DSS Task Setup



DSS Task Setup
Informatica Cloud Platform – Building Connectors
with the Toolkit Student Lab 2:
DSS Task
Version Connectors Toolkit Training 2015-01
Informatica Cloud Platform – Building Connectors with the Toolkit Lab Guide
Informatica Cloud Platform – Building Connectors with the Toolkit Lab Guide
Building Connectors with the Toolkit Version 01-2015
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Informatica Cloud Platform – Building Connectors with the Toolkit Lab Guide
Creating DSS Task
Lab 2 | DSS Task | 10 Minutes
Sample Informatica Cloud Connector helps in understanding how to use the connector in DSS tasks and how to change it
through cloud SDK (JDBC Connector). In this lab you will learn how configure a DSS task connecting to MySQL Server instance
using JDBC Driver jar for MySQL.
In this lab, you will:
 Create a new JDBC Connection
 Create a MySQL Connection
 Create a DSS task following a 6 step wizard
Create a new connection with type as JDBC with enterning
appropriate values
• Configure  Connections
• Select ‘New’
Informatica Cloud Platform – Building Connectors with the Toolkit Lab Guide
• Follow the screen and fill in the values as indicated in the
following table:
Connection Property
Connection Name
Name of the connection
Give appropriate description for the connection. (example : is this a sandbox or production
Type of connection. Select JDBC (Informatica Cloud Labs)
Secure Agent
Secure Agent - Informatica Cloud.
The username to use for connecting to the database
The Password to use for connecting to the database
This is the jdbc url for connecting to the database. It will be different for different drivers for
example MySQL it is:
Connection URL
e.g. MySQL
NOTE: If the URL contains special character like '&' then you must URL Encode the special
character. for example instead of & I will write %26
Informatica Cloud Platform – Building Connectors with the Toolkit Lab Guide
Jdbc Driver
The database schema in which the tables exist (optional)
The JDBC driver class name. See below for driver classes for different databases
e.g. com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
The directory that contains the jdbc driver jar files.
Jdbc Driver Folder
Identifier Quote
NOTE: The connector will not pick up jars from sub folder; you must specify the exact folder
which contains the driver jars.
Often the sql needs to quoted because the table name or column names contains spaces or
special characters. The connector will use the default string to quote the table/column name.
But this can be overridden.
Max Column size
Default value is 32768. For large columns (BLOB,CLOB,RAW,NVARCHAR(MAX),IMAGE,
etc.). As a best practice leave this as default and create a separate connection for handling
your large column data and specify a larger value just for that connection. Just be aware that
large values will require that you increase the JVM memory settings (see below)
Create DSS Task for Reading from MySQL Database (Using
JDBC Connector) to write to a flat file
• Create a DSS task: Apps  Data Synchronization
• Select New
Informatica Cloud Platform – Building Connectors with the Toolkit Lab Guide
• Label the task
• Select the JDBC Connection you previously created in the
source and in source object select the table from which user
wants to read the data
• In the Target Select a flat file connection (Create a new
connection in case required) and click on create target button
and create a new .csv file using the wizard.
Informatica Cloud Platform – Building Connectors with the Toolkit Lab Guide
• Under Data filters click on new button and select the object from
dropdown and then click on fields dropdown and select a field
then choose an operator and appropriate value that needs to be
• Under the field mapping section map the required fields.
o If required, a lookup can be set up for any particular fields
using the lookup wizard.
Save the task