Oct. - Limestone Community High School



Oct. - Limestone Community High School
Limestone Community High School
October, 2013
Vol. 59, Issue 1
Homecoming 2013:
Getting down in the
Hot start to
the school
By Briana Elwell and Kalyb
By Abby Schmitt
Dressing up as nerds, sporting wicked tie-dye and crazy pajamas and wearing
your grandparent’s clothes lead up to an important night for many students at Limestone Community High School: Homecoming.
The beginning of
the school year brought
high temps and humidity.
The theme for this year’s homecoming events was Egyptian.
Homecoming King (Ian Lutz) and Queen
(Marissa Boyer) ride together in the parade
Homecoming week was one that
many students will be sure to remember.
Photo by Kalyb Lewis
homecoming week.
Cody Farris stated, “I like dressing up
Wednesday night held the Variety
in crazy clothes for the week. It’s a lot of
Show that started at 7 pm. The junior class
fun. It’s cool to see how much effort people
came out on top with their skit. The seniors
put into their outfits.”
were a close second, while the freshmen
The graduating class of 2014 won the and sophomores finished in third and fourth
$100 prize for the most school spirit during respectively.
See Homecoming on Page 11
Due to the weather,
Limestone was on heat
schedule for the first three
weeks of school.
Teachers tried cooling down their room by
using multiple fans, but
this did not help much, as
all it did was circulate hot
Some students
claimed the heat made it
harder to focus and made
them tired.
See Heat on Page 4
Mr. Grant’s homemade AC
By Blake Anderson
Tired of the heat?
With temps finally starting to cool off, this issue is becoming less of a concern. However, when the
temps reached their peak, Mr. Grant came prepared
with his own personal cooling apparatus.
The apparatus is a device Mr. Grant created to
fulfill the same purpose as a regular air conditioner.
During the extreme heat, many students found it very
helpful to their learning environment.
Senior Trey Barnes said, “I think that it makes
it easier to focus during class.”
When asked how his AC worked, Mr. Grant
See Redneck AC on Page 4
Mr. Grant’s air conditioner in action.
Photo courtesy of Mr. Grant
2013-14 Limelight staff members
Sarah Watson - Editor
Cody Rogers - Staff Reporter
Carter Carroll - Staff Reporter
Blake Anderson - Staff Reporter
Year in school: Senior
Year in school: Senior
Year in school: Senior
Year in school: Senior
Activities in school: Art club
Activities in school: Varsity tennis
Activities in school: Varsity soccer
Hobbies outside of school: Working
on an anti-bullying website
Hobbies outside of school: Playing
and watching sports and hanging out
with friends
Activities in school: Rocket Rowdies, fall play and madrigals
Favorite class: Illustration
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Bentley
Interesting fact:: I love metal music
Briana Elwell - Staff Reporter
Hobbies outside of school: Chilling
and supporting LCHS athletics
Favorite class: Limelight
Favorite class: You and the Law
Favorite teacher: Mr. Trainor
Favorite teacher: Mr. Glaza
Interesting fact: I’m a Chicago
Bears and Cubs fan
Interesting fact: I’m a huge hockey
Adam Schmitt - Staff Reporter
Salena Jump - Editor
Hobbies outside of school: Playing
soccer and frisbee golfing
Favorite class: English
Favorite teacher: Mr. Glaza
Interesting fact: I’m a Seattle Seahawks fan
Colin Sexton - Staff Reporter
Year in school: Senior
Year in school: Senior
Year in school: Junior
Year in school: Junior
Hobbies outside of school: Hanging
out with friends, shopping, baseball,
football, fishing, and hunting
Activities in school: Football and
Activities in school: Cross-country,
track, and marksmanship for JROTC
Hobbies outside of school: Working
on computers, reading, and writing
Hobbies outside of school: Reading
Favorite class: Pre-Calculus
Favorite class: Math
Hobbies outside of school: Playing
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Bentley
Favorite class: P.E.
Favorite class: English
Interesting fact: I was born in Delaware on an Air Force base, then I
moved to Alaska
Favorite teacher: Mr. Rohman
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Largent
Interesting fact: I enjoy long walks
on the beach with my football team
Interesting fact: I want to be an
elementary school teacher
Kalyb Lewis - Staff Reporter
Year in school: Junior
Activities in school: Soccer team
manager and choir
Hobbies outside of school: Playing guitar
Favorite class: English
Favorite teacher: Ms. Tinnon
Interesting fact: I want to be a
musician or sushi chef after graduation
Jahiryra Thompson - Staff Reporter
Year in school: Sophomore
Activities in school: Track
Hobbies outside of school: Playing
basketball with my brothers, and
spending time with family
Favorite class: Choir
Favorite teacher: Mr. Glaza
Interesting fact: I like ribs and my
favorite restaurant is Famous Daves
Abby Schmitt - Staff Reporter
Favorite teacher: Mr. Renz
Interesting fact: I’m extremely fascinated with potatoes
McCaulie Morgan - Staff Reporter
Year in school: Freshman
Year in school: Freshman
Activities in school: Volleyball
Activities in school: Variety show
Hobbies outside of school: Playing
volleyball and hanging out with
Hobbies outside of school: Hanging
out with friends and using twitter
Favorite class: English
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Stout
Interesting fact: I’m extremely shy
around people I don’t know
Favorite class: Math
Favorite teacher: Mr. Renz
Interesting fact: I injured my hip
when I was pushed down a set of
Limelight October 2013 - NEWS
Scholar’s night
honor’s top students
By Colin Sexton
Scholar’s Night is an awards
night for those students who excel in
the classroom.
