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MicroLC 200 Plus Brochure
Boost your LC/MS
Throughput and
Meet the Industry
Microflow UHPLC.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
As an industry pioneer in microflow UHPLC, SCIEX understands that sensitivity,
throughput, and cost of ownership are of the utmost importance for highthroughput LC/MS/MS laboratories.
The Eksigent MicroLC 200 Plus System is engineered for high-throughput
LC/MS/MS and delivers:
Up to 10x better LOQ and 4x throughput compared to 2.1 mm workflow
Up to 90% solvent savings
Stackable design that saves space
Software designed to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Trusted IQ/OQ/PQ service available
High Throughput Microflow UHPLC
The Eksigent MicroLC 200 Plus System robustly increases the throughput and sensitivity of mass spectrometry platforms.
In addition to increasing throughput, the microflow
The Eksigent MicroLC 200 Plus System is fully
The system has a minimum dead volume flow path
rate regime of the Eksigent MicroLC 200 Plus System
optimized for integration with the SCIEX mass
and low dispersion hybrid electrodes designed for
can also improve the sensitivity performance of mass
spectrometry portfolio with operational control
the Turbo V™ and IonDrive™ Turbo V sources. These
spectrometers. This makes the Eksigent MicroLC 200
through Analyst Software. The software is
are incorporated in a small functionally stackable
Plus System a sound strategy when added LC/MS/MS
designed to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
footprint for integration with the SCIEX 4500, 5500
sensitivity is needed.
SCIEX also offers a full IQ/OQ/PQ service for the
and 6500 series mass spectrometers.
MicroLC 200 Plus.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Achieve the Throughput of Multiplexed LC/MS Systems
Modern hardware, powerful software, and robust engineering increase your productivity to routinely analyze hundreds
of compounds in hundreds of samples – day after day, year after year.
Increase sensitivity and throughput – reduce sample
Accelerated throughput
volume and solvent consumption
Scientists who need to increase throughput while
For example, peptide quantitation applications
Sensitivity is always important. In addition in
simultaneously improving the robustness of their
migrating to the MicroLC 200 Plus from nano
many applications, sample volume is limited or
assays will appreciate the MicroLC 200 Plus binary
flow based methods stand to gain up to 10X
incurred sample re-analysis (ISR) strategies have
gradient pumping system. The system is designed to
higher throughput and significantly improved
to be considered.
support columns of 0.3 mm – 1 mm ID. The system
robustness compared to traditional nano flow
significantly reduces the required mixing volumes
approaches, while simultaneously improving
and produces impressive gradient delays of 1-3 μL –
gradient speed and precision.
In these situations, the all new Eksigent MicroLC 200
Plus System excels – with up to 10X more sensitivity,
up to 4X more throughput, and up to 10X less
sample volume consumption. Unique microflow
with accelerated separations and faster cycle times
for complex samples.
pumping capabilities make this possible, along
with the advanced dynamic load-and-wash of the
HTC-xt autosampler and near-zero sample loss
injection technology.
Increase sensitivity while using less sample
Accelerate your throughput while increasing robustness
10 µl injection
~60 to 800 pg on column
Less sample, more sensitivity: Separation of 23
pharmaceutical and personal care product compounds in
water on the Eksigent MicroLC 200 Plus System. With 4X less
sample injected, peak height, peak area and signal to noise
Nanoflow based method
Intensity, cps
increased by 4X.
2 4 6 8 101214
Time, min
2.5 µl injection
~15 to 200 pg on column
quantification: Select peptides from a multiplexed assay of
P450 peptides in digested liver microsomes were compared
between nanoflow and a higher throughput microflow
4X less sample
4X greater sensitivity
Time, min
2 46810
Time, min
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
approach on the Eksigent MicroLC 200 Plus. Throughput has
been increased by 8X versus the nanoflow experiment for the
same sample.
Intensity, cps
Increasing throughput and robustness of peptide
Microflow based method
8X increase in throughput
Time, min
Unrivaled Microflow UHPLC Solution
Optimized for MS/MS
System specifications
The Eksigent MicroLC 200 Plus System is a dedicated splitless microflow UHPLC system
designed to deliver optimal microflow performance and streamlined integration for your
most challenging separations – on any mass spectrometry platform.
Eksigent MicroLC 200 Plus
(W x D x H)
25”x 20”x 28”/
63.5cm x 50.8cm x 71.1cm
55 lbs / 25 kgs
100 – 240 VAC
Flow Rate Range
5-200 µL/min
Maximum Pressure
10,000 PSI
Gradient Delay Vol
< 1 - 3 µL
Flow Rate Precision
<0.5% RSD @ 150 µL/min
Streamlined integration with MicroLC column
At the heart of precision
Eksigent MicroLC Columns are available in a wide
Proprietary Eksigent Microfluidic Flow Control
Flow Rate Accuracy
< 1%
range of particle sizes (3 and 5μm), pore sizes
technology delivers flow rate precision better than
Sample Capacity
(100 Å and 300 Å) and surface chemistries including
0.5% RSD, making it ideal for small molecule and
6 trays, standard or deep
96-well 384-well microplates
Column Oven
+5 - 80˚ C
C18, C8, C4, CN, Phenyl, AQ, C18-superficially
peptide analysis. Operating in a true microflow
Injection Volume Range
porous particles and Silane (SIL).
regime, the MicroLC 200 Plus System is a UHPLC
15 nL - 10 µL (without changing
loop)up to 50 µL with optional
sample loops
Injection Volume Precision
<1% RSD (full loop)
<2% RSD (partial loop)
Mobile Phase Consumption
typically < 10 mL/day
less than 0.003% (30ppm)
Cycle Time
< 60 seconds
system that can accommodate sub 1mm ID columns
without any hardware changes – and up to 95%
savings in mobile phase.
Columns and electrodes optimized for high-throughput microflow LC/MS/MS
Eksigent packs and sells a wide range of MicroLC column sizes
Small electrodes, big advantage: Reduced dispersion electrodes for
and phases with hardware and fittings optimized for the Eksigent
the TurboV™ and IonDrive™ TurboV sources improve resolution.
Advanced flow path designed
for minimum dead volume
Pumping system engineered
for reliability and reduced
maintenance costs
Combine with microflow rate
optimized columns and electrodes
MicroLC 200 Plus System.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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