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Suara Islam
MCI (P) • 201/07/2015
SG50 Kita National
Day Observance
Mr Lee Kuan Yew
A Significant Milestone for
The Founding Father of
oct – dec Issue • 2015
First Malay/Muslim Childcare
Centre to Attain SPARK
Issue 2 / 2015
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Cover Story: SG50
Family & Health
Special Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew
28 Towards Becoming A Counselling
05 SG50 Journal Of A Singaporean Youth
Centre Of Choice
06 SG50 Kita National Day Observance Ceremony 2015
29 Cleansing Our Heart
08 A Teacher’s Sacrifice For Her Students
Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew
In Wondrous Awe The World Witnessed
Goodbye Mr Lee Kuan Yew
Up Close & Personal With Our Founding Father
14 Iftar With Friends
16 Konsert Amal Tiga Negara
18 Mr Lee Bock Guan Passes Away
19 The Young For The Old
20 Happiness With Amocan
21 Hari Raya Celebration @ Singapore Christian Home
22 Donated Beds From Switzerland
23 British High Commissioner @ Iftar
24 Generasi Muaz: A Contest In Search Of Singapore’s Emerging Da’i (Missionary)
25 Dialogue On Medishield Life
26 Honouring Mothers’ Sacrifices: 23rd Exemplary Mother Award 2015
30 Jamiyah Childcare Centre Expands
31 A Spark For GCDC
32 The Molly Bus Programme
Beyond Borders
33 The 7th Session Of Prince Naif International Award Ceremony
34 International Conference On Islam And Counter-Terrorism In Makkah
36 Compassion And Brotherhood In Islam
38 A Multi-Religious Society In Secular Singapore
Photo Diary
40 Photo Diary
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Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
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Voice of Islam
Editor’s Note
Firstly, Jamiyah Singapore would like to wish our nation a very
Happy 50th Birthday, this year! Since it’s been half a century
that Singapore has gained its independence, we think it’s apt
that Singapore has announced for a whole year of celebrations.
We remember in this issue the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Founding
Father of Singapore, a statesman par excellence and a respected
world leader of great reputation who passed away on 23 March 2015.
With the passing on of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, like the rest of the nation, we at
Jamiyah feel the great sense of loss for this legend who had single-handedly
transformed Singapore from a mere fishing village to a cosmopolitan city
it is today. This issue presents you with some stories to commemorate
the late Mr Lee. On a micro level, this larger than life leader had in fact left
behind a significant mark to most of us in Jamiyah. During his visit in 1990,
Mr Lee’s words of encouragement to the former President of Jamiyah, the
late Haji Abu Bakar Maidin had spurred him on to expand our services and
programmes to help the needy Singaporeans regardless of race or religion.
To commemorate SG50, this issue features stories relating to the
numerous celebrations which have taken place. Jamiyah was privileged
to be part of this year’s memorable celebration. Held on 8 August 2015,
together with 29 other Malay-Muslim organisations (MMOs), we took part
in an integrated celebration called ‘SG50 Kita National Day Observance
Ceremony’. Also there to celebrate along with some 1,500 participants of
all races and religions were Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong ,Minister for
Communications and Information, and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs,
Dr Yaacob Ibrahim and his entourage of prominent Malay-Muslim MPs.
But what is more significant, PM Lee and Dr Yaacob Ibrahim was at
our booth during the SG50 Kita event to put the finishing touches
to the batik paintings done by our Darul Ma’wa residents, under
the mentorship of the renowned batik artist, Mr Sarkasi Said.
Also this year, Jamiyah Singapore’s Global Childcare Development Centre
(GCDC) has successfully attained the Singapore Pre-school Accreditation
Framework (SPARK). With the accreditation by the Ministry of Education
(MOE), GCDC becomes the first Malay/Muslim childcare centre in Singapore
to ever achieve the recognition.
With so many happenings that have taken place so far in 2015, we hope you
will find our publication in your hands a good read! We also hope the year
will end on a good note for our nation and Jamiyah as well, Insya Allah.
DR H M Saleem
Voice of Islam
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Cover Story: SG50
oct – dec Issue • 2015
SG50 Journal of
A Singaporean Youth
Nurul Badriah, Communications Executive, Jamiyah Singapore
Dear Diary,
Being away from home for the
past three and a half years for my
education was definitely an eyeopener. I have learnt to appreciate
all the things that I have taken for
granted in Singapore, for example,
its transportation system and
public safety that enables women
to be out and about till late night
without much fear. With all these
in mind, I am glad to be back just
in time to celebrate Singapore’s
significant 50th birthday this year!
Although my family and I were
not at the Padang to celebrate
the National Day with the rest
of Singapore, the experience of
watching the parade passed by
on our television set was enough
to create the feelings of love and
belonging that we have for this
small nation. When it was time
for the fireworks, we ran to our
corridor to catch a glimpse of the
colorful display in the evening sky!
Reflecting back, even though I
was not born yet to see the total
transformation of the fishing
village into the metropolitan city
it is today, I could still relate to
the changes that Singapore had
undergone from the 80s to what it
is presently. Singapore has come a
long way since our independence.
I could still remember when the
Singapore Bus Service (SBS) were
majorly non air-conditioned. On
hot and sweltering afternoons, my
friends and I would pray hard for
the rare air-conditioned ones to
come and take us home. Nobody
wanted to sit in an oven after a
long day at school!
These days, not only all the
buses are fully air-conditioned,
the digital technologies enabled
information to be easily made
available to consumers on - the
bus numbers, number of empty
seats left and the estimated arrival
time of a bus.
From young, I mixed freely with
friends from different religious
backgrounds and races. I did
that in my neighbourhood, at
school and anywhere. So when
I read about racial and ethnic
tensions taking place all over the
world today, I feel that we are
very fortunate to be able to live
harmoniously as one regardless of
language, race and religion.
I look forward to what the next
50 years will bring, whatever the
future is Singapore will always be
my Home.
With Love,
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Cover Story: SG50
Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong (centre) and Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information, and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs (fifth from left),
graced the SG50 KITA event alongside community leaders from various Muslim organisations in Singapore
SG50 Kita National
Day Observance
Ceremony 2015
This year, Singapore celebrates its
50th birthday on 9th August. Also
known as SG50, the nation hopes
to show its gratitude to the pioneer
generation of Singapore. As part of
the great celebration that would take
place throughout 2015, Jamiyah
Singapore and 29 other MalayMuslim organisations (MMOs) took
part in an integrated celebration
called ‘SG50 Kita National Day
ceremony was held on Saturday, 8th
August 2015 at ITE College Central in
Ang Mo Kio.
The guest-of-honour for the event
was Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
himself. Also there to accompany
the PM were Mdm Halimah Yacob,
Speaker of Parliament, Assoc. Prof
Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for
Communications and Information
and Minister-in-charge of Muslim
Voice of Islam
Cover Story: SG50
Affairs and various other prominent
Malay-Muslim MPs With the strength
of more than 1,000 participants, the
patriotism in the atmosphere could
be felt in the air especially when the
crowd sang the national anthem and
recited the pledge together.
“Against all odds, we have
succeeded. We built a harmonious
multi-racial society. We have
nurtured self-reliance and mutual
support and we have kept the faith
between the Government and the
people. Together, we have journeyed
from Third World to First. That is why,
today, we can be happy celebrating
SG50,” proclaimed PM Lee, in his
After a session of warm-ups, PM
Lee and Dr Yaacob were invited for
a tour around the booths set up by
the MMOs. Jamiyah was the proud
owner of the first booth which both
ministers did their first stop. At the
booth, PM Lee and Dr Yaacob put
the finishing touches to the batik
paintings, which were done by the
residents of Jamiyah Children’s
Home (Darul Ma’wa), under the
mentorship of the legendary veteran
artist, Mr Sarkasi Said. The paintings
depicted the current and futuristic
Singapore, with the SG50 logo
embedded to represent the hopes
and dreams of every Singaporean.