Scholar’s Night took place on
Wednesday, September 4th, at 6:30 pm,
inside the Limestone auditorium. Parents, siblings, grandparents and any other family of the students were welcome
to join.
A guest speaker and alumnus Dr.
Yolanda Wright, was there among other
administration to help recognize these
excelling students.
Over one-hundred students were
recognized that night. The students
were given a medallion to keep as a
souvenir for their hard work and determination.
The students who were awarded of working hard, Mrs. Warren stated,
and recognized at Scholar’s Night are “At the senior class meeting yesterday,
sophomores, juniors and seniors.
I told the seniors that even though it is
The only qualification needed to their senior year, they need to continue
to work hard. The grades you get in
for the award is the cumulative GPA
being at or above 3.6; it is not based on high school stay with you forever on
the GPA a student may have had for the your transcripts. You go to college, they
want your transcripts; you go into the
previous year alone.
military, they want your transcripts; you
Freshmen are not involved as
get a job, your employer wants your
how they do not have a GPA until the
end of the year. Those freshmen may be
Mrs. Warren expressed that the
recognized next year.
guest speaker, Dr. Wright, was a former
Limestone Principal, Mrs. War- student council president and was inren, says that she is extremely proud of volved in several sports in high schoolthe students at Scholar’s Night, espeShe graduated in 2002 and went to Indicially the seniors, because some of them
ana State on a track scholarship. She
have been recognized for the third time. became a dentist, proving that hard
She also hopes that more stuwork pays off.
dents will be able to be recognized.
Angelica LaRosa, Haley LeuThis is especially true seeing as how her allen, and Dillon Lesourd, were some of
job and the job of Limestone’s teachers
the many students recognized during
is to prepare each and every student for Scholar’s Night. They all agreed that
being recognized felt good because it
During an interview with one of
Every students’ future depends
Limestone’s guidance counselors, Mr. on their high school transcript and their
Knaggs, he said that recognizing the
grades, which will follow them for the
kids who take their grades seriously and rest of their life.
work hard makes the Scholar’s Night
When discussing the importance
exciting and important.
showed they worked hard and achieved
Leuallen stated, “because of this,
I feel motivated to work harder and be
recognized again next year.
A delicious new program
By Briana Elwell
For Mrs. Belsly, hard work is nothing new.
With the overhaul of Limestone’s food service classes, Belsly has had her hands full.
When asked about this semester and her new classes,
Belsly said, “This is definitely the most challenging job I
have ever accepted in my career.”
Belsly’s new program is for her previous Foods I
and Foods II students who wanted to learn how to perform
in a fast-paced, commercial kitchen setting.
Belsly planned and worked on the new Food Service
programs for more than one year before moving downstairs
to the kitchen. During that time, she had to create a new
curriculum with aligned common core standards, new
goals for the program with evaluations, research and write
Mrs. Belsly takes a break from the action in the kitchen.
new recipes, draw up blueprints of the new prep kitchen
Photo by Briana Elwell
and order new equipment to build the area.
In addition, she puts in three to four extra hours a
week at home after leaving school every day. She also
works every weekend to plan for the following week.
I do expect it for at least the first year.”
Belsly added, “It is everything I expected and a lot
more. I don’t anticipate these extra-long hours forever, but
See Foods on Page 6
Belsly hopes that her students will leave her program
Limelight October 2013 - NEWS
Redneck AC
Continued from Page 1
Continued from Page 1
Kelly Bredernitz stated, “I
think that it makes us, the students,
uncomfortable and unfocused in the
explained, “In the
cooler, there is ice water,
and there is also a pump.
It pumps the ice water
through the coils, which
are placed in front of the
fan. The fan then blows
cool air into the class
Some teachers let students
bring water bottles to class, but most
students just made frequent stops at
the drinking fountains.
When asked why students
chose not to bring water bottles,
some said that they did not want to
carry it around, while others did not
want to worry about getting all their
school supplies wet.
Still, most students found a
way to beat the heat.
To help her cool off, Maddie
Majors said, “I wore cool clothing
and I fanned myself with paper.”
Although the school year
started off hot, fall weather brings
cooler weather to look forward to.
