23. – 28. September 2015
While buildings may be physically static, their ability to register changes and movements of natural light
allows them to perceptually transform and display signs of life: deadened volumes begin to stir when
beams of light pierce into rooms or glide over walls; mute objects take on moods derived from the
weather or hour of day; shadows appear as a palpable presence and thin deepen, soften or sharpen
according to how they are cast onto walls or settle in space.
Henry Plummer, The Architecture of Natural Light
The task focuses on daylight in relation to the interaction between space, openings and materials.
You must study three specific daylight conditions that may be called: ‘loans of light’, ‘filtration of light’
and ‘light space’. These light conditions are further explored on the study trip and used in connection with
subsequent experiments. Furthermore you are going to prepare for a pin-up that summarises the earlier
assignment ‘Prefabricate Concrete Facades’ and ‘Daylight’.
Wednesday 23. September 2015 – Monday 28. September. Please refer to the calendar in the digital
space regularly in case there are unforeseen events during the time.
Each team finds examples of the three light conditions in or around Aarhus. It may be, for example in
urban contexts, landscapes areas or at Aarhus Harbour. Individually each of the three light conditions is
documented using photography on site. Then each team selects one example of each of the three light
conditions, which are printed and set up on a sheet. You decide the size and type of the sheet yourself.
On this sheet the daylight condition is described in English. How was this light condition created by the
architecture: the proportions of the openings, sun, shade devices…? How is it experienced? The text may
include reference to literature on daylight (Please see: References). The sheet is hung up as a joint
exhibition on September 25.
Each student uses knowledge and experience of photography from the introduction at the first year of
study, and from the lecture by Claus Peder Pedersen and from the lecture by Jens Frederiksen in
connection to the workshop “Aarhus: kort og godt”.
On Monday the 28th of September you must summarize your research studies in the process book. The
focus is on a description of what you have discovered and what you find particularly interesting in relation
to prefabricated façade elements and daylight. The description is formulated in English and supplemented
by illustrations that you have done during the two assignments. Furthermore, the description should
summarize in a statement, a specific issue or an investigative question, that you will study closely on
both the study trip and in later experiments.
For the pin-up on 29-30 September please bring the case-studies, the sheet with studies of light and the
specific topic / issue that you find interesting to work with. All material is to be presented in a printed
version. All the students are to submit everything that will be pinned up to their supervisors on Monday,
28 September between 14.30-15.00 in the basement Nr. Port 15. All students are expected to be there
throughout the two days of pin-up.
learn about daylight in relation to openings, space, form and material
learn how to document architecture and daylight
use photography in studying architecture
get prepared for the study trip and for the later experiments
Please see the literature on the shelf in the school library.
Light and Shade, pp. 173-187, Elements of Architecture – from form to place + tectonics, Pierre
von Meiss, 2nd edition 2013
Open/Close– windows, doors, gates, loggias, filters, ed. Alexander Reichel & Kerstin Schultz,
“Facader og lys” af Katja Bülow, s.53-61, Facaden – teori og praksis, KA, 2003
“Lysrum som rum i rummet” s. 71-80, Lysrum – som begreb og redskab, Merete Madsen, 2004
“Skyggens betydning”, s.74-76, Arkitekturen og sanserne, Juhani Pallasmaa, oversat 2014
The Architecture of Natural Light, Henry Plummer, 2009
Wednesday 23. September
13.00 Main Auditorium, ”Walter Benjamin´s passage work” lecture by Carsten Thau, common to all units
Thursday 24. September
13.00 Main Auditorium, ”The Window” lecture by Carsten Thau, common to all units
Friday 25. September
9.30 Studsgade auditorium, ”Daylight conditions” lecture by Kristian Nielsen Kjær
11.00 – 12.00 and 12.30- 14.00 Studsgade auditorium, Exhibition on daylight. Comments by Kristian
Nielsen Kjær
Monday 28. September
14.30-15.00 Nr.Port 15, basement, Submission of material for pin-up
Tuesday 29. September
9.00 – 16.00 Nr.Port 15, basement, Pin-up
15.00-16.30 Main Auditorium, Arkitekturhistorieforelæsning, introduction, common to all 2. year students
Wednesday 30. September
9.00 – 16.00 Nr.Port 15, basement, Pin-up
Thursday 1. October
9.30 Laden Nord Introduction to the Study Trip and initial introduction to EDITING
Friday 2. October AAA 50 year Celebration
Illustration: ”Translucency and light-effect”, Inside Outside - Petra Blaisse, ed. Kayoko Ota, 2007
Loans of light, House in Plum Grove designed by SANAA
Filtration of light, Cartier Foundation designed by Jean Nouvel
Light space, L´abbaye du Thoronet