo Records (SoundExchange)
Shoobah-Doobah (SoundExchange)
Shoogle Records Ltd (PPL)
Shoot To Kill Music (SoundExchange)
Shooting Gallery Records (SoundExchange)
Shooting Star (PPL)
Shopping… (SoundExchange)
Shore Records (SoundExchange)
Shoreline (Move)
Shoreline Records (SoundExchange)
Short Circuit (SoundExchange)
Short Story Records (SoundExchange)
Shorthouse Records (PPL)
Shostroud Productions Inc (shostroud
Productions Inc.)
Shotdeadinthehead (EMI)
Shotgun Charlie (PPL)
Shout (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Shout Factory (Sony Music Ent)
Shout Factory (Specific Releases)(Shock
Shout! Factory (PPL)
Showbiz Floozy (PPL)
Showman Records (Showman Records)
Showplace (SoundExchange)
Showroom Australia Pty Ltd (Showroom
Asutralia Pty Ltd)
Showstoppers (SoundExchange)
Showtime (PPL)
Shredder Records (SoundExchange)
Shrub Music (SoundExchange)
Shrewd Records (PPL)
Shrimp:Platters (PPL)
Shrimper (SoundExchange)
Shrimper Records (SoundExchange)
Shut Down Records (PPL)
Shut Eye Records (SoundExchange)
Shut Up and Dance Music (PPL)
Shuttle International Records (PPL)
Shuttle Music (SoundExchange)
Shuttle Records (PPL)
Shva Music (PPL)
Shwa Losben (SoundExchange)
Siam (SoundExchange)
Sian Records (PPL)
Siba Records (PPL)
Siberia (Midnight Juggernauts Pty Ltd)
Sic Outfit (PPL)
- 147 -
Sic Wit It Records (SoundExchange)
Siccmade Records (SoundExchange)
Siccness (SoundExchange)
Sick Room (SoundExchange)
Sick Trumpet (SoundExchange)
Sictronic (PPL)
Sidarial (SoundExchange)
Side Echo (SoundExchange)
Side FX (PPL)
Side Road (SoundExchange)
Side-Line (SoundExchange)
Sidearm Entertainment (SoundExchange)
SideOneDummy (Bedouin Soundclash,
Flogging Molly, Mighty Mighty Bosstones,
Gaslight Anthem, Broadway Calls, AntiFlag)(Shock Entertainment)
Sideral (SoundExchange)
Sideshow Records (PPL)
Sideshow Series (PPL)
Sidewalk 7 (PPL)
Sideways Saloon (PPL)
Sideways 8 Records (SoundExchange)
Sidewinder Sounds (PPL)
Sidewindermusic Records (SoundExchange)
Sidlaw Music (PPL)
Siena Records (JV)(Warner)
Sienna Records (PPL)
Sierra Keys Music (SoundExchange)
Sierralta Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Siesta (Hot)
Siesta (SoundExchange)
Sigala Records (SoundExchange)
Siggi Schwarz Music (SoundExchange)
Sigla (PPL)
Sign of Defiance (PPL)
Signa (Latin) (SoundExchange)
Signal Path (SoundExchange)
Signature Records And Medi (PPL)
Signature Sounds (Crooked Still, Eilen
Jewell)(Shock Entertainment)
Signs of Betrayal (SoundExchange)
Signum (PPL)
Signum Classics (PPL)
Signum Classics (Select)
Signum OMP (PPL)
Signum Records (PPL)
Signum Records Ltd (PPL)
Signum Two (PPL)
Sikati Records (SoundExchange)
Silence Audible Productions
Silent Partner Recordings (Aloha)
Silent Planet (SoundExchange)
Silent Recordings (Undercover)
Silent Scream Music (SoundExchange)
Silent Songs (PPL)
Silent Songs Ltd (PPL)
Silent Soundz Ltd (PPL)
Silent View (Silent View)
Silex (SoundExchange)
Silibil ‘n’ Brains (PPL)
Silicon Recordings (ToCo)
Silikon (PPL)
Silk Recordings (Stowell, Jamie)
Silk Worm Records (PPL)
Silkie (PPL)
Silly Wizard Recordings (PPL)
Silo Arts And Records (Silo Arts And
Silva Classics (PPL)
Silva International (PPL)
Silva Screen (The Duke & The King
Recordings) (Shock Entertainment)
Silva Screen (The Planet Company)
Silva Screen Records (PPL)
Silva Treasury (PPL)
Silvastar Sound (PPL)
Silver Bow Records (SoundExchange)
Silver Dollar (PPL)
Silver Edge (PPL)
Silver Mile (PPL)
Silver Mountain Media Group
Silver Planet Recordings (PPL)
Silver Records (PPL)
Silver Shields (PPL)
Silver Sneaker Records (Xelon
Silver Songs (PPL)
Silver Spotlight (EMI)
Silver Sprocket (SoundExchange)
Silver Streak Records (PPL)
Silver Stream (PPL)
Silverado (SoundExchange)
Silverback (SoundExchange)
Silverbak Records (PPL)
Silverbirch (PPL)
Silverbirch Music Group (PPL)
Silverbirch Records (PPL)
Silveredge Records (PPL)
Silvernote Music Group (SoundExchange)
Silverscope Records (PPL)
Silverstar (PPL)
Silvertone (Sony Music Ent.)
Silvertop (SoundExchange)
Silverword Records (PPL)
Simian Ghost (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Simian Music (SoundExchange)
Simbiotic (PPL)
Simco Limited (SoundExchange)
Simiq BV (Warner)
Simitar Entertainmnet (SoundExchange)
Simitar Records (Unidisc)
Simon Bartlett (Bartlett, Simon)
Simon Hudson Band (Hudson, Simon)
Simon Lewicki (Groove Terminator)(EMI)
Simon Lewis Productions(Simon Lewis
March 2014
Simon Little (PPL)
Simon Marks (Marks, Simon)
Simon Music (SoundExchange)
Simone Quinn (Quinn, Simone)
Simp Records (SoundExchange)
Simple Notion Records (PPL)
Simple Records (SoundExchange)
Simple Records Limited (PPL)
Simple Records Limited (SoundExchange)
Simple Truth Music (SoundExchange)
Simone Felice (Shock Entertainment)
Simply (PPL)
Simply Music (PPL)
Simply Recordings (PPL)
Simply The Best (SoundExchange) (Simply Red Specific
Releases: Stay, Greatest Hits)(Liberation)
Sims Records (SoundExchange)
Sinbad (PPL)
Sin Sound Records (PPL)
Sinai Music (SoundExchange)
Sinbad (PPL)
Sinclair (SoundExchange)
Sincro (PPL)
Sine (Sony Music Ent)
Sine Productions (SoundExchange)
Sinead O’Connor (Shock Entertainment)
Sindy Stroker’s Records (PPL)
Sing Records (SoundExchange)
Sing Sing Music (PPL)
Sing-A-Long Praise (PPL)
Sing-A-Long Song (SoundExchange)
Singabout Australia (Singabout Australia)
Singed Records (PPL)
Singaround Records (PPL)
Singing Dog (PPL)
Singing Portraits (PPL)
Singing Sun (SoundExchange)
Single (SoundExchange)
Single Mind (PPL)
Singsos (SoundExchange)
Siniestra Records (SoundExchange)
Sinister Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Sinker Swim Records (SoundExchange)
Sinn Fein (SoundExchange)
Sinnitzerhouse Records (SoundExchange)
Sion (PPL)
Sioux (PPL)
Sioux (Prefix Sioux) (PPL)
Sip-A-Cup (PPL)
Siq Records (SoundExchange)
Sir George Records (PPL)
Sir Goulus Productions (SoundExchange)
Sir Thomas (Byfield, Kitt, Hall, Melanie, De
Groot, Christopher, Moncrieff, Callum)
Sire (Warner)
Sire Records Ltd (Warner)
Siren (EMI)
Siren Music (PPL)
Siren Records (SoundExchange)
- 148 -
Siren Songs (SoundExchange)
Sirio Records (PPL)
Sirius (EMI)
Sirius Music (PPL)
Sirius Records (PPL)
Sirius Reggae (PPL)
Sirk (PPL)
Sirocco Jazz (PPL)
Sirup Records (SoundExchange)
Sisters Of The Road Café (SoundExchange)
Sittelle (SoundExchange)
Sitting Duck (PPL)
Sitting Duck Records (Harder, Katie)
Sivle Records (SoundExchange)
Six 1 Fo Records & Publishing LLC
Six 6 (PPL)
Six Armed Man (PPL)
Six Degrees (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Six Degrees Emerging Artist (PPL)
Six Degrees Records (PPL)
Six Degrees Travel Series (PPL)
Six Mics Records (PPL)
Six Shooter Records (Hot)
Six Steps (SIX)(EMI)
Six Thirty Records (PPL)
Sixsteine (PPL)
Sixsteps Records (EMI)
Sixtysix Records (PPL)
Size Records (SoundExchange)
Size 9 Records (PPL)
Size Zero (PPL)
Size Zero Films (PPL)
Size Zero Recordings (PPL)
Size Zero Records (PPL)
Sizzle Records (Unidisc)
SJ Music (SoundExchange)
SJH Music (PPL)
SJP Records (PPL)
Ska Cubano (PPL)
Skam (SoundExchange)
Skaparate (SoundExchange)
Skatty Cow Muxic (PPL)
Skazz Records (PPL)
Skelk Records (PPL)
Skelpaig Music (PPL)
Skeptical Productions (SoundExchange)
Skiffle Recordsing Co. (PPL)
Skin Deep (PPL)
Skin Graft Records (SoundExchange)
Skindependent (PPL)
Skink Communications (SoundExchange)
Skinlifter Records (SoundExchange)
Skinner Bros (PPL)
Skinny Boy Records (PPL)
Skinny Chick Records (SoundExchange)
Skinny Fish Music (Skinny Fish)
Skinny Jean (Shock Entertainment)
Skinny Malinky (PPL)
Skint Records (Sony Music Ent.)
Skint Records (PPL)
Skip 1 Skip 2 (SoundExchange)
Skipinnish (PPL)
Skipinnish Records (PPL)
SkipStone Records (SoundExchange)
Skirling Records (PPL)
Skrilla Enterprises (PPL)
Skoman Productions LLC (SoundExchange)
Skrocki Records (SoundExchange)
Skull & Bones (SoundExchange)
Skull & Bones Records (Aust) (Shock
Skull Brothers (SoundExchange)
Skunk Rock Records (PPL)
Sky (PPL)
Sky High Recordings (PPL)
Sky Juice Records (PPL)
Skyclad (SoundExchange)
Skydive Recordings (SoundExchange)
Skydog (PPL)
Skye (PPL)
Skye (SoundExchange)
Skyhigh Entertainment Co Ltd (Warner)
Skylark Media Records (PPL)
Skylark Records (PPL)
Skyline (PPL)
Skyline City Records (SoundExchange)
Skyline Records (Xelon Entertainment)
Skylite (SoundExchange)
Skylite Records (SoundExchange)
Skynet UK (SoundExchange)
Skyrecords Ent. (SoundExchange)
Skyrecords Major Label LLC
Skysaw Records (PPL)
Skyway (PPL)
SL Records (PPL)
Sla Bash Records (SoundExchange)
Slab Town (SoundExchange)
Slabco (SoundExchange)
Slack Records (PPL)
Slack Records (SoundExchange)
Slacker Music (SoundExchange)
Slade Records (SoundExchange)
Slain Records (SoundExchange)
Slam (PPL)
Slam Bang Records (SoundExchange)
Slam Dunk Records (PPL)
Slam Records (PPL)
Slammin Vinyl (SoundExchange)
Slammin’ (SoundExchange)
Slanted Records (EMI)
Slap a Ham (SoundExchange)
Slap The Moon Records (PPL)
Slapped Up Soul Records Ltd (PPL)
Slappin’ In The Trunk Entertainment
Slash Records (Warner)
Slater Sound, LLC (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Slausonboy (SoundExchange)
Slave Recordings Ltd (PPL)
SLBG Entertainment (SoundExchange)
SLC Records (SoundExchange)
Sleaze (PPL)
Sleaze Tech (PPL)
Sledge Entertainment UK (PPL)
Sledge Records (PPL)
Sleep Another Year (SoundExchange)
Sleep Now (PPL)
Sleep Parade (Shock Entertainment)
Sleeping Giant Records (PPL)
Sleepy Baby (children’s) (SoundExchange)
Sleepy Creek Music (SoundExchange)
Sleight Of Hand (SoundExchange)
Slender (SoundExchange)
Slewfoot Records (SoundExchange)
SLGV (SoundExchange)
SLH Music (PPL)
Slice (SoundExchange)
Sliced Bread (SoundExchange)
Slick Music (PPL)
Slick Records (PPL)
Slicklix Productions (PPL)
Slide Music Group inc. (SoundExchange)
Slide Recordings (PPL)
Sliding Vinyl Records (PPL)
Slim Dusty Enterprises (EMI)
Sling Shot Media Group LLC
Slinkee Minx (Xelon Entertainment)
Slinky Concepts Ltd (PPL)
Slinky Music 2008 (PPL)
Slip N Slide (UK)(PPL)
Slip N Slide Blue (PPL)
Slipnside Blue (PPL)
Slippina Disc (SoundExchange)
SLK Music (PPL)
Slosh Tone (SoundExchange)
Slothtrop Music (SoundExchange)
Slot-a-Lot Records (EMI)
Slow B Production (SoundExchange)
Slow Burn (PPL)
Slow Machine (EMI)
Slow Motion (PPL)
Slow Reality (PPL)
Slow Records (PPL)
Slow River (PPL)
Slow Roast Records (SoundExchange)
Slow-Flow (SoundExchange)
Slow-Flow Production (SoundExchange)
Slowcraft Records (PPL)
Slowfoot Records (PPL)
SLP (SoundExchange)
Sludge Records (SoundExchange)
Slumberland Records (SoundExchange)
Sly City (Sly City Entertainment)
Slybeats (SoundExchange)
Slypstreem Groovz (PPL)
SM 5000 (PPL)
- 149 -
SM Entertainment (SoundExchange)
SM Records (SoundExchange)
SMG Records (Blue Pie Productions)
SMI Records (SoundExchange)
SMR Records (SoundExchange)
SM8 Music (PPL)
Smack Music (PPL)
Smack Productions Ltd (PPL)
Smackjaw (PPL)
Small Dog-A-Barkin’ (SoundExchange)
Small Folk (PPL)
Small Globe Music (SoundExchange)
Small House Records (Small House)
Small Pond (PPL)
Small Things Records (PPL)
Small Town Records (PPL)
Small Voice Records (SoundExchange)
Small Wonder (PPL)
Smalltown America (PPL)
Smalltown Supersound(Domino Recording
Company Ltd)
Smallworld Music Publishing (PPL)
Smart Move Records (PPL)
Smart Records (SoundExchange)
Smartinet (Smartinet Pty Ltd)
Smartinet Music Production (Smartinet
Music Pty Ltd)
Smash Music (Smash Music)
Smash Productions (PPL)
Smash The House (Ministry Of Sound)
Smashed Records (PPL)
Smashing Music (PPL)
Smashsongs (PPL)
SMC Recordings (Rakim) (Shock
SME Music (SoundExchange)
Smekkleysa (PPL)
Smekkleysa SM Ltd (PPL)
Smekkleysa/Badtaste SM Ltd (PPL)
Smiddymade Recordings (PPL)
Smilax (Toco)
Smile (SoundExchange)
Smile Locomotion (EMI)
Smiles Again (I Forget, Sorry!)
Smith Entertainment / Guacamole
Smith Show Entertainment
Smith/Mearns Productions (PPL)
Smith/Mearns Recordings (PPL)
Smithsonian (USA)(Fuse Music Group P/L)
Smitty & B. Goode (Shock Entertainment)
SMK (SoundExchange)
Smoke Records (PPL)
Smokers Blend 3000 (PPL)
Smokey Joe Productions (PPL)
Smokin Ed Hubble (SoundExchange)
Smokin’ Beats (PPL)
Smoking Barrel Recordings (PPL)
Smoking Duck Records (PPL)
Smoky Carrot Records (PPL)
Smooch (SoundExchange)
Smooch Records Ltd (PPL)
Smooth Circle Records (PPL)
Smooth Ride Records (SoundExchange)
Smooth Sounds Entertainment
Smoove (PPL)
Smoove Records (PPL)
SMS Jazz (SoundExchange)
Smudge Music (PPL)
Snatch Media (SoundExchange)
Snake Oil Music (SoundExchange)
Snake Records (Music For Advertising)
Snakemusic (PPL)
Snakepit Music (Snakepit Music)
Snap Dragon Records (SoundExchange)
Snapper (PPL)
Snapper Classics (PPL)
Snatch (PPL)
Sneaky Long Records (EMI)
Sneakerz (Selected Recordings Only)
(Spinnin’ Records)
Sneakerz Music (Ministry Of Sound)
Sneaky Records (SoundExchange)
Snez Dalceska (Dalceska, Snez)
Sniper (SoundExchange)
Snipereyes (PPL)
Snow Goose Songs (SoundExchange)
Snow Recordings Limited (PPL)
Snow Storm Records (SoundExchange)
Snowboundaudio (SoundExchange)
Snowfire Records (SoundExchange)
Snowstorm (UK)(Hot)
Snowy White (PPL)
SNR (SoundExchange)
SNS (SoundExchange)
So Bold Entertainment (SoundExchange)
So Called (SoundExchange)
So Damn Tuff (PPL)
So Darn So Limited (PPL)
So Dance (EMI)
So Frank Music (Grandview Records)
So Funk (EMI)
So Good (EMI)
So Hot Records (SoundExchange)
So Much Dada (SoundExchange)
So Phat (Phat Planet Music Meida)
So Plush Music (SoundExchange)
So So Def (EMI)
So Solid Records (DNA Industries Pty Ltd)
So-Lo Records (SoundExchange)
Sober (PPL)
Sober & Gentle (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Sober & Gentle (SoundExchange)
Sobriety (PPL)
Social Family Records (Social Family
March 2014
Social Studies (SoundExchange)
Society (PPL)
Soccer (PPL)
Social Circle (PPL)
Social Outcast (PPL)
Sociedad Chilena De Ediciones Musicales
Sock Puppet Productions (SoundExchange)
Soda (PPL)
Soda Jerk (SoundExchange)
Sodalite Records (SoundExchange)
Soda Pop (SoundExchange)
Sodevious Records (PPL)
Sofa/Soda (PPL)
Sodastream Music (Sodastream Music)
Soft (PPL)
Soft Abuse (SoundExchange)
Soft G Records (PPL)
Soft Top Records (PPL)
Sog Chrome (SoundExchange)
Sog Liquid (SoundExchange)
Sog Records (SoundExchange)
Soganic Music (SoundExchange)
Sohno (SoundExchange)
Soho (PPL)
Soil Records (PPL)
Sokaris Music (Sokaris Music)
Sol (SoundExchange)
Sol Blade (EMI)
Sol Blad / Stoicstone (EMI)
Sol Image Records (SoundExchange)
Sol Uprising (SoundExchange)
Sola Musa Music (SoundExchange)
Sola Records (SoundExchange)
Solaa Productions (SoundExchange)
Solace Records (Stowell, Jamie)
Solar / Sonar (Shock Entertainment)
Solar Fields (SoundExchange)
Solar Flair (PPL)
Solar Music Group (Blue Pie Productions)
Solar Records (Unidisc)
Solar Rhythm Records (PPL)
Solar Success Entertainment (PPL)
Solaris Recordings (PPL)
Solaris Recordings (SoundExchange)
Solas Music (PPL)
Sole Music (PPL)
Sole Music (SoundExchange)
Solea (PPL)
Soleal Records (PPL)
Solent (PPL)
Soli Deo Gloria (Select)
Soli Deo Gloria (UK)(PPL)
Solid (PPL)
Solid Air Music Ltd (PPL)
Solid Air Productions (PPL)
Solid Grand Productions (SoundExchange)
Solid Groove Records (PPL)
Solid Recordings (PPL)
Solid Records (Unidisc)
- 150 -
Solid Rock (Move)
Solid State Records (EMI)
Solid State Records (SST) (EMI)
Soljie (PPL)
Solo (EMI)
Solo2 (SoundExchange)
Solo2 Records (SoundExchange)
Solo Art (PPL)
Solo Artist (Solo, Michael)
Solo Guitar (PPL)
Solo Music Company (SoundExchange)
Solo Recordings (PPL)
Solo Traxx (PPL)
Solo Winds (SoundExchange)
Solotrenz (PPL)
Solponticello (SoundExchange)
Som (PPL)
Soma Recordings (PPL)
Somatic (SoundExchange)
Somatic Recordings (SoundExchange)
Somatic Sense (SoundExchange)
Sombrero (PPL)
Some Bizarre (PPL)
Somebody’s Music (PPL)
Someday (PPL)
Somemusic (PPL)
Somethin’ Else (EMI)
Something In Construction (PPL)
Something Music Ltd (PPL)
Something to Listen to (PPL)
Somewhat Damaged (Somewhat Damaged
Somm Recordings (PPL)
Son Esperanza (EMI)
Son Records (PPL)
Son Records (SoundExchange)
Sona Gaia (EMI)
Sona Gaia Productions (EMI)
Sona Rupa (PPL)
Sona Rupa Limited (PPL)
Sonance (SoundExchange)
Sonar (SoundExchange)
Sonar Eclipse (SoundExchange)
Sonar Records (PPL)
Sonar Records (SoundExchange)
Sonare (PPL)
Sonas Multimedia (SoundExchange)
Soncibaby Records (PPL)
Soncured Records (SoundExchange)
Sondrio (Tkalcevic, Luke)
Sondor (SoundExchange)
Sonet (PPL)
Song And Dance (PPL)
Song Center Records (SoundExchange)
Song Cycles (Song Cycles)
Song Dog Records (SoundExchange)
Song Dynasty (Song Dynasty)
Song House (Blue Pie Productions)
Song Of The Sirens Music (SoundExchange)
Song Records (Unidisc)
Songcastle Music (SoundExchange)
Songcastmusic (SoundExchange)
Songdog (SoundExchange)
Songdog Network (SoundExchange)
Soundog Network inc. (SoundExchange)
Songdog Network – Lunacy
Songdog Network Lunacy (SoundExchange)
Songkeepers (SoundExchange)
Songline Management (Songline
Song Street Records (SoundExchange)
Songcerely Music (SoundExchange)
Songs for Children (PPL)
Songs for Christmas (PPL)
Songs In Ernest (SoundExchange)
Songs of Fellowship (PPL)
Songs Of Heaven (SoundExchange)
Songs Of The Inland (Wormald, Jeanette)
Songs of the South Records (North
Mississippi Allstars)(Shock Entertainment)
Songs For Singing Productions
Songs From The Neighborhood
(SoundExchange) (SoundExchange)
Songsmith (AUS) (Songsmith Management)
Songsmith (PPL)
Sonic 360 (PPL)
Sonic Architectures (SoundExchange)
Sonic Atmospheres (SoundExchange)
Sonic Blast (PPL)
Sonic Cathedral Recordings (PPL)
Sonic Dynasty Records (SoundExchange)
Sonic Glitch (PPL)
Sonic Gruv (SoundExchange)
Sonic Heartbeat Music (SoundExchange)
Sonic Hub Records Ltd (PPL)
Sonic Images (SoundExchange)
Sonic Imperfections (PPL)
Sonic Invention Trust (Think Factory Pty
Sonic Nation (PPL)
Sonic Rendezvous SW (SoundExchange)
Sonic Scenery (NL) (SoundExchange)
Sonicbaby Records (PPL)
Soniclayers Music (SoundExchange)
Sonido (SoundExchange)
Sonido 1998 (SoundExchange)
Sonido Habitual (SoundExchange)
Sonido Records (PPL)
Sonido/ Fania 1987 (SoundExchange)
Sonig (Specific Recordings Only)(Inertia)
Sonig Records (SoundExchange)
Sonima (SoundExchange)
Sonimage Inc (SoundExchange)
Sonix (PPL)
Sonix Records (PPL)
Sonlite Records (PPL)
Sonnamble (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Sonnenstahl Records (PPL)
Sonny Rolfe (Rolfe, Sonny)
Sonny Romero (SoundExchange)
Sono Press (SoundExchange)
Sonografica (SoundExchange)
Sonograma (SoundExchange)
Sonomax (SoundExchange)
Sonoscope (PPL)
Sonpsilo Circus (Sonpsilo Circus)
Sons Of Rico (MacRae, Alex)
Sons Of The Soil Music Productions
(Phelps, James Vincent)
Sonsha Music (SoundExchange)
Sonustar (PPL)
Sonustar Records (PPL)
Sony Australia (Sony Music Ent.)
