LexisNexis® Time Matters® 7 and LexisNexis® Billing MattersTM 7



LexisNexis® Time Matters® 7 and LexisNexis® Billing MattersTM 7
LexisNexis® Time Matters ® 7 and
LexisNexis® Billing Matters 7 Plus ...
The perfect union of the front office and back office
The latest enhancements of Time Matters® 7 offer you the ease and efficiency of
front-office management and the full support of back-office accounting with
Billing Matters™ 7 Plus!
A good front-office practice-management
system helps your firm increase its earnings.
A good back-office accounting system helps
your firm retain more of its earnings. Putting
both systems together into one convenient
package helps improve your operations
and finances — so you can concentrate on
practising law.
Time Matters is designed to help you manage
every aspect of your law practice — cases,
clients, your calendar, documents, and even
firm communications. It includes the latest
advances in practice management, such as
a BlackBerry® link that sets a new standard
for handheld integration. What’s more,
Time Matters integrates seamlessly with the
LexisNexis® Quicklaw™ online legal research
service to record billable time.
Billing Matters Plus includes advanced
billing, full accounts payable and receivable,
comprehensive trust accounting, a flexible
general ledger, world-class cheque writing
and reconciliation, and more. Firms needing
basic billing can generate a bill and post a
payment in one easy step. Firms needing
advanced billing can use split, flat,
consolidated, and allocated fees. The new
accounting functions can be set for simple
bookkeeping with lots of flexibility, or can
be completely locked down to maintain tight
accounting controls.
Manage your cases and
your calendar, and perform many
other front-office activities — all
from one convenient location.
Time Matters integrates seamlessly
with the LexisNexis® Quicklaw™
online legal research service to
record billable time.
Time Matters 7
Manage every element of your practice with Time Matters 7
Expand your capabilities for effi ciently managing your work with the
enhancements now offered in Time Matters 7. Whether you’re in your
offi ce or connecting with your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld from a
remote location, using Time Matters 7 helps you gain greater control
and save more time so you can focus on practising law.
Key Improvements and New Features
Integrated Research Manager
You can conduct all of your
LexisNexis® at lexis.com ® legal
research, then seamlessly save any
research into Time Matters. Use
the Time Matters Save button, now
available on your Microsoft® Internet
Explorer tool bar, to save a record of
all your research. This allows you to
be in Time Matters and quickly rerun
a search previously performed — a
few hours, days, or even months ago.
Create a visual timeline to track key
events and to display all record types
within a Matter. This view gives you
a more specific perspective for only
those records you’d like to see to help
manage your Matter.
Workflow Navigators
Create one or many Navigators to
define your workflow and personally
customize Navigators for your own
view. Save time and simplify how you
and your staff use Time Matters by
having all of the items on Navigators
that allow you to work the way
you do.
Client and Matter Monitor
Set up criteria to track changes so you
can stay on top of clients’ activities.
Be notified when assigned Contacts
and/or Matters have activities such
as other staff adding, changing, or
deleting records for your client (e.g.,
phone calls, documents, email, and
BlackBerry Wireless
Handheld Billing Record
Now add Billing Records through
your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld
in addition to the Contact, Matter,
Events, ToDo’s, and Notes databases.
Enter your time associated with
a Contact and/or Matter in your
handheld and it will be sent to Time
Matters or Billing Matters during
your next synchronization.
Personal Journal
With an overall new look, Contact
and Matters, a Record Review List,
and a News section are now available
to be viewed from the journal.
You can view records such as Events,
ToDo’s, Phone Calls, Emails, Billing,
and Documents for all Contacts
and Matters.
Time Matters Synchronization
with Novell® GroupWise®
Additions, Deletions, and Changes
made in either application updates
the other application’s database.
Databases supported by the Time
Matters/GroupWise Synchronization
are Events/Appointments, ToDo’s/
Tasks, and Contacts.
Small Business Accounting
The Microsoft Small Business
Accounting 2006 link is a two-way
link between Time Matters and
Microsoft Small Business Accounting
(SBA). Using the link, you can
synchronize Contacts and Matters
in Time Matters and send time and
expense entries from Time Matters
to Microsoft SBA. This feature is
available only with Time Matters.
Billing Matters 7 Plus
Time Matters integrates
seamlessly with these
LexisNexis services*:
Search Canada’s most trusted
online source for Canadian legal
information. As you do research,
Time Matters works right
alongside you, recording time
spent and turning it into billable
LexisNexis at lexis.com
Access cases, codes, public
records, legal and business news,
and more via the LexisNexis®
Total Research System.
LexisNexis® CourtLink ®
Search the LexisNexis database
of more than 200 million court
LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell®
Lawyer Locator
Perform a Martindale-Hubbell
Lawyer Locator search directly
from a Time Matters name field.
Everything you need for firm billing and accounting
Billing Matters 7 Plus has the features that make Time Matters the most award-winning,
most widely used business and practice management system, plus everything you ever
wanted in billing. Firms needing basic billing can generate a bill and post a payment in one
easy step. Firms needing advanced billing can use split, fl at, consolidated, and allocated fees,
plus trust accounting, budgeting, productivity reporting, and more.
Key Improvements and New Features
Report Specification
Enhancements for
the Billing Record
From the Report Specification screen
for the Billing Record, additional
filters have been added to assist in
obtaining the reports you need.
Account Reconciliation
Before finalizing the reconciliation,
you will now be prompted for a
backup. All reconciliation reports are
saved in PDF for your convenience.
Standard Reports
Many filters have been added to
standardize the options, adding about
50 more ways to print billing reports.
Mass Rate Change
You can more easily change rates
using this mass update process. When
you need to change a client or staff’s
rate, use this easy walk-through
process to change all of the rates, or
hand-select the items to change.
BlackBerry Wireless Handheld
and Palm® PDA Billing Records
Now you can add Billing Records
through your Palm PDA. This feature
is available to all users —
Time Matters, Billing Matters,
and Billing Matters Plus.
With Billing Matters Plus,
you can manage your firm’s billing,
budgeting, and accounting activities
from a central desktop location.
Use the customizable
tabs to organize and prioritize
your daily practice activities.
Order Billing Matters Plus
with Time Matters or as a
stand-alone product
For new customers ... a 60-day, money-back guarantee
A 60-day money-back version of the Professional Edition
of Time Matters or Billing Matters Plus includes:
• 60 days of toll-free technical support
Billing Matters Plus is not a separate module with a
• Printed user manual
separate database, like virtually all other products.
• PDF user manual
Billing Matters Plus is totally integrated into the
source code and database of Time Matters (and
• HelpCamTM training videos (more than 50 videos,
with nearly five hours of instruction)
vice versa). Yet Billing Matters Plus may be ordered
• Windows®-style help
separately from Time Matters. And it includes
• Web service centre access
several of the best features of Time Matters, such
• Printed setup guide
as Calendars, Task Delegation, Client Relations
Management, and Matter/Project Management.
Money-back guarantee has conditions and restrictions —
please see web site or Online Store for details.
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