PM Lee also launched Jamiyah’s
significant milestones on the
gigantic LED screen that visually
described the organisation’s 83 years
contributions in interfaith and interreligious harmony locally, regionally
and internationally.
Mr Sarkasi Said added, “I am grateful
that Jamiyah has given me this
opportunity to teach the younger
generation about batik painting.
They can learn about the Malay
Culture and the Singapore heritage
through this way.”
Jamiyah wishes Singapore a
Happy 50th Birthday! We hope that
together, we can move forward to
create many more shared memories
in the future!
oct – dec Issue • 2015
“Against all odds, we
have succeeded. We
built a harmonious
multi-racial society.
We have nurtured selfreliance and mutual
support and we have
kept the faith between
the Government and
the people.”
– PM Lee Hsien Loong
The crowd enjoyed the upbeat mass workout that kickstarted the much anticipated national celebration
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Cover Story: SG50
A Teacher’s Sacrifice For Her Students
Rozlin Othman,
Head of Communications, Jamiyah Singapore
Writing story books to help
children to learn and read in Tamil
has always been her passion.
So, Jamiyah Kindergarten (JK)
teacher, Mdm Mubarak Begum
Mohamed Siddiqe did not feel
wrong when she just
had a few hours of sleep every day,
for at least a month. The sacrifice
was worth it when a series of four
children story books were published
in Tamil, with her being a major
contributor. The published books
were eventually sent to Mdm
Mubarak, last year.
“I feel very happy whenever I use the
story books with my Tamil-speaking
students at the kindergarten,” she
The published books were the
products of a story writing
competition organised by the
Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2012.
Voice of Islam
Mdm Mubarak Begum (centre) with students from Jamiyah Kindergarten
MOE invited kindergarten teachers
island wide to join in the competition
which required teachers to translate
some English children stories into
Tamil. The stories to be translated
were chosen by MOE themselves.
Knowing her passion for writing, JK
nominated Mdm Mubarak for the
competition. She was among the
selected team of teachers to work
on the stories. Without delay, Mdm
Mubarak went straight to work on
her little project.
For a period of about a month, she
would start working on the book
right after dinner to about 1 a.m.
daily. Despite occasional objections
from her family members who were
concerned for her health, Mdm
Mubarak still continued with her
determination of completing the
four books. The task was not without
She explained, “Typing Tamil
characters even if it’s on the
computer could be rather tedious
as they are very different from the
romanised characters. I also got
my children to help out such as
arranging the printed papers.”
For JK, Mdm Mubarak’s achievement
was greatly welcomed. “We are glad
that Mubarak was selected for the
competition and even had four books
printed under her name. Mubarak
has helped to bring up the name of
our kindergarten,” explained Mdm
Absah Adam, Acting Principal of JK.
“Despite the challenges I faced while
getting the books done, I will like to
publish more books in Tamil so that
I can help many more children in the
future,” concluded Mdm Mubarak.
Currently, her storybook in Tamil
titled “Leela’s Bag” is in the works
and will be published, this year.
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Special Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew
Mr Lee Kuan Yew
(1923 - 2015)
No one could ever doubt the
contributions the late Mr Lee Kuan
Yew, the founding father of Singapore
had made to the nation. Each and
every Singaporean – past, present
and future – owes it to him for what
Singapore has turned up to be.
Despite its tiny size in the world map,
Singapore is economically strong,
socially vibrant and politically
stable, commanding respect among
the comity of nations worldwide.
The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was one
of those few world leaders who was
always sought after for his erudite
advice and pragmatic guidance in
managing economies and social
Although Mr Lee’s schedule may be
tight with both local and overseas
meetings, he had definitely left an
unforgettable memory for many in
Jamiyah Singapore. Accompanied
by his wife, Mdm Kwa Geok Choo,
Mr Lee visited Jamiyah on the 3rd of
November 1990.
During his visit, he gave kind words
of encouragement to the former
President of Jamiyah, the late Haji
Abu Bakar Maidin, spurring him
on to further enhance Jamiyah’s
programmes and services to benefit
the needy Singaporeans of all races
and faiths.
Jamiyah Singapore is deeply
saddened by the passing of Mr Lee
Kuan Yew. We stand with the rest of
the nation in grief.
Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew, for all
that you have done for the nation
and for those kind words that you
had left us with. We will continue
to give our best in serving the local
Former President of Jamiyah Singapore, the late Haji Abu Bakar Maidin with Singapore’s former Prime
Minister, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew
Voice of Islam
Special Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew
oct – dec Issue • 2015
(In Wondrous Awe The World Witnessed)
Dr H M Saleem, Vice-President I, Jamiyah Singapore
Liken the sculptor
Of talent extraordinary
Chiselled he
Beauteous Singapore
The shining star of the orient
Placed did he her
On pedestal high
In stage world
Nation’s Father Lee Kuan Yew had
Closed his eyes
A giving nation
Without her people asking
Such did the fortuitous Lee
Made Singapore of
Hope he planted
In men and women
Flags of success fluttered high
Lee Kuan Yew today
In slumber deep
Homes he built
Roads and rails to speed in ease
Ports of fame for sea and air
Parks and streets
Sparkle neat in days and nights
Surging crowds from world over
Move safe and secure
Nurtured tongues and furthered bonds
Amidst faiths and race
Lean to excel
Sweat to achieve
The twin mantras
Sport did he
Toiled ever in life entire
In total passion for soil Singapore
Leader Lee rested never on leaves for
But for once
Took his leave now to rest ever
On the word of his demise
World tremored in dismay
Dignified calm froze Singapore
Showing in quiet
Success of discipline
Leader Lee ingrained in us
Grief hovered like thick dark mist
In every heart
Men women young and old
But life moved on those painful days
In pace normal
In wondrous awe
The world witnessed
The love pain and passion for Lee
People showed in measures beyond
In pages gold Lee carved his place
In the history of
Nation Singapore
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Special Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew
The senior management and officials of Jamiyah Singapore joined the nation in bidding farewell to the late Mr Lee
Kuan Yew
Mr Lee Kuan Yew
the celebration for Singapore’s
50th year of independence was
unfortunately marked by a significant
poignant event - the passing of
Singapore’s founding father, Mr
Lee Kuan Yew on 23rd March 2015.
Singaporeans and foreigners alike all
came together to express their grief
and paid tributes during the oneweek mourning period. Everyone bid
their final goodbye, on 29th March
A group of 100 Jamiyah officials,
volunteers and residents of
Jamiyah’s Welfare Homes also did
not want to miss out the chance
of bidding their farewells. With
thousands of others who stood along
the route of the funeral procession,
Jamiyah’s congregates stood by the
roadside adjacent to the Singapore
Conference Hall as early as 8am. And
the heavy downpour definitely did
not deter them from waiting to catch
Voice of Islam
the last glimpse of Mr Lee.
It was a solemn moment as the
casket drove by, with many waving
the national flag while others could
be heard shouting “Thank you Mr Lee
Kuan Yew” and “Majulah Singapura”.
Dr H M Saleem, Vice-President I
of Jamiyah summed it all up, “We
are here to thank the great leader
whose contribution for the growth
and development of Singapore is
“We are here to thank
the great leader
whose contribution
for the growth
and development
of Singapore is
– Dr H M Saleem
to the overall development of the
local Malay Muslim organisations
such as Jamiyah. He will be
remembered by each and every
Singaporeans for making Singapore
what it is today, occupying a pride
of place amongst the nations,”
mentioned Dr H M Saleem, VicePresident I.
Jamiyah Singapore hopes that Mr
Lee’s dedication, commitment and
persistent struggles to build the
nation, will forever be emulated by
the future generations.
He has also contributed significantly
Jamiyah’s congregates bid farewell to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew for the last time
Special Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Up Close & Personal
With Our Founding Father
Amidst the final farewells by
everyone in Singapore, Jamiyah
Kindergarten (JK) children did not
miss the opportunity to do so as
well in their own way. The little
angels made a trip to the museum
to bid their final goodbye to the late
founding father of this nation.
