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Volume 5
May 13th, 2015
Dates to remember
5/13 Scubanauts
meeting /Athens Café
6:00 pm dinner
6:30 pm meeting
5/20 RRT meeting
Dues are due
Curtis’s President’s Message
Greetings fellow Scubanauts!
Officer voting will be done at our May meeting. Most of the current board has
stepped down after having done a marvelous job! Many thanks to their
dedication to our club. Nominations will continue to be accepted during the May
meeting with final voting at the end of the meeting. All incoming officers take
over starting with the June meeting.
Nominations are as follows:
President— Diane Schleissing
Voting for club
officers coming at
May meeting
VP— Pam Kurtz
Secretary— Peggy Barnes
Treasurer— Vicky Tyde
Also—In response to the motion made and passed at the April meeting the
Board met to review and consider adjusting the subsidy for the Christmas Party.
Noteworthy Notes
After discussing the budget deficit, possibly adjusting membership dues by
amending the by- laws, and increasing the cost of the Christmas Party to the
attendees the Board recommends that the cost of the Christmas party be
We need trip leaders! If
you are interested, please
let your officers and board
members know!
increased with specific amounts to be decided by the incoming Board.
See everyone Weds!!!!
Your outgoing President
Curtis Siver
We need speakers! If you
have any suggestion please
see VP Jim Davis!
Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
There was a meeting and minutes were
taken. Minutes will be on the website and
available at the meeting.
See Scott Hoffman for the 50/50
raffle and available Scubanauts T-shirts,
hats etc!
2014—2015Trips !
We need trip leaders for the 2015 dive season!
2015 Roatan trip— 5/30/15 thru 6/6/15. NOTE: We will have a brief trip “huddle”
after the meeting to discuss supplies that need to be divided up and brought down, last
minute questions, verify room assignments etc!!! We are getting really close!!! So super
Dive West Palm Beach Dive Plan: dive Saturday Aug 29 and Sunday Aug 30, 2015.
Charter is the Little Deeper Dive boat out of Phil Foster Park. All dives are 2 tanks Cost: $58.30 / person (incl 6% tax) = $175.00 for the two days of 3 dive trips plus tips
that are not included. Optional tanks: air - $10.60 / nitrox $15.90 each (x 6) and
pricing based on 10 divers. View the website: www.littledeepercharters.com. Boat
location: Phil Foster Park @ Blue Heron Bridge. You choose your own hotel and make
your own reservations, but Super 8 - North Palm Beach PGA Blvd
(561) 848-1424 is recommended. See Vicky Tyde for details.
Nadine is running several Offshore Jax trips this year—dates and times TBA later
We are always looking for trip leaders—iplease let one of your board members know!
Welcome Guests
Welcome to all guests! We hope to see you this
month and the months to come!
Door Prizes
We have some great door prizes this year. We will be
keeping a list this year of winners so that more people
can win! One prize per person per year please!
Copralite Award
WHO has the Copralite award?????
Jim Davis is the current possessor of the
copralite award. He will be looking for any tales
to be told so that he can pass it off! Anyone
got any tall tales to tell??
Be sure to be at the meeting for any
indiscretions that may be revealed!
2014 / 2015 Officers & Board Members
President Curtis Siver
Let’s go Diving!
Vice President Jim Davis
Secretary Diane Schleissing
Treasurer Scott Hoffman
Website Bob Riddle
Past President Diane Schleissing
RRT President Sue Wilcox
Buddy Book Update
Name: _____________________________________
Work # ____________________________________
Address: ___________________________________
Birth Date: _______/_______/________
City: ______________________________________
Occupation: _____________________
State: _____________________________________
Internet/E-Mail: ______________________________
Zip Code: __________________________________
Home #: ___________________________________
MAY 2015
Jacksonville Scubanauts, Inc.
Dive Dive Dive

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