Dine` Homeland



Dine` Homeland
Marie Awee Salt
The Sacred Universe and the
Earth is inter-connects with every
living elements and nature are in
motion sun wise, “T’11
Sh1bik’ehgo Hoogh11[ d00
Anoos44[“. The five-fingered
earthly being a central figure.
From the Navajo perspective, the
Earth and Heavenly bodies is a
sacred universe in motion where
we originated and will return to in
the end.
We journey as Sa’2h Naagh17
Beik’eh H0zh00n placing human
life in harmony with the natural
world and the universe, with
principles for protection from
imperfections in life.
Asz11n woman
The traditional Din4 philosophy of education is rooted
within the crevices and every levels of eras of the Black,
Blue, Yellow, and White World
And throughout the twelve eras after the Emergence for
prevention, sustain life, and survival. Natural and
ethical laws are interwoven within for respect and value
all life forms.
Water Woman
Mountain Woman
Corn Woman
Earth Woman
By Rough Rock Navajo Studies Program
•Four Original Clans and their Canes
•Elements and their laws
•Laws of Nature
Nits1h1kees – Thoughts
‘Aw44ch7’7 - Infancy
Nahat’1 – Planning
’![ch7n7- Child to Teen
Sih Hasin – Hope
‘Am1 s1n7 d00 Acheii
d00 ‘An1l7- Elders
Iin1 – Life
Am1 d00 Azh4’4- Adults
Navajo Nation Division of Education
: Mount Hesperus.
Fastened to the earth with rainbow beam. Adorned with Black Jet, symbolizing self‐awareness and to protect, guidance. Represents Winter and Old Age. Fastened to the earth with Lightning bolt, adorned with Turquoise for health and positive Learning. Male Mountain Representing power and authority over sky and moisture.
Mount Taylor
: San Francisco
Fastened with Black Flint, adorned with turquoise, symbolizes summer, youth, leadership, and strength. Peak
Fastened with Sunbeam, adorned with Abalone Shell, symbolizes autumn, evening twilight, adulthood, and physical strenth. Female Mountain.
Rain Mountain
Spring, Thinking,
Dawn, Sunrise
Winter, Old Age, Hope, Reflecting
Corn Mountain
Summer, , PlanningMidday, puberty
Rippener Mountain
Autumn, Maturity, Love, life
Corn Pollen Mountain
The Land – K’4yah
Leading the Way
Dzi[ N1’oodi[ii is a Universal Center in Din4
teachings, origins of ceremonial stories are
rooted here. N1’o means to move in a circle.
Di[i means dropping in a tossing form for
Some of the ceremonies are: H0zh==j7Blessingway. Corn bundle called naad33’
ast’aan was made here. Many Blessing Way
songs were created and sang here: “I walk
in beauty according to the sounds of
Dzi[n1’oodi[ii: Heurfano Mesa. Y0d7 Dzii[.
Where the Navajo way of life begin. First
hogan and twelve hooghan songs were
created. White Bead Woman and her sons,
the Hero Twins were raised here and left
from here on their journey to slay monsters.
The sound of Lightning teaches me about my
heart, in rhythm with the sound of my hom,
fire, Hashch’44[ti’7 has the same sound as
ani[t’1anii, we call this “ha’88nosiin”.
Others: Male Arrow Lightningway,
B4eshee, flintway and Hoofrattle Ceremony,
Featherway, Female Lightningway
Ch’0ol’9’7: Gobernador Knob. Nit[z Dzii[.
Birth place of White Bead Woman. Place of
offerings, prayers, songs, and gather herbs
These two sacred mountains are part of
for ceremonial purposes.
Din4tah, our original homeland.
Natural Environment
K’é Dadii’ní
T’áá Hwó
Navajo Nation Division of Education