Even though most
people think it is the air
conditioner that is the only thing contributing the
cool conditions of the
room, Mr. Grant says differently: “I think the biggest thing that is helping
cool the class is the foil
placed on the window. It
reflects the heat that
would otherwise heat up
the classroom.”
Everyone seems to
Mr. Grant’s air conditioner pumping out cold air.
Photo courtesy of Mr. Grant
be pleased and interested
in Mr. Grant’s contraption. Teachers, students
and even Superintendent,
Mr. Gresham, came in to
take a look at the infamous device
Even though Mr.
Grant has recently taken
down his cooling machine, he is sure to bring it
back next year when the
summer temperatures
flare up once more. Be
sure to remember, if you
need a quick break from
the heat, room 314 is the
place to be.
Help from Above
By Adam Schmitt
There is a new group of senior
tutors that work to help students during rocket academy.
It involves a number of select
seniors that will help students who are
having trouble with classes.
These seniors were chosen
based on past academic success and
teacher recommendations.
This new class is a great way for
students to learn from each other, as
well as to receive help with any class
that they are having problems with.
If a student needs help, they can
contact their rocket academy advisor,
who will set up an appointment with a
senior peer tutor.
When asked what it takes to be
in the senior tutoring class, John Ortman stated, “You have to be able to
work with others and to have good
Andrew Chiaravalle, Dalton Dieckow, Trey Barnes, and John Ortman are just
a few members of Limestone’s new senior peer tutoring class.
Photo by Adam Schmitt
when helping a student that is struggling.”
just helped someone with their class.”
Never be afraid of asking your
When discussing why he enjoys fellow students for help. Asking queshelping students, senior, Cody
tions will greatly assist your grades,
Schooley stated, “It gives me a good
classroom performance, and future in
Senior Trey Barnes, who is part
feeling of satisfaction knowing that I education.
of the class believes, “Patience is key
Limelight October 2013 - NEWS
Marching to the
right beat
By Briana Elwell
The Marching Rockets are at it
again, this time with the story of Pandora’s “Bachs.”
The show begins with the entire
Color Guard on a tarp that represents
Pandora’s Box. The alto sax solo performed by sophomore, Krista Towle,
embodies the curiosity of Pandora.
The Limestone marching band performs during halftime at homecoming.
Photo courtesy of Rocket Review
The Color Guard shows dark
colors that are accompanied by dark
Senior alto sax player Madison
music, which symbolizes Pandora
David said, “Practicing [in the heat]
opening the box and releasing evil into was very challenging.”
the world.
Summer practices went until the
The third movement involves
week of pre-camp, which was Monday
the Color Guard showing white wings, through Thursday from 8 am to 12 pm.
which stand for a promise of hope.
Pre- camp is for improving the band’s
The show ends with a battle be- music and memorization for band
tween hope and evil represented by a camp week.
Drum majors are responsible for
directing and holding the group together during performances. Mr. Empey
calls them his “right hand people.”
When asked about the improvements from last year, Mr. Empey stated, “This is the furthest along I have
ever seen the Marching Rockets at this
point in the season. I feel that this
group is one of the best that I have had
drum line solo. Hope defeats evil and
Band camp is the most imputs it back into the box.
portant week for the band because that during my eight years at LCHS.”
The group is very strong in all
Pandora’s “Bachs” is an original is where they learn most, if not all, of
areas which include music individual,
concept with music composed specifi- their competitive show for the entire
music ensemble, marching individual,
cally for Limestone. “Bachs” is based season. It is the first week of August
from 8 am to 4:30 pm.
marching ensemble, percussion, genon Johan Sebastian Bachs, “Little
eral effect and color guard.
Fugue in G Minor” and “Wauchet
When the school year started,
the Marching Rockets practiced every
The main objective of the band
In order to have a show that ex- day during school and every Tuesday at competitions is not just to win, but
from 6 pm to 9 pm. In addition, the
to pull the audience into the perforplains a story to this extent, students
students met once a week for section- mance.
put in countless hours of work this
summer, work which will continue on als on their own with their section
The Marching Rockets have two
throughout the season.
competitions on October 12; one is at
Along with hard work, the group
Practices for the Marching
Rockets began during the second week needed leaders. These leaders are
of July. They were every Tuesday and called drum majors; senior Rachel
Dunham and sophomore Isaac SimThursday morning for two hours.
mons were elected to these positions.
Illinois State University and the other
is at University of Illinois. They also
compete on October 19 in St. Louis
and October 26 at Eastern Illinois University.
Fall Play Preview
ster. These students and other cast
senic; a brother who believes he is
members will look to bring the play to Theodore Roosevelt and digs the PanaBy Sarah Watson
ma Canal in the cellar, and a murderThis year’s fall play is Arsenic
The play is a dark comedy based ous brother who has received plastic
surgery to look like Dr. Einstein to
and Old Lace, much to everyone’s ex- around Mortimer Brewster, a drama
citement, especially to history teacher critic who must deal with his crazy, se- hide his real identity.
and director, Mr. Bell, who believes
rial-killer family and the police in
The cast, irony and comedy will
the cast and crew will make this fall
Brooklyn, NY, as he decides whether make this year’s play one to look forplay one to remember.
or not to go through with his promise ward to. Bell is anxious to get back on
There are multiple leads for the to marry the woman he loves. His fam- stage, into the set, and have all of the
play. Paige Moody is Abbey Brewster, ily includes two aunts, who have taken finer details come together.