Sony Broadway (Sony Music Ent)
Sony Classical (Sony Music Ent.)
Sony Holland (SoundExchange)
Sony Jazz/Columbia (Sony Music Ent)
Sony Masterworks (Sony Music Ent.)
Sony Music (Sony Music Ent.)
Sony Music Country (Sony Music Ent)
Sony Music Entertainment Australia (Sony
Music Ent)
Sony Soho Square (Sony Music Ent)
Sony Wonder (Sony Music Ent.)
Sonyo Hwans (PPL)
Soon Records (PPL)
Sopa Records Ltd (SoundExchange)
Sophie Koh (Koh, Sophie)
Sopref (SoundExchange)
Sordid Soup Records (PPL)
Sorefinger Records (PPL)
Sorority Records (SoundExchange)
Sorepoint (PPL)
Sorepoint Records (PPL)
Sorin Records (SoundExchange)
Sorry Shoes (Musiqware)
SOS Records (PPL)
Sosa Records (SoundExchange)
Sosick Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Sotano Records (SoundExchange)
Soterios Records (SoundExchange)
Sotopop Records (SoundExchange)
Sotti Records (SoundExchange)
Soudflat (SoundExchange)
Soul 2 Soul Recordings (PPL)
Soul Beat (PPL)
Soul Brother Records (SoundExchange)
Soul Call (Holly’s Pack)
Soul Connect (Blue Pie Productions)
Soul Discretion (PPL)
Soul Gorilla Monopoly GSM
Soul Is Cheap (SoundExchange)
Soul Jazz Music (PPL)
Soul Jazz Records (PPL)
Soul Lounge (PPL)
- 151 -
Soul Love (PPL)
Soul Love Records (SoundExchange)
Soul Mother (SoundExchange)
Soul Potion (SoundExchange)
Soul Power (EMI)
Soul Power Records (SoundExchange)
Soul Purpose Records (PPL)
Soul Renaissance Records (SoundExchange)
Soul Sense (PPL)
Soul Smith Music (SoundExchange)
Soul Society (PPL)
Soul Sounds (PPL)
Soul Star Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Soul Stop (PPL)
Soul Town Records (PPL)
Soul Tree Records (Edward M. Territo)
Soul Whisper Records (Sony Music Ent)
Soul3recordings (PPL) Records (PPL)
Soularch Records (Morris, Andrew)
SOULAW Records (PPL)
Soulaw Records (PPL)
Soulchasm Productions (SoundExchange)
Soulclap Records (SoundExchange)
Soulfuric Recordings Inc. (PPL)
Soulfuric Trax (PPL)
Soulgroove Records (PPL)
Soulife (Warner)
Soulitude (SoundExchange)
Soulline Associates (SoundExchange)
Soulmate Records (EMI)
Soulscape (SoundExchange)
Soulshack Music (PPL)
Soulspin Recordings (SoundExchange)
Soulstar (SoundExchange)
Soulthought (SoundExchange)
Soultrap Records (PPL)
Soultrade Records (PPL)
Soulville Recordings (PPL)
Soulwood Records (SoundExchange)
Sound + Light Records (SoundExchange)
Sound & Music Production (PPL)
Sound Amazing (SoundExchange)
Sound As A Pound (PPL)
Sound Box (PPL)
Sound Business (PPL)
Sound Castle Yoshizawa (SoundExchange)
Sound choice Karaoke (SoundExchange)
Sound City Music (SoundExchange)
Source Music (Source Music)
Sound Document (You Say Party! We Say
Die!)(Shock Entertainment)
Sound Effects (V & H Holdings)
Sound Eko Discs (PPL)
Sound Factory (Rigid)
Sound Foundation (PPL)
Sound Foundation International (PPL)
Sound Freak Records (PPL)
Sound Grammar (SoundExchange)
Sound in Color (PPL)
Sound Isidore (SoundExchange)
Sound Knowledge Records
Sound Lines Music (SoundExchange)
Sound Mind Music (SoundExchange)
Sound Moves (PPL)
Sound Of Flanders (SoundExchange)
Sound Of Ministry (PPL)
Sound Of Music Records (PPL)
Sound Of New Orleans (PPL)
Sound of Purple (PPL)
Sounds Of Sirius (Sounds Of Sirius)
Sounds of Spring Entertainment
Sound of the Renegade (PPL)
Sound On Sound (SoundExchange)
Sound Patrol (PPL)
Sound Records (PPL)
Sound System Records (PPL)
Sound Technique (Sound Technique)
Sound to Record (PPL)
Sound Town (SoundExchange)
Sound Tracker (SoundExchange)
Sound Ventures (SoundExchange)
Sound Vizion Records (SoundExchange)
Sound Works Music Group inc.
Sound/House (SoundExchange)
Sound4Group (PPL)
Soundalive (PPL)
Soundalive Music (PPL)
Soundanswers (PPL) (EMI)
Soundbwoy Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Soundbwoy Funeral Productios
Soundcakes (PPL)
Soundchek Records (SoundExchange)
Soundchron Records (SoundExchange)
Soundcolours GMBH & Co Kg
Soundcraft (PPL)
Soundcraft Records (SoundExchange)
Sounddesign Records (SoundExchange)
Soundisc (PPL)
Sounderground Records (PPL)
SoundExchange, Inc. (specific recordings
only) (SoundExchange, Inc.)
Soundflat (SoundExchange)
Soundgram Records (SoundExchange)
Soundjam (PPL)
Soundkillaz (PPL)
Soundkillaz Music (PPL)
Soundkraft (Xelon Entertainment)
Soundman (PPL)
Soundman Recordings (PPL)
Soundman Records (PPL)
Soundmarks (SoundExchange)
Soundpeople (PPL)
March 2014
Sound Piercing (Armada Music)
Soundplatinum Publishing (SoundExchange)
Soundpoetry (PPL)
Soundpost Records (SoundExchange)
Soundproof (SoundExchange)
Soundproof Recordings (PPL)
Sounds for People (PPL)
Sounds for Space Recordings (Sounds for
Space Recordings)
Sounds like Café (Damien Gerard Sound
Studio Pty Ltd)
Sounds Like Music (PPL)
Sounds Of Music (PPL)
Sounds Of the Mushroom (SoundExchange)
Sounds Of Yesteryear (PPL)
Sounds Rare (PPL)
Sounds Ultimate (PPL)
Sounds Write Productions Inc
Soundsational Sense (SoundExchange)
Soundseed (PPL)
Soundseed Limited (PPL)
SoundsLife Audio (SoundsLife Audio)
Soundsmove (PPL)
Soundspace (PPL)
Soundstage (Liberation Music)
Soundstage Music (Xelon Entertainment)
Soundstage Records (SoundExchange)
Soundtrack Factory (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Soundville (PPL)
Soundwave Festival Pty Ltd (Shock
Soundway (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Soundway (SoundExchange)
Soundwrx Ltd. (SoundExchange)
Soundwrx Music Production
Soundz (Xelon Entertainment)
Soundz of Africa (PPL)
Souper Music (SoundExchange)
Sour Mash Records (PPL)
Source (EMI)
Source Direct (PPL)
Source Etc (EMI)
Source Etc France (EMI)
Source France (EMI)
Source Media (SoundExchange)
Source UK (EMI)
Sousol Records (SoundExchange)
Soutelphan (EMI)
South Central Music (SoundExchange)
South Central Musica (SoundExchange)
South Jam Records (SoundExchange)
South Memphis Music (SoundExchange)
South West (SoundExchange)
Southbound (PPL)
Southbound / Groovin’ (PPL)
Southern Cross (SoundExchange)
Southern Cuba Records (PPL)
- 152 -
Southern Dicipline Recording Company
Southern Fried (Specific Recordings
Southern Fried Records (Liberation)
Southern Gospel (SoundExchange)
Southern Music Distribution
Southern Signal Records (EMI)
Southern Sound Quartet (SoundExchange)
Southland (UK)(PPL)
Southpac Entertainment Group
Southpaw (SoundExchange)
Southpaw Bluegrass Band (SoundExchange)
Southside Collective Records (PPL)
Southside Productions (PPL)
Southsides (PPL)
Southterrain Transmission (SoundExchange)
Southway Records (SoundExchange)
Southwest Records (PPL)
Souvenir Records (PPL)
Souviens-Toi (EMI)
Sovereign Entertainment (PPL)
Sovereign Grace Music (Emu Music)
Sovereign Grace Music (SoundExchange)
Sovereign Records (PPL)
Sow and Reap Recordings (PPL)
Sowhat (SoundExchange)
Sowieso Musikproduktion (EMI)
SP Groove (PPL)
Spa (EMI)
Spa (SoundExchange)
Spa Creek Music (SoundExchange)
Spa Green (PPL)
Space Age Recordings (PPL)
Space Age Recordings (SoundExchange)
Space For Music (SoundExchange)
Space Like Alice (Space Like Alice)
Space Photo Records (SoundExchange)
Space Race Recordings (PPL)
Spacebar Records
(Misinterprotato/Trichotomy) (Trichotomy)
Spaced Out Sounds (Spaced Out Sounds)
Spacefunk Recordings (PPL)
Spacehound (SoundExchange)
Spaceland Recordings (SoundExchange)
Spaceman Music (PPL)
Spacepark Records (SoundExchange)
Spacework Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Spade (PPL)
Spankdaddi (PPL)
Spankytone (SoundExchange)
Spalax (SoundExchange)
Spar Records (PPL)
Sparco (SoundExchange)
Spark (PPL)
Spark Records (PPL)
Sparking Gap Records (SoundExchange)
Sparkletone (SoundExchange)
Sparks Music (SoundExchange)
Sparrow (EMI)
Sparrow Corporation (EMI)
Sparrow House (SoundExchange)
Sparrow Joint Venture (EMI)
Sparrow Kids (EMI)
Sparrow Label Third Party (EMI)
Sparrow Records (EMI)
Sparrow Records (PPL)
Spartacus Records (PPL)
Spawnit Music (Spawnit Pty Ltd)
Spazzoid Records (SoundExchange)
Speak Jazz Records (SoundExchange)
Speak Life Music (SoundExchange)
Speak N’ Spell (Speak ‘N’ Spell Records Pty
Speak ‘N’ Spell (Titles Distributed By
Inertia) (Inertia)
Speak N’ Spell Touring (Speak N’ Spell
Records Pty Ltd)
Speakeasy (PPL)
Spearhead (EMI)
Sperhead Audio (PPL)
Spearhead Records (PPL)
Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)
Spearsongs (SoundExchange)
Special Delivery (PPL)
Special Ent. (SoundExchange)
Special Fried Records (PPL)
Special Friends Records (SoundExchange)
Special Markets USA (EMI)
Special Music (SoundExchange)
Special Teams Music (SoundExchange)
Specialty (PPL)
Specialyst Group, LLC (SoundExchange)
Species Recordings (PPL)
Specific (SoundExchange)
Specific Jazz (PPL)
Specific Records Limited (PPL)
Speckrecords (SoundExchange)
Spectacle Ent (SoundExchange)
Spectator (SoundExchange)
Specter (SoundExchange)
Spectra Musique (SoundExchange)
Spectra Records (SoundExchange)
Spectrum (PPL)
Speed (SoundExchange)
Speed Demons Entertainment
Speedlincs (PPL)
Speedmanmusic (SoundExchange)
Speedstar* (EMI)
Speedy OG (SoundExchange)
Speedy Records (PPL)
Speedy Songs (PPL)
SPF Records (SoundExchange)
SPF4 (SoundExchange)
Spellbound Recordings (PPL)
Speyside (PPL)
March 2014
Spherical Records (PPL)
Sperm Records (PPL)
Sphere (PPL)
Spheric (PPL)
Spidercrab Music (SoundExchange)
Spice Rack Records (SoundExchange)
Spike Nicer Records (SoundExchange)
Spill Records (SoundExchange)
Spillhouse (SoundExchange)
Spillway Records (SoundExchange)
Spin (EMI)
Spin (UK)(PPL)
Spin 360 (SoundExchange)
Spin Along Records (PPL)
Spin Art (PPL)
Spin City (PPL)
Spin Records (PPL)
Spinal Punk (SoundExchange)
Spinefarm (SoundExchange)
Spinefarm (Universal)
Spinney (PPL)
Spinney Records UK (SoundExchange)
Spinnin (PPL)
Spinnin’ Bundles (Ministry Of Sound)
Spinnin’ Deep (Ministry Of Sound)
Spinnin’ Records White Label (Ministry Of
Spinnin’ Records B.V. (EMI)
Spinnin’ Records (Selected Recordings
Only) (Spinnin’ Records)
Spinnin’ Records (incl, 2play,Abzolut, Bald
& Hairy Cutz, Confidence, COR, Couture,
Dark Beats, Doorn, Dutch Fun, Fudge, Jinx,
Konverted, Liquid, Made in NL, Magnetize,
Nasty Tunes, NBL, Night Vision, Nope Is
Dope, Oxygen, Pony Play, RAW-sessions,
RockTheHouse, Rootz, RR, Reset, Sleeve
On, Spinnin, Spinnin Deep, SPR,
Streamlined, Supersonique, Tone Diary,
Wall, White Label, With Love Music, Work)
(Netherlands)(Ministy Of Sound)
Spinning Top Music (Spinning Top Music
Pty Ltd)
Spinning World Records (PPL)
Spinout Music (PPL)
Spinstyle Records (Spinstyle)
Spiral (PPL)
Spiral Scope Records (PPL)
Spiralight Recordings (SoundExchange)
Spire Artist Media (SoundExchange)
Spirit Force Productions (SoundExchange)
Spirit Hawk Records (SoundExchange)
Spirit Inspired Life (PPL)
Spirit Nectar Records (SoundExchange)
Spirit Of Ei0067hty Six (PPL)
Spirit Of Praise (PPL)
Spirit Records (PPL)
Spirit River (SoundExchange)
Spirit Sound Publishing (SoundExchange)
Spirit Zone (SoundExchange)
- 153 -
Spiritfilled Productions (SoundExchange)
Spiritual Combat (PPL)
Spiritwood Music Inc (SoundExchange)
Spit & Polish (SoundExchange)
Spit Kingdom Records (Killa Kela) (Shock
Spit Stick Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
Spitfire (PPL)
Spitfirepink (PPL)
Spitfire / Difrnt Music (Specific Recordings)
(Blue Pie Productions)
Spitoon (PPL)
SPJ Music (SoundExchange)
Spkilla Muzik (SoundExchange)
Splank! Records (PPL)
Splank Records (SoundExchange)
Splash (PPL)
Splendor Music (SoundExchange)
Spliff Music (SoundExchange)
Spliff Records (PPL)
Splinter Industries (PPL)
Splinter Series (PPL)
Splintered Tree Records (SoundExchange)
Split Records (Split)
Split Records Ltd (PPL)
Split Seconds (Shock Entertainment)
Split Series (PPL)
SPM (SoundExchange)
SPM Productions (PPL)
Sponge Records (PPL)
Spongebath (SoundExchange)
Spook City Records (SoundExchange)
Spooko Records (SoundExchange)
Spoon Train Audio (SoundExchange)
Sport (PPL)
Sportdancer (PPL)
Sporting Riff Raff (PPL)
Sportsdisc (PPL)
Sporty Records (SoundExchange)
Spotlight Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Spotlite (EMI)
Spotlite (Starlite)(Aust Indi)
Spotlite Records (PPL)
Spozzle (PPL)
Spread Love Records (PPL)
Spread Music (SoundExchange)
Sprecher Productions (SoundExchange)
Sprettball Records (SoundExchange)
Spring (PPL)
Spring Arbor (SoundExchange)
Spring Hill Music Group (EMI)
Spring House (EMI)
Spring Records (PPL)
Springboard Media (PPL)
Springbok (EMI)
Springhill (PPL)
Springthyme (PPL)
Sprint (PPL)
Sprint Records (PPL)
Spritz Records (PPL)
Spruck Records (PPL)
Spunk (Universal)
Spunk Records (SoundExchange)
Spunky Monkety Music (SoundExchange)
SPX (SoundExchange)
Spy-da Recordings (PPL)
Spy Catcher Records (Shock Entertainment)
Spyrale (PPL)
Sqoot (SoundExchange)
Squall Records (PPL)
Squandered Records (SoundExchange)
Squank Entertainmeny (SoundExchange)
Square (PPL)
Square Biz Records Ltd (PPL)
Square Box (SoundExchange)
Square Enix (SoundExchange)
Square Peg Round Hole Records (PPL)
Squaresoft (SoundExchange)
Squaretraxx (SoundExchange)
Squeak E Clean Records (Sam Spiegel pka
NASA) (Shock Entertainment)
Squeaking Door (SoundExchange)
Squeaky Records (PPL)
Squid vs Whale (SoundExchange)
Squids Eye Records (SoundExchange)
Squiggly (PPL)
Squiggly Records (PPL)
Squint Music (PPL)
Squirm Records (SoundExchange)
Squirrelly Girl Music (SoundExchange)
Squirting Flour - Productions
SRMusic (PPL)
Sradag Music (PPL)
SRE Recordings (PPL)
SRG Entertaiment (PPL)
SRK Records (SoundExchange)
SrMusic (PPL)
SRP Records (PPL)
SRS Records Inc (SoundExchange)
SSC (SoundExchange)
SSE Records (SoundExchange)
SSF Records (SoundExchange)
SSP Music (PPL)
SSP Records (SoundExchange)
SSS Entertainment LLC (SoundExchange)
SST (SoundExchange)
SST / Cruz (Shock Entertainment)
SST Records (SoundExchange)
St Andrews Ball (PPL)
St. Angelo
St Luke’s Collection (SoundExchange)
St Michael’s Records (PPL)
St Olaf Records (SoundExchange)
St Roch Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Stabbaby Records (PPL)
Stables Market Music (PPL)
Stack Records (SoundExchange)
Stackhouse Records (SoundExchange)
Stafford Brothers (Stafford Brothers)
Stafford North (PPL)
Stafford South (PPL)
Stage & Screen (PPL)
Stage And Screen (PPL)
Stage Door Records (PPL)
Stage One (PPL)
Stage Records (PPL)
Stage Sound (PPL)
Stage Three Music (PPL)
Stagecoach (PPL)
Stagefreight Records (PPL)
Staggaback (PPL)
Stahl2 (PPL)
Stained Circles (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Stairway Music (PPL)
Stalking Horse (PPL)
Stallion Records (PPL)
Stalwyn Group (PPL)
Stamina Records (SoundExchange)
Stampman Records (SoundExchange)
Stand Alone Labels (EMI)
Stand And Deliver Records(Skinlab)(Shock
Stand Firm (PPL)
Stand Still and Scream Music
Standard (EMI)
Standard (PPL)
Standard Deviant Records (SoundExchange)
Standard Digital Recordings (PPL)
Standby Records (PPL)
Standing On The Foot Of The Cross (Witte,
Standing Tall Music Ministries
Stanley Recordings (SoundExchange)
Stanton Park (SoundExchange)
Stanyan Records (SoundExchange)
Stanza USA (SoundExchange)
Star Attraction Music Media (AURA)
Star-Boy Music Group, LLC
Star Bust (SoundExchange)
Star Direct (PPL)
Star Dot Star Records (SoundExchange)
Star Dust (SoundExchange)
Star Gang (SoundExchange)
Star Gazer Records UK (Blue Pie
Star Harbour (PPL)
Star Hindusthan (PPL)
Star Music (PPL)
Star Music (Unidisc)
Star Record (PPL)
Star Rhythm Productions (PPL)
- 154 -
Star Rover Records (PPL)
Star Scores Music (SoundExchange)
Star Song (EMI)
Star Song Communications (EMI)
Star Song Music (EMI)
Star Song Music (STR) (EMI)
Star Song Records (EMI)
Star Song Records (STR) (EMI)
Star Treck (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange)
Star19 Records (SoundExchange)
Starbound (SoundExchange)
Starbrite Productions (SoundExchange)
Starbugs (SoundExchange)
Starburst (V & H Holdings)
Starburst (UK)(PPL)
Stargate Premium (PPL)
Stargazer Records (SoundExchange)
Stark Ravin’ Records (PPL)
Stark Reality (PPL)
Starlet & Dog (SoundExchange)
Starlight (SoundExchange)
Starlight Productions (SoundExchange)
Starlite (Starlite)
Starlite (UK)(PPL)
Starrify Records (PPL)
Stars (SoundExchange)
Stars Go Dim (SoundExchange)
Starshaped (PPL)
Starship (SoundExchange)
Starskymusic (PPL)
Starsong (PPL)
Starsong Catalog (SSG) (EMI)
Start 2 Finish Ent (SoundExchange)
Start Records (PPL)
Starlite Music (SoundExchange)
Starplayer Music Group (SoundExchange)
Startime International (Specific Recordings
Startime Records (PPL)
Startrax (PPL)
Starview Records Fektive (SoundExchange)
Starville (PPL)
Starving Kids (Starving Kids Records)
Starwatch Music Germany (SoundExchange)
Star-Write Records (PPL)
State (PPL)
State of Emergency (SoundExchange)
State Of The Art Recordings (PPL)
State Records (State Records LImited)
Stateless Records (SoundExchange)
Stateline Records (SoundExchange)
Staterecordings (Armada Music)
Stateside (EMI)
Stateside (SoundExchange)
Stateside Records (EMI)
Static (PPL)
Static Caravan (PPL)
Static Disco (SoundExchange)
Statik (SoundExchange)
Statik Factory Records (SoundExchange)
Station 55 Recordings (PPL)
Station House Music (SoundExchange)
Statiras (PPL)
Statuette Music (PPL)
Status Recordings (SoundExchange)
Status Records (PPL)
Stax (PPL)
Stay Heavy Records (EMI)
Stay Platinum (Shock Entertainment)
Stay Tuned (PPL)
Stay Up Forever (PPL)
Stay Up Forever Remix (PPL)
Staz Production (SoundExchange)
STC Films (PPL)
STC Music (PPL)
STC Recordings (PPL)
Steady Beat (Netherlands) (ToCo)
Steady Boy (SoundExchange)
Steadyboy Records (SoundExchange)
Steadyrecords Soundvibration (PPL)
Steal the Love Records Ltd (PPL)
Steal My Oil Records (PPL)
Stealth (Ministry Of Sound)
Stealth Media Limited (PPL)
Stealth Music (PPL)
Stealth Recording (PPL)
Stealth Records (Onehill Records B.V.)
