3000 series - Swivel Joints



3000 series - Swivel Joints
3000 Series - Swivel Joints
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Application - The industry standard for more than 70 years, Treloar-OPW Engineered
Systems 3000 Series swivel joints are available in a variety of materials, sizes and styles
to meet virtually any application. They make it possible to use rigid metal piping for
loading and unloading caustic or hazardous liquids, petroleum, and other material,
under pressure or vacuum, without the difficulty of manhandling heavy, cumbersome
00% Penetration Welding - Particular importance 1
is the 100% penetration welding of fabricated steel and
stainless steel swivels.
Variety of Metals Available - Treloar-OPW cast swivel
joints are available in steel, aluminium, bronze, stainless
steel and ductile iron. Fabricated swivel joints available in
steel and stainless steel are made in Australia.
1 Tight O-Ring Seals - O-rings are used to provide a
tight seal without hindering swivel action. Accurately
machined and micro finished grooves provide minimal
seal wear. Available seals include: Nitrile, Viton, Neoprene,
E.P.D.M., Teflon® Garter Seal and even Kalrez® as needed.
2 True Ball Bearing Race Alignment - Body and tail
sections are locked together by a double row of ball
bearings. Raceways are machined to precise tolerances.
This double race design assures true alignment, and
prevents binding caused by temperature changes or
heavy radial loads. Carbon steel swivels have hardened
races to maximize load-carrying capability
3 Protected Bearing Chamber - Protective inner O-ring
seal prevents product from entering bearing chamber.
Outer seal keeps rain, dirt, and other contaminants out.
Both seals hold in lubrication
4 Long-Life Bearings - Ball bearings are hardened, precision ground steel. All Treloar-OPW swivels are
available with stainless steel bearings on special order.
5 Easy Lubrication - All Treloar-OPW swivels are pre-
lubricated at the factory. All 3/4”, 1” and submerged
service swivels are permanently lubricated. For swivels
requiring field lubrication, a grease fitting between the
races accepts a standard grease gun. EP2 grease used.
6 No Field Adjustment Necessary - Balls are held in place
by factory installed plugs that never need adjustment to
maintain good ball bearing performance.
24/10/2012 Fluid Transfer Fittings
Standard Sizes: 3/4 in. to 12 in.
Standard Materials: Aluminum, Bronze, Carbon Steel,
Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel
Standard Seals: Buna-N, Fluorocarbon, PTFE, EPDM,
End Connections: FNPT, 150/300 ANSI Flanges, Butt/
Socket Weld
3000 Series - Swivel Joints
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Viton seals are standard in all of the above swivel joints, but each is available with seals made of Buna-N
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