Brittany Archibald is Martha Brewster to murdering lonely old men by poiand Isaac Simmons is Mortimer Brew- soning them with a wine laced with ar- See Play on Page 6
Limelight October 2013 - NEWS
Fresh faces in the classroom
Mr. Mathis - Automotive
Ms. Siebenthal - English
Mr. Thomason - Business
Ms. Johnson - FCS
Teaching experience: I taught automotive technology for Lake Land
College at Illinois River Correction
Where did you go to school? I graduated from Canton in 2003 and attended Spoon River College for advanced
automotive technology.
Activities during college? None
Hobbies outside of school? I love
boating, camping, softball, football,
basketball, exercise, fishing, concerts
and swimming.
Why did you choose to teach your
I always enjoyed finding creative
ways to explain what something is, or
how something works.
What is your favorite sport and
team? Football and Da Bears!
Why did you choose to teach high
school? I have tried in the past to
pursue a teaching position; however, I
was unable to find a position open.
When I heard about the opportunity
here at Limestone, I knew it was
something I wanted to be a part of.
Who was your role model in high
My big brother was my role model
because he was always the cool kid to
Teaching experience: I student taught
at East Peoria High school. And then I
taught sophomore and junior English
there for a year and a half.
Where did you go to school? I graduated from Limestone in 2007, then I went
to Illinois State University.
Activities during college? I was part of
a competitive dance team. I also participated in a French club.
Hobbies outside of school? I like to
read, that’s kind of dorky because I’m
an English teacher. I’m currently in grad
school and I like spending time with my
Why did you choose to teach your
subject? I had great teachers when I
went to school at Limestone. That is
when I decided I wanted to teach English.
What is your favorite sport and
team? Football, Green Bay Packers.
Why did you chose to teach high
school? I think high school students are
more mature than other levels.
Who was your role model during high
school? My favorite teacher was Mr.
Veirs. He just retired so it’s pretty cool
that I’m in his classroom. My mom was
also my role model.
Teaching experience: None what so
Where did you go to school I went to
Limestone for high school and I went
to college at Minnesota State University.
Activities during college? I played
college basketball. I was in the sports
management club.
Hobbies outside of school? I coach
basketball so basketball would be a
hobby. I like to work out and I like to
Why did you choose to teach your
subject? I like business. I’ve always
been surrounded by business. My family owned a couple businesses. It interests me.
What is your favorite sport and
team? Basketball, and my favorite
team is the Bulls.
Why did you choose to teach at a
high school? I like the age level and I
like the kids. They’re at a point in their
life where you can greatly impact the
way they act and think about things.
Who is your role model during high
school? My father is my role model.
He still is to this day.
Teaching experience: I taught family
consumer science at Prairie City high
school and Lombard middle school.
Where did you go to school? I went to
Illinois State University.
Activities during college? I worked as
a nanny, volunteered at a non-profit
Hobbies outside of school? I like to
travel, spend time with my family and
son Gauge and enjoy the outdoors.
Why did you choose to teach your
subject? I love the entire family and
consumer science field and wanted to
share that excitement with my students.
What is your favorite sport and
team? Football, Chicago Bears and
baseball, Chicago White Sox.
Why did you choose to teach high
school? I really enjoyed my time in
high school and wanted to be a part of
sharing that experience with students.
Who was your role model during
high school? It would be my parents. I
admired them for their hard work and
active involvement in raising my two
brothers and I.
Continued from Page 5
Continued from Page 3
Bell has a few particular aspects that he is especially looking forward to.
with an increased level of
confidence and have experienced success and failure in
order to learn how to move
“My favorite parts of
the play are Dr. Einstein’s
German accent and the
physical comedy and slapstick humor”, Bell said.
“Overall, we have a great
cast and some enthusiastic
students who will make this
show a fun one to watch.”
Tickets for the play
will cost five dollars each.
The play will run November 1st and 2nd at 7:30 pm.
Intermission snacks and
beverages will be provided
at concessions.
So far, Belsly is just
happy to see it all working
out, and is proud of her student’s and their tremendous
Foods service students work to prepare treats for lunch.
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Belsly
Belsly exclaimed, “I
just want my students to
know how proud I am of
each and every one of them.
Without their support and
belief in me, my programs
simply wouldn’t exist. For
that alone, I am extremely
Limelight October 2013 - SPORTS
Football opens season on 5-0 tear
By McCaulie Morgan
Limestone football just keeps
rolling, and after starting off with a 6-0
record, they have ensured that their
season will roll on into the playoffs
This years’ upperclassmen have
had a great deal of impact on the
team’s success.
