Guidelines for participation Semi



Guidelines for participation Semi
8th Grade Farewell Prom
“A Masquerade Ball”
May 30th
Kathleen Middle School Gymnasium
Ticket price is $20 per person and includes drinks and refreshments. All tickets are non-refundable. Ticket
sales will be held during lunches only beginning May 11th – May 2th. Tickets will not be sold at the door on
Saturday. Student ID and ticket are required for admission to the dance.
Since this is a Masquerade Ball students are permitted to wear appropriate masks. These masks must be off
the face when entering the dance and able to be removed if requested throughout the evening. Halloween
masks are not permitted. If you think your mask is questionable please see an administrator ahead of time or
Prom court nominations and voting will occur the week of the dance with the King and Queen being
crowned at the prom. More detailed information for court nominees will be forthcoming.
Guidelines for participation
This dance is for KMS 8th graders only. No dates from other grade levels or schools. Students may not have any
disciplinary actions that result in ISS or OSS students may only have 1 minor infraction from the date of prom
notification to the prom date. If you purchase your ticket and then receive a disciplinary action after purchase
your ticket cost will not be refunded.
Semi-Formal Attire
Girls – Dresses must be appropriate length and non-revealing. If you think the dress is questionable, please
plan to bring it in ahead of time for approval by administration.
Boys – Tie is required. No jeans permitted. Dress pants, button down shirt with tie are appropriate. Any
student who is not appropriately dressed will be required to call a parent immediately for pickup and will
forfeit ticket purchase price.
All students must be dropped off and picked up in the parking lot near the gym. Do not plan to drop off
before 6pm. All students must be picked up by 8:30pm.