Stealth Sonic Recordings (PPL)
Steamer (PPL)
Steamroller Limited (PPL)
Stebelin (PPL)
Steel (PPL)
Steel Cage (SoundExchange)
Steel These Records (PPL)
Steel Tiger (PPL)
Steel Wheel (PPL)
Steele Records (PPL)
Steely & Clevie (PPL)
Steely & Clevie Digital (PPL)
Steely & Clevie Records (PPL)
Stefano Cecchi (Duke Bojadziev)
Stellah Records (SoundExchange)
Stellar Trax (SoundExchange)
Stem Music (The Planet Company)
Step-1 Music (SoundExchange)
Step Ahead Entertainment (PPL)
Step Into (PPL)
Stephen Band (PPL)
Stephen Hogg (Hogg, Stephen John)
Stephen Martin-Hanley (PPL)
Stephen Stockton (Stockton, Stephen)
Steppa Production (PPL)
Steppin Stone Records (PPL)
Steppin’ Out Records (PPL)
Stereo 1010 (EMI)
Stereo Delux (SoundExchange)
Stereo Deluxe (SoundExchange)
Stereo Gold Award (PPL)
March 2014
Stereo Press Records (SoundExchange)
Stereo Seven Plus (SoundExchange)
Stereo Supersonic Music (SoundExchange)
Stereo Sushi Records (PPL)
Stereoart Records (PPL)
Stereolife Records (Stereolife Records)
Stereolove Recordings (Xetsof Pty Ltd)
Stereophonic Sound (SoundExchange)
Stereotype (PPL)
Sterling (PPL)
Sterling Performance (SoundExchange)
Sterlings Records (SoundExchange)
Sterndale Records (PPL)
Sternermusic (SoundExchange)
Sterns (PPL)
Sterns Africa (PPL)
Sterns Brazil (PPL)
Sterns Music (PPL)
Steropression Records (SoundExchange)
Stereo Missile Recordings (Stereo Missile
Stetson (PPL)
Stevans (SoundExchange)
Steve (SoundExchange)
Steve Adkins (SoundExchange)
Steve Allen Music (PPL)
Steve Eaves (PPL)
Steve Eaves A’I Driawd (PPL)
Steve Hill (SoundExchange)
Steve Hill Recordings (SoundExchange)
Steve Nicholls (PPL)
Steve Parry (PPL)
Steve Towson (Towson, Steve)
Steven Keys (SoundExchange)
Steven Menyweather (Menyweather, Steven
Steven Pitts (PPL)
Stevie Mann (PPL)
Stewart Peters (Peters, Stewart)
Stfu Records (PPL)
Stichting ter Exploitatie van Naburige
Rechten (SENA) (specific recordings only)
(Stichting ter Exploitatie van Naburige
Rechten SENA)
Stiff (PPL)
Stiff Indie (PPL)
Stiff Kittens (PPL)
Stiff Pole Records (SoundExchange)
Stiff Weapon (PPL)
Sticks N Stones Recordings (PPL)
Stil Vor Talent (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Stiletto Records (PPL)
Still 7 Records (SoundExchange)
Still Huslin (SoundExchange)
Still Small Voice Records (PPL)
Stillwater Records (PPL)
Still Waters Recordings (PPL)
Stim Records (PPL)
Stimulant Records (PPL)
Stimulator Records(SoundExchange)
- 155 -
Sting Music (Universal)
Stingray Records (PPL)
Stinkfoot Music (PPL)
Stinkiface Music (SoundExchange)
Stix & Stones Entertainment
STK Records (PPL)
STM Records (SoundExchange)
Stoatin (PPL)
Stockholm (PPL)
Stolen Hat Records (SoundExchange)
Stolen Records (PPL)
Stomp (PPL)
Stomp Box (SoundExchange)
Stomp Music & Publishing (PPL)
Stomp Music (PPL)
Stomp Off Records (PPL)
Stompa Phunk Music (PPL)
Stomper Time Records (PPL)
Stompin Choons (PPL)
Stomping Ground (SoundExchange)
Stone (PPL)
Stonecraft (PPL)
Stone Blues (PPL)
Stone Built Productions LTD (PPL)
Stone Gods (PPL)
Stone Gold Records (SoundExchange)
Stone Jam (PPL)
Stone Parade (Stone Parade)
Stone Records (PPL)
Stone Soup (PPL)
Stone Table Records (SoundExchange)
Stone the Kubist (PPL)
Stoned Asia (PPL)
Stoned Bird Productions (PPL)
Stonegarden Records (SoundExchange)
Stonegroove Records (PPL)
Stoneroom Recordings (SoundExchange)
Stones Throw (Sony Music Ent)
Stones Throw (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Stones Throw Records (PPL)
Stoney Crook Recordz (SoundExchange)
Stoneyboy (Armada Music)
Stoopid Records (PPL)
Stop Musique (SoundExchange)
Stop Pop and Roll (SoundExchange)
Stop The Buck (SoundExchange)
Stop the Clock Productions (PPL)
Storefront Records (SoundExchange)
Storm Front (Storm Front)
Storm Music (UK)(PPL)
Storma Recordings (PPL)
Stormcues (PPL)
Stormforce Arts (PPL)
Stormfront (Stormfront)
Storming Productions (SoundExchange)
Stormin’ Tunes (PPL)
Story Baker Pty Ltd (EMI)
Story Baker Pty Ltd (Specific Releases)
(Story Baker Pty Ltd)
Storysound Records (SoundExchange)
Storyteller (PPL)
Storytime (PPL)
Storyville (Den)(Hot)
Storyville Jazz (Select)
Stove Punchin’ (SoundExchange)
Stow Town Records (SoundExchange)
Stradivari (SoundExchange)
Stradivarius (PPL)
Straight Ahead Productions Ltd (PPL)
Straight Hits Entertainment
Straight On Records (SoundExchange)
Straight Talk Co (PPL)
Straight Up! Music (SoundExchange)
Straight Up Breakbeat (PPL)
Straightaway Music (EMI)
Straker’s Records (PPL)
Strange And Beautiful Music
Strange Attractors (SoundExchange)
Strange Feeling Records, A Div (PPL)
Strange Fruit (UK)(PPL)
Strange Music Ltd (PPL)
Strange Roots (PPL)
Strange Things Records (PPL)
Strange Ways Records (PPL)
Strangelove (PPL)
Stranger Touch Records (SoundExchange)
Strangeworld (SoundExchange)
Strata (UK)(PPL)
Strategic Marketing (Sony Music Ent)
Stratagetik Recordz (SoundExchange)
Strathan Music Limited (PPL)
Stratum Management (Stratum
Straw (SoundExchange)
Straw Rabbit Records (PPL)
Straw Man (SoundExchange)
Straw Man Music (SoundExchange)
Strawberry Talk (EMI)
Stray Cat Records (PPL)
Straytown Records (PPL)
Stream Records (PPL)
Streamlined Recordings (Ministry Of Sound)
Streaming Pictures (PPL)
Street Anthem Records (SoundExchange)
Street Beat Records (PPL)
Street Dance (SoundExchange)
Street Dream Entertainment
Street Dream Records (SoundExchange)
Street Flavor (SoundExchange)
Street Gold (SoundExchange)
Street Gospel (SoundExchange)
Street Hot Music (SoundExchange)
Street Hype (PPL)
Street of Dreams P/L (Blue Pie Productions)
Street Players (PPL)
March 2014
Street Ties (SoundExchange)
Street To Nowhere (SoundExchange)
Street Tuff (PPL)
Streetcar Productions (Hot)
Streetpro (SoundExchange)
Streetsounds (PPL)
Streetstalkaz (SoundExchange)
Streetsweepers Entertainment
Streetwave (PPL)
Streetwise Recordings (PPL)
Streett Firm (PPL)
Stressed Records (PPL)
Stressed Sumo Records (PPL)
Stretch Records (UK)(PPL)
Stretched Records (PPL)
Stric’ly Jesus (SoundExchange)
Strict-ly Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Strict-ly Shadow (SoundExchange)
Strictly Country (PPL)
Strictly Dance Recordings (PPL)
Strictly Digital (PPL)
Strictly Hype (SoundExchange)
Strictly Urban (EMI)
Strike Back (PPL)
Striker Lee (PPL)
Strikey (Specific Recordings Only)(Inertia)
Strinesong Pty Ltd (Strinesong)
String (PPL)
String Commander (SoundExchange)
Stringbean Inrternational Records (PPL)
Stringmansassy (Stringmansassy)
Stringtime Jazz (SoundExchange)
Strip City Records (SoundExchange)
Striped Shirt Records (SoundExchange)
Strobelight Limited (PPL)
Strong Arm Ent (SoundExchange)
Strong Like Bull Records (PPL)
Stronghouse Records (PPL)
Strongjazz (PPL)
Strontuim Music (Xelon Entertainment)
Stroudavarious Records (SoundExchange)
Strut (PPL)
Strut (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Strut Records (!K7 Records)
Stuck Records (SoundExchange)
Stuckup Music (PPL)
Stud L.A.J (SoundExchange)
Studio 2 Stereo (EMI)
Studio 2000 (PPL)
Studio 28 (PPL)
Studio 4 (PPL)
Studio 61 (SoundExchange)
Studio 8 Records (PPL)
Studio 11 Productions (SoundExchange)
Studio E Records (SoundExchange)
Studio Horizon (Hot)
Studio Horizon (SoundExchange)
Studio Hair Int’l (SoundExchange)
Studio K7 (Video)(PPL)
- 156 -
Studio Lead SRL (SoundExchange)
Studio One (SoundExchange)
Studio Park (SoundExchange)
Studio Rockers (PPL)
Studio Sonik (Studio Sonik)
Studio Terra (EMI)
Studio Two Twelve (Studio Two Twelve)
Studio Vibes Entertainment
Studio Word (EMI)
Studiolounge! (SoundExchange)
Studiowest (SoundExchange)
Stuff Records (PPL)
Stump Whipped Music (SoundExchange)
Stunning Tonto Records (SoundExchange)
Stun-Gun Records (PPL)
Stunt Baby Productions (SoundExchange)
Stunt Cock (PPL)
Stunt Monkey Records (PPL)
Stunted Records (PPL)
Style Wars Recordings (PPL)
Styletone Recordings (McKenna, Tess)
Stylin Productions (PPL)
Su Presencia Producciones Ltda
Suade Voices (Suade Voices)
Sub Continental Dub (Sub Continental Dub)
Sub Cult (PPL)
Sub Dub Records Ltd (PPL)
Sub Pop Records (Onehill Records B.V.)
Sub Rosa (Belgium)(Fuse Music Group P/L)
Sub Rosa (SoundExchange)
Sub Soldiers (SoundExchange)
Sub Up Records (PPL)
Sub-aqua (PPL)
Sub-Urban (SoundExchange)
Subatomatic (PPL)
Subatomatic Records (PPL)
Subatomic UK (PPL)
Subautomatic Music (PPL)
Subcluture (Armada Music)
Subcurrent (SoundExchange)
Subexotic Records LLP (PPL)
Subhuman (SoundExchange)
Subjugation Records (PPL)
Subito (McMenamin, Fleur)
Sublevel (SoundExchange)
Sublight Records (SoundExchange)
Sublime Designs Records (SoundExchange)
Sublime Dezine (SoundExchange)
Sublime Dezine Records (SoundExchange)
Sublime Intervention (PPL)
Sublime Music (PPL)
Sublime Recordings (PPL)
Submental Records (SoundExchange)
Submerge Recordings (SoundExchange)
Submerged Records (SoundExchange)
Submissions (PPL)
Subrosa Records (PPL)
Subside Records (Subsonic)
Subsonic (Xelon Entertainment)
Supsonic ind. (SoundExchange)
Subsonic Music (SoundExchange)
Subsonik (SoundExchange)
Subsonic Records (Subsonic)
Subspace Music (PPL)
Subsonic Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Substance (PPL)
Substance Over Hype Records
Substance Recordings (SoundExchange)
Substruck Records (SoundExchange)
Subtek Records (PPL)
Subterranean Records (Subterranean
Subtext (PPL)
Subtone Records (SoundExchange)
Subtrakt (SoundExchange)
Subtraxx Recordings (SoundExchange)
Suburban Base (SoundExchange)
Suburban Base Records (PPL)
Suburban Mayhem (Specific Recordings
Suburban Movement (Rachelle Productions)
Suburban Noize (Shock Entertainment)
Subverse (SoundExchange)
Subversion (PPL)
Subversion Official Records (PPL)
Subversive (PPL)
Subway Records (PPL)
Subway Sounds (PPL)
Success (UK)(PPL)
Succotash Records (PPL)
Suckafree Records (SoundExchange)
Suckmusic (Suckmusic Pty Ltd)
Suckmusic (Xelon Entertainment)
Sudden Impact Records (PPL)
Suddenly Naked Arts Collective
Sue Mingus Music (SoundExchange)
Suesse Records (PPL)
Suffering Egos (PPL)
Sugafuzz (Warner)
Sugar (Universal)
Sugar Army (Shock Entertainment)
Sugar Cane (SoundExchange)
Sugar Hill Records (PPL)
Sugar Line Records (PPL)
Sugar Line Records (SoundExchange)
Sugar Records (PPL)
Sugar Water Records (SoundExchange)
Sugarbeat (PPL)
Sugarbox Records (PPL)
Sugarhouse Records (SoundExchange)
Sugarjuice Records (SoundExchange)
Sugarlow Records (PPL)
Sugarrush Records (Sugarrush Music)
Sugarscoop Records (Unidisc)
Sugarstar Limited (PPL)
Sugo Music (Blue Pie Productions)
March 2014
Suisa (SoundExchange)
Suitcase Town Music (SoundExchange)
Suite Supuesto! (EMI)
Suite 903 (SoundExchange)
Sujiro Productions Ltd (PPL)
Sukey Jump Music (SoundExchange)
Sulan (PPL)
Sulrtry Symon Music (SoundExchange)
Sum Records (PPL)
Sumday Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Sume Music (SoundExchange)
Sumerged Records (SoundExchange)
Sumerian Records (SoundExchange)
Summer 2005 (EMI)
Summer Break Records (SoundExchange)
Summer Child Music (SoundExchange)
Summerfold Records (PPL)
Summerhouse (PPL)
Summit Music Group (Blue Pie Productions)
Summit Music Group (PPL)
Summit Sound Systems (SoundExchange)
Sumplus Digital (SoundExchange)
Sumo Records (PPL)
Sumsonic (PPL)
Sumsonic Records (SoundExchange)
Sumthing Else Music Works (Select
Computer Game Titles)(Shock
Sun Comes Out Twice As Bright (Sun
Comes Out Twice As Bright)
Sun Country (SoundExchange)
Sun Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Sun Nation Entertainment (PPL)
Sun Pier Recordings (PPL)
Sun Recordings (PPL)
Sun Records (PPL)
Sunbass Records (PPL)
Sunbeam Records (SoundExchange)
Sunburn Recordings (SoundExchange)
Suncut Records (SoundExchange)
Sundae Club (PPL)
Sunday Best Recordings (PPL)
Sunday Best Recordings Limited (Shock
Sunday Dance Music (PPL)
Sunday Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Sunday Morning Records (Sunday Morning
Sundazed (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Sundholm Records (SoundExchange)
Sundi (PPL)
Sundown (UK)(PPL)
Sundown Records (Briskey JB + EJ)
Sunkissed Records (PPL)
Sunlight Records (PPL)
Sunlight Square Records (PPL)
Sunn Creative (SoundExchange)
Sunny (PPL)
Sunny Gems Music (SoundExchange)
Sunny Jim Tropical (SoundExchange)
- 157 -
Sunny Jim TT (SoundExchange)
Sunny Side Up (SoundExchange)
Sunny Sky Records (SoundExchange)
Sunnymead Records (Hillman, Don)
Sunrise Media (Hunt, Michael)
Sunrise Music Group (SoundExchange)
Sunrise Recordings (Ministry Of Sound)
Suns Of Arqa (PPL)
Sunset (EMI)
Sunset Alliance (SoundExchange)
Sunset Club Music (Sunset Club)
Sunset Gallery Music (SoundExchange)
Sunset Records (Latin Jazz Crew)
Sunshine HQ (PPL)
Sunshine Music (PPL)
Sunsonik Records (SoundExchange)
Sunsplash Records (PPL)
Sunspots (SoundExchange)
Sunstone Records (SoundExchange)
Sunsurfer Records (PPL)
Suntara Records (PPL)
Sunward Records (SoundExchange)
Sunwrae (Sunwrae)
Suol (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Supatonic Records (PPL)
Super (PPL)
Super Beet Records (SoundExchange)
Super Best Friends (J.L. Barrington & A.B.
Bridges & M.K. Roberts)
Super Cassettes Industries Limited (Super
Cassettes Industries Limited)
Super Charged Music (Shock Entertainment)
Super Combo (EMI)
super FLORENCE jam (Solo, Michael)
Super G Music (SoundExchange)
Super Loud Music (SoundExchange)
Super Massive (Super Massive)
Super Music (Specific Recordings) (Blue Pie
Super Music Collider (PPL)
Super Now (EMI)
Super Power (SoundExchange)
Super Records LLP (PPL)
Super Studios (PPL)
Super T Records (PPL)
Super Tronics (SoundExchange)
Super Value (PPL)
Super Wild Horses (Super Wild Horses)
Superb Muzic (SoundExchange)
Superb Records (SoundExchange)
Superbad (SoundExchange)
Supercat (SoundExchange)
Supercharged (PPL)
Supercharged / Against The Grain (Krafty
SuperCJ (SoundExchange)
Superconductive (PPL)
Superengine (Superengine)
Superfruit (SoundExchange)
Superior Multi Media (SoundExchange)
Superkala Records (SoundExchange)
Superlatino ’08 (EMI)
Supermarket Records (PPL)
Supermassiv (SoundExchange)
Supernature (PPL)
Superphonic Records (SoundExchange)
Superplastik (Netherlands) (ToCo)
Superpop! Records (SoundExchange)
Superpower (PPL)
Superrappin (SoundExchange)
Supersaturated Records (SoundExchange)
Supersede (Supersede Music)
Supersonic Records (Xelon Entertainment)
SupersoniQ (Ministry Of Sound)
Supersound (V & H Holdings)
Superstar (SoundExchange)
Superstition (SoundExchange)
Superstition UK (PPL)
Superstore Music (PPL)
Superstudio Bla (PPL)
Superstudio Gul (PPL)
Superstudio Orange (PPL)
Superstudio Rod (PPL)
Superstudio Vit (PPL)
Supertone Records Ltd (PPL)
SuperVision Trust LLP (Violens) (Shock
Superwow Records (SoundExchange)
Suppression Records (Eddy Current
Suppression Ring) (Shock Entertainment)
Supra (SoundExchange)
Supra Spinatus Productions
Supraphon (Select)
Supreme (PPL)
Supreme Music (PPL)
Supremo Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Sur Sagar (PPL)
Sure Playaz (PPL)
Sure Shot Records (Jamaica)
Surealist Records (PPL)
Surecut Kids (Surecut Kids)
Suredelight (PPL)
Surefire (SoundExchange)
Suresh Music (Suresh Music)
Sureshaker (Sureshaker)
Surf Cove Jazz (SoundExchange)
Surf Waves (SoundExchange)
Surface Area (PPL)
Surfside Records (SoundExchange)
Surfware Media (SoundExchange)
Suroit Musique (SoundExchange)
Surprise Truck (David Lynch)
Surprise Truck Entertainment
Surreal Records (PPL)
Surrender All (Specific Titles Only)(Inertia)
March 2014
Surrender All (PPL)
Surrogate Records (SoundExchange)
Surfer Rosa Records (PPL)
Surrey Dance Music (PPL)
Surto (EMI)
Survival (PPL)
Survival Records (PPL)
Survuvor Records (PPL)
Susan Hawkins (Hawkins, Susan)
Susan Lever (PPL)
Susanna Carman Lalor (Lalor, Carman)
Sushi Bar (EMI)
Suspect Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Suspicious Records (PPL)
Suspiros De Copla (EMI)
Susu (PPL)
Sutra Records (PPL)
Sutra Records (Unidisc)
Suyin Records (PPL)
Suzannah Espie (Shock Entertainment)
Suzi Q (PPL)
Suzie Stapleton (Stapleton, Suzie)
SV (SoundExchange)
SVA (Rain The Original Band)
SVB80 (SoundExchange)
Svensk Musik (SoundExchange)
SVR Records (SoundExchange)
SW Songs and Publishing (SW Songs and
SW-South West Label Group
Swade (SoundExchange)
Swagbag Records (PPL)
Swagger Boy Productions (SoundExchange)
Swaggie (Swaggie)
Swaghive Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Swaha (SoundExchange)
Swallow (PPL)
Swallowtail Records (SoundExchange)
Swami Records (SoundExchange)
Swamp Children (PPL)
Swamp Dogg Records (PPL)
Swathi Soft Solutions (SoundExchange)
Swan (PPL)
Swan Song (Warner)
Swan Songs Publication (Schultz, Nicola)
Swan-E’s Cut Glass Recordings (PPL)
Swank (PPL)
Swannyworks (SoundExchange)
Swansfield (PPL)
Sweat It Out (SoundExchange)
Sweat It Out (Sweat It Out)
Swedish Society (Select)
Sweet Adelines International
Sweet Lemon (SoundExchange)
Sweet Lucy (SoundExchange)
Sweet Mother Recording (SoundExchange)
Sweet Nothing (PPL)
Sweet Papaya Music (SoundExchange)
- 158 -
Sweet Pea Records (SoundExchange)
Sweet Sassy Music (SoundExchange)
Sweet Soubrette (SoundExchange)
Sweet Sounds (PPL)
Sweet Spot Records (SoundExchange)
Sweet Starling Records (PPL)
Sweet T Records Limited (PPL)
Sweet Thursday (PPL)
Sweetest (PPL)
Sweetfinger Music (SoundExchange)
Sweetheart (EMI)
Sweetheart/EMI (EMI)
Sweethorn Records (SoundExchange)
Sweetsong (SoundExchange)
Swerve Records UK (PPL)
SWFU! Records (PPL)
Swift (PPL)
Swift Sonic Enterprises (Swift Sonic
Swim (PPL)
Swine (SoundExchange)
Swing Café (PPL)
Swing Factory (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Swing House (PPL)
Swing Out (SoundExchange)
Swing World (PPL)
Swingbatter Records (SoundExchange)
Swingbros Co (SoundExchange)
Swingers (SoundExchange)
Swinging Door Music (SoundExchange)
Swingin’ Easy’ (PPL)
Swingin’ Productions (PPL)
Swings Records (Ministry Of Sound)
Swingtime Records (PPL)
Swirl Productions (SoundExchange)
Swiss Pan (PPL)
Swississippi Records (SoundExchange)
Switch (PPL)
Switch Records (PPL)
Switchflicker Records (PPL)
Swizz Blade Records (PPL)
SWM (SoundExchange)
Swollen Records (SoundExchange)
Swoop Records (PPL)
Swordmaker Records (PPL)
Swordtail Records (Swordtail Records)
Swrecords (PPL)
Swymm Communications (SoundExchange)
Sybersound (SoundExchange)
SYCO Music (Sony Music Ent)
Sydney Symphony SSO (Fuse Music Group
Sydney Zenith International
Sydonia Music (Sydonia)
Sylvan House Music (SoundExchange)
Sylvanton (PPL)
Symbiosis Music (PPL)
Symbol Records (PPL)
Syme International (PPL)
Symp.tom (SoundExchange)
Sympathetic Developments (PPL)
Sympathetic Music (PPL)
Symphonia (SoundExchange)
Symphonic Vapour (PPL)
Symphonotics (SoundExchange)
Symphony Space (SoundExchange)
Symple Soul (SoundExchange)
Symposium (PPL)
Synapse (PPL)
Synaxis Sound Recordings (Blue Pie
Sync24 (SoundExchange)
Synchroniized Music (SoundExchange)
Syncopated Zen (Specific Recordings
Syndicate Chapter (PPL)
Synergie OMP (PPL)
Synergy Records (EMI)
Syngate (SoundExchange)
Synthsmith Music (SoundExchange)
Synthetic (PPL)
Synthetic Dream Music (SoundExchange)
Syren (PPL)
Sy-S-Stars (SoundExchange)
T Records (PPL)
T Series (PPL)
T Square (PPL)
T’s (SoundExchange)
T & T Records (SoundExchange)
T.A.C (SoundExchange)
T.A. Productions (SoundExchange)
T.B.G. President (PPL)
T.G.O. records (Unidisc)
T.I.M. Records (PPL)
T.I.M.P Records (SoundExchange)
T.M.J. (James, Mitchell & Chapman, Tyson)
T.Q.D. (SoundExchange)
T.R.U.S.T. (SoundExchange)
T&A Records (SoundExchange)
T1S (SoundExchange)
T2 (PPL)
T-Town Music (SoundExchange)
TAA Records (PPL)
Ta-Dum Productions (SoundExchange)
Ta-Dum Productions inc. (SoundExchange)
Taal Productions (PPL)
Tab Records Inc (SoundExchange)
Tabbita Record Company (Tabbita Record
Tabitha Records (PPL)
Table Music (Tabel Music Trust)
Tableturns (SoundExchange)
Taboo Music (PPL)
Tabou (SoundExchange)
Tabou 1 (SoundExchange)
Tacca Records (Unidisc)
Tacet (PPL)
Tacet Edition Eigen Art (PPL)
Tack Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Tactal Hots Music (PPL)
Tactical Thinking Entertainment (PPL)
Tactile Music (Hot)
Tactile Records (SoundExchange)
Tad’s Records (SoundExchange)
Tadaune Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Tademus (SoundExchange)
Tadlow Music (PPL)
Taezali Enterprises (PPL)
Taffy Lab (SoundExchange)
Tafik Musik (SoundExchange)
Tag Records (Warner)
Tahra (Select)
Tai Records (PPL)
Tail (SoundExchange)
Tailem Bend (Architecture in Helsinki)
Tailtres (Hot)
Tairona Recordings (PPL)
Taj (PPL)
Tak (PPL)
Take 5 Records (PPL)
Take Control Records (PPL)
Take Down Records (SoundExchange)
Take Home Tunes (SoundExchange)
Take Me To The Hospital (SoundExchange)
Take Over Records (SoundExchange)
Takedown Records (Shock Entertainment)
Takehold Records (EMI)
Takenote Productions (PPL)
Takeover Records (SoundExchange)
Takoma (PPL)
Talk (PPL)
Taktix (PPL)
Talent House (SoundExchange)
Talent Moat (SoundExchange)
Talk of the Town (PPL)
Talkin Loud (Universal)
Talking Elephant (UK)(PPL)
Talking Music (SoundExchange)
Tallgirl Records (
Tall Order Records (PPL)
Tall Pop (PPL)
Tall Poppies (Tall Poppies)
Tallboy Records (SoundExchange)
Taltl Records (SoundExchange)
Tam-Tam Productions (SoundExchange)
Tama Psychosis (SoundExchange)
Tamale Pot Records (SoundExchange)
Tamara Stewart (Stewart, Tamara)
Tamarin (PPL)
Tambourhinoceros (SoundExchange)
Tambourine Records (PPL)
Tamir Khan (PPL)
Tamoki Wambesi (SoundExchange)
Tamoki-Wambesi (PPL)
Tamworth Jazz Club (PPL)
Tamworth Music (Tamworth Music)
Tan (PPL)
Tanch Event Management (Tanch Event
- 159 -
Tandem (PPL)
Tanga Records (PPL)
Tangata (Sony Music Ent)
Tangent (PPL)
Tangent RRecords Ltd (PPL)
Tangerine Dream (SoundExchange)
Tanghetto & Con (SoundExchange)
Tangled Up! (PPL)
Tango Recordings (SoundExchange)
Tank Top (PPL)
Tankcrimes (SoundExchange)
Tann Starr (SoundExchange)
Tanners Manners (SoundExchange)
