Gurney Tiger Tales



Gurney Tiger Tales
Gurney Tiger Tales
September, 2013
Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools
Principally Speaking…
Welcome back to Gurney! I hope you are all enjoying exciting stories about new teachers, new
friends, and new classrooms! We have had a great start to what we feel will be an excellent school year!
The Gurney Staff and I would like to thank our PTO volunteers who gave their time and energy to
stuffing our first day folders and providing us with a delicious back-to-school luncheon! You are amazing! A
big THANK YOU also goes out to our Board of Education and school support organizations who provided the
finances to make sure we had zones 1 and 2 of our playground renovation ready for this school year: PTO,
Dads’ Club, Boosters, Education Foundation. Dads’ Club members gave us an invaluable contribution – the
dads worked so hard to take down the old wooden structure and to build the new play system! They truly
showed amazing devotion to our students and our community.
Every year we have changes to share with you! Hopefully you took the opportunity at the walkthrough to meet our new music teacher, Mr. Bachofsky, our new intervention specialist, Miss Vilk, Mrs. Fisher, our new half-day kindergarten teacher, and our new head cook, Mrs. Vilt! Wonderful additions to our
Gurney family! Your children will be telling you about our new Gurney Media Center (formerly known as the
library)! Miss Shanaberger is our Information Literacy Teacher and she has re-organized our media center to
support student independence in finding specific reading material. She has also added 12 laptops, an interactive whiteboard, and a mounted projector – truly an elementary media center! The new playground is a
hit! The play system is packed with activities: 2 sets of monkey bars, 2 slides, 2 boulder climbers, 2 rock
walls, 2 twisters, 1 overhead spinner, 3 balance pods, and a tricky canyon crosser! Thanks to Mrs. Czerr and
Mr. Cannon we have a very professional looking kickball field – Tiger Pride Field! Painted in all orange and
black, the field boasts a giant orange paw as the pitcher’s mound! For the first time ever we have 2 basketball hoops and painted courts! We have 3 4-square courts, a 100s chart that offers many math games, and a
clock that also offers some math games! Finally, we now have a track lane around the perimeter of the playground! We’ve measured and 10 laps equals 1 mile. We have scooters for students to use on the track, 12inch soft hurdles for them to try on the track, bucket stilts to try, and of course, they can always just walk,
jog, or run some laps! Our students look pretty tired now at the end of recess so it’s a good thing we have
new, healthy food in our cafeteria this year! On our web page you can read all about the Lifetime Grant we
received to provide our school with the healthiest of all food products!
We firmly believe that communication is the key to having a successful school year. Therefore, we
utilize a variety of electronic tools to communicate with you regularly: email, Teachers’ weekly newsletters,
the Gurney web page, Teacher web pages, our monthly school newsletter, my Twitter @DrJ_cfprincipal, reverse phone call blasts, and various teachers’ Twitter and/or class blogs. Please confirm that your child’s
teacher has your correct email address. Our school newsletter is sent out at the beginning of every month
via an e-blast system. To receive our monthly school newsletters, you must go to the district website and
follow this link to register your email account ...
Throughout the year, do not hesitate to contact us in the office if we can be of assistance!
Dr. Rachel Jones, Principal
Thursday, September 5
Wednesday, September 11
Students enter building at 9:55 a.m.
September 2……………….……….………..……………...……NO SCHOOL – LABOR DAY
September 5…………...………………………………NO SCHOOL – ROSH HASHANAH
September 4 & 6 ……………..………………………………………….….Preschool Orientation
September 11 …………………..….………….………Open House Grades 1 & 2 - 6:00 p.m.
September 11 ……………………………...………………………….. First Day for Preschoolers
September 12 ………….…………………….……………....Open House Grade 3 – 6:00 p.m.
September 19 ……….……………………..…………………………………..…………….Picture Day
When your child is ill, going to be late or going to be out
due to a trip, please notify the office by 9:00 a.m.
