Shirley Safer Neighbourhoods - December Update



Shirley Safer Neighbourhoods - December Update
MAY 2015
Good News!
A prolific shoplifter who stole over £1000 of
confectionary and meat during a six week shoplifting
spree was detained by staff at the Co-Op, Wickham Road
in February. Police arrested the male who was also found
to be wanted on warrant for failing to appear at court to
answer charges of shoplifting on Bromley’s ground. He
was given a custodial sentence and whilst serving this he
was interviewed in relation to the thefts at the Co-Op. He
was further charged with the seven offences committed
there. We await the outcome of the further charges. A
second male also wanted in relation to two thefts from the
Co-Op has been identified
by one of the Metropolitan
Police Super recognisers.
Shirley Police Officers are
working to collate all the
necessary evidence in
order to interview the male
and put the allegations to
him. We hope the
successful identification
and apprehension of these
suspects will send a
message to the criminals that its only a matter of time
before police catch them!
SPEEDING TRAFFIC - Speeding vehicles in and around the
Shrublands estate appears to have decreased in the past month
with very few reports from residents. Some moped owners have
been spoken to by police with regards to their riding and this
seems to have had the desired effect.
BURGLARY - There continues to be a decrease in burglaries
this month with only two reported burglaries on the ward
compared to seven last year during May. Please remember with
the warmer weather approaching that you close and secure all
windows and doors before leaving the house. Also refrain from
leaving scrap metal to be collected from outside your property.
This allows potential burglars an opportunity to approach your
property and survey its potential for easy break in.
an increase in problems during the warm weather and light
nights. There have been reports regarding the estates and areas
between Shirley/Ashburton and Kelsey and Eden Park Wards
with regards to youths causing damage to property and smoking
drugs. We have increased patrols in this area. Please call us if
you have any problems.
Telephone - 0208 721 2469
Email - [email protected]
Or…scan here to
Check the MPS website for
details of local meetings
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live! Follow us at MPSShirleyCoulW
MOTOR VEHICLE CRIME We have had 2 thefts of motor vehicles
and 4 theft from motor vehicle to date
along with 1 motor vehicle interference.
CRIME PREVENTION Please no not leave your vehicle
unlocked or unattended with keys in the
ignition and ensure windows and
sunroofs are closed now that the weather
is getting warmer.