Educational outings have always
been a part of the school curriculum
in JK. The kindergarten believes
field trips help to improve the critical
thinking skills and enable students to
think outside the box. Furthermore,
it also helps students to relate what
they have learnt in classroom, to
that of their environment.
Hence, on 21st April, Mdm Absah
Adam who is the Acting Principal
of JK, brought 35 kindergarten 2
students to the National Museum of
Singapore. There, not only they paid
tribute to the late Mr Lee but they
also got the opportunity to know
him better at a memorial exhibition
that chronicled his life and political
The students took an interactive tour
which showcased items and posters
featuring Mr Lee during his glorious
days. They were also fortunate to
have gotten the chance to see the
famous red box which Mr Lee used
as a briefcase to keep his speeches,
documents and reading materials. “I
want to work hard and be like Mr Lee
Kuan Yew!” exclaimed six-year old
Shaik Ismail enthusiastically.
“The younger generation probably
have no idea who the late Mr Lee
Kuan Yew is. Through this exhibition,
I hope that the students will be
inspired by his life and his work,”
said Mdm Absah Adam.
Children from Jamiyah Kindergarten , with Principal, Mdm Absah Adam (left) visited the National Museum of Singapore that held a tribute for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Iftar With Friends
To most non-muslims, the word
“iftar” would be rather foreign.
An iftar is a meal served during
Ramadhan to break the day’s fast.
In accordance to the teachings of
our beloved Prophet Muhammad,
Muslims are encouraged to start
their iftar with dates or plain water.
During Ramadhan, muslims would
not only restrain themselves from
eating and drinking from dawn until
dusk, they would also consciously
up their good deeds. One such
deed is – to invite and share food
with neighbours, families and
especially the less fortunate. The
spiritual reward for charitable
giving is considered to be especially
significant during the fasting month.
With so much benefits to gain
from iftar, Jamiyah Singapore was
honoured to host its annual ‘Iftar
with Friends’ event, on 6th July
2015. The event which took place at
Al-Malik Faisal Hall, Jamiyah HQ saw
more than 500 guests. Among the
guests were esteemed ambassadors
members of foreign diplomatic corps,
community leaders, supporters,
donors and beneficiaries.
The significant event was graced by
Minister K Shanmugam, Minister of
Foreign Affairs and Minister of Law
as the Guest of Honour. Minister
Shanmugam together with the
guests started the iftar with dates
soon after the call for dawn prayer
was heard.
“I hope everyone here
continues to support
one another, just as
Jamiyah has done to
deepen our inter-racial
harmony, to continue
helping our needy
and to support the less
fortunate in achieving
– Minister K Shanmugam
Iftar with Friends is an annual event organised by Jamiyah Singapore where community leaders and ambassadors of multi-racial and faiths unite as a mean to strengthen
the friendship
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
In his speech, Minister Shanmugam
praised Jamiyah Singapore for
touching many hearts and uplifted
many lives for more than 80 years.
“I hope everyone here continues to
support one another, just as Jamiyah
has done to deepen our inter-racial
harmony, to continue helping our
needy and to support the less
fortunate in achieving progress,” he
190 beneficiaries, who were referred
by People’s Association, MESRA
and Jamiyah Welfare Department
received Ramadhan food hampers
at the event.
Mr K Shanmugam, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Law (third from left) exchanged words with Dr D.
Kishan, one of the part-time doctors of Jamiyah Singapore’s Free Medical Clinic
Did You Know?
Ramadhan is the 9th month on the Islamic calendar.
During Ramadhan, Muslim fasts by abstaining from food, drink and other pleasures from dawn to dusk.
Pregnant women, people who are mentally or physically ill and children are excused from fasting during Ramadhan.
Zakat, a mandatory giving of charity, is an important part in Ramadhan, as the rewards of charity are considered
greater during this month.
• The end of Ramadhan is marked by Eid ul Fitr, a festival to celebrate the end of a month of fasting. It is considered a
time of reverence, to praise Allah for helping them get through Ramadhan.
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
(Three-Nation Charity Concert)
It was a night to remember, not only for the audience, but also for the performers like Indonesian band, Noah who performed their first show in Singapore eversince they
changed their name
On 24th May 2015, some 6,500
strong crowd gathered at the Resorts
World Convention Centre, Sentosa,
for a three-hour mega concert
featuring popular entertainers such
as Taufik Batisah, NOAH, Dato’
Jamal Abdillah, Bocey and Jihan
Muse! These powerhouse artistes
came from the three neighbouring
countries – Singapore, Indonesia
and Malaysia. The charity concert
organised by Jamiyah Singapore
was majorly sponsored by COURTS.
and “Menakluk Cinta”. The newly
married singer also revealed that his
wife was there to watch him and he
was happy to be part of the charity
Soon after, Dato’ Jamal Abdillah,
dubbed as Malaysia’s King of Pop,
took on the stage with his 80’s pop
hits. Undoubtedly, Dato’ Jamal still
has his charms despite all these
years. The “makciks” were seen
gleaming in absolute adoration,
singing along to songs such as
Gadis Melayu, Seroja, Azura and Aku
Penghibur. It was the second time
The family-friendly show kick-started
with Singapore’s very own idol
winner, Taufik Batisah, as he grooved
while performing his famous song
“#awakkatmane” (Where Are You).
And if that was not enough, Taufik
definitely stole everyone’s heart with
his ballads such as “Usah Lepaskan”
First Singapore Idol, Taufik Batisah got the momentum started with his upbeat performances
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Dato’ Jamal performed for a charity
concert by Jamiyah. He performed
at a solo concert ‘Akustikasih Jamal
Abdillah’, back in 2011.
The crowd then broke into fits of
laughter as they were entertained by
Malaysian’s comedians, Bocey and
Jihan Muse. The much awaited final
performance was by Indonesia’s
most notable rock band, NOAH.
Noah’s lead singer, Ariel easily
garnered the crowd’s attention as
he performed their chart-topping
hits all of which were from their
current and previous ’Peterpan’
albums, before the band rebrand
themselves as NOAH. The last time
NOAH performed in Singapore was
eight years ago.
“It’s been a long time since we did
anything for charity and we thought
the concept of the concert was a
great idea,” said Ariel.
Ariel from NOAH, doing a solo performance
Beyond the mega concert, some lucky
fans, who were also customers of
COURTS, got the golden opportunity
to have an exclusive meet-and-greet
session with Dato’ Jamal and NOAH
at COURTS Megastore Tampines, a
day prior to the concert.
This concert would also have not
been possible without the support
of other generous donors including
Lee Foundation.
The audience were
in fits of laughter
at the spontaneous
comedy-act by
comedians, Bocey
and Jihan Muse
Malaysia’s legendary
ballad singer, Dato’
Jamal Abdillah
still has it as he
serenaded the crowd
with his strong vocals
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Mr Lee Bock Guan Passes Away
From left to right: The late Mr Lee Bock Guan with former President of Jamiyah, the late Haji Abu Bakar Maidin and former President of the Hindu Endowments Board, the late
Mr V R Nathan had worked together to strengthen the harmony between people of different races and religion through community services
The iconic symbol of interfaith
harmony and philanthropy Mr
Lee Bock Guan, President of the
Singapore Buddhist Lodge (SBL) had
passed away in the early hours of
Saturday, 29th August 2015.