Call 440-893-4033
You will be prompted to leave a message
Goal of Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools
”To Improve Student Learning”
Our handbook can be accessed from our website
Follow this link:
Grade Level Bins
We have grade level bins in the office for parents to drop off their child’s forgotten lunch,
library book, gym shoes, etc. We will contact the teacher and they will send the student
down to grab their delivered items.
Backpacks on Wheels
If your child uses a backpack on wheels, he/she needs to push the handle in and carry it
when in a large moving group to keep others from tripping over it.
Please do not send your child to school in flip-flops, clogs, or any other shoes that are inappropriate for playing on our playground.
ARRIVAL at Gurney Elementary School
Drop off time is 8:25 a.m. Please do not drop off your child(ren) prior to 8:25 a.m. as we have no supervision
to provide for them.
When dropping off your child(ren) in the morning please remember to:
Turn off your cell phone and give your full attention to saying good-bye for the day.
Make sure your child(ren) is ready to exit your car independently, on the curbside—you are putting them
in danger if they exit from the parking lot side because sometimes parents pull out of the line to leave
quickly and will drive closely by your car.
Pull your car all the way up and around the turn so that we are able to have 4-6 cars exiting students at
the same time.
DISMISSAL at Gurney Elementary School
At 3:20 we move our students who are being picked up after school through the hallways prior to bus lines.
Please pull up and all the way around the turn so that we are able to load 4-5 cars at the same time. Staff
members will be outside to call for students and open car doors for them.
When picking up your child(ren) in the afternoon please remember to:
Use the automobile pick-up line. When parents stand by the building and pull their child(ren) out of line
without notifying staff, we lose control of which child(ren) is leaving with which parent.
Turn off your cell phone and give your full attention to the staff and to greeting your child(ren).
Have their seat or access into the car on the curb side—if they have to go around to the parking lot side
they are in danger as other cars often pull out of the line to leave quickly and drive closely by you.
Have your child practice buckling independently.
All of our classes begin dismissing to buses at 3:25 each day. If you are expecting your child to get off the bus
and he/she doesn’t, please call the Gurney office immediately so that we can quickly locate your child—who
may have gone to the parent pick-up line or an after school activity by mistake.
Changing Your Child’s After-School Destination
Student safety is our priority and, with 600 students in this school, you can imagine how chaotic dismissal
could get if several parents call the office late in the afternoon to change their child’s after school destination (i.e. bus to pick-up or pick-up to bus). Bus passes are not issued for play-dates and such. If a student
needs to ride a different bus on a different day, it should be a set schedule for the entire school year (i.e.
specific days to house and specific days to daycare) and you should clearly communicate this with your
child’s teacher. We do accept parent-written passes to have your child picked up by car instead of riding the
bus. Please always send a note in with your child if you are making such a change rather than calling the
school office late in the day. We certainly understand emergency situations necessitating a late call and will
do our best to communicate those to classroom teachers– but the later in the day, the more possibility for
miscommunications among staff. By working together like this we will surely have a safe school year!
Chagrin Falls Transportation Department
Mr. Tschappat
September 2013
September’s guidance classes will focus on the importance of making good choices.
We will discuss consequences in each classroom and how consequences may be
either positive or negative. Children almost always describe punishments when I
ask for the meaning of “consequences,” but it is important to remind them that
positive consequences are often the result of good decision making. You can help
your child learn to make wise choices by working through the decision making process with them using everyday situations.
1. What is the problem/situation?
2. What are the choices?
3. What are the consequences for each choice?
4. Make a decision.
5. How did the decision work out?
Talk through the process with your child and don’t be afraid to let him/her make a
poor, but safe choice. Children will learn by trial and error. Teaching children how to
recognize and make good choices is an important component of their development.
Hello All! I hope that everyone
has enjoyed their summer and is
excited for a great year here at
Gurney. The new playground is
in and is a big hit; kids are doing
all sorts of new things from
scooters to basketball.