On the defensive end, it has
been linebacker Cody Schooley, defensive back Jaylon Moore, and cornerback Drew Bill consistently coming up
Members of the Limestone football team ride tall on the fire engine at the
with big stops.
homecoming parade.
On the offensive end, quarterPhoto by Kalyb Lewis
back Adam Schmitt and running-back
Dominic Johnson, with protection
kin was some of the toughest competi- family, one heart, one dream.”
from linemen Ray Vogel, Greg White, tion thus far, but since Limestone won
Johnson stated “Limestone’s
Jed Haage, Dalton Dieckow and Kyle the game against them, they should be
dream has been the playoffs, so it
Williams, have left opponents looking- seen as a top team in the Mid-Illini
pushes us more to get that stop.”
for answers.
conference. Currently, the top teams
So far, all is well for the Limeare Washington, Pekin, and Dunlap.
Limestone has not made it to
stone football team, and the season is
playoffs since 2003. By minimizing
The game against Pekin allowed starting better than anyone could have
the big mistakes, finishing blocks, and Limestone to showcase their offense
improving tackling skills, Limestone
much more than in other games.
Through all the success, Driscoll
has achieved just that.
According to Schooley, one
made sure to remember the fans statAfter their 13-12 homecoming memorable play that kick started the
ing, “Thanks to all the rocket rowdies
win against Morton, Limestone beoffense during that game was, “the
that come out and support us.”
came eligible for the playoffs. With
opening drive touchdown Schmitt
Come be a part of that success.
their win against East Peoria, Limethrew to me.”
After all, this team is headed somestone locked up a playoff berth.
The motto for Limestone when where no Limestone team has gone in
Coach Driscoll believed that Pe- things get tough is, “one team, one
ten years.
Girls tennis shows
promise with early
season wins
By Cody Rogers
As the fall season begins, the
Limestone girls’ tennis team is giving
it their all every single day on the
courts in preparation for the Mid-Illini
conference meet.
The team is currently 5-10 with
wins over Pontiac, Manual, Kewanee
and Peoria High.
Members of the girls’ varsity tennis team take a breather at practice.
Photo by Cody Rogers
Every tennis match is based on
how the top six players from each team See Tennis on Page 8
Limelight October 2013 - SPORTS
Boys golf aims for
state tournament
By Adam Schmitt
As the fall season begins, the
Limestone boys’ golf team is hard at
work on the course.
range to work on their driving, or work
on putting and chipping, or they will
walk and play a few holes.
When asked about what it takes
to be a golfer, junior Evan Furniss stated, “It takes hard work, motivation,
commitment, and some natural ability.”
Upon discussing his goals for
the season, senior leader Dan BrederThe team has already had a great nitz said, “I want to be first team all
deal of success this season.
Mid-Illini, make the all-state team and
Coach Wood discussed the
win state.”
teams recent accomplishments stating,
The Rockets are a young team
“Dan Bredernitz getting second at the this year with only two seniors. Coach
ISU tournament and the team finishing Wood believes it is not a problem, statSenior Tim Fiddes shows off his drivsixth at the Redbird Classic were big
ing, “We are young and improving, and ing skills.
there are a lot of first year golfers.”
Photo courtesy of Dan Bredernitz
The team practices and plays
Postseason play began during
their home matches at Coyote Creek
the start of this month. Coach Wood
off Cameron Lane. During practice, the talked about his expectations for the
far as possible in the state series and
boys will either hit golf balls on the
team saying, “We want to advance as make it out of regionals.”
Lady rockets smashing early
season foes
By Jahiryra Thompson
Limestone varsity volleyball has started the season
off with a record of 15-2-1, with wins over conference
rivals Washington, Canton and Metamora amongst others.
Since every year brings about a different group of
girls to work with, Coach Wakeman cannot really compare the teams’ improvements from year to year.
However, she does believe the girls seem to be accepting their roles on this team, which has helped create
an atmosphere of success.
Wakeman stated, “This year’s team is extremely
hardworking and is very coachable.”
As of their practices, which help game skills, senior Laura Kemper stated, “Practice is an essential key to
our overall success. Giving it all in practice will help us
come game time.”
Wakeman believes the key to future success lies in
individual determination.
“When a gifted team dedicates itself to unselfish
trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, it is
ready to climb”, said Wakeman.
All of the girls have put in loads of hard work,
playing BAVC this past winter, as well as participating in
spring workouts, leagues, and tournaments this summer
in preparation for a special run that looks to take Limestone to the state tournament.
Continued from Page 7
perform in their matches. Limestone’s top six
players, in order, are Alesha Collins, Alli Davis, Dacia Le, Brecken Steiner, Emma Mollenhauer and
CeCe Jefferson.