Singapore Buddhist Lodge had been
doing yeoman’s service for the poor
and needy and for interfaith harmony
since the pre-war days. The largesse
and generosity was enhanced by Mr
Lee Bock Guan when he was chosen
to be the President of SBL. He had
visited the Jamiyah Home for the
Aged in Dec 1998 and realised that
a large segment of the residents
were Chinese. He was enthused by
Jamiyah’s non parochial principle
which characterised its policy for
the entire gamut of educational and
welfare institutions - transcending
Voice of Islam
distinctions of race, religion or
Former President of Jamiyah
Singapore Almarhum Haji Abu Bakar
Maidin, former Chairman of the
Hindu Endowments Board the late
Mr V R Nathan worked closely with
Mr Lee Bock Guan and the three of
them were together in initiating and
responding positively to several
social causes by way of donations
and support. Mr Lee was in the
forefront together with Haji Abu
Bakar Maidin and Mr V.R.Nathan and
other leaders of different faiths in
raising funds and donating to victims
of natural calamities in Indonesia,
China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other
places besides doing many more
yeoman services to benefit the
needy and disadvantaged sections
of our Singapore society.
In his condolence message Prof
(Adj) Dr Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar,
President of Jamiyah Singapore
mentioned: “We cannot forget the
thousands of primary, secondary
and tertiary students who were
helped by the bursary awards
granted by the Singapore Buddhist
Lodge Education Foundation under
the compassionate leadership of
our magnanimous Mr Lee Bock
Guan. He created a benchmark
of love, compassion and sincerity
for religious and community
leaders of Singapore which we can
emulate in serving the needy and
the disadvantaged sections of our
society. In his demise Singapore
has lost yet another compassionate
community leader.”
oct – dec Issue • 2015
The Young For The Old
They may be young. But children
from Jamiyah Kindergarten (JK)
proved that it is the heart that
The JK children had successfully
raised some $1,200 for the elderly
at Jamiyah Nursing Home (Darul
Syifaa’). The fund raising effort which
started a year ago, was initiated by
teachers at the Kindergarten.
To motivate the children, the
teachers crafted a colourful
donation box placed at the school.
Everyday, the children, with the
permission of their parents, would
drop in some coins, or whatever that
was left of their daily allowance.
At such tender age, the children
may not know the true meaning
of ‘sadaqah’ (charity); however,
their act have shown the traits of
selflessness and their empathy for
the elderly. In conjunction with
SG50 and Hari Raya celebrations,
this year, the 80 children visited the
Darul Syifaa’ with their teachers and
some parent volunteers to meet
their elderly “friends”.
The mood of the elderly residents
at Darul Syifaa’ changed instantly
when the children danced and sang
for them.
“The presence of the children have
enlivened the mood of the elderly
residents. We also hope that the
kind gesture made by our children
would warm their hearts,” said Mdm
Absah. In addition to entertaining
and spending the morning with
the residents, JK hopes the
initiative would help bridge the two
generations together.
At the end of their visit, JK presented
a cheque donation to Darul Syifaa’.
The children also presented a goody
bag and a personalised card they
made to each of the resident.
With the success of the initiative,
Darul Syifaa’ looks forward for more
of such activity in its vicinity in the
SG50 and Hari Raya celebration at Darul Syifa’ was made extra special this year with the presence of the children from Jamiyah Kindergarten who brightened the
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Happiness with Amocan
Residents of Darul Syifaa’ had the opportunity to try the newly Halal certified canned food by Amoy can
Amidst the festive Eid season, on
25 July 2015, residents of Darul
Syifaa’ enjoyed a lunch treat by a
leading food processing company,
Amoy Canning. The food were
prepared using the new Halal range
of Amocan products.
Mr Swaminathan commented, “The
residents were surprised that the
meals came from canned products.
The food were so good that they
could not tell they were readymade!”
For the residents of Darul Syifaa’,
it was a food galore with selection
of local favourites such as Mutton
“The food were so good
that they could not
tell they were readymade!”
There to join the residents was
Minister in Prime Minister’s Office
and Adviser to West Coast Grassroots
Organisations, Mr S Iswaran, and the
Vice President III of Jamiyah, Dr Isa
Executive Director of Darul Syifaa’,
Voice of Islam
– Mr Swaminathan
But the gathering was not just
about food! The residents were
entertained by singing session and a
magic show as well.
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Hari Raya Celebration @
Singapore Christian Home
For the first time, Jamiyah
Singapore organised an Eid
celebration for an aged Home
beyond its own, this year. The
Singapore Christian Home had
approached Jamiyah for the event
as part of its effort to ensure the
Muslim residents were not left out
during the festive season.
and Executive Council member,
Mr Mohd Noor Said. Dr Saleem
said, “The Singapore Christian
Home approached us with a very
good intention. The initiative they
made showed us that people of
different race and faith can co-exist
peacefully and work together to
serve the needy.”
The Eid celebration, held on 22 July
2015 at the Singapore Christian
Home, was attended by some senior
management officials from Jamiyah
- Vice President 1, Dr H M Saleem,
Vice President III, Dr Isa Hassan
The necessary preparations were
carried out by Jamiyah staff a
couple of hours prior to the event.
The hall of the Home was decorated
with colourful Eid decors. The 15
elderly residents from the Homes
were entertained by musician, Mr
Jerry Murad who sang popular
festive songs. The residents also
participated in activities such as a
game of Bingo and learning to make
“ketupat” from colourful ribbons.
For the residents, the best part of the
celebration could very well be the
lunch spread made up of Lontong,
Ketupat, Rendang and Eid cookies.
To most of them, it was the first time
they enjoyed such treats after a long
Gift hampers were distributed to all patients of Singapore Christian Home
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Donated Beds
from Switzerland
The Ambassador of Switzerland, His Excellency Thomas Kupfer (centre) was given a tour of Darul Takrim to view the donated beds
On 20th June 2015, Jamiyah Home
for the Aged (Darul Takrim) received
an additional 154 beds donated
by a hospital in Switzerland. The
donation was facilitated by the
Rotary Club of Singapore. The
Guest-of-Honour for the ceremony
was the Ambassador of Switzerland,
His Excellency Thomas Kupfer who
came with his wife.
Also there to receive the Switzerland
ambassador were the President
of Rotary Club, Mrs Perlita Trio;
Chairman of Darul Takrim, Mr
Ismail Shariff; Dr H M Saleem, VicePresident I, Jamiyah Singapore and
Voice of Islam
Mr Mohd Noor Mohd Said, Council
Member, Jamiyah Singapore.
The group was given a tour of the
Home. Mr Kupfer was heartened
to see first hand that Darul Takrim
caters to residents regardless of
their race and religion.
“Both Singapore and Switzerland
has one thing in common, they are
both a multicultural society. I am
happy to see everyone donating
and sharing with each other, for the
better of the community,” said Mr
“Both Singapore and
Switzerland has one
thing in common,
they are both a
multicultural society.
I am happy to see
everyone donating
and sharing with each
other, for the better of
the community.”
– H.E Thomas Kupfer
oct – dec Issue • 2015
British High
Commissioner @ Iftar
It was His Excellency Mr Scott
Wightman’s first time experiencing
iftar in Singapore, since his
appointment as British High
Commissioner here, in May 2015.
Also there to accompany Mr
Wrightman were officials from the
British High Commission Singapore.
The warm welcome given by
Jamiyah Halfway House (Darul Islah)
to the entourage from the British
High Commission was fit for very
special guests indeed! Their arrival
was accompanied by the sounds
of “kompang” beats performed by
some of the residents. Some 150
staff and residents of Darul Islah
were also there to have iftar with the
In his welcoming address, the
Chairperson of Darul Islah, Dr
Isa Hassan stressed on the longstanding relationship between
the British High Commission and
Jamiyah Singapore. Dr Isa also
thanked the British High Commission
for the continuous support which
they has given to the organisation
and the local community in general.
In his speech, Mr Wrightman
Muslim community also observes
Ramadhan and he noticed that
Ramadhan promotes good values
pertaining to community, family and
charity among Muslims.
However, on a lighter note the
new British High Commissioner
also revealed the reason he was
looking forward to the iftar, “The
opportunity to eat Singaporean food
is also the reason why I am delighted
to be here. I truly look forward to the
wonderful iftar session.”
A delightful briyani feast was served
at the Iftar session.