Tano (SoundExchange)
Tant (PPL)
Tantobie Records (PPL)
Tantobie Records (SoundExchange)
Tantor Media (SoundExchange)
Tantrum Music (PPL)
Tantrum Records(Tantrum Records)(Aust
Tanty Records (PPL)
Tanya (PPL)
Taos City Music (SoundExchange)
TAP Music (Domino Recording Company
Tap N Tin Records Ltd (PPL)
Tape Modern (PPL)
Tape Theory (SoundExchange)
Tapewyrm Records (PPL)
Tar Hut (SoundExchange)
Tara (PPL)
Tara Hall (Tara Hall Productions)
Tara Music (SoundExchange)
Tara Music Company (PPL)
Tara Simmons (Simmons, Tara)
Tarabeat (PPL)
Tarantulas Records (SoundExchange)
Target Dog Records (PPL)
Tarmac Adam (String Theory Creative)
Tarnished Records (SoundExchange)
Taroland Studio (SoundExchange)
Tarpit Records (SoundExchange)
Tarquin (SoundExchange)
Tarw Du (PPL)
Tas Management (SoundExchange)
Tashamba Records (SoundExchange)
Taste Media Ltd (PPL)
Tasting Grace (SoundExchange)
Tatabu Records (PPL)
Tate Sound (SoundExchange)
Tate Music Group (other) (SoundExchange)
Tattoo Records (PPL)
Tatty Records (PPL)
Taureau Music (SoundExchange)
Tawa Bishi Records (PPL)
Tax Disc (PPL)
Taylor Horn (SoundExchange)
Tayme’ Tee (PPL)
Taymusic (SoundExchange)
TBC (SoundExchange)
TBRL Music (PPL)
TBS (SoundExchange)
TC Records (PPL)
TC Trackx (SoundExchange)
TCC Records (SoundExchange)
TCL (The City Lights)
TCK Production Ltd (PPL)
TCP Recordings (PPL)
TCT Records (PPL)
TD Systems Recording (PPL)
TDI Records (SoundExchange)
TDK (Germany)(Fuse)
TDM Music (SoundExchange)
TDM Records (SoundExchange)
TDP (SoundExchange)
TDRS (SoundExchange)
Tea House Records (PPL)
Tea Party Music (SoundExchange)
Teach Yourself Techno (PPL)
Teacup Music (Teacup)
Teal (SoundExchange)
Team Alan Recordings (PPL)
Team Certified (SoundExchange)
Team Dave (SoundExchange)
Team Demeanor Movement
Team Official Music Group
Team Tomato (SoundExchange)
Teams (PPL)
Teamtrick (Teamtrick Pty Ltd)
Teaneck (SoundExchange)
Tear Drop Records (SoundExchange)
Tebo Records (SoundExchange)
Teardrop (The Blackeyed Susans)
Tec (PPL)
Tec TV (PPL)
Tech Essentials (Ministry Of Sound)
Techland (SoundExchange)
Techmania Records (SoundExchange)
Techniques Records (SoundExchange)
Technostalgic Tunes (PPL)
Technotunes (PPL)
Techtuo (PPL)
Tecnojam (PPL)
Tectonic (PPL)
Teddy Bear Records (SoundExchange)
Teddy’s Jamz, inc. (SoundExchange)
Tee Dee (PPL)
Tee Hee Music (SoundExchange)
Tee Pee Records (PPL)
Teedo (SoundExchange)
Teen Sound (PPL)
Teenage Fanclub (Liberation Music)
Teenage Heart Records (SoundExchange)
Teenbeat Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Tehillah Music Group (SoundExchange)
Teibolera’s Hits (EMI)
Teires (PPL)
Tek (PPL)
Tek Records (PPL)
Tekdbz (SoundExchange)
Tekelec Records (PPL)
Tekmatrix Sounds LLC (Blue Pie
Tekni Records (PPL)
Teknology (SoundExchange)
Tel (PPL)
Tel Entertainment (PPL)
Tel Music (PPL)
Telapathik 3D (PPL)
Telapathik Worldwide Musik (PPL)
Telarc (USA)(Fuse Music Group P/L)
Teldec (Warner)
Teledisc (SoundExchange)
Telegram Records Stockholm (Warner)
Telegraph Records (SoundExchange)
Telehog Records (SoundExchange)
Telemedia Communications
Tele Soul Records (SoundExchange)
Teletone (SoundExchange)
Televisa-EMI (EMI)
Television Records (Collective)(Marshall,
Jacqueline Louise)
Televista –EMI Mexico (EMI)
Televista EMI Music (EMI)
Telica Communications (PPL)
Tell Music (Warner)
Tell-All Records (SoundExchange)
Telle (SoundExchange)
Tellurian Records (SoundExchange)
Tenille Musulin (Musulin, Tenielle)
Telos (PPL)
Telstar (PPL)
Telstar Arena (PPL)
Telstar Fitness (PPL)
Telstar Premiere (PPL)
Telstar Records Limited (PPL)
Telstar Records Ltd (PPL)
Telstar TV (PPL)
Tema (PPL)
Tempa (PPL)
Tempa Dancebeat (PPL)
Tempa & Foneks (SoundExchange)
Tempest Eye Records (PPL)
Tempete Disques (SoundExchange)
Temple (PPL)
Temple of Sound (PPL)
Temple Records (PPL)
Temple Veil (SoundExchange)
Tempo Toons (PPL)
Temporary Residence Ltd (PPL)
Temporary Residence Records (PPL)
Ten (EMI)
Ten Band Music(PPL)
- 160 -
Ten Fifty Music Inc (SoundExchange)
Ten Fingers Records (Specific Recordings
Ten Foot Records (PPL)
Ten Gu Kru (SoundExchange)
Ten Records (EMI)
Ten Steps Music (SoundExchange)
Ten-Six Records (SoundExchange)
Ten Windows Records (SoundExchange)
Tenacious Records (PPL)
Tenacity Records (SoundExchange)
Tender Disco (PPL)
Tender Trap (PPL)
Tenderhook Records (PPL)
Tenderhooks Productions (PPL)
Tenkiller (SoundExchange)
Tennis (SoundExchange)
Tenx Music (SoundExchange)
Tenza Music Digital (PPL)
Tenzenmen (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Tequila Records (PPL)
Ter (PPL)
Ter Classics (PPL)
Ter International (PPL)
Ter VIP Series (PPL)
Terence Koo (Koo, Terence)
Terese Millhouse (Millhouse, Terese)
Termite Tracs (SoundExchange)
Terpsikhore Records (SoundExchange)
Terra Ent (SoundExchange)
Terra Humana (SoundExchange)
Terra Nova (UK)(PPL)
Terra Soul Music (SoundExchange)
Terrace (SoundExchange)
Terrace Recordings (PPL)
Terracotta (PPL)
Terraism (PPL)
Terrell Baker Productions (SoundExchange)
Terrorhythm (PPL)
Terror Squad (Warner)
Terror Squad (SoundExchange)
Terror Squad Entertainment
Terror Squad Entertainment (EMI)
Terror Squad Entertainment (TSE) (EMI)
Terror Traxx (SoundExchange)
Terry Cashamns Greatest Baseba (PPL)
Terry Davies Music (PPL)
Tesca (PPL)
Tesh Media (SoundExchange)
Teshmusic (SoundExchange)
Test of Time Records (SoundExchange)
Test Presssing (PPL)
Test Tube (PPL)
Testament (Select)
Testament (UK)(PPL)
Testpress (SoundExchange)
Tetra Records (PPL)
Tetrapod Recordings (SoundExchange)
Tevita (PPL)
Texas51 (SoundExchange)
Texas Blues Records (SoundExchange)
Texas Cries (SoundExchange)
Texas Hotel (PPL)
Texas Jamboree (SoundExchange)
Texas Music Forge (SoundExchange)
Texas Records (SoundExchange)
Texas Rose Records (SoundExchange)
Texas Round-Up (SoundExchange)
Texas Tea (Texas Tea)
Texicali (PPL)
Text Book Music (Xelon Entertainment)
Textone Records (SoundExchange)
TFK Music (SoundExchange)
TF1 Enterprise & Une Musique (Warner)
TGM Records (SoundExchange)
Tha Alumni Music Group (SoundExchange)
Tha Coldest Heat Records (SoundExchange)
THaF Records (PPL)
Thalia Louise Kemp (Radio Caroline South)
Than (PPL)
Thane Records (PPL)
Thankyoucathy Records (SoundExchange)
That Canadian Guy Productions
That’s Entertainment Records (PPL)
That’s Heavy Records (SoundExchange)
That’s My Worldwide LLC
That’s Real Records (Toco)
That’s What I Call Music (EMI)
That’s Why There’s Chocolate (PPL)
THC Records (SoundExchange)
The 3rd Message, inc (SoundExchange)
The A Foundation (PPL)
The AA’s (PPL)
The Acapella (SoundExchange)
The Acca Daiquiris (The Acca Daiquiris)
The Agriculture (SoundExchange)
The Alien Piers Organisation (PPL)
The Alphabet Business Concern (PPL)
The Amani Consort (Butcher, Aysha Amani)
The Angels (Frilanded P/L)
The Angels (Naycoda P/L)
The Angry Tradesman (Shock
The Anti-Machine Machine
The April Maze (The April Maze)
The Archenemy Record Company
The Art Factory (PPL)
The Art Of Music (PPL)
The Art Of Sound Group (SoundExchange)
The Art Of Trance (PPL)
The Assembly Players (PPL)
The Audio-Republik (PPL)
The Axis Of Awesome (SoundExchange)
The Ayems (Drapht Music)
March 2014
The Bandit Kings (SoundExchange)
The Barley Boys (SoundExchange)
The Barn Owl Band (SoundExchange)
The Beat Horizon (SoundExchange)
The Beats Recordings Limited (Warner)
The Beechfields (SoundExchange)
The Belle Stars (PPL)
The Best Picture Show (EMI)
The Bicycle Music Company
The Big band Alumni Assoc
The Birds Recording Company (PPL)
The Black and White Years LLC
The Black Keys (Shock Entertainment)
The Black Stars (The Black Stars)
The Bloddsugars (SoundExchange)
The Blue Rose Record Company (PPL)
The Blush of Dawn (SoundExchange)
The Boat People (The Boat People)
The Bollingers (SoundExchange)
The Bollywood Brass Band (PPL)
The Bonjour Branch (PPL)
The Bottom Line (SoundExchange)
The Boutique Label (PPL)
The Boxhouse Music Company
The Boy and The Bear Records
The Bridge (SoundExchange)
The Browns’tone Recording Company
The Cadiz Recording Co (PPL)
The Cake Label (PPL)
The Camels (The Camels)
The Care (PPL)
The Cat Empire (EMI)
The Catherdrals (SoundExchange)
The CCP Record Company (Pty) Limited
The CD Label (PPL)
The Chambers (PPL)
The Chaperones (The Chaperones)
The Charismatic Company (PPL)
The Chosen (SoundExchange)
The Chris (SoundExchange)
The Christmas Bunch Records (PPL)
The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show
The Cinema Shoe (PPL)
The Cinnamon Band (SoundExchange)
The City Lights Movement
The Classic Records Label (PPL)
The Classical Recording Co (PPL)
The Classics Labels – Brass Classics (Select)
The Classics Labels – Cello Classics (Select)
The Classics Labels – Clarinet Classics
- 161 -
The Clique (PPL)
The Clique Rockording Company (PPL)
The Code International Inc
The Coelocanth Rec. Co. Ltd (PPL)
The Coleman Brothers (SoundExchange)
The Collection (PPL)
The Company (SoundExchange)
The Control Room (The Control Room)
The Cool and Deadly LLC (SoundExchange)
The Cool and The Deadly LLC
The Council (PPL)
The Creaking Tree String Quartet
The Crossing (SoundExchange)
The Crosswind Corperation
The Daae Family (SoundExchange)
The Damned (PPL)
The Damselfly (SoundExchange)
The Dark Villager (PPL)
The Dead Abigails (The Dead Abigails)
The Deconstruct (PPL)
The Delegators (PPL)
The Diary Association (SoundExchange)
The Die Kur (PPL)
The Diealones (SoundExchange)
The Digitat Jukebox (PPL)
The Digital Age (SoundExchange)
The Dissociatives (EMI)
The DJ School (PPL)
The Dominicks (Spider Music)
The Doo Wops (SoundExchange)
The Dreamtree Shakers (SoundExchange)
The Drift Collective (PPL)
The Drones (Shock Entertainment)
The Drop (The Drop Ltd)
The Dumbguns (PPL)
The E&J Brothaz (SoundExchange)
The Edan Project (PPL)
The Eden Record Label (PPL)
The Ekuba Project (SoundExchange)
The Elements Principle (PPL)
The Enclave (EMI)
The Epiloques (SoundExchange)
The Euro Collection (PPL)
The Evelyn Room (SoundExchange)
The Everybodyfields (SoundExchange)
The Everyday Visuals (SoundExchange)
The Expressive Arts (PPL)
The Falls (The Falls)
The Familia Music Group (PPL)
The Familie (SoundExchange)
The Family Business Group
The Famous Charisma Label (EMI)
The Fauves (Shock Entertainment)
The Fifth Company (PPL)
The Fine Line (EMI)
The Finished Product (SoundExchange)
The Firm (EMI)
The Flibbertigibbet Gramophone (PPL)
The Flow (SoundExchange)
The Flying Record Company Ltd (PPL)
The Forbidden Label (PPL)
The Franks (PPL)
The Freefall Music Company (PPL)
The Funky Chemist (SoundExchange)
The Future Sound Of Egypt (Armada Music)
The G Inc (SoundExchange)
The Gaia Project (SoundExchange)
The Ganesha (PPL)
The Germ Organization (PPL)
The Gift (Rap) (SoundExchange)
The Gold Collection (EMI)
The Golden Child (SoundExchange)
The Golden Pride Children’s Choir (Shock
The Good Natured (PPL)
The Great Feel Good Company (PPL)
The Grey Area (EMI)
The Guitar Label (PPL)
The Guppies (The Guppies)
The Gustavo Rodriguez Band
The Gypsy Butterfly (SoundExchange)
The Habershon Label (PPL)
The Habershon Label Ltd (PPL)
The Halloween Society (PPL)
The Hanging Tree (The Hanging Tree)
The Happy Biscuit Club (PPL)
The Harmonators (The Harmonators)
The Harmonica Pocket (SoundExchange)
The Harmony Factory Ltd (PPL)
The Hash Music Channel (SoundExchange)\
The Hayes Family (SoundExchange)
The Hazy Janes (PPL)
The Head And The Heart (SoundExchange)
The Heartleys (Shock Entertainment)
The Heavy Metal Record Co. Ltd (PPL)
The Hexus (PPL)
The Hit Galaxy (SoundExchange)
The Hit Label (PPL)
The Hit Recording Company Ltd (PPL)
The Hitman DDub (SoundExchange)
The Hitmen (Shock Entertainment)
The Hollow Trees Records
The Hours Entertainment (SoundExchange)
The Hustle Standard (SoundExchange)
The Ill Mic Aphyliates (SoundExchange)
The Imponderables (SoundExchange)
The Indian Record MFG. Co. Ltd (PPL)
The Ineloquent (SoundExchange)
The Infantry Camp Records
The IOS (SoundExchange)
The Irish Experience (SoundExchange)
The Jazz Hut (SoundExchange)
March 2014
The Jazz Label (PPL)
The Jazz Makers (Swaggie)
The Jazz Tree (SoundExchange)
The Jeans (Campbell, Tim & Moya, Coralie)
The Jed Rowe Band (Rowe, Jed)
The Jezabels (The Jezabels)
The Johns (SoundExchange)
The JukeBox Collection (EMI)
The Junction Inc (SoundExchange)
The Jungle Giants (The Jungle Giants)
The Keel Brothers (SoundExchange)
The Klez Dispensers (SoundExchange)
The Kotki Dwa Partnership (PPL)
The Lab (SoundExchange)
The Label (PPL)
The Last Grand (PPL)
The Last Kinection (Shock Entertainment)
The Lead Balloon Recording Company
The leaf Label (Rights Retriever BV)
The Lexingtons (SoundExchange)
The Lightfighters (SoundExchange)
The Lights (PPL)
The Lights that Flicker (SoundExchange)
The Listening Booth (EMI)
The Little Label (The Little Label)
The Little Stevies (The Little Stevies)
The Livid Greys (SoundExchange)
The Living End (EMI)
The Lockdown Media Group
The Logic Of Dreams (PPL)
The Long And Short Of It (long And Short
The Long Knives (PPL)
The Loomers (SoundExchange)
The Lotus Press (Schultz, Nicola)
The Love Junkies (The Love Junkies)
The Love Theme (PPL)
The Lowland Hundred (PPL)
The Luggage Label (PPL)
The Maestro Compilation Series (PPL)
The Mai 68S (SoundExchange)
The Majestika Creative (The Majestika
The Man From Ravcon (SoundExchange)
The Mansion Recordings (SoundExchange)
The Mark Five Company (SoundExchange)
The Masons (SoundExchange)
The Material (SoundExchange)
The Mess Hall (Feeling Sideways EP)
(Shock Entertainment)
The Mid North (Noiselab)
The Mighty Kings Of Benga (PPL)
The Million (Pyke, Joshua Jon)
The Mitkab Ltd (PPL)
The Modern Congress (TMC) (Rollinson,
Timothy Robert)
The Money Go round (Jonathan Vassallo,
Luke & Rohan Wilcox)
- 162 -
The Moneybaggs Music (SoundExchange)
The Monkery (SoundExchange)
The Monkey Face (The Monkey Face)
The Morning Line (SoundExchange)
The Morning Star International (PPL)
The Morrigan (PPL)
The Museagency (The Museagency)
The Music Boxshop (PPL)
The Music Company (Toco)
The Music Goes Round BV (PPL)
The Music Isle (SoundExchange)
The Music Plant (PPL)
The Music Records (SoundExchange)
The Music Spa (EMI)
The Musiik Factory (SoundExchange)
The Never Evers (The Never Evers)
The New Choir Of New College Oxford
The New Feel Good Entertainment
The New Music (EMI)
The New Painsmen (SoundExchange)
The New Sound of Jazz (EMI)
The Nexxt Level Ent. (SoundExchange)
The Ni-Ty Entertainment (Blue Pie
The Nine Recordings/Productions (Cameron
The Northern Song Collective (PPL)
The Numbers (Liberation Music)
The On Fires (The On Fires)
The One Through Tens (SoundExchange)
The Orb (SoundExchange)
The Orchard (Xelon Entertainment)
The Original Angels Band (Frilanded P/L)
The Original Angels Band (Naycoda P/L)
The Oscillators (The Oscillators)
The Otherside Entertainment
The Outfit Records (SoundExchange)
The Panama Music Co. P/L (Panama)
The Panda Band (Panda Band, The)
The Paradise Motel (The Paradise Hotel)
The Paradise Vendors (SoundExchange)
The Payback Project (PPL)
The Peoples Label (SoundExchange)
The Perfect Kiss P.I.L (SoundExchange)
The Physical World (SoundExchange)
The Piatigorsky Foundation
The Pierpoint Consortium Ltd (PPL)
The Pink Flamingoes (SoundExchange)
The Pink Label (PPL)
The Place 4 Music LLP (PPL)
The Plan (SoundExchange)
The Planet Company (The Planet Company)
The Playground Records Lyd (PPL)
The Post War (SoundExchange)
The Presidents Council (SoundExchange)
The Product Exchange Limit (PPL)
The Prolz (SoundExchange)
The Prophet (Rap) (SoundExchange)
The Prophets Productions (The Prophets
The {sychadelic Ensemble (SoundExchange)
The R.A.I.N (SoundExchange)
The Rainbow Music Company
The Radio Foundation (SoundExchange)
The Raft EMI)
The Rayloc Group (SoundExchange)
The Reach (SoundExchange)
The Record Company (EMI)
The Records (PPL)
The Red Hot Organiztion (SoundExchange)
The Red Romance (SoundExchange)
The Redemptive Process (SoundExchange)
The Rembrandt Label (PPL)
The Restless (The Restless)
The Reverend Glen Armstrong
The Rifles Direct Ltd (PPL)
The Rifles Media Ltd (PPL)
The Right Stuff (EMI)
The River 68s (PPL)
The Road Cases (Shock Entertainment)
The Robby Wright Family (SoundExchange)
The Rocketeer Music Company (PPL)
The RoomTokyo Pistol (EMI)
The Rosemine Group (SoundExchange)
The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band (Brass Jelly
The Royalmen (SoundExchange)
The Ruffled Feathers (SoundExchange)
The Ruse (SoundExchange)
The Rutabega (SoundExchange)
The Saints (SoundExchange)
The Saloon Recordings (SoundExchange)
The Sarah Tree (PPL)
The Saruzu Quartet (The Saruzu Quartet)
The Saturday Team (SoundExchange)
The Satyrs (SoundExchange)
The Saul Zaentz Company (SoundExchange)
The Schizofreniks Record Label (PPL)
The Scum Frog (SoundExchange)
The Secret Mountain (SoundExchange)
The Singing Kettles (Kettle, William/Estate
of Ross Kettle)
The Singles Society (PPL)
The Sound System (Ska Sound System)
The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing
The Sound of Tallahassee (SoundExchange)
The Sleepy Jackson (EMI)
The Soul Of North Staffs Ltd (PPL)
The Song Factory Ltd (PPL)
The Sound Of Great Britain (PPL)
The Sound Pipe Records (PPL)
The Sound Records (PPL)
The Sound Press (PPL)
March 2014
The Spacefrogs (PPL)
The Spazzys (Shock Entertainment)
The Specklers (SoundExchange)
The Sprint Music LabeL Ltd (PPL)
The Static Cult Label (SoundExchange)
The Stereo Society (SoundExchange)
The Store for Music Limited (PPL)
The Storyboard Label (SoundExchange)
The Strawheads (PPL)
The Subway Organization (PPL)
The Sugar Twins (SoundExchange)
The Suite (PPL)
The Supreme Macaroni Co Ltd
The Swanee River Boys (SoundExchange)
The Sweet Science (SoundExchange)
The Swing Team (Jackson, Mark)
The Tango Band (PPL)
The Tape Recording Company Ltd (PPL)
The Telegraph Copany (SoundExchange)
The Telltales (Roberts, Toby)
The Tenants Music (The Tenants Music)
The Three Basics (The Three Basics)
The Thursday Night Club (PPL)
The Transient Overload (PPL)
The Trip (Jdog Records)
The Trouble With Templeton (The Trouble
With Templeton)
The Tumbledryer Babies (PPL)
The Tulips (Caroline Kennedy - McCracken
+ Peter McCracken)
The Twitch (SoundExchange)
The Tyrone Berkley Company (PPL)
The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great (PPL)
The Urban Sound (PPL)
The Vaccines (SoundExchange)
The Valentines (The Valentines)
The Vanguard (SoundExchange)
The Vans (The Vans)
The Ventures (EMI)
The Vessel Loops (PPL)
The Vibrants (SoundExchange)
The View From Madeleine’s Couch (The
View From Madeleine’s Couch)
The Vignettes Music & Touring (The
Vignettes Music & Touring)
The Viper Label (PPL)
The Vision (hip-hop)
The Vision Of A Dying World
The Wailin’ Jennys (Shock Entertainment)
The Waxworks Music Initiative (PPL)
The Weepies (SoundExchange)
The Western Star Recording Co (PPL)
The Whats (Steward, Timothy John)
The White Buffalo (SoundExchange)
The White Horse (PPL)
The White Label (PPL)
The White Label Online (PPL)
The Window Theatre (SoundExchange)
- 163 -
The Wood for the Trees (PPL)
The Woodpickers (Murphy, John)
The Woodshed Presents (SoundExchange)
The Woodshedders (SoundExchange)
The Working Group Artist Management
The World (PPL)
The Wold Famous Danny Boy
The Wynntown Marshals (PPL)
The Yearlings (The Yearlings)
Theatre Records (PPL)
Thebes Productions Ltd (aka Fuze
Communications Int) (Blue Pie Productions)
Thelights (PPL)
Them’s Good Records (PPL)
Thematic Music (SoundExchange)
themusicconnection (themusicconnection)
Therapy Session Music (SoundExchange)
Theobald-Dickson Productions (PPL)
There’s More To Country (Australian
Broadcasting Corporation)
Thera Records (SoundExchange)
Theredsunband (Shock Entertainment)
Theresa (SoundExchange)
Thermal (PPL)
Theverge (SoundExchange)
Thiasoul (SoundExchange)
Thin ‘n’ Crispy Recordings Lim (PPL)
Thin Air Productions (PPL)
Thin King Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Thing (PPL)
ThingamaKid (EMI)
Things Fall Apart (PPL)
Things To Come (PPL)
Think (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Think Common Music (SoundExchange)
Think Differently (SoundExchange)
Think Fast! (SoundExchange)
Think Media Music (PPL)
Think Radical Records (SoundExchange)
Think Tank Records (PPL)
Third Beat (SoundExchange)
Third Beat Records (SoundExchange)
Third Ear Music (SoundExchange)
Third Eye Records (PPL)
Third Light Records (PPL)
Third Logic Media (SoundExchange)
Third Man (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Third Man (Liberation Music)
Third Nation Entertainment
Third Venture (PPL)
Third World (PPL)
Third World Disco (PPL)
Thirstycat Records (PPL)
Thirteen (Rec) Ltd (PPL)
Thirteenth Hour Recordings (EMI)
Thirty Seven Records Ltd (PPL)
This City Is Burning (SoundExchange)
This Dark Reign (SoundExchange)
This Feeling Records (PPL)
This Final Frame (PPL)
This Is It Records (PPL)
This N That (PPL)
This Playground Records Ltd (PPL)
This Sceptic Isle (PPL)
This Side Of The Cross (This Side Of The
Thisisnotanexit (PPL)
Thistle (PPL)
Thizz City (SoundExchange)
Thom Tunes (SoundExchange)
Thomas Scott (PPL)
Thompson Music (Limited
Thompson Music (Thompson Music)
Thornton (SoundExchange)
Thoroughbred Records (SoundExchange)
Thought So Productions (SoundExchange)
Thought Universe Music (PPL)
Thoughtify (SoundExchange)
Thousand Tongues (SoundExchange)
Thrash Corner Records (SoundExchange)
Threadbare Records (SoundExchange)
Three Angels and a Saint (SoundExchange)
Three Bears Records (PPL)
Three Cool Cats (SoundExchange)
Three Damp Duck Music (SoundExchange)
Three Gems (SoundExchange)
Three Little Fish (Three Little Fish)
Three Moves Equals a Fire
Three Sounds (SoundExchange)
Three Speed (PPL)
Three8 (PPL)
Three8 Music Ltd (PPL)
Three8 Records (PPL)
Threshold House (SoundExchange)
Threshold Recordings LLC (Kool Keith feat.
