The Busy Mom At Home Workout Solution



The Busy Mom At Home Workout Solution
Fit Yummy Mummy Bonus Body Weight Workout
The Busy Mom At Home Workout Solution
How To Use Your Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss Workout
#1 Make a commitment!
You only need 15 minutes a least 3 times a week.
#2 Choose a workout format that works best for your busy schedule.
You may choose 3 days a week or 6 days a week rotating between your resistance
training fat loss workout and your short burst intervals.
#3 Write it down.
POST your workout schedule where you will see it.
Keep track of your progress in the forums at ClubFYM
There is no right or wrong way to add your Monthly workouts to your fat loss
routine. You will however, perform each Fit Yummy Mummy Workout for 4 weeks,
alternating between resistance training and intervals. Be sure to allow a day of rest
between each resistance training workout. For example – Monday, Wednesday and
Incorporate at least 3 days of Interval Workouts as well. If you are working out 3
days a week, be sure you perform your Fit Yummy Mummy resistance training
workout before your Intervals workout in order to get the best results.
Ultimately - it is up to you to decide.
Consistency far outweighs the exact format of a workout plan. As long as you are Sticking
To It and you are making Each workout are on the right track and you will
get results.
Fit Yummy Mummy Workout Guidelines:
Complete each Superset 1-4 times depending on your fitness and energy levels.
Super Sets - Your FYM workouts will be performed as follows (this is an example of
performing your workout 3 times through for each super set.)
Finished!! If you follow the 3 days a week schedule - wrap up your workout with a 10-15
minute interval session. Be sure to include a warm up and cool down.
 Rest is a quick 10 seconds.
 Breathe! Avoid holding your breath while exercising.
 Do not use momentum to complete repetitions, focus on controlled movement of
your muscles.
 Pace Yourself! Take your time if new. Complete what you can with Good Form
 Focus on quality, not quantity of repetitions. Proper form is more important that
NEED Help with a Common Exercise?
Be sure to take a look at the Video Section of where you will find the
"Do It Like This; Not That" series to help overcome common exercise mistakes and
get your questions asked about proper form. If you are interested in having follow
along DVDs, you may choose to upgrade your account to the Fit Club Membership.
Just contact me with your request or grab your Fit Yummy Mummy DVD packages
>>> here!
***The Fit Yummy Mummy Workout System is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice and is
not intended to replace the advice or attention of health-care professionals. Summer Circuits are intense. If you
are new to exercise be sure to get your Dr.s approval and start out slow.***
Holly Rigsby
Author of Fit Yummy Mummy, Founder of ClubFYM, ACE Certified Fitness Professional, MAT, Director of
Fitness Consulting Group and Prograde Nutrition’s Weight Management Courses Specializing in Fat Loss
Services and Programs for Busy Women
Warm Up
Spiderman Crawl
Hip Bridge
Benefits of a Dynamic Warm Up
Cold muscle, tendons and connective tissue do not move and respond very
easily. Warming up relaxes the body and muscle which further allows them
to be worked effectively.
It is believed that cold muscles and tendons are more prone to damage since
they are more likely to tear when cold.
A warm-up increases the heart rate gradually and prepares the heart and
cardiovascular system.
A warm-up causes the blood to be diverted to the exercising muscles. This is
achieved by getting the blood vessels that supply the muscles being used, to
Exercising, without warming up, may cause the muscles to work without an
adequate oxygen supply. This forces them to use anaerobic processes to
supplement their production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). As a
consequence, lactic acid accumulates and the muscles may become
prematurely fatigued.
Fit Yummy Mummy Body Weight Workout
Prisoner Sumo Squat
Close Grip Push Up
Step Ups
10 each
1 Leg Romanian
each leg
Belly Blasters
Mountain Climbers
Cool Down or Intervals
15 each
Exercise Archive
Warm Up Series
Y’s, Spiderman Crawl, Hip Bridge
1. Y’s
Starting Position: Begin in “Bent Over Row” position. Back is flat, chest is out, core
is tight and arms hang directly below your shoulders.
Action: With thumbs pointing up, raise your arms up and out to shoulder level to
form a Y. At the top of the move, pause and squeeze shoulder blades. Slowly lower
arms down to start position and repeat. Perform with control and purpose.
IF: If you lower back tired quickly, you may perform this same move while lying on
a stability ball or over the side of a chair.
2. Spiderman Crawl
Starting Position: Assume the push up position, wrists under shoulders, body forms
a straight line
Action: Bring your right foot up to the outside of your right hand – or as close as
what feels comfortable – pause in this lunge position and return to start – switching
legs as you repeat on the opposite side.