The British High Commission had
collaborated with Jamiyah for two
other events recently - the iconic
GREATbranded bus and Coldstream
Guardsmen. Both events were held
in Jamiyah Children’s Home (Darul
Ma’wa) to enable the residents to
understand the British culture.
The breaking of fast was merrier for the senior management of Jamiyah Singapore and invited guests with the presence of the British High Commisioner, His Excellency Mr
Scott Wightman (fourth from left) and two other officials from the British High Commision Singapore
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Generasi Muaz
A Contest in Search of Singapore’s Emerging Da’i (Missionary)
Runner-up, Syed
Abdullah Matin B
Syed Ali Al Habsi,
brought home
Following in third
place with $1,000
is Jamiyah’s
own Assistant
Dakwah Officer,
Mr Muhammad
Ismail Osman
Mr Abdul Samad
bin Ahmad, in
fourth place,
received $500
The winner of Generasi Muaz, Mr Adek Zuhaimei (centre) receiving his prize from Guest-of-Honour, Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Parliamentary Secretary for
Ministry of Health and Ministry of Transport (left), and Prof (Adj) Dr Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar, President of Jamiyah Singapore
On 6 June 2015, for the first time
ever Jamiyah Singapore organised a
competition in search of Singapore’s
da’i (missionary). The competition,
‘Generasi Muaz’ which took place at
The Star Performing Arts Centre, Vista
Exchange Green saw four finalists
battled it out to be the winner with the
song which best reflects Islam.
The Guest-of-Honour, Assoc Prof
Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim,
Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry
of Health and Ministry of Transport
applauded Jamiyah Singapore for
its relentless efforts in improving the
wellbeing of the ummah.
Dr Faishal added “This programme
truly is a noble effort that is highly
Voice of Islam
appreciated by our government. Let us
work together to maintain, consolidate
and enrich the welfare of the Malay/
Muslim community that we loved. In this
way, our community will be safer and
exemplify ourselves as Muslims who are
respected by people of other religions.”
The winner was Mr Adek Zuhaimei
Ismail, 37 years old who clinched the
title with his interpretation of M. Nasir’s,
‘Kepadamu Kekasih’ (For you, my love).
In Mr Adek’s version, ‘my love’ refers
to Allah SWT. He received $3,000 and a
pair of Islamic cruise tickets sponsored
by Intratama Travel Consultant & Tours
(M) Sdn Bhd. He will be representing
Singapore at Astro’s reality program,
‘Pencetus Ummah’.
The afternoon ended with
much-anticipated religious lectures,
‘Ramadhan: Family Matters’ by three
international Islamic scholars - Shaykh
Alaa Elsayed and Shaykh Musleh Khan,
both from Canada, and Sister Haleh
Banani from the United States. They
presented the factors contributing
to successful family from an Islamic
perspective, especially in the context of
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Dialogue On MediShield Life
On 16 May 2015, Jamiyah Singapore,
Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
(MUIS) and Pioneer Generation
Joint Committee (PGJC) organised
a dialogue session. The dialogues
which was held at Jamiyah HQ
itself, saw some 60 representatives
of Malay Muslim Organisations
(MMOs), Mosques and Malay Activity
Executive Committees (MAECs)
of various branches in Singapore
coming together. The dialogue
session aims to promote the newly
introduced MediShield Life which
offers benefits such as subsidised
hospital bills and medical costs to
The Guests of Honour for the
dialogue included the Speaker of
Parliament and Chairman of the
PGJC Mdm Halimah Yacob, and
Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal
Ibrahim, Parliamentary Secretary
for Ministry of Health and Ministry
of Transport and Vice Chairman of
her opening address, Mdm
Halimah Yacob reiterated the
information pertaining to the
MediShield Life which is a landmark
benefit scheme announced by
the Government for citizens and
Permanent Residents. “In respect
of the role of grassroots and
community leaders, MMO’s, Mosque
MESRA, it is important in helping
to convince family members of the
benefits of a particular scheme
by helping to disseminate the
information correctly,” she said.
An insightful lecture on Health
from Islamic Perspectives was also
conducted by the Deputy Director
of MUIS, Ustaz Dr Nazirudin Mohd
Nasir. To ensure that the message
was well delivered, a comedy skit on
the importance of MediShield Life
especially to the pioneer generation
was even staged by veteran
comedians Mr Husin Saaban and
Mdm Zaleha Hamid.
All participating organisations
were presented with a Certificate
of Appreciation as Ambassadors
of MediShield Life, at the dialogue
Speaker of Parliament and Chairman of the PGJC, Mdm Halimah Yacob (centre), and Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Health and Ministry of Transport and Vice
Chairman of PGJC, Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal (right) were present to enlighten the audience with information regarding the Medishield Life scheme
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
23rd Exemplary Mother Award 2015
“All that I am or
hope to be, I owe to
my angel mother.”
– Abraham Lincoln
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
EMA Fun Facts!
In today’s era, mothers usually have
to juggle between taking care of their
families, managing their careers and
aspirations. And despite all of these
challenges, some still have time for
community involvements. For that,
against the backdrop of Mother’s
Day celebration, Jamiyah Singapore
launched its 23rd Exemplary Mother
Award (EMA) 2015 - to recognise
the sacrifices and strengths of all
mothers, on 8th May 2015.
“I have been fortunate to be able to
listen to the stories of such strong,
fearless mothers who go above and
beyond their personal capacity for
their families, for themselves and
in some instances, the community.
These are the mothers that chart the
path and are the shining example for
younger mothers,” addressed Mrs
Claire Chiang, who has been part of
the EMA panel of judges for the past
years, in her speech at the event.
Held at Al-Malik Faisal Hall, Jamiyah
HQ, the event was attended by
more than 200 guests among others
various faith/community leaders,
ambassadors, foreign dignitaries,
partners of Exemplary Mother Award
(EMA) 2015 – People’s Association
and National Trade Union Congress
(NTUC). Also there to grace the event
was Dr Amy Khor, the Senior Minister
of State for Ministry of Health and
Ministry of Manpower.
Jamiyah hopes the EMA continues to
act as a platform to honour mothers
for their dedication and sacrifice
in bringing up their children. The
nominations for EMA is opened to all
mothers regardless of their race and
Mrs Claire Chiang who is the Senior
Vice President for Banyan Tree
Holdings is at the helm of the Panel
of Judges for EMA 2015.
The EMA 2015 Organising Committee
received an overwhelming amount
of nominations and has narrowed
down its finalists to five after two
competitive selection rounds. The
winner will be announced during a
high tea reception at Swissotel The
Stamford, on 3rd October 2015.
Minister of State for Ministry of Health and Ministry of Manpower, Dr Amy Khor (third from left), with one of
Jamiyah Singapore’s pioneer volunteer, Mdm Zainab Khamis (centre), cut the cake in conjunction to Mother’s Day
• The President’s Shield was
first presented to Jamiyah
Singapore in 1993 by the
late former President, Mr
Wee Kim Wee.
• After completing its 12 rounds, a new
shield was presented by former President,
Mr S R Nathan.
• The shields has since then seen 22
Exemplary Mothers honoured for their
perseverance in enduring hardships and
sacrifices in raising their children.
• The Panel of Judges comprises of:
Mdm Yu-Foo Yee Shoon – Advisor
(Former Minister of State, Justice of the
Ms Claire Chiang – Chairperson
(Senior VP, Banyan Tree Holdings)
Dr Della Lee (Founder, DS Lee Foundation)
Dr Bibi Jan Ayyub BBM (School
Mdm Mary Hoe Tan (Director, Hoe Tan
Pte Ltd)
Mrs Laura Hwang (Immediate Past
President, Singapore Council of Women
Mdm Sheila Durgude (Director, Modern
Montessori International Pte Ltd)
Mrs Sarojini Padmanathan (COO,
Singapore Indian Development
Ms Joanna Portilla PBM (Chairman,
Women’s Integration Network, People’s
Mdm Jenny Yeo (Remisier, OCBC
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Family & Health
Towards Becoming the
Counselling Centre
of Choice
Fadzilah Abdul Rahman, Counsellor, Jamiyah Counselling Centre
Since it was set-up in 2005,
Jamiyah Counselling Centre (JCC)
has undoubtedly come a long way.