KutMasta) (Shock Entertainment)
Thrill Jockey (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Thrill Jockey (Specific Recordings
Thrill Seekers (PPL)
Thriller Music (SoundExchange)
Thrive (Specific Recordings Only)(Inertia)
Thrivedrive (SoundExchange)
Throttler Records (PPL)
Through The Mud Records (PPL)
Throughbred Records (SoundExchange)
Throw The Shapes (PPL)
Thru The Mill (PPL)
Thrust (PPL)
Thu Thoughts (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Thug (SoundExchange)
Thumbs Down Music (SoundExchange)
Thump Records (SoundExchange)
Thumpin’ Hard Records (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Thunder (PPL)
Thunder Cliff Music (SoundExchange)
Thunder Digital (SoundExchange)
Thunder Pumpkin (SoundExchange)
Thunder Ridge (SoundExchange)
Thunderbird (PPL)
Thunderbird Records (PPL)
Thunderbolt (PPL)
Thunderclap OMP (PPL)
Thunderstruck Records (SoundExchange)
Thunk Recordings (SoundExchange)
Thursday Club Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Tianastacia (EMI)
Tick Creations (Blue Pie Productions)
Tickler Records (Tickler)
Tico (SoundExchange)
Tide (PPL)
Tidelines (PPL)
Tidemark (SoundExchange)
Tides (SoundExchange)
Tidy Trax (PPL)
Tidy Trax (SoundExchange)
Tidy Two (PPL)
Tiffany Eckhardt (Eckhardt, Tiffany)
Tiffany Records (SoundExchange)
Tiger (Central Station Records)
Tiger Records (PPL)
Tiger Shadow Music Ltd (PPL)
Tiger Sound (SoundExchange)
Tiger Style Records (Specific Recordings
Tiger Trax (PPL)
Tigerbay Recordings (PPL)
Tigerbeat6 Records (SoundExchange)
Tigerpussy Music (SoundExchange)
Tigershade Recordings (PPL)
Tigersushi Records (SoundExchange)
Tigertot Records (PPL)
Tigertown (Tigertown)
Tigertrap Records (PPL)
Tightwork Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Tihati Records (SoundExchange)
Tihuana (EMI)
Tiki Records (SoundExchange)
Tillyman Music Group (SoundExchange)
Tilo Ent (SoundExchange)
Tilt (You Am I) (Shock Entertainment)
Tim Arnold (PPL)
Tim Brinkhurst (PPL)
Tim Koch (Koch, Tim)
Tim McCarthy (SoundExchange)
Tim Minchin (SoundExchange)
Tim Reid (Reid, Tiimothy Nigel)
Tim Roberts Sound (Roberts, Timothy Brett)
Tim Steward (Steward, Timothy John)
Timber Lane Records (SoundExchange)
Timberwolf Records (PPL)
Time & Space Records (PPL)
Time 2 Shine (PPL)
- 164 -
Time Bomb (Social Distortion)(Shock
Time Divide Records Ltd (PPL)
Time Magnatic (PPL)
Time Stood Still (PPL)
Time To Shine Records (Time To Shine)
Time Zone Records (SoundExchange)
Timekode (PPL)
Timeless Grooves (SoundExchange)
Timeless Holland (SoundExchange)
Timeless Music (PPL)
Timeless Music Company (Sony Music Ent)
Timeless Music Project (PPL)
Timeless Records (PPL)
Timeless World Productions
Timeline Records (PPL)
Times Beach (SoundExchange)
Times Beach Records (SoundExchange)
Times Music (SoundExchange)
Times Music India (SoundExchange)
Times Tables (PPL)
Time-X (PPL)
Timstone Music (SoundExchange)
Timothy Madden (Studio Two Twelve)
Tin Angel Records (PPL)
Tin Halo Music (SoundExchange)
Tin Roof (SoundExchange)
Tin Temple Music (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange)
Tindra Records (SoundExchange)
Tindy Tunes (SoundExchange)
Tinfoil Recordings (PPL)
Tinhorn Planet (SoundExchange)
Tinker Recordings (SoundExchange)
Tinkers Lane (PPL)
Tinkling Ivories (PPL)
Tinnitus (SoundExchange)
Tinpan Orange (Lubitz, Emily & Lubitz,
Tinrib Recordings (PPL)
Tinsel Town (SoundExchange)
Tinted Records (Central Station Records)
Tiny Consumer (EMI)
Tiny Dog Records Ltd (PPL)
Tiny Riot (SoundExchange)
Tiny Sticks/M&T Inc (PPL)
Tiny Town Records (SoundExchange)
Tinyclan Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Tip Top (PPL)
Tipica (SoundExchange)
Tipitina’s Foundation (EMI)
Tippermusic (SoundExchange)
Tipping Point Music (PPL)
Tips Exports (Warner)
Tiptoe (PPL)
Tiris (PPL)
Tirk Records (PPL)
Titanic (SoundExchange)
Titanio Records (SoundExchange)
Titanium Music Ltd (PPL)
Title Tunes Records (SoundExchange)
Title Wave Music
Title Wave Music Group, BMI
Titty Twister Records (PPL)
Titleworks, ASCAP (SoundExchange)
Tito Gonzalez (SoundExchange)
Tito Gonzalez Morgan Productions
Titus Records (PPL)
Tivoli (PPL)
TJ Records (SoundExchange)
TJR Musci (SoundExchange)
TK Blue (SoundExchange)
TK Sound & Vision (PPL)
TK Sound (PPL)
TKO Licensing Ltd (PPL)
TKO Magnum (PPL)
TKO Records (PPL)
TL Education Services (SoundExchange)
TLM Records (SoundExchange)
TM Factory (EMI)
TM Factory (SoundExchange)
TM Records (PPL)
TM Studios (SoundExchange)
T-Mac (PPL)
TMC (Warner)
TMC (SoundExchange)
TMF (SoundExchange)
TMG Records (SoundExchange)
T-Minus (PPL)
TMSA Recordings (PPL)
TMT (Tomorrow’s Music Today)(PPL)
TNM (SoundExchange)
TNSRecords (PPL)
TNT Productions (SoundExchange)
Tntrees Music (SoundExchange)
To Make It (EMI)
To The Left Records (SoundExchange)
Toad Hall Music (SoundExchange)
Toast Hawii (EMI)
Toast Records (PPL)
Toasting Music (SoundExchange) (PPL)
Toby Levan (PPL)
Toby Skeates (Toby Skeates)
Toc Recordings (PPL)
Toccata Classics (PPL)
Toccata Press (PPL)
ToCo Australia (ToCo)
Toco Europe (SoundExchange)
Todd Daniels (SoundExchange)
Todd Snider (Shock Entertainment)
Toe Music (PPL)
March 2014
Toemi (EMI)
Toemiland (EMI)
Togetherness Records (SoundExchange)
Togism (EMI)
Toha (SoundExchange)
Toho Music (SoundExchange)
Tois (EMI)
Tojo Productions (Unidisc)
Toka (SoundExchange)
Toka Records (SoundExchange)
Tokamak Beach Records (PPL)
Token (PPL)
Token Productions (PPL)
Token Records (PPL)
Tokimonsta (SoundExchange)
Tokuma Japan Communications
Tokyo Denmark Sweden (Tokyo Denmark
Tokyo Recordings (SoundExchange)
Tokyo Sex Whale Records
Tolemac International (SoundExchange)
Tolotta Records (SoundExchange)
Toltec Music Group (SoundExchange)
Tom Bryce (Bryce, Thomas)
Tom Gardner & Danny Quinn
Tom Lee-Archer (Lee-Archer, Tom)
Tom Rowan (SoundExchange)
Tom Smail (PPL)
Tom Ugly (Tom Ugly)
Toma Verano (EMI)
Tomcat Music (PPL)
Tomihira (SoundExchange)
Tomkins Square (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Tommirock (Specific Recordings) (Blue Pie
Tommy Allen (PPL)
Tommy Boy Entertainment (PPL)
Tommy Boy Music Ltd (Warner)
Tommy Boy Records (Warner)
Tommy Emmanuel (EMI)
Tommy Tee Music (SoundExchange)
Tomn (SoundExchange)
Tomorrow Records (PPL)
Tomorrow River Music (SoundExchange)
Tomske (Tom Hack) (Hack, Thomas Jessie
Ton Fari (PPL)
Tonal Gravity Records (SoundExchange)
Tonality Productions (SoundExchange)
Tondef Records (SoundExchange)
Tone Addict (SoundExchange)
Tone City Recordz (SoundExchange)
Tone Control Music (PPL)
Tone Deaf (SoundExchange)
Tone Diary (SoundExchange)
Tone Diary Recordings (Ministry Of Sound)
Tone Diary/Spinnin (SoundExchange)
- 165 -
Tone Freak Records (Tone Freak Records)
Tone Records (PPL)
Tone-Cool (PPL)
Tonecool Records (SoundExchange)
Tonedef Ltd (PPL)
Tonemarket Music (Studio Sonik)
Tonewood Records (PPL)
Toney’s International (PPL)
Tonga (SoundExchange)
Tonglen Music (SoundExchange)
Tongue And Groove Records (PPL)
Tongue Master Records (PPL)
Toni Janke (Janke, Toni)
Toni Jordan (Jordan, Toni)
Toni Makhoul (SoundExchange)
Tonic (PPL)
Tonic Blueprint, LLC (SoundExchange)
Tonic Productions (SoundExchange)
T-Online (Warner)
Tonomatic (PPL)
Tonosound (PPL)
Tonoton Records (PPL)
Tonsportgruppe (SoundExchange)
Tonton Funk (EMI)
Tony Bellus (SoundExchange)
Tony Carey (SoundExchange)
Tony Faehse (Faehse, Tony)
Tony Johns Entertainment (Tony Johns Ent)
Tony Lowe Productions (SoundExchange)
Tony Mamon (SoundExchange)
Tony Mcghee (SoundExchange)
Tony Mercedes (SoundExchange)
Tony Palmer Films (Select)
Tony Russell (SoundExchange)
Tony Woods (SoundExchange)
Too Loaded Records (SoundExchange)
Too Much Peace and Quiet (PPL)
Too Pure (Remote Control)
Too Young To Die (SoundExchange)
Too Young To Die Records
Toofa (PPL)
Toolroom Records (PPL)
Toolroom Trax (PPL)
Toolshed (SoundExchange)
Tooth & Nail (EMI)
Tooth & Nail (TNN) (EMI)
Tooth and Nail Records (EMI)
Toothpik Records (SoundExchange)
Top 5 Ent (SoundExchange)
Top 6 (PPL)
Top & Bottom (PPL)
Top Banana (PPL)
Top Billin (SoundExchange)
Top Billing (Billing, Peter)
Top Billing International (SoundExchange)
Top Cat Music (PPL)
Top Dance (EMI)
Top Dog (Warner)
Top Drawer Digital Ltd (PPL)
Top Hat (PPL)
Top Line Records (PPL)
Top Moon Records (SoundExchange)
Top Notch (PPL)
Top Of The Building (SoundExchange)
Top Rank (EMI)
Top Rope Records (Top Rope Records)
Top Sail Productions (SoundExchange)
Top Selling Records (PPL)
Top Side Records (Toco)
Top Spin Records (PPL)
Topaz (PPL)
Topdj Music Sweden AB (SoundExchange)
Topic (PPL)
Topographic Productions (SoundExchange)
Topple Records (SoundExchange)
Tops (EMI)
Tops Records (Unidisc)
TopSow Records (aka Different Aesthetics
Arts & Culture) (Blue Pie Productions)
Toptrax (SoundExchange)
Tori Darke (Darke, Victoria Louise)
Torii Records (SoundExchange)
Torito Bravo Records (SoundExchange)
Torn & Frayed Music (Shock Entertainment)
Torque (PPL)
Torque Records (SoundExchange)
Torsohorse (PPL)
Tortus (PPL)
Tortus Records (PPL)
Toshiba – EMI (Japan)(EMI)
Toshiba (EMI)
Tot Ou Tard (SoundExchange)
Total Digital (SoundExchange)
Total Fitness Music Ltd (PPL)
Total Singing Power (PPL)
Total Sound (PPL)
Total Truth Records LLC (SoundExchange)
Total Vegas (EMI)
Totalitarian Records (SoundExchange)
Totally (EMI)
Totem Records (PPL)
Toubadour for the Lord (PPL)
Toucan Eddy (SoundExchange)
Touch & Go (Specific Recordings
Touch (PPL)
Touch (UK)(Fuse Music Group P/L)
Touch 33 (PPL)
Touch Down Soundz (PPL)
Touch IT Production Group (PPL)
Touch Music (SoundExchange)
Touch the Music Records (SoundExchange)
Touch Tone (PPL)
Touch UK (SoundExchange)
Touchin Down Productions (PPL)
Touchin’ Bass (PPL)
Touchin’ Bass Records (PPL)
Touchwood Records Ltd (PPL)
Touchzone Records, LLC (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Tough Cookie (PPL)
Tough Stuff! (LNG Music)
Toupee Records (Toupee)
Tower (EMI)
Tower Release (PPL)
Town Sound (SoundExchange)
Town Thizzness (SoundExchange)
Townie Productions (PPL)
Townsend Records (PPL)
Tox Records (Unidisc)
Toxic (SoundExchange)
Toxxic Records (PPL)
Toy Blue Typewriter Productions
Toy!!Box Music (SoundExchange)
Toyah Wilcox OMP (PPL)
Toys Facotry (SoundExchange)
Toytronic (SoundExchange)
TP Records (SoundExchange)
TPA Records (SoundExchange)
TParty (SoundExchange)
TR Records (SoundExchange)
Traad (PPL)
Trace Recordings (PPL)
Tracey Records (SoundExchange)
Tracid Traxx (SoundExchange)
Track 37 Recordings (PPL)
Track and Field Records (SoundExchange)
Track Records UK (PPL)
Track2r (EMI)
Tracks (SoundExchange)
Tracks Productions / Panorama (PPL)
Tractor (PPL)
Tractor Beam Records (SoundExchange)
Tracy Lee Killeen (Killeen, Tracy Lee)
Tradewinds (SoundExchange)
Tradition (PPL)
Traditional Crossroads (Hot)
Traed North (PPL)
Trafic (SoundExchange)
Trafik Music (SoundExchange)
Trailblazer Records (Trailblazer Records)
Trafalgar Music P/L(Radio Birdman)(Shock
Traffic Ent (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Traffic Signs (PPL)
Train Independent Music Production (PPL)
Train Line Records (SoundExchange)
Trak Records UK (PPL)
Trak Starz (SoundExchange)
Trak Starz Music (SoundExchange)
Trak Starz Records (SoundExchange)
Trakxchange Independent Records
Trama (SoundExchange)
Trance Essenial (Bass Industry)
Trance Nation (EMI)
Trance Revolution Recordings
Tranceformation (SoundExchange)
- 166 -
Trancelicious (EMI)
Tranceport Recordings (SoundExchange)
Trancewarez Recordings (PPL)
Tranquility (V & H Holdings)
Tranquility Recordings (SoundExchange)
Tranquillo (PPL)
Trans Canada (SoundExchange)
Trans Phatt Records (PPL)
Trans Records (Domino Recording
Company Ltd)
Trans Ruin Records (SoundExchange)
Transacord (EMI)
Transambient Records (SoundExchange)
Transart (SoundExchange)
Transcend Media Group (PPL)
Transcend Music (PPL)
Transcend Records (PPL)
Transcity (Blue Pie Productions)
Transcopic (EMI)
Transducer Records (PPL)
Transes Europeennes (SoundExchange)
Transfiguration (SoundExchange)
Transgression (SoundExchange)
Transgressive (PPL)
Transgressive (Universal)
Transient D.V. (PPL)
Transister Project (PPL)
Transistor 66 (SoundExchange)
Transistor (PPL)
Transistor Music (Transistor)(Aust Artsist)
Transistor Records (PPL)
Transit of Venus (SoundExchange)
Transition (EMI)
Transition Music (SoundExchange)
Translation Loss (SoundExchange)
Translation Recordings (SoundExchange)
Translator Records (Translator Records)
Transmat (SoundExchange)
Transmission (PPL)
Transmission Recordings (Liberation Music)
Transmitter Records (Transmitter Records)
Transparent (PPL)
Transparent Sound (PPL)
Transporter Recordings (PPL)
Trans-Q (PPL)
Transworld Records (PPL)
Tranzfusion (PPL)
Tranzlation (PPL)
Tranzlation Whites (PPL)
Tranzlation Whites (SoundExchange)
Trapaholics (SoundExchange)
Trapdoor Music (SoundExchange)
Trapez (SoundExchange)
Trapezoid Records (SoundExchange)
Trapfeed Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Trapshut Records (PPL)
Trash (PPL)
Trash and Ready (PPL)
Trash Fashion (PPL)
Trash Talk Collective LLC (Trash Talk)
(Shock Entertainment)
Trashbox Records (SoundExchange)
Trashfish Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Trashtone (SoundExchange)
Trashy Moped (SoundExchange)
Trauma (Universal)
Travelin’ Man (PPL)
Travelogue (PPL)
Travis (Kobalt Label Services Ltd)
Travis Sinclair (Shock Entertainment)
Trawf Records (SoundExchange)
Trax (UK)(PPL)
Trax Records (Specific Recordings) (Blue
Pie Productions)
Tray (PPL)
TRC Records (PPL)
Treasure Hunte Productions (PPL)
Treasure Records (Christopher Dallman)
Treasury (EMI)
Treat (PPL)
Treble (V & H Holdings)
Trecords (SoundExchange)
Treehouse Records (SoundExchange)
Treehouse Treehouse (SoundExchange)
Treetop (SoundExchange)
Treetop Records (SoundExchange)
Trees Are Good Creations (PPL)
Treibstoff Recordings (SoundExchange)
Treinta Y Tantos (EMI)
Trema (SoundExchange)
Tremble Tracks (SoundExchange)
Tremendum Records (SoundExchange)
Trementina (EMI)
Tremonisha Park (PPL)
Tremula (PPL)
Trench Town Sound (SoundExchange)
Trend Recordings (PPL)
Trendkill Records (PPL)
Trentalange (SoundExchange)
Tresero Productions (SoundExchange)
Tresor (SoundExchange)
Trete Lo (SoundExchange)
Trevari Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Trevor Dawson Entertainment (Dawson,
Trevor Harold)
Trevor Warren (PPL)
TRF Worldwide (PPL)
Tri Angle (SoundExchange)
Tri-Surf Records (SoundExchange)
Tri/Triloca (SoundExchange)
Tria (SoundExchange)
Triad (PPL)
Triad Recordings (PPL)
Trial and Error Recordings (PPL)
Triage (SoundExchange)
Trialog Records (SoundExchange)
Triangle (PPL)
Triangle Records (PPL)
March 2014
Trianon (EMI)
Tribal Jam (EMI)
Tribal War Records (SoundExchange)
Tribe Music Group (SoundExchange)
Tribe Records (SoundExchange)
Tribesman Music (PPL)
Tribu (SoundExchange)
Tribute (PPL)
Tricatel (FRA)(Hot)
Trick Music (PPL)
Trickster Music (Trickster Music)
Tricoastal Records (SoundExchange)
Tricopolis (SoundExchange)
Trident – Carlos Vives (EMI)
Trident – Marisa Monte (EMI)
Trident – Ole (EMI)
Trifekta (Crayon Fields, Decemberists, Art
of Fighting, Architecture in Helsinki,
Sodastream)(Shock Entertainment)
Trifekta (Specific Recordings Only) (Shock
Trigger Happy Records (PPL)
Trigger Recordings (PPL)
Triggertra (SoundExchange)
Triggs (PPL)
Trijon Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Trill City Records (SoundExchange)
Trillion Records (PPL)
Trillium Records (SoundExchange)
Trilogie Musique (SoundExchange)
Trilogy Records (Unidisc)
Triloka Records (SoundExchange)
Trindy Rootz (SoundExchange)
Trinity (V & H Holdings)
Trinity Music (PPL)
Trinity One Studio (SoundExchange)
Trinity Record Company Ltd (PPL)
Trinkie Records (PPL)
Trio (PPL)
Trio Music Group (SoundExchange)
Trio Pandora (EMI)
Tripitaka Records (PPL)
Triple Crown/Sorepoint (PPL)
