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DS Automobiles launches exclusive online community for
network engagement
DS Automobiles has launched The DS Champions’ Community – an online platform
exclusively for DS Champions across its dealer network.
It’s designed to help Champions for the DS Automobiles brand connect with
community members across the network, sharing news, views and ideas and joining
in activities with each other and the brand and field teams.
The Community has been developed by Woodreed, specialists in using brand to
engage employees, and is built on the proven gamification, recognition and culture
change techniques of the global Challengera platform. The platform allows the DS
Automobiles brand to communicate directly with specialist network employees,
sharing new content and brand information as the DS brand evolves. It also
encourages peer to peer communication and networking among the dealership
Mark Blundell, Marketing Director at DS Automobiles said “We know that an
engaged and inspired workforce is the key to building a strong DS brand and
delivering an outstanding customer experience. As part of our commitment to doing
things differently with the DS Automobiles brand, we’re leading the way with this
exciting and innovative approach to dealer communication.”
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Tunbridge Wells
t: 01892 515025
f: 01892 527868
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Woodreed Creative Consultancy Ltd
Registered in England No.3082039
Notes for editors
About Woodreed Woodreed is a specialist advertising agency that’s been putting
brand at the heart of internal communications since 1991. The agency treats
employees like customers. This means using the same tools, methodology, brand
insight and creativity that marketing teams use to engage consumers outside, but on
the inside instead to engage employees and prospective employees.
About Challengera Challengera are working towards a day where ‘change’ no
longer needs to be ‘managed', where change is simply part of the way employees
do things internally. On a mission to ‘bust bureaucracies’ by enabling employees to
accelerate innovation in a fast changing world, is a webplatform used by many globally recognised and Fortune100 corporations.
About DS A French brand born in Paris, DS was officially founded on 1 June 2014.
Its stated ambition is to revive the tradition of premium vehicles in the French
automotive industry. Drawing on the very best of French know-how, DS perpetuates
the values of innovation and distinction inherited from the first DS, launched in 1955.
Designed for customers looking for a means to express themselves as individuals,
the DS range now comprises DS 3, DS 3 Cabrio, DS 4, DS 5, DS 5LS* and DS 6*.
The DS range combines exceptional styling, sensations and refinement with
premium materials and advanced technology, such as the Hybrid4 diesel hybrid
drivetrain available on the DS 5. Marketed in Europe by CITROËN, in DS Stores and
dedicated showroom areas, DS has its own network of sales outlets in China. For
customers, DS has come to represent a brand experience that goes beyond the
product to include a range of exclusive premium services. The brand has sold
500,000 vehicles since launch. *Available in China only.

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