Did you know?? 10 laps around
the walking path is a mile.
This year the students are going
to be busy in the Gymnasium.
Students will learn and practice things such as use of space, self-control, leap,
foot dribble, instep kick, aerobic fitness, and many other skills.
Students will be working with Xertubes which help to strengthen muscles such
as biceps, deltoids, and triceps in a fun way. See if your child can point to each
of these muscles for you. In the photo there are two 1st grade students
strengthening their tricep muscles.
All students need to come to class wearing tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are not
only great for student safety but also prolong the life of our gym floor. Please
remind your child of their gym days and have them wear or bring shoes with
them to school.
Mr. Cannon
Follow me on twitter @GurneyPE
¿Qué pasa en las clases de español?
We are off to a great start in all of the 3rd grade Spanish classes! Todos
los estudiantes have been working on los colores, los números to 20 and la conversacion. We have had fun conversing, singing, reading and playing games.
Each 3rd grade class meets twice a week for thirty minutes per class. Spanish
classes meet all year long!
I am very excited to be working with 3rd grade students at Gurney. The other
part of my day I spend teaching French at Chagrin Falls Middle School!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and to follow me on Twitter
¡Hasta Luego!
Señora Briggs
[email protected]
440-893-7695 x4341
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Volunteer at Gurney
New, Easy Sign-Up – click on link below
Please sign-up by Monday, Sept. 9th
Here are some of the great volunteer opportunities available…
Volunteer at your child’s Library/Tech time or lunch/recess
Many Art opportunities
Fundraising – for Gurney (Tiger Trek) and District Wide
Hospitality and Welcoming
Be a Room Parent for your child’s class
Work on the Yearbook
Be a part of the Decorating Committee
One School One Book
Screen in-coming Kindergarteners
And there are two new committees this year –
Nutrition and Visual Art
***The PTO Classroom Fee (yellow envelope) for Gurney is $7 this year***
Please email Krista Latore with any questions at [email protected]
C.M.A. 2013 Chalk Festival
Children and adults enjoy this annual event where
community members join professional artists in using
the walkways around the Fine Arts Garden as a colorful
canvas. Watching the chalk artists and enjoying the
entertainment is free.
Saturday, September 21, 11:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Sunday, September 22, noon–5:00 p.m.
Rain or Shine
[email protected]
Once again the Chagrin Falls PTO is sponsoring a district wide fundraiser. This fall, PTO will be offering the ever-popular
Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough and other assorted frozen items along with Charleston Wrap wrapping paper and gifts.
Also, back by popular demand, you can choose to support the PTO fundraiser with a flat donation. Whether you choose
to make a purchase or a donation, your child will be included in the incentive program. The proceeds from the fundraiser
support requests from the teachers and staff for equipment, supplies and programming. All students in the Chagrin Falls
Exempted School District grades 1-12 will benefit from this fundraiser. PTO was able to make significant contributions to
many areas throughout the district including digital academy, professional development and student enrichment.
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do now?
Nothing! Just anxiously await the fundraiser packet that will be sent home with your child on Friday, September 6 th. Have
a student that might leave it in their locker or backpack? Just check for extras in the office or send us an email and we will
provide one.
When will the sale begin and end?
The event will run from September 6th – September 20th. Please look for the fundraising committee members at the Open
When is product pick-up?
All the items will be available for pick-up on October 23rd from 2-8pm. Due to the perishable nature of the products, we
CANNOT store items past this date. Any product that is leftover at closing time will be donated.
How do I volunteer to help with this fundraiser?
Contact one of us at our emails below!
Please look for more information to follow. Especially about our great raffle prizes! With your help and support, we
look forward to a great fundraiser!
Does your daughter want to join the fun?
Come find out how to join!!!
Informational Meeting on
Tuesday September 17th 7:30-8:30pm in Gurney Multipurpose Room
Think about volunteering to lead a troop- it is a lot of fun!!

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