Triple Disc (SoundExchange)
Triple Earth (PPL)
Triple Echo (PPL)
Triple Eight (PPL)
Triple Gem Productions (SoundExchange)
Triple Gold (PPL)
Triple L Band (SoundExchange)
Triple M Productions (PPL)
Triple Threat (SoundExchange)
Triple 7 Records (Triple Seven)
Tripod Entertainment Aus/Zoom
Tripoli Trax (PPL)
Tripomatic UK (PPL)
Triquetra Recordings (PPL)
Triskele Music Group (SoundExchange)
Tri-tone Music (PPL)
- 167 -
Tritone (PPL)
Triumphant Pub (SoundExchange)
Trivate Entertainment (SoundExchange)
TRL Music (PPL)
TRN (SoundExchange)
TRO Essex Music Limited (PPL)
Trojan (UK)(Fuse)
Trojan House Records (Trojan House
Tromolo Records (PPL)
Tronicsole (PPL)
Tropic (SoundExchange)
Tropical Trader (SoundExchange)
Tropicana Tunes (PPL)
Tropicana Studios Ltd (PPL)
Tropicool (SoundExchange)
Troubador Records (PPL)
Troubador For Lord Music Services Inc
Trouble Hubble (SoundExchange)
Trouble On Vinyl (PPL)
Trouble Records (PPL)
Troubled Hubble (SoundExchange)
Troubleman Unlimited (SoundExchange)
Troup Music (SoundExchange)
TRR Digital (SoundExchange)
TRR Quality Recordings (The Resignators)
Tru 2 Da Game Records (PPL)
Tru Music (SoundExchange)
Tru Records (SoundExchange)
Tru Reign Records (SoundExchange)
Tru Thoughts (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Tru Thoughts (PPL)
Tru Trendsettas (SoundExchange)
Trubadour Records (PPL)
Truck (PPL)
Truck t Records (SoundExchange)
Truckback Records (PPL)
Truckland Music (SoundExchange)
True Blues P/L (True Blues Pty Ltd)
True Folk (PPL)
True Heart Music (SoundExchange)
True Life (SoundExchange)
True Light (PPL)
True Light Entertainment (PPL)
True Light Records (PPL)
True Live (band)(Shock Entertainment)
True Playaz Music (PPL)
True Potential Records (PPL)
True Records (PPL)
True Story Music Group LLC
True Talent Records (SoundExchange)
True Tiger (SoundExchange)
True Tunes (SoundExchange)
True42 Music (SoundExchange)
Truelove (PPL)
Trueprinceproductions (PPL)
Truetone (Specific Recordings Only)(Inertia)
Truesounds (PPL)
Truffle Records (SoundExchange)
Tru-Fam Records (PPL)
Trumpton Records (PPL)
Trumps (PPL)
Trunk (SoundExchange)
Trunk Records (Hot)
Trust Me Corporation(SoundExchange)
Trust Recordings (PPL)
Trust Records (PPL)
Trustkill Records (Shock Entertainment)
Truth and Soul Records (SoundExchange)
Truth Ministries (SoundExchange)
Truth & Soul (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Try And Make Me (PPL)
Try-Muse (SoundExchange)
Try Science Recordings (PPL)
Trycycle (Trycycle)
Tryfan (PPL)
Tsavellas (PPL)
T-Series (PPL)
T-Series (PPL)
TS Music (SoundExchange)
TSB (SoundExchange)
Tschudi Music (SoundExchange)
TSE Music (SoundExchange)
Tsidkeenu Records (SoundExchange)
TSJ Records (TSJ Records)
TSK Music (SoundExchange)
TSOV Records (SoundExchange)
Tsukimono (SoundExchange)
TTD (SoundExchange)
TTP (SoundExchange)
Tube Records (SoundExchange)
Tubtone Records (SoundExchange)
Tudorhouse Records (SoundExchange)
Tuff Gong Worldwide (Shock
Tuff Street Recordings (PPL)
Tuff’N’Up Records (PPL)
Tuffem Up! Records (DNA Industries Pty
Tug (PPL)
Tug Records (PPL)
Tug Worldwide (SoundExchange)
Tugboat (Shock Entertainment)
Tugboat Music (SoundExchange
Tuka (Tuka)
Tulloch Music (SoundExchange)
Tumbao (SoundExchange)
Tumbata Records (SoundExchange)
Tumbleweed (SoundExchange)
Tumbleweed Junction LLC
Tumi (UK)(PPL)
Tumi Dance (PPL)
Tummo Music (SoundExchange)
Tundra Recordings (Xelon Entertainment)
March 2014
Tune Cuts (SoundExchange)
Tune Tribe Recordings (Sugar
Daddy)(Shock Entertainment)
Tunecore (Anthony Prentice)
Tuneless Limited (PPL)
Tune! Recordings (PPL)
Tune-Me-Music (SoundExchange)
Tunes For you (SoundExchange)
Tunhale (PPL)
Tuning Beats (EMI)
Tuparamaros (PPL)
Turbo Artists AS (Turbonegro
Catatalogue)(Shock Entertainment)
Turbo Records (Liberation Music)
Turbulence Records (PPL)
Turkeyneck (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Turmic Records (SoundExchange)
Turn It Up! (SoundExchange)
Turn Records (SoundExchange)
Turned On Music (PPL)
Turner Entertainment Company (Warner)
Turnhouse Records (PPL)
Turntrax (PPL)
Turpin Records (PPL)
Turquoise (SoundExchange)
Turquoise Mountain Records
Turret Records (SoundExchange)
Turtl (SoundExchange)
Turtle Rock Records (SoundExchange)
Turtledove (PPL)
Tus (SoundExchange)
Tuscarora Multimedia (SoundExchange)
Tutl (SoundExchange)
Tuxedo Records (SoundExchange)
TV Matters (SoundExchange)
TVT Records (Lil’ John & The Eastside
Boys) (Shock Entertainment)
Tweed (PPL)
Tweet (SoundExchange)
Tweety Records (SoundExchange)
Twah! (SoundExchange)
Twangoff (SoundExchange)
Twelve Dollar Monkey (Twelve Dollar
Twelve Gauge Records (SoundExchange)
Twelvetone (PPL)
Twenty First Artists Ltd (PPL)
Twenty Three (PPL)
Twenty-Seven Records (PPL)
TWF Records (PPL)
Twin (PPL)
Twin Arrows Music (PPL)
Twin Best (EMI)
Twin Best Now (EMI)
Twin/Tone Records (SoundExchange)
Twink (PPL)
Twink Of Evil (PPL)
Twinz Records (SoundExchange)
- 168 -
Twist And Shout Ltd (PPL)
Twist Records (PPL)
Twisted Gypsy (PPL)
Twisted Mind Records (SoundExchange)
Twisted Nerve Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Twisted Records (PPL)
Twitch Records (PPL)
Two Bass Hit Recordings (PPL)
Two Bright Lakes (Remote Control P/L)
Two Brothers Records (SoundExchange)
Two Cheers Records (SoundExchange)
Two Dolla Reccas (SoundExchange)
Two Push Once Bounce (PPL)
Two R (PPL)
Two Roads Records (SoundExchange)
Two Shoes Pty Ltd (Two Shoes Pty Ltd)
Two Tire Fire (SoundExchange)
Two-For-One (V & H Holdings)
Twonine Records (PPL)
Twopointmine Ltd (PPL)
Twosome Records (PPL)
Twosyllable Records (SoundExchange)
Ty Ar Y Graig (PPL)
TY Tammeus (SoundExchange)
Tygahoney Music (PPL)
Tyger’s Hears (PPL)
Tyger’s Heart (PPL)
Tyger’s Heart Music (PPL)
Tyger’s Heart Records (PPL)
Tygergirl Production (Tygergirl Productions)
Tyght Circle Entertainment
Tyler Jakes (SoundExchange)
Tyler Music Limited (PPL)
Tylis Music Group (SoundExchange)
Tyme Flyte (PPL)
Tymo (SoundExchange)
Type (SoundExchange)
Typecast Records (PPL)
Typhoon Music (HK) Ltd. (EMI)
Tyree Records (PPL)
Tyrolis Music (SoundExchange)
Tys & Mitchell James (James, Mitchell &
Chapman, Tyson)
Tyson Chapman (Chapman, Tyson)
Tytanium Reordings (Ministry Of Sound)
TZADIK (Fuse Music Group P/L)
TYT Records (PPL)
Tzarian Music (PPL)
U&I Entertainment Group (Specific
Recordings) (Blue Pie Productions)
U Ultralab (EMI)
U.S. Superior Records (PPL)
U.W.G. Records (SoundExchange)
U+Element (EMI)
U4ria (PPL)
U5 Productions (PPL)
UAB Gospel Music Group
Ubersee Records (SoundExchange)
Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker
Ubisoft (SoundExchange)
UB1 Music (PPL)
UC Media Group (SoundExchange)
UCA Records London (PPL)
UCJ (Universal)
UCMG France (SoundExchange)
Ucuncugoz Muzik (PPL)
UD Records (PPL)
UD Whites (PPL)
Uden Pop Indent (EMI)
Udigg (SoundExchange)
Udiscs (PPL)
Ufology (PPL)
Ugly Man Records (PPL)
Ugly Nephew Records (PPL)
UH Recordings (PPL)
Uhuru (PPL)
Uilani (SoundExchange)
Ujam Records (SoundExchange)
Ujazz Records Limited (PPL)
UK Apex (PPL)
UK Apex Music (PPL)
UK Box Office (PPL)
UK Bubblers (PPL)
UK Dance (PPL)
UK Records (PPL)
UK44 Records (PPL)
Ukeylove (PPL)
UKF Music (SoundExchange)
Ukrainian Music Alliance (AE "Ukrainian
Music Alliance")
Ukrainian Music Rights League (AE
"Ukrainian Music Rights League")
Ukulele Jim (SoundExchange)
Ulftone Music (Hot)
Ulster (PPL)
Ultimae (PPL)
Ultimae Dance Digital Ltd (PPL)
Ultimae Music Collection (PPL)
Ultimate Dilemma (Warner)
Ultimate Domination (SoundExchange)
Ultimate Music Collection (PPL)
Ultimate Orange Records (PPL)
Ultimatief (EMI)
Ultimatum Records (SoundExchange)
Ultimo Productions (SoundExchange)
Ultra (PPL)
Ultra House (EMI)
Ultra Mookie (SoundExchange)
Ultra Records (EMI)
Ultra Records (Liberation Music)
Ultra Techno (EMI)
Ultraform (PPL)
Ultra-Lounge (EMI)
March 2014
Ultrapolitan Records (SoundExchange)
Ultrapop (PPL)
Ultraxx Records (Unidisc)
Um & Ah (Chase Corporation)
Umad Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Umbrella Music Ltd (PPL)
Umbrella Records (PPL)
U-Men Recordings (PPL)
UMG Soundtracks (Universal)
umHutu (Laidler, John)
Umlaut (EMI)
Umlaut Corporation (PPL)
Umm (PPL)
Ummm Records (SoundExchange)
Umoja (SoundExchange)
Un! Recordings (PPL)
Un-D-Nyable (SoundExchange)
Unanimous Records (SoundExchange)
Unbelievable Music UK (PPL)
Unbelievable Records (Blue Pie
Unbroken Expanse (Unbroken Expanse)
Uncanny Valley (Uncanny Valley Pty Ltd)
Uncharted Audio (PPL)
Uncivilized World (SoundExchange)
Uncle Charles (SoundExchange)
Uncle Howie Records (SoundExchange)
Uncle Sally (SoundExchange)
Uncle Slack Productions (PPL)
Uncooked (PPL)
Uncooked Records (PPL)
Uncut (PPL)
Uncut Villiage Records (SoundExchange)
Unda-Vybe Music (PPL)
Undeas (Warner)
Undeniable Records (SoundExchange)
Under 5’s (PPL)
Under Fire Recordings (PPL)
Under The Radar Music Group
Under The Stairs Music (PPL)
Under the Weather Productions (PPL)
UnderbellyRecords Limited (PPL)
Undercurrent (PPL)
Underdog Records Limited (PPL)
Underdogg Entertainment Ltd (PPL)
Underdogs Management Ltd (PPL)
Underdogs Music (PPL)
Underfoot Records (Underfoot Records)
Undeground Creations (SoundExchange)
Underground (EMI)
Underground Communique Records
Underground Construction
Underground Music (PPL)
Underground Music Aust (Colossal)
Underground Music Movement
Underground Operations (SoundExchange)
- 169 -
Underground Resistance (SoundExchange)
Underground Sounds (SoundExchange)
Underground South Connection
Underground Sun (SoundExchange)
Underground Therapy Muzik
Underground Trip (PPL)
Underrated Records (SoundExchange)
Underwater (PPL)
Underwater Peoples (SoundExchange)
Underworld (SoundExchange)
Underwater Records Ltd (PPL)
Undiscovered (PPL)
Undo (EMI)
Undo Music (SoundExchange)
Undone (PPL)
Undone Recordings (SoundExchange)
Unearthed (PPL)
Unemployable Music (SoundExchange)
Unesco (SoundExchange)
Unexpected Records (SoundExchange)
UNFD (We Are Unified)
Unfold (PPL)
Unfold Music (PPL)
Unheard Of Music (SoundExchange)
Unheard Records (PPL)
Unicom Digital (SoundExchange)
Unicorn (PPL)
Unicorn Kanchana Souvenir (PPL)
Unicorn-Kanchana (PPL)
Unidisc Music (Unidisc)
Uniform Beat (Playground Music
Scandinavia AB)
Unimar Brasil (SoundExchange)
Uninhibited (SoundExchange)
Union Jack (PPL)
Union Local 2112 (SoundExchange)
Union Pacific (PPL)
Union Records (Faline) (SoundExchange)
Union Square (PPL)
Union Square (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Union Square Pictures (PPL)
Union Station Productions (The Planet
Unique (PPL)
Unique Corp Ltd (PPL)
Unique Elementz (SoundExchange)
Unique Frontier Records (PPL)
Unique Jazz (PPL)
Unique Gravity (PPL)
Unique Music Group (SoundExchange)
Unique Sound Recording (SoundExchange)
Unisex (PPL)
Unison Records (Unidisc)
Unit 5 (PPL)
Unit 7 (PPL)
Unit 7 Records (PPL)
United (PPL)
United Artists (EMI)
United Audio Entertainment (PPL)
United Dairies (PPL)
United Federation Of Planets (PPL)
United Nations Recordings (PPL)
United One Records (SoundExchange)
United Recordings (Toco)
United Roots Records (PPL)
United World Artists (United World Artists)
Unitone (SoundExchange)
Unity (PPL)
Unity Finland (SoundExchange)
Unity Music (Unity Music)
Unity Recording Studio (PPL)
Unity Sounds (PPL)
Unitymusic Group (SoundExchange)
Universal (Universal)
Universal Classics & Jazz (Universal)
Universal Classics (Universal)
Universal Curb (PPL)
Universal Dance (Universal)
Universal Egg (PPL)
Universal Music (PPL)
Universal Music Australia (Universal)
Universal Music New Zealand (Universal)
Univeral Republic Records (PPL)
Universal Records (Universal)
Universal Sound (PPL)
Universal South (Universal)
Universal TV (Universal)
Universe City (PPL)
Universe Media (PPL)
Universe Melody (SoundExchange)
Universe Music (SoundExchange)
Univibe Records (SoundExchange)
Univocal Records (SoundExchange)
Uniwave Records (Unidisc)
Unknown Label (PPL)
Unkut (PPL)
Unkutt Global (SoundExchange)
Unkutt Records (SoundExchange)
Unleashed Records (SoundExchange)
Unlimited (PPL)
Unlock Your Mind Productions
Unmediated Productions (SoundExchange)
Unorthodox (The Church Musicians Pty Ltd)
Unparralleled Carousel (PPL)
Unscene Patrol (SoundExchange)
Unschooled (SoundExchange)
Unscripted Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Unsilent Records (SoundExchange)
Unstable Ape (Remote Control)
Unsung Hero Recordings (PPL)
Unsung Heros Records(PPL)
Untouchables (PPL)
Untracked Records (SoundExchange)
Up For It Records (PPL)
Up Front (PPL)
Up North Records (PPL)
Up Past Bedtime Music (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Up Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Up Records (Country) (SoundExchange)
Upacci (emaar)(Xelon Entertainment)
Upclose Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Upbeat Classics (PPL)
Upbeat Jazz (PPL)
Upbeat Recordings (PPL)
Upbeat Showbiz (PPL)
Upfunk Creek (Solo, Michael)
Uplife (SoundExchange)
Uplifto Records (SoundExchange)
Upordown Records
Upper Room Recirds (SoundExchange)
Uppercut Records (PPL)
Upright Music (EMI)
Upright Records & Music (PPL)
Uprising (SoundExchange)
Uprising (NZ) (SoundExchange)
Uprising Records (SoundExchange)
Uprising Records (NZ) (SoundExchange)
Uprising Trance Records (PPL)
Uproar Comedy (SoundExchange)
Uprok Records (EMI)
Upscale (SoundExchange)
Upset (PPL)
Upset The Rhythm (SoundExchange)
Upside Records (PPL)
Upstairs Music (PPL)
Upstairs Recordings (SoundExchange)
Upstart (PPL)
Upstream Records (PPL)
Uptempo Records (PPL)
Uptown (Universal)
Uptown Crew (PPL)
Uptown XO (SoundExchange)
Uptunes (Central Station Records)
Urb N’Flo (SoundExchange)
Urban Angel Music (PPL)
Urban beat (PPL)
Urban Beauty Productions (PPL)
Urban Box Office (SoundExchange)
Urban Cow Records (PPL)
Urban Cowboy Records (PPL)
Urban Dance (PPL)
Urban DJ (SoundExchange)
Urban Dubz Music (PPL)
Urban Dove (PPL)
Urban Entertainment (PPL)
Urban G Records (PPL)
Urban Gospel Records (PPL)
Urban Heat (PPL)
Urban Hero Records (PPL)
Urban House Traxx (PPL)
Urban Kings Ent (SoundExchange)
Urban Kings Music (SoundExchange)
Urban Influence UK Ltd (PPL)
Urban Planning Records (PPL)
Urban Precinct (PPL)
Urban Records (Universal)
Urban Release Records (PPL)
- 170 -
Urban Rock (SoundExchange)
Urban Shakedown (PPL)
Urban Sound of Amsterdam
Urban Syndication (PPL)
Urban Takeover (PPL)
Urban Town Evolution LLC (EMI)
Urban Tribe Productions (SoundExchange)
Urban Turban (SoundExchange)
Urban Unity Productions (SoundExchange)
Urban Unity Productions / PBN
Urban XL (PPL)
Urbana Arts Inc (SoundExchange)
Urbana Records (SoundExchange)
Urbanlab (SoundExchange)
Urbanrockband (SoundExchange)
Urbanstar Records (PPL)
Urbantorque Recordings (PPL)
Urbcom (PPL)
Urbcom Entertainment (PPL)
Urbcom Music (PPL)
Urbcom Productions (PPL)
Urbcom Recordings ( PPL)
Urbcom Records (PPL)
Urbcom.Net (PPL)
Urbpop Entertainment Inc.
Urgency Records (SoundExchange)
Urgent Message (SoundExchange)
Urlo (Warner)
US2 Records (SoundExchange)
USM Media (PPL)
USM Media TV (PPL)
URM Records (PPL)
Ursula Burns (PPL)
Use Your Words Music (SoundExchange)
Usiscs (PPL)
USK Recordings (PPL)
Usonia (SoundExchange)
Usurp Records (PPL)
U-Star Records (PPL)
Utah Carol (SoundExchange)
Utaimasenka (EMI)
UTC Ent (SoundExchange)
Utopia Music Group (SoundExchange)
UTR Music Group (SoundExchange)
Uvulittle Records (SoundExchange)
Uwe SARL (SoundExchange)
Uxbridge Street (PPL)
V (SoundExchange)
V & H Holdings (V & H Holdings)
V & H Holdings Hour (V & H Holdings)
V & H Holdings International (V & H
V Disk (SoundExchange)
V2 (SoundExchange)
V2 Music (SoundExchange)
V2 Records (SoundExchange)
V-Tone (PPL)
V-Tone (SoundExchange)
V-Wax Records (SoundExchange)
V.A. (PPL)
V.G.M. Records (SoundExchange)
V.I.K. Recordings (SoundExchange)
V.J. Dawson (Dawson, V.J.)