Its objectives and goals are about
saving marriages and to provide
counselling to couples and families.
To do so, JCC provides a holistic and
comprehensive range of services
including secular counselling as well
as counselling based on syariah laws
and procedures, therapeutic and
educational services in a culturally
sensitive and safe environment.
While helping couples to overcome
their marital problems, JCC
counsellors are always on the
lookout to better understand family
and divorce-related issues which
exist in today’s society. This, would
in turn enable the counsellors to
fine-tune their approach to better
help more couples and families who
are facing marital problems.
Although JCC has always aim to be
a source of support and assistance
to married couples and families in
dealing with their challenges in the
21st century, it ultimately wants to
be the Counselling Centre of Choice
in Serving the Community by this
Book an appointment with
Jamiyah Counselling Centre via
email [email protected]
or call 6743 1211 ext. 123.
Voice of Islam
Jamiyah Counselling Centre Discussion Topics
• Couples and relationship
• Family system theory
• The proc ess of divorc e
• Pre-divorce or deliberation
• Anger, Anxiety, Trust
• Legal divorc e or litigation stage
• Ec onomic c onc erns
• Custody c onc erns
• Negative reconstruction or
spousal identity
• Transition stage
• Post divorc e stage
• Getting stuc k
• Psychological influences on
the legal divorc e proc ess
• Spousal differences in
rate of emotional divorc e
• Shifts in role expec tations
• Emotional involvement
• Clients hope for justic e
• Applying Islamic perspective
in dealing with marriage c rises
• Syariah Law
Family & Health
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Cleansing Our Heart
Farhana Aziz, Communications Officer, Jamiyah Singapore
As human beings, we face many
challenges just to stay on the right
path. Most of the times we are
consumed by our emotions such as
anger, jealousy and hatred. These
emotions usually come from the
heart which will affect our mind,
behaviour towards others and
eventually our outlook in life.
So to live happily, we should cleanse
our heart from such negative
emotions. Make ourself understand
that we have a purpose in life. Fill
our heart with love, compassion and
Make our intentions clear
“The reward of deeds depends upon
the intentions and every person will
get the reward according to what he
has intended.”
– Sahih Bukhari
In Islam, having a good character
and performing good deeds are
important. We must bear in mind
that all our deeds are going to come
before us, which are being recorded
and will be shown to us on the
Day of Judgement. The criteria of
acceptance for our deeds are based
purely on our intentions – whether
we are doing it for the sake of the
Almighty or for our loved ones. By
making a firm intention in our hearts
and seeking refuge from Syaitan,
this helps us in doing our deeds with
excellence. Our head and heart has
to be firmly rooted wholeheartedly
when doing something, so as to
please Allah (glorified and exalted
be He). Our time in duniyaa is only
temporary; let us do something
worthy while we are here.
Seek forgiveness everyday
Never procrastinate
“Turn your people in repentance in
Allah and beg pardon of Him. I turn
to Him in repentance a hundred
times a day.” – Prophet Muhammad
(peace and blessings Allah be upon
Adjourning the act of doing good
deeds is like that of selling your
religious commitment for worldly
gain. Never allow any actions of
good deed delayed. Procrastination
is syaitan’s best personality. The
moment a good thought comes to
mind, just do it and make this du’aa:
By performing good deeds, we
may erase some of the minor bad
ones we have done. Often times,
we plan to do something good but
never got the chance to be able to
portray it. This inability to perform
good deeds even though we intend
to do them but are unable to do so,
is because of our previous sins that
we may have committed knowingly
and unknowingly. By integrating
istighfar (seeking forgiveness) into
our daily dhikr (remembrance), Insya
Allah we can reach closer to Him.
Help others
“There is no heart that is not
between two of the Fingers of the
Most Merciful. If He wills, He guides
it and if He wills, He sends it astray.”
– Ibn Majah
Encourage others to do good so
that they too will be rewarded
equivalent to anyone who practices
that good action. Do not let your
heart deviate into the superficial
dreams of duniyaa, but pray for
protection from the Almighty so
that he will create boundaries for
you from falling astray. Insya Allah,
some good deeds will continue to be
rewarded even after we have passed
“O Allah, I take refuge in You from
anxiety and sorrow, weakness and
laziness, miserliness and cowardice,
the burden of debts and from being
overpowered by men.” – Bukhari
Insya Allah, the Almighty will see
your greatest intentions as a form of
pure sincerity and will be repaid well
in the Hereafter.
The formula for success
“Fear Allah wherever you are and
follow up a bad deed with a good one
and it will wipe it out, and behave
well towards people.” – Tirmidhi
By putting in that extra effort, we can
eventually turn our good intentions
into action. Start by putting aside
some money for charity whenever
we are heading to the mosque. Make
du’aa for the sick that hopefully
things will get better in time for
them. A small act of kindness can
make a big difference. It is these
little efforts that we can do in our
everyday lives that will accumulate
to greater good deeds.
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Jamiyah Childcare Centre
It was good news for parents and
would-be parents residing around
Ang Mo Kio Ave 6. On 1 August 2015,
Jamiyah Childcare Centre (JCCC)
expanded its centre to make way
to new infant care services and
programmes. The new centre, Bay
3 is able to cater up to nine infants
between 2 to 17 months old, and 27
children from 18 months to 6 years
Bedecked with a citrusy palette,
candy coloured furnishings which
include a mini ball-pit and equipped
with state-of-the-art facilities, Bay 3
is definitely a children magnet. With
the new centre, JCCC aims to provide
a holistic approach in helping with
children’s growth and development.
There are even spa treatments and
massages to pamper the babies who
join the centre!
“The baby spa and massage would
stimulate their senses and develop
their motor skills. Based on our
research and trainings, infants
who were sent for baby spas and
massages start walking earlier than
the average infants,” explained JCCC
Principal, Mdm Faridah Ajis.
The launch was officiated by the
Guest of Honour, Mr Seng Han
Thong, Member of Parliament for
Ang Mo Kio GRC. Also there at the
event were senior management
officials from Jamiyah Singapore
- President of Jamiyah Singapore,
Dr Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar; Vice
President 1, Dr H M Saleem and Vice
President 2, Mr Mohd Yunos Mohd
The existing Bay 1 and Bay 2 offer
childcare services and kindergarten
The Guest-of-Honour, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Mr Seng Han Tong (centre), officiated the launch of the JCCC new centre, Bay 3
Jamiyah childcare centre
Blk 124, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
#01-4055, Singapore 560124
Tel: (65) 6457 4458
Fax: (65) 6453 0758
Email: [email protected]
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
The SPARK recognition lists GCDC as the first Malay/Muslim child centre in Singapore to receive the accreditation
A Spark for GCDC
1 July 2015 could be marked as
one of the best years for Jamiyah
Development Centre (GCDC). The
education centre has successfully
attained the Singapore Pre-school
Accreditation Framework (SPARK),
thus making it the first Malay/Muslim
childcare centre in Singapore to ever
achieve the recognition.
SPARK is an accreditation by
the Ministry of Education (MOE)
that highlights the quality of preschool providers, focusing on the
values implemented towards the
development of their students.
“Our centre went through several
assessments for example, prior to
attaining the accreditation, every
educator here and even myself were
taught how to use the Quality Rating
Scale (QRS),” shared the Manager of
GCDC, Mdm Nor Jehan Mohd Salleh.
It was all about hard work. The team
at GCDC including Mdm Nor Jehan
herself ensured that they met all the
seven criteria required to attain the
accreditation, which include staff
management and curriculum.
GCDC prides itself on its unique
Community Involvement Program.
The program encourages students
to give back to the society and help
the needy. They would visit door-todoor and distribute food hampers to
the less fortunate.