When talking about expectations for the rest of
the season, Coach Bontz stated, “I expect the team to
come out with at least four more wins in the season,
and I also have high expectations for our number one
singles and number one doubles entries in both the
conference and sectional tournaments. We will use
the season’s dual matches to help us prepare for the
end of the season tournaments.”
When discussing what she has to do in order to
go to state, senior, Alesha Collins, said, “I have to
stay calm, stay precise, stay focused and not let my
emotions get the best of me.”
Assistant Coach Trainor believes going all in at
practice will be the key to success, stating, “If you
just show up, say you do something, but didn’t give
your maximum effort, then you really didn’t do your
best at all. So if you practice perfect, you will play
Any rocket rowdies looking to support the
girls’ tennis team can come out to the upcoming
matches; however, a day when they will need the
most support is Saturday, October 12th, for the MidIllini conference meet, so come on out to show your
Limelight October 2013 - SPORTS
Limestone soccer
kicks off season
has a phenomenal team this year and
we had to work hard to beat them.”
and weaknesses of the team, Coach
Fitch stated, “the defense and forIn that game, senior Leroy Ros- mation is good, but finishing the ball,
finding the net, and our offense could
enbohm scored a corner kick, which
use some improvement.”
he believes is his most memorable
By McCaulie Morgan
play of the season. According to RosCurrently, the JV team is also
enbohm, this season he wants to “see showing some signs of promise. While
The boys’ varsity soccer team
the team beat Morton and win the re- they have similar goals to varsity, their
began the season with a solid record of gional tournament.”
main goal is to focus on defense and
7-8 against tough opposition.
Thus far, Limestone is off to a continuing to develop young players
Some of this year’s goals are to good start, having scored more goals for the varsity level.
compete heavily against all teams, and and recorded more wins than last year;
With a great deal of effort, hard
to limit opponent goals.
they also received second place in the work, and dedication, Limestone is
When analyzing the tough early Limestone invitational tournament.
season competition, junior midfielder,
Upon considering the strengths
Parker Richmond stated, “East Peoria
looking to move up and be amongst
the top teams in the Mid-Illini conference.
Running strong
By Blake Anderson
Limestone cross country may have an exciting season to look
forward to this year.
At the Canton invitational, Limestone Boys took first place,
beating Notre Dame by twelve points. The top five boys that contributed to the overall score were Thomas Thornton, Matt Carr, Brody Williams, Tyler Hiserote and Justin Reavley.
Photo from ESPN.com
Fantasy football underway
By Adam Schmitt
Although the Rockets are having a good start to the season,
they still have the toughest meets in the near future.
Head coach, Mr. Durham said, “I’m waiting to see Metamora
and Dunlap, because they’re picked number one and two in conference. So we’ll see if we can actually run with them.”
With the baseball season coming to an end, fall brings not
only football for fans to watch and enjoy, but it also brings fantasy
Coach Durham has set some pretty high expectations for the
season. He stated, “I want the boys to make the state cross country
meet. We’ve been training all summer, and I’m hoping that it will
work out. We’re really young, but we’re really good.”
Fantasy football has become a popular game for people of
all ages to participate in. Many teenagers across America are involved in some sort of fantasy football league.
The runners seem to agree. sophomore Tyler Hiserote said,
“We want to make it to state as a team.”
Some fans lose money by being in a fantasy league, but
others have much success and see that there are no negative effects from their involvement.
“I have won two championships in my league with
friends” said senior, Cody Rupp. “I don’t see any negative effects
of fantasy.”
While the boys are doing a good job so far, the girls are
headed in a different direction, as it is a rebuilding year. Coach
Durham doesn’t seem to be worried, as he claimed, “for girls, we are
really new, so I just want to see how the season goes and look to
build from there.”
The scoring process depends on what website is used or
who the league commissioner is. A touchdown for any player is
worth six points. Players earn one point for every ten yards they
gain whether it is receiving or rushing. A fumble or an interception deducts two points from that player’s total.
There are many websites where someone can be involved
in a free fantasy league such as the ones on ESPN, Yahoo and
NFL Network.
Senior Andrew Chiaravalle is part of a league that plays
for money. When describing his particular league, Chiaravalle
stated, “it is forty dollars a person with twelve teams.”
Some top fantasy scorers as of now are Peyton Manning,
Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Jimmy Graham, and the Kansas City Chiefs defense
The top seven runners on varsity show off their hardware at Canton.
Photo courtesy of Mr. Hurst
Limelight October 2013 - SPORTS + ENTERATINMENT
Rogers’ NFL
Denver Broncos
Seattle Seahawks
New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears
New England Patriots
Green Bay Packers
Kansas City Chiefs
Indianapolis Colts
San Francisco 49ers
Houston Texans
Atlanta Falcons
Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions
Baltimore Ravens
Tennessee Titans
Cincinnati Bengals
St. Louis Rams
Washington Redskins
Miami Dolphins
San Diego Chargers
Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills
Arizona Cardinals
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Carolina Panthers
Cleveland Browns
Minnesota Vikings
Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Jets
Oakland Raiders
New York Giants
Jacksonville Jaguars
Chicago Bears’ beat
By Cody Rogers
which has some calling Cutler Mr. 4th Quarter.
