EBRSO February Newsletter 2014 - East Baton Rouge Sheriff`s Office



EBRSO February Newsletter 2014 - East Baton Rouge Sheriff`s Office
East Baton Rouge
Sheriff’s Office
East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office
February 2014
Inside this issue:
Deputy Of The
In The Community
Upcoming Events 6
Sheriff Sid Gautreaux commends the men and women of the office that
served the community throughout the inclement weather. The office deployed
extra deputies as well as used Reserves to supplement efforts on bridges
and roads. The office experienced a decrease in call volume during the
inclement weather and only responded to thirty-three minor vehicle accidents.
Thanks to all that worked so hard!
Perry Frith, of the Burbank Substation, has been named Uniform Patrol Deputy of the Month.
Deputy Frith was hired by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office in April of 2011. While off
duty, Deputy Frith learned that Financial Crimes Detectives were requesting assistance at a
motel in regards to a counterfeit 100$ bill. Deputy Frith had previously worked a similar case
on December 29, 2013 and had access to a surveillance photograph, which showed a subject conducting the transaction. This information assisted detectives in linking the subjects
under investigation and led to an initial arrest. As a result of Deputy Frith’s assistance, detectives were able to clear five cases and hope to link them to several other complaints.
Cinnamon Hines has been named the Corrections Deputy of the Month. Mrs. Hines
was hired in July of 1998 in Foreclosures and transferred to the Parish Prison in
March of 2000. Mrs. Hines is extremely well organized and shows the same level of
courtesy and attention to all co-workers, inmates, and family members alike. Her
strong presence has increased morale and brought new energy to the mailroom.
Deputy Hines has set a wonderful example for her co-workers.
Dy. Carey Cole, of the Foreclosures Division, has been named the Civil Deputy of the
Month. Ms. Cole was hired by the EBRSO in August of 2006 in the Foreclosures Division and has faithfully served in that capacity since then. Ms. Cole shows commitment and dedication on a daily basis to her work that has resulted in a significant increase in her productivity, averaging a data entry rate of about 4000 subpoenas per
Deputy Cody Williams, of SCAT, has been named the Detective and Special Operations
Deputy of the Month. Deputy Williams was hired in February of 2009 in Corrections and
transferred to SCAT in December of 2010. On December 5, 2013, Deputies with EBRSO
and other law enforcement agencies conducted an undercover prostitution operation at a local hotel in Baton Rouge. Dy. Williams took part in the operation as part of the take down/
arrest team. Using information gained from other deputies assisting with the investigation,
Dy. Williams was able to draft a warrant and affect the arrest of a subject for human trafficking.
Lieutenant John Dempre, of the Range, has been named the Administrative and Support Services Deputy of the Month. Lieutenant Dempre was hired by the Sheriff’s Office
in December of 1998 in the Narcotics Division. He later settled at the Range in September of 2005. Lt. Dempre has an overwhelming respect and commitment to offering professional and quality training to those individuals that he meets. His approaches to
training tasks are comprehensive, in detail, and motivating. He continuously researches
his subject matters to insure that he offers the most accurate information to those individuals under his tutelage.
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East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office
EBRSO New Hires
New Hires
Kendrick Lewis-Uniform Patrol
Natasha Thrman–Corrections
Christopher Adams– Uniform Patrol
James Jordan-Corrections
Shalantha Moore– Corrections
Jonathan Russo-Uniform Patrol
Carolyn Jackson– Civil Foreclosures
Brent Viator-Corrections
Ryan Fontenot– Uniform Patrol
Travis Leblanc– Corrections
David Yellott– Finance & Budgeting
Chaplain’s Corner: Verse of the
In Memory of Gwendolyn Clayton
Mrs. Clayton has worked in the Criminal
Records division of EBRSO since 2006, and
passed away this January.
Our thoughts and prayers are with her
friends and family.
“And we know that all things work
together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to
[his] purpose.
Romans 8:28
EBRSO CPU and DARE teams participated in many events this month including Safe Street's Midterm school Supply Giveaway. Over 100 students from Kindergarten to High School received supplies to start the 2014 year. The sheriffs office also donated 10 bikes to Open Air Ministries. The
bikes are found property that have been unclaimed. CPU stopped by Dalton Elementary to speak
with the children on school bus behavior.
East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office
Page 5
Happy Birthday to Deputies
Born in February
February 1st
Matthew Stokes
Walter Griffin
February 2nd
David Blackwell
Timothy Lazaroe
Joshua Ellis
February 3rd
Craig Landry
Michael Lawley
Danny Fernea
February 4th
Jason Demoulin
Jared Ruiz
Meja Poullard
February 5th
Thomas Cole
February 6th
Leonard Gaines
Thomas pitre
Brandi Ringo
Delores Larkins
Gregory Scott
Joshua Babin
Benjamin Braff
Samuel Price
Katherine Firmin
February 7th
George White
February 8th
Justin Brister
Randall Persick
Andrea Collins
February 9th
Shawn Glover
Janice Foster
Daron Heatly
February 10th
Natasha Stingley
Kenya Ferchaud
February 12th
Mark Roberts
Joseph Bell
D’ane Chambers
John Buie
Michael Fontenot
February 13th
Ahlisa Wyatt
Jason Jones
Troy Grimes
Pamela Moran
Sterling Bennett
February 14th
Melissa Fagot
Rhonda Langlois
Jackie Hohensee
Jacquelyn Cosper
February 15
Robert Fritts
Leroy Simon
Gloria Taplin
February 16th
Marius Domingue
February 17th
Landy Jackson
Suzanne Carter
February 18th
Richard Mohr
John Simoneaux
Patricia Barnes
Darrell Bell
February 19th
Leonard Harris
Markus Sylvester
February 20th
Holly Sanchez
Jeffrey Williams
February 21st
James Mcfarland
February 23rd
Riketiuna Ruffin
February 24th
Reginald Haslom
Karen Fourrier
February 26th
David Norton
February 27th
Tanyelle Jenkins
February 28th
Kelvin Mills
Merven Wardlaw
Tomicka Armwood
February 29th
Thomas Jackson
PO BOX 3277
February 14thValentines Day
February 22nd Parade
What: Krewe Of Orion Parade
Where: Downtown Baton Rouge
When: 6:30 p.m.
Don’t Forget!
The East Baton
Rouge Sheriff ‘s
Wellness Center is
available for all
your wellness
Hours of operation
Mon Tue & Wed
February 22nd Polar Plunge
Friday 8:30-3:00 What: Special Olympics
Where: Cabela’s in Gonzales
Appointments only When: 7:30 a.m.
(225) 355-1253
Have an event you’d like to be considered for posting?
Email [email protected]

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