For President of Jamiyah Singapore,
Prof (Adj) Dr Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar
the Sparks accreditation achieved
by GCDC is just the first step. Dr
Mohd Hasbi explained, “Our main
priority now is to try and achieve
SPARK for the rest of our childcare
centres and kindergarten.”
Jamiyah Singapore congratulates
all the staff at GCDC for their
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
The Molly Bus Programme
Instilling The Love of Reading Among Children
Rahimah Beevi, Vice Principal, Global Child Development Centre
The reading habit should come
naturally among children.
That is what the Global Child
Development Centre (GCDC) hopes
to instil in all the children under its
care. The centre believes exposing
children to reading at an early age
would encourage them to develop
the interest earlier.
To do so, GCDC has incorporated
essential reading activities in its
school’s curriculum, among them
– storytelling. To bring the effort
to the next level, GCDC has also
collaborated with National Library
Board (NLB) on a project known
simply as Mini-Molly.
Mini-molly - is actually a mobile
library on wheels. A bus ferrying
The children of GCDC enjoys storytelling sessions
Voice of Islam
more than 1500 story books pays
visits to schools around the island.
The books available range from
fiction to non-fiction. Among the
children who benefit from the
project are GCDC’s K1 and K2
children. The children are always
looking forward to borrow the story
books every month.
“I feel happy about the mini molly
library because the books are
nice,” said Haziq, a K2 student. Not
wanting to be left out, his classmate
Deashikaa added, “I can choose
whatever books I want. I like to
choose wild animals, pets and sea
The mobile library is able to
accommodate 12 students at any
one time. For the GCDC teachers,
they would use these story books to
conduct ad hoc storytelling sessions
to their children.
To the working parents at GCDC,
the collaboration between NLB and
the centre is greatly welcomed. Ms.
Moon Koh who is a mother of a K2
student sums it all. “This service
allows my son, Zhen Wen to choose
books that is of interest to him
easily,” she concluded.
“To learn to read is
to light a fire; every
syllable that is spelled
out is a spark.”
– Victor Hugo, Les Miserables
Beyond Borders
oct – dec Issue • 2015
The 7 Session of Prince
Naif International Award
wJamiyah Singapore
Prof (Adjunct) Dr Mohd Hasbi
Abu Bakar with many other Islamic
Organizations leaders from all over
the worlds attended the ceremony
of handing over Prince Naif bin
Abdulaziz Al Saud International
Awards to its winners which was
patronized and attended by the
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
himself on Wednesday evening 15
Ramadan 1436H corresponding to
2 July 2015 at Taiba University in AlMadinah Al-Munawwarah, Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia.
The awards came in 3 categories,
they are as follows:
1. Prince Naif Award for Sunnah
Nabawiyah (Prophetic Sayings
and Traditions) and Contemporary
Islamic Studies,
2. Prince Naif Appreciation Award
for Sunnah Nabawiyyah
3. Prince Naif Contest Award for
Memorization of Sunnah Nabawiyah.
The ceremony organized by the
general secretariat of the award in
Madinah was also attended by the
Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif,
Deputy Premier and Minister of
Home Affairs, Deputy Crown Prince
Muhammad Bin Salman, Second
Deputy Premier and Minister of
Defence, Prince Saud Bin Naif,
Governor of the Eastern Province
and head of the higher commission
of the award, Dr. Azzam Al-Dakhil,
Minister of Education, and Dr Saed
Al-Orabi Al-Harthi, advisor to the
Minister of Interior and secretary
general of the award.
International Awards were Dr Abul
Qassim Muhammad Abu Shamah
Najah, Dr Ahmad Muhammad
Fakeer, Dr Mubarak Lamin AlHassan, Dr Ziyad Abid Al-Mashoukhi
and Dr Adnan Mustafa Khatatibah.
Dr Azzam Al-Dhakhil, during his
address stressed that the objective
of this award is to promote the
scientific research, to raise the
spirit of competition and the
study of contemporary issues and
to highlight the virtues of Islam
and getting closer links between
scientists, researchers and thinkers.
Prof (Adj) Dr Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar, President of Jamiyah Singapore (fourth from left) was among the invited Islamic world leaders
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Beyond Borders
International Conference
on Islam and CounterTerrorism in Makkah
Jamiyah Singapore
several prominent leaders of
Muslim organisations all over
the world came together for the
International Conference on
Islam and Counter Terrorism
which was held early this year.
The conference which took place
on 03-06/05/1436 corresponding
to 22-25/02/2015, at Makkah
Al-Mukarrama was organized
by Rabitah Al-Alam Al-Islami
(Muslim World League, MWL)
under the aegis of the Custodian
of the Two Holy Mosques King
Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud.
The inauguration ceremony by
HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal AlSaud, Governor of Makkah Region
took place three days earlier prior
to the commencement of the
conference itself. In his opening
address, Prince Khalid among
others, conveyed the Custodian
of the Two Holy Mosques’
hope of refuting
and falsehoods against Islam
and its civilization; and its
efforts in countering terrorism,
extremism and fanaticism that
are happening today. Prince
Khalid also urged the learned
participants to tackle all forms of
The call for action by Prince
Khalid was also echoed by His
Voice of Islam
Eminence Sheikh Abdul Aziz
Bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, the
Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia,
and President of the Rabitah’s
Supreme Council. Sheikh Abdul
Aziz called the participants to
focus their efforts in addressing
the present phenomenon of
terrorism and extremism.
his religion, his blood, his
intellect, his money and his
honor. This includes all forms of
intimidation, abuse, threats and
unjustified killing. It includes any
type of banditry, any violent or
threatening actions to conduct
criminal schemes individually or
The President of Jamiyah
Singapore, Prof (Adj) Dr Mohd
Hasbi Abu Bakar was among the
privileged participants present
at the conference.
These, aim at causing terror and
intimidation; to harm people or
put their lives, freedom, security
and situations at risk. There
are also additional forms of
terrorism, such as harm to the
environment, or any damage to
public and private properties;
exposing any national or natural
resources to danger.”
An exhibition was also held in
conjunction with the conference.
The exhibition among others,
highlighted the efforts by
the Saudi Kingdom and MWL
in fighting terrorism and
During the conference,
following issues:
1. What is Terrorism?
The participants agreed that the
definition by the Islamic Fiqh
Council of MWL in 1992 was the
most inclusive.
“Terrorism is the unlawful
individuals, groups, states, in
acts of transgression on man;
2. Causes of Terrorism
the participants drew a list of
reasons and among those which
made it to the list include:
• Religious
misconception of jihad,
social, administrative and
economic reasons.
Shortcomings in social and
programs to meet the
needs of the society.
Unemployment and poverty
are on the rise, and there is
Beyond Borders
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Prof (Adj) Dr Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar (second from right) at the international Conference on Islam and Counter Terrorism at Makkah Al-Mukarrama
an absence of cultural justice
in many Muslim countries.
lack the drive to deal with
bad social phenomena. In
the absence of this line of
defense, negative media
influence filled the void.
These have led to intellect
extremism and deviant
Many Muslim communities
lack the drive to protect
human rights and deal
judicature matters fairly. The
communities have failed to
secure a decent life for the
poor, the vulnerable, and the
Under the pretext of freedom
of expression, the easy
access to social media and
the constant abuses thrown
at Muslim prophets have led
to retaliations which are far
from legal and legitimate.
The laws protecting the
freedom of expression and
their abusers have also
contributed to the increasing
acts of retaliation.
Due to their innocence and
gullibility, youths are easily
misled by extreme ideologies
and become the victims of
religious extremists.
3. Effects of Terrorism
There is no doubt terrorism
has negative impacts on Islam
and the Muslims in general.
The following are the worst
case scenario that have been
• Tarnish the image of Islam
in the eyes of the world,
resulting in the stereotype
linking Islam to terrorism
and violence.
• Lead to the stereotype
of Islam to terrorism and
violence creates doubts
children about their religion
and its values.