V.S.O.P Records (SoundExchange)
V1 Records (PPL)
V2 (Universal)
V2 Records Netherlands BV (D Zappa)
(Shock Entertainment)
Vacation Records (Vacation Records)
Vacuum Recordings (SoundExchange)
Vadoinmessico (PPL)
Vadok Records (PPL)
Vagabond (PPL)
Vagrant (Shock Entertainment)
Vagrant (Universal)
Vagrant Records Under Exclusiv (PPL)
Vaguemusic (Vaguemusic)
Vale Music (PPL)
Valentine (PPL)
Valiana Music & Media (SoundExchange)
Valios (SoundExchange)
Valley (PPL)
Vallium (PPL)
Valve (SoundExchange)
Valve Records (Valve Records)
Vamp Tech (PPL)
Vampisoul (Hot)
Vampisoul (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Van Buren Court, LCC (SoundExchange)
Van Ness Records (SoundExchange)
Vanaz (SoundExchange)
Vandermast Entertainment LLC
Vandit (Armada Music)
Vandit Digital (SoundExchange)
Vandit / PVD GmbH (Paul Van
Vangel Recordings (PPL)
Vanguard (PPL)
Vanguard (Specific Releases)(Shock
Vanilla OMP (PPL)
Vanished Frontier (SoundExchange)
Vanity Theft (SoundExchange)
Vanny (PPL)
Vantage Quest (SoundExchange)
Vantage Room Records (PPL)
Vap Japan (SoundExchange)
Vapour Recordings (Vicious)
Varese Sarabande (Universal)
Variedades Disc (SoundExchange)
Variety (PPL)
March 2014
Varius Ardis (SoundExchange)
Varrick (PPL)
Varsity (SoundExchange)
Varsovia (SoundExchange)
Varup (PPL)
Vasco Production (PPL)
Vash Music (SoundExchange)
Vaskaleedez Records (SoundExchange)
Vast Records (SoundExchange)
Vault Records (PPL)
Vaultworks (SoundExchange)
Vav Music (SoundExchange)
Vavoom (PPL)
Vaya (SoundExchange)
Vayden (SoundExchange)
VB Records (PPL)
VC Label (EMI)
VC Recordings (also traded as Hut
VCI Recordings (EMI)
VCN Records (PPL)
Vectr (SoundExchange)
Vector Recordings (SoundExchange)
Vee Productions (SoundExchange)
Veesik Records (PPL)
Vee-Tone Records (PPL)
Vega (Alan Palomo) (SoundExchange)
Vega Music (PPL)
Veintitantos (EMI)
Velben (SoundExchange)
Velcro (Xelon Entertainment)
Velcro City Records (PPL)
Velvet Dwarf (SoundExchange)
Velcro House (Xelon Entertainment)
Vellum Music (SoundExchange)
Velo (PPL)
Velour (PPL)
Velvet Ear Records (SoundExchange)
Velvet Elk Records (SoundExchange)
Velvet Music (SoundExchange)
Velvet Submarine Records (PPL)
Velvet Vinyl Records (SoundExchange)
Vemk (SoundExchange)
Vemma Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Vena (PPL)
Vendetta Records (PPL)
Veneer Records (SoundExchange)
Venetian Classics ITA (SoundExchange)
Venice In Peril (EMI)
Venice Is Sinking (SoundExchange)
Venice Records (SoundExchange)
Venom Records (PPL)
Venom Records (Aust) (Venom Records)
Vent (SoundExchange)
Vent Entertainment (Blue Pie Productions)
Venti Uno (SoundExchange)
Venture (EMI)
Venture Records (Unidisc)
Venus (PPL)
Venus Casino (PPL)
- 171 -
Venus Fire (Barberis, Hayley Clare)
Venus Music & Records (PPL)
Venus Records (PPL)
Vera MG (SoundExchange)
Verbal Contact (SoundExchange)
Verbatim (PPL)
Verda Stelo Music (SoundExchange)
Verge (PPL)
Verge Music Works (SoundExchange)
Veritas (EMI)
Veritas Records (SoundExchange)
Verite Records (PPL)
Verity (PPL)
Verjam Music (PPL)
Verjam Records (PPL)
Verlo Media (SoundExchange)
Vernon Yard (EMI)
Verona (SoundExchange)
Verril Music (PPL)
Versatile Boom Cac Records (PPL)
Versatile Familier (PPL)
Versatile Productions (PPL)
Versatile Records (PPL)
Versatile Records (Unidisc)
Versatile Uni-Verse (PPL)
Versatile Universe Inc (PPL)
Verseenn Publishing (SoundExchange)
Versuz Essentials (SoundExchange)
Vertical Form (PPL)
Vertical Jazz (SoundExchange)
Vertical Music (PPL)
Vertical Records (PPL)
Vertical Shift Records (EMI)
Vertical Sky (SoundExchange)
Vertical Sound (PPL)
Vertigo (SoundExchange)
Vertigo (Universal)
Verus (SoundExchange)
Verve (Universal)
Very Disco records (SoundExchange)
Very Unique Existence (Very Unique
Veryverywrongindeed recordings
(Musiqware Ltd)
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings
Vespa Canada (SoundExchange)
Veteran (PPL)
Veteran Tapes (PPL)
Vex (PPL)
Vexation Audio (PPL)
VF Musiques (Warner)
VF Records Ltd (PPL)
VFR Pro-CD (SoundExchange)
Via Records (SoundExchange)
Viaduct Records (SoundExchange)
Vibey Library (PPL)
Vibrants (SoundExchange)
Vibration Lab (PPL)
Vibrations Studios (Blue Pie Productions)
Vibratone Records (SoundExchange)
Vic Henley (SoundExchange)
Vice (Universal)
Vice Records (Warner)
Vicious (Vicious)(Aust Indi)
Vicious Bitch (Vicious)
Vicious Black (Vicious)
Vicious Grooves (Vicious)
Vicious Grooves Australia (SoundExchange)
Vicious Music (PPL)
Vicious Muzik (SoundExchange)
Vicious Pop Records (SoundExchange)
Vicious Recording
Vicious Urban (Vicious)
Vicksboro’ Records (PPL)
Vicky Salisbury & Friends (Salisbury,
Victa Records (PPL)
Victoire (SoundExchange)
Victor Entertainment (Warner)
Victor Munoz Music (SoundExchange)
Victoria Adexa (PPL)
Victoria Aitken (PPL)
Victoria Baillie (Baillie, Victoria)(Aust Indi)
Victoria Baillie (Shock Entertainment)(Start
Brand New, Stupid)
Victoria Records & Arturo Varak
Enterprises (SoundExchange)
Victoria Tilson (PPL)
Victorytone (PPL)
Videoarts Music Inc (SoundExchange)
Videorfeo (EMI)
Vidrine Records (SoundExchange)
Vienna Scientists (SoundExchange)
Vigilante Music (PPL)
Viking (PPL)
Villa-Loba (SoundExchange)
Villa Studios (SoundExchange)
Village Carols (PPL)
Village Green (PPL)
Village Green Records (PPL)
Village Idiot Records (SoundExchange)
Village Thing (PPL)
Village Vert (PPL)
Vim Music (SoundExchange)
Vindaloo Records (PPL)
Vineyard (EMI)
Vinny Pop (Ruello, Vincent)
Vintage Jazzband (PPL)
Vintage Recordings (PPL)
Vintage Soul Records (SoundExchange)
Vintage Talent (Placebo Recordings) (Shock
Vintertainment (SoundExchange)
Vinyl Addiction (PPL)
Vinyl Japan (PPL)
Vinyl Junkie & Cruze (PPL)
Vinyl Junkie (PPL)
Vinyl Mania (PPL)
March 2014
Vinyl Pusher (Shock Entertainment)
Vinyl Pusher Records (SoundExchange)
Vinyl Skyway Records (SoundExchange)
Vinyl Solution Records (PPL)
Vinyl Vice (PPL)
Viny Wall Records (SoundExchange)
Vinylised Recordings (SoundExchange)
Violent Youth (SoundExchange)
Violet Inch Records (SoundExchange)
Violin MPE Dot Com (PPL)
Violinjazz (SoundExchange)
Violinjazz Recordings (SoundExchange)
Violent Record (EMI)
VIP Barzilian Music (PPL)
Vip Music Label (SoundExchange)
VIP Records (PPL)
Viper Recordings (SoundExchange)
Virago Records (PPL)
Viral Audigy (PPL)
Viral Suicide (SoundExchange)
Vireo (EMI)
Vireo Records (EMI)
Vireo Records (SoundExchange)
Viridian Blue (PPL)
Virgin – Dance (EMI)
Virgin (EMI)
Virgin 3rd Party Exclusive (EMI)
Virgin Australia (EMI)
Virgin Austria (EMI)
Virgin Belgium (EMI)
Virgin Benelux (EMI)
Virgin Brazil (EMI)
Virgin Budget (EMI)
Virgin Canada (EMI)
Virgin Catalogue (EMI)
Virgin Chattering Classics – Budget (EMI)
Virgin Classics (EMI)
Virgin Commercial Exclusie (EMI)
Virgin Commercial Marketing (EMI)
Virgin Dance (EMI)
Virgin Denmark (EMI)
Virgin France (EMI)
Virgin Germany (EMI)
Virgin Greece (EMI)
Virgin Holland (EMI)
Virgin India (EMI)
Virgin International (EMI)
Virgin Italy (EMI)
Virgin Liberty (EMI)
Virgin Local (EMI)
Virgin Mary Records (PPL)
Virgin Mexico (EMI)
Virgin Music (EMI)
Virgin Music Chinese (EMI)
Virgin Music Italy (EMI)
Virgin Music Netherlands (EMI)
Virgin Music Norway (EMI)
Virgin Music Spain (EMI)
Virgin Nashville (EMI)
Virgin Norway (EMI)
- 172 -
Virgin Records (EMI)
Virgin Records (India) Pvt Ltd (EMI)
Virgin Records America (EMI)
Virgin Records America Inc (EMI)
Virgin Records Australia (EMI)
Virgin Records Canada (EMI)
Virgin Records France (EMI)
Virgin Records Germany (EMI)
Virgin Records Ltd (EMI)
Virgin Records New Zealand (EMI)
Virgin South Africa (EMI)
Virgin Spain (EMI)
Virgin Sweden (EMI)
Virgin TV – Old (EMI)
Virgin UK (EMI)
Virgin V.I.P (EMI)
Virgin Variations (EMI)
Virgin Venture (EMI)
Virgin (Japanese) EMI)
Virgin (UA) (EMI)
Virgin (UK) (EMI)
Virgin / EMI / Gotee (SoundExchange)
Virgo (EMI)
Virgo Loves Cancer (SoundExchange)
Virgo Stomach (PPL)
Virgule2 (SoundExchange)
Virign (EMI)
Virtual Records (PPL)
Virtualhoedown (SoundExchange)
Virtuoso Records (SoundExchange)
Virtuous Woman Productions (PPL)
Virus Recordings (SoundExchange)
Visible Noise (PPL)
Visible Noise (Shock Entertainment)
Visible Noise (Sony Music Ent)
Vision 1st Music (SoundExchange)
Vision Ent LLC (SoundExchange)
Vision Recordz (SoundExchange)
Vision Wall Records (SoundExchange)
Vision [SEL658] (SoundExchange)
Visionary Records (PPL)
Visionquest (PPL)
Visiting Professors Records
Visom (SoundExchange)
Visual Impact Productions (SoundExchange)
Visual Music Group (SoundExchange)
Vista Records (SoundExchange)
Vista Vera (PPL)
Vital Communications (SoundExchange)
Vital Gesture (SoundExchange)
Vital Music (Dex Audio)
Vital Records (PPL)
Vital Sounds (PPL)
Vitamin Entertainment Co Ltd (Warner)
Vitamin Records(Vitamin Records)(Aust
Vitruvian Records (SoundExchange)
Viv Youell (PPL)
Viva Combo Music (SoundExchange)
Viva Music Group (SoundExchange)
Viva Records (PPL)
Vivanativa (SoundExchange)
Vivaton! Records (SoundExchange)
Viviana Recordings Limited
Vivid (PPL)
Vivid Records (PPL)
Vixia Enterprises Ltd (PPL)
Vix Records (EMI)
Vixen (PPL)
Vizion Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Vizion Sounds (SoundExchange)
Vizual Records (SoundExchange)
VJC Records (SoundExchange)
Vlaamse Sterren (SoundExchange)
VM Music (PPL)
VMG – M. Carey (EMI)
Vocab Records (SoundExchange)
Vocal Explosion Recordings (PPL)
Vocal Trance Music (PPL)
Vocalion (UK)(PPL)
Vodafone (Warner)
Vogue (SoundExchange)
Voice Box Music (SoundExchange)
Voice Express (Blue Pie Productions)
Voice Stream Production (SoundExchange)
Voiceprint (PPL)
Voices Records (SoundExchange)
Voisier (SoundExchange)
Voix Celeste (PPL)
Volcanic Activity (Volcanic Activity)
Volcano (Sony Music Ent.)
Volcano/Legacy (Sony Music Ent)
Volition Records (PPL)
Volition Records (PPL)
Volkanik Pty Ltd (Volkanik Music)
Volt (PPL)
Voltage Destroyer (PPL)
Volte-face Records (PPL)
Voltera (Voltera)
Volture (PPL)
Voluptuary Records (SoundExchange)
Voodoo Eroz (Specific Recordings
Voodoo Music (PPL)
Voodoo Vinyl (PPL)
Vox Clamantis in Deserto (SoundExchange)
Vox Music Group LLC (SoundExchange)
Vox Enterprises Pty Ltd (Vox Enterprises
Pty Ltd)
Vox Popus (PPL)
Voxtone (SoundExchange)
Voxx (SoundExchange)
Voyager (Voyager)
Voyager Records (PPL)
Votyager Records (SoundExchange)
Voz de su Amo, La (EMI)
March 2014
Voz Futura (SoundExchange)
VP Records (VPR UK Ltd)(PPL)
VR Recordings (EMI)
VSOP (Hot)
VSR Records (PPL)
VSS Records (SoundExchange)
VTP (SoundExchange)
V-Tone (PPL)
Vudu (SoundExchange)
VUKA Africa (EMI)
Vulpine Records (SoundExchange)
Vunderchuck Records (dDub)(Shock
Vusta Music (Vuletic, Jennifer and Michael
VWC (SoundExchange)
Vypro (SoundExchange)
Vyvum Group (SoundExchange)
VZ Rexcords (SoundExchange)
W Recordings (SoundExchange)
W Records (PPL)
W.3 Productions (PPL)
W.A. & P. Stewart (Stewart, W.A. & P.)
W. E. Publishers (SoundExchange)
W. E. Communications (SoundExchange)
W.I.R.L. (PPL)
W.M.O.T. Records (Unidisc)
W.O.W. (PPL)
W10 (PPL)
W2 Recordings (PPL)
Waap (PPL)
Waap Universal (PPL)
Wabejon Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Wacky (PPL)
Wacky World (EMI)
Wadirum (SoundExchange)
Wag (PPL)
Wagram Music (SoundExchange)
Wags (SoundExchange)
Wah Wah (PPL)
Wah Wah (Sony Music Ent)
Wah Wah Music (Farrago Music)
Wahzoo (Bromer Entertainment)
Waiste Line (PPL)
Waiter Music S.A. (EMI)
Wajesskor Music Connection
Wake the Baby (EMI)
Wake-Up Records (PPL)
Walking Liberty Records (SoundExchange)
Waking Monster Media (PPL)
Waking the Witch (PPL)
Waldoxy (Black Market Music)
Walk on By (SoundExchange)
Walk The Walk Records (PPL)
Walking Horse (Walking Horse)
Walking Oliver (PPL)
Wall of Sound (EMI)
- 173 -
Wall of Sound (Liberation)
Wall Recordings (Ministry Of Sound)
Wall Recordings (Select Recordings Only)
(Spinnin’ Records)
Wall Recordings (SoundExchange)
Wallace (SoundExchange)
Walled Garden Music (PPL)
Wallflower (PPL)
Walsingham Classics (PPL)
Walt Disney Records (EMI)
Walt Disney Records (Universal)
Wamu’s Bluegrass Country
Wanderlust Music (SoundExchange)
Wanderlust/Iguana (PPL)
Wandlar Productions (SoundExchange)
Wantok Musik (The Planet Company)
Wannabe Music (SoundExchange)
Wannaplay Records (SoundExchange)
Waou9 (SoundExchange)
War / Fel [Front End Loader] (Fuse Music
Group P/L)
Warcon (SoundExchange)
Ward Coast Records (SoundExchange)
Ward12 (PPL)
Warm (SoundExchange)
Warm Earth Records (Spirit Of Play)
Warm Milk Music (SoundExchange)
Warmfuzz (PPL)
Warmth Crashes In (Warmth Crashes In)
Warner Alliance (PPL)
Warner Archives (Warner)
Warner Bros Records Inc (Warner)
Warner Bros Records UK (Warner)
Warner Classics (Warner)
Warner Curb (PPL)
Warner Fonit (Warner)
Warner Music Argentina SA (Warner)
Warner Music Australia Pty Ltd (Warner)
Warner Music Austria GesmbH (Warner)
Warner Music Benelux BV (Warner)
Warner Music Benelux NV/SA (Warner)
Warner Music Brazil Ltda(Warner)
Warner Music Canada Ltd (Warner)
Warner Music Chile SA (Warner)
Warner Music China (BJ) Ltd (Warner)
Warner Music China (HK) Limited (Warner)
Warner Music Czech Republic
Warner Music Denmark A/S (Warner)
Warner Music Finland OY (Warner)
Warner Music France SAS (Warner)
Warner Music Greece SA (Warner)
Warner Music Group (Warner)
Warner Music Group Germany (Warner)
Warner Music Hong Kong Ltd (Warner)
Warner Music Hungry Kft (Warner)
Warner Music Ireland Ltd (Warner)
Warner Music Italia srl (Warner)
Warner Music Japan Inc (Warner)
Warner Music Korea Ltd (Warner)
Warner Music Latina (Warner)
Warner Music Malaysia (Warner)
Warner Music Mexico SA de CV (Warner)
Warner Music New Zealand Ltd (Warner)
Warner Music Norway AS (Warner)
Warner Music Philippines Inc (Warner)
Warner Music Poland Sp z o.o (Warner)
Warner Music Portugal Lda (Warner)
Warner Music Singapore Pte Ltd (Warner)
Warner Music Slovakia s.r.o. (Warner)
Warner Music Spain SA (Warner)
Warner Music Sweden AB (Warner)
Warner Music Switzerland AG (Warner)
Warner Music Taiwan Ltd (Warner)
Warner Music Thailand Ltd (Warner)
Warner Music UK Ltd (Warner)
Warner Nashville (Warner)
Warner Special Projects (Warner)
Warner Strategic Marketing Inc (Warner)
Warner Sunset (Warner)
Warner Western (Warner)
Warp Records (Warp Records)
Warpath Records (SoundExchange)
Warped (SoundExchange)
Warren Derwent (Derwent, Warren)
Warren Morgan (Morgan, Warren)
Warren Publishing Co. UK (PPL)
Warrior (Starlite)
Warrior Base (PPL)
Warrior Chief Prodtuction (SoundExchange)
Warrior Girl Music (Warrior Girl Music)
Warriors Of Peace (SoundExchange)
Wasabi Pop (public Opinion Pty Ltd)
Wash House Music (SoundExchange)
Washashore Records (SoundExchange)
Washroom Ent (SoundExchange)
Waste Mgmt (SoundExchange)
Waste of Aces (SoundExchange)
Wasted (SoundExchange)
Wasted Records (PPL)
Wasted State Industries (PPL)
Wasted State Records (PPL)
Wasted Summer (Hellogoodbye Recordings)
(Shock Entertainment)
Wat! (PPL)
Watch Your Head (SoundExchange)
Watchful Eye (Universal)
Watchful Eye (Urban Guerrillas)
Watchmen Wreakartz (SoundExchange)
Water (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Water and Power (SoundExchange)
Water Baby (SoundExchange)
Water Mirror Records (SoundExchange)
Water Music (PPL)
Water Works Hill Recordings Co.
Water’s Fine Music (SoundExchange)
Waterbear Records (Miller-Heidke, Kate)
Watercolour (PPL)
March 2014
Watercourse (PPL)
Watercourse Explorer Series (PPL)
Waterfall Records (PPL)
Waterfront Worship (SoundExchange)
Waterhouse (UK)(PPL)
Watering Colour (SoundExchange)
Waterloo Sunset Records (PPL)
Watermark Music (PPL)
Wateroc Records (Rocwater)
Waterside (SoundExchange)
Watkins (PPL)
Watts House Music (PPL)
Watussi Music (Watussi Music)
Waulk Records (PPL)
Wave (PPL)
Wave Factory Records (SoundExchange)
Wave Machines (SoundExchange)
Wave Reader Productions (Blue Pie
Waves Classic (PPL)
Waves Music (PPL)
Waves on Waves (SoundExchange)
Wavelength Music (SoundExchange)
Waveshape (PPL)
Wavetone (SoundExchange)
Wawatat!! Records (EMI)
Wax Factory (PPL)
Wax On Music (PPL)
Wax On Records Ltd (PPL)
Wax Orchard (SoundExchange)
Wax Poetics (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Waxploitation Ent Group (SoundExchange)
Waxworkz (PPL)
Way Home Records (SoundExchange)
Way2Be Music International
Wayfae Music (SoundExchange)
Waymaker Records (SoundExchange)
Wayward Music (Wayward Music)
Wayward Smith (Wayward Smith)
WCC (SoundExchange)
WDO Music (WDO Music)
WDR Dreyfus (SoundExchange)
We 3 Kings (Warner)
We Are Lifted (PPL)
We Are The City (SoundExchange)
We Are The Future Records (PPL)
We Are Woodville (PPL)
We Done It LLC (SoundExchange)
We Collect Enemies (PPL)
We Got It First (SoundExchange)
We Got Next Entertainment (Blue Pie
We Have Band Records (PPL)
We Know Mason (PPL)
We Love Jazz (EMI)
We Love Records (PPL)
We Love You (SoundExchange)
We Make Entertainment Limited (PPL)
- 174 -
We Make Music Ltd (PPL)
We Make Things Work (PPL)
We Make Things Ltd (PPL)
We Play (SoundExchange)
We Put Out (SoundExchange)
We Swimmers (I, A Man)
We Want Action (SoundExchange)
WEA International Inc (Warner)
WEA Records (Warner)
WEA / Earache (SoundExchange)
Weary Records (SoundExchange)
Weasel (PPL)
Weatherbox (Hot)
Weathermaker Music LLC (Clutch,
Bakerton Group)(Shock Entertainment)
Web Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Web Records (PPL)
Webmaster (PPL)
Wednesday Music (PPL)
Wedge Productions (SoundExchange)
Wedgetail (SoundExchange)
Wee Beatz (SoundExchange)
Weeded (SoundExchange)
Weekend Furlough Records
Weekday Records Limited (PPL)
Weekend Records (PPL)
Weekend World Recordings (PPL)
Weeping Angel Records (PPL)
Weevil Records (PPL)
Wegawam Music (SoundExchange)
Weidemann Music Group (SoundExchange)
Weidwacker Music (SoundExchange)
Weidwacker Music / Ascap
Weksa Music (SoundExchange)
Welcome Home Records (SoundExchange)
Welcome to Dreamsville Records
Welder Music (SoundExchange)
Welk Music Group (EMI)
Well Done Music (SoundExchange)
Well Equipped (PPL)
Well Mixed Records (SoundExchange)
Well Red Productions (PPL)
Well Wicked Records (PPL)
Wellhard Records (PPL)
Wellhart Overseas (PPL)
Welt Musik (SoundExchange)
Welt Packet (SoundExchange)
Welt Wunder (SoundExchange)
Weelhart/One Little Indian Ltd (PPL)
Wellspring (PPL)
Welovemuzik (PPL)
Welsh Gold (PPL)
Welsh Teldisc (PPL)
Welt=Rekord (EMI)
Wench (SoundExchange)
Wepecket (SoundExchange)
Wergo (Germay)(Fuse)
Werk Discs (SoundExchange)
Werm (PPL)
Werwin Music (SoundExchange)
West 5 Records (Limited)(PPL)
West 54th (PPL)
West Coast (PPL)
West End (PPL)
West End (U.S.A.) (Altra Moda Music B.V.)