Bold play: Bennett caught a game winning
touchdown with 8 seconds left in the 4th
quarter to beat the Vikings. It was an amazing throw and an amazing catch.
NFL Rankings
even the best in the NFC.
Bold play: Richard Sherman had a crucial
interception in the 4th quarter which he re20.
turned for a touchdown. This sent the Sea21.
hawks into overtime with the Houston TexBy Blake Anderson
ans, which Seattle won by Steven HauschLet’s check in on the Seattle Seahawks, and
ka’s field goal.
their outstanding start to the season with a 424.
Low point: The Seahawks lost a tough game
1 record.
against the Colts, one in which Andrew Luck
How it happened: Beat the Carolina Panthrew for 229 yards and two TDs.
thers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans,
What’s next: Seattle has the Titans in week 28.
and the San Francisco 49ers and lost to the
six, who currently have a record of 3-2. If
up and coming Colts.
they want to stay on top in the standings,
What it means: Starting out this good
they need to keep getting wins and avoid
means the Seahawks are seriously contend- letting balls in the end zone.
ing to be the best in their division, maybe
Here’s a quick look at the Chicago Bears and
Low point: The loss against the Lions was
their 3-2 start to the 2013-2014 season.
rough as Cutler threw three interceptions and
How it happened: Beat the Bengals, Vihad one fumble.
kings, and the Steelers and suffered tough
Current outlook: The Bears are in a tough
losses to the Detroit Lions and Saints at
division. Right now, they are currently in
first place with Detroit, but the Packers are
What it means: It is Jay Cutler’s last year on
right behind them. Look to see the Bears
his contract so he knows that he has to have a
have a great remainder of the year; they will
huge year if he wants to stay in Chicago. So
be a playoff team.
far, he has held his own with a quarter back
rating of 93%. He has many weapons on of- Up next: The Bears will face the New York
Giants at Soldier Field in Chicago during
fense, including Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, and Martellus Bennett. They have two week six, hoping to improve their record
come from behind wins in the fourth quarter, with a big win at home.
Seattle Seahawks’
beat report
Seattle Seahawks
Denver Broncos
New Orleans Saints
Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins
Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears
Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans
Buffalo Bills
San Francisco 49ers
Baltimore Ravens
San Diego Chargers
Atlanta Falcons
Green Bay Packers
Cincinnati Bengals
Dallas Cowboys
New York Jets
Cleveland Browns
Minnesota Vikings
Carolina Panthers
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins
St. Louis Rams
Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders
Pittsburg Steelers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Giants
Bacci’s Pizza hits the
By Carter Carrol
If you are looking for great food for
a low price, Bacci’s Pizza is your place.
Bacci’s Pizza, just outside of Bartonville, is a hot spot for many teens and
college students who want cheap, yet good
As you walk in the restaurant, you
can smell the fresh dough and delicious
aroma of pizza. I ordered my personal favorite, a slice of pepperoni and Cherry
It only took about five minutes for
the pizza to be ready. The mixture of a
perfect crust and melted cheese and pepperoni satisfied my picky taste buds. I
chilled out in the welcoming atmosphere
for an easy half an hour. In that time I still
could not finish my entire slice
Photo from Peoriarestaurants.com
slice of pizza bigger than your eyes can
with all good things, you must experience
Bacci’s Pizza for yourself.
Grab your best bud and head on
Some other great choices are their down to Bacci, on 1222 W. Bradley Avepizza fries, which are covered in marinara nue in Peoria. Bacci is open until three in
the morning, so if you are hungry after a
and parmesan cheese, and their pizza
football game or just need some chill time
bread, which is delicious sweet bread
overloaded with any pizza toping you like. with great food, swing on in. Your taste
buds will thank you later.
The most popular item on the menu
Overall, Bacci gets ten out of ten in
is a slice of pizza and a free pop. For an
my book and there are very few restaueven five bucks, you get a free soda and a rants that I can say that for. However, as
Limelight October 2013 - ENTERTAINMENT
The system of the future
October book review
By Kalyb Lewis
By Salena Jump
Many gamers are wondering what to expect for the new system, Xbox One.
Sweetly, by Jackson Pierce, is a story about Gretchen and
her brother Ansel.
The Xbox One is to be released on November 22, 2013, with
the Kinect 2.0 for all those Dance Central and work out fans.
When they were younger, their twin sister was taken by a
witch in the woods, and since then, they have felt the witch
would come back and make them disappear.
Years later, when their stepmother kicked Gretchen and
Ansel out of the house, they found themselves living in a strange
small town called Live Oak, South Carolina. They were invited
to stay with Sophia Kelly, a candy maker that carried a dark secret.