• Weakened the unity and
security of many Islamic
countries and communities
which in turn divides the
social fabric of the countries.
This will enable foreign
countries to interfere with
their internal affairs in the
pretext of bringing stability.
Any efforts for Da’wa have
been disrupted as Islamic
preachers begin to lose sight
on their priorities. Instead of
putting their efforts in useful
endeavors they started
defending Islam and the
rights of Muslims. Charitable
work take a backseat, and
the trust in Islamic charities
dwindled. Harassment and
crackdown on Muslims
The conference also forwarded
impacts of terrorism. The
addressed to the Muslim leaders,
scholars, youths, and the world
in general.
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Beyond Borders
Compassion and
Brotherhood in Islam
Methodology and Message
Prof (Adj) Dr Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar, President, Jamiyah Singapore
Engaging in inter-religious and
inter-cultural dialogue has never
been more pertinent before as it is
today due to globalisation. Open
and sustained dialogue, as well
as the respect for the freedom of
expression and religious beliefs are
fundamental to our endeavour to
promote a culture of peace.
Singapore’s approach towards
communal harmony and efforts
to promote dialogue comprises of
legislative measures against racial or
religious intolerance. It is henceforth
notwithstanding any diversity of
racial and religious relations in
Singapore today without a good
level of inter-religious tolerance and
respect. This is no mean feat and
is a result of concerted efforts of
the Singapore Government and its
people over the past three decades.
A Presidential Council on Religious
Harmony was also formed under
the Act to advise the Government on
matters affecting the maintenance
of religious harmony in Singapore.
In 2003, the Declaration of Religious
Harmony was issued by national
bodies of all mainstream religious
groups in Singapore to affirm the
enhances our efforts in promoting
inter-religious harmony.
More recently in 2006, the
governmental effort to foster unity
and resilience among various
communities and religious groups
was established. It is a programme
that brings together stakeholders
businesses and institutions to take
up the responsibility of building
social resilience and communal
harmony. To maintain the trust and
understanding among different
The symposium in Cambodia saw leaders from Islamic Organisations from all around the world discuss the issue of inter-religious tolerance
Voice of Islam
Beyond Borders
religious communities require a spirit
of give and take. When respecting
others, it ensures that every religious
group is assured of the fair treatment
in all aspects of life. Such a pragmatic
and responsible approach has
worked for Singapore, seeing the
society working together as partners
towards equality and harmony.
Jamiyah Singapore – Its Role
and Contributions in Promoting
Understanding of Islam and the
Muslim Community
One of Jamiyah Singapore’s key
pillars is the spread of Islam through
dakwah activities that promotes
religious harmony. Jamiyah has
a long tradition of doing our part
in promoting interfaith harmony
through its multifarious programmes.
The founder, Moulana Abdul Aleem
Siddique, was well respected and
accepted for his scholarship on Islam
and other faiths, and for promoting
the message of peace and harmony.
Jamiyah actively organises religious
seminars with the participation
of Muslim and other NGOs. The
seminars act as a platform for
promoting peace and harmony.
Such seminars are organised along
with International Islamic Forum
for Dialogue (Saudi Arabia) and
oct – dec Issue • 2015
local Muslim and Non-Muslim
organisations. Jamiyah has close
networks with organisations of other
faiths in Singapore which include
Singapore Buddhist Lodge, Hindu
Endowments Board, Singapore
Association Singapore, Church of
Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints,
Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple and
other various mosques, temples and
races and faiths, to help others to
understand and know more about
Islam. The contributions received
for the late Mr Haji Abu Bakar Maidin
deserves a special mention of its
own. It was under his presidency
that Jamiyah launched several
initiatives and programmes that
focused specifically on spreading
the message of a peaceful Islam.
around 20 different service projects
that address the needs of the
disadvantaged sections of the
society. These include children’s
home, home for the aged destitute,
nursing home, halfway house for
recovering drug addicts, counselling
women and family department,
dakwah, community engagement
programmes and many more. All
these projects serve Singaporeans
and others regardless of race or faith.
It acts as a platform to showcase the
beauty of Islam and the Muslims,
while meeting the needs of the less
Here in Singapore, we are very
fortunate to enjoy peace and
harmony in our multi-racial and
multi-religious society. This nation
was built where people of all race
and religions live together in peace,
with a strong spirit of unity and
harmony. However, let us not forget
that we did not reach this happy
state of affairs by chance. Just like
how Rome was not built in a day, the
peace that Singapore enjoys today is
through the result of many years of
patient effort. Sustaining Singapore’s
racial harmony is a continuous
journey that every Singaporean is
fully committed to. It is with respect,
tolerance and acceptance that
continues to become a core belief
amongst our people, as what we
recognise and truly value.
The community service mission of
Jamiyah has drawn support from
philanthropists, business houses
and others belonging to different
Looking Forward
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Beyond Borders
A Multi-Religious Society in Secular Singapore
Prof (Adj) Dr Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar, President, Jamiyah Singapore
The President of Jamiyah Singapore, Prof (Adj) Dr Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar was one of privileged few who
was invited to make a presentation at the Twenty-First Annual International Law and Religion Symposium.
The symposium which was organised by the International Centre for Law and Religion Studies, Brigham
Young University, Provo, Utah USA, was held in October 2014.
The Voice of Islam shares with you Dr Mohd Hasbi’s presentation at the symposium.
characterised by a diversity of
religious beliefs and practices due
to its diverse ethnic mix of people
origination from various countries.
Singapore, being the world’s most
religiously diverse nation, sees
83% of citizens and permanent
faith with Buddhism, Christianity,
Islam, Taoism and Hinduism which
made up the major religions.
However, it is a practice to have
certain restrictions on religious
freedom in Singapore, as laws and
policies are imposed to restrict the
rights in some circumstances. For
example, publications and public
discussions on religious issues are
generally censored, along with
negative or inflammatory portrayals
of any religion. The government
does not tolerate speech or actions
that could adversely affect racial
or religious harmony. As such, the
restriction on freedom of religion is an
important reflection of Singapore’s
secularism. It is modelled to
‘protect the state from religion’,
Voice of Islam
further showing how Singapore
government’s steadfastness in
insisting on secularism and the
challenges surrounding it, in
the pursuit towards allowing
freedom of religion in Singapore.
The Singapore government also
through the Maintenance of
Religious Harmony Act. This was
done as a response to actions
that the government viewed as
threats to religious harmony. This
includes aggressive and ‘insensitive’
proselytizing and ‘the mixing of
religion and politics’. With this
established act, it empowers
restraining orders against leaders
and members of religious groups to
prevent them from carrying out any
political activities, such as creating
‘ill will’ between religious groups, or
carrying out subversive activities.
Religious Practices in Singapore
Diversity in Singapore is made up
of racial and religious relations
that is generally stable and strong,
with a good level of inter-religious
tolerance. This is the result of the
concerted efforts of Singapore
Government and its people, over
the past three decades. There are
other provisions in the Constitution
that protects religious freedom,
prohibiting discrimination against
Singapore Citizens, on the ground
of, among others, religion in any
law. The constitutional rights of
religious freedom in Singapore
operates within the structure of
public order. Laws such as the
Maintenance of Religious Harmony
Act was established in 1990, with
an aim to preserve social order.
demonstrated its neutrality by
soliciting views from citizens,
including religious groups. The need
for Singapore’s secularism provides
with a framework that ultimately
promotes neutrality and evenhandedness.
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Photo Diary
Photo Diary
CEO of Sheng Siong, Mr Lim Hock
Member of Parliament, Mr Zainal Sapari
gave out the hampers to the needy
Voice of Islam
Photo Diary
oct – dec Issue • 2015
Chee, and officials spent time with residents of Darul Syifa’
The children of Darul Ma’wa had the opportunity to
learn batik painting from the master
Officials of Jamiyah Singapore take a break
for a night of interaction with fun and games
Voice of Islam
oct – dec Issue • 2015
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