Be sure to: Keep your core tight, your hips down and maintain a straight plank
3. Hip Bridge
Starting Position: Lie flat on a mat with heels close to your bottom, heels flat on the
Action: Push out of your heels as you squeeze your glutes and thighs to raise hips
off mat as high as you can. Pause and return to start but lightly tap your bottom to
the mat before squeezing and raising hips again. Be sure your shoulder blades and
head remain on the mat and breathe! Take your time to get the most out of this
move. The goal is to activate your glutes so you get the most out of your lower body
moves in the circuit.
Prisoner Sumo Squat
Starting Position: Position your feet 6-10 inches wider than shoulder-width apart.
Toes pointed out. Hands should be up, finger tips behind your head, elbows pointing
out to the sides and kept wide.
Action: Start by tilting your hips back, weight is in your heels and lower your body
down into the squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your back
straight and elbows out. Squeeze your glutes and thighs as you push out of your
heels to return to the start.
Close Grip Push Up
Starting Position: From a seated position on a stability ball, holding 2 dumbbells roll
forward, walking your legs out until you are lying on the ball, neck and upper back
supported on ball, bottom and lower back are lowered as well.
Action: Place dumbbells by shoulders and in ready position for chest press. As you
press DBs straight up above your chest, begin the reverse plank as you squeeze your
glutes and thighs as you raise your hips up and into a reverse plank position. Pause
keeping glutes, thighs and core contracted and return hips and DBs to start.
Be sure to: Keep your core tight and be mindful of the muscle used in both the
chest press (triceps, core and chest) and the reverse plank (glutes and thighs).
Modify: If this move is too difficult, you may choose to perform assisted either at an
incline against a bench/step or on your knees.
Step Up
Starting Position: Stand in front of a step or bench, one foot planted firmly making
sure entire foot is on bench/chair.
Action: Step up onto the bench/chair squeezing your glutes and thighs and raise
your opposite knee as high as you can. In the same motion, lower this leg to the
floor, tap lightly and step right back up to the top of the move. You will keep the
same foot on the bench/chair the entire time to complete repetitions. If you are
performing timed rounds, alternate your step ups.
1 Leg “RDL” Romanian Deadlift
Starting Position: Feet shoulder width apart, holding 2 DBs in front of your thighs,
balanced on one leg.
Action: Hinge at the waist, leading with your chest into a Romanian Deadlift, back is
flat, knees are soft, DBs hang directly below shoulders. At bottom of move – once
your back is parallel to floor, pause and then push out of your heel squeezing you
glutes and thighs as you slowly return to standing position. Perform all reps for one
side and then switch sides for each circuit (circuit 1- right, circuit 2 –left, circuit 3right, circuit 4 –left)
Be Sure to: Be sure to keep your core tight, chest out, back flat and shoulders
parallel to the floor – do not lean to the side on which you hold the DB.
Belly Blaster
Starting Position: Begin in plank position, weight on your forearms and toes, core
is tight, body forms a straight line from head to toe.
Action: From plank position push off forearms, lifting hips into air looking back at
your toes –pause for a moment and slowly returning to start- returning to the
complete plank position before repeating. Be sure you return to the proper plank
position between each repetition, body is straight and core is tight.
Mountain Climber
Starting Position: Begin in push up position. Wrists are directly under shoulders,
core is tight, body forms a straight line from head to tail bone.
Action: Drive your right knee up towards your chest alternating back and forth
with your left knee in a running motion. Repeat this movement for the required
number of seconds or repetition. Be sure to keep your body aligned and your hips
low. You can choose to tap your toes on the mat or for more of a challenge do not let
them touch at all, allowing for a continuous running movement.
Intervals Ideas
If you follow the 3 days a week schedule you can choose to wrap up your fat loss
workout with a 10-15 minute interval session.
Note –Performing Intervals immediately after body weight workout may vary in
intensity. Keep in mind that the Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss workouts incorporate a
cardiovascular component as well. It is perfectly fine to perform a less intense version
of your favorite Interval workout after your body weight circuit. Your body will still be
primed for fat loss.
If you follow the 6 days a week schedule, be sure to allow a day of rest in between
each body weight circuit day to allow for recovery and repair – which equals better
Jump Rope
Box Hops
Intermediate: 10 minute session
Work for 30 sec, rest for 30 sec, repeat 10 times.
Advanced: 13 minute session
Work for 60 sec, rest for 30 sec, repeat 9 times.
Need an extra push for your intervals workout?
Fit Yummy Mummy Interval Soundtracks can be found at
Hey~ I am Holly Rigsby!
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