West Five Records (PPL)
West Midlands (PPL)
West Nile Records (PPL)
West Pacific Ltd (PPL)
West Pacific Music.Com (PPL)
West Side Music (PPL)
Westbound (PPL)
Westbrook Records (SoundExchange)
Western (PPL)
Western Beat Entertainment
Western Electric (SoundExchange)
Western Seeds Records Company
Western World Media (SoundExchange)
Westermost Records (SoundExchange)
Westmoore Music (PPL)
Westmore Music Video (PPL)
Westmore Records (PPL)
Weston Boys Entertainment
Westside (PPL)
Westsong Writers (Wiseman, Bryan)
Westway (SoundExchange)
Westwood Productions (PPL)
Wet Nurse Records (PPL)
Wet TM Limited (PPL)
Wexfenne (PPL)
Weze Records (SoundExchange)
WFIL Charities (PPL)
WGI Global Entertainment Media, LLC
Whack Recordings (Whack Recordings)
Wham-Pac (SoundExchange)
What A Wonderful World (EMI)
What Records (SoundExchange)
What The Folk Records (SoundExchange)
What? (PPL)
Whatever (PPL)
Whatever We Want Records
Whatmusic.Com (PPL)
WHD (SoundExchange)
Whee Music (SoundExchange)
Wheelers And Dealers (Wheeler, Christine)
Wheely Wheely Connection (PPL)
Wheely Wheely Promotion (PPL)
When In Rome (PPL)
When In Rome Records (PPL)
When the Moon Was Full of Mystery
March 2014
Where Songs Live (EMI)
Where U R (SoundExchange)
Which Way Music (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Whild John (PPL)
While She Sleeps (While She Sleeps
Recordings) (Shock Entertainment)
Whimsical Records (PPL)
Whippet Records (PPL)
Whiplash (SoundExchange)
Whiplash Records (SoundExchange)
Whirlie Records (PPL)
Whirling House (SoundExchange)
Whirlybird (SoundExchange)
Whirlygig Records (PPL)
Whiskey Island Records (SoundExchange)
Whiskey Row Music (SoundExchange)
Whiskey Women And… (PPL)
Whisky Winter (Malone, Aaron)
Whistletunes Music (SoundExchange)
Whistling Dog Music (SoundExchange)
Whitaker Music (Whitaker Music)
White (PPL)
White Angel Records (PPL)
White Boy Records (Augie Meyers)
White Chocolate Records (SoundExchange)
White Cloud Music (PPL)
White Devil Music (PPL)
White Dove International (SoundExchange)
White Dove Music (Jensen, Hayley)
White Dress (SoundExchange)
White Elephant Recordings (PPL)
White Fall Records (PPL)
White Flames Music (PPL)
White Flames Productions (PPL)
White Iris (SoundExchange)
White Label Classical (SoundExchange)
White Line (EMI)
White Mischief (PPL)
White Noise (PPL)
White Parrot (PPL)
White Pearl Records Ltd (PPL)
White Rhino (SoundExchange)
White Rum (PPL)
White Villa Records (Toco)
White Water Records (PPL)
Whitecloud (Select)
Whiteheat Music (PPL)
Whitehill (PPL)
Whiteowl Music (SoundExchange)
Whiter Than Records (PPL)
Whitewave Music (PPL)
Whitfield (Warner)
Who Dun It (SoundExchange)
Who Is She Records (SoundExchange)
Who Ring (EMI)
Whole Earth Music (SoundExchange)
Who’s Who In Jazz (SoundExchange)
Whoiscush (SoundExchange)
Whoops! Records (PPL)
Whoosjack Music (Hot)
- 175 -
Whorehouse Recordings (Hoxton Music
WHN Sounds (SoundExchange)
Whysome (SoundExchange)
Wi Records (SoundExchange)
WI45 (PPL)
Wiab Records (SoundExchange)
Wibble Records (PPL)
Wibbly Wobbly Records (PPL)
Wichita (Universal)
Wicked Beat Records (Wicked Beat
Wicked Boy Records (PPL)
Wicked Cool Records (PPL)
Wicked Game Records (Universal)
Wicked Old Lady Records (PPL)
Wicker Records (PPL)
Wicked records Wales Ltd (PPL)
Wicked World/ Earache (SoundExchange)
Wide Awake Records (PPL)
Wide Sound (SoundExchange)
Wide World! Records (SoundExchange)
Widespace Records (PPL)
Wierdhead Publications (SoundExchange)
Wi-Fi (PPL)
Wiggle Records (EMI)
Wiggle Worm Records (SoundExchange)
Wigmere Hall Live (Select)
Wiiija (Remote Control)
Wilbe Records (SoundExchange)
Wild Abandon (PPL)
Wild Animal Ditch Music (SoundExchange)
Wild Apache (PPL)
Wild Card (SoundExchange)
Wild Cherry (PPL)
Wild Child Vinyl (PPL)
Wild Dog (Black Market Music)
Wild Dog Hill (Hot)
Wild Falcon Records (SoundExchange)
Wild Goose Publications (PPL)
Wild Gypsy Records (SoundExchange)
Wild Mountain Music (SoundExchange)
Wild Pitch Records (EMI)
Wild Wind Records (SoundExchange)
Wild Wish Music (PPL)
Wild Wood Records (PPL)
Wild World (SoundExchange)
Wildboar (SoundExchange)
Wildchild Records (PPL)
Wildebeest Records (SoundExchange)
Wilderecords (SoundExchange)
Wilderness (PPL)
Wildflower Records (PPL)
Wildgoose (PPL)
Wildstar Records Limited (PPL)
Wildstyle (PPL)
Wildtracks (PPL)
Wildwood Records (PPL)
Wiley Fox Music (SoundExchange)
Wilhelmina (PPL)
Will & Cantrell (SoundExchange)
Will Collier (PPL)
Will Echo Records (PPL)
Will John Ferrier (Shock Entertainment)
William (PPL)
William Benoit/ John J. Driscoll
William Gray (PPL)
William McDonald (McDonald, William)
William McElroy (McElroy, William)
William Morris Agency (PPL)
William Pitt-Jones (PPL)
William Tang / Zen Music (PPL)
William Wilde (PPL)
Williams Bulldog Management (PPL)
Willie Herath (SoundExchange)
Willie’s Kid Music (SoundExchange)
Willow Connection (Willow)(Aust Indi)
Willow Publishing (Willow Publishing)
Willow Records (PPL)
Willowtip (SoundExchange)
Wilson (PPL)
Winchester Brothers (Hunn, Gary)
Winco Music Group (SoundExchange)
Wind (SoundExchange)
Wind Down (PPL)
Wind In The well (SoundExchange)
Wind Tunnel (SoundExchange)
Wind Tunnel Multimedia (SoundExchange)
Wind Tunnel Records (SoundExchange)
Wind Up (PPL)
Wind Up Records (Hawthorn Heights)
(Shock Entertainment)
Wind-Up Records (Sony Music Ent)
Windham Hill (Sony Music Ent)
Winding River Records (PPL)
Winding Road (SoundExchange)
Windmill (PPL)
Windows On The World (PPL)
Winds of Change Records (Blue Pie
Windsong Entertainment (Craig Byrne +
Janine Byrne)(Aust Indi)
Windsong in Concert (PPL)
Windsong In Video (PPL)
Windsong Records (PPL)
Windward Records (PPL)
Windwater Productions (SoundExchange)
Winebay Records (SoundExchange)
Winedark Records (PPL)
Winepress Music (PPL)
Wingfoot (PPL)
Wingnut Music (PPL)
Wing Sing Records (Wing Sing Records)
Winter & Winter (PPL)
Winter Hymns Records (PPL)
Winterfold Records (PPL)
Wintermitts (SoundExchange)
Wintersun Records (PPL)
Winthrop Records (PPL)
March 2014
Wipe It Off (SoundExchange)
Wipe It Off! Records (SoundExchange)
Wire Bird Music (SoundExchange)
Wire Block (PPL)
Wire Man Recordings (SoundExchange)
Wire Road Records (SoundExchange)
Wirebird Music LLC (SoundExchange)
Wireboy Records (PPL)
Wired Desire Ltd (PPL)
Wired Records (SoundExchange)
Wired Science (PPL)
Wireframe (PPL)
Wise Choices Productions (SoundExchange)
Wisecrack Records (PPL)
Wiseguy Entertainment, LLC
Wisem (SoundExchange)
Wisemen Productions (SoundExchange)
Wisemove Music (PPL)
Wisepack (PPL)
Wishakismo (EMI)
Wishbone Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Wishing Well (Wishing Well)
Wistful Records UK (PPL)
Witan (PPL)
Witch Records (PPL)
Witches on the Radiowaves
Witchita (SoundExchange)
Witchwood Media Limited (PPL)
With Love (Ministry Of Sound)
Within Records (PPL)
Witty (PPL)
Wizard (UK)(PPL)
Wizard Music (PPL)
Wizz Records (PPL)
WKMD (SoundExchange)
WMC (SoundExchange)
WMD Music Limited (PPL)
WMF (SoundExchange)
Wminc Productions (EMI)
Wob Recordings (PPL)
Wobbly Music (PPL)
Wobblyhead (SoundExchange)
Wohone Records (PPL)
Woje (SoundExchange)
WOL Records (PPL)
Wolf & Cub (Wolf & Cub)
Wolfehouse Music (SoundExchange)
Wolfemusic (SoundExchange)
Wolfpak Music Group (SoundExchange)
Wolftown (PPL)
Woli Music (Blue Pie Productions)
Wolves At The Door (Shock Entertainment)
Womad Records (SoundExchange)
Womad Select (PPL)
Women on Wax (SoundExchange)
- 176 -
Wondercap Records (SoundExchange)
Wonderland (PPL)
Wonderland Production (SoundExchange)
Wonderland Records (PPL)
Wonderlust (PPL)
Wonderlick Recording Company (Sony
Music Ent)
Wonderwheel Recordings (SoundExchange)
Wongo Music (Ladgrove, Matthew)
Wonka Vision (SoundExchange)
Wont Ever Be Limited (PPL)
Wood Hare Music (SoundExchange)
Wood Wharf Records (PPL)
Wooda Worx (SoundExchange)
Woodcharm Limited (PPL)
Wooded Hoods Entertainment
Wooden Fish (PPL)
Wooden Hill Recordings (SoundExchange)
Wooden Monkey Music (SoundExchange)
Wooden Records (PPL)
Wooden Step Records (PPL)
Woodland Records (SoundExchange)
Woodpecker Records (SoundExchange)
Woodshed Productions (SoundExchange)
Woodstock Records (SoundExchange)
Woodstrasse (Rights’ Up SPRL)
Woodville Records (PPL)
Woodworm Records (PPL)
Woodyew Records (PPL)
Woolfgang Records (PPL)
Wopo Music (SoundExchange)
Word (PPL)
Word Gospel (PPL)
Word Is Out Records (PPL)
Word Maranatha (PPL)
Word Of Mouth (PPL)
Word on Road Music (PPL)
Word Play Intellect (PPL)
Word Records - Golden Books (Warner)
Word Records (Warner)
Wordclock (SoundExchange)
Words & Music Entertainment (Sammy J)
Work (Sony Music Ent)
Work Records (Ministry Of Sound)
Worker’s Institure (SoundExchange)
Workers Playtime Music (PPL)
Workforce Publishing (PPL)
Workforce Records (PPL)
Working Class Records (PPL)
Working Classical Music (PPL)
Working Title (Universal)
Workshirt Music (SoundExchange)
World 1 Records (SoundExchange)
World Ambient (SoundExchange)
World Beat (SoundExchange)
World Circuit (Fuse Music Group P/L)
World Circuit (PPL)
World Class Gospel (SoundExchange)
World Class Records (SoundExchange)
World Connection BV (Blue Pie
World Connection (Netherlands)(Fuse Music
Group P/L)
World Domination Music (PPL)
World Enterprise Records (PPL)
World Famous In SF (SoundExchange)
World Flo (PPL)
World Fusion Music (pop) (SoundExchange)
World International (PPL)
World Jam (SoundExchange
World Music (V & H Holdings)
World Music (UK)(PPL)
World Music Ltd (PPL)
World Music Recording Studios (PPL)
World Music Network (PPL)
World Of Beatcirkus (SoundExchange)
World Of Drum + Bass (PPL)
World Pacific (EMI)
World Quarter Music (SoundExchange)
World Radio 108 (SoundExchange)
World Records (PPL)
World Serpent (PPL)
World Serpent (SoundExchange)
World Service (PPL)
World Stage International (SoundExchange)
World Time Music (PPL)
World Village (PPL)
World Wild Walsh (PPL)
World Wide Kind (PPL)
Worldheart Music (SoundExchange)
Worldkla$$ Record$ (SoundExchange)
Worldsound Productions Inc
Worldview Music (SoundExchange)
Worldwave Records (SoundExchange)
Worldwide (SoundExchange)
Worldwide Domination (PPL)
Worldwide Success (SoundExchange)
Worm Is Green (SoundExchange)
Wormland Black (PPL)
Worried Racoon Records (PPL)
Worship Experience (PPL)
Worship Extreme (SoundExchange)
Worship Leaders (PPL)
Worship Recordings (SoundExchange)
Worship Together (EMI)
Worship Together (WTG) (EMI)
Worship Underground (SoundExchange)
Worx (SoundExchange)
WOS (Liberation)
WOS Recordings (SoundExchange)
WOS Records (SoundExchange)
Wot (PPL)
Wot EP (PPL)
Wounded Knee Records (PPL)
Wounded Records (SoundExchange)
Wow (EMI)
Wow (PPL)
Wow Christmas (EMI)
March 2014
Wow Gospel (EMI)
Wow Hits (EMI)
Wow It’s Everywhere (EMI)
Wow Records (Wow Records)
Wow Worship (EMI)
Wrap (Black Market Music)
Wrapepd Up Music (PPL)
Wrapt Up Records (PPL)
Wreckless Ent (SoundExchange)
Wreckshop Records (SoundExchange)
Wrasse Records (PPL)
Wrasse Records (Selected Releases)(Shock
Wrath Records (PPL)
Wrathchild (PPL)
Wreched Rececords (PPL)
Wren Music (PPL)
Wren Recordings (PPL)
Wrestler (PPL)
Wrtechroboys (PPL)
Wright (SoundExchange)
Wright Music (SoundExchange)
Wright Tyme Media (SoundExchange)
Write On (SoundExchange)
Wrong Crowd Recording Co. (PPL)
Wrong Planet (PPL)
Wrongnote (PPL)
WS Entertainment Limited (Warner)
WSCollective (SoundExchange)
WSM/FFRR (Warner)
WTF Recordings (PPL)
Wu Wei (Wu Wei)
Wunderverk (SoundExchange)
Wunnademwuns (PPL)
Wurdamouth Records (PPL)
Wussy Records (SoundExchange)
(SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange)
- 177 - (SoundExchange)
www.gavinstephens,ca (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (PPL) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange) (SoundExchange)
WWMF Recordings & Publishing (PPL)
Www.Mrstudio.Biz (PPL)
Wyasotone Estate Limited T/A Ni (PPL)
Wyastone – Amon Ra (Select)
Wyastone – Lyrita (Select)
Wyastone – Nimbus (Select)
Wyastone – Prima Voce (Select)
Wyastone – Quartz (Select)
Wyastone – Saydisc (Select)
Wyastone – The Village Thing (Select)
Wyatt Moss-Wellington (Moss-Wellington,
Wye Records (PPL)
Wyman Records (SoundExchange)
X.R.L. (PPL)
X-Andra Song (PPL)
Xandor Reciords (SoundExchange)
X-Cell Records Germany (SoundExchange)
X-Pol (SoundExchange)
X Off Records (SoundExchange)
X2 Recordings (Kobalt Label Services Ltd)
XBone (SoundExchange)
Xcess Records (PPL)
Xcellent Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Xcite (PPL)
Xclamation Records (PPL)
XCP Editions (PPL)
Xelon Entertainment (Xelon Entertainment)
Xenomusic (SoundExchange)
Xenon Records Ltd (PPL)
Xenophile (UK)(PPL)
Xero for Hire Productions (SoundExchange)
Xes (SoundExchange)
X-Es Records (PPL)
XI Recordings Limited (EMI)
Xien (SoundExchange)
XIII Bis Recirds (SoundExchange)
Xiringuitomusic / Coolhand Fil (PPL) Records (PPL)
XL (Remote Control)
Xlnt (SoundExchange)
Xmartmusic (SoundExchange)
Xobophon Records (Xobophon)
Xodust Word and Music (SoundExchange)
Xoxo Records (SoundExchange)
Xperimento (SoundExchange)
Xplode (PPL)
Xplore (PPL)
Xquizit Records (SoundExchange)
X-Rovision (SoundExchange)
XS Rhythm (PPL)
X-Squared Records (PPL)
X-Talk (PPL)
X-Trax (SoundExchange)
Xtcuk (PPL)
Xtra Mile Recordings (PPL)
Xtra Mile Recordings (SoundExchange)
Xtravaganza Recordings (SoundExchange)
Xtravaganza Recordings Ltd (PPL)
Xtravaganza/Epidrome (Sony Music Ent)
Xtreme (SoundExchange)
Xurbia Xendless (International Royalties
Xwaver Records (PPL)
XX1-21 Productions (SoundExchange)
Xxplosive Ltd (PPL)
XXX Car ride (SoundExchange)
XY Records (PPL)
Y.M.A.H. Records (PPL)
Y2J Studio Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Ya Basta! (SoundExchange)
Ya Man Music (SoundExchange)
Yabby U (PPL)
Yacht Music Group (SoundExchange)
Yae Muzik (SoundExchange)
Yamin Music (SoundExchange)
Yamoosh! (PPL)
Yardcure Recordings (PPL)
Yardvibes (PPL)
Yarner Records (DC) (SoundExchange)
Yasny Labels Group (SoundExchange)
Yawa (Central Station Records)
Yazoo (PPL)
Year Zero (PPL)
Yee Bee (PPL)
Yellabelly Records (PPL)
Yellorange (SoundExchange)
Yellow Bike Records (PPL)
Yellow Door Music (PPL)
Yellow Dot (PPL)
Yellow Gecko Records (PPL)
Yellow Orchid Records (SoundExchange)
Yellow Red Sparks (SoundExchange)
Yellow Sound Label (SoundExchange)
Yellow Van Records (PPL)
Yellowfinger Communications (PPL)
Yemaya (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Yemaya (SoundExchange)
Yep! Records (UK)(PPL)
Yep! Records (Undercover)(Aust Indi)
March 2014
Yerba Buena Discos (SoundExchange)
Yergh Records (PPL)
Yes Music (EMI)
Yes Please (Yes Please)
Yes Please One Records (PPL)
Yes Record (SoundExchange)
Yes Yes Records (Yes Yes Records)
Yes You (Yes You)
Yesterday (Pittsburgh) (SoundExchange)
Yew Tree Records (PPL)
Yez Lawd Records, inc. (SoundExchange)
Yfinto Records (PPL)
Yflem Records (PPL)
YGB Music Group (SoundExchange)
Yianni Bacolas (SoundExchange)
Yisrael Records, inc. (SoundExchange)
YMA Records (SoundExchange)
YME Records (SoundExchange)
YMP Records (SoundExchange)
YNR Productions (SoundExchange)
Yo Ke Li Lin (EMI)
Yo Mama Records (EMI)
Yo Mouth Entertainment Records
Yo Records (SoundExchange)
Yo! Yo! (PPL)
Yo-Yo Records (SoundExchange)
Yoctopus (PPL)
Yodel-Ay-Hee (SoundExchange)
Yoga Organix (SoundExchange)
Yogen Records (PPL)
YokoO Records (YokoO Records)
Yolabelle (SoundExchange)
Yolanda Thomas (Thomas, Yolanda)
Yolk (PPL)
Youl Music (SoundExchange)
Yomando Records (SoundExchange)
York (PPL)
York Ambisonic (PPL)
Yorkville Records (Unidisc)
Yoronkel (Rock) (SoundExchange)
Yoruba Records (PPL)
Yosh Bros Records (SoundExchange)
You Are The Star Dust (SoundExchange)
You-Know-Dat Records (PPL)
You Pay Now Music, inc. (SoundExchange)
Youmex (EMI)
Younan Music (SoundExchange)
Young (SoundExchange)
Young & Lost Club (Domino Recording
Company Ltd)
Young And Vicious Pty Ltd (Young And
Vicious Pty Ltd)
Young Aspiring Artists (SoundExchange)
Young Blood International (PPL)
Young Blood (PPL)
Young Empire Records (SoundExchange)
Young Entrepreneurs Records LT (PPL)
Young Fraser (SoundExchange)
Young Love Records (SoundExchange)
- 178 -
Young Mine (Jinja Safari)
Young Rebel (PPL)
Young Stanley Ltd (PPL)
Young Tree Records (SoundExchange)
Young Turks (Remote Control P/L)
Young Turks (SoundExchange)
Young Werther (Young Werther)
Young Zay (SoundExchange)
Youngin (SoundExchange)
Youngstar (PPL)
Your Face Records (PPL)
Your Mixed State, LLC (SoundExchange)
Your Move (SoundExchange)
Your Permanent (SoundExchange)
Your Permanent Records (SoundExchange)
Your Permanent Records Turkeyleg
Your Permanent Records/ Turkeyleg
Youthful Chaos (SoundExchange)
Ysaye (PPL)
Yuji Sound Records (SoundExchange)
Yukka Records (PPL)
Yukon Records (SoundExchange)
Yulisongs (SoundExchange)
Yum Yum Records (PPL)
Yung Hussle Entertainment
Yung Skool (SoundExchange)
Yuric Records (SoundExchange)
Yuric Records, inc (SoundExchange)
Yvonne’s Special (PPL)
Yze Guyz Ent (SoundExchange)
Z Audio (SoundExchange)
Z Classics (PPL)
Z – Man (Fuse Music Group P/L)
Z- Minor Records (SoundExchange)
Z – Records (SoundExchange)
Z Records (PPL)
Zabriskie Point Records (SoundExchange)
Zah Zah (PPL)
Zaino (SoundExchange)
Zakia Records (SoundExchange)
Zakz Records (SoundExchange)
Zamora Music Group (SoundExchange)
Zamrud Records (Warner)
Zane (SoundExchange)
Zane Records (PPL)
Zanfo (SoundExchange)
Zang Productions (PPL)
Zap (PPL)
Zap Zap Records (PPL)
Zapit Records (PPL)
Zarg Records (PPL)
Zatchubilly Music (SoundExchange)
Zate Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Zatzit P/L (Shock Entertainment)
Zdynamic Germany (SoundExchange)
Zeboullion Sounds (PPL)
Zebra (PPL)
Zebra 3 Records (PPL)
Zebra Music (SoundExchange)
Zebra Traffic Records (PPL)
Zed Germany (Warner)
Zedd PM (Zedd PM)
Zeek Records (SoundExchange)
Zeelee Music (SoundExchange)
Zein Simone Records (PPL)
Zeit Media Limited (SoundExchange)
Zeitbombe (PPL)
Zeitgeist Rekords (SoundExchange)
Zemi (SoundExchange)
Zen (EMI)
Zen Cowboy Records (SoundExchange)
Zenda (PPL)
Zenga Music (PPL)
Zenith Café (SoundExchange)
Zephyr Music (SoundExchange)
Zephryn (SoundExchange)
Zephyr Records (PPL)
Zero Burn Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Zero Burn Records (SoundExchange)
Zero Degrees Entertainment (PPL)
Zero Friends Recordings (PPL)
Zero Musique (SoundExchange)
Zero One Music Ltd (PPL)
Zero Records (SoundExchange)
Zero Sum Recordings (SoundExchange)
ZeroBPM Recordings (SoundExchange)
Zestzone (PPL)
Zeta Productions (SoundExchange)
Zeus Recordings (James Kannis) (Shock
Zeus Records (Blue Pie Productions)
Zeus Records Ltd (PPL)
Zia Records (Zia Records)
Ziben Music (SoundExchange)
Zig Zag (France)(Fuse)
Zig Zag Territories (SoundExchange)
Zijazz Music (SoundExchange)
Zinc (SoundExchange)
Zinc Music (PPL)
Zine Records (PPL)
Zinerecords (PPL)
Zion (PPL)
Zion Albert (SoundExchange)
Zion Mountain (SoundExchange)
Zion Records (PPL)
Zion Roots Music (PPL)
Zion Zone Recordz (SoundExchange)
Zip Music (Vicious)
Zip (PPL)
Zippo (PPL)
Zircon (PPL)
Ziriguiboom Six Degrees Travel Series
Zirka (PPL)
Zirkulo (PPL)
Zirkulo (SoundExchange)
Zizzle (SoundExchange)
March 2014
Zlota Kolekcja (EMI)
Zodiac (SoundExchange)
Zoe (Dean And Britta, Mary Chapin
Carpenter, King Wilkie)(Shock
Zoe Lewis (SoundExchange
Zoe Records (PPL)
Zoe Visoiu (Visoiu, Zoe)
Zola Van (SoundExchange)
Zolatone (SoundExchange)
Zoltan Records (PPL)
Zomba Indent (Sony Music Ent.)
Zona Franca (SoundExchange)
Zond (SoundExchange)
Zone 5 (PPL)
Zone 7 (PPL)
Z-One Records (PPL)
Zonophone (EMI)
Zoo (Sony Music Ent)
Zoo Records (PPL)
Zooland (Central Station Records)
Zooland Records (SoundExchange)
Zoolife Records (SoundExchange)
Zoolook Records (SoundExchange)
Zoom Club (SoundExchange)
Zoom Music (PPL)
Zoom Productions (PPL)
Zooo Entertainment (SoundExchange)
Zopf Ltd (PPL)
Zorbic Media Ltd (PPL)
Zorch Records (PPL)
Zorro’s Media (SoundExchange)
Zory Burner (PPL)
Zouk recordings (Armada Music)
Zoviet Records (SoundExchange)
Zram Records (PPL)
Z-Sub (PPL)
ZTT Records (PPL)
Zu Recordings (PPL)
Zu Zazz (PPL)
Zube Records (PPL)
Zucca Records LLVC (SoundExchange)
Zuk Records (PPL)
Zukeany Recordz (Zukeany Recordz)
Zully Records (SoundExchange)
Zulu Ensemble (SoundExchange)
Zulus Records (PPL)
Zum Records (PPL)
Zuma Recordings (PPL)
Zumbaoart Productions (SoundExchange)
Zynn (PPL)
Zyx Music (PPL)
Zyx Records (PPL)
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