It is equipped with an eight-core x86 CPU internal system that
increases mapping speed, which controls how fast the game works, so
gaming experience will be faster than ever before.
It has an eight GB hard drive which is four more GB than the
previous Xbox 360. It also has an in game DVR that records gaming
accomplishments or best moments of gameplay.
The Xbox one also includes Snap double screen entertainment.
This allows gamers to multitask; while watching favorite movies, they
will also be able to play games or skype all at the same time on the
same screen.
Live TV will also be an option for this system.
Life seemed perfect and soon, Gretchen and Ansel forgot
their haunted past. Then Gretchen met a mysterious outcast,
Samuel. He told her that the witch that took her twin sister is not
gone; she is lurking in the forest, taking girls every year after
Live Oak's chocolate festival, and she wants to make Gretchen
her next victim.
In addition, gamers will be able to play movies, surf the web or
listen to their favorite music using the new SmartGlass app. SmartGlass allows users to use their phone, tablet or iPod as a controller for
things other than actual games.
Gretchen knew that the time was here to stop running
and fight back. She investigated the mystery of the witch and
how it chose its victims, but the more she found out the more
she wondered who the real monster was.
One of the big controversies surrounding Xbox One was online
payments and users wondering if they will have to create a new online
account to go along with their new system. Microsoft has set gamers to
ease by announcing that users will not need to create a new account;
instead, they will simply need to transfer their account online.
As a reader, I could not put this book down. It was a well
-written, quick read with an ending that was a complete surprise;
however, there are some unanswered questions that make the
reader assume a sequel may be coming.
Photo from Geekosystem.com
Photo from Novelnovice.com
the football field to get ready for the game
against the Morton Potters at 7:30 pm.
Continued from Page 1
The game ended with a winning score
of 13-12, leaving the Limestone Football
The bonfire began after the Variety
team with a record of 5-0.
Show in the faculty parking lot. The homeOn Saturday, everyone attending got
coming royalty was recognized as well as the ready for the Homecoming dance that started
winners of the show. Soon after, Cody
at 8 pm. Along with the many smaller groups
Schooley and Trey Barnes threw the
that showed up, there was a group of at least
“Morton mascot” in the flames.
forty-five students.
On Friday, the hallways were flooded
When asked about his favorite part of
with blue and white, where students were
homecoming week, Mitch Knaub stated, “I
able to show off their school spirit.
just like getting out on 1:45 on Friday.”
Limestone students were dismissed
Responding to the same question,
early for preparation for the homecoming
Emily Lane said, “My favorite part of homeparade that started at 4 pm in the student
coming was seeing everyone excited and
parking lot.
showing their school spirit.”
After the parade, everyone headed to
Brian Williams performs at the variety show
Photo by Kalyb Lewis
Limelight October 2013 - ENTERTAINMENT
Upcoming concerts
By Colin Sexton
Here is a list of some concerts that will take place
throughout October.
Avenged Sevenfold will be
performing at the US Cellular
Coliseum in Bloomington, Illinois on Saturday, October 12th.
Rascal Flatts will be performing at the US Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington, Illinois
on Saturday, October 26th.
Junior Nathaniel Parks is a fan of
classic rock. His favorite musician is
Bon Jovi.
Photo by Colin Sexton
Junior Kelsey Rodriguez may not
have a favorite type of music, but her
favorite band is Theory of a Dead
Photo by Colin Sexton
Students of the month
By Carter Carroll
With the end of September come nominations for students of the month.
The students of the month are picked in
physical education, career and technical education, and overall academics
According to Mrs. Tyra, one of the Limestone physical education teachers, “The PE student of the month, whom is not yet named, is an
award given to an outstanding PE student.”
Mrs. Tyra stated that each physical education teacher nominates students towards the end
of each month, adding, “All physical education
teachers then vote to pick who will actually receive the award.”
In order to be PE student of the month,
one has to meet tough criteria.
“Students must have no dress cuts and no
unexcused absences. They must be a class leader,
have no loss of participation points, no tardies
and must be respectful,” said Mrs. Tyra.
Another award goes out to the CTE students of the month.
“The career and technical education, or
CTE, student of the month is the student who is
chosen by the three different CTE departments.
This month is the business department, next
month is the family consumer science, and November is industrial tech department”, said Mrs.
Warren, who helps choose the CTE student of the
The business departments CTE students
of the month are Bre Wieburg and Tori Rendleman. Some of the criteria used to measure the
students are the number of courses they are taking, how well they perform in the courses and
what kind of leadership they provide others.
Senior Bre Wieburg
with Mrs. Warren for
the business departments’ CTE student
of the month.
Photo courtesy of
Mrs. Warren
Senior Tori Rendleman with Mrs. Warren for the business
departments’ CTE
student of the month.
Photo courtesy of
Mrs. Warren
Senior Drew Hillman
poses for the Limestone student of the
month award with
Scott Jackson, the
Asst. Vice President
of Better Banks.
Photo courtesy of
Rocket Review

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